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LOGO 501(c)3 Non Profit Arts Organization After a shift in leadership, Gateway Arts Council board of trustees and staff felt a need for a new idenity. Because of the organizations longstanding relationship with its community, the change from old to new needed to feel seamless. The new logo had to recognizable and familiar to longtime supporters, but fresh to draw in new supporters and emphasize it’s new leadership and programming.

Full Color - PMS 3145C


Alt. Logo - No Symbol

PO Box 14 | 930 Wapakoneta Avenue Sidney, Ohio 45365 t: 937-498-2787 f: 937-498-2406 e:

Non-Profi t Organization U.S. Postage PAID Sidney, OH 45365 Permit No. 104

PO Box 14 Sidney OH 45365

February 18, 2010

Stan & Barb Evans 1018 Northwood Drive Sidney, OH 45365 Dear Stan & Barb, Stan & Barb Evans 1018 Northwood Drive Sidney, OH 45365

Thank you for your support of Gateway Arts Council. Generous gifts from friends like you help us serve the arts to our Shelby County community. Through your contributions, together, we made great strides in bringing the arts to more and more people last year. Your Gateway Arts Council was able to present some wonderful programming including: Red Skelton: A Performance Tribute, three national touring children shows, the Spring Fling Fine Art Show, The United States Army Field Band Volunteers, and The Glenn Miller Orchestra. We continue our acclaimed art outreach programs which annually reach thousands of children and young adults. The 2009-2010 season will be just as great and includes The Diamonds and Dallas Brass.

STATIONERY #10 Envelope

Art has everything to do with everyday life and everyday people. It is not an extravagance or a luxury; rather it is necessity for healthy human existence. With the stress of these uncertain times for all of us, the need for art is greater today than it has ever been. Perhaps, Karl Paulnack, Director of Music at The Boston Conservatory, stated it best in his address given to the parents of incoming students. “If we were a medical school, and you were here as a med student practicing appendectomies, you’ d take your work very seriously because you would imagine that some night at two in the morning someone is going to waltz into your emergency room and you’re going to have to save their life. Well, my friends, someday at eight in the evening, someone is going to walk into your concert hall and bring you a mind that is confused, a heart that is overwhelmed, or a soul that is weary. Whether they go out whole again will depend partly on how well you do your craft.” Through our programming we provide wings for hope, comfort for the heart and food for the soul.

Ellen Keyes

Our pledge is to continue to provide quality, accessible arts programming and to steward your support wisely. The enclosed cards help to tell our story and include a “Give” card. We will endeavor to contact you soon to discuss how your gift can help our efforts to touch the lives of those in our community through the arts. Art truly belongs to everyone, and is everywhere, at every time.

Executive Director


Business Card 2x3.5in.

Ellen Keyes Executive Director

8.5.x11in. Letterhead

PO Box 14 | 930 Wapakoneta Avenue Sidney, Ohio 45365 t: 937-498-2787 f: 937-498-2406 e:


KAKAH GOES THE BLACKBIRD Children’s Onomatopoeia Book To educate youth, ages pre-K to 3rd grade, about onomatapoeias through rhyme.

goes the dog running in the park.

goes the owl in the night’s black dark. Spread


LOGO Music/Art/Fashion/Culture Magazine In a world where magazines are a dime a dozen, a magazine can rise & fall within a matter of years. Matter is a fresh, thought-provoking magazine with clean design & engaging content. By profiling new & emerging music/art/fashion talent & interesting cultural trends, Matter will inform, educate, expose & inspire, and strives to inspire our readers with the latest information in music|art|fashion|culture. Matter’s passion is for fresh talent in music/art/fashion & culture. we desire to be anticipated, acknowledged, embraced and loved. The identity and brand manual ensure that Matter’s mission is met.

Primary Signature

Signature without Tagline

Signature with Symbol

november, 2008 dear readers,


in a world where magazines are a dime a dozen, we emerge. a magazine can rise and fall within a matter of years. in my quest to develop this magazine, I have learned the key to a successful magazine is clean design and engaging content. with that said, in recent months, I have watched great, innovative, fresh, clean, thought-provoking and world changing magazines fall off the stand, never to be seen again, while mindless trash remains. in an attempt to bring back aesthetics in no only looks but in content, we would like to introduce ourselves...

