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“Sam Jones is a unique talent for inspiring change in people.” - Zoe Jackson MBE, 26 Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur





Dear TwentySomeone, You are living in a time of great transition - your career, relationships, sense of self, finances, friendships, education or your home. How we respond to these transitions in the way we think, feel and act, determines our quality of life now and in the future. We are now more connected than ever digitally, yet 65% of us deep-down feel disconnected either emotionally, psychologically or spiritually from ourselves or those around us. This is the time for you to develop the inner wealth and skills that help you thrive from within, ensuring you access your full capability – all in the prime decade to affect massive change in yourself and others! After 3000 twentysomethings coming through my learning experiences and leading research projects across four-continents, I have tested and refined a programme that inspires ambitious, modern-day young people across the world. My 13 Week TwentySomeone programme is for those who want change at any level; whether they are at the top of their game and want the next step, or have a desire to create a better life. Not superficially, but with substance. Not to wait, but to create it now. I will empower you to harness the power of your mind and thrive. I hope you use this following information to, with courage, create beyond your boundaries with me in your corner. Until then, Sam Jones Behaviour Expert and Coach, Author of The Rise of The TwentySomeone.







If you knew what made you tick, how powerfully could you use that in your life? Most twentysomethings unconsciously understand the world around them from the views of others. They take on their parents, families and societies expectations and beliefs; what if some of those unconscious thoughts are not useful to the you of today? Sam has an extensive tool kit sharpened by working with and learning from some of the leading experts in the world. We will look deep within you to find out things such as:

Thinking is one thing, action is another. Sam is described as “a personal trainer for the mind” by his clients, and with a results-driven process you will be exploring different opportunities within the important areas of your life. Gaining first-hand experience is the only way to push gently outside of your comfort zone and gain a new found confidence and perspective in your life, no how successful you are. No matter if you are completely lost or at the top of your game, you will gain new creative approaches to your goals.

Your true values, and how you can use them like a leader to make better decisions in you relationships and professional life

To make you aware and shift how your past has conditioned you as you are today, so you can stop procrastinating and sabotaging your desires and potential.

Complete weekly, tailored challenges with Sam that immerse you in forming new habits that literally transform your brain (this is the time of your life that your mind is super-receptive to changes!)

Overcome old fears and beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential.

Gain access to Sam’s carefully selected network of people that will inspire you to learn, understand and inevitably unlock new ideas.

Understand your vision for the future and have the clarity in your mind to go after it.

True awareness – not the illusion we often give ourselves from years of self-made stories – is the foundation to exploring, creating and maintaining a great life.

“His creativity and ability to improve performance and fulfilment in others is something else!” - Harley Wilson, 20, Property developer and entrepreneur






We need more great people in the world—and we need them now, more than ever. Whether that is being a great parent or a great CEO. Hone that in-demand entrepreneurial flair in your career or your business. Build a group of people around you that support your vision. Push past self-created mental boundaries to have deeper and more fulfilling relationships. Condition a mindset that is defined for what you want.


Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Eric Schmidt all have a strong sense of mission for their companies. They all have accessed coaching. Fill your life and career with the same passion to lead others, maintaining the right reasons and approach that fulfils you. Nothing can buy the sense of pride by doing what you believe matters. Sam will ensure that you have this oozing through your life. •

Set specific and results-driven goals with Sam’s process he modelled off some of the UK’s top young entrepreneurs.

Develop a tailored, consistent process that allows for success to happen, stopping unsustainable results.

Stay on course when the going gets tough by personal support and strategy changes to thrive through your failures and build emotional intelligence

Find the fuel in your life that fills you with meaning and excitement for the future. Discover using Sam’s intensive process the ‘why?’ behind clients launching new start-ups, invigorating new and existing relationships and becoming a leader in all aspects of life. Learn the tricks to stay where you are and build a sustainable attitude for real impact on your chosen mission.

Change your lifeand change the lives of others

10% of programme profits go towards Dementia UK, for those who lose the freedom of their mind.



100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are the first person who is not completely satisfied with your programme, let Sam know before your third session and you will receive your investment back. You have nothing to lose. Back yourself and invest in the programme. Risk free! Don’t let fear dictate your decision



“If one day Sam would be able to bring out the best in everyone on this planet, what an amazing world we would live in.” - Diana Murad, 28,

SAM ONLY WORKS WITH 10 PEOPLE AT ONE TIME ““I can only be grateful and thank Sam for everything he has done for me. He will continue to change and improve the lives of ‘TwentySomeones’ all around the world, just as he has done mine.” - Louisa, 21, Receptionist and founder of InvestInMe

“I think people are very wise to bullshit and magic-pills these days, that is why the TwentySomeone programme is based off data-led research led by myself, input from world-renowned experts, and over 2000 hours coaching experience sharpening my craft. I am not a by-the-hour coach/therapist, and if you want that then I am not for you. You have me as your partner for 13 weeks and beyond. For my reputation I am as invested in your results as you are, so I am all-in when you are ready.”

“Sam Jones has created a detailed, insightful, motivational and comprehensive programme to help ease young people through a stage of life which can be daunting and is often rife with confusing and life-changing choices” - Beverley Blackman, Psychotherapist.

“Mind-blowing” - Francisco, 29, Online Advertising

“Sam Jones is the Tony Robbins of our generation!” - Rebecca Sutherland, 25 Entrepreneur

Sam Jones “What Sam has achieved in a short space of time is really inspirational.” - RLisa Baker, Editor HR News

Twentysomeone 13 week Programme  
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