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May 2008


Volume 1, Issue 1

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Soleil C oleMarie G

abrielle Sinatra ebcaen Ulysses S Carroll S ura Abismo L eila ... and so many


Learn all about Twilight Magazine... Explore the minds of Gallery Owners... and get to know the unique artform of Second Life Photography!

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- S u ra A b i s m o ’s “ S a d d n e s s ”



from the

I have been in Second Life ® since October 2007. I did not begin my journey into our unique community until January of this year. Even then at my humble beginnings a short time ago, the idea of a magazine surrounding Second Life ® art began to spur interest within me. The result of that is Twilight magazine.

Executive Staff Belmakor Pintens editor and publsher

Lyla Barbosa assistant editor

Staff Writers Belmakor Pintens Milla Alexandre Willow Caldera Jurors Andromega Volare Bellina Benazzi Belmakor Pintens Isabella Johin Lyla Barbosa Milla Alexandre Nyla Rossini Poppy Lacava Willow Caldera Cover Credits Sura Abismo

cover photo “Sadness”

Belmakor Pintens layout and design

I feel so fortunate that I have found the motivation and the right people with the same vision in mind who have so graciously joined me on this fantastic journey through the vast world of Second Life ® art to compile and produce a magazine of which I am truly proud. I cannot possibly thank those individuals involved in the creation of this magazine enough, as without them this dream would still be... well, a dream. They have made this one of the best possible places for artists to show their work and a place for us to explore their work as well. So to those of you involved, THANK YOU. In this introduction, I feel it is important to tell you my initial motivation behind the concept of Twilight magazine. As a real life artist as well as being one in Second Life ®, I feel the need to know as much as I can about other artists and their creative processes, because it really helps me to understand their work and also learn how to improve my own techniques. I found few resources for this type of community in Second Life ® and wanted to create a vehicle to facilitate the sharing of ideas surrounding Second Life ® art. There are a tremendous number of wonderful galleries, and Twilight hopes to only strengthen the artistic community at large within Second Life ®. Twilight magazine is unique in its incorporation of the sharing of techniques with the visual aspects of a magazine and website ( I thought that through a periodical structure, we could project Second Life ® art to as many people as possible and also let each featured artist explain how they create and what inspires their designs. So with all that being said, it is my sincere hope that you enjoy the very first issue of Twilight magazine.

Belmakor Pintens

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Smoke and Tears by Ariel Brearly Copper Beauty by Hinata Ivory Loved and Lost by Leila Carroll Saddness by Sura Abismo Series Photos

ColeMarie Soleil with Nature Photography Looker Lumet at Surfline Rezzable Raina Milev at Chou Chou Artists

Gabrielle Sinatra Ghostalker Wise Sebcaen Ulysses Galleries

Cannery Rezzable with Vint Falken Aqua Pache Gallery with Faith Maxwell Twilight Gallery with Belmakor Pintens

Gazing upon an image like “Smoke and Tears” by Ariel Brearly gives one an immediate sense of dreams and surreal reflection. These are the types of images that many accomplished artists often must struggle to achieve while Ariel seems to be able to breathe such depth into her work by definition. I was captivated and moved by this piece and naturally my curiosity aroused at what might have inspired such an eloquent visual statement. Upon meeting with Ariel I learned that art is indeed magic, in that often times the artist simply transforms the mundane into the sublime.

S mok e and Tea r s

By Ariel Brearly

Milla Alexandre: Well hello finally!! Ariel Brearly: Hello - good to meet you :-) Milla Alexandre: You too (c: You look adorable! Ariel Brearly: Thank you! :P you too - and what a great place! :) Gazing upon an image like “Smoke and Tears” by Ariel Brearly gives Milla Alexandre: Thank you! Make yourself comfy. one an immediate sense of dreams and surreal reflection. These are the Ariel Brearly: Thank you :-) types of images that many accomplished artists often must struggle to Milla Alexandre: So....lets begin shall we.... achieve while Ariel seems to be able to breathe such depth into her work Ariel Brearly: Ok - fire away! :P by lol definition. I was captivated and moved by this piece and naturally my Milla Alexandre: curiosity at what might have such antoeloquent visual Milla Alexandre: Well.....letsaroused start with “Smoke & Tears”, tell me aboutinspired that piece, how it came be? Upon with Ariel I learned art into is indeed Ariel Brearly:statement. Well - like a lot of photosmeeting - for me anyway - that started as one thingthat and turned another - itmagic, was originally a in that often times the artist simply transforms the mundane into the portrait that I wasn’t happy with sublime. Milla Alexandre: ah, wow, ok...well great improv! Ariel Brearly: Thank you :-) I think like others I’m learning a lot of the skills as I go along and smoke and tears was in that Milla Alexandre: Well hello Ariel Brearly: Thank you :-) I think mould. finally!! like others I’m learning a lot of the Milla Alexandre: I absolutely love it.. How did you become involved in SL skills asart? I go along and smoke and Ariel Brearly: Ariel Well - I’m a late-starter really in photography heretears - I’ve been around for 3 years and it took me two of those to Brearly: Hello - good to was in that mould. meet you :-) begin :P Milla Alexandre: lol you obviously have a gift for it. Alexandre: You (c:most YouI suspect, MillaandAlexandre: I absolutely Ariel Brearly: Milla I just started taking photos one too day, like then became interested in other’s love picturesit.. look adorable! How did you become involved in SLtoo. Thank you, that’s kind of you to say. art? Milla Alexandre: It’s true! Are youThank an artist in your :P 1st you life? Ariel Brearly: you! - and what- Iahave great place! :) - and Ariel Brearly: Well a late-starter Ariel Brearly: too Of a kind I suppose an arts background though I’m not an artist -byI’m career, I draw and sculpt as a really in photography here - I’ve hobby. I also find that the Sl art informs that process. Milla Alexandre: Thank you! been around for 3 years and it took Milla Alexandre: Oh wonderful, I’ve always Make yourself comfy.loved sculpture. me two of those to begin :P Ariel Brearly: Me also. Milla Alexandre: Ah, yes my next Thank question isyou just that, on art created in SL? lol you obviously Ariel Brearly: :-) your viewMilla Alexandre: a giftof for it. portrayed in Sl art is just staggering Ariel Brearly: Well - I remain impressed at the art of others here -have the diversity interests So....lets begin and somethingMilla I neverAlexandre: get tired of. I love the galleries, and the communities that it encourages also. shall we.... Ariel I just started taking Milla Alexandre: Agreed. What is your inspiration for the work you do inBrearly: SL? photos one day, like most I suspect, Ariel Brearly: Ariel Well - IBrearly: have a lot ofOk interests in away! RL - a main and lot ofinterested my earlier pics in involved that. - fire :P one being andMythology then became Milla Alexandre: oh very cool other’s pictures too. Thank you, Alexandre: Well.....lets that’s kind of you to say. Ariel Brearly: Milla More recently I’m also exploring my interest in science fiction. start with Milla Alexandre: Oh me too! “Smoke How fun lol& Tears”, tell about piece, Milla Alexandre: It’s true! Are you an Ariel Brearly: me Handy to havethat a cyborg avatar how for thatit:P came to be? artist in your 1st life? Milla Alexandre: hehe Ariel Brearly: Ariel I’m a lover of stories in general - and SL isof a rich background for that IOf feel.a kind I suppose Brearly: Well - like a lot Ariel Brearly: photos - for me that in mind- when I have arts background - and Milla Alexandre: Oh absolutely, so do anyway you have a -concept you an begin a piece? thing turned though I’m nothead anthat artist by Ariel Brearly: started Sometimesas I doone - I might haveand an image in mind, or even a song in my I’d like to career, express - other times into another it was originally I draw and sculpt as a hobby. I also I just spot and snap like others I suppose :-) I think we all have many different forms of inspiration. a portrait that I wasn’t happy find that the Sl art informs that Milla Alexandre: How do you think working in SL differs from RL photography? with process. Ariel Brearly: Well to be honest I’m not very experienced in RL photography - but through SL I’m starting to learn and I’m Milla Alexandre: ah, wow, ok... Milla Alexandre: Oh wonderful, I’ve glad for the opportunity for that. well great improv! always Milla Alexandre: That’s wonderful and I agree it can teach us a geat deal. loved sculpture. Ariel Brearly: Obviously the technical process differs - but the creative ideas can be similar. Ariel Brearly: Me also. Milla Alexandre: Exactly Ariel Brearly: Both fun! :P Milla Alexandre: Yes! And how did you discover flickr? Ariel Brearly: Well I’ve been on Flickr for around 6 months, before that I was (and am) a member of SLProfiles - a couple of

Milla Alexandre: Ah, yes my next question is just that, your view on art created in SL?

