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Twenty Something August 2012


Bethany Young Editor in Chief Photographer

Kelsey Self Fashion Director Stylist


We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts forbeing a part of our vision and love. You are all so wonderful and we know very well that On the Cover See more photos on page 68 none of this would be possible without all of you. Love,

K and B


5-K Run for the Arts Live Reggae by Sunny Side U p

DG Productions

Saturday August 11, 2012 . .) 11:00 Pin.aM t 9 P.M

ation at m r o f in n io t a Registr e c s t r a y it c . www or call 00 405.951.00

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OK Runner 1389 E 15th St # 100 Edmond, OK 73013 (405) 359-0777

Prettiest in


While pink hair is not office appropriate, maybe your boyfriend thinks you’re weird, or you even feel like Twenty Something’s are too old for this, I believe we should live a little- all of the time! Like many of you, I wish I could sport the ever popular pink hair fad on a day to day basis, however- my activities do not allow for it. So this bottle of pink hair spray is washable, cheap and get’s the job done! There are absolutely more professional brands, but this particular bottle is only about $2.00 at Party Galaxy and I know for a fact it washes right out. If the all over color is too much for you, add a little flair with some pink hair accessories!

Top Shop Spiked Headband

Free People Rose Crown

Kelsey’s Must Haves

American Designer Going for the Gold

This year from July 27th to August 12th, people the world over are tuning in to watch many of the world’s greatest athletes compete in London, England, for Olympic gold. As most know, it is an extreme honor as an athlete to represent your country in the world’s greatest athletic competition. What you may not know is that almost every country chooses a fashion designer from their country to design the athletes’ Opening and Closing Ceremonies clothes and uniforms. For the third year in a row, American designer Ralph Lauren is United States’ chosen designer.

Ralph Lauren is one of the most well-known and beloved fashion designers in the United States. Polo Ralph Lauren started in 1967 as a necktie company and has since evolved into an upscale American lifestyle company. Although Polo Ralph Lauren is a high-end fashion label, it is most known for being associated with sports. Ralph Lauren signed a three-year contract with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in 2009 and has since designed the clothing for the numerous ceremonies. Ralph Lauren designed three different looks for the 530 athletes representing the USA. These looks are for the Opening Ceremony, winner stand uniforms, and the Closing Ceremony. Ralph Lauren went for a soft-retro look, those similar to the popular styles of 1948, the year the Olympics were last held in London. During the Opening Ceremony,

with both the team and classic Ralph Lauren Big Pony

the men entered in cotton club-collar sport

logos on the chest, paired with flowing midi skirts

shirts, red and navy ties, and navy double-

cinched with a striped navy, red, and white belt. The

breasted blazers with the team logo and

men will join them in cotton shirts with the afore-

Ralph Lauren pony. The female athletes wore

mentioned logos, along with white pleated slacks fas-

similarly embroidered fitted navy blazers.

tened by striped navy, red, and white silk belts. How

Silk was the fabric for the knee length cream

very dapper. Be sure to tune in to the Olympic games

skirts, accented with silk scarves. The women

to see all the fashions our USA teams are sporting and

also had a pants option. Both the men and

cheer on all our outstanding athletes. GO USA!

women donned navy wool berets with, of course, the signature Ralph Lauren Polo horse. For the Closing Ceremony, the women will celebrate in white button-down shirts

Written By: Audrey Lissle



Audrey Hepburn. Marlene Dietrich. Grace Kelly. These are just some of the women we think of when it comes to fashion. We’ve probably seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s a thousand times, and looked over and over again at the photo of Grace Kelly’s famous green Oscar gown. The classic women of film, along with modern actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker, are not the only people associated with fashion. Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and our First Lady Michelle Obama are among the great women of style. In the fashion industry, all these women are considered style icons. What is a style icon? It’s a person who knows how to wear and style clothing. Their style is influential throughout the years. A majority of style icons come from the big screen. Audrey Hepburn is probably one of the most popular style icons in fashion. Audrey became a name in fashion much in part due to her friendship with French designer Givenchy. Marlene Dietrich, another stylish actress of the time, was a muse to Christian Dior. The actress-designer friendship played an important role in establishing their style icon status.

The music industry has also produced many style icons. In music, an artist has to create a certain look for their specific genre of music. Since there are so many genres, there is a wide variety of fashion and style on the stage.

On one hand, you have the artists that represent the very chic and glamorous perspective of fashion. On the other, you have the artists that represent the loud and extravagant perspective of fashion. Music is a great industry for producing style icons because artists can experiment more with fashion to achieve the appropriate stage look. Some of the style icons that music has produced include Diana Ross, Victoria Beckham, Cher and Madonna. Although film and music are favorites when it comes to finding a style icon, these are not the only industries that have produced some of fashion’s choicest.

The fashion industry itself is full of fashionistas who have the potential to jump to style icon status.

