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Twenty Something June 2012

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Schiaparelli & Prada: MET Gala 2012

On May 7th, 2012, celebrities from all over flocked to New York City to gather for one of fashion’s biggest nights at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. Every year the museum chooses two designers to honor in an exhibit that is on display May through August. This year the institute chose to honor designers Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. The “Impossible Interview” in a Vanity Fair magazine from the 1930’s inspires the exhibit. The exhibition features conversations between the designers and suggests new ideas from their innovative pieces of work. The exhibition shows 100 designs and 40 accessories by Schiaparelli from the late 1920’s to the early 1950’s and by Prada from the late 1980’s to present day. The exhibit is featured in seven theme galleries: Waist Up/Waist Down, Ugly Chic, Hard Chic, Naïf Chic, The Classical Body, The Exotic Body, and The Surreal Body.

Though these are both names that anyone in the fashion industry would know, not many people know the people behind the famous names. Elsa Schiaparelli was born in Italy in 1890. She studied philosophy at the University of Rome and had a luxurious life, given to her by her parents. After graduating college, she traveled to New York City and Paris. It was while she was in Paris that she began making her own clothes and, with encouragement from French designer Paul Poiret, decided to create her own fashion line. Her first major clothing item was knitwear and was featured in Vogue magazine. Although Schiaparelli’s biggest rival was Coco Chanel, and Chanel is more of a remembered name, Schiaparelli is still a well-known name amongst the fashion world. Schiaparelli’s biggest legacy was bringing playfulness to fashion and a sense of “anything goes.” She loved to play with colors, patterns, textures, and used new technologies to develop her ideas. Some of her fashion innovations we still use

today, such as wearing jackets with evening dresses and creating the first clothes with visible zippers. Schiaparelli was also known for collaborating with famous artists of her time, such as Salvador Dali, to create new fabric patterns. Although she is not an extremely well known name, her timeless creations definitely left a lasting impression on the fashion world. The other designer the exhibition features is Miuccia Prada. Born in Milan in 1949, she is the youngest granddaughter of Marion Prada. She graduated from college with a PhD in political science. In 1978 she took over her grandfather’s business of manufacturing leather bags, a company established by her grandfather in 1913. In 1985, Prada had her first fashion hit when she designed a line of black nylon handbags that instantly caught on among women. In 1989, she created her first ready-to-wear women’s line, followed by men’s wear in 1995. In 1992, Prada introduced Mui Mui, a less expensive women’s wear line that was inspired by Prada’s personal wardrobe and her nickname. Prada currently has about 250 stores in 65 countries. Although these designers come from different decades and one is more famous than the other, they are pretty similar in some areas. The area in which they are the most similar is focusing on the women’s silhouette. They both created lines and angles that would really accentuate a woman’s body. Prada and Schiaparelli were also among the first to create a menswear look for women. They loved using color, patterns and textures to make their designs stand out from their competitors. The exhibit is a fabulous collection of their most famous clothing pieces and is a wonderful reflection of these designers. The exhibit will be on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City from May 10th through August 19th. Written by Audrey Lisle


Street Style

Street Style. Street Fashion. Street Wear. Whatever you call it, Street Style is a popular and influential aspect of the fashion industry. Street Style, in short, represents how one wears their clothes in the streets. It is simply down-to-earth style that you create. It is personal style that doesn’t come straight from the runway. So why does street style have so much influence on the fashion world? Is it because street style shows everyone’s unique and personal take on fashion? Or is it simply the fact that we are fascinated by what people wear and how they wear it? One thing is for sure: Street Style plays a huge role in this fabulous industry that we call fashion. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs said it best when he mentioned that we can see what people really wear and how they wear it by looking to the streets. Street style captures the personal style of the ordinary girl. Street Style shows us which shirt that girl likes to wear, the kind of bottom she pairs it with, and the accessories she uses to compliment it all. With street style, we get the chance to see how she sees fashion. It is through her unique perspective that we see how other people view fashion. The same can be said for her when she looks at how we wear our clothes and how we see fashion. The main difference between street style and high fashion style is that there is a casual attitude to the street style outfit. While clothes are the main focus, accessories are starting to become a street style favorite and have major influence in the industry. Global street style has provided an insight into what other stylish individuals around the fashion world are wearing. This sort of street style not only shows the type of clothes these international fashionistas are wearing, but how they uniquely incorporate their cultures into what they wear. The fashion industry is an international industry, so international street style also has a major influence on the fashion world. Check out what the Parisian girl is wearing and see how she adds her own little flare to a trend. Look at how the British girl wears her sweater with those new pair of trendy shoes. Whether local or international, you can learn a lot about fashion by looking at how different people from around the world wear their clothes. Street style has so much influence on the fashion industry because the industry can see what everyday people really wear and how they wear it. With all of this talk about street style, you are probably wondering exactly where you can see examples of it. There are a lot of street style websites that you can check out in order to really get what it is all about. Tommy Ton’s website,, is an excellent website for anyone who wants to see what people in the industry are wearing. Another great resource for street style is Street: The Nylon Book of Global Style by Nylon Magazine. If you simply type “street style” in your computer search bar, you would be amazed at the number of street style images that come up. So have fun and see what some of the other fashionistas like you are wearing!