Milla Alexandre: How has flickr effected you, do you find you gain inspiration there as well?

Ariel Brearly: Well - I remain impressed at the art of others here - the diversity of interests portrayed in Sl art is just staggering and something I never get tired of. I love the galleries, and the communities that it encourages also.

Ariel Brearly: Absolutely! If you enjoy any form of art, I’m sure one of the most inspirational things to do is to look at the art of others, and that goes for writing, and music also, I’m sure.

Milla Alexandre: Agreed. What is your inspiration for the work you do in SL? Ariel Brearly: Well - I have a lot of interests in RL - a main one being Mythology and lot of my earlier pics involved that. Milla Alexandre: oh very cool Ariel Brearly: More recently I’m also exploring my interest in science fiction. Milla Alexandre: Oh me too! How fun lol Ariel Brearly: Handy to have a cyborg avatar for that :P. I’m a lover of stories in general - and SL is a rich background for that I feel. Milla Alexandre: Oh absolutely, so do you have a concept in mind when you begin a piece? Ariel Brearly: Sometimes I do - I might have an image in mind, or even a song in my head that I’d like to express - other times I just spot and snap like others I suppose :-) I think we all have many different forms of inspiration. Milla Alexandre: How do you think working in SL differs from RL photography?

Milla Alexandre: Ah yes! Ariel Brearly: But I also like RL photography. I enjoy most forms of art to be honest. Milla Alexandre: I’m guessing that when you pick up a camera you’re going to do some fantastic things with it based what I’ve seen so far.

Milla Alexandre: Yes it does. Writing is my first love and I read constantly. lol

Ariel Brearly: hehe - I don’t know about that - I got chased by a very indignant goose, once - that was fun! :P Milla Alexandre: LMAO

Ariel Brearly: Exactly! :) writing is probably more informed by the work of others.

Ariel Brearly: Note to self, don’t annoy the local wildlife :P

Milla Alexandre: Yes, I suppose that’s very true. Ariel Brearly: It helps just to be immersed in that community too. Milla Alexandre: Do you have any words of advice for other artists in SL? Ariel Brearly: I’m very much a learner - so I don’t really feel qualified to give advice - just enjoy it and have fun - people are usually happy to help. The more pictures you take though, the happier you find you are with them - I’ve noticed that. Milla Alexandre: Yes, it seems that most often the enjoyment of it is what spurs people on for sure. Well, I for one, am very excited to see what you come up with in the future, you’re work is wonderful! Ariel Brearly: Thank you very much, Milla :-) I appreciate that. Milla Alexandre: You’re very’s artists like yourself that keep me inspired. Now, just for my own curiosity, is there any artist that you admire, a favorite? Ariel Brearly: Oh - loads! :) I love the sculptures of Giacometti.

Milla Alexandre: Some subjects are more difficult than others. LOL Ariel Brearly: They certainly are! :) Milla Alexandre: Well Ariel, this has been great, I am really impressed with you and delighted to have done this interview! Ariel Brearly: It’s been a pleasure to meet you Milla - thank you very much :-)

Copper Beauty By Hinata Ivory

Article Written by Willow Caldera

Hinata Ivory-

“Copper Beauty” caused quite a reaction when it first appeared on the Flickr art stream. Powerful yet gentle, subtle despite its boldness and quietly touching, as a portrait and as a study in emotion, it is a masterpiece. Hinata Ivory is known for creating pieces with such a depth of emotion and exquisite light play, and understandably her fellow artists treasure her work. Willow Caldera: What was the inspiration behind this picture? Hinata Ivory: I really love all Steampunk and post apo style. One day, I discovered the shop Curio Obscura and this amazing skin. When I saw it, I bought it immediately and tried it – the first time with clothes, but I think it’s surely better naked to see all the details, and for my post work too. Willow Caldera: all that wonderful detail was on the skin? Hinata Ivory: All on the skin, but I put my favorite tattoo on it and played with light and shadow. Willow Caldera: How much postprocessing work was involved? Hinata Ivory: About 2 hours on this one with Photoshop. Willow Caldera: Did the background come from SL or was it put in during processing? Hinata Ivory: The background is a texture I made and uploaded into SL, all the rest is postworked. Willow Caldera: The lighting is beautiful, how did you achieve it and what was the thinking behind it?

Hinata Ivory: I used a Torley sky for the light in SL, and after I used filters on Photoshop. I really needed something simple, naked, and pure – like an Eve Mechanical. I’m proud of the result cause that looks like my first idea and hope others can see how much pleasure I had doing that. Willow Caldera: I think you can definitely see the pleasure, and the lighting feels like a delicate touch. Was there a reason for having your avatar turned away from the camera? Hinata Ivory: Yes, I think that gives a touch of ‘drama’ and mystery to my avatar, like she said “I’m shy, don’t look at me like that”. Willow Caldera: I think that really works, she’s very innocent - the lighting really does add to that feeling, too, it’s almost like new life. Were you pleased with the reaction it received on Flickr? Hinata Ivory: Yes, really, and a little “surprise, etonnée” (I don’t know the translation for those words), I like this image so much and to see other people feel the same emotion as me is so good, it makes me happy if I can give that to others. I try to create an emotion in each if the pictures I create, so if others can see it, that’s soooo good. Willow Caldera: How would you describe the emotion that you were trying to create?

Hinata Ivory: On this one, I tried to create a sort of birth, a new start in life. Willow Caldera: How do you feel about Second Life as a medium for art? Hinata Ivory: I think SL can help people to try to do art and discover they can create a different sort of art, and it can help people to make their art more ‘visible’. Willow Caldera: How did you get involved in the SL Flickr community? Hinata Ivory: A friend talked to me about Flickr and said to me, “You like making snapshots in SL, so try to post work them and create an account on it”. Willow Caldera: Do you feel that it’s helped you develop? Hinata Ivory: a way yes, I look what others do and try to progress but I discover more each day about Photoshop and use a lot of tutorials to progress. Willow Caldera: Do you admire any other SL artists, or maybe have any suggestions for people we ought to feature in the magazine? Hinata Ivory: I’ve a lot of friends in SL who are on Flickr too, and I like so much what Sebcaen Ulysses does, Galatea Zabelin, Joshua Morane too, I like what he does with light. Willow Caldera: One last question: do you have any messages or words of advice for the fans of your work? Hinata Ivory: Hum...Just want to say that I hope I can continue to give them emotions and pleasure. Have fun, SL is a chance to do what you want, so feel free and happy as much is possible.

Intense vulnerability is a tough emotion to capture in a piece of artwork, but in “Copper Beauty” is all the innocent awakening of new life. It’s up to you whether you gaze at Hinata’s creation for its beauty or admire it for the power of its execution.

Article Written by Belmakor Pintens

Leila Carrol-

With so many amazing artists out there you are bound to miss one, and I can’t believe I missed Leila Carroll’s earth shattering stream! The first photo I ever saw of hers was “Loved and Lost” when my assistant editor told me to go to her stream. I’ve never been so stunned at beautiful work with such great emotional impact. So naturally when the jury decided “Loved and Lost” needed to be in the magazine I took the opportunity to jump in and meet one of my Second Life art idols, and I’m so glad I did!

