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Photography by Maya Poetry by Samana The High School Play Symphonies for Change Visual Art by Paul Creative Writing by Annie Dark Kings’ Tribe Visual Art by Isabel Photography by Nella

Cover photo by Matthew Lamont inspired by Banksy

Photography What do you like to photograph? “I find myself taking photographs of nature most of the times, I think that's because within my photographs I can preserve the beauty of the world. Especially today where the environment is so quickly being destroyed, therefore, with my photographs I want to show people the beauty which they are destroying and perhaps will make a small change.”

What is the importance of photography in your life? “Photography is important to me because it is capturing moments that might never happen again. It is going back to moments, learning from them and understanding them at another level. But, honestly, taking photos is just something I love to do.”

“The inspiration was capturing moments that you couldn’t experience twice” -Maya Haldorsen

Literature- Poetry

The end of Humanity - Samana Khimji

There is no eleven to My seven seconds in heaven Inscribed as my utopian life, Do you know “if” is the middle word of the shoelace of life? Keep your head up when you’re losing the knot to different ends You’re successful when you can hang onto one string, Trust yourself when all men doubt your strength Life is inscribed in clichés like this poem, Poets display their confusion, What makes sense? You’re reading me but I’m writing through an eccentric lens, My expectations and thoughts are wrecked by a one-sided fence Man’s dwelling is a white sepulcher Nature without man turns lush when older Because there’s no man to ignite a fire, and let the crops smolder Carrying a stench of greed Mirrored rows of sinful deed We are the ragged clothes Bowing at nature’s roots, in guilty rows Like a washing line coated in mud We camouflage our sinful woes Among the trees and the richest soils and seas

Temptation and greed is man’s drug I saw a dog with rabies balancing on a fishing line, That’s my horror Anytime, I’m due a fall I witness a con being isolated in the perils of nature, Nature’s revenge on him, That’s my horror, -My next call. I saw my hand untie the shoelace, Two hanging strings, To retie them I cannot, That’s my horror, Fear, and crawling along the same path for the rest of my life Unrequited life. I snuffle the dead rows of wise trees That’s my horror, No more pure oxygen, I’m stuck in an artificially pumped hall, We’re crouched together Arranged like Lego Stiff not letting go Of any wisp of air that currently clogs The hall- that is cluttered with a misty fog I’ve never paid attention to someone breathe, I regret appreciating the value of a fresh breeze.

We fear to forbid, Our lusts are morbid, Characterized by selfish gain Work no pain No work no pain, Pain is numb I fed her morphine So she sleeps Heavier than a teenager on Codeine Because I rely on sedating For immortally consuming and eliminating The consequence and pain Because I don’t want to see Man is dark-souled The more you rummage through The more deterrence it’ll do To your soul, This is how the world ends! Not with a bang, because it started with a bang, But with a wail, Because man’s soul is derailed And it’s too late, To compensate, We’re carrying ourselves in empty crates, Burying them in the sepulcher away from the sea, Away from a tree, Boomeranged out of this planet Earth, Nature, as you please.


“This was one bright play”

Too much light makes the baby go blind In the December of 2015 the IB2s organized the annual high school play. The play consisted of 30 plays in 60 minutes, the audience would call on a number and that number of play would be presented. The play’s genre was “Neo-Futurism”, which is a very modern type of play in the history of theatre- Google it for more information. High School Play consisted of a variety of talented High School students coming together and forming part of an ensemble alongside producers; directors; stage managers; costume, prop and set designers; house managers; poster and design crew; assistant managers; and even a Tech crew. It was a 3 day show, and from what we hear, it was definitely worth the watch- theatre always is. Have you ever thought of joining theatre? Well, there’s always space outside our comfort zone. See you there the upcoming year.

Embrace music as a service to all Symphonies for Change are a CAS group initiated to spread awareness about the different global issues that form part of society today.

We continued to talk to the group, asking in continuation “Who makes the lyrics? Where do you find the inspiration?” Here we got a very clear reply from the group:

To look deeper into this beautiful project to make the world better with music we contacted the group. The group leaders: Benjamin Bruhn, Aryan Tripathi, Anshul and Dagmawit told us different lots of information about their project; We began by asking what all students would want to know about such a group. “Why is it that music has importance in your life?” To which the group answered: To us music is a way of not only relieving stress but also of going to another level. Through music, we are also able raise awareness about important issues such as substance abuse, water pollution etc. It makes reaching out and relating to people much easier too. “How do you compose?” one may ask: We start off by brainstorming about different issues that are affecting both the IST and Dar Es Salaam community. We split into different groups,

Music Sectio n

which start making the lyrics according to the chosen topic” was what the talented folk responded. We also wanted to find out a little about their musical choices, “What genre do you play and make?” we asked. To which the group replied: “We play everything from rock to pop to hip hop.” We can definitely see the music jumping out of your responses Symphonies Group.

The lyrics are written by the students as a group. The lyrics are inspired by issues affecting our community and the world around us.

