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Alarm as criminals on tuk-tuks terrorize Mombasa residents

Couple burned to death in Tigania West

At least 24 admitted to Kiambu hospital after cholera outbreak

Death toll rises to 46 in Solai dam tragedy

Man jailed for life in Mombasa over 155 rolls of bhang

Imminent Masinga Dam disaster causes locals pain

Fire burns Lamu Boys Secondary School dorm again

Poachers kill three rhinos in Meru park

Embu residents chase away contractor using red soil to repair road

At least 24 admitted to Kiambu hospital after cholera outbreak

Witness hitch in Catholic priest’s sexual abuse case

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Alarm as criminals on tuk tuks terrorise Mombasa residents 16/05/2018 l"I was heading home at around 10pm when a man, who was inside a tuk tuk, pushed me and snatched my phone. Before I could stand up, it had sped off,” said Mr Jaffar Balala. The man says he lost a phone worth Sh45,000 and he was admitted to hospital after sustaining minor injuries during the incident in Tononoka, Mombasa on Friday last week. Mr Balala is the latest victim of criminals who are using tuk-tuks to terrorise residents in the county. The tuk tuk operators are said to be colluding with the criminals. The new wave of crime has wreaked havoc in the tourism hub, causing concerns among the business community, residents and politicians. The attack happened three days after an eight-year-old pupil was rescued from the cruel hands of a tuk tuk driver who allegedly wanted to defile her in a bush in Shanzu. The pupil had boarded the tuk tuk to school, however, the driver drove her off her route to Shanzu where he had intended to defile her, according to a police report. The girl was saved by Good Samaritans who took her to hospital. The driver was charged with attempted defilement. In another incident, a woman’s handbag was snatched by two people posing as passengers in a tuk tuk at Mama Ngina Drive. According to Tuk Tuk Owners and Drivers Association (Toda) chairman Obedi Muruli, the incident was among five cases they have received in the last two months. In other incidents, tuk tuk drivers spray passengers with a substance that makes them unconscious before robbing them. An administrator who spoke in confidence said a tuk tuk ferrying criminals has been operating in Ganjoni, Sparki, Makande, Tudor among other areas within Mvita. Community policing officers in Kisauni said another tuk tuk operates in Bombolulu and Kisauni. Following the rise in crime committed using tuk tuks, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has threatened to bar the three-wheeled vehicles from operating in some areas in the county. “Why are Mvita and Kisauni residents being attacked by gangs riding on tuk tuks and boda bodas? We must put this to an end. Even if they demonstrate they will eventually go to sleep,” he said. Mr Muruli said in a bid to deal with the trend, all the 6,000 tuk tuks in the county will be registered afresh digitally for easier monitoring. “We started the exercise April 1 and currently at least 2,000 tuk tuks have been newly registered,” he said. Once the registration is done, Mr Muruli said the tuk tuks will be given a special number, to help in identification if they are involved in crime. Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki said the county’s security committee is working with Toda to deal with the matter. “We have had some cases but I cannot give you the figure as per now. We urge the victims to make sure they report the incidents so that we can deal with them accordingly. We are tracing those reported cases,” said Mr Achoki who is the county security committee chairman. When the government abolished import duty for tuk tuks to bring down the high transport costs, a sharp rise in imports followed. This came as Muslim leaders in the county called on security agents to come up with tough measures to deal with criminal gangs that have been terrorising residents ahead of Ramadhan. Muslims across the country are expected to start observing the holy month of Ramadhan from tomorrow. A majority of Muslims also use tuk tuks to go to mosques at night during Ramadhan. Mombasa County Police Commander Johnston Ipara assured Muslims of their security, saying police will be deployed to man mosques and other places of worship during Ramadhan. Witness hitch in Catholic priest’s sexual abuse case 12/05/018 A Kitui court on Wednesday summoned several witnesses to testify in a case against a Catholic priest, who is alleged to have impregnated a student and attempted to kill her. The witnesses were summoned after the prosecution expressed frustration that they were unwilling to testify despite having recorded statements with police over the incident. Father Japheth Mwove Kimanzi is accused of assaulting and causing grievous harm to the girl 4

