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June 2011

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Happy Father’s Day! Dad, thank you for everything that you have done for me throughout the last 23 years. Encouraging me to pursue my talents is something that I will always be grateful for. You have made me the strong and independent woman I am today, and have always remembered to let me k now how proud you are of me. Happy father’s day dad - I love you. Bethany

If there was ever a time when I would have to make a decision as to who my hero was, and I would be forced to choose only one person, dead or alive... I would choose you, dad. Since I can remember you have always pushed me to be the very best at whatever I was doing and made all of the steps along the way to achieving my goals possible. The boys and I are so lucky to have had you to raise us. To teach us how great we can be, because of how great you are. You are funny, and tell crazy stories and wear short shorts. You resist change more than anyone I’ve ever met. But you really are the smartest man I know. I love your phone calls after I just left dinner with you and you say “Why haven’t I seen you in a month?” And every time I say “Dad, I was just with you”. I love how much you care about your family, even the ones you basically adopted throughout your coaching years and how you are always the one to come to our rescue. I love that you love Braum’s as much as I do and how you always keep me up way past my bed time. There is no one like you. I’m so lucky you’re my dad!

I love you very much Kelsey

Hair and Makeup: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Models: Morgan Woolard, Lauren Lundeen, Kendall Harris Clothing Provided by Bohemian Spirit Vintage

Lydia Sullivan Designs


ydia Sullivan is the latest and greatest milliner in Oklahoma. We are so excited to feature her creative designs and can’t wait to rock her custom made hats this summer! Who is Lydia Sullivan? I am an artists, an entrepreneur and a creator. When did you decide hat making was your forte?  When I was living in Barcelona I started making head pieces for outfits and then made netted bird cages for weddings in Ireland and everyone seemed to love them. It was then I knew I had an eye for it but not until after moving back to the states did I realize I could really design hats.  What were you doing before hats and what do you do now in addition to them? Before hats I taught English abroad and then right when I moved back to the states I did some bookkeeping before I branched off and am now doing hats full time with big ideas under

What are your biggest inspirations for your designs? Shapes. Fashion pictures from the early 20’s and 30’s. Vogue, in general is one of my biggest inspirations, but Vogue, France. The original and the old magazines before the US version. Do you have an era you prefer to design from? 20’s and 30’s Where can you designs be purchased? They can be purchased directly from me. Right now it is a custom/couture handmade business, so clients are offered the opportunity to have a one of a kind hat made only for their heads and created with their ideas as well. Owning and having a custom hat made is an experience like no other. How do you feel about having a business like this in Oklahoma? I see it as an adventure of innovation. My business is unique in Oklahoma and not known as well here in the midwest. I know most of my business will always be out of state but I enjoy being here now.

Tulsa, OK June 17th BOK Center Charge-by-Phone:


Ticket Outlets: Arby’s Box Office at the BOK Center and all outlets including Reasor’s locations.

Internet Sales:

For More Information: 918-894-4200 Group Tickets: Groups of 10 or more receive 1 free ticket!

Call 918-894-4242 for details.

What we’re listeni Song of the Month: “Blessa” by Toro y Moi

I can’t think of a better song to welcome in summer. It’s dreamy, cool, and has been one of my recent favorites. Toro y Moi is the solo artist Chaz Bundick who draws from electronic influences but doesn’t get too weird on us. In this song he talks about the simple life of this miraculous season and hopefully he’ll make you want to start slowing things down and relax with this thoughtful track. Turn it up, roll your windows down, and enjoy.

Artist of the Month: Florence + the Machine Oh my do I love listening to this lady. She is so incredibly talented, I almost feel as though she’s incapable of making a mistake. She’s kind of like the Celine Dion of the indie-world. “You’ve Got the Love” is a must-listen but she’s got so many others that are begging for your attention like “Hurricane Drunk.” You might’ve seen her perform at the Grammys with other girls like Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson honoring Aretha Franklin, and that’s exactly what makes her so awesome. She can be this cool indie chick one minute and be compared to artists like Feist or Lilly Allen, but rock it out with powerhouse pop legendaries the next. Florence herself will be a legend here soon though, just wait.

ing to...

Album of the Month: Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes If you haven’t started listening to Fleet Foxes since I recommended them last month, you need to. Seriously. Not only are they masters of storytelling, they are just so likable with their folksy Beach Boys charm. Some bands have an uncanny way of manipulating your feelings with their music, and Fleet Foxes can do that, but only in the best way of course. Helplessness Blues has been a highly anticipated album since their first self-titled album released four years ago. This album has gotten nothing but stellar praise for its undeniable harmonies and one of a kind arrangement of seemingly simple instruments. Obviously I like the song “Helplessness Blues,” but “Montezuma” and “Lorelai” are my other favorites. Fleet Foxes never come off as pretentious or trying too hard, but only as a humble approach to storytelling at its best. These musicians are truly talented and have the perfect folk album for any day of the week. Written by Sarah Ethridge

Other Lives

Photography & Article by Bethany Young


to the trumpet to deer antlers with his five-member Stillwater based bells on them. “When we started out band is taking the music scene by I didn’t know how to play all of the storm both locally and internationinstruments that I do now,“ Jenny ally. Other Lives is now touring across explained. “Jesse just writes the songs America, promoting their sophomore and we make it work, even if that album Tamer Animals. Before hitting means learning a new instrument.” the road, we caught up with the band Jenny has even discovered that she has to give you an insight into who Other quite a voice since the band has enLives really is. couraged her to sing on several of the new tracks on Tamer Animals. The Three band members Jesse Tabish, lead vocals, sung by Jesse, are almost Jenny Hsu and Josh Onstott are life haunting. His unique sound not only long friends dating back to their years captures your attention but lures you in high school. “We went to the same in to the point that you feel like you high school but it wasn’t until I [Jenare a part of the stories the band is ny] came home from my freshman singing. year of college that we had an impromptu jam session, and out of that We are confident that Other Lives will the band was formed.” only continue to grow in popularity, especially since each member is so After releasing their premier album, dedicated to the band. Jenny told us the song Black Tables took off and that it wasn’t always easy, saying, “We was even played on hit shows such as have all held odd jobs and put everyGrey’s Anatomy and Ugly betty. We thing we can into the band. Our pasasked Jesse what it was like to hear sion is in the music and we wouldn’t himself on a national TV show. He be happy doing anything else.” Jesse said, “It was really strange because followed that statement by saying, they played it while Patrick Dempsey “Composing and writing music is was dying, so the song took on a com- what keeps me sane.” pletely different feel than we had written it for.” We love this band and think that you will too. Add them to your “go to” Jesse told us that he focuses mostly on playlist and download their album off the music and the lyrics come later, of iTunes. To find out when you can being inspired by classic and modcatch Other Lives, check out their web ern day composers. This is evident site. when you catch an Other Lives show and see all the instruments involved in their songs. The multitalented band plays everything from the cello,








Allied Arts is an umbrella for 20 arts groups, uniting them as a cause that uplifts us all. IT’S YOUR ARTS COMMUNITY. BE ITS ALLY.