Mr. Aiden Wood 3245 Alden Blvd Boston MA 12345

we are matter. we are a music | art | fashion | culture magazine. we bring you anything that is emerging.

Envelope 7x4in.

our mission is to provide you with a young and fresh view of music, art, fashion and culture. we aim to profile new and emerging artists in all of these areas. we are dedicated to informing, exposing and inspiring. we believe we stand out from others like us by our ability to be in style and fresh without using Hollywood to help us do so. our purpose is not only to inform and expose, but to inspire. we will not only provide you with beautifully designed magazines, but we will do so with the environment in mind. we are dedicated to keeping you informed in ways that are convenient to you. we will evolve as you do. our passion is finding and exposing fresh talent. let us entertain you. on behalf of me and my music/art/fashion/culture-guru colleagues, welcome to matter. we promise to always provide you with quality. we hope that you will acknowledge us as a reputable source, embrace us as your friend and love us for our clean design and engaging content.

simone wilder matter founder/editor-in-chief

we are matter. we are emerging

12125 FIFTH AVENUE SUITE 1525 NY NY 10020

cheers! s.wilder

212 522 0917 v 317 752 2152 c

founder/editor-in-chief m w w w.m at te | 212 52 2 0917 | . 10 02. 0NY NY 1525 NY . | 212 522 0917 | w w 12125 FIF. TH AVENUE . SUITE NY . 10020 25 15 ITE AV EN UE SU 12125 FIF TH

6.75x10.5in Letterhead.

Business Card


matter i.d . manual

3.75x5.875in. cards

ROCK BAND POSTERS WHO: Bon Iver / Fleet Foxes WHY: To promote the concerts of Bon Iver (with A.A. Bondy) and Fleet Foxes.






CAMPAIGN CARDS Gateway Arts Council - Annual Giving Campaign “Everyone, Everywhere, Every time” Gateway Arts Council’s annual giving campaign is the organization’s opportunity to communicate to the community and supporters of GAC’s mission, accomplishments, and goals for the upcoming season, as well as ask for donations to help sustain the organization. The 2009/2010 campaign highlighted that the arts are everywhere, for everyone, and are representative of the past, present and future. The cards were designed to be shared, with each card acting as a postcard with space to place a stamp. Additionally, each card highlighted a local arts group.

Art is life, pass it on.

It is the mission of the Gateway Arts Council to promote the accessibility, creation, presentation and preservation of artistic and cultural resources for the benefit, enjoyment and enrichment of the Shelby County community.


Yes! I believe the arts are a vital part of our lives in Shelby County. Here is my gift to support the arts. Please enter my campaign gift in the name of: NAME (as you would like to be credited)

,+ producer ,+ director + choreographer + conductor + performer up to  artist

COMPANY (if applicable)

EVERYWHERE Art is right there in front of you. It is not just the painting on the wall or a vionist’s music; it is everywhere. Art is in almost everything we do. It is in the design of our clothes, homes and cars. It sells our products and educates our children. There is even art in the way we prepare our meals and eat our food.

Art is life, passADDRESS it on. place stamp here to send to a friend CITY/ STATE/ ZIP please send this card with your gift in the envelope provided or call gateway arts council to process your gift via credit card | 937-498-2787

ART IS EVERYWHERE. Gateway Arts Council strives to make the arts accessible to everyone, everywhere, at every time. | 937-498-2787



LOGO Alvetro Orthodontics, Sidney OH Following a change in interior decor of the office at Alvetro Orthodontics, the company decided to adapt their logo/identity and print material to match. The newly updated space was decorated in an african safari theme, with large colorful murals painted throughout the space.

