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September 16

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Kristen and Ethan Exclusive interview in San Francisco

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Editor’s letter september 16

We are so happy you can make it to our festivities in San Francisco. We have put together this magazine where you

will find all the information that you’ll need about the wedding: what to expect, how to get there, where to stay. There are also ideas about what to do in the area if you have a few days before or after the wedding.

Finally, you’ll also find some fun tidbits about us and our

perceptions of some key moments in the relationship - some heartfelt, some tongue-in-cheek and all in good fun. We

hope you enjoy reading this magazine and find the guide useful as you plan your trip.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Kristen & Ethan

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Detailed agenda for September the 16th

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risten K and E than


E x c l u siv e int e r vi e w in S an F r an c is c o

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How did you meEt?

Her: We met on the plane, can

you believe it? I know, it’s a such a movie cliche but I guess it doesn’t

only happen in the movies. I was

going home from San Francisco to the East Coast and his seat was next to mine. I don’t normally talk

to people in planes but he struck

up the conversation and I was in a talkative mood that day. We had a great conversation during

the flight. I gave him my (real) contact information, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Him: I was on the plane to D.C., a trip I actually take quite often.

Since I’m in planes so much, I like talking to people around me, especially when they’re pretty;

this was definitely the case with Kristen. I could tell she didn’t

really want to talk to me but I

figured I had nothing to lose.

I must’ve charmed her since we talked nonstop throughout the flight.

"I gave him my (real) contact information.." ˹ 07


What were your first impressions of each other?

Her: Well, I thought he was cute,

otherwise I wouldn’t have given

him the time of day. As we talked

though, I found him really funny,

in a thoughtful kind of way. I found out that we had a lot of things in common so that helped.

Him: I found her really pretty

and thought I was pretty lucky

to be sitting next to her instead of some dude. We talked a lot

during the flight and I found her

really charming - She had interes-

ting things to say and was quite opinionated (but in a good way).

When did you know each other was “the one”?

Her: He was different and more

mature than the ones I’ve dated in

the past. When our relationship

moved past the initial honey-

moon stage and he started to see the “real” me and didn’t freak out about it, I knew I had a winner.

Him: Over time, I just saw that

we were really complementary.

She could do things that I couldn’t and vice versa, and I think that’s a great foundation for successful relationships.

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How did he propose?


It was completely unex-

pected even though we had

broached the marriage subject a few times before. I just thought it would happen sometime next

year, so was completely surprised when he brought out the ring. We had gone to one of our favo-

rite spots in the city and were enjoying the afternoon sun in the park. In retrospect, he was

acting strangely since he insis-

ted that we walk to an area of the park that we don’t go to often. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I knew something was up when, after we made ourselves

comfortable on the grass, he said “I want to ask you something”…

Him: I remember being nervous!

Whoever says that they are not nervous when they propose

is lying. Our relationship was great, but for some reason, I

started wondering if she would say ‘yes’. Anyways, I had arranged

for a friend to help me scout out

the perfect location and set up everything right before we got

there. Everything went accor-

ding to plan (well, except when she wondered out loud why we

were going to an unfamiliar part of the park).

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What’s the plan for the honeymoon?

Her: Ha, I can’t even see past the

wedding and we haven’t even

thought about the honeymoon. I would love to go somewhere really exotic and far…somewhere we wouldn’t normally go. I hear

from my friends that it’s really

important to have the honey-

moon right after the wedding as

a way to enjoy alone time with your husband. I’ve gotten great

recommendations so far such as Bora Bora and Fiji. Anywhere

with sun and sand is good for me.

Him: I’m game for whatever she

wants. I just want to relax and not do anything strenuous.

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What are the highlights of when you were dating?

Her: 3 months after we started dating, he went on a business trip in Argentina for 10 days and lost his mobile over there, so we were just able to communicate by email from time to time. As I was on my own in San Francisco, I discovered that I was really addicted to him, I was no longer the independent woman I used to be.

Him: When I came back from Argentina, I felt that our relationship had moved to the next level, not only she said she loved me for the first time… but she also wanted to meet my mom. What is the one thing you’ll change when you get married?