Donate now @ • 405.278.8944

Carnival Couture

Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Model: Maygen Nicholson Clothing: Bohemian Spirit Vintage


Emoly West Hair and Makeup:: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young

Meet Emoly West, Miss Oklahoma 2010.

reaching my fullest potential as a ballerina. After graduating high school I attend We had a blast getting to know this sweet Oklahoma Christian University, was heavlady, who is just as beautiful on the inside ily involved in student government while as she is on the outside. In the final days of anchoring our school’s weekly Eagle Angle her reign, the last year has been a whirlwind newscast, and then I pursued my love of that Emoly will never forget. dance by transferring to UCO where I will complete both my Broadcast JournalTell us about yourself. ism and Dance degrees as a double major. I walk fast, love to eat, and laugh loud. A You’re most likely to find me at the gym or few things most wouldn’t guess is that I was dance studio, relaxing at the pool or lake home schooled, I speak Japanese, and trav- with friends, or in line at the Starbucks eled overseas for 3 ½ months as an interna- drive-thru. Edmond is my hometown, I tional student to China, Japan, Hong Kong, have three older brothers, and love being New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Hawaii. an Aunt! For some reason I am enthralled You might wonder, “Why home school, and with the ocean, and I would absolutely love what was it like?” Well, during the time I to live in Hawaii at some point. My motto grew up, this was a fairly new educational has become “God is great, life is good, and concept. In contrast to stereotypical ideas, what is meant to be will be.” I believe there it was not just my mom and I sitting at is a unique and significant purpose in each the kitchen table going over rhythm, writof us, and there is a reason we have specific ing, and arithmetic. Programs in the area desires in our hearts to accomplish and included rigorous academics, venues for experience great things. team sports, afforded me opportunities to be a leader by organizing events, and How did you get in to the taught me that I alone am responsible for pageant world? the path I choose and the success I desire. My choice to succeed in the Miss America This background has prompted me to be a program began when my Great Granddreamer and risk-taker. Being a risk-taker mother Jewel Harris told me she could see sometimes has its challenges such as beme being Miss America, and at 7 years old ing left in Beijing, China by my group on I saw it too. This program has allowed me the first day of our 3 month tour, and it opportunities to do what I love, performhas also allowed me to be more resourceing and serving, and be rewarded for it too. ful and able to take on any situation that Little did I know this experience would is thrown at me. A couple of the craziest provide me with even more. I have learned things I did during my travels were climb to interviewing skills, as well as marketing and the summit of Mt. Fuji at 12, 387 Ft during networking wherewithal that will benefit off-season, and bungee jump 154 Ft. over me beyond my tenure in the Miss America the Waikato river in Taupo, New Zealand. organization. I have had the ability to see All my life I’ve been fascinated by other purpose and opportunity to not only imcultures, am eager to travel, and love being prove who I am but also take part in enon stage. I have danced since the age of 4, riching the lives of others, not to forget the also tried my luck at completive swimming scholarship dollars along the way that have starting at the age of 7, breaking several allowed me to truly pursue that which I put state records, but then I chose a different path at 16 - to fully devote myself to my lifelong goal of being Miss Oklahoma and

How did it feel when you were crowned Miss Oklahoma? Completely overwhelming and awesomely satisfying! I was struck with utter joy and sheer exhilaration. You must know that my journey to the crown stretched over six years. The first two years I did not make the top ten, one year I didn’t even win a local title, and twice I was top 5, only for the sixth time to be the charm. There were times during my journey to the crown that I was discouraged, frustrated, and worndown; however, I never gave up, lost hope, or forgot my purpose – to love who I was, improve my imperfections, share my lessons of character, show compassion to others, and fulfill a desire that had been awakened in my heart at the age of seven. The race was long and trying, but the prize has been picturesque, rewarding, and more than worth the effort. When we do what we were meant to do, the results can be extraordinary. What is the best experience you have had while being Miss Oklahoma? My year as Miss Oklahoma has been nothing short of magical and awesomely blessed. FINALLY being given the opportunity to represent my family and our state at Miss America has to be a high point! As a dancer, being given the chance to perform on national television is a breathtaking experience. Also, as a person dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is one of my all-time life accomplishments to have won a swimsuit/ physical fitness preliminary award at Miss America. I am fortunate and humbled to say that I am the “undefeated” swimsuit award winner with 5 in a row at state, and a sixth from Miss America. Tell us about your platform. I call it “Character and Leadership Development”, but there is a very real and personal tie to why I chose this topic to take

across Oklahoma. My family is a blend of entrepreneurs, athletes, and competitors, therefore success was encouraged, but mistakes still occurred. So, to try again, instead of letting failure conquer my hopes and dreams, I learned that being a person of good character leads to true success by making right choices in the midst of failure, as well as when circumstances are superior. Therefore it has been my mission to help people realize how minute-by-minute choices affect our lives and impact the lives of others. This is why I advocate character and leadership education at every level, from elementary school to the business community. Character goes right to the heart of what makes us better people. Ethical behaviors, such as dependability, loyalty, responsibility, initiative, sincerity and compassion give us the tools to either stop a problem before it happens or to address one that already exists so that we can experience the best future possible. So I ask and chal-

lenge you today, be a champion of your own and the experiences of life have confirmed personal character, and be a part of generat- is this: God is great, life is good, and what is ing a culture of positive, good character. meant to be will be. For a long time I believed my destiny was to be Miss America What does the future look like at this very moment. Well, that was not for you in the next year? God’s best for me, and I’m thankful every Most imminently, the phenomenal Miss day that He is in control and knows betAmerica Organization scholarship program ter than I do. I choose to believe and have has covered every penny of my college faith that He is constantly at work, and I education, so I will go on to complete my will continue to diligently work with eternal double major while at the same time pursu- vigilance to stay in agreement with His pering additional opportunities to present my fect will for my life, and I hope you do too. Character and Leadership Development It says in Philippians 2:13, “For it is God program. I am also entering in to another who is producing in you both the desire partnership with Character First (www. AND the ability to do what pleases him.”, who I’ve worked with He has plans to prosper us. So take ownerover the past nine years, on a much larger ship of your ambitions and hopes, follow scale, and I believe it will change lives in through on the desires of your heart, make ways we have yet to witness. Another role every moment count, dedicate yourself to I will be stepping into and am very excited being a champion of character, and you will about is hosting and promoting Oklahoma fulfill the unique and significant purpose of First Look – Oklahoma’s premier, stateyour life. wide vocal competition. Be sure to check out to see if you’re the one! What advice/encouragement would you give “twenty-somethings” in Oklahoma? You are worth the magnitude of your dreams, and your life is really just now beginning! Do not diminish or cower away from the desires of your heart! A long time ago a friend told me this, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts!” It’s really a quote from the great Winston Churchill, and still rings true for me every day! If at any time I would have given up, lost hope, or failed to try again, I would have missed out on quite a significant piece to the greater picture of my life – bigger than what I can see or comprehend at this time, but the small things still matter – and so do you along with every choice you make, every word you utter, every thought you let loose in your mind! One thing God has taught me,

Personal Style Eclectic Vintage Classic Dashes of Glamour Understated Elegance Fashion Icons Jennifer Aniston Katherine Heigl Grace Kelly Kate Middleton Charlize Theron Audrey Hepburn Jackie O Fashion Survival Kit Flirty Dress Flats Oversized Colorful Bag Spy Sunglasses Celebrity Dream Closet Gwyneth Paltrow

JUNE 8-12 eleventh annual film festival

ovER 100 films phENomENal paRTiEs

downtown • okc 405.246.9233

deadCENTER fi lm

fe sti v a l

Written by Meredith Foerster Photography: Bethany Young

Movie making is more than lights and a

video camera. The business requires imagination and ambition – enter Brent Green. During his sophomore year at Southern Nazarene University, Brent decided to take the path less followed. “I took a semester off and went to Panama and worked on a film that my dad produced,” Brent said. “I caught the film bug while I was down there.” He worked on his first film, “End of the Spear,” in 2004 with his father, producer Mart Green of EthnoGraphic Media. “My dad didn’t even go to movies growing up and we just started making the movie,” Brent revealed. “When I came back, I said ‘I want to do this’.” Brent did just that – he began working on the film’s post-production in Oklahoma and never looked back.

“Paper Flower.” Based in Tokyo, Japan, the narrative tells the story of Asuka and Michi; two girls growing up in a place where “compensated dating,” a form of prostitution, has become a disturbing trend. The best friends are forced to decide how much of themselves they are willing to give up for the sake of finding true love. “Paper Flower” is Brent’s directing debut, and though it is not necessarily a true story, the issue is real. “That’s the main reason for doing these short films,” Brent revealed, “To help spread some kind of message.” “Paper Flower” will be exhibited at the Oklahoma deadCENTER Film Festival at 1:30pm, Saturday, June 11th in the IAO Gallery.

