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Welcome to The Welding Institute

Being a member of a professional institution shows you are serious about your career and professional development. The Welding Institute offers all its members access to career information, technical information and library service, industry news, reports, surveys and details of events. We aim to provide you with the information and tools to develop and support your career and we always welcome feedback and new ideas. If you wish to raise your profile further, you can volunteer to join committees and help organise events.

Membership The Welding Institute offers two types of membership: Associate Membership Associate Membership is open to everyone who has an active interest in welding and materials joining and can provide a springboard to those in the engineering community, particularly those in joining and welding engineering, who aspire to professional membership and Engineering Council registration.

and on your CV. Members are encouraged to upgrade membership to stay in line with their individual experience and qualifications. The Welding Institute is licensed in the UK by the Engineering Council to register qualified individuals on the Engineering Council Register of Engineers as Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) or Engineering Technicians (EngTech). Professional members holding CEng registration can also apply for the title of European Engineer (Eur Ing). Further information is available on the Engineering Council website and the FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations) website.

As an Associate of The Welding Institute you are entitled to use the post nominal AWeldI. Professional Membership Professional Membership is open to individuals possessing the appropriate qualifications, training and experience. There is an assessment process that applicants must pass before professional membership is granted but once the requisite experience, qualifications and skills have been demonstrated you will be entitled to use the appropriate letters after your name, on your business cards


Professional Development

The Welding Institute recognises the benefits of professional development (PD) to both individuals and employers and encourages every member to take a structured approach to PD. We can offer advice, guidance and information relating to planning and supporting your professional development by helping you identify your goals and determining the skills and education you need. If you want to forge a successful career in the industry, The Welding Institute can provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities to enhance professional development and status. All professional engineers and technicians recognise that it is vitally important to continually update their knowledge and skills and many of our Branch activities, events and conferences contribute to CPD.

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CPD CERTIFICATES are available and can be applied for by submission of up-to-date CPD records. This certification demonstrates commitment to extending professional knowledge, skills and professional competence as well as demonstrating personal management of career development. ‘MYCAREERPATH’ is an online CPD tool which is available to members via the website to record CPD and to help you monitor your career progress.

Membership Benefits

The Branch Network

comply with ISO 3834 and

Branch Annual ISO 14731-1? Conference

Every member is assigned to a local Branch on joining. The Branch network operates across the United Kingdom and around the globe facilitating many valuable member services, while also providing technology transfer opportunities, social events and discussion on matters of mutual and local interest.

The Branch Annual Conference aims to reflect a ‘hot topic’ relevant to the industry and offers excellent networking and research opportunities. Recent topics have included: 2013 CE Marking of Welded Construction Products 2012 The Importance of Welding Advances, Skills and Quality Management

Details of the programmes and events are available on the website. The Global Branch operates for members not based in the UK and delivers online seminars and lectures which are available for download.

2011 What’s new in Nuclear Power Plant? 2010 SOS! Specification or Standard: SINK OR SWIM 2009 Don’t go bust. Understand the Metallurgy

Some recent webinar topics:  Weld metallurgy of duplex

stainless steels

 Friction and forge processes  Recent innovations in materials

processing with high power lasers

 How can I become a Responsible

Welding Coordinator (RWC) to


Membership Benefits

Technical Groups Technical Groups offer excellent opportunities for professional development, technology transfer and networking. The groups run annual meetings blending academic research and engineering practice and offer a unique perspective into the technical areas being discussed. The meetings count towards CPD. Members can be involved in more than one Technical Group.

• Manufacturing • Welding Processes • Materials • Offshore Oil and Gas • Pressure and Process Plant • Structural Integrity • Polymers • NDT and Condition Monitoring

(TG1) (TG2) (TG3) (TG4) (TG5) (TG6) (TG7) (TG8)

Information on forthcoming meetings and how to register an interest is available on the website.

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Membership Benefits

TWI Library and Information Services

TWI Technical Enquiry Service

TWI’s Manufacturing Support Group provides rapid response advice on a broad range of topics in welding, engineering, manufacturing and associated technologies.

Members of The Welding Institute are able to access information services provided by TWI Ltd. TWI’s library has a world-leading stock of publications which cover all forms of joining, metallic and non-metallic material, engineering aspects of joining , nondestructive testing, corrosion, quality assurance and health & safety.

To contact them call +44 (0)1223 899000 and ask for the Duty Engineer or email


You can access the technical library, loans service, eBooks, Weldasearch, standards, patents and books on welding and allied processes, via the website.