Written by Whitney Lynn


Patricia Field

We were honored to be invited to Patricia Field’s New York City Rooftop BBQ Party - so of course we sent our New York contributor, and former Twenty Something Girl, Emily Chancellor to check it out and report back for all of you! It was a party that could have been straight out of a ‘Sex and the City’ episode, and could not have been more fitting. The evening was in honor of Patricia Field, costumer designer of the ‘Sex and the City’ series and numerous other fabulously costumed television shows and movies. The theme of the party was ‘A Global Warming Rooftop BBQ’, and the location was 230 Fifth Avenue, one of New York City’s favorite rooftop venues. Hotdogs and drinks were served while guests mingled, enjoyed entertainment by several DJ’s, and, all the while, took in views of the Empire State Building and the beautiful New York City skyline. Guests were encouraged to dress in their best ‘Global Warming Glamour’ look, and the outfits did not disappoint. A variety of colorful ensembles, imaginative hairstyles, and techno-inspired footwear were seen. A costume contest was even held in an attempt to pinpoint the perfect Global Warming look. The competition was intense, with only the bravest and boldest entering their creative looks. In true Patricia fashion, the guest of honor kept her look unexpected and fun in a bright head wrap on top of her signature red hair, a casual tank, metallic harem pants and plenty of jewelry to support the whole look. Throughout the night, it seemed that the guests’ fashion was the reason for the celebration, but it was not forgotten that the real reason for the evening was to celebrate the Grand Opening of the newest Patricia Field store location in New York City. Plenty of excitement occurred in anticipation of the newest store scheduled to open its doors early this summer. The evening did not disappoint in its celebration of all things Patricia Field, and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying a spring evening on a rooftop in Manhattan!

Written by Emily Chancellor

Fashion This summer, the shorts are shorter and the midriffs are barer. The colors are brighter while the prints mix and match. Channel your inner rock star and throw in a dose of hippie chic - then you are set to be right on trend during this scorching season. Florals, tribals and even stars and stripes have come out. Choose your favorites and wear them with confidence. Style is all about wearing what you want, however you want.

Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Clothing and Accessories: Blue Seven Model: Kendall H. of Anthony David Agency Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young



Bikini Wax

To trim or not to trim…that is the question. Yes, it’s that time again for waxing, shaving, and depilatory-ing. I know we all cringe when it comes to the word wax (The horror!). But, in all sincerity, biting the bullet young and often is really the best way to stay fit and clean, you know, there. Let’s just mark off shaving, shall we? Really? A metal sharp blade close to a part I hold dear, gliding and curving in ways that are not normal for your super Gillette (plastic) razor. So, moving on…. Depilatories may seem innocent and easy enough, but let me ask you this question. Do you want something that melts hair “below the surface” so there’s no stubble, anywhere near the Pretty? If it melts hair it could melt…well, I think you get the picture. This brings us to waxing, poetic if you will. Yes, it hurts. We are ripping hair out by the root for Gersh sake!! BUT, it is quick and eventually you get kinda numb. I recognize that doesn’t sound so great but trust me, it’s better that way. Of course, if there is hair anywhere, we can wax it. My fav spot to have waxed is my underarms, hopefully for obvious reasons. Of course, most get their brows, lip, legs and yes, what we have all been talking about and skirting, the “Bikini”. The “bikini” wax has become one of the most popular services at our Spa and at just about any Spa/Salon that offers it. Here’s why: Once you survive the torture, it is smooth, really smooth, there isn’t any razor burn, you don’t cut yourself, and it does NOT grow back the next day. The first time is really the worst, so get past that and the rest is a walk in the park. Which bikini wax to get, you ask? Well, we classify into three categories: the Basic bikini, the French, and the ever-desirable Brazilian. Basic is, well, basic. Just outside the lines of your underwear. I call these your Einsteins. Then there is the French, which is inside the borders of said under things. Then, of course, is the Brazilian. This is the whole thing! I mean everything. There are positions and you have to help and believe me you want to help. It can be a work out for sure. But the rewards are pretty great in the summer time. You can also request any combo of wax in which you are comfortable. These are offered in some places for men as well. Affectionately called the Manzillian. I don’t do them, nor does anyone on my staff. I mean really, if I have to ask a guy to bend over and hold this and that…not enough money, I tell you! Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts: 1. Always come clean. As in just showered, bathed, or bideted. 2. No visiting us when you have a visitor. 3. If you can trim it up a bit, please do. 4. Be honest about how much you can take. We don’t WANT to torture you. 5. Please tee tee before you come in to your service. I hope you are a little more enlightened about some of the terms we use in the “biz” and you won’t be intimidated to ask next time you go for a bikini wax. Just remember, the reward is great and smooth. Written by Alex Mendez-Kelley