What’s next for Toy Gun Films? – “We just finished a script about a child soldier in Liberia, so we’re going to shoot that in August,” Brent disclosed with anticipation. “Then we’re going to Russia and we are also trying to develop a feature film.” With In 2009, Brent teamed with his business impact-driven films, both short and long, partner, Jeff Goldberg, to create Toy Gun make sure to keep the globetrotting duo Films, an independent production company behind Toy Gun Films on your radar! based out of Oklahoma City and Los Angeles. The name is indicative of their movieswith-a-message approach. “For us, it is a metaphor of the imagination,” Brent illustrated. “How the imagination can be more powerful than a real gun, because when you get people thinking and stimulate the mind that can be just as powerful as a weapon.” The duo jumped right into their first short film, “En Tus Manos,” which premiered in 2010. Shot in Colombia and in the native language, the film sends an anti-violence message as the story follows a young man from an abusive home in a violent-torn neighborhood. “En Tus Manos,” or “In Your Hands” in English, went on to win four awards throughout a variety of film festivals and is currently available on During the time of the festivals, Brent and Jeff started producing their second feat,


Hair & Makeup: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Models: Clytee Burchett, Conner Brasher, Matthew Tracy, Luke Cramer Costumes provided by Lyric Theatre Special thanks to Kaiser’s American Bistro




eS Now Enrolling t ud 644 N Broadway Moore, OK 73160 405-703-3076


Summer Dance June 27-August 11





5:30-6:30 Stretch & Strength 5:30-6:30 Beg Turns & Leaps for kids 6:30-7:30 Int/Adv Hip Hop 7:30-8:30 Pop Starz 7:30-8:30 Adv Contemporary

5:30-6:30 Int Jazz Technique 6:30-7:30 Int Choreography 6:30-8:00 Adv Jazz Technique 8:00-8:45 Fast Furious Jazz Fun

Class Card Prices:

Class 1 5 10 15 20 25 30

Price $15 $65 $115 $155 $185 $205 $215

5:00-6:00 Tot Tap & Ballet 5:00-6:00 Int/Adv Turns & Leaps 6:00-7:00 Beg Jazz Technique 6:00-7:00 Int Ballet 7:00-7:45 Musical Theatre 7:00-8:30 Adv Ballet

5:15-6:00 Tap Technique 6:00-7:00 Beginning Ballet 7:00-8:00 Youth Hip-Hop 7:00-8:00 Pilates 8:00-8:45 Improv

Photography: Bethany Young Written by Meredith Foerster

Ludivine turns local to lavish as a new addition

in Oklahoma City.

This farm-to-table restaurant uses local ingredients to create innovative menu items. The trio behind the taste is Jonathon Stranger and Russ Johnson, the creators behind the cuisine, and Kyle Fleischfresser, the brains behind the bar. An Oklahoma native, Jonathon moved to New York City at the age of 17 where he worked at various restaurants before taking his skills to Germany and Italy. When he returned to Oklahoma and began working on a friend’s farm, he realized he could use locally-grown products in his hometown. “Everything I was working with in New York and Europe was here, I just never saw it on any of the menus and didn’t know why.” In October 2010, Ludivine opened its doors. At Ludivine, you won’t find big screen televisions or signs advertising free Wi-Fi. The concept is centered on fresh flavor and good company. “When we serve water,” Jonathon explained, “we leave it on the table; we leave wine on the table. That’s why the tables are so big; it’s about being with the people that you’re with and eliminating distractions as much as possible.” By using seasonal ingredients, these chefs are able to channel their creativity when it comes to the menu. When asked about the inspiration behind the fare, Jonathon enthusiastically replied, “Everything.” “It’s Oklahoma, so we play around with more country style food and putting our twist on that.” The ideas sometimes stem from their personal favorites, hence their alternative dish – bison stroganoff. When it comes to the bar, Jonathon refers to Kyle as a mixologist, not a bartender. He creates drinks for every season and adds flair to some well-known classics. A Ludivine favorite is the Bee’s Knees Smashed Kneecap, which tastes like crisp lemonade. With cuisine created around the freshest available ingredients, the menu is designed to satisfy an assortment of tastes. No matter your craving, you’ll never grow tired of all Ludivine has to offer.

Kelsey’s Kelsey’s Must Must Haves Haves

Look Bangin’ for a Bargain

Summer is here, and there are a few key items that will make looking gorgeous quick and simple without breaking your bank. First, a sun hat adds style while keeping those nasty sun rays off of your face. This fun pink one is $2.50 (yes, $2.50) at Target. You can never go wrong with a classic black bikini. This OP suit is only $12 TOTAL at Wal Mart - $6 for the top and $6 for the bottom. I don’t know where else you can find a steal like this. Jean shorts make not only a cute outfit but also a great cover up. These PINK by Victoria’s Secret are $29.50. We all know how handy a pair of flip flops are. They are practically a necessity for summer. These came from Old Navy and cost $2.50. Last but not least, avoid squinting with a nice, and large, pair of sunglasses. This pair is $4.80 at Forever 21.

Summer Swim

Hair & Makeup: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Models: Ashley Liddell, Chynna Collins Clothing: Isabella

Photo by Bethany Young

Who is Evan Hopkins? I see myself as being a “passed the sky is the limit” type of dude. I’m not really chasing success, I’m chasing the truth of who I really am. I think that brings success. We were born to naturally love the truth and we will find it whatever your truth might be! I’m super confident - being confident inspires me to take big steps. I don’t want to live off the ideas of our former generations I’M fresh, I’M new, at least that’s the attitude I try to keep. I’m not oblivious to all the great paths that should be followed - I don’t want to just do what only works. I have passion to create and enhanced situations. My platform is aiming high and progress whatever promotes that I’m all for it. I want to make history where it matters. That’s my mind set. I’m a dream-doer. If you are still chasing your dreams you aren’t running fast enough! Tell us about your Thunder Blazer. Long story short, a couple years ago I had a passionate thought about a concept for professionals to be able to represent their sports organizations in a fashionable yet more professional way. I ran the idea by Kanye [Kanye West] and he said, “man thats dope, I love it!” Him liking the idea gave me extra courage to produce it. Shortly after, Graham Bennett and Clay Bennett started coming in our hair salon (Hopkins Haircare) to get serviced by my father. We began to build an astounding relationship with them and it pushed my creativity buttons even harder! Not many people have the opportunity to somewhat hang out with or be in the presence of someone as effective and productive as Clay Bennett on a consistent basis. I instantly viewed him as one of my what I call “virtual mentors.” Before I knew it I was at the pinnacle of inspiration by experiencing him coming in our salon and orchestrating and executing the OKC Thunder arrival. So, I created the blazer! 

Who besides you can we see wearing one of these? At this point I’ve specially made a blazer for Clay and Graham Bennett, and I have the sample one. We are the only three that have them - I’m working on authenticating the blazer. Do you plan to create them for other teams? I definitely plan to create them for other teams. That was the initial goal - I just had the perfect pieces to the puzzle to start on the Thunder blazer now. Where could someone order a Thunder blazer? Nobody can order it at this point. I’m working on solidifying as we speak. So many people are anxious to get one but hopefully that time will come very soon. However, in the mean time people can definitely contact me to express their interest in having one. Kind of like a pre-order type of thing, just in case the opportunity is available to get the blazer soon. That goes for men, women and kids! What are your ultimate goals as far as fashion goes? My ultimate goals for fashion haven’t quite been revealed just yet. I’m definitely cultivating in that area. I think I just want to make sure whatever I’m doing in fashion is dope and simple enough for the masses to grasp whether it be a design, production, idea etc., and of course generating revenue is always good! Favorite fashion moment so far. My favorite fashion moment so far has definitely been Graham telling me his Thunder blazer I gave him is the best thing in his closet. WOWZER!

9:00 - 5:00

Internships completed, resumes printed and you are ready to enter the working world... but wait, does that mean you have to get a new wardrobe? Gone are the days of strolling to class in your sweats and favorite American Apparel tee. First impressions are everything in the professional world and it is crucial you make that good impression everyday. The easiest way to do that? A professional wardrobe. For those of you that take an interest in fashion like a side job (as I do) you are in luck, as professional dress exceeds just starchy suits now. Every place of work has a different level of professionalism and a different style of dress code. However different they may be, a few rules still apply. Your professional dress should reflect your personality but at the discretion of your work environment. Check out my weekly wear and a few tips on making the best impression in your place of work and keeping your fashion creativity along the way.