S] Finally, we closed down by asking the group about its members and their tasks at hand: The groups consists of 4 leaders as mentioned before, and each of them have another task at hand. Benjamin plays the drums, Aryan the Violin, Dagmawit has been blessed with the voice of a nightingale and Anshul plays the piano very well. Other than that, members include: Inonge who sings along with Dagmawit and the rest of the CAS group which play various different instruments: Abby (Trombone), Vivienne + Tamara-Jo + Julie (Saxophone), Basliel (Guitar and Lyricist), Simran (Piano and Clarinet), Selina (Piano and Clarinet), Sara (Piano), and Tomi (Guitar).

Visual Arts

“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.” ~James McNeil Whistler

What type of art do you do? What genre?

Paul Myles is a visual artist who paints with realism. The delicate strokes and nuances in color within his artwork leaves an audience feeling creatively and artistically inspired all the time! This is an image I completed over the Christmas break. It is an experimentation of realism with oil pastels. It’s inspired by the style of the Austrian artist Mercedes Helnwein who does portraits using graphite pencils, colored pencils, and oil pastels. It wasn’t a person I chose so there isn’t any symbolism behind it but was a fun and interesting exercise. I used a wide range of saturated colors that are the basis for skin tone. When blended with lighter and more neutral colors create a striking and accurate portrait when viewed from a distance.

I have a strong aversion to acrylic paints, preferring to work with watercolors or solely pencil. I enjoy practicing portraits with graphite and paying close attention to details. Watercolors have very unique properties since they are much more liquid than acrylic and create an interesting landscape as well.

Why is art important to you? Art is a form of expression. I’m not saying art has to have some deep meaning or symbolism, and forcing that into work is far from productive. But the procedure is a reflection of the artist and often can be seen from an analysis of the piece. It shows passions and emotions that I don’t tend to expose, at least… to me it does.

Literature- Creative Writing The Everyday Epitome - Annie Chopra

Losing yourself to your soul “Sometimes life takes you to a place, where you do not want to be led. It takes you there even if you try to run away from it, because it is meant to be yours. There can be two reasons to why you decide to abandon the path that you subconsciously choose, either you are frightened that you will discover something you have been long searching for but it will not give you the results you desire, or it will change you in a way that you will not be able to retrieve yourself back. Then there comes a point, where you have to take that path, but you are scared to go there alone, knowing that it is the only way to go. But then again, if it is the path that you looked upon once with the longing eyes to take, there will always be a way for you to have a safer, a smoother ride. You are never going to be fully protected, but life is not about protection it’s about challenging yourself to do new things even if it takes the means of losing your life, you have to keep going forward, and to go forward you have to make choices, take risks. We all ask once in a while for life to be easier, but when we think about it more deeply, when we understand that these obstacles make us who we are; we start dealing with them rather than running away. You should never walk away from your problems, you should be your own bodyguard, you should know that at one point, every single person in your life will not be there to be a shield. You will be your only helper, your only support, and your only reason to be. And that is the phase where you will realize you are your own angel and you will finally know what your life is there for. If you have ever gotten into trouble it is solely because of you, if you have gotten out, is has been due to your efforts, never blame your problems on someone, never give someone the credit you deserve. Life is crazy, it drives you crazy, it brings you face to face with so many people, some leave you others try their best to hang on, but sometimes life wants you to feel isolated, it wants you to face challenges, it wants to see what you are capable of, it wants to see if you have the courage to prove it wrong, that you know how to handle your problems, that you know how to get over your fears. As Paulo Coelho said in one of his greatest works “Nothing in life is completely wrong. Even a stopped watch shows the right time twice a day.” Just like that many times the path you choose will lead you where you didn’t wish to be, many times you will think you have made the wrong decision. But one day, when you sit back and flash back through every detail of your life you will understand that nothing was worth the regret. All you did was all you wanted, and at that time you did think about it. At times I go back to the days, sitting, crying, but never regretting. At times I laugh at the misery I was in just because of the tiniest details, which now make no difference to my life. But then I realize that that was what made me stronger, what made me become who I am now, and I know it might not be exactly what I wanted to be but I am happy, I am walking closer towards the future, noticing the ups and downs of life, and just as I always say “I am creating my destiny every day that passes by.” I love, though I know how many times it has hurt me, I trust, even when many people have broken it. But, just because once something went wrong does not mean you should stop living. Do not commit the same mistakes, be conscious of what you do, but never stop yourself from committing a new mistake, mistakes are the forces that lead you forward, mistakes are jeopardy . And, jeopardy is life.” And that is when Adriana put her pen down. Realizing that this was not where life was meant to end.


“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~William Shakespeare

whether it comes to sport, or academics or even our social beings.”

The DKT “Dark Kings’ Tribe” is a group of musicians who produce music as a passion. Using music as a means of finding an identity, the boys have grown a personal connection among themselves that was empowered through this project.

–Mubanga Peeperkorn.

