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2013 TWIN CITIES IN MOTION RESULTS BOOK Table of Contents 2013 Marathon Weekend: Health and Fitness Expo


Seminar Recaps


Saturday Events


TC 5k and TC 10K


Diana Pierce Family Mile


Harry and Shelly速 Mascot Invitational


Diaper Dash & Toddler Trot


Tollefsons Tackle Twin Cities


Medtronic TC 10 Mile Race Recap


Elite Recap


32nd Annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon


Elite Recap


2013 Media Challenge


Marathon Weekend by the Numbers


Twin Cities in Motion Year-Round Events




Dear Participants, Thank you for a successful and a memorable 2013 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend! It’s a privilege and an honor to plan, organize, manage and run all of the weekend events. With the help of more than 5,000 race weekend volunteers, the Twin Cities In Motion Association, Board of Directors and staff, we were pleased to bring you a spectacular weekend. You helped establish record-setting numbers across our events: The marathon’s 8,856 finishers and the 10 mile’s 8,556 both established new standards. More than 6,700 athletes participated in our Saturday Events, running or crawling in the Diaper Dash, Toddler Trot, Half Mile, Diana Pierce Family Mile, TC 5K or TC 10K. Here are some of our favorite memories from Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend: • Twenty-eight years after he set the still-standing men’s course record for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Phil Coppess returned to the scene of his greatest triumph. Coppess was trailed by a film crew producing a documentary about his 1985 victory. • Traveling from 12 countries and across the U.S., twenty-four Medtronic Global Heroes – marathoners and ten milers who benefit from medical technology – raced from Minneapolis to St. Paul serving as an inspiration to others living with chronic diseases. • At the front of the pack, Medtronic Twin Cites Marathon winners Nick Arciniaga of Flagstaff, Ariz. and Anne Bersagel, an American living in Norway, earned USA Marathon titles. Arciniaga kicked to a three-second victory in 2:13:11, while Bersagel , a former Minnesota resident, surged to her win in 2:30:52. • In wheelchair competition, Susannah Scaroni of Urbana, Ill., established a new women’s course record with a 1:54:37 finish, bettering DeAnna Sodoma’s 1996 mark of 1:54:50. Josh George of Champaign, Ill. won the men’s wheelchair division in 1:37:08. • Finally, we’re proud to say that Twin Cities In Motion and its charity partners have exceeded last year’s fundraising total, raising $789,382 in 2013, much of it through the efforts of you, our runners. We are proud to see the sport we love help make our community stronger. On behalf of the Twin Cities In Motion Board of Directors, Association members, and staff, thank you for running with us. See you October 3-5, 2014! Sincerely,

Virginia Brophy Achman Executive Director

Charlie Fazio President, Board of Directors


Friday, October 4, and Saturday October 5, 2013

HEALTH AND FITNESS EXPO For 17 hours over the course of two days, runners and their friends and family congregated at this year’s Health and Fitness Expo at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, less than a mile away from the 10 mile and marathon finish line. In addition to picking up their packets, visiting the vendor booths and stocking up on official TCM merchandise, visitors could choose from more than a dozen seminars. With topics ranging from virtual course tours to advice for first-time marathoners, the panelists shared a wealth of information with excited audiences.