and her child as he attempted to cover-up infidelity due to his celibacy vows. Chief Magistrate Maryanne Murage summoned the witnesses after they failed to attend the hearing, making it to be adjourned to June 28. She warned of consequences if they disobey the court. The witnesses include police officers and villagers who rescued the student and took her to hospital after the alleged attack by the priest, and doctors who treated her. The move by the court to summon the witnesses comes amid claims that the priest and his family are intimidating and interfering with witnesses lined up to testify. The priest, who has since been excommunicated from the Church, denied the charges. His lawyer did not turn up in court for Thursday’s hearing, prompting the magistrate to fix a new hearing date. The student, then aged 15, was reportedly enticed by the priest with pocket money and other goodies, and she would occasionally accompany him on evangelical trips. Fr Kimanzi was then serving at Nuu Catholic Parish in Kitui Diocese, the girl’s home area. The court heard that since 2011 when she became pregnant and later gave birth to a blind and crippled child, Fr Kimanzi has consistently used violence, intimidation and bribery to silence her. According to witness testimonies and documentary evidence including a DNA report presented in court, the priest, who until his suspension was in charge of Kabati Parish, refused to take responsibility for raising the child, and frustrated efforts by the girl’s family to get justice. Meanwhile, the Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida) has offered to give legal support to the young woman. Fida officials said they will seek to compel the priest to meet the costs of raising the child, which he is said to have fathered. According to Fida Executive Director Teresa Omondi-Adeitan, the organisation will also apply to be enjoined in the case. “It is with deep sorrow and dismay that Fida Kenya learnt of the suffering she underwent in the hands of a priest, who should have been her source of refuge in such circumstances,” said Ms Adeitan. At least 24 admitted to Kiambu hospital after cholera outbreak 15/05/2018 At least 24 people were admitted to Kiambu Level 5 Hospital on Wednesday following a cholera outbreak in Kiambiu area, Githurai. Medical personnel at the facility said they have had an unusual number of patients being treated for diarrhoea since Friday. Medical superintendent Jesse Ngugi since they admitted the first patient on Friday, more others have come with complaints of stomach aches. "Most of the cases are from Githurai estate and its environs. We are treating and discharging them while others are admitted according to their conditions." Doctors in Kiambu said they suspect the cholera outbreak is a result of contamination of water by raw sewage, a situation aggravated by the heavy rains. "We urge residents of the affected areas to take proper precautions to prevent them being affected," Ngugi said. The situation could worsen with Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company's warning that 15 estates will not have water for some time. The said areas were affected after a main water pipe was destroyed by a road contractor at Kugeria estate in Kiambu county. They are Thome, Kasarani, Zimmerman, Githurai 45 & 44, Mwiki, Kahawa Barracks, Kahawa Wendani and Kahawa Sukari. Others are Kayole, Komarock, Umoja 2, Baraka estate, Njiru, Ruai, areas along Kamuti road, Thika road, Mwiki road, and Kagundo road. However, Ngugi said that they have put up an isolation ward at the Kiambu hospital where doctors have been assigned to manage the situation.