Group members: King Flux aka Yung Flux (Lewis McAra) King Maddox aka Maddox (Matthew Lamont) King Lupus aka Solitarius Lupus (Mubanga Peeperkorn) King Slim aka Slim Jimmy (Jimmy Sana) We began by asking them about how they formed their group, to which the group answered: “It was only in 10th grade when we all got very close. I think that is the most important thing about us, we are not really a group, we are a family; more of a brotherhood. We started off as “Royale Tz beats”- the starting production label we used on our amatuer songs but also on little projects that we would do, such as, documentary productions and other media forms.

striving to just be the best,

We were all hanging out one day and we decided that we needed to call our brotherhood something better than just “Royale tz” because it did not really have anything personal to say about us nor did it have any connection to us. We were first thinking of what commonalities we all had, and we struggled for a bit, things such as “Dark nights” and “Royale kings” came up but it just didn’t stick. We started to think about our roots and we all have some type of relation with Africa. We then came up with the two words that would come before tribe, Dark and Kings more or less because they just sounded powerful and matched together. We do like to see ourselves as kings at times, not in an arrogant way but just with the traits that we all individually possess and our

“The name “DKT” is not only relevant to us four, but also to all our friends who make those ‘situations’ become memories. When we all graduate in the year of 2017, I see our grade not only being consolidated as a family, but also leaving behind the TRIBE legacy. Yes, we are the four that created the name and the idea, however everyone is part of the movement which is the feeling and experiences of living here; because who else can possibly relate to the memories and unique characteristics that makes TZ our home. - Matthew Lamont. Can you tell us more about the genre you compose music in? The genre that we produce would fall under the category of Hip-Hop/Rap, simply because we all enjoy that type of music the most. However within HipHop/Rap there are numerous different styles and approaches to music.

We aim to produce tracks that fall under any genre, but generally Hip-Hop/Rap. But, honestly the nicest part about doing something completely original, we do whatever we feel is “hot” for the beat and for the current mood and what we are trying to communicate to the fans. Sometimes it would be a beat that features more of a typical modern beat, which consists of a lot of 808’s and electronic synths. But we also like to experiment with beats using our own vocals and then snapping into a “repeat” and just making a beat off our own vibes and then we would rap over that. Originality within our music is key - we follow our own

guidelines and create whatever sounds and feels right to us. Who inspires you to compose your music? We have loads of rappers and producers that inspire us, almost too many to name. Some rappers or rap groups include A Tribe Called Quest, PRO ERA, and Logic. –Slim Jimmy Why is Music important to you? Music is important to us as a collective and as individuals in so many different ways. Possibly the most important reason as to why music is important to us, is that it gives us space to be

creative and innovative. Music allows us as a group to be unique and express our talents as well as what we love doing such as producing, writing lyrics, recording and creating new ideas. Music is a way of merging our creative thinking and it ultimately brings us together. Listening to music gives us a drive to create our own sounds, always trying different techniques and styles attempting to out do our previous work.

To conclude… If there is anything that you must know, or take away it will be this. Tribe. Really. Is . Behind . Everything

The Visual

Arts Section

Isabel Van Geldren is one of the most talented artists in IST who produces exemplary portraits and surrealist paintings. This was the most recent final piece that I did in art. It is inspired by Salvador Dali and it initially symbolizes equality between the sexes. In our aim towards feminism, women tend to want to work in solidarity as a gender and that is why the face is looking away. The world/ground is represented as an unstable upside down swirl that comes in between our views because others influence how we think about these issues without seeing both sides of the story. The idea is that ignorance of what is needed on both sides of the spectrum is what is keeping us from the light. If the painting is turned upside down, the ground no longer dictates the limits, rather figures fly together in unison in a brighter setting. Genre of art: I tend to go into more of a surrealism genre as it gives more room to play with ideas or contrastingly I also like realism (mainly with figures/faces).

How is art important to you? Art is a form of expression that relaxes the soul. If you love it, it can become an escape that leads you into a world of wonder. As long as the passion is adequate and it means more than what meets the eye, it doesn’t matter what skill level you reach as an individual. Once art gives you the freedom to search every corner of your imagination, the magic will begin.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke� - Jerzy Kosinski

Photography by: Cornelia Marais

“My dad plays a big part towards my inspiration in photography.”

Photography is one of the creative sections of IST that has not yet been fully manifested. So we dug deeper and found a few amazing photographers willing to share their spectacular stories with us, one of them being Cornelia Marais; Learn through experience: I love photography, and once I had a beautiful experience. I was taking the picture of a cow when I had gone to Moshi. There was a big lake and we decided to stop. I saw this herd of cows and I decided to go and see if I could get any pictures. I noticed this one calf in particular who was lying down and I decided to try and get close enough and take some pictures of her. I sat with her for about half an hour or more, and eventually the calf allowed me to pet her. This experience taught me that in order to really get the images you want, especially with animals, you need to be patient and try to get the animal comfortable enough with you.

“Photography is not only a way to express self, but a way of telling stories”

Profile for TWIGARTS

Twigarts Collaboration Issue #1  

This is an International School of Tanganyika CAS project initiated by Annie Chopra and Samana Khimji. It is a creative magazine focusing on...

Twigarts Collaboration Issue #1  

This is an International School of Tanganyika CAS project initiated by Annie Chopra and Samana Khimji. It is a creative magazine focusing on...

Profile for twigarts