SEMINAR RECAPS RUNNING INTO YOUR SIXTIES Featuring Joe Muldowney, author and former national-class runner What happens when you notice that everyone running around you is younger than you? Joe Muldowney, a 54-time marathon veteran and author, helped answer that question at an expo seminar. Joe recommends embracing your age, adjusting your race goals and mentoring the next generation of runners. After all, just because we’re getting older it doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve greatness with running. Endurance sports have no retirement age. Runners learned that they can continue to perform well in their 50s and 60s if they put their mind to it and stay active. BENEFITS OF YOGA FOR ENDURANCE RUNNERS: CROSS-TRAINING AND INJURY PREVENTION Featuring Kim L. Edens, MS, RD, LD of the Mayo Clinic Logging lots of miles can take a toll on your body if you don’t take the time to maintain it. Kim Edens, a nutritionist, avid runner and yogi from Mayo Clinic, shared how incorporating yoga into your training plan can help reduce injuries by strengthening and stretching some of your most important muscles. GET SMARTER, FASTER & FAMOUS WITH “THE MARATHON SHOW” Featuring Joe Taricani, Show Host, The Marathon Show Why do you run? Each of us has our own reason, whether it is about achieving a personal goal or running in honor of a loved one. Joe Taricani hosts “The Marathon Show,” a program that captures the stories of marathoners during their race. At the expo Joe shared his own running story, interviewed the runners who attended- and then laced up his shoes to gather the stories of this year’s Medtronic Twin Cites Marathon runners. The show is published! Watch and listen at or download the FREE podcast on iTunes today: Episode 218 – Run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon with Joe – Oct 08, 2013 “The setting is Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon which starts in Minneapolis and ends at the Capitol building in St. Paul. Joe takes you to the expo, then all 26.2 miles as he runs and broadcasts from this first class race. At the expo we’ll meet a runner who has never run more than 10 miles, a woman who was at the finish line when bomb #1 went off in Boston and a race director from another race who used a clever trick to get runners to come to his booth. During the race you’ll hear from a single woman looking for a guy, a neighbor who won’t let Joe use her bathroom, a runner who only track calories lost, not miles run, Joe gets into it with a woman with an offensive sign, you’ll meet a runner coming back after a stroke, hear from a woman overcome with emotion at mile 22 and a special treat post-race, plus much, much more.”

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE Featuring O’Neal Hampton, of Stealth Orthotics & the Hampton Wellness Foundation Determination! Success! It’s never too late to make a positive change. That’s what O’Neal Hampton, Jr. has to say to this audience as he tells us the story that started at 422 pounds (plus a series of other health concerns) and ultimately led him in 2010 to “The Biggest Loser,” where he overcame some of the biggest hurdles in his life and brought back his health, wellness, and success. Hampton shared his story—the successes and the struggles—with expo visitors. Among the topics he covered: • Taking ownership of his body • The journey to health—and gaining a second chance in life • Overcoming major temptations • What a father was willing to do for his daughter: overcoming obstacles and watching him light up with joy knowing he did something amazing and yet totally possible within his own means. O’Neal reminded the audience the importance of making positive changes in our lives. “It’s never too late,” he said. He encouraged the audience to stop looking back at past decisions, and move forward—look through the full dashboard and window ahead rather than agonizing over the rear view mirror. Remember to work together, Hampton urged the audience: lean on and contribute to your support system in order to grow as a community and get through the tough stuff in life. *2013 Featured Speaker* O’Neal Hampton Jr. experienced a life-changing break to appear on NBC’s “Biggest Loser” season 9 in 2010 with his also obese daughter, SunShine Hampton. They capitalized on an opportunity to battle obesity and low self-esteem, embrace nutrition, and healthy living all while America followed their emotional journey on national television. Together they lost a combined 274 pounds while on the show.

we pride ourselves on going theGET extra mile. RUNNERS, READY Friday,we’d October 4 and to Saturday October 5, 2013 like congratulate you on going 25.2 more. MAKE EACH DAY YOUR PERSONAL BEST Featuring Joe Muldowney, author and former national-class runner

We share your strong commitment to health. Learn more at

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Joe Muldowney—an author who has run more than 500 road races and 52 marathons, with a personal best marathon time of 2:22:54—offered great tips on running, longevity in the sport, and how to make each day your personal best:

1. A good pair of running shoes is the most important tool for running.

2. Running logs are an essential piece of your running puzzle. They allow you to assess where you are, guess

where you’re going and see how far you’ve come.

3. Don’t overthink the sport. The key to longevity in running is keeping it fun.

4. Remember you’re running against you.

5. Set goals that are optimistic but realistic. Running progress is not always linear.

6. Running is a lifetime sport; there is no retirement age.

7. Running is your personal time; make time for it!

Most importantly, remember to make each day your personal best!