Along with having one of fashion’s fastest growing brands, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have become two of fashion’s rising style stars. Designer Diane von Furstenberg is known for her charismatic and feminine personal style that also compliments her fabulous ready-to-wear designs. Coco Chanel herself was considered (and is!) a style icon when she first debuted her designs. Models, editors, and photographers also have their very own style icons within their respected areas of the fashion industry. Style icons have a major fashion influence on the style of others. Fashionistas look to their favorite style icons for fashion ideas. If a woman wants to have a certain look, she might glance at a photo of a famous style icon. When a woman is deciding upon what to wear, taking a note from a style icon might be a good idea. People love style icons because they can get styling ideas from them year after year. A style icon is important to the fashion industry because their style remains classic and timeless through the years. Written by: Whitney Lynn

Models: Kayla B., Paige C., and Alex T. Hair: Shelly Price Make Up: LJ Hill Photography: Melissa Cosper Producer: Rachel Odom and Shana Witt

1.Zelma Jewelry Hair Lariat 2. Pour la Victoire Gold Heels 3. Super Trash Bronze Pants 4. givenchy Glass Pearl Cuff 5. Lanvi Gold Python Bag 6. Vice Brushed Metallic Top 7. Pierre Hardy Metallic Leather High Tops 8. Oasis Gold Watch 9. Essie and Forever 21 Nail Polish 10. Burberry Solver Jacket 11. Top Shop Bronze Short By: Audrey Lissle

Scrub it,

rub it,

slough it but for goodness sake

get that sunburnt, dried out, overheated, oversweated skin exfoliated! Including your lips, hands, and that pesky spot behind your knees.   

Out with the old and in with the new! Its hot and sticky outside, and unless you want to find yourself with unwanted oil slicks on your forehead and mysterious breakouts who knows where, GET IT OFF! Lets start with the easiest part: the body. At home any sugar, salt, dry brush or glycolic body wash will do. Personally, I love to use Fresh’s Brown Sugar Scrub or Eight’s Ginger Lime Scrub (locally owned). I use the scrub in a dry shower, making sure I hit shoulders, legs, arms, elbows and as much of my back as I can. I scrub until my skin is pink or my skin feels a little tingly. If using a wash with glycolics or AHA acids in them, I like to use little shower gloves to get the max exfoliation I can. Then turn on the water and rinse it all away. Getting a professional scrub is always a great treat! We recommend at home once a week, and professionally at the change of every season.     Of course be sure to remember that what you take away you must replace. So all the surface moisture you just exfoliated along with all your dead flaky skin must be put back in. I suggest the following products. For easy application I love to recommend Eight Dry Oil or Caudalie Divine Oil. Both come in a spray and have a light texture. Each adds moisture and a little shine to the skin. Of course you could always go right to Bonnie Holmes Bath and Body Oil. We affectionately call this the MUB crack. It smells fantastic and does the best

job of deep moisture penetration. You must rub this in more, but with the right partner. I am sure they would love to help massage it in. What was I writing about? ............ Oh right! Exfoliation!                                 Moving right along. You can always use body scrubs for the hands, but companies like One Minute Manicure make smaller, easier to handle containers. They also have some added benefits like extra oil. Be sure to rub not only the tops of your hands but your wrists, knuckles and cuticle area with extra care. Remember the second place a woman gives away her age is in her hands. A few extra minutes once a week can make all the difference.      And yes, believe it or not, they make scrub just for your lips. This formula comes in a small container, has low oil content and is more like a paste. And yes, you guessed it, take a little of the paste and scrub your lips. This isn’t as painful as you might think. Actually feels pretty good. Follow the “get pink or tingly” rule, rinse and you are good as new. This is very beneficial in the summer if you are wearing stains and matte lipsticks since the heavy pigments dry out your lips.       Do all of this and reward yourself with a really really ice cold beverage. Written by: Alex Mendez Kelley Owner of The Make Up Bar

Outdoor a s i s

Ok, ok, I know how hot it is outside. But that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of evenings spent outside in a fabulous space when the weather is bearable. There is nothing better than a great outdoor space you can relax in. Here are some things to consider when creating an outdoor oasis in your own home:


Function – more than any-

thing else, what you choose for your outdoor space should be able to stand up to Mother Nature. There are so many ‘outdoor’ options in furniture, rugs, pillows, etc. that you definitely won’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Photo Credit: Shelter Blog



– As with any space, use of color is so important! You don’t have to go crazy with it… a pop of color can make an otherwise neutral space seem very interesting and ‘done.’ Photo Credit: Rue Magazine



– no matter where your outdoor space is, think about a way to bring in interesting lighting. Doing so will make any outdoor space feel that much more special.

Photo Credit: La Dolce Vota Blog

Written by: Emily Davis

What We’re List

Album of the month: Frank Ocean Channel Orange For Frank Ocean, it has been a long time coming for his debut album to arrive. This New Orleans based artist has worked with almost everyone in the hip-hop world, ranging from Brandy to Kanye West and Jay-Z. He first ventured to Los Angeles after being evacuated from his Louisiana home after hurricane Katrina. His new haven treated him well as he started ghostwriting for major hip-hop artists and eventually realized he could be comfortable making money anonymously, or truly exercise his brilliance as a solo act. Channel Orange speaks of love, heartbreak, and, of course, societal problems that bring a soulful edge to modern-day hip-hop. Ocean stunned the crowd weeks before his album release by revealing a previous same-sex relationship that unveiled his bisexuality. The community of this genre accepted him wholeheartedly, however, even being known for its homophobic tendencies. This statement was a relief for him apparently, and did nothing but boost his popularity among news feeds. Regardless of his sexual orientation, Ocean is nothing short of genius and uses his talent and resources wisely. On this album, he collaborates with an array of artists like John Mayer, Pharrell Williams, and Andre 3000. He has broadened his horizons and with his work he wants us to do the same as listeners. In a nutshell, Ocean sounds like a blend of John Legend, Stevie Wonder and a little bit of Pharrell mixed in. “Sweet Life,” “Pyramids,” and “Pilot Jones” are my favorites. The summertime tone of “Sweet Life with his electronic keyboard and carefree lyrics, paired with his darker and more rap-influenced beat of “Pyramids”, make his story wellbalanced and fresh. Channel Orange is the perfect representation of talent and does not disappoint for those who need their occasional dose of hip-hop.

tening To...

