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~~Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.—Jim Rohn~~ Vol 2.


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Twelve25 LAN Party

Northern Lights Multicultural Festival

Why Casual Gaming is Good For You

Body shop party (October school Hol’s)

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17– 19 Wiltshire street, Salisbury 5108

8253 9928


Twelve25 and Aerosol Art The elected members who supported the establishment of the youth centre clearly gave Twelve25 the challenge to deliver programs with key outcomes for young people in the areas of engagement, education, employment and enterprise. The aerosol art FLO program is a prime example of Twelve25 delivering this service and providing young people with meaningful outcomes.

This program has more to it than just painting. Throughout the program the young people have developed their skills in the aerosol medium, learnt about basic occupational health and safety, worked as part of a team, developed an understanding of the reality for professional artists and engaged in a program emphasizing the promotion of legal pieces rather than illegal tagging. The City of Salisbury spends in excess of $300,000 a year removing illegal graffiti. With this course that promotes legal Aerosol Art, the students also have the opportunity to gain a SACE, Stage 1 Unit in Integrated Learning. A 2008 Aerosol Art program participant, Shane Cook has recently created the above piece to be displayed at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. The project came about by Peter Paye, the Director of Volunteer Business Services approaching community groups to brighten up the hall ways of the hospital. The art work is titled “Hope� and portrays a guardian angel.



The BankSA Northern Lights Multicultural Festival 2010 The free multicultural festival returns for 2010 with a line up including: Akoustic Odyssey, Studio Flamenco, Burundian Women’s Dance Group and more. This event will be held at Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre. Mark you diary : Saturday 16th October 2010 For more information see the flyer below. FREE FOOD—FREE ENTRY—FREE ENTERTAINMENT


FREE THIS OCTOBER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS For the upcoming school holidays Twelve25 has managed to arrange the Body Shop to come and do a FREE body shop party for young people aged 12 to 18years. Wednesday 6th October, 2010 from 10am—1pm. A body shop consultant will bring products to demonstrate and will discuss basic hygiene and the benefits of looking after your skin. Booking essential through More information on 82539928.


The Twelve25 LAN is BACK! Bigger than ever. Now spreading over 3 different rooms to bring you the best of PC and Console gaming.

Consoles include: Wii, Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Xbox 360, Nintendo 64!

Lots of new and classic games such as: Sonic the hedgehog 1-3, The Beatles Rockband, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Golden Axe and more

For more information see the flyer below!




Banning Games? Banning Life! By Michael Skelton Source: In today’s society it is often portrayed that video games do nothing but ruin your health and Social life. However, these 4 facts about gaming will show you that this is not necessarily true. Video games can actually do you good. Fact 1- Improved vision. Video games can help your eyesight. A study undertaken at the University of Rochester discovered that gamers who played for a few hours each day for 1 month were able to identify letters in a visual acuity test by 20 percent than those who don’t. Fact 2- social skills. Dr Mark Griffiths from Nottingjam Trent University conducted a study lasting 15 years on the effects of video games on patients. He found that the video games improved the social skills of the patients who suffer from learning disabilities. Fact 3- Stress, Nerdular Nerdence Magazine did a study which showed the gaming is a contributing factor to lower your stress levels. I believe this is because games come in lots of different genre’s which can stimulate the mind to think about other stuff and momentarily forget what it is they are even stressed about. Fact 4- Losing Weight, a study involving children aged 10-13 that engaged in exercise gaming were burning at least the same amount of calories as moderate exercise or sports, I.e. Bowling. This study was conducted at the University of Oklahoma Health. This is good news because with Nintendo’s console, a lot of the games focus on being active I.e. Wii Sports, Wii Fit. In conclusion, I recommend you come down to the Twelve25 Lan on September 11 and check out some games and find a genre that’s right for you. It might even save your life.



The Rotary Club of Salisbury has continued its fantastic support of Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre.

Through the Rotary Clubs ongoing support there are now lockers available for young peoples use whilst here at the centre.

Manager Rick said “In the past we have had issues with not being able to help young people to keep their stuff safe, the lockers are now in place to help with this”.

The lockers are provided free – just speak to the reception staff and volunteers.



Twelve25 recognises the power of aerosol art as a recognised art medium but we only support and encourage legal aerosol art projects.


Driving Program Coming

Twelve25 is currently working with a group of local service providers and supporters locally to develop and implement a Getting Your P’s program.

The program will support a limited number of people who don’t have a car at home, or a licensed driver and who otherwise cant afford driving lessons to get in car experience (for the log book method).

Expressions of interest are not yet being taken

Watch this space for more information.


Websites of Interest Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centres web site where you can check out images of our programs, find out about upcoming events, book into programs and see the way the centre operates. Online streaming of sports, life streams, online gaming etc The Australian governments front page for youth – find jobs, information, funding opportunities, Have your say and youth week information. The Northern Sound System is a youth orientated centre at Elizabeth focused on the music industry. Find bands, courses, information, battle of bands etc. Awesome web site from SA Peak music body – check out the SA Bands on the band register, courses, SA gigs, search for venues etc.


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