STALKING THE 2-HOUR MARATHON: WHY ARE HUMANS RUNNING FASTER AND HOW FAST CAN WE GO? Michael J. Joyner, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic The first recognized world record in the marathon was set by Paul Tergat at Berlin in 2003. With Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang lowering the world record to 2:03:23 at the Berlin Marathon in September 2013, the ongoing discussion of a sub-two-hour marathon resurfaced. Among the discussion topics:

• Physiologically limiting factors include how much oxygen you can take in, how much speed you can generate, and your lactate threshold.

• Cultural influences affect training and times.

• Harder and better training creates mental toughness.

• More people are participating in marathons.

• Doping is nothing new, but should be watched.

So what are the keys to breaking the two-hour marathon mark?

• Outstanding 10K time (a 26:20 10K finish time predicts a 2:01 – 2:02 marathon time)

• Lifelong training • Someone native to high altitudes

You’ll likely have to wait at least a few years before that record falls, though. Joyner’s best guess: sometime between 2020 and 2035.



Deep Respect. Proud Support. We are proud to sponsor the Twin Cities In Motion TC 5K and congratulate all Marathon Weekend Participants.

SATURDAY EVENTS October 5, 2013

TC 10K, PRESENTED BY TOMTOM Men’s Winner: Jon Grey *course record Time: 29:58 Women’s Winner: Dani Stack *course record Time: 35:21 The rain didn’t stop participants from enjoying the first race of the 2013 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend. Participants prepared for the worst on Friday night as local weather stations forecast major thunderstorms on the morning of Saturday, October 5, but the skies cleared up just in time for the start of the TC 10K at 7:30 a.m. Nearly 1,900 runners of all ages toed the starting line that morning for a historical day in TC 10K history. Team USA Minnesota athlete Jon Grey and Team Oiselle representative Dani Stack brought fierce competition and broke the men’s and women’s course records. Both used the race as training with a goal of the US Half Marathon Championships. “Well, I got out a little harder than I wanted. But, it was a good course and they had to clear a barricade for me - so it was fun. It was a good day. The weather was absolutely perfect. You can’t ask for better,” Grey said. “It felt good to just kind of click off splits and compete with some of the boys. They definitely helped motivate me.” Stack said. Runners of this race love the chance to cross the finish line of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. “It’s such a cool neighborhood,” one runner said. “It was cool to see how many people came out and were cheering!”

TC 5K, PRESENTED BY FREDRIKSON & BYRON Men’s Winner: Andrew Carlson Time: 14:46 Women’s Winner: Melissa Gacek Time: 18:09 Although the rain held off for much of the 10K, by 9 a.m. runners at the TC 5K starting line were preparing to race in the rain. Nearly 2,500 runners, including members of 40 corporate teams, raced in the 23rd annual race weekend 5K. “It was just for fun and to enjoy the morning,” said men’s first place winner, Andrew Carlson. Carlson and second place finisher and Team USA Minnesota teammate Travis Burkstrand ran most of the race together until Carlson pulled ahead to finish .02 ahead of Burkstrand. Melissa Gacek, women’s winner from Team Oiselle and Team Red, said it was a slower race for her also. She was preparing for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon the following weekend where she finished sixth in her age group. “The spectators were cheering like crazy. They’re amazing,” she said. The TC 5K, presented by Fredrikson & Byron, is perfect for participants of all kinds. From age 4 to 85, first-time to experienced runners, friends and families gathered to walk or run the course ending with the spectacular finish line view from Saint Paul Cathedral to the State Capitol grounds. The Corporate Team Challenge this year brought intense competition, as over 25 teams competed to win the 2013 title of Corporate Team Challenge Champions! Braun Intertec, a local environmental engineering company, qualified with seven speedy team members and finished in first place.

DIANA PIERCE FAMILY MILE, PRESENTED BY MEDICA HALF MILE, PRESNTED BY KS95 Race Day By the Numbers! 11 years of the Family Mile running with Diana Pierce and Medica. (It has been running almost 20 years!) 19 years of the Half Mile 1,545 participants 7 waves of runners and walkers 3 first-time schools 25 local schools 5 participating Community Partners including Bolder Options, Girls on the Run, Migizi, YMCA, BLAST 403 entries supported by donations to the Friends of TCM program 5 Team USA Minnesota members leading warm-ups 9 foot-tall starting line banner (shorter for the kids!) 14 volunteers handing out medals and water at the finish line

HARRY AND SHELLY MASCOT INVITATIONAL A rainy morning couldn’t keep the mascots from toeing the start line. Mascots from local organizations including Cambria, Minnesota History Center, Target, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minnesota State Fair, and Bubba Gump were led by Twin Cities In Motion’s Harry and Shelly in the 2013 Mascot Invitational. Among the fierce competition, HCMC’s Bernie the St. Bernard came out on top after sliding across the finish line. After the typical mascot antics, kids of all ages enjoyed high fives and photos with their favorite characters.

