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opinion TWHS saw some drastic changes this school year with the implementation of the red and green day schedule that was created in order to accommodate new testing arrangements for the underclassmen this year. The test itself, the STAAR test, is taking the place of TAKS for all sophomores and juniors. The reason for all year classes, instead of

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow.” -Lao Tzu

Red and Green Day

block schedule, is that the Star Test is more of an endof-course final than just a standardized test that you take in March. This test will challenge students to push themselves academically, more so than the beloved TAKS test. There are a few disadvantages to the changes but for the most part, it has seemed to benefit students. Stress levels have seemed to take a dive and students seem to

be more enthusiastic about the school week. First, the curriculum seems to be a lot more relaxed because teachers now have an entire year to teach material rather than just five months. The stress enduced weekly testing schedule has bid TWHS adieu. Having classes every other day also gives students an extra day to finish their work or study

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for an upcoming test. Another plus for students is the sixteen-minute advisory period. This gives students a chance to complete any unfinished assignments for third or fourth period and study for tests as well. Students who take AP classes are also at an advantage because they will still be enrolled in their class right before AP testing begins. This will

social monotony from last year will no longer persist. The only denizens of the school suffering in this situation are the teachers, and we here at The Caledonian feel deeply for you. That being said, it still seems as if the cons are far offset, in response to these advantages. Whenever you see an assistant principal, feel free to thank them for doing their fantastic job.

Favorite Day and Why?

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give them a chance to review course material without having to attend after school review sessions in addition to having the material fresh in their minds. No one wants to relive the time they spent in cramped, uncomfortable, classrooms , furiously trying to relearn an entire classload. Furthermore, students will benefit from seeing new peers everyday; the

“Green, it’s easier.”

Garrett Sanders, 12

“Red, I have better classes.”

All letters will be checked for authenticity and may be edited for length, clarity, grammar and appropriateness. Letters to the Editor that contain malicious content and/or contain apparent personal grudges or vendettas will not be printed.

Angelina Pavlich, 11

“Green, Mrs. Landsbaum.”

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Alex Perrotti, 10

“I love both days equally.”

*compiled by Sydney Timm

Mrs. Carlisle, Faculty


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