Full Color - PMS 166U/411U


Logo Alt. Color - PMS 300C



FA I R I N G TO N D R I V E S I D N E Y , O H I O 

w w w. a l v e t r o o r t h o . co m

#10 Envelope







S I D N E Y, O H I O







Business Card 2x3.5in.


| S I D N E Y , O H I O  ... | FAX: ..


.. |


8.5.x11in. Letterhead


FOLDER PAYMENT O PTIONS Or thodontics is an excellent investment in the overall dental health and well-being of children and adults. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining this impor tant health service. Being sensitive to the fact that different people have different needs in fulfilliing their financial obligations, we provide the following payment options: INDICATIONS Dental problems related to jaw growth get worse, not better, with time. For this reason, the American Association of AME are growing rapidly, young children DATE Or thodontists recommends initial examination by an or thodontist at age P 7.ATIENT BecauseNthey benefit enormously from appliances which balance the relationship between the upper andOlower jaws andTdevelop room for FEE FOR RTHODONTIC REATMENT $ TOTAL erupting permanent teeth. L ESS E STIMATED INSURANCE* $ B RUSHING $ Early arch development and growth guidance are indicated in cases of: O THER The best way to ensure a clean and healthy smile isRby brushing and flossing. Especially during or thodointic treatment, ESPONSIBILITY $ PATIENT and gums four times daily: in the morning (after breakfast), after lunch (or right after school), after Protruding incisors brush your teeth Severe crowding Openbite dinner, and at bedtime. Bite problems Jaw disharmony Crossbite Treatment times differ from patient to patient. These payment options do not corespond with the estimated treatment time, It is impor tant to maintain appointments yourconvenience. family dentist during the course of your or thodontic butregular are merely provided with for your treatment. Your or thodontic treatment does not include cleaning, checking for cavities, extractions and other regular TIME PERIODS dental care. Please decide and notify the office of your payment option three days prior to star ting treatment. Financial documents and Two-phase treatment separates or thodontic treatment into specific time periods, with each period being the best time to treatment consents need to be taken care of before the patient can be seated. correct specific problems. Unlike medical or even conventional dental treatment, the success of your treatment depends largely upon you working in cooperation with your orthodontic team. With this in mind, we have established some policies and guidelines to make Phase One Transition Period PhaseINTwo your treatment run smoothly, on A: time and withPexcellent O PTION PAYMENT AYMENT results. FULL Active treatment Monitor growth Active treatment In a one-time payment at months the star t of treatment, a % discount for cash or check would be Treat 10 - 18 months Treat 18 - 24 given, making the following amount due: $ . A % discount for credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover) would be given, making the L OOSE OR B ROKEN BANDS/B RACKETS following amount due: $ . PHASE O NE Early intervention consists of jaw modification (or thopedics) when both permanent and baby teeth are present. The first Although or thodontic and wires are made very durable materials placed on the teeth with great phase is directed more at your child’s muscles and jawsappliances than the teeth, although some of concerns regarding tooth and positioning care, breakage can occur. Most breakage can be avoided by care ofofappliances, avoiding may be addressed. The goal of this phase is to create theOhealthiest possible forproper the eruption permanent teeth. hard and sticky foods PTIONout B:environment O FFICE PAYMENT PLAN andfor objects of the mouth. Breakage can cause significant treatment delay. The first phase of treatment mayand notkeeping preventfingers the need phase two. An initial payment of $ is due when treatment begins, with the balance paid in monthly payments of $ . Automatic direct withdrawal from your checking or savings is available for monthly payments. There will be no finance charges unless the account is 60 PHASE TWO arrears. The second and final phase of active treatment begins at the time the lastdays babyinteeth are lost. Final correction of tooth Our office observes the following protocol repairs: position, space closure, root paralleling and other refinements, which are impor tant to for functions and stability, are achieved during this stage. There will be a second fee presented when the second phase of treatment begins. • First two breakages: Charge O PTION C: O RTHODONTICNo FEE PLAN


Folder Inside

No initial payment • Third breakage: Consultation with patient and parent concerning breakage TWO -PHASE TREATMENT Take up to 60 months to pay (a financing charge will be assessed) • Four th breakage: $40 perservice bracket/band Fast, confidential by phone (good credit standing required) Less need to remove teeth Less time in full braces Toll-free 1-800-3393 Less need for jaw surgery Reduced risk of tooth fracture Improved self-image Improved function


*I F


Orthodontics Lisa Alvetro Alvetro Orthodontics Alvetro Lisa Alvetro Orthodontics Alvetro Lisa Alvetro DDS, MSD, I NC .

