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Participant Update Keeping you Informed, Empowered and Prepared May 8, 2013

The Subtlety of Language by Jim Rohn


have found that sometimes the subtle difference in our attitude, which of course can make a major difference in our future, can be as simple as the language we use. The difference in even how you talk to yourself or others. Consciously making a decision to quit saying what you don’t want and to start saying what you do want. A few examples could be, instead of saying “What if somebody doesn’t respond?” you start saying, “What if they do respond?” Instead of saying “What if someone says no?” you say “What if they say yes?” And the list goes on and on. I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction. And sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary that illustrates your attitude and philosophy. Our language can also affect how others perform and behave around us. A teenager says to a parent, “I need $10.” If the parent learns to say, “That kind of language doesn’t work here. We’ve got plenty of money, but that’s not how you get $10,” then you teach your teenager how to ask, “How can I earn $10?” That is the magic of words. How could I earn $10? Because you can’t go to the soil and say, “Give me a harvest.” You know the soil smiles and says, “Who is this clown that brings me his need and brings me no seed.” And if you said to the soil, “I’ve got this seed and if I planted it, would you work while I sleep?” the soil says, “No problem. Give me the seed. Go to sleep and I’ll be working while you’re sleeping.” You might find that whether it’s in the beginning to help get you started, or in the middle to keep you on track, that your language can have a great impact on your attitude, actions and results.

Getting to Know You: Meet the TCR! Staff Stephanie Malone Director of Development 1. How long have you worked at TCR!? I joined the organization as an employee in February 2013. 2. What did you do before coming to TCR!? For 3 months prior to coming to TCR!, I was at home with my toddler son. A TCR! board member reached out to me to talk about an opportunity on the staff, and the rest is history! Before that, I built my career in fund development at various Twin Cities nonprofits.

Coaches’ Corner An unexpected dump of heavy wet snow in southeastern Minnesota reminded us that life, like weather patterns, can be unpredictable. Blankets of issues can obscure, cover and chill plans, goals and dreams. Coaches bring the much anticipated warmth to conversation that you to resolve issues blanketing plans and goals. Coaches help you to melt the chilling effect of being stuck and affirm inevitable predictions that your life can be sunnier and bright. Continue to connect to your core value. Anticipate, communicate, regulate! Spring is really just around the corner!

3. What’s your favorite part about working at TCR!? The privilege of meeting people who are involved with and participating in Twin Cities RISE!. I am lucky to get to work here. 4. What’s something interesting that readers may not know about you? I got to meet and hang out with MC Hammer a few years ago when he was in Minneapolis to do a charity benefit event. He and his cousin (who is also his bodyguard) were in the patio lounge at Chambers after the event, and he very graciously allowed myself and my girlfriends to introduce ourselves and then he invited us to sit and talk with them for a bit. Super nice guy with lots of great stories, including his experience visiting Minneapolis back in the day to record tracks at Prince’s studio for his “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘em” album. I only have a few “celebrity moments” but that one was tops for me.

Mark Your Calendars MAY

13-17 MAY

20-24 MAY


Evaluation Week Workshop Week: See pages 6-7 for more info! Celebration: International Institute of Minnesota, 1694 Como Ave, St. Paul. 5:45-7:30 pm. RSVP to 612338-0295 or 651-603-8520.

Education Extra: The latest class updates at TCR! Know your stats! When you’re preparing for an interview, “chunking” your TCR! training into stats will help you market your value – and make you more memorable! Exactly how many weeks of training have you had? 20? 30? Exactly how many courses have you taken? 10? 15? How many CustomGuide lessons have you passed? 100? 200? What is your average percentage on the post-tests? 90%? 100%? How many hours of computer training have you attended? 20? 40? Your stats are impressive. Use them! New Evals! To better meet your needs in a way that mirrors the workplace, we’re trying out a new way to give you empowered feedback about your participation here at TCR!. The most obvious change is the new 5-point ranking for soft and hard skill targets, where THREES mean you’re meeting expectations and a FIVE is for truly rare and masterful performance. There is also new emphasis on questions, which will give you a chance to dig a bit and talk about what you find with your instructors and your coach. All feedback is given in terms of what your next employer will most value. All instructors will be test-driving the new form at the end of the session, and we want to hear your thoughts on the process! Give a fond farewell to Alexander Collins! Change has touched the Education Services Department as Alex will be leaving TCR! in order to complete his graduate degree and engage more fully in his ministry. His final day is May 15th. After coming to TCR! seven years ago as a participant, then moving on a coach/instructor role and finally becoming full-time instructor, Alex has contributed a great deal both to staff and participants. His insights, humor, and experience have added value to our program and made working with him a pleasure. Please wish him the best on this new phase of his journey!