Her: I’ll be moving to where he lives now, so I’m going to be changing a lot of things once we’re married!

Him: I’m going to try and help out more around the house. I guess I’m a typical guy and don’t normally care too much about these things.

What is the one thing that you won’t change?

Her: My spontaneity and sense of humor. I can’t wait to have tons more adventures together.

Him: My hair, even though she likes me better with shorter hair, but she cannot always get what she wants!

What is the number one thing on your to do list after you return from your honeymoon?

Her: I can’t wait to start settling in into our place.

Him: I’m just looking forward to the next phase…whatever that may bring.

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Agenda ҩ Ag e nda ҩ

for the big day

september 16

The ceremony 3:30 PM

Please arrive at the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park for the ceremony

4:00 PM

Garden ceremony begins promptly

5:00 - 6:30 PM

Cocktails & group pictures in the Garden

The reception 7:30 PM

Dinner service

9:00 PM and on Dancing, dancing and dancing

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Map 1 •

Usefu l phone numbers Taxi: Pacific Cab Co. 415-986-7220

Audrey Burns: 617-000-XXXX (Maid of Honor)






Map 2

Ceremony Venue Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA 94121

Reception Venue

Terra Gallery and Events 511 Harrison Street

San Francisco, CA 94941

To go from the park to the reception venue it is a 20-minute drive by car. If you don’t have a car we will try to help you arrange rides but worse comes to worse you can easily catch a taxi.



Map 3

to expect and what to wear

Feel free to be as extravagant (or not) as you want. Only thing to note is that the ceremony will be outdoors and San Francisco may be a bit chilly and windy (yes, even in summer) so be sure to bring a little jacket or shawl.

Since the reception may go to the early hours of the morning, we strongly suggest for our guests to stay close to the reception site. Please refer to the accommodation section for specific hotel recommendations.


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Wedding party


Jessica Barry

Bridesmaids Christine Madaio

My older sister and the person I aspired to be as I was growing up. Christine is my confident and mentor, I love you sister. Meagan Petrov

I met Meagan at work; we spend so much time together at work and outside. When we don’t talk/bitch about our company we chat about movies and Hollywood, our shared passion. Kelly Baresi

Kelly is one of the most genuine people I have ever met and I am proud to call her a friend. Kelly’s true love is fashion: shopping with her at Bloomingdale’s might put your finance at risk. Corin Jackson

Corin is my cousin and a professional musician (I can’t wait to hear you play for our wedding). She is also the best cook in the family which means she is on duty every thanksgiving! Lucky you Corin!

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Maid of Honor

We have been friends for almost 15 years. We used to play soccer together and were college roommates. You can always find Jessica on the dance floor, singing in her car, or at the bar. Carrie Trevelian

We have been friends for almost 15 years. We used to play soccer together and were college roommates. You can always find Jessica on the dance floor, singing in her car, or at the bar. Sandra Karfehr

Sandra is my beloved aunt. When I was a child, she would take me with her every summer for vacation in her lovely cottage in Vermont. These are some of the best moments of my childhood, thank you Sandy! Anna-rose Stanton

If you are at the same table as Anna-rose tonight, then you are a lucky one! As a journalist and photographer who travels the world, Anna has always wonderful stories and anecdotes to share. Rebecca Houston

We met when we were studying abroad in Brazil and we had a blast over there; although she now lives in Florida we never lost touch. Becky got married last year to Franck, her wonderful husband. I am glad our wedding is another opportunity for us to spend a couple of days together. Can’t wait to see you sister.


Marc Nelson Best Man

Groomsmen Paul Martin

Paul is my brother; we have always been very close and share the same passion for baseball and great burgers. We have always done everything together and it is no surprise that we will get married the same year. James O’Sullivan

James is my future brother in law and the smartest guy I know. He is also the worse dancer I know: watch out for his moves on the dance floor. His wacky arms can be dangerous. Joe Taylor

We were roommates in college and played baseball together. Joe was the best baseball player we had and the most successful with girls as well. Joe we used to hate you bro ;-) Brad Burton

Brad is also a former roommate and teammate. Now that our crazy college years are over, we love spending time with Brad and his family in Lake Tahoe during the summers.