DIAPER DASH, PRESENTED BY PIONEER PRESS Always a fan favorite, the diaper dash was very popular again this year. The girls’ category even had two heats. Some cuties enjoyed sitting and pulling up the grass, while others were quick to crawl back to their parents. Presented by the Pioneer Press, the Diaper Dash shows that there’s a place for every family member in marathon weekend.

TODDLER TROT Kids between the ages of one and five were invited to participate in the Toddler Trot. The youngsters ran side by side with their parents, while the older toddlers took free reign of the course. Smiles and encouraging cheers were heard all over the Capitol grounds as the kids enjoyed a quick jaunt down the 50-yard course. Toddler Trot participants took home a race bib, t-shirt and medal—setting the stage for crossing more finish lines at future TCM events

TOLLEFSONS TACKLE TWIN CITIES There’s a place for every member of the family at Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend, and this year, Olympian Carrie Tollefson’s family proved it. In an effort they named “Tollefsons Tackle Twin Cities,” 15 of Tollefson’s family members—including her husband, Charlie Peterson, and their children, Ruby (age 3) and Everett (3 months)—participated in marathon weekend events, from the Diaper Dash to the marathon. Tollefson, a 1,500- and 5,000-meter specialist, tackled a new challenge of her own: her first marathon. “The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon has always been a dream of mine,” she said in her marathon weekend recap episode of her weekly online show, “C Tolle Run.” Tollefson finished in 3:02:47, pushing through a tough final 10K to finish close to her three-hour goal. “To run the marathon was like nothing I’ve ever done,” she said afterward. “I made it through, I powered on, and that’s what we do as runners. We work through the good times and the bad times, and seeing the finish line was really special.” Tollefson’s parents, sister, nieces and nephews all finished their races in enthusiasm. They congratulated each other at the finish line and celebrated by taking photos with their medals on the State Capitol grounds. In the words of Carrie, “they all got after it!.”

MEDTRONIC TC 10 MILE October 5, 2013

RACE RECAP Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the 2013 Medtronic TC 10 Mile, the Shortcut to the Capitol®, featured a recordsetting field, with 8,556 finishers making the scenic run from downtown Minneapolis to the State Capitol grounds in Saint Paul. For some, being selected to run the 10 mile was a thrill in itself. This popular race features a lottery system to select participants at random. To make sure dedicated 10 mile runners are able to participate in the event, however, Twin Cities In Motion tracks lottery entrants who haven’t been selected for the race for two consecutive years, and guarantees them entry in the third year. Jonathan Peterson, a Team USA Minnesota athlete, was the first to cross the finish line on Sunday morning at 49:02. Laura Paulsen, the first place female, finished at 58:46. The two were followed by a record-field of finishers as the day grew warmer. The race known as the “Shortcut to the Capitol®” is an attractive alternative to the full marathon and continues to grow in popularity. Nearly 10% of runners came from 44 states to run this city-to-city course.

TOP FINISHERS Men Jonathan Peterson  49:02 Francis Eanes 50:48 Seth Brickley 51:15

Women Laura Paulsen 58:46 Missa Varpness 59:14 Jillian Tholen 59:46

Congratulations to al! …from your neighborhood Great Harvest. Our whole wheat breads are the perfect fuel for runners. Made from freshly milled whole wheat flour, with no added fats, oils or preservatives. Stop in anytime for a free slice.