New Patient Folder



AIR FAIR PROMOTIONAL POSTER WHO: Sidney Municipal Airport’s Air Fair WHY: Each year the Sidney Municipal Airport has an Air Fair at the airport. In an attempt to draw more people to the show, the committee sought a look that was a bit more sophisticated than their “clip-art” posters in the past. This poster highlights the event’s major attraction–WWII planes–while providing the necessary information.


UPS BROWN GROWS GREEN WHO: UPS WHY: As a part of UPS’ corporates social responsibility campaign, UPS pledges to be a completely carbon neutral company by 2015, and carbon negative in the years following. UPS was the first package delivery company to introduce a hybrid electric vehicle into daily operations with a research program it launched in early 1998. In 2001, the company deployed the industry’s first hybrid electric package car into regular service in Huntsville, Ala., where the truck worked a 31-mile route with about 160 pickups and deliveries each day. It has since introduced many more, but the company wanted to go further making carbon neutrality their prime social responsibility program by switching all of their vehicles to HEV’s and modifying their packaging matericals to be biodegradable and made of recycled goods. UPS wanted to adapt the look of the trucks to showcase their efforts. They also sought to create some advertisements for magazines. Characteristically known by the color brown, UPS’ campaign would use the taglines Brown is Growing Green, UPS Grows, We’re Growing.



UPS is committed to making the world a better place one package at a time. While we have actively worked to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth by

HEV Delivery Trucks

Magazine Ad

introducing HEVs and other alternatively fueled vehicles, we are now pleadging to go completely green. All vehicles will be HEV, hydrogen fuel cell, or other alternatively fueled vehicles. UPS will use 100% recycled paper and packaging. UPS will use soy inks. Join us as we work to become carbon neutral by 2015. We realize the importance of taking care of our world and we hope you do too! Grow green with us at

Ryan Meeds


Tommy Kettlehake


Jeremy Mumpower DESIGN FORUM

SINCLAIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE PORTFOLIO SHOW WHO: Sinclair Community College Design Department WHY: Each year the SCC design department chooses a student to develop the visual theme


for the portfolio show. For this, I came up with a design inspired by famed graphic designer, David Carson, with an emphasis on type and punchy colors. Key elements include stacked type, an emphasis on length and catchy phrases. There were three phases of posters to help build excitement, with the first aimed at students within the program and the last aimed to advertise to the college community.

3:30 panel speakers talk to everyone 12x36in.

schedule of events 3:00 3:30 5:00 5:00 6:00 7:30 8:30

visual communications

student registration/setup panel speakers 1st year students open house evaluator registration evaluations friends/family open house closing

panel speakers jon blunt


Jon Blunt, a graduate of Indiana University with a BS in Business/Marketing began his professional career in Dayton working for Elder Beerman Department Stores where he was a buyer in the men’s and children’s departments. His interior design career began while he was working for Architects Associated, INC. in 1994 while attending Sinclair Community College. He graduated from Sinclair in 1996 with an Associates of Technical Studies in Interior Design/Architectural Drafting. Jon continued working for AAI following graduation and was a part of the design team for the Dayton Dragons stadium. Jon’s design focus became more residential in 1998 when he went to work for Stegman’s Fine Furniture. In 2001, Jon moved to his current position as interior designer with Luken Interiors. His tenure at both firms included working on many individual residences plus being involved in many showhome projects. The Conservatory Room in the 2005 Design Showhouse garnered an award for both Jon and Mr. Luken from Cincinnatti Magazine as an outstanding residential single room project. Jon is currently serving as the President-Elect for the Ohio South/Kentucky Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

