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Personalized Invitations Can Be Used For Any Kind Of Party Think about the last party you threw. You might have just bought the pre-packaged invitations and jotted down the time, date and R.S.V.P information, leaving most of your energy for the decorations and the menu. But, wonder if straight from the beginning, you added a special extra touch. Suppose your spouse is coming up on their 40th birthday and you would like to do something special that they will never forget. How great would a baby picture of him be for the invitation? Exactly what do you remember about the last wedding invitation you received? Maybe it was fairly bland, a card with the exact same generic blurbs that most of your friends and acquaintances all used? What if instead you received a customized invitation complete with a photo of the engaged-couple riding a pack mule from their recent trip into the distant mountains of the Andes? Which one will be more memorable? When you and your fiancée are arranging this momentous occasion, shouldn’t your invitations be an extension of your own personal lives? Not only the rote and typical verses, but including that little whimsical part of yourselves that friends and loved-ones admire and come to expect? The first important step in the whole celebration occasion will start with the personalized invitations. A means to give those potential guests a little taste of what is yet to come. How fun would a Halloween party be if your invitation had a picture of the host and hostess donned in their creepiest attire? Or maybe a retirement party that you include a picture of the guest of honor donning the fashionable clothing that was worn back when they were hired, possibly some twenty or thirty years before? Some of the time, the photo can say it all, so you only imagine how great it would be to put a picture of your grandparent's back from their wedding on the invitation for their 50th wedding anniversary. People love a good party, so why not add a little of that extra personal touch when pulling the entire theme together. A high school graduation party invitation that features a picture of the graduate from their kindergarten days would certainly incite a tear or two from a melancholy parent or a “Welcome Home” celebration for your military family member finally home from a lengthy tour overseas that included a photo of them dressed in full regalia is certain to pull on a few heartstrings. It could be fun, simple and not overly expensive to have personalized invitations, which is always something a bride or another devoted party planners are aware of. Having an invitation that has a more personal touch won't just help to get the overall party theme and vibe going, but your guests might be more enthusiastic in terms of responding to the party. If you're a non-traditional couple, let your personalities shine on the invitation that will show your unique style and tastes. How fun would it be to have an invitation that looked like a menu, if you or your fiancee is a chef? Let your imagination run wild. In the end, it's your party and you're able to set the stage right from the beginning when that person rips open their invitation and writes it on the calendar or puts it in their phone. Everyone is going to remember this party. You can easily show the world your brand new bundle of joy utilizing personalized photo invitations for your baby shower. For even more info on S&R Favors, pay a visit to them at the website, SR Favors

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Personalized Invitations Can Be Used For Any Kind Of Party Document Tags: personalized photo invitations, personalized birthday invitations, personalized invitations, personalized party invitations

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Personalized Invitations Can Be Used For Any Kind Of Party