Great Bread…Nice People!® Minneapolis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 612-929-2899 Saint Paul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-221-1057 Minnetonka. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 952-476-2515 Burnsville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 952-891-4767 Woodbury . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-578-9756 Maple Grove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 763-416-1911 Stillwater . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 651-351-0311


32ND ANNUAL MEDTRONIC TWIN CITIES MARATHON Established as The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon In America®, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon is a fall icon in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul communities. For the 32 years, Twin Cities In Motion has provided high quality running events to attract athletes of all ages and abilities and promote health and fitness. In our flagship event, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, more than 12,000 runners registered to take to the roads in the ultimate test of human endurance. Over 300,000 spectators, 30 cheer zones, and 2,200 course marshals and fluid station volunteers lined the streets to give the ultimate crowd support. In total, over 5,000 volunteers gathered to make race weekend possible. Leading the record field of 8,856 marathon finishers to the finish line in Saint Paul were Nick Arciniaga of Flagstaff, Arizona, and Annie Bersagel, a former Minnesota resident residing in Norway. Arciniaga kicked to victory in 2:13:11, while Bersagel finished at 2:30:52. The pair were crowned 2013 U.S. Men’s and Women’s Marathon Champions at the event. Others claiming championship titles at marathon finish line were USA Masters Mbarak Hussein of Albuquerque and Sheri Piers of Falmouth, Maine, and Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon wheelchair champions Josh George of Champaign, Illinois. and Susannah Scaroni of Urbana, Ill. Some highlights from this year’s race include Olympian Carrie Tollefson’s first marathon finish, Phil Coppess, the Twin Cities Marathon record-holder (he finished in 2:10:05 in 1985) attending the race so that a film crew could get footage for a potential documentary, “#tcmarathon” became a trending topic on Twitter for several hours on Sunday, as well as a man dressed as Chewbacca gracing the marathon’s finish line!

TOP FINISHERS Men Nick Arciniaga 2:13:12 Josphat Boit 2:13:14 Shadrack Biwott 2:13:25

Women Annie Bersagel 2:30:52 Laura Portis 2:30:52 Esther Erb 2:33:52

Wheelers Susannah Scaroni* 1:54:37 Josh George 1:37:08 *course record


2013 MEDIA CHALLENGE Local media got serious about the Medtronic TC 10 Mile Media Challenge this year, entering a record 151 runners on a record 15 teams. The Star Tribune took first place in the fastest team competition, with an age-graded score of 40.3. The newspaper also sent 33 participants to the starting line—the most among any team. Team member Jim Bernard (the team’s fastest finisher at 1:08:16) said his team trained seriously to try to win back the trophy after last year’s narrow loss to Internet Broadcasting. MPR placed a solid second with 45.1, and Greenspring Media rounded out the top three with 47.3. Greenspring placed ninth last year, giving it the honor of being this year’s most improved team. Fox Sports North was the top new team this year, earning fourth place in the trophy scoring. Newbies TPT had 19 runners on their roster, the second-largest team in the competition. If there had been a spirit award, they would have won—but there’s no question that they dominated the Facebook Challenge. Last but not least: the slowest team. KARE11 posted almost the exact same score as last year, when it also was named the slowest team. Remarkably, five of the team’s seven finishers crossed within 10 minutes of one another. Also participating were WCCO, the Pioneer Press, KMOJ,, FOX9 News, Hubbard Broadcasting, Internet Broadcasting, Clear Channel and Channel 12.

Proud Sponsor of the

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon









Congratulations to all our Possibilitarians!

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TWIN CITIES IN MOTION YEAR ROUND EVENTS BEST OF TWITTER 2013 This year, we added official event hashtags to all TCM race bibs. It’s amazing to see the number of tweets that flood in from participants, spectators, and volunteers during our events. We love when you connect with us at our races and build up the Twin Cities running community. This year, our year-round event summaries will be told through your tweets. Take a look at our races from your perspective—and if you haven’t connected with us on Twitter yet, check out @tcmarathon to join the conversation!