Owner of The MakeUp Bar


Hey It be excited that school has commenced even though you are neither teacher or student, just excited about summer. be on a summer diet but eating copious amounts of dark chocolate because they have antioxidants, right? NEED another swim suit from Target. have such a good outfit on Sunday that you mentally note everyone you saw and register if there is a possibility to see them on Monday. If not, repeat outfit. consider running a baby wipe over your face, “washing your face� after a long day. want to be real-life friends with Cam from Modern Family.

t’s Ok... ...if you think dry shampoo is the new (regular) shampoo. ...if now, thanks to reruns of Sex and the City, you have a running narration of you and your friends lives in your head. ...if you’re cool with whoever wins the NBA Finals... So long as it’s not LeBron. sign in to Pinterest to print a recipe for dinner, print nothing, pin 100 things instead, and make nothing forever fall into the cycle of having short hair, but “growing it out.” Then having long hair and “want to chop it off.” ...that the last time you flossed, your hygienist did it. Written by Meagan Owen


Best Online DIY Sources I never take on a DIY project without consulting various resources first. More often than not, the project I am doing has been done before by someone who has been nice enough to share their experience via the internet. Here are my favorite online DIY sources, chock full of DIY inspirations:

Apartment Therapy This site is a really great forum for people to discuss projects. If you are looking to complete a project and consult AT for help, be sure to read the comments, you will find allllllllll kinds of tips and help there.

Little Green Notebook I LOVE Jenny’s blog. Her DIY skills are really out of this world, I would definitely call her one of the most creative people in the blogosphere. My personal fav projects she has completed? Her Ikea-upgrade chandelier and her way to enlarge photos. So genius!

Young House Love This site is a great go-to for bigger projects. Need a step-by-step on renovating your kitchen? Want to learn how to learn how to grout tile? Look no further than Young House Love. While they complete their share of smaller DIY projects, this blog provides outstanding step-by-steps on the larger projects one might want to take on. YHL has almost convinced me that I can paint kitchen cabinets myself… … almost!

Effortless Style This blog is similar to the Little Green Notebook in that most of the projects are home décor related, not so much renovation related. Be sure to check out the “DIY” page for how-to’s on projects including: window cornices, upholstered panel headboard and wallpaper panels.

And every so often on my blog,, I take on a DIY project and share the results. Hop on over and check it out!

xoxo, Emily



Tis the season for weddings! If you are not suede shoes, Cinderella glass slippers, o enjoying the scene of one of the millions o wedding is such an amazing occasion, and a type of respect and response from the invi you attend that up Dress the part!

It’s hard to know what to wear to a wedding, so our advice is to examine the invitation. If it’s in the morning to early afternoon, casual is probably safe. For ladies, that means perhaps a sundress (nothing too skimpy though!). If you’re on a budget, has some great options, like The Webster at Target®, a Strappy Ruffle Dress in Palm Print Navy for under $50. For guys, you can’t go wrong with khakis and a simple button up shirt.

If it’s an evening wedding, you can assume it’s a bit more formal, but ask around to be safe. For women, go with a more polished look. An LBD is ALWAYS safe! However, if you want to try something different, go with a more formal fabric, like chiffon, sateen or silk (we love one on for $229.99). For guys, you should probably go with a dark colored suit… at least a sport coat is a must!

ng Story

going to be gracing the aisle with your blue or specialty Chucks, you will probably be of weddings that take place each summer. A an invitation to such an event requires some ited. Here are our tips to making a splash as pcoming wedding. Gifts

Trying to buy a gift for a couple tying the knot is sometimes tougher than trying to untie a knot that always develops in your favorite chandelier necklace! We know it’s Plain Jane, but stick to the Registry! There’s a reason they registered for certain items and there’s also a reason some things did not make the list—the couple either doesn’t think they need it or doesn’t want it. If you feel the need to go off the list, think about things that could be used in everyday life. Things like picture frames and pots and pans are usually safe. So are welcome memorabilia with the couple’s name on it.


