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Annual Report

Personal Empowerment Theme: Life is a Theater In our participants’ very first Personal Empowerment class, we introduce the “Life is a Theater” metaphor. This approach underscores the important influence that our environment has on us. Specifically, we characterize those who have the greatest influence on our lives as sitting in the front row of our personal theaters. We strongly encourage our participants to make thoughtful choices about who sits in their front rows, who should be relegated to the balcony and who should be completely removed from their personal theaters. This is one way to exercise an important Personal Empowerment principle. By surrounding ourselves with supportive influences and removing those that are destructive we begin to change our lives. These are purposeful choices that empowered individuals consciously make and continually reevaluate. This particular lesson resonates extremely well with our participants and stays with them long after their program graduation.

Dear Friends, 2008 was a record year for Twin Cities RISE!. Final job placements were up 20% and one-year job retention remained at 82%. We expanded our successful Personal Empowerment training to two school districts with encouraging results. And, financially, we had an operating surplus. We are pleased that we achieved these results even as the economy slid into a deep recession. In this report you will meet many individuals responsible for our success, representing different aspects of our program. All of them, and hundreds more, create a culture of Personal Empowerment, accountability and compassion that drives our outcomes. This year we are highlighting one of these values – Personal Empowerment. Empowered individuals have a mix of healthy self-esteem, self awareness, humility and compassion. They recognize the intrinsic value of all people, and that recognition is reflected in more

Providing extensive Personal Empowerment training, complemented with our hard skills development and our personal coaching model, has proven to be a successful formula. Those who complete our program carry Personal Empowerment lessons into all phases of their lives, as they become better employees and more responsible citizens.

responsible personal behavior.

Twin Cities RISE! is fortunate as an organization to have a very full front row in our theater. Many of those people are represented on the following pages.

These changes lead to greater job retention than any other program of which we are

1,877 served in all programs

When our participants initially engage with us, they have typically experienced a lifetime of failure messages, and they are damaged. Through Personal Empowerment we help participants recognize the value – we call it core value – which all people have. As this recognition builds we see wonderful transformational change occur. Our successful participants not only develop work skills, but they leave with important life skills as well.


640 582

aware. Our hiring partners tell us that our graduates have a winning attitude that helps them stand out. Our participants also become better role models for their children and in their communities. 2009 is proving to be the toughest economic environment in our history. We expect



both revenues and job placements to be down as our financial supporters and hiring Multi-Racial 4%

including consolidating our St. Paul operations into one location, reducing staff and Asian 8%

African American


African 3% Latino/Hispanic 4% Native American 2% Other/Unknown 5%

Who We Serve

partners also cope. We are taking significant actions to remain fiscally sound, cutting management salaries and other expenses. We are also providing more support to participants who are particularly stressed. One example is an expanded paid internship program, whereby participants engaged in final placement job search gain valuable work experience on a part-time internship basis. Our goal is to maintain TCR!’s high quality program and operating capacity through a difficult period while also being fiscally responsible. When the economy begins to improve, we expect to be well positioned to grow with it, continuing to provide much needed services to our hiring partners and participants.


Core Program


Empowerment Institute

Thank you for your generous support. We are working very hard to continue to earn it. And, of course, stay empowered!


The mission of Twin Cities RISE! is to provide employers with skilled workers – primarily men from communities of color in the Twin Cities

Art Berman

Steve Rothschild

President & Chief Executive Officer

Founder & Board Chair

area – by training under- and unemployed adults for skilled jobs that pay a living wage of at least $20,000 annually. Men



The Core Program is an exceptional combination of Personal Empowerment, coaching, customized instruction and educational offerings, providing a comprehensive training program. We offer more than 29 courses in four key areas: Personal Empowerment and soft skills development, occupational development, academic development and job-search skills development.

Graduate Spotlights In October of 2007 Zayzay Tow came to Twin Cities RISE! upon a friend’s

In March of 2008 Jodie Johnson came to Twin Cities RISE! with little confidence.

recommendation. “My goal was to improve myself—to acquire skills,” he says. Zayzay was

“I didn’t think I could learn anything and thought that whatever I did learn wouldn’t be

initially attracted to TCR!’s computer classes, but he was also looking for the ability to “adapt

good enough.” Jodie first attended TCR! to improve his hard skills, but soon discovered

[his] level of interaction.”

his core value through Personal Empowerment courses. “It was a tremendous discovery.”

TCR!’s Personal Empowerment classes seized Zayzay’s attention. Previously he had difficulty

Fear was the biggest hurdle to overcome for Jodie. “That’s not something men like to talk

relating to and interacting with people. Now, he says, “I am in a better position to understand

about. A man like me… isn’t supposed to talk about being afraid. I was really fearful of

and accept people.”

failing, fearful of success, fearful that people might see me as being fearful.” This fear,

uses his computer and Personal Empowerment skills. “Core value is very important,” says Zayzay. He can empathize with those who may be going through a tough time by

Travis Anderson

contextualizing the situation. “People come to work with their own things on their minds.

Zayzay Tow, 2008 graduate

“What I’ve learned from TCR! is what I’m applying on the job.”

combined with a history of drug and alcohol use, prevented positive change. Jodie found himself unemployed and came to Twin Cities RISE! where he faced his fear and fulfilled his personal expectations. “I’m 53,” he says, “and I feel more alive and invigorated now than ever.”

They come and do things that you don’t expect them to… [but] you have to stay empowered.”

Through Personal Empowerment Jodie learned about thought regulation, another

For Zayzay, it is a simple formula: “Once you are joyful you can be effective on the job; once

life-changing skill. “There’s something I read—‘we’re not what we think we are,

you are effective on the job it leads to promotion.” Zayzay has also acquired a skill that TCR!

but what we think we are’,” he says. “At first I was a little bit frustrated with regulating

promotes—putting yourself in the hiring company’s position. He tells himself to “see the

[my emotions]. It’s like I was putting fires out all the time.” Jodie describes, “…there was

business as your own and work as you would like others to work for you.”

a point in my life when something would ‘catch fire’ and I would just watch it burn.