Welding and Cutting journal provides articles about welding, cutting and soldering technology and other related fields. It also gives news and information items about the Branch network.

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The journal is included in the membership and is distributed to all members six times a year.

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In addition to receiving six copies per year of Welding and Cutting journal members also have access to industry specific publications including TWI Connect+ which is an electronic newsletter highlighting new events, services and technologies.

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Membership Benefits

Training TWI has over 35 years’ experience as a training and examination provider and every year sees more than 5,000 customers in 60 countries benefit from TWI’s expertise. In the UK, TWI’s standard courses are delivered in Abington near Cambridge, Middlesbrough, Rotherham, Port Talbot and Aberdeen. TWI can also tailor courses to match industry, company or personal requirements and deliver training and examinations at client premises if required.

Professional members and Associates benefit from a 5% discount on all UK TWI training courses.

Current information is available on the following websites: TWI Training and Examination Services (including IIW/EWF Diploma in Welding) TWI Software Discounts for Materials

We are always seeking ways to add benefits for our members. Updated information about discounts and offers is available on the website.

Find us on:

Volunteering Opportunities

Committee. We always need volunteers to train as assessors, mentors and interviewers for membership.

The Welding Institute would not be able to function without the contribution of enthusiastic members who are committed to the industry. Members are always welcome to assist with Branch organisation and events. There are also opportunities to serve on the Professional Board and Membership

For further information on opportunities to become involved contact the Membership Office.

CASE STUDY Andy Wilby In 1978, when I first started working as a metallurgy lab technician I had no concept of professional qualifications and my most important requirement was to gain a credible qualification in metallurgy. Initially, I took an HND in Metallurgical Studies through day release and was inspired by my course tutor to join a professional institution and gain an EngTech qualification. In 1986, when I joined the Central Electricity Generating Board, I found myself working alongside highly qualified engineers in a much more responsible position. I realised that in order to demonstrate that my skills had some credibility amongst my peers, I needed to become a Chartered Engineer. Through The Welding Institute, I gained IEng and then CEng via the non-standard technical report route. I submitted my report and had a detailed professional review interview on my roles and responsibilities together with technical issues resulting from my submission. I was awarded my CEng in 2000 and furthered my membership by gaining Senior Member status in 2004. Soon after gaining CEng I joined the Membership Education and Registration Committee (MERC). Membership of this committee has given me the opportunity to put something back into the engineering and welding community. Being involved in MERC is fulfilling from a personal perspective and has also afforded me an opportunity to engage at a professional level and to meet some very interesting people. I particularly enjoy taking part in professional review interviews and also acting as an advisor for those candidates who have not had a standard journey through the industry and education system. For those conducting the interviews it is interesting to understand what others are doing in the workplace, how they have developed and importantly how roles continue to develop. I often come away from these interviews having learnt a lot about other industries and made good contacts, and would encourage other members to contribute to the profession in a similar manner.


Volunteering Opportunities & Educational Outreach

STEM Ambassador Scheme

We encourage involvement in the STEM Ambassador scheme whose members are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Ambassadors working with schools on a voluntary basis, providing support, encouragement and acting as models for young people and children in science, technology, engineering and maths areas. The aim of the programme is to encourage more young people to understand the opportunities that a science, engineering or technology-based career can offer them. Work in this area can count towards CPD. For further information see

Educational outreach

Educational outreach is another essential part of our role as a professional institution and relies heavily on willing volunteers to reach all age groups. We have attended the UK Young Scientist and Engineering Fair for some years with the Welding with Chocolate demonstration, various science and engineering events aimed at enthusing schoolchildren about science and particularly engineering. This gives the opportunity to reach thousands of children in national and regional events. The Big Bang – UK Young Scientist and Engineering Fair:

Teen Tech – Inspiring tomorrow’s innovators:

Tours of TWI

We regularly host tours of TWI for schools, colleges and universities, giving an informative guide to the work of TWI.

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General Information about The Welding Institute

The Welding Institute has a small office team who support all the activities of membership, branches, competitions, and all other areas of involvement. We rely heavily on our volunteer members to enable the Institute to provide the involvement that keeps us a proactive and relevant institution and to make relevant contributions in the workplace and to the policy makers. TWI is governed by a council, on which Industrial Members (member companies) and Professional Members are equally represented. Two boards deal with research and professional activities and report to the council.