Leila Carroll: It didn’t portray my feelings as well. When you lose someone, there are moments when you feel sorrow and miss them so deeply. Most times when I think of her, I smile remembering fond memories. I don’t really get to do pics like that very often. Belmakor Pintens: Well what drove you to express this situation in art? Leila Carroll: It was just difficult this year. The anniversary of Erica’s death fell on Easter. And we recently had lost a close family friend. So the feeling of loss was multiplied. Belmakor Pintens: Ah I’m sorry to hear all those things collided together.

Belmakor Pintens: Welcome!

Leila Carroll: When it rains, it pours.

Leila Carroll: Thanks!

Belmakor Pintens: Yes it does. What where some of the elements you brought into the photo and why?

Belmakor Pintens: So we would really like to know about your piece “Loved and Lost.” Can you tell us about it? Leila Carroll: Well it was a really important piece for me. I never went back to her grave (my niece). After the burial. Hence the picture. Belmakor Pintens: Wow that is a strong feeling to put into a photo. Leila Carroll: I was originally going to have a field of colorful flowers. Belmakor Pintens: Why did you change it?

Leila Carroll: Well as I mentioned, I never went back to her grave. I wanted a pose that expressed the sorrow I was feeling. I wanted it a bit dark. Focus on just the grave and the sunrise. New day, new beginning, new life beyond “the horizon” – all things we look forward to depending on your beliefs. Belmakor Pintens: Awesome! That’s exactly what I got out of the photo. I saw so much in it… I kept coming back, thinking it over, staring at it… it is just so full of many elements that all lead towards a single theme.

Leila Carroll: Everyone deals with grief so differently, you know? It gives me hope in believing that I’ll ultimately see those that I’ve lost again someday. Belmakor Pintens: I sense that in your photo. So where do you draw your inspirations for SL Photography from? Leila Carroll: Emotion Always… at least I try. Even with my poses I am the same. Its so difficult to express emotion in Second Life. We rely more on text to convey it. Belmakor Pintens: How do you feel about the Second Life art community and your involvement in it? Leila Carroll: I am fairly new to it all, really. I found the Second Life Flickr community by accident one day. Game was down and I was checking the blog for the update and there was the link. I was totally blown way with the talent I saw there. Belmakor Pintens: Oh gosh, I know! Leila Carroll: Really inspired me. First stream I went to was Collin Savon’s. Belmakor Pintens: What a great inspiration for PS work. Leila Carroll: Yes! But you know. I’ve been in this game for over 2 years, and I had no idea there was an art community. Can you say sheltered? Belmakor Pintens: Don’t worry took me a while too! Do you have any suggestions for our fellow artist? Things to do? Not to do? Leila Carroll: As we’ve been talking about, to create as you feel. Be inspired by emotion. There are many that can do that without PS. There isn’t anything I would tell them not to do. The sky’s the limit.

Belmakor Pintens: I totally agree. Any closing remarks? Leila Carroll: I just want to thank you, I feel honored. Belmakor Pintens: Thank you for sharing that very special emotion… letting us be a part of it… I know it wasn’t easy. I am truly inspired beyond belief when I encounter an artist who moves me so much in their work and then meet them and discover just how deep their intent and purpose runs in their art. I will look forward to Leila’s work everyday, hoping her Flickr stream has a new photo. She can teach us all how to feel through every image.


In my early days of Flickr and getting into this wonderful art community I found myself browsing through art group’s photos. I found lots of cool photos in the groups and luckily stumbled upon Sura Abismo’s “Sadness…” I was immediately shocked and drawn into the emotional content of this beautiful piece of art. I told her then, and kept my promise, that I would include her photo in the first issue of the magazine I was going to create. So we met just recently for an interview, and I know I made the right choice to include her. She is indeed an artist motivated by her emotions with the intent of displaying her feelings and getting them across to the audience, but I will let her tell you that… Sura Abismo: Heloooooo Belmakor Pintens: Hey there Sura. So tell me about your start in SL Photography.

By Sura Abismo

Sura Abismo: Well basically I got involved into Flickr’s world because I needed a big big break from some problems I had in SL. I needed to start again, to find my place. Suddenly, while going through Flickr, one picture appears that helped me push a lot of feelings out, which was amazing. So I started getting involved into Flickr and photography and also found new friends. I try to tell them things about their stories through my pictures.

Sura Abismo: Oh thank you Bel… coming from you… this is more then a gift. I started using PS last summer. I love it because there is always something new to learn. It’s really great when I can learn how others do their photography, and it lets me see into their eyes and vision. Belmakor Pintens: You’ve come a long way quickly. Congrats. So where are you going? What are you doing next? What great things do you have planned for us Sura? Sura Abismo: Well an expo is the first thing I will do. A friend of mine offered me a place to put up an expo. I’ll of course keep making pictures, I built my own studio. Belmakor Pintens: Awesome! Liking it? Sura Abismo: Loving it. I found out something nice about my style; I don’t know what I’m going to do with any of my pictures until the moment I’m editing them. I don’t like to make plans… I just do. My father a long time ago taught me: 1st do, 2nd think about it, 3rd learn. This is my way of life. Belmakor Pintens: It’s a great process! Sura Abismo: Sometimes it is a big risk, but it is better like this. I wasted my time thinking and thinking, but doing nothing at all. Being very insecure. So after years passed I learned to change that and I feel alive.

Sura Abismo is truly free. Her attitude towards art and being an artist is such an inspiration to me. I only hope I find many more people like her on my journey through this great art world. Her work will always inspire me and make me feel; hopefully you can get a similar reaction.

my favorite thing to do.. Personally I'm a brat or so I'm told.. lol.. very sarcastic by nature and love to laugh.. In RL. my passion is art and literature.. I love to read.. I write as often as i can.. most of what i do in sl is simply an extension of my RL.. though sl is considered a "game" by many... unless in role play i behave the way i do in RL.. Website: Inspirations: art, anything vintage... I find reading very inspiring. oh i know.. nature.. one of my fave things to do is to sit out in the woods and just listen.. that is one of the most inspiring things to me and im sure i will think of 100 more things after i send this.. And Something Random: on days I'm cranky (*polite wording*) I love to strap on guns and go blast someone.. k I meant something not someone :-)


Inspirations: Life, the realism and beauty of sl....and so many people: The love of her life, Haaken Zemach; best friend, Lyla Barbosa, and all of the talented artists and friends in the Flickr community. And Something Random: It is never to late to be what you might have been....


Name:Andromega Volare Rez Date: 9th November 2006 Background: I am a german dude from Berlin Website: Inspirations:I love the old masters like Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, Rembrandt or Vincent van Gogh for example.

Name: Bellina Benazzi DOB: 1st September 2007

And Something Random: I like to change my avatar and gender very often, but only in SL!

Background: Rezzed on 9.1.2007, this diva/fashionista hit the Flickr circuit in January of 2008. Initially inspired by the beauty of windlight, she has found her sl photography to be such the creative outlet for her emotions, her passions. " I love the opportunity to evoke a feeling, a mood, even a bit of nostalgia with my photography. I enjoy blending the past with the present." Bellina plans to eventually open a studio/gallery in the future.

Ly l a

Website: bellinabenazzi/

Name: Lyla Barbosa Rez Date: 13th June 2007 Background: i am a professional photographer in rl. website: Inspirations: good design, innovative music, random everyday life situations, extraordinary objects, explosives. Something Random: i despise the word "pamphlet".

Po p p y

Name: Poppy Lacava Rez Date: 25th January 2007 Background: From Portland, Or healthy 31 yr old woman amateur photog Website: Inspirations: love, loss, new shoes, the color of someones eyes, sex, music...mostly music, especially music. Bel Name: Belmakor Pintens Rez Date: 11th October 2007

Very Mean Things

Background: Born a Brit raised in America. Currently studying at University to get a Bachelor of the Fine Arts in Film. Art is my life, Real Life and Second Life, always has been always will be. Amateur Photographer in Real Life. Website: photos/belmakorpintens/ Inspirations: The beauty of anything: the heart, a women, a realtionship, the planet, anything... Something Random: I’m usually 10 years younger then people think i am... figure that out :P Twilight is a growing project and would be delighted to hear from you should you feel you have something to bring to the magazine and its readers. Please submit inquiries and/or suggestions to Belmakor Pintens or Lyla Barbosa.