Zayzay enjoys working as a teller at Franklin Bank because of the interaction with people.

The difference is today that I am able to regulate and… stay connected to my core value.”

“I’m face-to-face with customers,” he says. “I affect the lives of customers in how I present

Today he is the Program Associate of TCR!’s Awali program, a job he considers a blessing

myself to them… I want my interaction to produce positive change.” Working full time helps

and an opportunity to share and grow. “I’m the first person [people] see, so I’m the face

Zayzay organize his whole life. “[It] has helped me plan,” says Zayzay. “I tell myself that I have

of Twin Cities RISE! Awali Place,” he says. Jodie loves this personal interaction.

to work every day—it’s not just part-time, it’s every day.”

“I love going to work now.”

TCR! opened many opportunities for Zayzay by helping him look at the bigger picture.

Jodie looks forward to becoming a Personal Empowerment instructor. “I want to give

“One thing I discovered from Twin Cities RISE! is that in order to be marketable you have to be

back to other people what has been given to me.”

Travis Anderson

Zayzay is approaching one-year retention in his final placement at Franklin Bank and he still

efficient and in order to be efficient you have to be able to advance yourself and acquire skills.” Twin Cities RISE! has set the pace for Zayzay. He plans to further his education and is considering business school.

Jodie Johnson, 2008 graduate

“When I came to Twin Cities RISE! I just wanted a job. Little did I know I’d be embarking on a life-changing journey.”

2008 Annual Report

Stakeholders Luncheon


“When Twin Cities RISE! helps families break away from the ‘cycle of poverty,’

Job Retention

82% Two year 73%

you are also helping them build a new

‘cycle of prosperity.’ And all of us get

One year

to share in that prosperity.”

– Keynote Speaker,

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar

Senator Klobuchar with Azeb Tarekegne

2008 Annual Report to Stakeholders Luncheon Twin Cities RISE! held its Annual Report to Stakeholders Luncheon, sponsored by Wells Fargo and Faegre & Benson in October. Keynote speaker, US Senator Amy Klobuchar said that Twin Cities RISE! finds an “opportunity” every day that needs to be “seized” rather than a “problem” that needs to be “fixed.” The capacity-crowd also heard from new President and CEO Art Berman, TCR! graduate Azeb Tarekegne, Board Secretary and Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Derek Hayes, and Founder and Board Chair Steve Rothschild.


Personal Empowerment Graduate Spotlight

Empowerment Institute

While job searching at the Minneapolis Convention Center Karen Gulley met a Twin Cities RISE! recruiter who convinced her to complete an application. This was Karen’s first

EI Client Spotlight

The Empowerment Institute (EI) is an external training arm of TCR!, formed to

step toward a new life. In March 2007 Karen was working at Applebee’s, but, she says,

extend our unique Personal Empowerment

“my self-esteem was very low… I was doing it because I had to.” Karen had been pursuing

program to other organizations,

a nursing license, but after getting a gross misdemeanor, she felt crushed. “If a person asked me ‘what are your goals in the next six months?’” says Karen, “I could not answer.” Karen was afraid to face her past until Personal Empowerment. “I was able to focus and

businesses, local schools and colleges.

“Personal Empowerment

Personal Empowerment training leads to

can be life-changing.”

a strengthened ability to have successful personal relationships, academic studies

see that I was so angry and bitter about what had happened that I was stopping myself

and professional careers. The

from moving on.”

being a parent and have the compassion and empathy that I need to raise [my children].” It helped her leave an unhealthy relationship that, until coming to TCR!, she “didn’t even

Anne Byer-Rajput, Ph.D., L.P., Empowerment Institute Client

Travis Anderson

realize was abusive, because it wasn’t physical.” Then Karen began to set goals. In

Karen Gulley, 2008 graduate

2008 Annual Report

“If you use the tools which are given to you, you’ll see a change … if you’re ready.”

Average final placement salary 5

and helps fund other TCR! programming. In 2008, the following organizations benefited from Personal Empowerment training:

November 2007, Karen landed her final job placement at U.S. Bank as a retail collections

At a time when the St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) face a $25 million budget shortfall,

agent—one goal reached.

they are investing in Personal Empowerment. Recognizing the potential of Personal

• Hennepin Co. Diversity Committee

The effective use of Personal Empowerment and new workplace skills has already led

Empowerment training, SPPS created a new position for Dr. Anne Byer-Rajput—

• Hennepin Co. Foster Care Program

to a promotion. Karen loves her job because “you learn a little bit of everything being

Empowerment Lead Resource. She will train Special Education employees, who,

• Hennepin Co. Human Services and

a collections agent.” Karen’s future is with U.S. Bank. She wants to work at least two

through Personal Empowerment, can “learn how to choose their state of mind.”

Public Health Dept.

more years in collections and then move on to investigations.

Broad-scale change is possible if local or national education programs implement

• Independent Packing Systems, Inc.

the Personal Empowerment program. “It gives people a common language and

• Jeremiah Program

It is the people at Twin Cities RISE! that have impacted Karen the most. “There is not one instructor or coach that I have come in contact with at TCR! that hasn’t given me

concrete skills,” says Dr. Byer-Rajput.

• Minneapolis Public Schools

something.” One way she sees this impact? “I smile more,” says Karen. “I never really

In 2008 Anne and nine other social workers and teachers began training with the

Transitions Plus Program

knew how important a smile was.”

TCR! Empowerment Institute to become certified Empowerment Facilitators.

• The Network for Better Futures

Dr. Byer-Rajput began implementing her new skills in weekly Personal Empowerment

• People, Inc.

sessions with students at Murray Junior High, adapting the curriculum and

• Skills for Tomorrow School

Karen Gulley was the winner of the 2008 Robert Morris Empowerment Award, a monetary award given each year to one graduate who demonstrates Personal Empowerment in action and writing. It is named after former TCR! staff member Robert Morris, who played a major role in developing and piloting our Personal Empowerment curriculum.

2008 Graduate Income Average pre-program income

Travis Anderson

Empowerment Institute is self sustaining

Personal Empowerment has helped Karen with all her relationships. “I can step outside of

479% increase

introducing principles using multimedia demonstrations.