Marc and I have been friends for almost 20 years. We grew up in the same neighborhood and bonded over playing endless video games every weekend. I feel fortunate that we were able to keep such a great and old friendship Marc. Gary Magnus

I met Garry in college, we were roommates. Garry is the proud new father of a little girl named Charlotte. You look so happy Garry and it makes me want to be a dad too. Matt Parker

Matt is another friend from college. Matt probably had the best time during my bachelor’s party, go find him during the wedding and ask him why, I guarantee, you’ll laugh. JIM BRIATORE

Jim and I joined our current company at the same time and we started a great relationship almost immediately; Jim’s English is very good but you will definitely recognize that he is European because of his sense of fashion and also his sense of humor.

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̡ T H E T OP 5 ̢

San francisco

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̡ T H E T OP 5 ̢

San francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area has a lot to offer, from food to wine to pure relaxation. If you only have a couple of days, the only downside will be having to decide what to do!

r e stau r ants 1 Auberge du Soleil Acclaimed Michelin-star restaurant and Napa Valley’s first fine-dining establishment.

2 The French Laundry

The flagship of renowned Chef Thomas Keller’s empire, it’s one of the best restaurants in the world. (At least, that’s what Anthony Bourdain says on his how because we never had a chance to try it yet.)

3 Delfina Homey, affordable and authentic Italian food locally sourced. It is one of our favorites.

4 Incanto Our other Italian favorite, casual and comfortable room with a great wine list.

5 Spruce Greeks, the charm of its old city and its unique location.

De stinations 1 The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge that stretches for a little less than 600 miles and is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. It is a “must see” for our architect friends or just to say you’ve been there. Tip: try to visit early since 9 million people visit the bridge each year.

2 The Golden Gate Park

An oasis for outdoor enthusiasts: meadows, lakes, rose gardens, a Japanese garden and the tallest artificial waterfall in the West. On day is hardly enough to explore and discover all the garden secrets. Our advice - bring your skates or rent a bike from a nearby shop.

4 Lombard Street Eight switchbacks on a 41-degree slope. Try to come at a busy time of the day as the seemingly endless stream of cars and motorcycles wind through the street…it’s definitely entertaining to watch.

5 Napa Valley Wine Country

The Napa Valley is located just north of San Francisco but seems a world away. Come and enjoy its laidback atmosphere, dreamy landscapes and natural beauty but stay for the restaurants and wineries.

3 Beaches

Ocean beach in San Francisco, Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica or Stinson Beach. There are many restaurants around but be prepared with a sweater because it can get cold and foggy at our beaches, even at the height of summer.

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̴ thank you ̴


Thank you

To Our Parents Thank you for always supporting us throughout the years and for helping us to create this beautiful and special day in our lives.

To Meagan To say that choosing my wedding dress (and all the details of the wedding) was an adventure (and a drama) is an understatement. Thank you for your patience, your help and for being such a great friend.

To Fred Thanks for being our photographer for the most important day of our life. You will be on duty while everybody else is having fun. We do appreciate the sacrifice ;-)

To Our Friends and Family We would like to thank you for sharing with us this first day of our new life together. We hope that you have a wonderful time at our marriage celebration. Many of you are coming from far away and to see you here in such a special occasion means the world to us. We Do Remember Regretfully some of our relatives are no longer with us to celebrate this special day. We feel they are here in spirit and they will always be in our heart.

To Marc Buddy, thank you for introducing me to this beautiful girl that is about to become my wife. I owe you big time!

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Our story in numbers pair s of shoes he gav e her w hile dating


0.2 miles

8 countries 26 months

bottles of wine drunk over the last 2 years


from their home to their favorite restaurant

visited while on vacation together

spent together before he proposed

times he came back home with flowers. Shame on him!

size of their first apartment where they lived together

420 SQ. ft


30 lbs

that they gained together by eating out all the time in restaurants

newspapers bought in 3 months to view their wedding announcement

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in San Francisco

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Whim by Twenty Pages

Whim 2013  

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