Big Meeting Monday For your big meetings you may opt for a suit or tailored dress. I chose this Jay Godfrey number for mine. It is a bold but serious color, appropriate length and has ruffles for a splash of personality. Grab your favorite pearls and a pair of eye-catching pumps to complete this look. Dress: Neiman Marcus Shoes: Marciano - Nordstrom Accessories: BC Clark

Two-Piece Tuesday For the days you are looking into multiple pieces, choose a blouse that covers the shoulders and can easily tuck in to the skirt or slacks that you are wearing. For the bottom, look for a skirt that hits right above the knees or slacks/ chinos with a hemline that graces the floor. Nothing says unprofessional like a mini skirt in the office or ripped or frayed hemlines. Blouse: Funky Monkey Skirt: ModCloth Shoes: Vince Camuto - Dillards

Workaholic Wednesday We all have days where we are stuck in the office and long for some comfort. On days like these, opt for a classic wrap dress. This dress combines comfort and form at its finest. Choose a color or pattern that looks great on you and add some nude pumps and some gold bangles for a cohesive and polished look. Dress: Diane VonFurstenberg - Neiman Marcus Shoes: Steve Madden - Dillards Accessories: Bangles - Juicy Couture Ring- Banana Republic

Thirsty Thursday Change it up from the dresses to a pair of great slacks, a loose blouse and a pair of great flats. These slacks are the “Minnie” slacks from J. Crew with a striped blouse and my favorite outlet steal of shoes. This look goes from work chic to happy hour with your girlfriends in no time! Pants: J. Crew Blouse: Zara Shoes: Bagdley Mischka Accessories: Banana Republic

Casual Friday With the weekend only one day away, use casual day to your advantage and break out your best denim. Whether it’s high waisted flares or classic skinny jeans with a pair of heels. For this Friday, I chose my favorite skinnys and paired it with my fool-proof blazer. The tops for this were endless but i chose a ruffled tank wfor a pop of color. Jeans: True Religion - Wooden Nickel Tank: J.Crew Blazer: Banana Republic Accessories and Shoes: Michael Kors Written by Meagan Owen

Photography & Article by Bethany Young Model: Jamy Green Dress by Elizabeth & James

I love New York

If you know me very well at all, then you know I have a love for New York City. There is no other place on this earth like it Broadway shows, incredible cuisine, limitless shopping, foundational historic sights, breath taking views, celebrity sightings, quaint and quirky boroughs, and the list goes on. It was obvious to me that New York would definitely be one of our travel spots - and I was thrilled to travel there for this article. Every time I go to the city that never sleeps, I feel like there is no way I can ever top the experience - and then I return and my expectations get blown away. This trip was no exception. I was able to eat at incredible restaurants, interview fascinating people, go to the opening of the MET Alexander McQueen Exhibit and see nearly every A-list celebrity at the MET Ball. I hope you enjoy this travel feature, and that you find a reason to visit the concrete jungle. Bethany Young

How to Meet a Celebrity

I have been honored to meet and see so many amazing people on my trips to New York - Kate Hudson, the Olsen twins, Molly Shannon, Kristin Chenoweth, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Hillary Swank...and the list goes on. The question I get asked above all others is, “How do you get to see all of these amazing people?” While a lot of it is who you know, some celebrity encounters can be made with little effort. The Non-tourist Tourist Celebrities don’t go walking down Broadway in Time Square, so don’t expect to find them there. They prefer the non-tourist areas, so they can take five steps without being stopped for their autograph. The West Village and SoHo are home to many incredible people - Sarah Jessica Parker, Meryl Streep, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Kate Hudson to name a few. Go shopping on Bleeker Street and grab a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery - keep your eyes open because you’re very likely to brush shoulders with someone important. Stage Door Broadway is home to the most talented performers in America, and is a must on any visitor’s to-do list. What a lot of people don’t know is that if you stick around after the show you can mingle with the performers as they leave through the stage door. This summer there are some amazing actors on Broadway - be at the stage door a few minutes before the final curtain and you can meet people like Edie Falco, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Daniel Radcliffe. Fine Dining Make a dinner reservation at one of the hottest restaurants in Manhattan a few weeks before arriving, and cross your fingers that your favorite celeb will be craving the same thing. Be sure to set the time for after 8:00 everything happens later in New York City. Red Carpet In a city filled with millions of people, there is an event happening nearly every night. Check out what’s going on and be sure to be there - even if it’s a closed event, it’s fun to watch the stars make their grand entrances.


I get to live in the greatest city on eet Megan Ellis. We love this lady earth.” because she is pursuing her dreams of working in the fashion industry, fear- Megan found a quaint Upper East lessly. Side apartment that she now calls home and enjoys her commute to the Megan was born in Tulsa, and attend- fashionable Bryant Park each morned Oklahoma State University where ing for work, except of course on the she earned her degree in Fashion Mer- freezing snowy days. chandising. After graduating, Megan moved south to Dallas where she was We asked Megan what her most mema buyer for Dillard’s Department store. orable experience has been thus far “It was a really fun job, especially in her fashion focus lifestyle in New for someone who had just graduated York City. She said, “I was able to atfrom college. I got to pick out what tend one of the shows during fashion Dillard’s would sell so it felt like I was week and had arrived early. I went shopping every day.” Megan worked into the big white room and started to for this company for quite awhile and find my seat. There were only a handwas blindsided when they asked her ful of people in the room but sudto move to a very small town in the denly it was so quiet you could hear a middle of nowhere, Texas. “I loved pin drop. I turned around and Anna working for Dillard’s but had no desire Wintour had entered the room. It was to relocate to a small, Podunk town. I truly an exciting experience to be so felt like it was the perfect time to take close to the women who influences all the next step in my career and follow of the fashion in America.” one of my biggest dreams of moving to New York City.” The sky is the limit for this fashionista. We are excited for her and all of her Megan flew up north and slept on her endeavors, and think that she is truly friends couches as she interviewed an inspiration for all of you whose with several different fashion houses fashion dreams are similar to hers. and merchandising companies. “I decided as soon as I was offered a job I would pack up all of my things and move,” and that’s just what she did. Megan was offered a position with Macy’s, the iconic department store. “I absolutely love my job. I think that Macy’s is the best company you could ever work for, and it doesn’t hurt that

2011 met ball

Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty Metropolitan Museum of Art

Clothing from Zara

Union Square Cafe

Tell us about the background of Union Square Cafe. Union Square Cafe opened its doors in the Fall of 1985. It was the first restaurant in what would ultimately become Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, which over the next 25 years opened 9 other concepts, not to mention a gaggle of Shake Shacks. We started as a hybrid (a half way between) of the swanky, tuxedo / suit and tie restaurants in mid-town, and the hip, sleek casual downtown scene that was New York in 1985. Union Square Cafe welcomes guests with gracious, welcoming hospitality and provides excitement and comfort whether you are dressed in jeans or a three piece suit. What inspires the chefs of Union Square Cafe? The Chefs of Union Square Cafe are inspired by the Greenmarket, located just steps from our front door, and cook the very best of what is in season in the moment. We take cues from French Bistros and Italian Trattorias while bringing the immediacy and sensibility of local, seasonal ingredients. Dishes are often creative, playful riffs on classic technique and our menus change daily, depending on what is freshest in the moment. What would you say is your signature dish and drink? Signature dishes really depend on what season and month you dine here. On the menu now is an incredible shaved asparagus salad with pecorino romano and olive oil, as well as soft shell crabs with spring radishes and pickled ramps. Tonight our special is Capretto Arrosto (Roasted Goat) with Cannellini Beans, Artichokes, and Rosemary Spiedino...but check back next week and the market will have changed, providing new opportunities and dishes. As far as drinks go, we are really enjoying our Spring cocktail menu, complete with six classic, pre-prohibition cocktails. Some of our favorites include The Aviation (Gin, Crème de Violette, Marschino Liqueur, Lemon), The Adonis (Manzanilla Sherry and Aged Italian Vermouth with Orange Bitters) and The Ward Eight (Rye Whiskey, Orange, Lemon, Grenadine). Of all the amazing experiences you have had since opening your doors, what would you say has been the best? Over the past 25 years this restaurant has cultivated countless scores of regular, loyal guests, who see us as an extension of their living room. Our staff has grown to reach tremendous heights, both