tommy kettlehake

tammy abner john adkins danton baker sarah bechstein duane belcher jennifer blankenship janell broering nikki bullock jeff carr amanda cool tommy cooper malorie cox ashton daley justin deeter carrie deweese andrea dozier jonathan drummond victoria duke michael earle brian gerhardstein joel gillespie seth gooch tiffany good troy graham josh greschner kathryn grigsby amanda jennings scott johnson jameson jones michael jones chhaya kim jenn ladu daniel lind carolyn lyttle randy miller rick monroe justin myers troy myers william myers julia nessle katie nutt natalie o’connor casie robinson matt seibert matthew shinall kelli sommer jordan stine lawanda stonerock ashley tabor will thorpe miriam wasserman joseph werner brian wiemer tiffany wildermuth

UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON PRINTING AND DESIGN Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Tommy first realized his passion for graphic design after winning a grade school poster contest. Throughout his school years he excelled in every area of the arts. After high school, he served in the United States Navy aboard two aircraft carriers where he was able to see the world and begin interior design to chart a course for his life. Through high winds and mandy armstrong heavy seas, Tommy navigated his way back to Dayton kristi ashford nicole brumbaugh to embark on his career in aviation. After spending jessica greene twenty years in aviation, he looked around and realized nataleigh haggard that his dream as a young boy to be an artist was renee hill not being fulfilled. At the age of thirty-eight Tommy mollee hundt enrolled in the Visual Communication Design program misti jones at Sinclair Community College where two years later homa khalili he graduated with honors. With his ship now set on elizabeth kleimann a steady course, in 2002 he began working at the laura little tammy maleski University of Dayton Printing and Design. Tommy is a janet miller Digital Imaging Specialist and is currently attending UD traci rhodehamel part-time working on his Bachelor’s in Communication angela rice and Electronic Media. During his voyage through lisa riley college Tommy began to apply his knowledge of design amanda roosa toward video and multi-media. From 03 to 05 he served shaina walters as the Multi-Media Director at Miami Valley Christian personal interest/ Center and liberal arts produced a weekly one hour program that aired lucy leaverton regularly on Fox 45 WRGT-TV. From 06 to 08 he daniel meade worked part-time as a camera operator and director with AP Productions. In his spare time, Tommy is a faculty cynthis cully freelance videographer and dreams of one day having charli dunford his own mobile production company. Tommy accredits kyle fisk his wife Cheryl, and their two kids lil’ Tommy and Mindy, jonh getrost as being the compass in his life that has helped him set diana leekus his sails in the right direction. susan phillabaum amanda romero tim ryan jeremy mumpower adam thompson DESIGN FORUM After participating as a student designer in the Sinclair Special thanks to the Portfolio show design committee, Jeremy graduated facutly for all of their with his associates degree in visual communications guidance through our from SCC in the spring of 2003. Immediately after journey in design! his career at Sinclair, Jeremy continued to advance Many thanks to his education at Bowling Green State University in Katherine Trigg and Susan Shirley Ohio. Through Bowling Green’s co-op program, along with the faculty Jeremy served as a designer in the Creative Services for their help with Department of the Cincinnati Reds in 2004-2005. the show! There he worked on many high-profile projects, including logo design (Sarasota Reds team identity & mural art for the Reds front office), and commemorative championship banners; all of which are still in use inside Great American Ballpark and throughout the Cincinnati Reds organization today. in 2005 he earned his B.S. in Visual Communications Technology. Following graduation, he began his career in Columbus in the marketing & PR and design communications industries. Currently Jeremy continues to pursue his passion

design portfolio show 2008 team tiffany wildermuth, ART DIRECTOR; carrie deweese; tommy cooper


tiffany good

Name Tag 3x4in.

Program 4x11.75in.

Favor Bag Design


Various companies & organizations These are logos I developed for companies and organizations mostly in the Sidney/ Shelby County community.

Tiffany Wildermuth | Portfolio  
Tiffany Wildermuth | Portfolio  

Graphic design portfolio of Tiffany Wildermuth