By ColeMarie Soleil

Article Written by Willow Caldera

Willow Caldera: Kind of like a tribute to him?

ColeMarie Soleil-

ColeMarie Soleil: Yeah sorta. Everything I’ve ever done on flickr is thanks to Kriss, I didn’t start flickr until I came here, not very, like... INSANELY. I got so inspired here because I lost my island with my best friend... old drama... anyways, I was depressed and going to leave SL when I found Straylight in a flickr, before it was huge or even a store, and I sat at the tp spot every day before even meeting Kriss and I just laid around welcoming people here and giving out wings I made to anyone who liked fae, just because I wanted to help people and to keep traffic high. I used to port in person after person, I loved it so much, until one day Kriss came down to see me and kinda adopted me and it’s been like ever since.

ColeMarie Soleil is many things: resident fae on the Straylight sim, pillar of the SL flickr community and nurturer with a kind word for every aspiring artist. But most of all, she is known and loved for her exquisite series of artwork. Fitting that such a revered and prolific member of the artistic community be featured in the first issue of this magazine. I spent a tranquil afternoon with ColeMarie in the depths of the Straylight woods. Most of her of her work, including the trio of pictures featured, began here. Willow Caldera: What’s the biggest inspiration for your work? ColeMarie Soleil: I don’t really think about it as work. I don’t even really like... look at other art lately, except my other flickr friends and faerie art I find in a closed faerie magazine group on flickr that’s private for fantasy and faerie artists... that group is so supportive and cool and has such varied art that I never get bored and I never really thought about looking at other people for ideas because I didn’t want to be influenced. It’s not really something I think about, is what I mean. If anything I’m influenced by the music I’m listening to when doing them. Willow Caldera: This set was created for the song “If trees could speak” - how did that go from song to picture?

ColeMarie Soleil: I was looking online for music videos for my favourite artist, “FlashBULB”. And the videos are not official videos from the artist, they are fan videos, but done very well to where you can’t tell if you don’t know... Anyways, I already had the album and I just went looking for the video to see if there was one... and the video made me go: “Oh my god that’s such a good use of like video footage versus lyrics/musical background”. And I remembered the very first hair I ever bought: the cherry tree hair from Curious Kitties back two years ago. It has the hair as roots with flowers at the top and I went: “Hey I can sink myself in the ground just like the guy getting swallowed up by the plants!” And then I remembered I could take the picture here and cover myself in botanical items from Kriss because I love Straylight so much, it’s like become almost a real life home for me because of how amazingly real life supportive Kriss is of me and life and things like that in general. Like as in I care about it a lot so I just put two and two together... I went through a lot of heartache here. But I also have had the best times in SL I’ve ever had here too.

Willow Caldera: And now you’re the Straylight Faerie! ColeMarie Soleil: I was already the Rockerfaerie before I came here, so to become a Straylight faerie was kinda natural. Rockerfaerie being my SL stage name. Willow Caldera: It makes sense now to know how important the settings are to you – the love and care you put into bringing them to life.

Willow Caldera: So you were actually sunk into the ground within Second Life, rather than achieving the effect in Photoshop?

ColeMarie Soleil: Yeah its fun, it really isn’t thought about, I rarely set up shots. It’s all really happening. 90 percent of my photos people aren’t posing, we’re all just around. Usually people don’t even know I’ve taken them. People started calling me the sneak photographer! I cam across sims just watching people because it makes me happy.

ColeMarie Soleil: Right. I put myself on a pose I made and sunk myself halfway into the ground and covered myself with botanical plants from Kriss’s store here, because Kriss means a lot to me, so it was kinda a way of saying, I love you.

Willow Caldera: Your work does have a very natural feel, so that makes sense too. I enjoy work that captures a moment, rather than creates one, perhaps that’s why I admire yours so much. How did you come across the SL flickr community?

ColeMarie Soleil: I used to have an island (two) and a girl who was on flickr – I can’t remember her name now, it was ages ago, I don’t think she’s on anymore, friend of a friend who used to own that crack den sim – took my picture at my concert at my sim and was all: “I POSTED YOUR SHOW ON FLICKR”. I was all...whoa what? Whats that? Chloe Streeter, that’s who it was. Willow Caldera: You’d never heard of flickr before at all? ColeMarie Soleil: I’d never heard of SL flickr, but I mean, I rarely saw flickr, I didn’t really know WHAT it did. After about 100 pictures I posted, people started posting a lot of comments and people really liked it. This was back when people didn’t think SL art was art and there weren’t hardly any groups for it and most groups yelled at me for posting so much, complaining I posted so frequently I wasn’t allowing theirs to be seen, in groups of thousands of people. People were getting jealous of the rate I was posting and causing grief, rl “artists” in different groups. Now that’s all changed. Willow Caldera: That doesn’t sound much like the supportive group on there these days, no. ColeMarie Soleil: It sucked for a while. There’s also a lot of drama and unpleasant bitching going on on flickr, girls jealous of the Straylight faerie craze I’ve never met who like to ban me from posting on their flickrs. And I’ve never even met them. They bash faerie flickr girls because of the attention I got. It’s not fair, but it happens. One girl said, and I quote, “Faeries are for people with a problem with reality”. I said: “Hey lady, if I wanted real life I’d go outside. It’s SL. Get a life.” There needs to be a faerie. I knew flickr was going to blow up so I just posted the fuck out of my faerie world around me here. I forced people to notice meby just posting 50... 70 a day. During one point when I got very depressed, I sat in Straylight throwing bonfires, watching fantasy people run around and showing people what SL could be. Straylight people are the best people in SL.

Willow Caldera: Opening everyone’s imaginations is a lovely motivation, I’d say that was to be admired. ColeMarie Soleil: I’ve loved faeries since I was 5 and my best friend Jesse passed on 4 years ago. He taught me the most about fae, called me a fae soul, so when he died it just got me to learn more and more. And in a place like SL, I could be a visual representation of the soul I wish I could be. Cause I can be, I can be whatever I want, and you will have to see it and interact with it and interpret it. Willow Caldera: So by watching your stream, we’re getting a taste of your home, your loves and your soul - you don’t get much more personal than that.

ColeMarie Soleil: Have you covered Keiko Morigi? Keikos art is artwork that documents the struggle of being yourself. Sounds cheesy but it’s really well done and she’s got this morbid sense of humour and composition and style. It’s never the same, it’s all really good. I know so many good people, I could fill magazine after magazine. There is egidius eel also, he’s not the most technical Photoshopper but he catches such great moments and his pictures have so much heart, I love that guy. Willow Caldera: Any messages for your flickr fans and friends? ColeMarie Soleil: Don’t let anyone tell you what art is. Art is anything you want it to be. Have fun doing your pictures because it’s fun and you love it. Sl is supposed to be fun. I don’t know. Sounds cheesy but express yourself. Be you. Don’t be a sheep.

To watch ColeMarie’s flickr is to take a journey into an artistic soul and to experience firsthand what it’s like to live with a fairie soul. Perhaps that honesty, offered by such talented hands, is what ColeMarie Soleil: Nothing on my makes knowing ColeMarie, and her flickr is made up, it’s like my diary. I wanted to help Kriss promote so I just work, a magical experience. started telling the stories of people here. Willow Caldera: Who among the SL flickr artists do you admire? Any suggestions for people we ought to feature in the magazine?