within our company and beyond, and our alumni network is now incredibly strong and talented, reaching all over the country. I was privileged to join the team as the General Manager, but just three months ago. For me, one of the most significant milestones since my tenure began was celebrating the 1,000th visit of one of our regular guests (husband and wife). What was even more remarkable than the staggering number of visits was the fact that we only started keeping track of visits back in 2000, a full 15 years after they began dining with us! Imagine what their real number is?! What advice would you give to other aspiring restauranteurs? The best advice I can give after having been a part of this company for nearly 7 years is in three parts: 1) Surround yourself with passionate, intelligent people, who derive genuine pleasure and satisfaction from serving others. You can teach someone how to carry a plate or describe a wine, but you can’t teach heart. 2) Always have the foresight to think of your guests as relationships. These should be long term, long lasting ones in which your goal is to find ways to endear yourself to them and be memorable. While every interaction matters, it is about earning trust and loyalty through excellence, creativity and dependability. 3) Define who you are as a restaurant from the very beginning, and then stay true to your soul. That said, always be a great listener and don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself or your approach, as long as it stays within your direction, focus and ambition. What sets Union Square Cafe apart from other New York restaurants? Union Square Cafe was a pioneer in New York City in many ways: whether through our culinary approach (greenmarket centric / obsessed), our brand of hospitality (we have always struck a wonderful balance of creating the feelings of “going out” and “coming home”), or the fact that no matter what the occasion (some oysters and a burger at the bar on a Saturday afternoon, a client meeting for lunch on a Wednesday, or a 10th anniversary celebration with family on a Friday night), we have always just felt like a great place to do so. We are classic and innovative, sophisticated and playful, accessible and soulful.

Da Silvano

Silvano Marchetto

Tell us about your background, both personally and as a chef. I was born in Trento, and then my family moved to Florence because my father was in the army. He was a cook - I learned a lot from him and from my grandmother also. In school, I was actually signed up to take an engineering course but it was full, so I ended up taking the cooking course instead! After that I went to cooking school and then worked in restaurants in Italy, France and Switzerland before I decided to follow my dream and move to America. I started working in New York in the ‘60s (when I was in my 20s)... After working as a waiter and a cook at several restaurants in the Village, and saving up my money, a space opened up... I borrowed some money and used what I had saved and took over the small space at 260 6th Avenue, and opened up Da Silvano on May 1, 1975 (over 36 years ago!). It’s the same space I have now, except we expanded when the space next door opened up. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had taken the engineering course as planned! What led you to opening a restaurant in New york? Were you nervous about going out on your own? I wasn’t too nervous (I was in my 20s, I thought I could do anything!) because everyone was doing the same thing! Every Italian restaurant I ate at was serving dishes covered in “red sauce”. Every Italian menu had dishes like veal parmigiana and veal marsala on them, but nothing like what I grew up with and had experimented with in school. I took a risk and it paid off. What inspires you? Do you enjoy creating new things, or perfecting the classics? I am inspired by the ability to create new things every day. Good, fresh ingredients always inspire me. What would you say is your signature dish and drink? One of my signature dishes is Yukon Gold Potato

Gnocchi with Lobster, Tomatoes and Shallots. A signature drink would be our Negroni made with Puntemes (a bitter Italian vermouth, instead of using the traditional sweet vermouth) Of all the amazing experiences you have had, what would you say has been the best? I have had so many experiences in the last 36 years its hard to think of them all... But getting married to my wife Marisa and then driving to Montreal for the Formula 1 race for our honeymoon, where Ferrari came in 1st and 2nd place was a really special experience! What advice would you give to other aspiring restauranteurs? Keep an eye on your food constantly. Don’t assume anything. What sets Da Silvano apart from other New York restaurants? I’ve been running Da Silvano since I was 29. I don’t think there are too many restauranteurs in New York or elsewhere that can say the same, 36 years later. Our location also sets us apart. In the warmer months, our sidewalk cafe is one of the best in the city!

My favorite things to do in New York City... Take a stroll down Bleecker Street in the West Village. This is my favorite area of New York - fun boutique shopping, quaint tree-lined streets and a local vibe.

Street fairs are one of my favorite things to explore in the city. Local vendors come out with fresh produce, locally made art and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Greenwich and SoHo are a must on your trip. If you’re searching for a bohemian-chic vibe with world-renown shopping, then these are your go-to places.

Spend an afternoon in the park! Take a bike ride through the gorgeous Central Park, or enjoy a soda in the quaint Bryant Park.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for the most amazing views. Any time of day is great, but I prefer to take the subway to Brooklyn at dinner time, grab a slice of the best pizza in New York from Grimaldi’s and then walk it off on the trek across the bridge.

My favorite spots to get a treat on the Upper East Side are Pop Burger, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Serendipity. Order the Pop Burger and prepare to taste the best slider you have ever had! Visit Serendipity for a touch of history and whimsy - you can never go wrong with the frozen hot chocolate. If you have a large sweet tooth then Dylan’s is your place for candy galore!

Head over to Broadway every night to see amazing performances this summer. I am excited about “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”, “House of Blue Leaves”, “The Book of Mormon” and “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.” Desserts are a New York specialty. For the best cheesecake head over to Junior’s. If cupcakes are your thing, then you must go to Magnolia Bakery - particularly the one on Bleecker Street (Where Sex and the City was filmed!). If you need crazy combinations of flavors, then definitely go to Crumbs Bake Shop I love the Good Guy cupcake!

Dress by Elizabeth & James

CFDA Awards

Film stars have the Oscars, musicians have the Grammys, Broadway performers have the Tony’s, and fashion designers have the CFDA Fashion Awards. Beginning in 1981, the multi-billion dollar fashion industry added their own special recognition for the fashion designers that have shaped America in the previous year. On June 6, 2011, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Annual Fashion Awards will be held at the Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City. American journalist Anderson Cooper will host this year’s awards. Although a seemingly odd choice, he is a friend of current CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg. Also to no surprise he was a child model with Ford Modeling Agency. There are 11 categories with five honored awards this year; Womenswear Designer, Menswear Designer and Accessory Designer of the Year, the Swarovski Award for Womenswear, Menswear, and Accessories, The Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, the Media Award, the International Award, the Fashion Icon Award, and the Founders Award. The CFDA awards brings out not only the industry’s finest innovators and editorial mavens, but also notable New York residents such as trendsetter Sarah Jessica Parker and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Founded in 1962, the CFDA now has over 370 members and is the premier trade association for the industry. The CFDA has been instrumental in launching the careers of several young American designers, most notably Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler. When VOGUE teamed up with the CFDA to create the CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund in 2004, McCollough and Hernandez were the inaugural recipients of what is now a $300,000 prize, as well as a yearlong business mentorship with one of the fashion

industry’s finest. The entire conception and judging process of the Fashion Fund was captured in the 2005 documentary, Seamless. Menswear designer Billy Reid is its most recent winner, as well as two runner-ups Prabal Gurung and Eddie Borgo. This year, the winners will provide capsule collections for CFDA/ VOGUE Fashion Fund sponsor J.Crew. Currently Prabal Gurung’s uber flirty pieces are featured in the summer J.Crew catalogue and available online. Gurung is also a Swarovski Award for Womenswear nominee. More than ever before this year’s awards incorporates the pop culture phenomenon with nominees Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and Fashion Icon honoree Lady Gaga. Surprisingly open about their struggle to get the industry to believe their credibility, the Olsen twins are the one’s to watch in the Swarovski Award for Womenswear. The Swarovski award, formally the Perry Ellis Award, recognizes emerging designers for their creative and inspiring work. It is the “Best New Artist Award” for the CFDA. A nomination from the CFDA proves that these former child stars aren’t just in the business for kicks, but are true artisans that create each collection with integrity and dedication. Lady Gaga, a confirmed attendee and well-deserved Fashion Icon Award winner, is sure to leave mouths open and eyes in awe in whatever she chooses to wear, perishable or not. With an eclectic mix of classic favorites and fresh faces, the 2011 CFDA awards will be quite the show. Or at least Lady Gaga’s outfit will be something for conversation. Check Twenty Something’s blog and tumbler during the awards, June 6, for our favorite attendee’s looks and coverage of the winners!