Artist of the month: Stars

Originating in 1999 in Toronto, the five members of Stars have evolved and since produced five albums as well as various EP’s for us to enjoy. Airing on the softer side of rock, you’ll hear equal parts male and female vocals. Heavily influenced by bands like the Smiths, Stars are known for their songs “Take Me to the Riot” and “The Night Starts Here.” I hear these songs at work and sought them out based on what I heard. It’s always nice to see for yourself and discover great music instead of it being shoved down your throat. At the early stages of their development, Stars acquired members from Broken Social Scene, a band of similar rock sound but more instrumental bias. Stars’ continual production has proven their hunger for success, but also their reward for great talent. The North is their upcoming album, which will be released September 4 of this year.

Song of the month: DIANA, “Born Again”

There’s not too much to say about this new Toronto-based band yet, but if their new single “Born Again” is an accurate representation of this group, I would say they have a promising future. This single is lighthearted and soft, led by female vocals but stands as an electronic masterpiece. Making it very clear as to not be classified as “chillwave” DIANA does a great job incorporating various instruments to make a debut single interesting and meaningful. Even including the saxophone for a bit of jazz-influence, this trio layers everything together beautifully. I wish I could say more about this group, but from what I can tell there will be much more revealed as more work surfaces. Written By: Sarah Etheridge

Kylie Morgan

Okie Girl Kylie Morgan Catches the Eye of Country Superstar She’s “Country, from her cowboy boots, to her down home roots” is not only a lyric sung by Jason Aldean, it is also a fragment that describes the journey and story of Kylie Morgan, as she was recruited to open for one of her musical inspirations, Jason Aldean himself, through the debut show “Opening Act” on the E! Network. Scanning through YouTube for hours on end, from the starving musicians to the “15 minute of fame” seekers, the esteemed panel of talent scouts that is consisted of Pete Wentz, Martina McBride, Jason Derulo, Nigel Lythgoe, Antonia Armato and Nick Cooper, saw the sweet hearted Morgan as a teenager with a musical talent that would complement Aldean’s style. Morgan has embraced music early in life, and it all started with a little pink guitar.

“When I was 12 years old, I could not carry a tune. Of course, at this age, I thought I was good at everything!,” Morgan jokes. “But when I was 12, I strived to be in theatres; plays, stuff like that; that is where I got my love for being on the stage. At one point, I asked for a guitar for Christmas, and I ended up getting my first little pink guitar. I was born and raised in country music; that’s all I knew and all I loved,” Morgan says. As lyrics come to her naturally, Morgan draws inspiration and the depth of her songs from every aspect of her life. “I get my inspiration everywhere. I will just be lying in bed, and I will just automatically think of [lyrics]. If there is a sign or a situation I am going through, I just write it out. That is what I love about “[Through the show], you are brought to a songwriting, even though I never had a journal whole new level. You get to meet amazing people growing up, I have always just wrote down my that teach you so much in so little time. So, I thoughts,” Morgan says. mean, no matter what, you are going to come out Jason Aldean is one of the elite front leading a better musician. But also, you come out a better men in the country music genre, and Morgan got person. You’ve just done and learned so much in to meet and work with the artist side by side. Kylie so little time. It was a great experience and I was reminisces her time with the country superstar. honored to be chosen. It really opened my eyes about how many aspects of performing there re“What is awesome is that I got to open for ally are,” Morgan says. my most favorite male artist of all time. To not only be able to meet him, but to open for him too! “Opening Act” challenged her to become a It absolutely changed my life. I didn’t know what better musician. But before the show, Morgan was to think at the time because it was so surreal! I and still is spreading the message of the effects of couldn’t believe it was happening,” Morgan says. bullying and encouraging others that “It Matters What We Do.” Morgan is a peer spokesperson for Being an artist with unique talents before’s National Bullying Prevention, urg“Opening Act”, Morgan recollects her experiences ing to educate people nationwide about the fatal with the influences that shape what is our musical aftermaths of bullying; it also encourages peer scope today, and how these people broadened the on peer support. From learning about a specific horizons with her own approach to music. tragedy associated with bullying, Morgan wrote a song, “It Matters What We Do”, in tribute of a young girl who committed suicide because of bullying. “We wrote this song in honor of Phoebe. When I found out an estimated 160,000 children miss school every day because they are bullied, I wanted to do something to make a difference. I started my own bullying prevention awareness campaign,” Kylie says. A country girl at heart, Kylie Morgan takes on the prestigious music industry and its stage. She will not be swallowed by shadows, but will take on the spotlight that has been waiting for her. This upcoming young, country songstress will not “do-si-do” out of the country music scene anytime soon. Written By: Meagan Thomas

