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sporting your opinion What is your favorite thing about football season?

Reid Howard 12th “Watching my friends play.”

Marissa Lipar 12th “Pep Rallies.”

Chase Giles 11th “The Cheerleaders.”

Woodlands triumphant at friday night lights bruin bourgeois staff writer

The 2012 Cross Country season came to life under the bright lights at Bear Branch Park, which revealed an intense competition on Aug. 31. The boys varsity race was made up of 15 different teams and over 100 runners competed in that single race, which was four kilometers. The Woodlands finished first with a total of 38 points and Cedar Park was close behind with a score of 41 points. CypressCreek was a distant third, finishing with 168 points. Brigham Hedges, a senior from TWHS, placed No.3 overall and finished No.1 for the team with a time of 12:58 for the four kilometer race.

New j.d. telford

Kristen Vairin 10th “Tailgating before the games”

Jill Malpass Faculty “Going to football games.”

*compiled by Hayden Stanifer

staff writer

As of Aug. 1, a group of about 30 rowers no longer had access to a boathouse, or boats after severing ties with the Rowing Club of The Woodlands. They decided to make a new team that is now known as Parati Competitive Rowing. Just as the name Parati (“ready and able” when translated from Latin) suggests, this determined group of athletes would not be defeated by the lack of equipment that makes their sport a reality. After run-

“The race was good for blowing out the pipes and to get ready for bigger, more important races,” Hedges said. “I’m not afraid of competition and I would like to start out faster and end stronger next time.” While things on the varsity level ran smoothly, there was a hiccup in the JV race. In an effort to save time, race officials prematurely stopped the runners during their race, cutting off the last mile. Senior Jonathon Martinez, describes the event. “They didn’t tell us our times or places that we finished, and the course was cut short, leaving all teams disgruntled and outraged,” Martinez said. Many athletes still had a great time and competition. However,

crew ning three car washes at Chick-fil-A and receiving donations, the new club has purchased five doubles and five singles boats. While waiting for the boats to arrive, they continued to practice at Northshore Park, in the shadow of their former home away from home. All the optimistic rowers are looking forward to starting a new season, and a new chapter in their lives. “The team will do great, and we will succeed on many levels,” senior Daniel Dalton said, “I expect

there were some accusations that the TWHS cross country team cheated during the Junior Varsity race. Other athletes claimed it to be four kilometers long when it was actually two kilometers after the cutoff. However, since the meet itself was hosted by TWHS girls cross country team, the boys cross country team was unaware of the change in race plans. Assistant Coach Justin Gretzinger summarized the success of the night. “We ran hard tonight, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, but a win is a win so I guess that will do for now,” Gretzinger said. The next meet for the team will be in two weeks at Atascocita High School.

in that many of us will go to nationals.” Coach Mike Rosman, who left with the rowers and helped start up the new club, has a very bright outlook on the future of the team. “We believe that this team will have a huge impact on the local community and give kids the chance to learn and compete in the sport of rowing, Rosman said, “This program is made up of talented and hardworking kids who are able to compete on the regional and national level.” In the future, Rosman wants to build

The next meet to be hosted at Bear Branch Park will be the biggest cross country meet in the south, Nike South. Nike South will be on Oct. 6, and will include teams from all over Texas and Louisiana. There are two thousand runners in Nike South. The Woodlands previously placed third in last year’s Nike South event. The scores are determined by who has the lowest scores. The higher the runners place, the lower the score. “Our team wants to place as high as we can while keeping composure,” Craig Irvin said. “We would also like to do as well in the State Championship as possible in order to continue our season into the national championship, Nike Cross Nationals.”

town on the outstanding amount of work and sacrifice by the rowers and their parents to become one of the best teams in the nation. With the addition of new strength and conditioning coach Robert Duffy, the rowers hope to increase their speed on the water by having a separate, rigorous workout off the water. The new workout includes weight lifting, cardio, and dieting. On Sept. 29, the new team will have their first taste of the competition in Oklahoma City at the annual Head of the Oklahoma Regatta.

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