The dance floor is key at any wedding. There are a few songs that are almost a guarantee at the event. However, if you don’t know the steps to the dance, you might look a little silly. The Cha-cha Slide is a classic and comes with instructions. A more popular dance that has just taken off in the past couple of years is the Cupid Shuffle. This dance is a little more complicated, but still easy to master. Of course, there are a few dances that we have no idea how to master. We’ve watched the videos and even worked it in the mirror, but fail every single time. Maybe you will have better luck with The Dougie, the Kate Upton approved Cat Daddy, and if you’re quick, you’ve got to get the Copperhead Road… OKIE STYLE! Written by JaNiece Cranmer & Kealey McIntire



Hair: Angela Hamilton Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Prop Styling: Sara Kate Studios Locations: Sara Kate Studios & Ghost Advertising Stylist: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Models: Conner Brasher, Riane Fern, Anthony David Agency: Makenzie M., Alex E., Brooke T.

“What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.” -Don Draper


We could not be more excited for the deadCENTER Film Festival this month. Not only is it a great event to have in Oklahoma, but it is also an incredible outlet for independent films to make a debut in a state that would otherwise not have such a large avenue for them to be shown. Several incredible people we have featured in previous issues have films premiering at this year’s festival. Brent Ryan Green of Toy Gun Films will be showing Half Good Killer at Harkins Bricktown on June 9th at 6:30.

You probably remember when Chris Kattan was in town last year, filming Lance McDaniel’s “Just Crazy Enough.” You will be able to see this film at Harkins Bricktown on June 9th and June 10th. Lastly, our Twenty Something Guy this month, Nathan Poppe, will be showing his music documentary at The Exchange on June 8th at 9:00. In the next few pages we have highlighted just a few of the films we think you twenty-somethings would enjoy. We highly recommend getting an All-Access Pass to the festival, so you can see all the films your heart desires. We’ll be writing on our new film review site,, throughout the festival, letting you know what we thought about the films and which ones we think you shouldn’t miss.


Photography: Bethany Young

Twenty Something Guy: Nathan Poppe

Tell us about yourself! After being forged in the dusty prairies of Plano, Texas, I emerged in the form of a 9-pound baby boy. My first order of business was moving to Oklahoma, and I’ve been watching my adopted home state grow for about 23 years. I studied being a newspaper man at Oklahoma State University and spent a lot of time at The Daily O’Collegian. OSU taught me how to avoid strip clubs named the Dragon’s Lair, to sweat profusely during interviews with Garth Brooks and to create my own happiness. I graduated last year, and my grownup self landed a job at Ackerman McQueen. I help make commercials and bench-press interns every day. How did you first become interested in film? Film has always been a form of communication in my family. We’ve always spoken to one another using the words of Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I enjoy watching movies more than anything else because it gives me the opportunity to see something I haven’t seen before. That happens a lot because Ghosbusters, Transformers and Batman don’t live in Oklahoma City anymore. Film gives me an excuse to get lost in another world. Tell us about all the projects you’re involved in right now. My friends and I have been working on Internet music shows for a few years. It started with a show called “on.” We invited local musicians to visit and perform in Stillwater, which is an amazing oasis for talented musicians. Other Lives, Colourmusic, DEERPEOPLE and several other Stillwater bands continue to impress me. More recently, I’ve been working on a show called VDub Sessions. I ganged up with Ferris O’Brien of The Spy and Jonathan Fowler of Fowler VW of Norman for this project. We invite local and national acts to perform inside