• St. Paul Public Schools

Anne has seen the positive results first-hand. She says that learning Personal

• University of Dubuque

Empowerment “helps [students] understand they have agency and control.” Often

• Way to Grow, Inc.

Dr. Byer-Rajput heard students enthusiastically repeating the Personal Empowerment

• West Central Environmental

mantra, “I am lovable, valuable, and important.” Not only can her students identify

Consultants, Inc.

their core value; they can identify their core hurts. Anne says that “identification is the first step,” and now students have learned “how [they] can do it differently.”

To contact the Empowerment Institute about training opportunities for your business, school or organization, e-mail or call 612-338-0295.


$24,774 + benefits 6

Ted Cushmore supports Twin Cities RISE! as a dedicated volunteer, donor and event host. In 2008, Ted conducted mock interviews with job-ready participants and provided them critical feedback. “I try to leave everybody with a positive feeling. They’re working really hard.” Ted also consults with instructors on TCR! curriculum to better serve both participants and employers.

Curtain Call

Update on TCR! graduates featured in the 2007 Annual Report

Ted discovered Twin Cities RISE! through his previous General Mills colleague and

Volunteer TCR!

TCR! founder Steve Rothschild. He knew Steve believed in the program, but Ted was convinced when he saw results. He hopes that “it’s a model that can be replicated in other cities.” Ted supports TCR! because “it’s unique…the numbers

Volunteers are integral to the culture and success

Laurie Sanders describes her family’s greatest success in the past year simply: “being financially independent and

their skills to us, 31 of those volunteers are TCR!

able to stand on our own two feet and survive.”

graduates. Volunteer opportunities include:

Laurie has been in her final placement job with Success

• Presentations on workplace dress

particularly important. “I have a son with disabilities.

• Leading a workshop

The last year has not been easy,” she says, but Personal

• Assisting in a class

Empowerment has helped her through it.

• Conducting mock interviews Travis Anderson

management and Personal Empowerment skills are

Laurie’s future at Success Computer Consulting is solid.

“I use Empowerment everywhere, just dealing with people.”

it. “I use Empowerment everywhere,” he says, “just dealing with people.” The use of Personal Empowerment has contributed to his successes, the greatest of which, Karim says, are simply “being employed and staying positive.” Karim continues his work at TCR! toward his goal—a career in social services working with kids.

Rooted in the Swahili word for “beginning,” Awali provides the first step for men who want to make life changes and are not yet ready for the rigors of our Core Program. Awali Place develops a transition plan that includes: job resources, GED assistance, Personal Empowerment classes, one-on-one coaching, a connection to the TCR! Travis Anderson

2008 Annual Report

as the most important skill he learned at Twin Cities RISE! and continues to practice

professional career development program and assistance overcoming significant multiple barriers. Awali Inside/Out serves pre-release inmates in correctional facilities, giving them tools to break the cycle of incarceration and oftentimes generational poverty. Through the delivery of Personal Empowerment and coaching we engage with men before, during and after this transition, easing barriers and providing a continuous path to successful post-incarceration employment. This pilot project will be incorporated into an


“I’m contributing to something that’s affecting a large group

of people [who], if it wasn’t

• Providing administrative support

“I’m so grateful for TCR! I wouldn’t be here without you.”

Success Stories

employment and create the life he wanted. Now he names Personal Empowerment

Volunteer Spotlight

for TCR!, might not make it.”

• Lending professional skills For information on how to volunteer, e-mail

at [because] I get to grow with the company.”

Prior to coming to Awali, Karim did not have the soft skills he needed to maintain

someone a second time, and you can see their growth and change.”

• Tutoring

Laurie Sanders, graduate

As for her career goals, she says, “I’m happy where I’m

Karim Pierre, Awali graduate

He enjoys meeting participants, hearing their stories and helping them prepare

• Speaking in a class

skills she learned at Twin Cities RISE!, noting that time

important that she feels confident about their future.

Ted’s most rewarding experience is having direct contact with participants. for the workplace. “Occasionally,” Ted says, “you get the chance to interview

• Holding a mock job fair

Computer Consulting for two years. She still uses the

Soon Laurie’s son will be going off to college and it is

are good, the retention rate is high, and the scope is large.”

of TCR!. In 2008 more than 220 volunteers donated

Expanded Core Program in 2009. or call 651-603-8520

Ted Cushmore, TCR! volunteer

Volunteers Dan Abbott David Abrams Jesus Aguirre* Kelly Allman Matt Allman April Anderson Cherie Anderson Joni Anderson Jen Antila Jacob Aronson Kayla Aronson Becky Aurit Elizabeth Barat Paul Bartel Adriana Bartucci Shari Baxter Keri J. Bearder Kendall Beck Keith Bednarowski Lois Bell* Katie Bennett Kim Bennett Shirley Benson Bonnie Berg Elaine Berman Amy Bergquist Lynn Beutel*** Mike Bingham** Paige Bingham** Kate Borman Sommer Bougic Michael Boyle Eli Brimacomb Olivia Brimacomb Samuel Brimacomb Andrew Brainerd* Scott Brophy Alvin Burman Stephani Busek Lauren Callahan Missy Carbonneau

Beth Caruth Gregg Chapman Steven Chappell Carolyn Chase Yun-Mi Choi Bill Clark* Terry Collier Angie Conley* TJ Conley* Andre Corbett Pat Croal Carol Cushmore* Ted Cushmore* Jeff DeMars Angela Detviler Christopher Diedrich Jackie Doehling Matt Drawz Sarah Duffy Mike Durkin Charlie Engel Kate Engel Patrick Engel Paul Engleson Joan Estenson Dylan Evans Denise Felder David Fenske Emma Fiala Brenda Filmer Debra Fisher Goldstein Carre S. Fladung Grace Forciea Jack Forciea Michelle Ford Nancy Fox Susanne Franklin Michele French Jessica Glavan Nate Ganson Adam Gapinski