1. Tell us about yourselves I was one of 7 children, raised in a Catholic family in a small town called St. Paul, Missouri. My oldest sister, Abbi, who is also an artist, is exactly 8 years older than me. (Our birthdays are September 19.) She was teaching herself to play guitar when I was about 8 or 9 years old, so there was a guitar lying around the house all the time. It was a bit too big for me, but my parents took note of my interest and bought me a cheapy when Christmas rolled around. As a family, we had very little money. I fooled around with the instrument for a year or so trying to teach myself. My mother eventually talked my Grandpa Prize, who was a multi-instrumentalist, to teach me the fundamentals of guitar. The Christmas after, my grandma bought me a Beatles’ songbook. The chords were terribly inaccurate, but it was enough to make me want to play. Around that time, Abbi was back home from college and had all sorts of good music that she

a much, much larger role. When Trevor was home from school, he laid down backing vocals. My lifelong friend, Rebecca Prinster (we used to carpool to school when we were in kindergarten) volunteered her beautiful vocals to the mix. Eric took the main vocals on “Easy Living” and plenty of backing vocals. Eric’s wife, Andrea Walker, lent her talents on “The Cards I Was Dealt”. Slowly, it came together. The dynamic was extremely chill and unlike anything I had ever done. Trevor, Ryan, Eric, Rebecca, Andrea and myself all had the understanding that we were doing this to make something bigger, a piece of art that none of us could have done on our own. We put all of our personal crap aside and gave it all we had. There were no egos involved. It was always about the music. No one was forcing anyone to do anything they didn’t want to. We all believed in the songs and were just happy to do it. That’s the only way this record could have been made. For the live setting, Ryan is playing drums, Rebecca and Trevor are singing back-up, Rebecca’s brother,

Great Grandfathers

introduced to me. She lent me her copies of Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” and “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” and the Beatles “Rubber Soul” and “Abbey Road”. I studied the lyrics, chords, time changes, melodies, harmonies, etc. etc. At age 11 I began writing my own music. My aunt and uncle saw how serious I was getting and bought me a better guitar. When I gained enough knowledge of the guitar and confidence, I started playing at church every Sunday. In high school, I started my own band called Late. I recorded a couple albums with them and other bands throughout that period. I never went to college. I never took any music lessons or courses. Out of high school I held a job and kept writing songs.

2. The band is comprised of brothers - what is that dynamic like and how do you make it work for you? The band started with my younger brother, Trevor, and me. We had a few song ideas that we built off of to make the tracks from this record. While Trevor was going to school in Springfield, my roommate and good friend Eric Enger, offered to engineer and mix the record. Ryan Archer Adams (not -the- Ryan Adams), generously offered his skills to track the songs in his basement for very cheap and from there Eric took over. As it went, Eric played

Andy, is playing bass and I’ll be playing guitar and singing.  

3. Tell us how you chose the name “The Great Grandfathers “Brothers Lucas Severin Prize and Trevor Deiderich Prize got their charmingly antiquated middle names from their great-grandfathers, and that little biographical snippet provides the name for their musical collaboration.” -Christian Schaeffer, River Front Times

4. What artists and genres inspire your music? With the emergence of internet media platforms, everyone’s hearing everything all the time and sharing it with whomever. The public burn through millions of songs and videos in a given week. What was once underground and artsy, indie rock has seeped into mainstream. People are ready for something to sink their teeth into. They’re getting bored too quickly and are always looking to satisfy their insatiable appetite for real entertainment. What’s being heard by the general public on FM stations is probably the most interesting stuff played in probably 15 years, with a few exceptions. Artists like Cold War Kids, Goyte, Foster the People, fun. and Adele are all what I

6. If you had to put your sound into words, how would you describe it?

would consider good pop rock artists who have managed to push the envelope while writing accessible hits. Of Montreal’s “Sunlandic Twins” is the same way and was ahead of its time. I think Death Cab achieved it with their album “Plans”. That’s what I’ve tried to achieve with Saint Anthony’s Fire. I feel like that’s the way things were in the 60s. Pop groups were producing undeniably great music (The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Mamas and the Papas). Those artists seemed to write music for other artists, in a friendly-competitive way, to top each other with originality but stay in the framework of pop. That’s how timeless music gets made, and the public get to sit back and reap the benefits. It’s when the artists start to make a product catering to public that the music world suffers.

5. Where do you find inspiration for your songs? Life. It’s all about living consciously for me. Whatever I’m doing, wherever I am, I try to have my wits about me as there might be a beautiful new song waiting to unravel right before my eyes. There is so much to be inspired by in this time in our lives. Artists today should feel lucky. 

7. What is your favorite thing about being musicians? Lately, I’ve realized that being a musician, for me, is about coming together with whatever instrument you have, be it your voice or your words or your energy, and bringing it all together for a much bigger and more joyous sound than you could have ever done on your own. Being a musician is about celebrating life and all of our differences and collectively trying to take steps towards peace because we’ll find that we’re not all that different. Music helps us realize that. Music is something everyone loves, and what a gift it is to be the source for that sort of celebration!