Written by Grace Davis

Womenswear Designer of the Year Marc Jacobs Alexander Wang Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler Menswear Designer of the Year Patrik Ervell Michael Bastian Simon Spurr Accessory Designer of the Year Alexander Wang Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler Reed Krakoff Swarovski Award for Womenswear Joseph Altuzarra Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row Prabal Gurung Swarovski Award for Menswear Alexander Wang 3.1 Phillip Lim Robert Geller Swarovski Award for Accessories Alejandro Ingelmo Pamela Love Eddie Borgo Jason Wu The Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award Marc Jacobs Media Award, in honor of Eugenia Sheppard Hilary Alexander International Award Phoebe Philo for Celine Fashion Icon Award Lady Gaga Founders Award, in honor of CFDA Founder Eleanor Lambert Hal Rubenstein from InStyle


Prohibition had ended and speakeasies were no longer necessary. Hollywood was thriving and the women more glamorous than ever. Actresses like Veronica Lake, Gene Tierney and Rita Hayworth were real life women turning the heads of onlookers everywhere. We were inspired by their beauty in addition to the character Jessica Rabbit.

back to 1937

Hair & Makeup: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Model: Riane Fern Clothing & Accessories Provided by Serendipity

The room we love! The beautiful home of David & Barbara Green

No Excuses to Look Like a Hot Mess

Have you ever gone to the grocery store in sweatpants, a grungy, old worn-out t-shirt, crocks, no makeup and your hair in a pulled back mess which could only be compared to a ratted bird’s nest? The probability of the situation is high, but our question is why? Why would women of today’s era subject themselves to such ridicule? The biggest problem we have with this ‘hot mess’ look is that it leads to more important issues that make our lives more difficult. Issues that we, as women, have struggled to tackle for decades and somehow are now coming back to bite us in the badonkadonk. One word: chivalry. How can we expect men to swoon and flock to us when we allow ourselves to be seen in public lookin’ like fools? Bottom line… GUYS DON’T WANT SLOBS! Why would a guy go to the trouble of opening a door, ushering you into a room or holding back a belch in front of you when you can’t reserve that high standard for yourself? We ladies have a luxury that guys don’t have—makeup and hair products galore! Guys have it rough. They pretty much have to deal with what God gave them. Not too many men are wearing foundation on a daily basis to cover up blemishes or eyeliner to make their eyes stand out. We ladies are fortunate; countless products exist to help us in the looks department, so let’s put them to good use! The beauty of these beauty products—they don’t all cost more than your first year of college tuition. Here are a few of our favorites that are under $50: Maybelline Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil: a great way to ‘finish’ off your face/ eyes and it’s available at drug stores (it costs less than 10 bucks). Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion: Primers are a good tool to have because you put it on before your foundation, it brightens your skin tone and helps make-up stick to your face all day or, depending on your scene, all night. Sooo Lilly Mineral Photo Touch Foundation: This product makes just about any skin tone look airbrushed and flawless. Plus, she’s a local woman who developed her own cosmetics and skin care line, so you’re supporting Oklahomans. Sooo Lilly Mineral Matte Bronzer: Enhances tanned skin and livens up paler complexions. Bonus: the different shades in the wave can double as eye shadow. Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial: Can’t afford microdermabrasion? This magic in a bottle does the trick. The five-minute mask brightens up skin almost instantly. L’OREAL Sublime Bronze: This self-sun is much safer than catching rays outside and looks just as natural. It comes in airbrush mist and gel formulas. (If you choose the gel, rub on your body in an up and down motion, and then go back over it in side to side motion to avoid streaking) Of course, looking the part only gets you halfway there. You have to demand respect, but at least we’ve given you a good start. Here is a call to all women: GET IT TOGETHER! Have hair and makeup always put together, pull off a trendy fashion no matter what your destination, walk high and hard and sit with your legs crossed… especially while wearing a skirt or a dress please! If these simple rules are followed then maybe we can start to argue and push for chivalry to shine bright. And please, please, STOP looking like a hot mess!

Oliver! At Lyric Theatre

and directing about 5 years. I really do enjoy all the aspects of theatre, love doing it as long as the work offers an opportunity for creativity. I do admit that if I need something to let me relax or take me to a calm/ zen place… I tap dance. That is a real love of mine.

Of all your experiences, which one outshines the rest? I have so many fantastic memories and Meet Dirk Lumbard - he will be performexperiences in the theatre that trying to find ing the role of Fagin in Lyric’s June perfora favorite is tough. I had some fantastic exmance of Oliver! periences with both Ann Miller and Mickey Rooney. I did my first Equity show “Panama Tell us about yourself Hattie” with Ann, and I did my first BroadI am from Seattle, Wash. originally and way show, Sugar Babies, with them both. left soon after high school to go to NYC to My first television show, choreographing become a musical theatre performer, hopeand playing a part in Home Improvement fully on Broadway. I didn’t go to a performwas with Ann Miller. Then I did Crazy for ing arts college so I found myself surroundYou and the National Tour of Wizard of Oz ed by a lot of talented kids from around with Mickey. Growing up watching them the country who had some, if not a lot, of in all those MGM musicals and then to technique. I knew if this is what I wanted I perform with them was a dream come true. had to get my fanny to dancing, singing and (Plus a lot of fun back-stage stories.) They acting class. I feel like I’ve climbed every have been my good luck charms. musical theatre rung there was to climb; chorus in community theatre, summer Tell us about your involvement stock, dinner theatre, National Tours then with Oliver! here in Oklahoma. finally to Broadway; then starting to do Lyric Theatre has a fantastic reputation parts again in summer stock, dinner thein NYC and around the country, so when atre, National Tours then finally Broadway. they called me to come back to do Oliver I I’ve done seven Broadway shows, numerous jumped at the chance. I saw it when I was Tours and Off-Broadway. very young and this show makes a very strong impression on young boys. You see How long have you been involved them as abused angels in “Food, Glorious in the theatre? Food” then get transported to Fagan’s hideI have been involved with dancing, actout where the boys are hoodlums, picking ing and singing in the theatre about thirty pocket, some smoking pipes… what boy years, with choreography about 15 years wouldn’t be intrigued by that!

What should patrons expect from this show? Having worked at many of the top theaters in the country, I really think OKC has one of the finest with Lyric. The schools here are some of the best in the country for training young talent, so for them to be able to work right here with some Broadway pro’s with fantastic sets, costumes, a full orchestra let alone first rate direction and choreography… well, you’ve got real, pure musical theatre. What advice would you give aspiring artists? My advice to aspiring artists is to keep studying and striving to keep a clear focused vision of what they want to say through their art form. It’s like the same advice I would give to everybody; to find some outlet to express themselves, whether it’s acting, singing, dancing, painting, writing, designing. And that it could be in a local theatre, church, dance school, taking a class at the local college. I think it’s part of having a balanced and happy life.

Meet Eleasha Gamble - she will be performing the role of Nancy in Lyric’s upcoming performance of Oliver! Tell us about yourself I am a Washington DC area native and I have been working in the DC theatre scene for the past twelve years. I began working in professional theatre my freshman year of college and have been working ever since. What is it about the theatre that inspires you? I love how theatre delves into the human experience. It forces us to really look at ourselves, and explore the things that make us tick. I also love how it touches people of all races, religions, ages and backgrounds. Theatre shows us just how similar we are, and how at the end of the day we all want the same basic things in life.