TCR! thanks the many volunteers who donated their skills and time in 2008 Angela Gerber David Goldstein Morris Goodwin Jr. Morris Goodwin III Erica Gordon Robin Gotler** Spencer Grant Dana Gray Nicholas Gulan Andreas Gusten Sheila Guzik Kelly Hammer Emily Hansen* Keith Hardy Jill Harmon John Haury Kiewicz Sharon Hawkins* Derek Hayes* Megan Hayes Peter Heegaard John Herbes Liam Higgins Byron Hill Lance Hodge* Lori Honse Ingrid Hornibrook Joe Hruby Marwa Ibrahim Leslie Ingberg April Iwaszko Sharon Jensen Katherine Johnson Sandy Johnson Jennifer Johnston Miche’La Jolly Judy Juhnke Christine Kain Ken Kendle Kelsey Kennedy Maria Kirsch Norma Knudsen

Alexander Kramarczuk Michelle Kurtz Catherine Langhorst Diane Lawrence Mary Gerry Lee Tom Lee Anne Leighton Heather Lemke Theresa Lenarz Tony Leung Kay Lindig Donna Lindsay-Goodwin** Heather Little Lynn Littlejohn Nicole Loehr Amanda Loesch David Lucas Peggy Lucas Camhong Ly David Lyman* Patricia Manalo Bridget Marchesi Dede Marudas Amy McAdams Amanda McClellan Jackie McGinnis Ixchel McKinnie Janice McKinnie* Trent Meidinger Swathi Mekala Jennifer Melby Erin Miller Yvonne Miller Diana Young Morissey Eva Moses-McDew Michael Mott Sarah Mulligan Patrick Nelson Jim Niswonger Nicole Nordquist Debra Noren

Amanda Norman Ashley Oeltjenbruns Elizabeth Olson Meredith Olson Melissa Oszustowicz Christine Page Jesse Palczewski* Andrea Pfeiffer Marissa Pherson David Pylipow Stacy Raaf Ravi Rai Monique Randolph Kaitlyn Reinan* Roger Revak Chris Ringer Girma Roba Anna Robertson Win Rockwell Sue Ann Rodriguez Marilyn Rothschild Steve Rothschild* Patricia Rowland Dave Ruce Claudia Ryan Joe Ryan Cate Rysavy Don Samuels Carolyn Sandberg Kim Sapan Jennifer Sauteau David Schaal Malana Schmidt* Ben Schnabel Liz Schuster Glenn Seager Don Selke Andrea Servaty Molly Smallen Bruce Smith Pam Solsing-Spies

Lisa Starin Kevin Stoltman Lidin Su Brian Sullivan Josh Susser Tom Swain Jennifer Swanson Joleen E. Sylvester Bill Svrluga*** Betsy Tapper Cindy Tauzell Shawn Thomas Erik Thorsell Ron Tortelli Kendra Troske Ruth Unger Kelly Van Camp India Vega Erin Verneris Suzanne Walcher Colleen Walz Andrea Watkins Serge Wetzels Diane Williams Shanequa Williams Kellianne Williamson James T. Wilson* Brian Wipf Whitney Wirth Ann Wolbert Pao Fu Yang Diane Nelson Yehong David Yerich Eriny Youssef* * 20+ Hours for 2008 ** 50+ Hours for 2008 *** 100+ Hours for 2008


Hiring Partners

The following companies have hired our participants into Final Placement jobs

AAA Minneapolis ACORN African American AIDS Task Force African American Family Services Airport Taxi, Inc. Alliance One Alliant Techsystems, Inc. AlliedBarton Security Services Ameriprise Financial Ampco System Parking ASP Screening Arc Greater Twin Cities Armstrong Subway, Inc. As Soon As Possible, Inc. Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Associates ITS AT&T Banta Catalog Group Bellcomb Technologies, Inc. Best Buy B.F. Nelson Corporation Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities Bon Appetit Management Company Boston Scientific Breaking Free Bro-Tex, Inc. Cable Imaging Solutions Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis Celestica Cheme Industries, Inc. Comprehensive Services, Inc. Conseco Finance Inc. Crompton, Seager & Tufte, LLC Crystal D. CSL Behring Cummins Power Generation Daily Work Data Recognition Corporation Deluxe Corporation Department of Veteran Affairs The Design Group Domestic Abuse Project Dungarvin Minnesota, LLC Ecolab Electronic Communications Systems Experior Assessments, LLC Express Scripts Faegre & Benson, LLC University of Minnesota Medical Center - Fairview FBG Service Corporation

Hiring Partner Spotlight

“TCR! candidates are exceptional people… All have had some kind of struggle but they come here with such a high level of self-confidence and self-knowledge.” Art LaBeau, Human Resources, TCF Bank Travis Anderson

As one of TCR!’s newest hiring partners, TCF Bank’s Art LaBeau hired five graduates in 2008. All of these employees, he says, have been “well-prepared. They demonstrate confidence, ask questions and take responsibility for themselves.” Art hires TCR! participants because he knows the program works. “You see empowerment in these people. They don’t have to talk about it. They demonstrate it.” Compared to other training programs, Art says, “Twin Cities RISE! is heads above” because “TCR! grads are interviewing for jobs that are a good fit.” When compared to other applicants that have related experience, TCR! grads are a better choice because their on-the-job performance matches up to their interview skills. Art describes those hired as “…really happy. They demonstrate true enthusiasm. All of them are taking what they do very seriously.” Art says that it is a treat to see people succeeding, and TCF is proud to be a part of that success.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Ford Motor Company The Gavzy Group GCI Systems General Mills The Goodin Company Goodyear Green Tree Financial Corporation Greyhound Lines, Inc. Guthrie Theater Hanson Spancrete Midwest Co. Hayes Residence H.B. Fuller HealthPartners HealthEast Rice Street Clinic Hennepin County Hennepin County Medical Center Hilton Hotel HIRED HMS Label Specialties, Inc. The Hogan Company Holiday Inn Select The Home Depot Honeywell I.C. System IKON Independent Packing Services, Inc. ING ReliaStar IntelliRisk Management Corporation Iron Mountain Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. Jacobs Trading Co. Japs-Olson Company The John Roberts Company Keller Fence Company - North, Inc. Keystone Computer Solutions, Inc. FedEx Kinko’s Kurt Manufacturing Lason Liberty Carton Co. Liberty Diversified Industries The Link Lindquist & Vennum PLLP Lofton Labels, Inc. Loring Nicollet-Bethlehem Community Centers Lowe Industries Lutheran Social Services Macy’s, Inc. Magnum Tire Corp. The Marquette Hotel Minnesota Diversified Industries Meat Concepts