8. What advice would you give to other musicians who are trying to be successful? Well, I’m no authority on commercial success, but take the words of Thomas Merton: “If you have love, you will do all things well.” My advice would be to make sure your priorities are straight. Don’t be so quick to judge others. Take responsibility for your actions. Everything you do, do it to the best of your ability and live consciously. If you’re doing the best you can and doing it with love, then you can stop stressing. Have some faith. It’ll all work out.

Feature Store: Isabella

Clothing and Acessories: Isabella Models: Trang C., Paige C., Kendall H. Make Up: Alex at The Make Up Bar Styling: Lacey Rosenwald and Teresa Pinson Photography: Melissa Cosper

We sat down with the ladies of Isabella, Teresa Pinson and Lacey Rosenwald, to find out all about their Edmond based boutique. How did you get into the fashion and retail world? TP: I would love to tell you some wonderfully romantic story, but it is very simple…I like a challenge, and was experiencing the “empty nest syndrome”, so I needed something to occupy my mind and my time. I have always loved fashion, and I decided that this city could use a fun, trendy boutique with some really cool lines, so I went for it. I opened Isabella in October of 2003. When I decided to jump into this business, I did about 8 months of research to find the most popular lines for contemporary clothing, and the lines that no one had at that time. I decided to open in Edmond, because there were no fun and trendy clothing stores. It is a lot more work than people think, but it’s really fulfilling to know that Isabella is considered one of the top boutiques in the Oklahoma City/Edmond area.

What sets your store apart from other boutiques? LR: Style and Customer Service. Isabella has it’s own very unique individual style that is almost like a lifestyle in itself. If you know us, we are all about layers and comfort and stripes. We have loved and coveted stripe basic tanks and tees way before the nautical revolution, and way before they were what all the trend spotters were saying was ‘in’ on TV! Customer Service, hands down (towards old and new faces)! We only exist because of our loyal, amazing customers. We know this and always put them first. When on buying trips Teresa and I are like-minded twins. We know exactly who we are shopping for and cater our buying patterns down to the individual. It’s like an “ah-ha” moment when we run across different items for the store’s assorted clientele. You have questions, we have the answer. From creating a whole new wardrobe style, to something as small as where’s the best place to get your jeans altered!

You have been involved with several community service projects by donating your time and clothing. Why is this important to you?

If I can help someone feel better about their figure by merchandising them with all the right fitting clothes and accessories, that in the end puts a bit more self confidence behind whatever day to day life they lead, well... mission accomplished. Happiness accomplished. Put a fork in it. My work here is done.

TP: I am a firm believer in giving back to your community, and to those who may be hopeless and desperate. I truly believe the principle of being fortunate for the purpose of helping those who are less fortunate. I feel that I have been blessed with this awesome avenue for the purpose of reaching and helping those who cannot help themselves. I am on the board of a non-profit organization called Beautiful Dream Society, who rescues young women and children from human trafficking in Lesotho, Africa. We have a charity fashion show every year and Isabella donates clothing for the show. Last year we got the entire community involved and had many local boutiques participate in the event. All of the proceeds are donated to the organization. In addition, this year I actually took clothing to Africa and had a fashion show there, which was so cool! I use every opportunity to raise awareness of the horrific crime of human trafficking, and I will do everything in my power to further combat this horrible act. What can shoppers expect when they walk through your doors?

LR: Premium denim, a big smile, and all the brands any nice girl could wish or dream about, wrapped up into individualized taste and individualized buying patterns that re flect everyone from a hippie to a perfectly tai lored fashionista, who would never deny copious amounts of color and stripes.

Just think, we get all of this out of one store. We are blessed. TP: I feel that I could not be as successful without the amazing creativity and talent that is brought to the table by Lacey Rosenwald. She never ceases to amaze me with new ideas, and I am truly blessed to have her working alongside me in this business.

What is your favorite thing about what you do? LR: Art! People! Happiness! Art can be born from all different mediums. Fashion and putting clothing together and merchandising an entire store is art, it feeds my creative side. I’m a people person and we like the idea that the store is kind of like ‘cheers’ where everybody knows your name. No offices here, just people and playtime and styling and of course good convssation. Deep down psychologically, appearance really counts when it comes to a woman’s self-concept

Whole-Hearted & Happier Than A Peach Today, I am writing this from a friend’s Orchard. We picked peaches from dawn till dusk, and now I lay here with my pen and paper, while being nuzzled by two baby piglets. I can assume that they had escaped from the main corral just over the hill, and were curious as to just what was so interesting amongst these trees dotted with curved fruit, and ground scattered with laughing individuals who smelt of sweat and sugar. The feeling of the tiny snouts prodding the pockets in my dress that had lingering bits of sweet feed and molasses treats brought about memories of my own farm, and thoughts of the future. In a few summer weeks, I will be making the yearly trip over to a reputable pig breeder’s farm and choosing a few just weaned little ones of my own. This will be my third rodeo with the oinking cuties, and I just can’t wait. Having the opportunity to humanely raise an animal of any kind is one of the main reasons I got into farming. I wanted to be a responsible consumer, and know that the meat I consumed had a wonderful life. You cannot get much happier than daily picnics and scratches behind the ear that they can never seem to reach. Not only will these pigs clear a spot for my next spring garden here at Early Bird Acres with my practice of rotational grazing, but they will also provide a year supply of Pork for my house, and many other homes across Oklahoma. When a family chooses to buy meat from an individual who has sustainable practices, they make a whole-hearted decision to treat animals with kindness and respect. I will not go into detail about the practices of many CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) around the United States. You need look no further than the many societies laboring day and night to end these practices. What I ask you not to look at are the stores that condone these inhumane practices by carrying CAFO supplied meat. If you choose to eat meat, take the opportunity to research where the meat was raised and in what manner. With technology that has become so advanced, finding out about that package of peppered or maple smoked bacon is easier than eating a peach by simply using Goggle. You can also know your meat is humanely raised by knowing your farmers. As I always encourage, buy local and wholehearted. Go kiss a pig…go hug a cow… go shake your local farmers hands…. Written and Photographed By: Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Twenty Somethi