Surfline Rezable

By Looker Lumet

Article Written by Willow Caldera

Looker Lumet-

Learning curves seldom come with such panache as that of Looker Lumet, who places all the credit for his astonishing knack of perfectly capturing a scene firmly with Second Life. A well-known and widely respected member of the artistic community, Looker’s pictures are among the most gloriously scenic additions to the daily Flickr stream - it seems that we, as his willing audience, have a great deal to thank Linden Lab for. Looker Lumet: First of all i want to thank you. It is an honour for me. Willow Caldera: A deserved one, your photography is amazing, it’s an honour for us to feature you. I’d like to start by asking about the setting of the pictures - could you tell me a little about it and why it inspired you? Looker Lumet: Well, I like to make a compliment to the builders because they always find to build something that is extraordinary to photographers, something that gives us a special occasion to make beautiful pictures. It is in the first place the builders who made it possible for us to make those pictures. Willow Caldera: Very true, there are some wonderfully inspiring places

Looker Lumet: Well, i don’t remember exactly, but you first have to spend time to choose your angle for the shot and then the post processing, which is mostly a trial to see what comes out best. So many times I had to start all over again but the advantage in Photoshop is, that you can work with layers and start from a particular layer again. About the time...I think it took more than an hour to post process these three pictures as the Lindens gave me a present: the two pictures underwater were divided in 9 pieces. I had to wipe out the stripes without being seen afterwards. Willow Caldera: A problem with the viewer? Looker Lumet: I think so. It could also be that my graphic card isn’t the best one, as my pc is already more than 4 years old Willow Caldera: It doesn’t seem to be hindering your graphics as far as photography is concerned. Looker Lumet: I make all my pictures in high resolution so I will be able to post process them without losing too much quality.

Willow Caldera: Has it had an effect on your real life photography? Looker Lumet: Yes it has, because I was always afraid to touch my originals, I only tried to improve the lighting through some program but nothing else. Nowadays, I go much further and try to make pictures of my daughters look as beautiful as in magazines. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not, but I like to play with all those settings and look what comes out of it. Willow Caldera: It must be really satisfying to be able to do that. Looker Lumet: That is Willow, it really is. If I was not having so much fun by doing it, I would not be in SL anymore. In fact playing with SL and Photoshop are really becoming my hobby in RL. Willow Caldera: It can be very addictive, I agree!

Willow Caldera: What are your biggest motivations and inspirations when it comes to photography?

Looker Lumet: how do we say that, if you like to do something, it mostly come out nicely.

Looker Lumet: Well, I am intrigued all my life by photography.

Willow Caldera: That’s true - it’s easy to sense someone’s passion in their work. Of the other SL artists you know, who do you admire most or find inspires you? Any suggestions for people who should appear in Twilight Magazine?

As I was a kid I already received a developer for black & white pictures and now I get the chance to work, to try things out in Photoshop, and I get tips and tricks from colleagues. Willow Caldera: So SL is almost like a place to practice? Looker Lumet: I must be thankful to the Lindens, as i learned a lot over these past 15 months. I started as a “greenie”

Looker Lumet: well, as always there are of course some really talented artists ou there. I admire Shoshana Epsilon, for her work without post processing the images, Daequix Scarborough, for her ability to put a picture in a scene, Cienega Soon, for her colorplay in her works and I can go on like this. I will forget a few more, ...Stephen Venkman, Pier Tempel and many more. In fact they all inspire me. Willow Caldera: Any messages for your flickr fans and friends? Looker Lumet: well, as I said lately to one of my dearest friends, if you like to take pictures in SL, but you have not the ability, nor the program to post process them,take your time, try to express yourself through your images without post processing them or, try to learn , as I did, some programs, and you will be able to make beutiful things with it.But most of all, be patient, it will not come from today to tomorrow, it takes time. Look at my first pictures and the ones I make now, what a difference. And i am still trying to improve. Willow Caldera: Well I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve, in that case!

As inspirational tales go, few offer such hope to the amateur as Looker’s. To go from beginner to creater of masterpiece after masterpiece reveals not only his great talent, but also the value of patience and practice.

ChouChou By Raina Milev

Raina: First or second time… I can’t remember. There were a few days when I seemed to spend forever there. One could get lost therein that solitude.

Article Written by Belmakor Pintens

Raina Milev-

When the ChouChou sim first opened, everyone posted photos of the beautiful location across Flickr. With so many amazing artists doing fantastic images of the sim, it was really difficult to find a series that stood out to me. Raina’s images at first captured me because they are black and white, and since I consider RL black and white photography one of my specialties I was immediately drawn in. The innocence she reveals in this series amazed me, she took the incredible beauty of Chouchou and simplified it with basic forms of shapes, shades, and values. Belmakor Pintens: Hi Raina! Nice to meet you! Raina: Same here! Belmakor Pintens: What was your inspiration for the series? Raina: The beauty that Chou Chou showed me… the different angles… the lights… and mostly the water. Belmakor Pintens: Was it your first time there when you took that series?

Belmakor Pintens: Yes they can. It is an amazing place. Can you tell us about the series progression? Is there a link between them all? Raina: Not so much. Really I was moved by the movement of the people there… and the tree. So I shot whatever touched me at that moment to be honest. Belmakor Pintens: So the girl in the series… just a random passerby? Raina: At first she was, then I noticed her name from one of my Flickr groups. I asked her if I could shoot her as she walked around. She nodded and continued her exploration for her first time. All of her shots were “unposes” on her part. I used Zoom. I was really taken with her look. So unusually beautiful. A real innocence to her.

Belmakor Pintens: Wow interesting.. I like the improv on the moment that made. Yes I agree very innocent. Raina: And I was, of course, listening to a good mix of my own music, which was inspiring enough. Belmakor Pintens: Why did you choose black and white for these? Raina: Most of my shots, both RL and SL are in black and white. I find it more touching, deeper and more emotional then color, I can create a depth with black and white I can’t get in color. It’s so much more passionate. The lights and shadows stand out more. Belmakor Pintens: Do you think that the simplicity of Chou Chou matches with the black and white? Raina: Yes, I agree. There’s not really much there, but there is a living soul to that place, black and white captures that. It reminds me of an old building or place were one can feel the presence of past dwellers. Belmakor Pintens: I love their music. After going there for the first time I pulled up their website and listened to it for the rest of the day, great stuff! Raina: Yes I do like the music as well, well suited for the place.

Belmakor Pintens: That is great that you find magic in the spur of the moment. Raina: Like the “Forgive Me” shot was actually a shot that I was going to toss. It is sometimes means not looking at the shot in the same way you took it. Maybe a different angle, or crop, or zoom. Belmakor Pintens: There is so much magic and possibility in any shot most defiantly! How do you feel about the art community on SL and the people in it?

Belmakor Pintens: Yes I think everyone has only scratched the surface. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, what you will discover about yourself, this world, and everything in it. So where do you think you will go? What new things do you have planned for the future? Raina: I am hoping to get more of a concrete studio set up. I have a friend who is opening a custom furniture and build store he will display some of my art there. I’ve been doing some shots specifically for that. I hope to achieve some success with him on that. He has been most supportive with me on this art Belmakor Pintens: That sounds cool! It is great to have friends that do that. Well any closing remarks? Any special messages you want to get out our readers?

Raina: They are so different from the other friends, or acquaintances, I have come across. More real and honest. No games or drama. Belmakor Pintens: How do you feel about Second Life Art in general?

Raina: I’m actually at a loss for words at the moment. I think I pretty much summed it all up, but I do want to thank you for this opportunity.

Raina: I honestly never thought that SL would lead me down this path. It has given birth to creativity. It has ignited my soul. The possibilities of what can be created in this world are endless. I have always been involved in performing Arts… so this really touches me that I can also create Visual art.

It was such a great experience to speak with Raina about her art and inspirations. I am really impressed with how she brings such power with her black and white imagery in such a bright and colorful world. I cannot wait to see what she brings us in the future.

Belmakor Pintens: One of the great parts about it, you can do just about anything. Raina: Yes you can and I have only scratched the surface on what I can do I think. Most importantly its how this worlds creativity contributes to my RL and how I can carry it over.

Belmakor Pintens: My pleasure! It was fantastic meeting you.

Gabrielle Sinatra

professional photographer. I’m just playing, so I need to be inspired by something, by someone.

Article Written by Milla Alexandre

Milla Alexandre: What is your process for taking photos in SL?


Gabrielle Sinatra: It depends for what, for who I do pictures. I’m not a very well-organized person. Recently, I’ve asked a close friend to help me with the setup design. I need to find someone to organize me! My photographer life is a mess.