Subscriptions Subscriptions are renewable annually; and for current information see the website or contact the Professional Membership Office. A membership card is issued after payment. You may be able to claim professional membership costs against tax in certain circumstances.

Further information and links

TWI Ltd – Providing solutions and adding value

TWI Certification Services

CSWIP provides internationally recognised, role-specific competence for people engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing, construction, operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery. CSWIP certification schemes are UKAS-accredited to ISO/ IEC 17024, the international standard for personnel certification.

TWI is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in solving problems in all aspects of manufacturing, fabrication and wholelife integrity management technologies. Established in Cambridge, UK in 1946 and with several facilities across the globe, the company has a first class reputation for service through its teams of internationally respected consultants, scientists, engineers and support staff, whose knowledge and expertise are available to its Industrial Members as and when they require.

Institute of Rail Welding (IoRW) The Institute of Rail Welding provides a focus for individuals and organisations involved in rail welding. IoRW facilitates the adoption of best practice in the rail industry. Further information, including history and mission, can be found on their website.

Find us on:

TWI CL provides manufacturer certification in accordance with EN ISO 3834, EN 1090, and EN 15085 for effective control of welding coordination and welded product quality. ISO 3834 - Welder Fabrication Certification Scheme (WFCS) EN15085 - Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC) EN1090 - Conformity Assessment of the Execution of Steel and Aluminium Structures (CAESAS) Engineering Technician registration signifies the professional status of professional engineering technicians. The TWI CL career planner supports your professional development by identifying the personnel certification and vocational education pathways that enable you to become registered as an Engineering Technician with The Welding Institute.

Further information and links

The International Institute of Welding (IIW)

European Welding Federation (EWF)

The IIW is a universal reference, recognised as the largest worldwide network for welding and allied joining technologies, boasting a current membership of 56 countries from the five continents. The UK Section of the IIW comes under the auspices of The Welding Institute and is administered by the UK Section Committee. More information about the IIW and how to get involved is available on the website.

European Welding Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting promotes the interests of the European welding industry through its members worldwide by facilitating harmonised education, training and qualification systems to provide the welding industry with qualified and skilled personnel at all levels. It also facilitates a harmonised European scheme for welding company certification and certification of welding personnel.

The Welding Institute has links with the Open University Foundation Degree in Materials Fabrication and Engineering, designed specifically for employees who have a recent TWI Welding Diploma at Technologist level or are working towards one. The degree aims to enable certified welders and joiners to develop the knowledge and skills they need to work more effectively and to enhance their career progression.

The Welding Institute supports and contributes to Education for Engineering which works to inform education policy and practice by: • Initiating and contributing to policy debates; • Providing decision-makers with high quality information and analysis; • Ensuring that all learners are enabled to make connections across areas of learning that support an education for engineering; • Highlighting the needs of future engineers and routes into engineering that are open to all.


Further information and links

Association for Welding, Fabrication, Training and Education (AWFTE) AWFTE is a membership association specifically for welder training and fabrication professionals in the education and training sector. It seeks to enable management and staff of colleges and training establishments to keep abreast of current national, European and international trends and developments relevant to the sector. For further information visit:

The Competition Experience The Welding Institute supports SkillWeld and Construction Metalwork competitions which feed into the WorldSkills UK national competitions and can give opportunities to successful candidates to compete on an International level. These competitions support and enhance the development of apprentices at FE colleges and in employment.


The Welding Institute Awards Each year the Council of The Welding Institute confers a number of awards to recognise individual contributions to the advancement of welding technology. These are prestigious awards and are presented at the TWI Annual Dinner. The Annual Dinner is held in the summer.

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Some useful links


Duty Engineer


Engineering Council

European Welding Federation

Institute of Rail Welding

International Institute of Welding

Open University


STEM Ambassadors

Teen Tech

The Big Bang

TWI Certification Services

TWI Software

TWI Training School

WorldSkills UK


This handbook has been compiled to provide information on the activity and services directly associated with membership of The Welding Institute. The Welding Institute holds a register of members’ details and registration, where appropriate, with the Engineering Council. Members’ details are confidential and only shared, where appropriate, with the Engineering Council. On cessation of membership, members’ details will be destroyed confidentially. However, details of Professional Members who are registered with Engineering Council will be kept for three years to facilitate reinstatement with Engineering Council if requested.

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The Welding Institute Granta Park Great Abington Cambridge CB21 6AL


Tel: +44 (0)1223 899000 E-mail: Web:

The Welding Institute Members Handbook