MEDTOX Scientific, Inc. Medtronic Mental Health Resource, Inc. Merry Maids Midwest Special Services, Inc. Minneapolis Public Schools Minnesota Dept. of Employment & Economic Development Minnesota Dept. of Transportation Minnesota Grinding Mission Foods Minnesota Life Minnesota Wire & Cable Co. Modern Machine & Engineering Company MoneyGram Minnesota Public Housing Authority Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Musicland Nash Finch Company National Car Rental Natural Order Inc. New French Bakery Normandale Community College North Memorial Hospital Northwest Airlines NOW Micro Olympic Steel, Inc. On Time Delivery Service Operation de Novo, Inc. Opportunity Partners Outsell, LLC Packaging Corporation of America Park Nicollet Health Services Partners in Pediatrics, Ltd. Pearson Professional Center Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Phoenix Alternatives, Inc. The Phoenix Residence, Inc. Presbyterian Homes & Services Prudential Financial Quality Machine of Iowa, Inc. RBC Wealth Management Recycle Technologies Regions Hospital Regulus Group, LLC Reliant Energy Ricoh Business Systems Room & Board Sam’s Club Sandcastle Child Care and Preschool Summit Academy OIC

SatCom Marketing, LLC SCC Janitorial Schroeder Company Scoville Press, Inc. Seagate Technology Second Harvest Heartland Securian Financial Group Inc. Servisair Shadin Company The Sheffield Group Smith Foundry Co. Sprint/Nextel StarTribune Stein Industries, Inc. SterilMed, Inc. Strom Engineering Corporation Success Computer Consulting Sunrise Community Banks SUPERVALU* Target* TCF Bank* Time Warner Cable Total Solutions Group Tube Bending Specialists Turning Point, Inc. Twin Cities RISE! Twin Cities Stores Inc. Twin Cities Glass Block Inc. Urban Homeworks U.S. Bank* Union Pacific Railroad UnitedHealth Group UnitedHealthcare United Resource Networks United Stationers Supply Co. University of Minnesota Valspar Corp Velocity Express Corporation Verizon Wireless Versatil Associates Viacom Outdoor Wal-Mart Wayside House, Inc. Way to Grow Wells Fargo* Western Bank Women of Nations Zumbro House, Inc. * TCR!’s top five hiring partners based on total number of participants hired.

2008 Annual Report

Staff Spotlight “Entry level job seekers aren’t usually

As Director of Employer Services Andrea Pendleton matches employers’

taking a year of classes to update their

needs to participants’ aspirations. Andrea believes in TCR! “because it really is an opportunity for individuals to dedicate themselves to their own futures and

skills. They don’t have a year’s worth of

their careers… Anybody who is willing to knuckle down and go through

Personal Empowerment or a coach. This

a program like Twin Cities RISE! is going to be a great employee because

combination makes TCR! participants very

they’ve already demonstrated their ability to commit.”

competitive in today’s workplace.”

Our hiring partners notice a positive difference in the employees they hire from


Andrea Pendleton, TCR! Director of Employer Services

Travis Anderson

TCR!. “I feel a lot of satisfaction when our hiring partners recognize the empowered workplace behavior of our participants,” says Andrea, “and they would like to see that behavior mirrored by other employees.”



2008 Financial Statement Contributors Income Statement – Unrestricted*

Leaders Circle – Visionaries ($50,000+) Bush Foundation Frey Foundation* General Mills Foundation* B.C. Gamble and P.W. Skogmo Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* North Star Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Marilyn and Steve Rothschild* The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Greater Twin Cities United Way*


Financial gifts/support


Government grants


Earned income


Miscellaneous income Total unrestricted revenue


United Way



45,521 $2,941,865

Program service expenses


Management and general




Total unrestricted expenses

Government Grants

Earned Income

Leaders Circle – Ambassadors ($25,000 - $49,999) Ameriprise Financial* Mari and Tom Lowe* Edward and Leslye Phillips Family Foundation Jennifer and Hervé Sarteau Smikis Foundation* Diana and Ron Tortelli*

28.9% Contributions & Grants



Total unrestricted surplus

Leaders Circle – Stewards ($10,000 - $24,999) Anonymous Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Mary and Keith Bednarowski; Mary and Keith Bednarowski Charitable Gift Account of Schwab Charitable Fund* Kate and Art Berman Best Buy Buuck Family Foundation* Charlson Foundation Cummins Power Generation Julia W. Dayton* Claire and Jack Dempsey; Claire and Jack Dempsey Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Jaye F. and Betty F. Dyer Foundation* Ecolab Foundation* The Jack and Bessie Fiterman Foundation The George Family Foundation* Hays Companies by Jim Hays* Shirley and David Hubers; David and Shirley Hubers Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* The LEAD Project Anita and Rick Leggott Marcus McCoy Foundation Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* McNeely Foundation



* does not include donated services and materials of $310,552

Balance Sheet

Temporarily restricted


Working capital


Designated for special purposes


Total net assets

Program Services


$2,085,142 Management & General




Sue and Ken Murray Marilyn and Glen Nelson* Casey Albert T. O’Neil Foundation* The Pentair Foundation* The Piper Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation* RBC Foundation – USA* Stephanie Simon and Craig Bentdahl* Margie and Phil Soran; Soran Family Foundation Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* SUPERVALU Foundation on behalf of SUPERVALU INC.* Target* Thomson West* Thrivent Financial For Lutherans Foundation* Travelers Foundation* U.S. Bancorp Foundation* The VCJ Foundation by Carol and Verne Johnson* Watson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Wells Fargo Leaders Circle – Benefactors ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous (1) 3M Foundation* Athwin Foundation Michael and Paige Bingham Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation; Paige and Mike Bingham* Marlene and Ned Bixby Ruth Stricker Dayton and Bruce Dayton* Chuck Denny; Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Donna Lindsay-Goodwin and Morris Goodwin, Jr.* Greystone Foundation, by Walter McCarthy and Clara Ueland* Lyman Lumber Company Foundation* Sue and Bob Macdonald* Marbrook Foundation Kay and Mike McCarthy* Mary and Dave Pylipow Paul and Mary Reyelts Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Schall Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Securian Foundation* Chris and Hank Shea*


The State of Minnesota has realized a $14 million benefit on its $3.5 million investment in Twin Cities RISE! over a 12-year period, representing a 295% Return on Investment. This return is due to increased state tax receipts and reduced state subsidies related directly


to Twin Cites RISE! graduates.

