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7 Frequently Utilized Wood Types for Hardwood Floors Are you looking for the types of wood used for hardwood floors which you may use for your house? It might actually be best if you will be the one to choose the type that you are going to utilize as it will give more satisfaction. Select one that best suits your taste and style. If you prefer your home to have an easygoing appearance then go for light wood. If you desire a formal setting, select dark wood. It also should complement your furniture. However you have to keep in mind that quality is a very important factortoo, when choosing the kind of wood. Lastly, it has to fit your budget. Offered below are a few of the common wood types made use of for hardwood flooring so continue reading. One of the commonly used wood types is white oak. It could be brown in color but it might also have a grayish cast. It has many swirls and burns and has a rugged grain. It is more heavy duty and harder compared to the following kind, red oak. Red oak has a reddish color and is the most favored flooring option in America. It also has a coarse grain but with less swirls and burns. It is dense and stiff and has the ability to withstand wear but is not as good as white oak. Another kind is beech. This one has a reddish brown color. Its grain is very consistent. This type of wood resists shock very well however is less long lasting than the first 2 types. The next kind is birch which can be dark brownish red in color or light yellow. Compared to red oak, this one is softer but is still a tough wood. Next is cherry wood. It has a light brown color and is soft. Because of this, it is not utilized for the whole entire floor. It is typically just used as an accent or ornamental wood. Pine wood is also commonly used in hardwood floors. Its look has lots of knots and swirls and is yellowish brown in color. Its hardness is nearly the same as red oak. Just what makes it a really good wood for hardwood flooring is that it naturally withstands insects. The last kind included in this listing is Douglas fir which has a yellowish tan color. This wood can dent easily and is soft so it is only utilized in specific flooring circumstances. Those are simply a few of the kinds of wood which are made use of in hardwood floors. Prior to going to a store, you must first measure your floor so that you might approximate the price of different flooring possibilities.

7 Typically Utilized Wood Types for Hardwood Floors, 7 Typically Used Wood Types for Hardwood Floors, 7 Commonly Utilized Wood Types for Hardwood Floors

7 Frequently Utilized Wood Types for Hardwood Floors  

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