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Any tyre, any time, always Twen-Tyre is a wholesaler and total supplier of tyres for passenger cars, vans and lorries. Twen-Tyre also offers an extensive range of tyres for motorbikes, camper vans, caravans and trailers. As well as tyres, we also sell high-quality assembly accessories and light-metal/steel rims, which we can deliver fully assembled if desired.

Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre is a family business, currently being run by the son of the founders. We have a long tradition as a tyre specialist, dating back to our humble beginnings in 1975. For years, we have been a reliable supplier of garages, tyre wholesalers, tyre-service businesses and transport companies who rely on us for their lorry tyres. Twen-Tyre is an innovation and growth-oriented business with regard to its outlet market and its product/service package. We keep ahead of our time using the internet and the most cutting-edge logistic resources in order to get our products to our clients in the quickest possible time. Our extensive fleet of vehicles and our in-house drivers allow us to serve the entire Western European market. Twen-Tyre plans to expand into Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The wishes of our clients are paramount, and with new services such as our ‘tyre hotel’, we aim to provide tailor-made service.

Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre BV Bedrijvenpark Twente 442 7602 KM Almelo The Netherlands Tel: 0031-(0)546-559999 Fax: 0031-(0)546-559998 E-mail: Opening hours Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Saturday: 8.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. (by phone)

The power of Twen-Tyre: • High reliability due to meticulous stock management. • Fast delivery of both small and large orders. • Competitive pricing by means of effective purchasing policy and own imports. • A wide selection of many high-quality brands. • Hundreds of thousands of tyres in stock. • Delivery of complete sets. • Enthusiastic and specialised employees. • A user-friendly webshop. Our team of 50 employees are always ready to provide our clients with optimal service and a high-quality product. Twen-Tyre can provide any tyre, any time, and always for a competitive price.

at a competitive price

A complete product range Twen-Tyre offers a wide range of tyres, including a number of selected private-label tyres and a large number of other famous and less-famous high-quality brands. In addition to tyres, we also supply light-metal and steel rims, which, if desired, can be ordered as a complete set. Our private-label tyres – a selection of reliable, high-quality, competitively priced tyres – were selected by our specialists using their knowledge and years of experience. We have the sole rights to import these private-label tyres into the Netherlands, selected European countries and/or (part of) Europe.

Reliable and affordable throughout Europe Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre is an internationally oriented business that is represented everywhere in Europe. Our sales specialists are available to clients in every country to provide expert advice and the right tyre for the right price. With our quick delivery times and our comprehensive range of reliable and affordable tyres, we are able to serve the entire European market.

Processing and dispatching your order

Tyre hotel

Order processing at Twen-Tyre is largely automated. Whether you order via e-mail, by phone or in the webshop, your order is immediately collected and processed further. The quickest method is the webshop, as this way, the packing slips for the warehouse and for delivery are generated entirely automatically. We conduct deliveries several times per day within 200km of Almelo. Deliveries within Europe are carried out on a weekly basis.

At Twen-Tyre, service is a high priority. In order to satisfy the needs of our clients, we created the ‘tyre hotel’. This offers a central solution for clients who do not have enough space, time or personnel to store all of their tyres. We pick these tyres up, we overhaul, balance and recondition them if required, we store them and we bring them back to the client upon request. Twen-Tyre supplies, maintains and stores your tyres!

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Rijssen Provincialeweg Zuna 2 0548 - 51 30 70

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Marangoni tyres. Guaranteed for life against all unexpected events.

Lifetime Warranty. 1- Exclusive feature of Marangoni tyres, providing total protection, not only against manufacturing defects,

but also against any accidental damage deriving from normal use. 2 - This unique coverage guarantees the tyre throughout its life, demonstrating the Marangoni Team’s intelligence and care to customer needs. -

Webshop: quick and easy Twen-Tyre offers our clients the opportunity to order via the webshop. You can access our entire product range online. The webshop is incredibly user-friendly. Using the search engine, you can search for the right tyre for you in a variety of ways, and place your order straight away. You can also search for the tyres’ European environmental label (classifies energy efficiency, safety and noise production). If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our sales specialists. We are continually developing our webshop in order to optimally satisfy the wishes of our clients and the demands of the sector. In addition to placing your order, you can also use the webshop to save your sales prices in order to show them to your customers (in the name of your own company). The Twen-Tyre webshop makes ordering easy and ensures that you receive your tyres in next to no time.


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