Leaders Circle – Partners ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous (1) Jennifer and David Antila Associated Bank Carole and Doug Baker Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Julie M. and Douglas M. Baker, Jr. Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Bell Family Charitable Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Lynnell Mickelsen and John Bellaimey Sue Bennett; Sue and DavidBennett Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Shirley and Stanley Bingham*

“One finds their own joy when they The Lindsay-Goodwin Family

2008 Annual Report

Return on Investment

Leaders Circle – Sustainers ($2,500 - $4,999) Anonymous of the Consolidated Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Monica and David Abrams* Accredited Investors, Inc. by Ross Levin The Allen Family Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment* Will Bracken Family Foundation* Ellen and Jan Breyer* Danis and Richard Byrd Chorzempa Family Foundation Ann and Michael Ciresi Tara and Timothy Clark* Kristi and Henry Cousineau Carol and Ted Cushmore* Mia and Brian Sullivan* Faegre & Benson LLP Joyce and Hal Field* Helen and Donald Knutzen Lee Family Foundation* Terry Saario and Leland T. Lynch MoneyGram International Global Giving Nash Foundation Melody Baron and Mark Peterson Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Sharon and Bob Ryan* Aly and Rob Sayre* Denise and Richard Sheldon Lucy Gerold and William Svrluga* Turner Family Foundation Kathleen and William Wanner*

Sally and Gary Bluem Broadwaters Foundation by Val and Ed Spencer and family* Gretchen and Jeffrey Brown* Burdick-Craddick Family Foundation Shannon and Paul Burke Alex and Joel Cannon Joanie and Bob Dayton Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton* Richard and Mary Dietz of The Birch Breeze Charitable Fund Diane and David Eaton Charitable Gift Account of Schwab Charitable Fund The Emmerich Foundation by Karol and Richard Emmerich* Juli and Tom Erdmann Faegre & Benson Foundation* Cecy and Walter Faster* Judith and James Fetterly Steve and Mimi Fisher Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Nancy Fox G&K Services Foundation Martha and John Gabbert* Scotty and Peter Gillette* Mary and David Goldstein* Elizabeth and Michael Gorman* Sharon and Bill Hawkins Megan and Derek Hayes Anne and Peter Heegaard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Twanya Hood Hill and Byron Hill Hognander Family Foundation Ann and James Howard* Sisi and Heinz Hutter* Dawn and Joe Keller Muriel and Bob Klosterman Andrea and Benjamin Knoll Catherine Lawrence Margaret and Ilo Leppik Sherry Tsao and Tony N. Leung* Sarah and B. John Lindahl Heather and Rob Little* Kathleen and Dave MacLennan Barbara and Tom McBurney* Anita and Todd Messal* Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Milroy Fund of The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Jodi and Michael Mooney Kathy and Joe Mucha Mary Frances Mullin Kim Jones and Stafford Nelson Oak Grove Foundation by Jack and Christine Morrison*

Donor Spotlight

Travis Anderson

295% ROI

The Michael and Barbara Sill Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Elizabeth and Mayer Tapper of Wachovia Securities, LLC* Mary W. Vaughan* The Whitney Foundation* Jean D. Wilson

reach out to help someone else.”

– Donna Lindsay-Goodwin

The Lindsay-Goodwin family is a shining example of how a family can have an impact on an organization. Using creative talents, providing sound advice, investing financially, providing leadership at the board level, introducing TCR! to others in the community and volunteering numerous hours of hard work—they are in the front row of the TCR! theater.



2008 Annual Report

Rhonda and Rory O’Neill Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Susan and Jeff Pease Bluestem Holding, L.P. by Daniel Pennie Diana Gulden and Jose Peris* Lawrence and Linda Perlman Family Foundation Carolyn and Buzz Pierce Susan and Carl Platou Pratt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Karen Reierson* Joanne and Bill Reiling Leah and Scott Rued Sally and Robert Sands Susan and Bill Sands Karen and Steve Sanger* Thomas Schinke Malana and Jeff Schmidt* Andrea Kmetz-Sheehy and Bob Sheehy Lee Sheehy Jennifer Goloboy and Steve Sigmond The J. Richard and R. Marie Stonesifer Fund of The Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Bob and Celia Stretmater Success Computer Consulting by Erik Thorsell Arlene and Tom H. Swain* Jan and Ken Thome* The Jill and John Trautz Gift Fund of Twin Cities Christian Foundation Vantine Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Sandy Vargas* Von Blon Family Charitable Trust* Wahlstedt Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* Robert Waldron Sheila and Patrick Walsh* Ruth and David Waterbury Marjorie and Irv Weiser* Brad Williams Peggy and Cy Yusten*


Advocates Circle – Supporters ($500 - $999) Anonymous (1) Idith and Yuval Almog Linda and Jerry Anderson Shirley and Ray Bentdahl Kathleen Glover and Daniel Carr Sarah and Gerald Caruso* Kenneth Charles Carolyn and Thom Chase* Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Douglas and Sands Coleman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Ryan Collins Kristen and Paul Commers Angie and T.J. Conley Bonnie and Jeremy Cram* Kurt Dahl Cheryl Kreofsky and Mike Fitzgerald Kim and Charlie Gits Suzanne and Fred Gobel Goldstein Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Laurie and Ed Greeno Linda and John Haugen Lucy Heegaard Barbara Forster and Larry Hendrickson Thomas Herr Pat and Tom Holloran* Cindy and Tim Hubers Paul T. Johnson Joy and Sid Kaplan Keystone Search Limited Sarah and Bill Kling Erna and Keith Kostuch Judy and Don LeWin Little & Company Sheila Anne and John Lohmann