of a moving 1977 Vanagon. I think VDub Sesssions is a success because no one has thrown up inside of the vehicle, and we’ve only been pulled over 53 times. How many films have you made? I have made two films with my friends. One is called “Black Canyon’s Crossroads for the Restless” and the latest is “The Shittiest Movie Ever Made.” Both are short documentaries about Okie musicians doing amazing things. Where do your ideas and inspiration for films come from? I spend a lot of time working with musicians and listening to music. My inspiration comes from a combination of Red Bull and the excitement I get from sharing the work of talented artists living in Oklahoma. I have a very limited amount of free time so I follow inspiration quickly before it gets away. Tell us about your film that will show at the deadCENTER Film Festival this month. It’s called “The Shittiest Movie Ever Made.” It’s probably the best movie I’ve made. On a hot August night, Norman punk band Shitty/Awesome put on an amazing concert behind Guestroom Records. I planned to film one song from the band’s set, but I ended up rolling the entire show. I sat on the footage for several months until the night before deadCENTER entries were due. I knew I wanted to enter something into deadCENTER, and that movie was my best shot at making it into the festival. It’s a fun and weird movie. I hope that viewers sit back and enjoy the huge amounts of shredding guitars, spilled beers and shirtless rocking that make “The Shittiest Movie Ever Made” surprisingly awesome.

What is your favorite aspect of making a film? The babes. What’s next for you? I wish I knew the answer to that question. I really hope to find something filmable to make it into deadCENTER next year. I also hope to keep filming VDub Sessions until the van breaks down for good. Where can people view your work? A lot of my work lives on the Internet. My twitter handle @NathanPoppe will keep you up to date on my latest projects. If you’re into local music then check out because there’s some good stuff there. What advice would you give to aspiring film makers? Go outside and make something right now. You need two things to make a movie. A camera and an audio recorder. A lot of people also use common sense, talent and large amounts of money to make movies. I highly suggest sticking to the camera and audio recorder.

You can catch Nathan’s film at the deadCENTER Film Festival on June 8th at 9:00pm.


Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Model: Safi of Anthony David Agency Location: The Society


What We’re Listen Song of the Month: “I’m His Girl,” by Friends

Friends originated as two best friends, Samantha Urbani and Lesley Hann, from Brooklyn in 2011. They’ve known each other since they were seven, and like most seven-year-olds, these girls had the fascination of singing and starting a band. Even though we all had this fantasy, they actually followed through with it. Sassy and retro describe this duo, accompanied by Nikki Shapiro on guitar, Matthew Moinar on keyboards and bass, and Oliver Duncan as their drummer. Friends are catchy and cute but obviously intelligent beneath the surface. This single immediately reminds us of teenage drama and jealousy that we all know too well, but is irresistibly relatable with its bubblegum sound. It’s a tad darker than most “chick bands” with their bass and percussion, making this quintet masters at creating a sweet image with rough surroundings.

Album of the Month: Bloom by Beach House

I’ll be completely honest, bands like this one don’t usually appeal to me because they’re slower, very methodical, and very acoustic. But, I have to realize I am not the only one with an opinion and people are freaking out over this album. Needless to say, Bloom needs to be listened to and appreciated. It came out in May and it’s already climbing the charts on iTunes. Beach House has been around since 2004 and consists of Baltimore native Alex Scally on guitar and keyboards and Victoria Legrand on vocals and organ. They believe having a band made of two people is a way to stay challenged and motivated. Two albums were produced before their claim to fame Teen Dream was released in 2010. Its dynamic and dreampop sound got all the fans riled up for their most recent release. Working with producers from Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and TV on the Radio, Beach House gained all kinds of fans like the power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce with their mellow beats. “Myth” is the highlight track from this album, as well as “Lazuli.”

ning To...

Artist of the Month: Bombay Bicycle Club I can pretty much guarantee that each one of you has heard a song from this band, whether it be “Shuffle,” their single on the radio that’s super catchy, or “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep,” from the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack that had us all pleasantly surprised with its hidden hipster quality. Either way, this band is awesome. They’re so eclectic and prove they can do pretty much anything with their albums they’ve released consecutively each year since 2009. A Different Kind of Fix, their most recent album that came out last August, has everything from their upbeat, dance-worthy summery songs like “Shuffle” and show a groovier, more jazzinfluenced side with “Lights Out, Words Gone” that reminds me of being at a John Mayer concert. Just like Friends, Bombay Bicycle Club have been pals since they were young. Fifteen in their case. They started in London and met while they were in school in 2005, named their band after an Indian food chain and shockingly actually graduated from their upper secondary school before they started touring. It seems that every work they complete turns to gold, so keep an eye out for them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re going to ACL!