Milla Alexandre: Tell me what inspires and motivates you in your SL photography? Gabrielle Sinatra: I have three main sources of inspiration: my feelings, people and art. Expressing my feelings is the main reason why I do pictures. This is also the same reason why I play music, why I sing, why I draw, why I paint, why I write. I’m a very talkative person, but when it’s about expressing my feelings it’s so much easier with a medium other then just talk. When I have something to say, I can analyze all my energy in creation and then I feel so much better!

Milla Alexandre: I can relate to that! LOL

People are a good source of inspiration and motivation, it’s undeniable. I have more than 400 names in my contact list and everyday, I look at their new pictures. Each one of them inspired me one day or another. And of course, my models inspire me. I have a lot of requests for fashion pictures, so my inspiration is coming when I see the models, the clothes, the style. And, above everything, my motivation is to make people smile when I do portraits. When I know they are happy about how their avatar is good looking on a picture I did, I’m happy!I love art. I’m very sensitive to it. Paintings, pictures, music, sculpture. Everyday, I take a look at DeviantART site. I discovered very talented RL photographers on Flickr too. I’m not a professional graphic artist or a

Milla Alexandre: What is your experience in photography aside from SL?

Gabrielle Sinatra: So… my process is never the same. When I do specific pictures for someone, I ask what he, she ‘s expecting. I add a little bit of Gab’s touch and this is it. When I do pictures for me, to express my feelings, I can think about how I want to do it for weeks… or just do it at the moment I think of what I want. When I do pictures for my friends, I try to express who they are. Studio or “outside”, this isn’t important for me.

Gabrielle Sintra: I have no experience at all! Eight months ago, I didn’t even know Photoshop was on my computer. When I was taking RL pictures, I was just uploading them on my computer to them. No post-treatment at all. I was just sensitive and I was (I still do) looking at other people pictures with a lot of admiration. I wish to start doing RL photography more seriously this summer. Milla Alexandre: That’s wonderful. I think you should! What is your view on Second Life art? Gabrielle Sinatra: This is a no end discussion. I’m not a purist about art. If someone is expressing a mood with no matter what medium, I think it’s art. SL is offering fantastic ways to be

Milla Alexandre: How did you become a part of Flickr? Gabrielle Sinatra: I started to treat pictures for my RL sister’s blog. When she stopped it to write, I wanted to continue to do pictures on SL. I was already addicted and the comments about what I was doing were good. I’d seen some pictures already on Flickr so I joined. I was totally lost, I have to admit! Milla Alexandre: LOL What would you suggest to other artists based on your experiences so far? Gabrielle Sinatra: I’m not a professional “artist”, I’m just playing. Maybe just be yourself in your pictures. Try to have something to say, not just have perfect post process technique. Technique is a thing… but I’ve seen some snapshots without any post treatments that were absolutely fantastic. Milla Alexandre: I agree. The image itself, no matter the processing, must have a message and a mood. Do you have a favorite piece of your own? Gabrielle Sinatra: So hard to say! Just one? Wow…I think my “last one” is almost always my favorite one. I’m a “right now” girl. I don’t live in the past, or in the future. So when I do a picture, for me, it’s my best one, right now. But if I really had to pick just one, I think F*ck you ( gabriellesinatra/2053395401 ) might be that one. Technically, I think it’s a good picture but above this, it really has something that tells I was totally pissed off. It’s a very expressive picture. Gabrielle is a delightful human being. Her humble attitude and eager expressiveness are a refreshing mix in the artists world. She is truly a blossoming creative spirit and we could all be encouraged by her “in the moment’ technique and the way she embraces what she so thoroughly enjoys. It is people like Gab, who seemingly appear out of nowhere and demonstrate to the world that true artistic talent is not always something we can learn. Sometimes, it is simply in our soul and all we have to do is recognize it.

Ghostalker Wise Article Written by Belmakor Pintens Ghost-

I only discovered Ghost on Flickr very recently and immediately was blown away with the level of detail in his photos and more specifically his use of color. He can create such visually stunning photos that resound and create a pleasing effect on the viewer. It was a pleasure to be able to talk to him and get to know his style of art. Belmakor Pintens: What are your inspirations for your art? Ghostalker Wise: Oh my inspirations? I’m trying to find amazing places on SL, where the atmosphere takes your breath away. I’m also inspired by songs or films and try to take a photo that could fit into one of them. I also get inspirations and ideas from other people on Flickr. I think that each and every one of them is doing amazing pictures in one way or an other way. Belmakor Pintens: How do you decide what you are going to make a photo on?

Ghostalker Wise: Mostly I just walk into something and take a shot and then later I start to think what I can do with the picture. Mostly I will refer to a great song, film or to my RL feelings. Belmakor Pintens: Can you tell us about one of your favorite pieces and how you came to work on it and carry it through? Ghostalker Wise: One of my own favorites is called “Fix you” and it is related to a lot of my emotions and biggest feelings. It’s a very personal picture and it meant a lot to me and I just wanted to share with others. Belmakor Pintens: What do you try to do with your art? Is it mostly personal, for the viewer, or something else?

Ghostalker Wise: I’m not really trying to do anything special with my art I’m just doing it because its fun. And its both personal and things I just walk into. Belmakor Pintens: What kind of experience do you have with Photography, Photoshop, etc? Ghostalker Wise: Oh nothing I’m just an pure amateur and I’m using freeware and trying to learn how to use it and I get more and more experienced and inspired by others. Belmakor Pintens: How do you feel about SL art and its community? Ghostalker Wise: I just love SL art and its community. I have started to get a lot of friends from all over the world and get inspired by them. Belmakor Pintens: What can we expect from you in the future? Ghostalker Wise: Well I will continue doing pictures and develop it as long as I think its fun and have the time for it :) Belmakor Pintens: Anything else to add? Ghostalker Wise: Its just would like to take the chance to say hi to every body out there on Flickr you are doing a great work and I admires you all! Ghost is such a carefree artist and that is amazing to see in someone. I would say I sometimes take my art and myself to serious. It’s very refreshing to see and meet an artist who is here purely to have fun and experience everything. I think we can all learn from an artist like Ghost in getting down to the basic form of what we

Sebcaen Ulysses I have never seen the Eiffel Tower. In fact I have never been to France though I have traveled overseas a few times. My mother was a phenominal artist and she talked often about seeing the world, instilling a wanderlust in our hearts from a very early age. My mother did go to France with an art group to study some Impressionistic works among other things. And while I cannot justify a jaunt over seas on a whim, it would seem the world has grown ever smaller with the increasing communities on the web. Art seems to remain one of the strongest influences in pulling people together and allowing us to shed our preconceptions and illusions about our distant neighbors. I think my mother would have been surprised and delighted at the universe of artists that has sprung from virtual worlds like Second Life. I think she would have been moved by the works of someone like Sebcaen Ulysses. Milla Alexandre: It’s nice to finally meet you!

Article Written by Milla Alexandre

Sebcaen Ulysses-

what is it that inspires you in your art here in SL? Sebcaen Ulysses: Generally the people I do for portraits for, and for the places...I simply choose with them in mind. Milla Alexandre: Are you an artist in your 1st life? Sebcaen Ulysses: Not really :) I don’t have much time to do real photography for example, and with my baby it can be difficul. Milla Alexandre: Oh I am sure.... being a daddy is a wonderful full time job! Sebcaen Ulysses: Often the most beautiful. Milla Alexandre: You have created some beautiful images with in SL. What are some of your favorite subjects or places to do photographs? Sebcaen Ulysses: A good question. :) I do portraits mostly for the people I snap, like a gift. “this is my vision of you” The places are for me. Milla Alexandre: Yes, ok.