ing Girl

Meet this month’s Twenty Something Girl, Laura Sabolich. Many Oklahoman’s may recognize her last name, but we are more interested in her art. After being accepted by and graduating from the International Center of Photography in New York, arguably the most prestigious and sought after photography education in the world, she is now living the New York life and chasing after her artistic inspirations through the lens. Tell us about yourself! My name is Laura Sabolich, my parents are John and Lee Sabolich. I grew up in a family of prosthetists, but I see them primarily as sculptors and inventors. I spent most of my childhood in a strange old house out past the Cowboy Hall of Fame at Lake Aluma Drive. I still miss that house, and it continually inspires my work.

Did you always know you wanted to be a photographer? Absolutely not, and even now, I would say that I am firstly an artist and photography is my medium of choice. Painting was my first art form. When I was little I wanted to paint constantly - I painted every single free time. I still see much of my photography as a form of painting now, only my canvas is reality.

How did you become interested in photography? Ever since I can remember, my dad had a camera of some kind in his hand, so I grew up observed by and performing for the camera. But then in middle school I took a black and white darkroom photography class at the Omniplex where I learned to mix my own chemistry and I got photography in a way I never had before. The first time my dad took me out to shoot he explained how the camera is just like the eye. He explained how the aperture opens just like our iris, and how the shudder speed is like blinking. The first time we went shooting together we went to a playground. I started taking very ordinary photographs while he watched me. Then he pulled me aside, and had me shoot from the ground and at an angle, making me look at things from perspectives we normally disregard. And picture-by-

picture he taught me how to see and represent the world in my own way.

What is your favorite part of the photography process? When I learn something new, when I take a risk, when I can put something into an image that otherwise could not be seen before.

You now live in New York, but before you moved, how were you pursuing photography in Oklahoma? Before I came to New York I was able to have a show of the work that I made in Italy [I spent a semester studying abroad there] at the Urban Teahouse. So many friends and family came, as well as art buyers I had never met before. I felt so supported by everyone at home throughout this process.

How has your work changed since moving to New York? When I started making work in Italy I spent a lot of time photographing strangers, doing my own odd version of photojournalism. When I started the program at the International Center of Photography here in New York, I found myself wanting to claim my own voice in my photography, and for me that meant stepping into the frame, being both the subject and photographer, observer and participant. My work has changed mostly because I understand my process better. I’m becoming more experienced at identifying and documented what my mind is toiling over or noticing. Also, I no longer view photography as a choice. In many situations if I want to remember the moment very well or if I want to understand it better, I must look at it in front of the lens.

How do you feel about pursuing an art form in arguably the most artistic city in the country? Living in New York is hard. It is competitive, it can be draining and many of my friends and I are just beginning to discover how we can thrive here. But, if you are willing to fight to stay here, if you remember to enjoy the city and connect to the artistic community here, it is one of the most magical places on earth. People don’t live in New York City unless they believe they belong here.

When I’m having a rough day in New York I’m quickly reminded by the elderly woman walking up the subway stairs with a cane, or by the exhausted waitress rushing to an audition, that living in this city amongst all the dream-making possibilities is worth the cost.

Tell us about your current work? It is called “ReVisions” and it is currently up at the International Center of Photography. It is inspired by my childhood home, my love for dollhouses, the construction of memory and my desire to use the medium of photography to delve more deeply into my personal relationships.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Much of my inspiration comes from my conversations with friends & family. It comes from the things happening around me and to me. I am also recently discovering that objects and constructions inspire me. The old dollhouse I restored was much of the muse behind my current work on display at ICP. I am currently quite inspired by the refraction of light through glass and reflections, so my work is becoming even more object based.

What advice would you give to others who want to pursue photography? As a photographer there is a difference between the work you make for yourself, your art and your commercial work. What I have found is that the work that I make for myself is the most important. If you haven’t made work for yourself, photographer or not, I suggest that you do it. You can start by documenting your own life and the things that mean the most to you. Next, be willing to show your individual perspective on things – don’t hide behind your camera, come through it.

Photography: Bethany Young



It’s hot. I’ll just say it. Of course I am telling you something you already know, but when it’s this hot, all I can think about is vacation. Now, when my husband and I got married and got the always popular, “So, when are you guys going to have kids?” question, we would always smile and say we were going to travel and enjoy life being just married for a while. And we weren’t kidding. I am somewhat of an adventure enthusiast and want to be everywhere in the world, no matter the place, no matter the time, no matter what the activity. That being said, my travel bucket list is fairly extensive… and by fairly extensive I mean sorted by priority, intercontinental vs. domestic, and lists of great things to do/see when we get to said place. And bless my husband’s heart, for all he wants is to sit in the sand, relax and enjoy a local beer while I, on the other hand, need to collect as many passport stamps as possible. I have compiled my top five destinations for us all to drool over while we, in fact, sit at home by the pool instead.