Embu residents chase away contractor using red soil to repair road 16/05/2018 Protesters chased a contractor from Kathageri-Kanyuabora road in Embu East on Wednesday, saying his materials were substandard. The residents claimed that contractor Jim Njamiu intended to use red soil instead of murram to grade the road. This, they noted, would cause more damage on the dilapidated road especially with the rains. "Red soil turns into mud whenever it rains. We wonder why any contractor would think of using soil to grade a road," Isaac Murimi said. Murimi added that three weeks ago, road users took it upon themselves to repair the road. "We pooled resources and unclogged culverts, cleared roadside bushes and covered potholes." Motorist Jonathan Kinyua said they would rather continue repairing the road than watch a contractor do a shoddy job. The road is the link to one of the major livestock markets in the region. Boda boda operators at Kathageri said the contractor delivered the soil by lorry at night while telling residents that it was murram. Reached for comment, Njamiu said the people had not been given the details of the project. "I have been delivering soil but it will be used to raise the road before murram is used as a top layer," he said by phone. "We will use the red soil to raise the road especially at the Kathageri boda boda stage which floods during the rainy season." The work began after months of a push and pull between residents and area legislator Eric Muchangi. The Member of Parliament said grading will take place once it stops raining. Poachers kill three rhinos in Meru park 3/5/2018 Wildlife conservation suffered a blow after three rhinos were killed and their horns cut off in the Meru National Park on Wednesday. The Kenya Wildlife Service said two black rhinos and a calf were killed in the park’s rhino sanctuary at 6.30pm. Rangers efforts to lay an ambush for the poachers were unsuccessful, the service said. “Gun shots were heard and ambushes laid at strategic points till morning, which did not yield results. “A thorough search, both aerial and ground was conducted on first light where the carcasses of the two adult rhinos and a calf were found with the horns missing. No sign of the gang was reported, but our teams, both covert and overt, are in hot pursuit with good leads,” KWS said on its official twitter page on Thursday. It further reported that poaching has been on a downward trend largely due to enhanced wildlife law enforcement efforts and the government’s investment in conservation. These efforts led to 85 per cent reduction in rhino poaching and 78 per cent reduction in elephant poaching. “In 2017, we lost 69 elephants and nine Rhinos. Kenya continues to enjoy leadership in wildlife conservation as indicated by increase in wildlife populations, where elephants stand at over 34,000 individuals-the fourth largest in the world and rhino population stands at over 1,000 individuals - the third largest in the world,” KWS said. Couple burned to death in Tigania West 10/5/2018 A couple was on Wednesday burned to death by an irate mob in Mariachoro, Meru County. Tigania West police boss Adamson Furaha said the man, Harrison Ntongai, 67 and his wife Anastasia, 65 were locked in their house when it was set on fire by the mob. The police boss said the crowd killed the couple because they suspected that their son was involved in the murder of a child in the village. The child went missing and was later found dead. Mr Furaha said the couple’s son is in police custody. He added that investigation into the incident is underway. index.html Fire burns Lamu Boys Secondary School dorm again 16/05/2018 Fire has gutted a dormitory at Lamu Boys Secondary School. County police commander Muchangi Kioi says there are no casualties as students were in the field having games. Mr Kioi says the cause of the incident is not known. Mr Masjid Basheikh, the school board chairman, said property worth two million has gone up in flames 6