Sebcaen Ulysses: You too. I’ve Sebcaen Ulysses: Simply my vision of seen your pictures you know. things for my own pleasure. Well I see a lot of pictures in Milla Alexandre: What is your fact. perception of the other art you see Milla Alexandre: lol me too...I created in SL? Does it inspire your work? love your work. Sebcaen Ulysses: thanks Milla Alexandre: So tell me,

Sebcaen Ulysses: Generally I try to

be creative and original. I don’t try to copy another pictures I like. But the fact that there is a lot of photographs on SL is stimulating. Milla Alexandre: Yes, I definitely agree. Sebcaen Ulysses: You need to improve your creation every time. Milla Alexandre: How did you get started doing photography in SL? Sebcaen Ulysses: Wow... I look. Ten months ago if i’m right, was my first studio snap. Milla Alexandre: Wow. Did you anticipate you would have such a talent for photography here? Sebcaen Ulysses: I know people like generally my pictures. I’m not blind.

suggestions for other artists in SL, advice?

because you do it for pleasure, in my opinion.

Sebcaen Ulysses: Mostly for the beginners. Don’t look too much at other pictures. Do what you want. Simply that. And don’t be concerned about comments or favs or doing too fast an exhibit. Just do photos for the pleasure.

Sebcaen Ulysses: Always. Don’t speak to me about money for example. No money with that.

Milla Alexandre: Very good advice. Sebcaen Ulysses: You know, the sentence I hate so much is, “A comment from you, is such a great honnor”.

Sebcaen Ulysses: Hmm yes. This one “Lost”. Simply because I do it with my rl girlfriend one night together and I put a lot of myself in this one to show her that i love her. :)

Milla Alexandre: LOL Why’s what?

Milla Alexandre: That is beautiful.

Sebcaen Ulysses: I love the mood there. Maybe... sometimes objectivity is not right. People just need to not comment on your pic.

Sebcaen Ulysses: I read this sometimes, but I’m just somebody who try to be simple and do what I like.

Sebcaen Ulysses: Thank you.

Milla Alexandre: LOL

Milla Alexandre: I think many people are so impressed with your talent, as I am. So, they are flattered if you also notice their work.

learned to work on gimp to improvise my skills on it. I read the tutorial, and now I write some for others! Milla Alexandre: Excellent! How did you get involved with flickr? Sebcaen Ulysses: I look for a place to show my creations. Like I told you at the beginning (my beginning) the French community wasn’t important on flickr. We were just 10-15. Now I own a flickr group with 160 members. Milla Alexandre: Oh that’s great! Are you inspired by the flickr community?

Milla Alexandre: LOL

Sebcaen Ulysses: ...and I prefer when they give advice.

Sebcaen Ulysses: And most I like what I do.

Milla Alexandre: Well all art is subjective for sure.

Milla Alexandre: Well it seems you have a natural eye for it.

Sebcaen Ulysses: Everybody needs to learn and it’s very hard to tell someone, ok your portrait is good but you should treat better the nose.. etc... Milla Alexandre: Right, yes! lol Do you have any

Sebcaen Ulysses: Thank you. I start photography because a good friend told me my first picture was awful. So he tell me to learn some basic photography tricks. Milla Alexandre: Oh no! lol Sebcaen Ulysses: Like the cut. Milla Alexandre: Yes..... Sebcaen Ulysses: ....and light orientation for example. Milla Alexandre: So many important elements are involved. Sebcaen Ulysses: And after, I

Sebcaen Ulysses: Yes but if they know me better they should know I’m really simple. I try to manage my contact list but it’s hard. Milla Alexandre: Well.....after this article they will know you better! Sebcaen Ulysses: I hope!! Milla Alexandre: You are humble, and that makes for a great artist

Milla Alexandre: Yes, that is often too true. Do you have a favorite work from your SL collection?

Milla Alexandre: Well Sebcaen, I must say I am very impressed with your talent and your humble attitude. Sebcaen Ulysses: lol This is rp :p Milla Alexandre: LOL Sebcaen Ulysses: I’m an egoist and very proud of me, in fact. Milla Alexandre: LOL Can I use that in the article? LOL Sebcaen Ulysses: Hmm. French could understand that cause they know me... but English, I don’t think. lol Milla Alexandre: Oh I have spent a bit of time with the French lol Sebcaen Ulysses: Here? Milla Alexandre: Here, and IRL.....I have traveled a bit. Sebcaen Ulysses: Oh good :) Milla Alexandre: Yes, I love all of Europe!

Sebcaen Ulysses: And I ‘d like to see your contry for sure! Milla Alexandre: I hope some day you can! Sebcaen Ulysses: Me too. :) Milla Alexandre: The world is an amazing place......worth exploring, and it’s been a pleasure talking to you Seb. I hope you continue with your artistic passions. Sebcaen Ulysses: Can I had just something else? Milla Alexandre: Please do! Sebcaen Ulysses: Photography makes my SL dreams come true, because I come here to meet people, and it’s a wonderful way to meet people, spend time together and speak about all. A lot of people who do the modeling for me are now my friends and we try to see a lot in game. I’ll thank forever my SL life photography for that. :) That’s all. :p Milla Alexandre: You know...that is so true, the art here has brought a lot of people together. That’s a wonderful testimony to SL and the Art community. Sebcaen Ulysses: ....and keep contact on flickr without the game is sometimes a friendship proud! Milla Alexandre: Yes! Sebcaen Ulysses: And I share my baby laughing video simply to thank them and help me to do my best everytime. Milla Alexandre: It’s wonderful that you share that part of you, speaks of your heart. Sebcaen Ulysses: :) A loving baby from a loving familly. My gf helps me a lot. Milla Alexandre: A most important element. I am delighted I was able to speak with you Seb.I’ve watched your work for a while. Thank you. Sebcaen Ulysses: Thank you for all and thanks Belmakor and Twilight Magazine!

One of these days I will probably travel to France and though the Eiffel Tower will be high on my list of things to see, it is the people I will be most interested in meeting. Until that time my view of the world is confined to the virtual. But as Sebcaen so eloquently demonstrates with his humor and openness, the world is still very much at out fingertips as we reach out to others in the growing cyber community. The Arts have always been a beautiful thread that we humans have woven consistantly over time, joining our hearts and souls in a unique comradery. I cannot help but feel a bond with my creative brothers and sisters across the globe. Our very humanity connects us and while it may seem trivial to toss an image on a web site, I feel speaks profoundly of our love of life, expression, beauty and most importantly of each other.

wish to sell it, etc... Belmakor Pintens – What type of events do you hold at the gallery?

Article Written by Belmakor Pintens

Cannery Art Gallery

So call me sheltered, but I had never actually been to Cannery Rezzable until one of the judges suggested it. Wow was I impressed when I got there! It is a massive gallery! Just huge! So much art I think I need at least 3 hours with no interruptions and no distractions to just walk around and stare at some of the amazing art from so many different fantastic artists. So it was a great pleasure to get to talk to Vint Falken, one of the curators, about the gallery. Belmakor Pintens – What is the aim of Cannery Rezzable? What are you trying to accomplish? Vint Falken - The concept of the Cannery is showcasing ‘Second Life Art’. As we do that throughout Rezzable sims, what is special at the Cannery, that it Is a place in a 3D world that is focused on 2D art, produced in that virtual world. Amongst the content produced by the inhabitants of our virtual

world, there is a lot of beautiful, awesome, absolutely creative and fabulous stuff. We want to give them the space and opportunity to put their talent on display. Belmakor Pintens – How did you form the gallery? Vint Falken - The Gallery was built to be a great exhibition space: enough room for all the artworks to been seen in their full splendor and in such a way that it does not take away from the art, only adds to it. Belmakor Pintens – How do you choose artists to be in the gallery? Vint Falken - For the past two SLart at the Cannery shows, artists could submit their themed work to the curators - Shoshana Epsilon and I and we would then choose the ‘cream of the crop’. Also, five featured artists were selected, who in correspondence with the curators chose their favorite works to be showcased. In the future, we might change that process. At the moment we have one huge show around the work of Melodious Source. It is more than just photography, but a whole world that you can explore is build around her photographs. Sort of linking 2D images of a 3D world back to 3D by placing them in the environment they were taking in. There must be a more simple way to explain this.... *grins* There will be smaller shows at the Cannery again, where the artists get more freedom in how they present their work, if they