1.       Santorini, Greece. Formerly known as Thira, this Aegean island is a virtual Greek paradise. As a lover of Greek mythology, island life and the color scheme of blue and white, this place is perfect. Catamarans and sailboats connect Santorini with the other islands surrounding, and the views in all are the picture of breathless. Even if you didn’t want to completely unwind in Santorini alone, the mainland is not far away, and the history and culture alone are worth the visit! 

2.       Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya A little too rustic for some, this destination is more or less “fancy camping”, in that most of the ‘hotels’ are actually camps of groups of tents. Most of these are luxury tents, including restaurants, a bar and a campfire, but don’t be completely fooled, you are still camping. The Masai Mara Reserve is truly the Lion King in person. You will see several opportunities to be mere feet away from lions, cheetahs, elephants and other safari wildlife. For an adventure addict and zoo lover like myself, this would be the trip of a lifetime.  Written By: Meagan Owen

3.       Kennebunkport, Maine My top Christmas destination and once you look it up, you will know why. Maine, as is, is beautiful spring, summer, fall or winter. In the spring and summer it would make the perfect long weekend getaway, in the fall you can see the majestic leaves change and the town transform for fall, but the city of Kennebunkport kicks it up a notch at Christmas time as the quintessential Christmas town of the northeast. Pictures depict their annual Christmas Prelude with snow, carolers, festivals and all around merriment. My idea of a great Christmas trip would start just south in New York City to see all the big lights, renting a car and driving up the east coast to this sweet town, staying at one of their great bed and breakfasts to cap it off. 

4.       Maldives A sweet set of islands off the west coast of Sri Lanka, this place is called the sunny side of life. Any picture of this place looks basically like the photo-shopped screen saver in your computer. This remote location with all its white beaches, lush landscape, excellent diving and ultimate blue water is a little slice of heaven! Most come to this island for seclusion and relaxation while enjoying great scuba, huts on the water, and close to complete serenity. It’s no wonder it’s a celebrity vacation hotspot for people like Madonna, Jay-Z, Madonna and Tom Cruise. If you can’t ever get all the way out to the Maldives, I imagine we have a pretty good second here in the U.S. in Maui, Hawaii. 

5.       Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji OK, frankly this place is just plain cool. It’s an entire resort.... under water. You can choose from suites or rooms completely submerged under the sea and spend your nights surrounded by the creatures of the ocean! However, if you are a little claustrophobic or queasy about spending your nights under big blue, the resort offers bungalows on land that rival all others. I know no real information or reviews on the hotel, but just the thought of the first sea-floor hotel, it’s bound to be cool! 

So cheers to going to the lake this weekend or sitting by the pool on Sunday afternoon! If you are going somewhere awesome on vacation this summer, tell me about it! I am always looking for new additions to the list.

Model: Maygen N. Styling: Kelsey Self, assisted by Audry Lissle Wardrobe: DNA Galleries & Bad Grannies Make Up: Amber Fike of the Make Up Room Agency Photography: Bethany Young Special thank you to: Chad and Melissa Cosper


shycaldelic Illusion

The Month of the Leo’s Leo motto might be, “What you see is what you get.” You tend to live your live straightforwardly and with a flair for drama. In fact, many Leos are attracted to the theater, the performing arts and public relations, for you truly understand the importance of putting on a good presentation. As you blaze gloriously through your life, remember to take time to acknowledge the feelings of those around you. If you forget, you could unconsciously hurt someone you love. But, if you remain aware of your impact, others can benefit from your presence.

Famous Quotes: Greetings twenty-somethings! After taking some time off to get hitched and get fat on the beach, Brad and I have returned just in time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. LEO MONTH! As a tribute to the worlds greatest (and vainest) star sign, I hereby dedicate this month’s article to all things Leo. Happy birthday all my fellow kittens; may you roar with laughter and purr with pleasure for the rest of your long 9 lives. Leo Profile: The Lion is considered the king of the jungle, and likewise you Leos have an air of royalty about you. Some Leos even have hair resembling the thick mane of the Lion. But Lions are more than roar, for they are truly magnificent beasts. The Lioness proudly cares for the young, hunts and takes care of survival with relentless intent and ferocity, when needed. And proud are you Leo! Perhaps that’s why Leo often chooses work that puts you in the center of stage or in the spotlight of appreciation.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece” – Leonardo da Vinci “I simply can’t resist a cat… They are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside of the girl you love, of course” – Mark Twain A Leo’s Favorite Bands: Cat Power Pedro the Lion Cat Stevens Sexy Leos throughout History: Uncle Jesse Barack Obama Annie Oakley Andy Warhol Coco Chanel

Leo are warm of spirit, eager for action and are driven by a desire to be loved for what Mick Jagger you bring to others. Leo are a magnanimous leader and a faithful servant. Once scorned in Amelia Earhart love, however, Leo will withdraw your affections and the light, once brilliant, can go cold.