This is the second incident to befall the school in less than a month. On May 10, five students were injured after a fire broke out in one of the Mr Basheikh said that the students were hurt in a stampede when they tried to salvage their property. He said about 30 mattresses and beds were destroyed. "Our students tried their best to put out the fire. It was around 8.25pm. Some mattresses, beds and students clothes and boxes were destroyed." Imminent Masinga Dam disaster causes locals pain 16/05/2018 Residents of flood-prone areas in Tana River County may not have peace anytime soon after the government said Masinga Dam will burst its banks. In a press briefing on Tuesday, Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter said that Masinga Dam will start overflowing at anytime. Mr Keter urged locals in Garissa, Hola, Garsen and Bura to move to safer grounds. "Masinga is the biggest dam. Already there has been spilling in the other dams such as Kiambere. From anytime between now and Friday the way the weather is we will be expecting Masinga to spill. This is an alert we are raising," he said. Masinga Dam feeds four other dams downstream, which are already full. According to Mr Keter, once Kiambere dam overflows, the estimation is that it will take four days for the cascading water to reach Garissa Town and then lower Tana Delta. Two weeks ago, homes and farms were submerged by water rendering Garissa and Tana River families homeless. Some residents in Bula Sheikh, Windsor, Bulla Punda, Bulla Iftin, Mororo, Ziwani and Bakuyu have heeded the government's caution. "We lost property worth millions of shillings last time since the floods caught us unawares and there was no notice given. "This time I must heed to warning since no one will compensate me if there is any destruction," Windsor resident Hassan Abdi said. Man jailed for life in Mombasa over 155 rolls of bhang 16/05/2018 A drug peddler has been jailed for life by a Mombasa court for transporting 155 rolls of bhang from Migori County to Likoni, Mombasa. Emmanuel Chacha was arrested on Monday at the Likoni Ferry screening area when police found the rolls of bhang worth Sh23,250 stashed in two bags he was carrying. Mombasa Senior Resident Magistrate Edga Kagoni said the drug menace has rendered many local youths unproductive, and the ruling should be a warning to would-be peddlers. “People like you need to be kept away from the public to act as a warning to those already in the business and as a deterrent to those planning to engage in [it],” he said. The magistrate said the quantity of the bhang showed the peddler had a designated destination and he intended to bring harm to the youth. “I have considered the accused's mitigation, but this offence is serious considering the quantity of the substance. The suspect is aware that the drug menace has caused more harm to young people and rendered them unproductive,” said Mr Kagoni. When asked to defend himself after pleading guilty to the offence, Chacha was overcame with emotion and burst into tears, begging the court in vain to pardon him, saying he was an orphan and was providing for his siblings. “For the offence you are charged with, I therefore sentence you to life imprisonment. You have the right to appeal against the sentence within 14 days,” the magistrate ruled.


SECURITY DEVELOPMENT Death toll rises to 46 in Solai dam tragedy, House team calls for probe The death toll from the Solai dam tragedy on Monday rose to 46 after one more body was found at a coffee farm, five kilometres from the location of the killer dam. This new development raised concerns of possibility of more missing persons despite the government’s move to scale down the search mission. It also contradicted Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwaga’s earlier statement that all the missing persons had been accounted for. However, the government has appealed to the families to report any missing person to the police. “If you know that you have a neighbour or somebody familiar you haven’t seen, please report so that they can be traced,” Mr Chimwaga said. He confirmed the recovery of the body of an-eight year old boy, whose name he said was not in missing persons list. The administrator also confirmed that they had received a report that a six-year-old girl-Mary Wambui was missing. “The body of the boy was discovered after a member of the rescue team followed a foul smell emanating from the coffee farm where it was found,” said Mr Chimwaga. Mr Chimwaga also revealed that the government is working on a compensation plan for the families affected by the tragedy. He said a committee headed the Kenya Red Cross Society and Action aid had been formed to come up with a compensation plan. This happened as the Senate Security Committee toured the scene of the tragedy and Solai Boys High school where displaced families are camping. Led by its chairman Yusuf Haji, Isiolo Senator Fatuma Dullo and Nominated Senator Beatrice Kwamboka, the leaders called for speedy investigations into the matter. Mr Haji revealed that the committee was working with the disaster management committee, to find a suitable place to relocate all the victims. “It is dangerous for all these people to be clustered in one place because it might lead to a disease breakout which can be another disaster,” said Mr Haji. On Monday, all the bereaved families visited the Nakuru Level Five Hospital and the Nakuru County Mortuary for final identification of the bodies. “All the bodies have been positively identified and are now waiting for burial,” said Mr Peter Mbae, the area Ward Rep. Meanwhile, the Naivasha Professional Association will present a draft disaster proposal to the Nakuru County government for deliberations. The association’s lawyer, George Kimani said, the draft seeks to establish a disaster management committee within the 11 sub-counties. Such a move, he said will assist in coordinating responses in case of emergencies as well as post tragedy actions. “At the moment we lack proper structures and personnel at the sub-county levels, who can respond to emergencies and coordinate activities like handling the issues of donations,” said the lawyer. Mr Kimani spoke as he handed over donations to the Kenya Red Cross, Naivasha to be ferried to the victims of the Patel Dam tragedy. Last Friday, the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji set in motion the investigation into the cause of the tragedy. He directed Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to conduct through investigations to establish the cause and culpability of the dam tragedy and submit a report of the investigations within 14 days. On Monday, Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said that the County has waived medical and mortuary bills to all the Patel dam victims. Governor Kinyanjui said, the move will allow families of the deceased to rebuild their lives. “The county government will help those in hospital to foot their bills and waive mortuary fees for the families. We will continue supporting them until they get back to their normal lives. Those displaced especially children, require special care as they are traumatised,” said Governor Kinyanjui. The county boss also promised to repair poor roads that hampered search efforts after the tragedy. Members of the rescue team who rushed to the scene after last Wednesday’s disaster, complained of poor roads which slowed them down. Meanwhile an interdenominational prayer will be held in Nakuru, on Wednesday ahead of burial of the dam tragedy victims, according to Governor Kinyanjui. “We are inviting Kenyans to join us to stand with the Solai community in prayers,” he said. Subukia Member of Parliament Samuel Gachobe told the Nation that President Uhuru Kenyatta would attend the prayer service. He said, they were waiting for confirmation from State House. Kabazi Ward Rep Peter Mbae said out of the 46 who perished, 12 will be buried at a public cemetery located in the area because they did not have land. Others, he said, will be ferried to their ancestral homes in Laikipia and Kericho counties while the rest will be buried at their farms in Energy Village.