Vint Falken - Of course, the obliged opening and closing of a show some meet and greets with the artists and some classes were thought. As the Cannery is not only a gallery, but also the sim, of course, things intertwine. We have a lovely club with awesome DJs there, weekly film screenings, shopping outings, etc. Belmakor Pintens – How do you feel about Second Life Art? Vint Falken - You mean about SLart? Well, it’s a generic term that should not have been allowed to trademark and... Oh? You mean the idea of Second Life Art? Well, I think it does not differ much from first life art: one can discuss for ages about what is art? What is Art and what is just good craftsmanship? I think that art about expression of yourself, how you perceive the world - be it virtual or real -, what you ideas are, how you see the future, the past, Second Life gives people great means to do that. They can create builds, artwork, and poses that they could never achieve in real life at the moment. So yes, I think a lot of things in Second Life are art, because of creative process that goes into creating them. You can’t help but think about the nature of both our worlds when you create something in Second Life. Belmakor Pintens - Where is the gallery heading? Vint Falken - As mentioned earlier, we are going to change the concept a bit. Smaller shows, with more freedom and choices for the artist. Maybe something like the Garden of NPIRL Delights build festival: we have several exhibition rooms

available and artists can ‘book’ those. They get a certain prim allocation and are allowed to do what they want there for a month? Of course, if somebody has a kickass fabulous idea for some other artistic future for the Cannery, we are always willing to listen. Belmakor Pintens – Any other remarks? Vint Falken - Yep! One... that for creative and astonishing virtual worlds photography you do not even need to log on to Second Life, although they are presented nicely there. But just take a look at Flickr and the Second Life pools there. I believe that is the biggest and best ‘gallery’ there is to be found as it comes to Second Life. I can spend ages browsing there. It is great when you encounter an art gallery that has the resources and standing to do some amazing things for our art community, and then when the actually do it, its fantastic to see. Can’t wait to see what Cannery Rezzable will bring to us with each new opening.

Article Written by Milla Alexandre

Gallery Aqua Pache

Faith MaxwellNot too long ago, up on the roof of my studio in SL, I was given a lesson by a good buddy on how to do some creative prim sculptures by using a few texture and editing tricks. I was pretty excited to learn these new skills and I produced what I thought were some impressive little first attempts. I even went so far as to make my own textures. Well, then I happened upon Faith Maxwell’s sculpture gallery in Aqua Pache and I was absolutely mesmerized. So many pieces caught my eye at first glance that I didn’t know where to begin. My poor little avatar needed a turbo boost in her step just to keep up with my eyes. I was captivated by faith’s work. A also realized I had a lot to learn! Her designs incorporate color and pattern in abstract prim forms that I can’t even fathom trying to reproduce in the real world. They are stunning. After speaking to this talented lady I discovered she had carried her real life passion into SL. It brings a whole new, delightful aspect to the SL sculpture art form. Milla Alexandre: How did you get started with SL art?

By Faith Maxwell

Faith MaxwelI: I have always loved art so I decided to see if my work would impress the serenity I try to impose in them. Milla Alexandre: Your work is beautiful! What inspires the work you do?

Faith Maxwell: I never know what I am going to make, Its really the mood I feel at the moment. Second life allows me to have no boundaries. Milla Alexandre: So true. What is your process for creating... do you have a concept or vision before you begin? Faith Maxwell: No concept at all unless it is asked for. I start out making a piece and it goes from there. Milla Alexandre: What is your view on all the art in SL? Faith Maxwell: There are so many types and forms of art in SL it’s amazing.. The sky is the limit. Milla Alexandre: Are you artistic in real life? If so, how does SL compare, or differ in the creative process? Faith Maxwell: Yes, I am. I paint and make stained glass. SL is so much more forgiving and the creation is so amazing in the end. Milla Alexandre: I agree it is amazing! What inspired you to open the gallery? It’s phenomenal, by the way! Faith Maxwell: I said why not, I will give it my best shot. I take pride in what I do and hopefully it shows through my art. Milla Alexandre: I believe it does show. Is the gallery your design as well or how did you decide on the styling of it?

I have always had a fascination with sculpture and the idea of creating a 3D work with my own hands; feeling the image in a very literal 3D sense. But I will admit that often in the real world when I see abstract sculpture it is less than thrilling to me. After visiting Faith’s gallery and speaking with her I gained a new appreciation for the creative processes in 3D design. SL has opened a unique door to artists who express themselves in this way and Faith has hit the virtual ground running! I took another wander through her gallery and ‘Serenity’ is definitely a feeling her work evokes. Her gallery perfectly compliments the pieces displayed, as if one has wandered into an artist’s fairy tale. I could have stared for hours at my favorite pieces such as “Wrapped in Glory” and lose myself in their design and fluid motion. There is something especially alluring about Faith’s work and I am guessing it very much reflects the lady behind these beautiful creations.

Twilight Gallery By Belmakor Pintens

Lyla Barbosa: How do you feel about Second Life art?

Article Written by Lyla Barbosa

Twilight Gallery-

When Belmakor Pintens began as a “noob� he had little idea he would be the head of such a up and coming gallery. Twilight has become a growing fixture in the Flickr as well as Second Life artistic communities respectively, hoping to bridge the gap between the more obscure corners of SL art and those artists who are well-loved and established. All of this with the artistic spirit of sharing in mind, hoping that people can gather and learn from each other to push themselves to their artistic heights. Here we talk with the owner of the new gallery to gain some insight into what Twilight is all about. Lyla Barbosa: What is the aim of Twilight Gallery? What do you wish to accomplish? Belmakor Pintens: Twilight Gallery was created as a simple space to put as many artists and work as possible into a single event. There are so many great artists out there, and so much great work that goes unnoticed. I created the gallery to be able to invite artists from all over the grid in to show their work and then have everyone see it. Lyla Barbosa: How did you form the gallery? Belmakor Pintens: Well it was initially way back in my early start of Second Life just a small gallery with my Real Life pictures, but eventually I became so amazed at the SL work I was finding that I wanted to show it to as many people as I could and give other artists I found a chance to .

Lyla Barbosa?How do you choose artists to be in the gallery? Belmakor Pintens: The artists are chosen based on the theme decided by the gallery staff for that particular month. I do however always tell the showing artists that they should not be confined by the theme, as I do not want to curve their creative brain in any direction. What type of events do you hold at the gallery? We have the grand opening of the exhibits every first Saturday of the month and also have a black tie meet and greet in the middle of the month to keep the communicating and interacting; all are welcome.

Belmakor Pintens: I love what Second Life art is and how it affects me in so many ways. I have seen so many great artists and am always inspired by them and the amazing creations they bring us. What I love most about is it is a great medium for expressing any emotion because you really can do anything you want with in-world sets and Photoshop. Lyla Barbosa: What would you hope for the future of Twilight? Belmakor Pintens: Well we will continue to find new people and bring them into the gallery and hopefully one day will expand and allow more artists in. I don’t think I will ever accomplish what I want to do for this community, but maybe that is because I have big ambitions. If you have not had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful new SL art hot spot, you should definitely take a gander at the artists on display. It is as impressive a build as the artwork it holds.




To the future! That is where I spend most of my focus. We really hope that our readers grow with us as we take steps to further our artistic bonds within the Second Life 速 community. Along with the magazine, the Twilight team is launching a website that will further assist us in our goals to share artistic ideas and techniques among artists and anyone interested in learning more about Second Life 速 art. Currently, we are preparing an editorial section that will be based on a chosen submission from you, the audience. This is intended to keep the lines open for everyone to participate in a dynamic and forward-looking project. Also included in this section will be space for gallery advertisements to help keep all the readers up to date with the ongoing exhibitions in Second Life 速. We are growing significantly and welcome any support from our readership. At this time, we are looking for writers and jurors to help us in our search of art in the far reaches of Second Life 速 and Flickr. Please contact Lyla Barbosa or myself should you feel you can contribute to any aspect of the magazine. We encourage feedback. We hope you have enjoyed this, our very first issue of Twilight magazine and will continue to support and watch where Twilight team takes you.

Belmakor Pintens