VALENTINE’S DAY TC 5K Saturday, February 9, 2013

Greta Baker ‫@‏‬gretabaker  8 Jan 2013 just registered for @tcmarathon’s Valentine’s Day 5k! 1 month (and 1 day), and counting! #ValentinesDay5k Minneapolis Running ‫@‏‬mplsrunning  Feb 9 No new snow today. Perfect conditions for the #ValentinesDayTC5k @tcmarathon TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Feb 9 Engaged at the #VdayTC5K! Congrats!! /  TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Feb 9 Flat Stanley is running our #vday5k TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Feb 9 Full House! Thanks for joining us today. @ Cooper Pub & Restaurant Anahita Ahrar‫@‏‬AnahitaAhrar Feb 5 Really excited to volunteer and race in @tcmarathon events #fitness #social #fun #volunteer Katie Cummings‫@‏‬katie_LF Feb 9 @tcmarathon sitting in my car for a bit to get out of the wind, see you soon! #vday5k TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon Feb 9 Every kiss begins with #VDay5k TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon Feb 9 Princess Leia & Hans Solo, from the post-race party game: “Meet Your Perfect Match” -looks like they did.

Congratulations to all runners of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. We commend your spirit, effort and determination.

For health. For fun. For life. Proud sponsor of the 2013 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Visit us online at


Julie Ann @jawilliams529  Feb 1 Officially registered for the @tcmarathon 100% Irish for a Day 5K! Who’s joining me?! Beth Libbesmeier @Blibbesmeier  26 How I’ll be kicking of my 21st! “#tcmarathon Run to a beer garden @ 100% Irish for a Day Races” Amy @AmyMarie58  Mar 7 @kljwm @angelakay629 @Minnesota_Ann just tried on the #100%irish shirt! #loooveit! #gettingexcited @ tcmarathon MplsCougar ‫@‏‬MplsCougar  Mar 7 Went to Marathon Sports for 100% Irish packet pickup. Nice line, the people were great! @tcmarathon #100percentIrish #10Mile Trading Vows @TradingVows  Mar 7 Heading out to Marathon Sports for 100% Irish packet pickup. And maybe some new “wintery mix” gear. @ tcmarathon #100pe ... TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Mar 9 We look forward to hosting you today! Please keep yourselves warm, stay safe and bring your ID for the FINNEGANS beer garden! #TCIrish Kristen Bowlds ‫@‏‬KristenBowlds  Mar 9 Finished and had a PR! Cold runs always turn out good in the end @tcmarathon! #TCIrish #10Mile Life Time Run ‫@‏‬lifetimerun  Mar 9 @lifetimerun: Good luck to everyone running the @tcmarathon #TCIrish races this morning! Five Friends Food ‫@‏‬FiveFriendsFood  Mar 9 Come visit us at the #TCirish @tcmarathon this morning! #warmupwithfreshbar Dan Vogel ‫@‏‬danvogues  Mar 9 @danvogues: #TCIrish Leprechaun really IS 100% Irish! @tcmarathon #run @ 100% Irish Race TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Mar 9 Nothin’ like crossing the finish line with a classic #TCIrish leprechaun kick! #run


Aaron Gregerson ‫@‏‬agregerson  Apr 8 Just registered for the #TC1Mile. Never ran a sprint race before. I’m sure I’ll be great at it - I was a sprinter in swimming. #makessense Minneapolis Happening ‫@‏‬minneapolisHapp  Apr 25 Let’s help @tcmarathon raise $10,000 for Boston victims w/the Medtronic TCM 1 Mile: Maddie Duncan Phillips ‫@‏‬ DuncanPhillips3 May 3 Maddie Greene ‫@‏‬madelinesgreene  May 8 All signed up for the TC One Mile. So excited to #runforboston #fitness #twincities #race @tcmarathon Macklin Chaffee ‫@‏‬MacklinChaffee  May 8 And I’m off! To the final stop on my spring tour of the US -- Minneapolis, MN for the #TC1Mile. #FavoriteRace pete miller ‫@‏‬miller_run  May 9 Looking forward to the @tcmarathon #TC1Mile tonight. Always fun to race down Nicollet Mall, then watch the pros. Cody Stadler ‫@‏‬CodyStadler13  May 9 Anyone else jazzed for the @tcmarathon #TC1Mile tonight? #faf Craig Huffer ‫@‏‬huffffffer  May 9 Always nice when u get to RUN A CITY.. Tonight its Minneapolis!!! Party Begins around 7.30pm @ Nicollet Mall #TC1MILE Meet Minneapolis ‫@‏‬MeetMinneapolis  May 9 They’re all set for the #TC1Mile! @tcmarathon Lindsey Ann ‫@‏‬LindseyAnn08  May 9 Best seat in the house for the #TC1MILE—skywalk! TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Feb 9 PROS: unofficially @nickwillis runs 3:54 sets course record at #TC1Mile David Torrence ‫@‏‬David_Torrence  May 9 Congrats to @nickwillis for breaking my course record at the #tc1mile! Of course, now I must formally declare I will be taking it back! SPS Commerce ‫@‏‬SPS_Commerce  May 10 The team after the #TC1Mile. Thank you to all who participated. It was a great time. #runnersunite


