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‫بسم اهلل الرحمن الرحيم‬

‫ توفيق نادر توفيق‬/ ‫الطالب‬ Comparative Architecture Thought

/ ‫اشراف‬ ‫الدكتور ف اروق مفتي‬ ‫المهندس أحمد ف الته‬ Home work 9

Eden Project Eden Project is a huge environmental industrial complex in England. Is a complex of several domes each of which simulates a particular biological environment containing numerous varieties of plants from different parts of the world. Domes made ​up of hundreds of parts hexagonal shape with some parts pentagonal shape. Domes made ​of Material Alatvee plastic. First those domes mimicked the environment tropics. Construction of the project took two and a half years, until it was opened to the public on March 17, 2001. Today, the Eden Project has become one of the most parts attract visitors in Britain.

Jean-Marie Tjibaou cultural cente The Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre, on the narrow Tinu Peninsula, approximately 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) northeast of the historic centre of NoumĂŠa, the capital of New Caledonia, celebrates the vernacular Kanak culture, the indigenous culture of New Caledonia, amidst muchpolitical controversy over the independent status sought by the Kanaks from French colonial rule. It opened in June 1998 and was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and named after Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the leader of the independence movement who was assassinated in 1989 and who had a vision of establishing a cultural centre which blended the linguistic and artistic heritage of the Kanak people. The Kanak building traditions and the resources of modern international architecture were blended by Piano. The formal curved axial layout, 250 metres (820 ft) long on the top of the ridge, contains ten large conical cases or pavilions (all of different dimensions) patterned on the traditional Kanak Grand Hut design. The building is surrounded by landscaping which is also inspired by traditional Kanak design elements. [2] [3] [4] Marie Claude Tjibaou, widow of Jean Marie Tjibaou and current leader of the Agency for the Development of Kanak Culture (ADCK), observed: "We, the Kanaks, see it as a culmination of a long struggle for the recognition of our identity; on the French Government's part it is a powerful gesture of restitution.

Richard Rogers master plan of majorca Parc Balearic Information Technology (ParcBIT) is an initiative by the Balearic Government, as part of the ExpoCities Project under the European Union Thermie Programme, to generate a new approach to living and working environments. Drivers of the scheme are the provision of leading edge telecommunications links, a modern, sustainable and efficient infrastructure, and a high quality built environment After winning an international competition in 1994, the practice was commissioned to plan a mixed use live/work community for some 5,000 inhabitants on a site that lies 12 km north of Palma. Located on agricultural land next to Mallorca’s university campus, ParcBIT, is bounded to the east and west by development but by open country to the north. An existing Finca (farm house) which is preserved in the new plan is sited on the prow of the ridge in the centre of the site, between two torrent valleys which take water run-off from the mountains to the sea.

Getty Center The Getty Center, in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, is a campus for the J. Paul Getty Trust founded by oilman J. Paul Getty. The $ 1.3 billion center, which opened on December 16, 1997, [2] is also well known for its architecture, gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles. The center sits atop a hill connected to a visitors' parking garage at the bottom of the hill by a three-car, cable-pulled tram. The center draws 1.3 million visitors annually. It is one of two locations of the J. Paul Getty Museum. This branch of the museum specializes in "pre20th-century European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, and decorative arts; and 19th-and 20th-century American and European photographs". [3] Among the works on display is the painting Irises by Vincent van Gogh. Besides the museum, the center's buildings house the Getty Research Institute (GRI), the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, and the administrative offices of the J. Paul Getty Trust, which owns and operates the center. The center also has outdoor sculptures displayed on terraces and in gardens. Designed by architect Richard Meier, the campus includes a central garden designed by artist Robert Irwin. GRI's separate building contains a research library with over 900,000 volumes and two million photographs of art and architecture. The center's design included special provisions to address concerns regarding earthquakes and fires

British Library The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom. The library is a major research library, holding over 150 million items from many countries, in many languages ​and in many formats, both print and digital: books,manuscripts, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and music recordings, videos, play-scripts, patents, databases, maps, stamps, prints, drawings.The Library's collections include around 14 million books, along with substantial holdings of manuscripts and historical items dating back as far as 2000 BC. British Library is one of the two largest libraries in the world, the other being The Library of Congress. As a legal deposit library, the British Library receives copies of all books produced in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including a significant proportion of overseas titles distributed in the UK. It also has a programme for content acquisitions. The British Library adds some three million items every year occupying 9.6 kilometres (6.0 mi) of new shelf space. The library is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It is located on the north side of Euston Road in St Pancras, London (between Euston railway station and St Pancras railway station) and has a document storage centre and reading room at Boston Spa, Wetherby in West Yorkshire. The library was originally a department of the British Museum and from the mid-19th century occupied the famous circular British Museum Reading Room. It became legally separate in 1973, and by 1997 had moved into its new purpose-built building at St Pancras, London.


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