Contributors Laurie and Bill MacLean Malt-O-Meal Company Martha and Bill McLaughlin Family Foundation of Minnesota Community Foundation* Lori and Dave Millard Mindy and Fred Miller Karl and Ellen Schmidt of Bentley Minneapolis - A Division of Morrie’s Automotive Group Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation* Lisa Naaktgeboren* John Nealon* Julie A. Nelson* Jane and Bob Oberrender Pam and Mike Oesterreich* Mary and Bob Paymar Ruth Rothschild* Sarah Lutman and Robert Rudolph David Schaal* Randall Schmidt* Marge and Brad Schreier Mary Lynn and Warren Staley Robin and David Sternberg Cherie Stofer Lisa and Keith Ter Haar Kate Hebson and Mark Tierney Emily Anne Staples Tuttle Fund of The Minnesota Community Foundation Triple B Equities LLC Urban Adventure Fund of Greater Twin Cities United Way* Mary and Jeff Werbalowsky Wernke Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Sharon and Clark Winslow Kathleen and James Zavoral* Advocates Circle – Friends (Up to $499) Anonymous (9) Mary Adams Kari and William Alldredge Kelly Allman Karen Bachman Andrea and Patrick Bassett Jessica and Dean Bauer Joan and Reid Billig* Leslie Black Sullivan Bill Blanski Susan Boren Norelis Boyce Corey Bracken Anthony Branch Kristina Branigan Aimee and Patrick Brantseg Tammy and Ken Brooks Scott Brophy Barb Brown Dennis McGrath and Betsy Buckley Carolyn Williams and James Butcher Kathleen and Paul Campbell Jacob Carolan Christina and Drew Catron Tiowa and Terry Collier Katie and Kevin Conneely Nan and Jim Corwin Page and Jay Cowles Roberta and James Craig* Molly and Patrick Cronin Ellie and Tom Crosby, Jr.* Susan Davidson Phillip Davis* Holly Denis Kathy and Steve Dougherty A.J. Downey Matt Drawz Jane Duncan Leslie Dwight Katy and Doug Eiden Polly McCormack and Keith Engel Excellence in Remodeling

Grant Farnum Lugene Flores* Everett Flynn Kevin Franklin Marie and Fred Friswold* Kay and Thomas Furtak Nicholas Gallus Queenie and Paul Gam Kara Garbe Nicholas Gardino Sara and Thomas Gavin Lois and Richard Gehrman Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg Barbara and Michael D. Goldner Erica Gordon Rhonda Griffin Sarah Gustafson Jennifer Halverson Jill Harmon Rachel Harris Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Jessica L. Hays Joy and John Hazucha Roger F. Heegaard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Laura and David Hemler Tonya and Paul Hendrickson Jon Hinrichs Brenda Hoadley Nancy and Spencer Holmes William B. Horn Penny Hornig Renee and Ronald Hunter Barry Johnson Margaret and Frank Johnson Elisabeth and Walter Jordan* Audrey and Norman Kaplan Sylvia and Sam Kaplan Thomas A. Keller III Thomas Kirscht Robert Kotek Doris and Vernon Latrom Judy, Allan, Michael and Daniel Lavetter E. Diane Lawrence Mary and Barry Lazarus Laura and Jack Lee Peg and Dick Lidstad* Peggy and Dave Lucas Michele and Orval Lund Lisa and Bill Lundberg Elizabeth and David Lyman* Kathi and Steven Mahle Tariq Malik Nancy and Ron Marshall Robert and Siri Marshall Charitable Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Nancy Mathewson Andrea McCready* Paula McEvers Michael McGowan Ixchel McKinnie Colleen and Shawn McMurtry Santina Melendez Lynn and Mike Metz* Minnesota Wire & Cable Co. Charitable Giving Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* Dyshaun Muhammad Rongini Mukherjee Kristi and Tim Nasby Nelson, Tietz & Hoye, Inc. By Russ Nelson Amanda and Ravi Norman Dan Oberdorfer Elinor K. Ogden Living Trust Cynthia and John O’Halloran Denise and Michael Overline Julia and Brian Palmer* Mary and Daniel Pate Lynne and Perry Pelos Andrea Pendleton Brian Peterson

Babette Pohtilla Lori Pomroy Mary Ann and Scott Portnoy Theresa Powell Richard Prien Val and Ralph Pruitt* Public Strategies Group, Inc. Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Ann and Kevin Quiring Donna and William Ramsay Tim Hansen and Kevin Reardon* Kerry and David Reiling Josh Resnik Mary and J. Peter Ritten* Wesley Roche Angel Rodriguez Ellen and Bruce Rothschild Jane and Frank Rothschild Shannon and Todd Runge Sandra Ryan Ann and Livingston Satterthwaite Joe Selvaggio* Rikky S. Shaw Gail Shore Mariana and Craig Shulstad* Dwaine Simms Judy Smith Harriet and Edson Spencer Foundation* Fred Steimann* Debbie and George Stern Mary Kay and Gary Stern Patty and Jeff Stewart Rachna and Michael Sullivan Abbie and Scott Thiss Milagros Santiago and Steven Thomas Donna and Jon Tremmel Twice the Gift by the Pohlad Family Foundation Scott VanOrsdel Valarie Vermillion-Huback Alexander Vicino Hans Wanzenried Barbara S. Weist Carl P. Whaley Kristina Wilfrid Christy Yakel *Has given continuously to TCR! for five or more years

For information on investing in TCR! with a financial gift, email or call 612-338-0295.