Career Center: Make the most of your resources! The Career Center is a great resource at TCR! that provides assistance with: • • • • • • •

Job leads Networking Discussing criminal backgrounds Follow-up tips Interview preparation Job search strategies Resume and cover letter assistance, and more!

Stop by during the following hours at either location to get valuable support during your job search! Monday - Wednesday: 12 - 2 pm drop-in or by appointment Thursday and Friday: By appointment only

From the Desk of Volunteer Services... Workshop Week: May 20-May 24 Schedule is on pagse 6-7. Sign up at the front desk in Minneapolis OR St. Paul as soon as possible! Help Lab Updates All Help Labs will be completed after Week 8 (May 6 - May 10). Thank you to those who used your resources and attended the Help Labs throughout the session! Look for further information about Help Labs as Session 3 approaches. Mock Interviews Nine participants from Monday morning CD3 participated in off-site mock interview event at RBC Wealth Management on 4/22. After mock interviewing the class learned about the importance of having a Cash Reserve account and savings. Fifteen Advanced Job Search participants participated in an off-site mock interview event at Faegre Baker Daniels on Tuesday, 4/29. After mock interviewing the class learned about interview tips from the Human Resource Manager. Session 3 Mock interviews will be held: 6/17, 6/18, 6/24, 6/25, 7/1, 7/2, 7/8, 7/9. Volunteer Appreciation Week During the week of 4/22 – 4/26, we celebrated the many volunteers that play a significant role in our organization by giving their time and energy!

Why the Internship Program?


hink in advance about what you want from your internship experience and define your internship goals. Assess the reason why you want an internship, taking into account your strengths, weaknesses, and expectations. Think about the way you work best. Do you value flexibility? Value hard work? Do you want to learn a specific skill or need to fill in an employment gap to enhance your resume? Are you available to invest 10 hours a week and add an additional class to your already busy schedule? Are you in good standing with the Twin Cities RISE! Core program and at least a Foundation 2 Participant? Good attendance? Exercise good time management skills? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are an excellent candidate for the internship program. An internship with Twin Cities RISE! is a great way to see if your current training experience can become one way of getting your foot in an organizations door, gives you hands on experience, network, as well as evaluate if your plans in a specific career track are realistic. Your pathway to a Twin Cities RISE! internship awaits you. Please contact Shereese Turner, Director of Recruitment and Internships, at

Bonus Bucks Refer someone to TCR!, and when they sign up and remain in the program for a minimum of one week, we’ll say thanks with $25. Refer four participants for a total of $125! In order to qualify for the referral bucks, you need to be an active TCR! participant in good standing who has signed the Partnership Agreement. The person you refer needs to write your name on their application to the program. For details see one of our Recruiters or stop by the front desk.