Oliver! cast including (from left to right) Campbell Walker Fields (Artful Dodger), Perry Sook (Bill Sikes), Kristina Love (Bet) and Sam Brown (Oliver)

Of all the experiences you have had in the theatre world, what has been the one that outshines the rest? Playing Laurey in Oklahoma! last fall at Arena Stage was the most amazing experience I have ever had to date. I was asked to join the production very late, when the woman cast to play Laurey had to leave

unexpectedly. I found myself in front of an audience with only three days of rehearsal! It was terrifying, exciting, wonderful and validating all at the same time. It was like all of the planets had aligned to bring me to that moment. Happily the show garnered rave reviews and was named one of The New Yorker’s Top Ten Performances of 2010. It’s one of those legendary theatre stories that I’d always heard about, but never in a million years thought would happen to me. Tell us about your involvement with Oliver! here in Oklahoma. I have the pleasure of playing Nancy in Oliver! at Lyric Theatre. I had the opportunity to play Nancy my freshman year in High School, so I’m looking forward to playing her again now that I know what I’m doing! C

What should patrons expect out of this show? Patrons should expect to have a good time! Oliver! is such a wonderful show, with great songs and memorable characters. Having worked with Michael Baron, our director and Lyric’s Artistic Director, I know he will bring excitement and fresh life to this endearing show.

at the CIVIC CEN 6/21/11-6/25/








What advice would you give aspiring artists? The advice I always give to aspiring artists is make sure you love it. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour, especially with the advent of Glee and American Idol, but only a very few get to that level of fame. You have to be prepared to work very, very hard. It’s not an easy life, so you have to have a passion and love for it. Also, try to learn as much as you can. Become a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as you can. I have learned so much from fellow actors and directors, and have discovered that they are the best teachers I have ever had. Always remember you can never know or learn too much.

at the CIVIC CEN 7/19/11-7/23/ FOR TICKETS (405) 524-9312 phone


NTER /11

at the CIVIC CENTER 7/5/11-7/9/11

NTER /11

at the CIVIC CENTER 8/2/11-8/6/11


To the Max

A look at this season’s best maxi dresses from the stores we love! Hair & Makeup: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Model: Maci Cameron

Find this look at S Boutique

Find this look at S Boutique

Find this look at Funky Monkey

Find this look at Isabella

Find this look at S Boutique

Find this look at Funky Monkey

Hair & Makeup: Jamy Green Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Shoes Provided by Pink Sugar Accessories from Cloverleaf

Twenty Something Girl Britan Mills

Tell us about yourself Let’s start at the beginning! I’m a 22 year old Shawnee native with roots deep within the small town community. I have a younger sister, Kurstyn, my mom is a “domestic engineer,” and my dad once served as Mayor while still running the 103 year old family company. In May, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. To say the least: I’m incredibly driven. Boredom doesn’t exist in my life because I am constantly searching for new things. From an extreme involvement on campus to interning with organizations ranging from Victoria’s Secret PINK to the local Women’s Outreach Center, there is rarely room to rest! I’m what some might classify as “Type A,” organizing, alphabetizing and arranging anything and everything I can get my hands on. At OU, I took three semesters of Cherokee and am proud to be able to speak and write the native language. My ears have never been pierced, I’ve never chewed gum, and up until last week – I didn’t know how to use a curling iron!

able event, and I loved meeting OU Pi Phi’s from the 1930’s to 2000’s and dancing the night away at our Centennial Ball. Though my undergraduate experience is over, I look forward to joining the alumnae ranks with my sisters of all ages!

You are very involved with many organizations, tell us a little about the ones that you spend the most time with. I have always felt an innate urge to be a part of things which are much, much bigger than myself. It didn’t take long for this desire to be thrown on overboard while at OU! With the numerous opportunities provided, I eventually began forcing myself to choose where I could make the greatest difference. While at OU, I was heavily involved in Pi Beta Phi and Campus Activities Council is another area where I spent a lot of time. Planning events and activities for 20,000 students as the Howdy Week Executive Chair, raising over $4,000 for Children’s MiracleNetwork as the Dance Marathon Fashion Show Co-Chair, and creating enthusiasm on the Homecoming committee were a few of my CAC highlights. Big Brothers Big Sisters Tell us about your experience as was also a part of my life, mentoring now 9 a Pi Phi at OU year old Kimberly for three years. I probably I could not have asked for a better underlearned more from her than she learned from graduate experience as an Oklahoma Alpha (University of Oklahoma chapter) Pi Beta Phi! me! I spent two years as the Student Alumni Association Class Ring Chair, promoting the Prior to formal recruitment, I had an inkling about sororities but had no idea that one would official OU ring and presiding over the ring ceremony. As a Gaylord Ambassador, I assisted change my life forever. In high school, I was the College of Journalism and Mass Commuunable to connect with girls my age because I nication with recruitment, outreach and media avoided the inconsistent peaks and valleys of events. I also held positions as the Hispanic teenage drama. College was a completely difAmerican Student Association Event Chair and ferent world. I knew girls in each sorority and loved the entire process – the singing, dancing, recruiting students through Relay For Life. The skits, and conversation – but felt most perfectly University provided many outlets for someone with an interest in leadership development and at home at Pi Phi. Being welcomed by 200 prepared me for anything which may come my members and a pledge class of 70, I made just as many friends. From picking me up from my way in the future. late-night committee meetings to nominating me for OU Homecoming Queen, my sisters are Tell us about your experience in pageants true gems. I was fortunate to serve Pi Phi in a Growing up, I would sit in my living room number of ways – participating in University wearing my pajamas, a towel clipped around Sing and Sooner Scandals, as a convention my neck as a robe, and my mom’s High School delegate, Vice President of Communications, Homecoming Queen tiara. I would watch the and the Centennial Chapter President. Our contestants compete in Miss America, never 100th year on OU’s campus was an unbeliev-

imagining the opportunity to become one of them. Fast forward ten years, and my long-time hair stylist, Larry Chowning, was attempting to convince me to compete in a teen pageant. I had experienced bullying for such a long time that my confidence had been beaten down and little was left. Not only did I believe that physical beauty was a factor in winning, but I felt that I didn’t stand a chance since my awkward athleticism, early developed body and teenage acne were points of torture thanks to my bullies. Luckily, Larry continued his hassling, convincing me that I would be able to hold my own in the scholarship competition. Standing corrected, I was named 3rd runner up and bitten with the pageant bug. Scholarship pageants have paid for the majority of my college education and I graduated debt free, able to pursue the next chapter in my life without student loans looming over my head. Competing in the Miss National Teenager and Miss America systems offered the ideal opportunity to promote my platform work with relational aggression, a form of bullying which includes gossip, rumor spreading, alliance building, name-calling, cyber bullying and covert aggression. The Miss America Organization piqued my interest with its legacy of service, drawing upon my interest to continue working in the non-profit sector. Last year I served as Miss Oklahoma City and now hold the title of Miss Sooner State, providing the credibility to work against relational aggression in the classroom, public eye and statehouse. I have been fortunate to speak to over 9,000 Oklahoma students, at more than 72 school assemblies, and to have partnered with Rep. Pittman to promote House Bill 1461, a “bullying bill,” at the state capitol. What does the next year look like for you? The next year will be a whirlwind! I have been so blessed with many opportunities and look forward to the changes which are coming my way. In July, I will begin my two year journey working with Teach For America in Tulsa. Teach For America is a national organization devoted to eliminating education inequity in America’s low-income communities. The non-profit accepts less than 10% of applicants and trains them to become effective teachers

in order to close the achievement gap, which is found in standardized test scores, grade point averages and drop-out rates. I have been assigned to teach Pre-Kindergarten within Tulsa’s Community Action Project, an anti-poverty agency committed to helping families achieve self-sufficiency. I’m thrilled to be a part of this movement and provide an excellent education to students in order to fulfill their potential! TFA believes that where a child is born should not determine the quality of education they are provided and the next two years of my life will be devoted to their mission. I never imagined being a teacher - particularly with degrees in Public Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies, but this challenge has been presented for a reason and I am anxious to see what else lies before me!