Vincent supporters Monica and David Abrams Jacob Aronson Kayla Aronson Bachman’s Carole and Doug Baker Mary and Keith Bednarowski Sue Bennett Stephanie Simon and Craig Bentdahl Bentley Minneapolis Kate and Art Berman Paige and Mike Bingham Sharon Bloodworth Pat Brenna Tammy and Ken Brooks Shug Bury Canoe Bay Anne Carayon and Daniel Pennie Jerry Caruso Carol and Ted Cushmore Claire and Jack Dempsey Chuck Denny Marigrace and Joe Deters DLG Creative Management Judy Earling Polly McCormack and Keith Engel Juli and Tom Erdmann James Flemming Vincent Francoual Vince Fuller Nicholas Gardino General Mills Suzanne and Fred Gobel Barbara and Mike Goldner Donna Lindsay-Goodwin and Morris Goodwin, Jr. Lindsay Goodwin Morris Goodwin III Sharon and Bill Hawkins Megan and Derek Hayes Shirley and David Hubers Cindy and Tim Hubers Barry Johnson Hane and Ed Kim Muriel and Bob Klosterman Robert Kotek Diane Lawrence Heather and Rob Little Mari and Tom Lowe Terry Saario and Leland T. Lynch Sue and Bob Macdonald Kathi and Steven Mahle Judy Mahoney Stephanie Meyer The Minnesota Twins Jodi and Michael Mooney

Sue and Ken Murray John Nealon Rhonda and Rory O’Neill Jeanna and Mike Pelino Mary and Dave Pylipow Leah and Scott Rued Marilyn and Steve Rothschild Malana and Jeff Schmidt Marge and Brad Schreier Chris and Hank Shea Andrea Kmetz-Sheehy and Bob Sheehy Catherine Lawrence and Lee Sheehy Nancy Otterness and Larry Smith Alysa Soran Margie and Phil Soran Robin and David Sternberg Sun Country Airlines Bill Svrluga Lisa and Keith Ter Haar Steve Thomas Diana and Ron Tortelli Jeff Tortelli Triple B Equities LLC Dana and Henry Van Dellen Sandy Vargas Vincent - A Restaurant Wells Fargo Peggy and Cy Yusten Recognition gifts In Honor of David Goldstein Faegre & Benson, LLP In Honor of Steve Rothschild’s Birthday Ruth Rothschild In Honor of Bill Svrluga Little & Company Associated Bank In Memory of Dick Lawrence Lee Sheehy In Memory of Frances Prien Thomas and Kay Furtak Jon Hinrichs Doris and Vernon Latrom Judy, Allan, Michael and Daniel Lavetter Michele and Orval Lund Richard Prien Debbie and George Stern In Memory of Sandy Barre Cummins Power Generation Growth Markets Community Involvement

Companies that Matched their Employees’ Gifts Alliance Bernstein; Alliance Bernstein Foundation of the New York Community Trust Ameriprise Financial Andersen Corporate BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota CarVal Investors Entegris Piper Jaffray Thomson West UnitedHealth Group U.S. Bancorp Donated Goods and Services Benesyst Corporation for National and Community Service – AmeriCorps* VISTA Program Employment Guide Faegre & Benson, LLP Charlie Gits, UBS Financial Services Inc. Jostens Kern DeWenter Viere, Ltd. Kowalski’s Markets Metropolitan Council Jobseekers Program MicroGrants Mike Oesterreich Steve Rothschild Bill Svrluga Toastmasters International Wells Fargo Andrew Rosen Additional Sponsorship Support Carol and Ted Cushmore Peggy and David Lucas Mary Gerry and Tom Lee Faegre & Benson, LLP Shirley and Dave Hubers Marilyn and Steve Rothschild Wells Fargo Sharon Hawkins

Twin Cities RISE! has taken every measure to ensure the accuracy of the list printed in this Annual Report. We apologize if we may have overlooked any organization or individual and ask that you please advise us of any errors so we may correct our records and recognize you appropriately.

Third Annual Gourment Dinner at Vincent – A Restaurant A “Decade of Dedication” was the theme of the 3rd Annual Gourmet Dinner hosted by Vincent ~ A Restaurant in September. TCR! honored those who have been donating for 10+ years. Honorees included: Gail and Robert Buuck, Chuck Denny, Penny and Bill George, Scotty and Peter Gillette, Carol and Verne Johnson, Mari and Tom Lowe, Joyce and Richard McFarland, The Minneapolis Foundation, Marilyn and Steve Rothschild, The Saint Paul Foundation, Valerie and Ed Spencer, Elizabeth and Mayer Tapper, and Diana and Ron Tortelli. Many thanks to Vincent ~ A Restaurant, DLG Creative Management, Bentley Minneapolis, Bachman’s, and Co-Chairs Paige and Mike Bingham, Donna Lindsay-Goodwin and Morris Goodwin, Jr.


Twin Cities RISE!


2008 Board of Directors

Steven M. Rothschild, Chair Founder, Twin Cities RISE! David Abrams, Vice Chair Vice President North Memorial Health Care Arthur H. Berman, President CEO Twin Cities RISE! David J. Goldstein, Treasurer Shareholder Littler Mendelson, P.C. Derek Hayes, Secretary Senior Vice President Wells Fargo, N.A.


Keith Bednarowski Chairman Emeritus Opus Corporation

Dave Pylipow Executive Vice President SUPERVALU

Michael C. Bingham President & CEO Storyworks Media

Don Samuels Councilmember, Ward 5 Minneapolis City Council

Morris Goodwin Jr. Chief Director Wilder Foundation

Malana Schmidt Retired Vice President Greater Twin Cities United Way

Byron Hill Director Honeywell International

Brian F. Sullivan CEO SterilMed, Inc.

Tony Leung Hennepin County District Judge Hennepin County Court System

Tom Swain Retired Executive Vice President Travelers

Lynn R. Littlejohn Director of Community Affairs Mortenson Construction

Ron Tortelli Retired Senior Vice President SUPERVALU

800 Washington Avenue North, Suite 203, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 Phone: 612-338-0295 Fax: 612-338-0191 633 University Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104 Phone: 651-603-8520 Fax: 651-603-1935

2008 Twin Cities RISE! Annual Report  

The highlights and stories from Twin Cities RISE! in 2008.