5 Quick Tips For Summer Fashion In The Office With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, many of us are thinking, what work outfits can I wear this summer? Here are five quick tips for summer fashion in the office: Make Sure It Fits In an interview with certified image consultant, author, and motivational speaker, Milena Joy, the fashion expert advises all office workers to wear clothing that fits to their size. “Fit is key, no matter what you wear,” said Joy. Depending on the work environment, if it’s casual, Joy advises to balance professional pieces of an outfit with casual ones, such as colored skinny jeans and with a silky blouse for women, and light summer colors such as a light khaki colored suit with a lavender shirt for men. Keep It Cool When it comes to fabrics, “lighter weight fabrics like cotton blends” are your friend, said Joy. Cooler fabrics are also better to wear during the summer to help with perspiration. It’s not that heavier fabrics aren’t stylish for the summer, they simply just aren’t practical for the weather. Use Layers Though it’s tempting to wear cooler clothing at the office, it’s also best to keep in mind that most office buildings turn on air conditioners and leave them running for the hotter months, so be sure to use layers. “Layer your outfit with a jacket, blazer, or sweater that you can easily take off when you step outside,” said Joy. Embrace Color “This summer is all about bright colors like Emerald Green, Lemon Zest, and African Violet,” said Joy. “Color gives your outfit personality,” said Joy. “Make sure you balance all the ‘fun’ colors with neutrals like tan, grey, and black to keep the look professional.” Accessorize We don’t always have the money to keep up with the latest trends or buy a complete wardrobe for the workplace. For instances where you lack more clothes, using some accessories can definitely make an outfit stand out. Wearing jewelry, ties, scarves, or different shoes can definitely make all the difference while simultaneously keeping you fashionable for the workplace. For more helpful tips, check out the Twin Cities RISE! dress code in your participant handbook.

Know your State - Fun Facts about Minnesota! ◊ The first open heart surgery and the first bone marrow transplant in the United States were done at the University of Minnesota. ◊ In 1956, Southdale became the first enclosed, climate-controlled suburban mall.

Twin Cities RISE! Workshop Week May 20-24

Transportation provided!

MONDAY > May 20

LinkedIn for Job Seekers 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, Minneapolis Office Facilitated by TCR! Employer Services Staff

Do you have questions about how to use LinkedIn? Come to this workshop ready to learn about the ins and outs of this useful tool! Get ahead of the game and get yourself connected with employers and community members on LinkedIn.

MONDAY > May 20

How Taxes Affect Your Life 1:00 - 2:15 pm, St. Paul Office Facilitated by H&R Block

Workshop description coming soon!

TUESDAY > May 21

Silent No More 4 Change...Breaking the Silence on Unhealthy Relationships 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, Minneapolis Office Facilitated by TCR! Staff

This workshop will challenge you and teach you to look at relationships in a new way - with eyes wide opened. We will dispel the myths about unhealthy relationships, learn how to identify unhealthy relationships, and how to take a stand and BE SILENT NO MORE in your own communities! Unhealthy relationships rob people of productive lives and often causes people to act or respond in weak mode because they no longer see themselves as loveable, valuable, and important. This workshop will allow you to take back your life and allow you to see your value and worth.

TUESDAY > May 21

Discovering the Hidden Job Market and Alternative Approaches to Conventional Applications 4:30 - 5:45 pm, St. Paul Office Facilitated by TCR! Staff

Career experts estimate 80% of employment opportunities are never formally announced to the general public. Of the remaining 20%, employers can receive literally thousands of inquiries depending on the position’s industry, job function, and specialty area. Networking is a fundamental aspect to job search these days. Come ready to join the conversation about how to uncover the hidden job market, and to learn something new!


Speaking with Power 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, Minneapolis Office Facilitated by TCR! Staff

Speaking with Power is an interactive workshop in which we integrate public speaking skills along with the principles taught in the Empowerment classes. The participants will experience a wide range of exercises from impromptu speaking to handling interview questions. This workshop will help build one’s confidence in formal and casual register of communication. The workshop reiterates a known fact and that is “You are the message!” How one communicates says a lot about him or her!

WEDNESDAY > May 22 and FRIDAY > May 24 Simply Good Eating

Maximum 25 attendees - Must attend both sessions

• Wednesday, May 22 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, Minneapolis Office - Informational Session • Friday, May 24 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, UROC - Cooking Session Facilitated by West Metro Simply Good Eating Programs

This fun interactive look at nutrition will help you think about food in a new way. The University of Minnesota Extension has provided learner driven interactive classes about food to people for 30 years! Come for a session with Dawn and Angie, and learn new ways to prepare old recipes and new recipes you can enjoy. Lots of tasting and fun!

Twin Cities RISE! May Participant Update  

News and events for TCR! participants this month.