Joanna ‫@‏‬minnejota  Jul 2 While driving home from #rwboom packet pickup, I noticed River Liquor on Marshall already has their “go Red White & Boom runners!” sign up! Justin Bartz ‫@‏‬JustinBartz  Jul 3 Just picked up my race packet for the Red White & Boom @tcmarathon Half Marathon tomorrow morning, July 4. Twin Cities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Jul 3 Tomorrow is #RWBoom! TC Half Marathon Race Day! What’s your favorite part of the course? Do you have a half marathon mantra planned? Trey Meadows ‫@‏‬trey_dogg  Jul 3 @trey_dogg #tcmarathon get to the top of the hill...then run to the popsicles! Steph Smith ‫@‏‬StphSmth  Jul 3 Best race shirt ever! Well done! @tcmarathon #RWBoom13 Zvi Geffen ‫@‏‬ZviNGeffen  Jul 3 Real pumped for my first timed half marathon bright and early tomorrow at beautiful St. Anthony Main. Shooting for 1:51 or under. #RWBoom Kraig Stewardson ‫@‏‬KraigStew  Jul 4 Off to go help out at the @tcmarathon red white and boom 1/2 marathon. Going to be a great day! Kaylee Sirek ‫@‏‬kaymo79  Jul 4 Up and at ‘em for my favorite race of the year! #RWBoom @tcmarathon One finish line away from keeping my 1776 society status and street cred Steph Smith ‫@‏‬StphSmth  Jul 4 What a beautiful day for the #RWBoom Half Marathon! Happy 4th of July! #Minneapolis Fitsok ‫@‏‬fitsok  Jul 4 #RWBoom13 Ripping it thru NE Mpls! Paul Ford ‫@‏‬PDF77  Jul 4 Running across the Stone Arch bridge lined with US flags is the perfect way to start the 4th. #RWboom Twin Cities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Jul 5 Thanks @BryanPiatt of @kare11 for covering the #RWBoom! yesterday. Looks like you had fun!


Sunday, August 18, 2013 TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Aug 18 T.C. Cheering on the finishers. #fifteens5k TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Aug 18 Busy day at @twins home plate. Hundreds of @fifteens5k finishers making it home. Fifteens 5K ‫@‏‬Fifteens5K  Aug 18 What an amazing morning!!! Thank you to all the runners, volunteers, players, and fans!! We are so touched!! Emily ‫@‏‬colorfulemily  Aug 18 Thank you @tcmarathon @Fifteens5K @runlikeam0ther @glen_perkins @TwinsPrez @Twins and all of the great volunteers for the amazing day! Glen Perkins ‫@‏‬glen_perkins  Aug 18 I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to @Fifteens5K this morning. We had a phenomenal turnout. Looking forward to next year already!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fitsok ‫@‏‬fitsok  Aug 10 #TC Urban Dash is rockin’ off to the races! @fitsok @tcmarathon TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Aug 10 Another challenge! Let’s count the spikes... #tcurbandash TwinCities In Motion ‫@‏‬tcmarathon  Aug 10 Stay for the post-race party at the #NorthLoopFest to see @FlashMobRocks perform! FlashMob! ‫@‏‬FlashMobRocks  Aug 11 North Loop Fest was an absolute blast! Many thanks to DRG, @tcmarathon, @fultonbeer, and the rest of the sponsors for having us!

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