TREND ANALYSIS Figure 3: Distribution of incidents by type of neighbourhood

Figure 4: Distribution of incidents by type of neighbourhood (Graph)



DEVELOPING STORIES Should you get a gun for home defense? Before deciding, consider the evidence. Gun ownership is both a basic right and one of the most contentious social and political issues of the day. There are about 300 thousand privately-owned firearms in our nation‐which works out to roughly one gun for every household. Woman and child with nearly a third of the population owning at least one gun. Many of these firearms were bought with home protection in mind, which makes sense: in the right circumstances, a gun can be your first and most effective line of defense against intruders and criminals. But is it the best choice for you? Gun ownership pros: A sense of security For many gun owners, it's a simple calculus: having a gun gives them at least a fighting chance in the event that a burglar or home invader manages to get in. And while definitive numbers on the frequency of defensive gun use in the country are hard to come by‐they range from a low of 55,0002 to a high of over 100 thousand per year‐none of that will matter if you are one of the thousands of gun owners who uses a firearm in self defense against a criminal or intruder each year. Criminals don't like finding themselves on the business end of a gun barrel any more than the rest of us do, which is why 74% of them actively try to avoid breaking into houses when the owners are home. In other words, just the fear of being shot is often enough to dissuade criminals from targeting certain homes. Gun ownership cons: Having a gun in the house makes living there statistically more dangerous Unfortunately, guns can't discriminate between criminals and innocent bystanders. Studies have shown that unintentional shootings are four times as common as occurrences of gun use in legitimate home defense situations. You'd actually be more likely, statistically speaking, to shoot someone by accident than you are to shoot a home invader. Having a gun in the house also increases your own chances of becoming the victim of a firearm-related homicide or suicide in the home. Researchers have found that this holds true regardless of the type of gun you own, how you store it, or how many guns you own. Finally, if you have children, you should take into account how the presence of a firearm in the home might affect their safety. Most gun-owning parents take precautions to keep their children from finding and handling the family's firearms. However, despite these efforts, children often handle guns in the home without their parents' knowledge; in one study, 12% of parents who believed that their children had never handled the guns in the home were contradicted by the children themselves. Further, when a child or teen is killed by a firearm, the gun that killed them comes from their own home fully 65 percent of the time. So what's the answer? There is no "right" answer. Whether or not a gun is the best choice for your home protection needs is a very personal decision. You are the best person to realistically assess the trade off between the risks and rewards of gun ownership and decide what the best course of action is for your family. What do you think about guns in the home? Do you own a gun? Is it in a safe? Are you against guns in the home? #Safe Wise




“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the results of collective consensus and public investment. We our children,

the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.”

Nelson Mandela


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