Written by Sarah Ethridge


The Joy of Top Soil

As I write these words upon this cream-colored piece of paper, I am staring up at a Pecan tree that my great-grandmother planted. She probably would not have guessed 100 years later her great-granddaughter would have taken over the old Hobart homestead and would still be using the pecans in her famous pie recopies. But, she might have hoped for it. I look further down my hills of quilts and the green grass that arches over my legs and light-blue cotton skirt, and I spy a small basket of Peaches I picked over at the old Ballard place, close to my own home. The story is said that old man Ballard planted a tree around the house for every year he was married to his wife. Even after this good man has passed on, his glorious wife of 103, who says she wants to borrow every single one of my sundresses, points up towards the limbs of the peach tree and in a smiling whisper says, “This was planted on the day we were married. I can still remember my own mother yelling out the door at him not to dirty his weddin’ shirt or she would smack him upside the head, even if he was her new son-in-law.” These are memories formed through the soil and labored hands. Words formed through a land of Sweet and Light. During settlement times, if a young and thirsty family found a promising plot of land, they would describe it as Sweet and Light. My own grandfather would look out onto our small summer vegetable garden and call the soil sweet, and then turn his eyes towards the East pasture and see the Charloait cows grazing quietly and call the scene abundantly light. What this instilled in me is the tendency to plant gardens wherever I may be, and inquire with other farmers on the local agrarian pleasures that might be waiting for a young girl, like myself, in which to engage. What hidden sand plum patch might be waiting for my needy hands, or what yonder farm opens up its pasture gates for summer vegetable picking, or simply a shady spot where one might pick a peach and hear a story. In this month of June, what I ask of you is to not only make sure your food is from a local source, but also why not go and pick it yourself. Inquire with your favorite farmers market vendors where there might be a place that you could visit and pick your own food, and simply find there a moment of repose from our artificially lit days. You can also in-fact visit your own state’s Agritourism web site and find you-pick locations. If after that you still find your soul not sated, plant a tree. Dig your hands into the earth and think about what that tree could shade. It is a scientific fact that the skin touching soil is a common way for our body to absorb minerals that helps ones sunny disposition, so why not make garden/farm time essential. Make soil in your life necessary. Just as the great Agrarian writer Wendell Berry stated, “Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew wet berries in a cup.” Written by Samantha Lamb


A Food-Fear-Inspired Rant While discussing healthy eating lately, I’ve found an alarmingly consistent theme – some people are scared of carbs. Not just blood-sugar-spiking, fat-creating, nutrient lacking sources either. All of them. Including health-beneficial, nutrient-dense, lowcalorie fruits and vegetables. Once I get over these startling statements, the conversation continues and leads to nothing intelligent being spoken about them at all, much less why they are “bad”. “They just are” is a common, defensive response, without any well-researched claims to back them. Well, “they just are” isn’t quite good enough for me. And, I hope, not for you either.

you’ll go. Food is no different. The more informed, the more you’ll get out of eating. Collect information. Read magazines and articles. Go to a health foods store and ask questions. Have conversations with local farmers or health professionals. Understand the importance of fruits, vegetables, and other main food groups. Know what a carbohydrate is and how it is used in your body. Question everything. Understand more about food marketing.

Once you’ve built a knowledge base, you must act on it. Try as many different foods as possible. Experience different eating strategies and theories. Flip the product and There is a larger issue here besides carbs read nutrition labels and ingredient stateor fear of fruit. The real issue is the lack of ments. Be mindful. Pay attention to what education in regards to food. Most people you like and don’t like, as well as how your don’t take the time to truly understand what body responds. Did you feel full? Enerthey’re eating, the positive or negative imgized? Losing inches? Feeling better? Any pact it has on their body, or how to be prop- other noticeable differences? Analyze your erly fueled for optimum health. Even people action and find what works best for your who do make positive physical changes let body, mind, and lifestyle. their food control them by being mentally consumed about carbs, fruits, and eating Once you’ve found what works best for you, every three hours in fear of spontaneously keep learning. Continue to find new inforcombusting. These people, in turn, pass mation and put it into use. Share your exalong their opinions as food “facts” without periences with others to help them on their true understanding, and this cycle conjourney. Provide your opinion and experitinues as others begin to believe them as ence but don’t pass it off as absolute truth. truth. Another bad source of information After all, everyone is created differently. is the large food companies, whose main What’s best for you isn’t necessarily going agenda is making money, not improving to be best for others. Let them experience, your health. All these factors leave us with as you do, and encourage and help along a majority of misinformed and misguided the way. Lastly, remember you only get one people, missing out on maximizing their body in life. Take control of it. Understand eating experience and overall well-being. it. Conquer it. Luckily, there is a simple solution to the lack of education. I bet you’ll never guess what it is. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the further

Written by Jeff Ragan

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Twenty Something Magazine - June 2012  
Twenty Something Magazine - June 2012  

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