What 4 things would be in your fashion survival kit? Oversized watch Skinny jeans J.Crew Blazer Fantastic shoes – don’t make me choose just one pair! Who are your style icons? Jackie Kennedy Onassis Sarah Jessica Parker A combination of Classically Outrageous If you could have one celebrity’s closet, who would it be? Sarah Jessica Parker Whether she is right or wrong, the woman is consistently memorable, tasteful and fashionable!

Leather jacket, leather pants, boots,

a scarf and a hat. A look so unique there is only one man who could pull it off. He is a jet setter, flying across the country catching the biggest basketball moments in the NBA with a court-side view. He makes his way from Paris to Milan checking out the newest that top fashion designers have to offer. James Goldstein is a man unlike any other. A man everyone wants to know. I sit with James after game 5 of the Thunder vs. Memphis series at Mickey Mantle’s Steak House in Bricktown. The atmosphere is loud and full of excitement, as the Thunder had just defeated the Grizzlies. “These are two of my favorite teams” Goldstein says, and it’s clear, seeing as he has attended every game in this series of the playoffs. “Your mascot tried to get me to put on a Thunder T-shirt tonight”. I asked why he didn’t do it, but he just smiled. I’m sure it’s because it would has messed with his outfit. This night Goldstein is wearing black leather motorcycle pants with small gold appliqué on the thighs, made by Versace. His jacket is a light colored orange leather with “XXV” on the back. John Galliano is the designer of this piece. His scar matches the jacket. Many of his scarves are custom made by a friend in Paris, who he visits each time he shops there. She creates scarves unique to each of his outfits. When asked just how many leather jackets he owns he replied, “Over one hundred, but they aren’t all leather, some are alligator or python. I have been collecting fashion since my early twenties.” During our conversation at least ten grown men have come up to shake Goldstein’s hand, thank him for coming to the game, ask for a photo, or his predictions for the series. He is polite to all who approach and even let’s one fan try ten times to get a good photo… his flash just wouldn’t quite work. For those who are curious of his thoughts on the champion-

Photo by Bethany Young

ship, he says, “Western Conference.” When in the states, Goldstein says he is famous for basketball but in Europe he is known for his fashion. In fact, he says they don’t really even know about his basketball reputation. Once the playoffs are finished, he says his next trip is back to Europe to catch the menswear collections and possibly the haute couture fashion shows, an event he has yet to attend. One thing he complained about was how conservative the clothing is for men. “It’s Boring,” he says. So recently he has used his close relationships with designers such a Versace and Galliano to have them custom make his favorite pieces from their women’s collections into Goldstein approved menswear items suitable for his style. “Leather jackets for men are so plain, but the women’s are much more exciting. I have the designers custom make them in my size”. One of his jackets, shown above, is red leather,

adorned with spikes, safety pins, chains and fringe. Before he put it on he let me hold it. I grabbed it with just one hand thinking it was just a jacket. To my surprise, I nearly dropped. I would estimate the jacket to weigh at least 30 pounds. Goldstein was born in Milwaukee. He said when he was 13 all of the boys in his class were wearing pink shirts. It was a new fad developing. He not only wanted to take part in this fad, but out do everyone. He went out and bought a pink suit. From that moment, he says he was hooked on fashion. As the night was ending we stepped outside to wait at the valet station and a thought occurred to me. Dennis Rodman. So I ask if they knew each other, because I remember him to have been someone who liked to make statements whether it was his hair, tattoos, clothes or choices, he too was a very unique man. Goldstein said they were friends… I just knew it. “About ten years ago I was actually inspired by Dennis Rodman. He was extreme.” He liked the way Rodman did whatever he wanted and how much he committed to it. He made those statements with an intention and this gave Goldstein more confidence to continue in his already evolving ways. Before leaving, a fan of Goldstein’s asked if he had ever seen the commercials for Dos Equis, featuring the “World’s Most Interesting Man.” He told him how much more interesting he was than the character on the commercial. Goldstein really seemed to enjoy hearing this and said, “I thought the same thing when I saw it”. It is now the next morning and we meet him at his hotel room at the Skirvin Hilton, downtown. He is busy trying to arrange travel plans to head to Memphis for game 6 and a possible trip to Atlanta in between. He shows us a handful of publications he carries with him that feature him and most often his beautiful Beverly Hills home as well. “My house is used for a fashion shoot every week.” After seeing all of the photos, I can understand why. For any of you who have seen Charlie’s Angels or the Big

Lebowski, that enormous, that can’t be a real place, contemporary work of art is his. He and architect John Laughtner worked together to design such a masterpiece. “Basketball, Fashion, Architecture” is what is listed on his business card. Occupation: still To Be Determined. From my observation, being present at as close to every NBA game, courtside seems like a full time job. Goldstein shy’s from telling us his age but it is obvious he still feels quite young. After all, he could dance all night with the Thunder Girls, which he did say were the best dance team in the NBA, and he promised he wasn’t just saying that since I am on the team. Written by Kelsey Self

R.A.C.E. Dance Company Hair & Makeup: Lil Doescher Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Models: R.A.C.E. Company Members

Hui Cha Poos has been in the dance indus-

try for 20+years and head of the Jazz Department at the University of Central Oklahoma. She is a single mother of two kids, Sajin and Gunnar. Hui holds a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Secondary Education from UCO. and is very interested in helping dance in Oklahoma thrive. Tell us about R.A.C.E. R.A.C.E. stands for Radical Application of Creative Energy and began in 2008 with 6 dancers including myself. It has since grown to 9 as well as 4 Guest performers for the June show. Why did you start R.A.C.E.? I saw a need for professional dance in Okc... having watched so many wonderful dancers (some I taught, some I didn’t), quit dancing or move away because there was nothing here for them to do. Owning a studio and teaching are great alternatives but don’t fill that void of a performer and there are a plethora of incredible performers in this state. I am aware of a couple of companies but not one that specialize in more commercial dance like we do. I also feel a need to use dance as an outlet for the message of inclusion. We need more social awareness and exposure so we can grow as a community. What are the long-term goals for the company? Race Mission Statement is Bringing about social awareness and change through dance performances and dance education. Our vision or long term goals are to be Okc’s premier Jazz/ Hip Hop/Contemporary dance company with significant, steady annual growth in programs offered, attendance, community awareness, students, dancers and financial positioning. We are in for the long haul...I would love to see dancers be able to make a living off just Race and for us to be a stable, reliable source of positive influence on the lives of young people. Tell us about your upcoming June show. Show in June is called “The Amazing Race.... when reality meets dance!” and will feature

Race dancers as well as three local celebrities. The audience will be able to connect with their favorites as we offer an entertaining, yet thought provoking look at the impact reality shows have had on our society. The show is at Lyric at the Plaza on June 23 & 24th at 7:30 PM. Tickets will be available June 1st at www. Tell us about some of the exciting things that are going on with R.A.C.E. right now. Immediately after closing the season with The Amazing Race, we will be in full swing of our new season. Our Fall Show will be Okc’s first ever “Hip Hop Nutcracker”. This is a new and exciting look at an old classic and we hope to commission Hip Hop and Contemporary dancers for roles and will be searching the community for corps dancers. Also slated for the upcoming season, the ever popular Race Fashion Show, Race through the Ages and Westside Storiez! How can dancers become a part of the company? Our auditions are going to be in August (date TBA). It will be posted on June 1st on the website as well

Company Members: Amanda Beard, Carmen Downey, Brandi Gable, Olivia Graeff, Allison High, Tasha Hinex, Rachel Parks, Emily South, Katelyn Wren Jr. Company Members: Hayden Bingaman, Rachel Dickson, Alli Paige Hill, Reid Lunnon, Jenny Rader, Hayley Southard, Kaitlin Speer Guest Performers: Stephanie Foraker, Sami Kropp, Amanda Herd, Frankie Morgan Teaching Staff: Hui Cha Poos, Emily South, Jennifer Martinez Stevenson, Alexa Fioroni

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