PS. In honor of Leo month, Brad and I picked up these 2 cuties. SWOON! Written By: Sherree Chamberlain


One Sweet Summer Orange Leaf Dozens of frozen yogurt joints grace our state, but Orange Leaf is one of my favs. They’ve got several locations, one of which is conveniently close to my house. The company’s website (www. says froyo is healthier than ice cream because it has less fat. I love Orange Leaf because you can choose from a multitude of flavors and then go nuts with the toppings… or bananas or brownie squares… you get the idea. They have more than 30 toppings to choose from! There’s only one size container and you’re charged based on how much your concoction weighs. I enjoyed a not-so-healthy mix of brownie batter and wedding cake froyo with peanut butter cups, Butterfinger bits, Oreo bits and Ghirardelli white chocolate syrup piled on top. YUM!

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Custard is similar to ice cream, but it’s made with more egg yolks. says the churning process removes more air, which minimizes ice crystals from the product. This basically means it won’t melt as quickly, which is perfect for our hot summers. Freddy’s has a number of cool treats, but my fav has always been a concrete. You can choose chocolate or vanilla and then choose from more than 20 toppings or mix-ins. I’m a chocoholic so I usually choose chocolate custard with peanut butter cup and cookie dough for my mix-ins. There is a small cost to add more toppings and mix-ins.

When it comes to weather, the only thing you can usually count on in Oklahoma is unpredictability. One day is hot, one is chilly, the next is so windy it knocks the snot out of you, and the next is muggy as all get-out. Except for summertime. When it comes to the month of August, it’s just hot. Many choose to stay in the comfort of their air-conditioned homes, but I braved the heat and went on the search for some ways to sweeten up the summer. You can find great chilled desserts at many places and these are just some of my favorites. So get out there… if you dare… and try some of these yummy treats!

Kaiser’s American Bistro This old-fashioned soda fountain in Midtown has a nostalgic atmosphere and treats that are perfect for the summer heat! It was originally known as Kaiser’s Ice Cream “Makers of Fine Ice Cream” in 1918. The restaurant has a bar like you might have seen in the 1950’s. It recently reopened and, in addition to the historic memorabilia, you can find tasty delights that take you way back! Their ice cream sodas are made with real sugar cane syrup and they still serve up homemade ice cream. You’ve got to try their specialty ice cream treat, the marshmallow malt, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It’s super rich, but worth every spoon-licking bite.

The Cheesecake Factory… or your own kitchen Because I’m me and, well, I love vodka, I have to throw in one for the big kids. The Cheesecake Factory serves up my all-time favorite martini: the strawberry martini. The restaurant infuses fresh strawberries with Pearl vodka and tops it off with a sugarcoated rim. It tastes like your drinking dessert. If you don’t want to shell out the nearly $10 for one, here’s a recipe you can use at home:

1.5 tsps sugar, 3 strawberries, 1.5 tsps strawberry syrup, 4 ozs Stoli Strasberi (strawberry) vodka

Put clean, chopped up strawberries into a shaker and mash them up with a wooden spoon

Add ice to fill the shaker, vodka, syrup and sugar

Shake well, serve and enjoy!

Written by: Kealey McIntire

Summer Time Self Discovery One of the fascinating parts of being a twenty something is the self-discovery that takes place. Gone are the days of pre-designed plans from your parents and clear next steps where you should go in life. This can initially be scary, as most change is, but once you remove the fear and embrace the opportunity to become whom you want to be can be extremely liberating.

Through my own self-analysis and post college experiences, I’ve become more aware of what’s important to me, who I want to become, how I want to live my life, and what I enjoy and don’t. One of the main things I’ve realized is how careful I am spending my time. I see life as many opportunities one after the other of how to use the time I’ve been given. Time is free, but priceless. Something you can’t own, but use. As anything free, a natural tendency is to not fully appreciate it because you didn’t have to work hard for it. Don’t fall into this trap. Remove days you haphazardly go through, and replace with a plan and purpose for maximizing that day towards living your ideal life. Specifically, spend the majority of your time doing things you love with people you love. All other things should be eliminated completely or done more efficiently and effectively so you can free up time pursuing your passions and interests.

One of these things for me is eating. I love to enjoy great tasting food and being healthy, but I’ve realized I no longer want to spend lots of time planning, prepping, sitting down to eat, and cleaning up meals multiple times a day. It may have worked for me at an earlier time in life but now it is not most conducive to my success and overall happiness. The great news is, I realized this and shifted the way I eat to better fit my life today. All this was done without sacrificing taste or nutrient rich food. The end result is I’m happier, healthier, and doing more fulfilling and rewarding things in my life than ever before. I want the same for you.

Does how you eat help you get more satisfaction and enjoyment out of life? Move you closer to the person you want to become? Do you even have a food plan? A life plan?

If not, I challenge you to dig deep and discover what you really want from life. Reflect deeply and honestly to find what is most important to you. Then put a plan together to help you go get it. For food and for everything else. Then go get it. For self-discovery is only maximized through action. Here’s to a better understood and happier you!

Written By: Jeff Reagan

Peter Pan

Models: Season W, Victoria J,Blaine S. and Georgia Styling: Heather Carter Special Effects Make Up: Laura McCormick Make Up: Sharen Tabb Photography: Sky Cheshure

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Twenty Something Magazine, August 2012  

The August 2012 issue of Twenty Something Magazine.

Twenty Something Magazine, August 2012  

The August 2012 issue of Twenty Something Magazine.