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9/21/09 Hi 6th Grade Parents! By now many of you know that PowerSchool is up and running. All of the 6th graders have bookmarked PowerSchool on their laptops and have their usernames and passwords. They all checked their grades last week so they know how to do it. If they lost the password, or you would like another copy of it, let me know and I'll be happy to email it to you. I try very hard to keep these current - sometimes I get a day or two behind. If you have any concerns about a grade please email me right away and I can let you know what's up. Hopefully most of you have had the chance to look at the website your child uses daily in my classes. They all have it bookmarked on their laptops, but if you want another link you can get there by clicking here or pasting this address into your browser: This page is a general newsletter kind of page for parents and students. On the right hand side are links to all of the classes I teach. To see the page for your child, click the link on the right that says 6th Grade English. This is the page your child goes to every day in my class - it is their textbook, their dictionary, their thesaurus, their assignment book, their calendar - everything! On the main page (WeiszEnglish6) are links to 2 dictionary sites - one is a standard type online dictionary where they can get a basic definition and also hit a button to hear how the word is pronounced. The other is a more "visual" dictionary - some kids like this one better. On the left hand side of the page are menu items that the students use in my class. The first one you will be interested in is the Calendar. This is where you can see what assignments are due and when. Another menu item of note is Spelling Vocabulary Word Lists. This is where you will find each weeks' current vocabulary list that we are working with on assignments and that will be covered on their test that week. Spelling Vocabulary Assignments is very important - this is where their actual assignments are. They can use their word list and their dictionary to complete these - they are submitted right from this spot by hitting the "submit" button. There are usually several on here, just scroll down to get older ones. If you are not sure if your child has completed the assignment, check PowerSchool or email me right away. The Cay - this is a book we are reading in class and any assignments relating to that book can be found here. When we finish The Cay this menu item will be replaced by the name of the next novel we read. We read and discuss novels in class - I do not assign this reading for homework. The students also take notes in class by hand - this is pretty much the only handwritten work they do in my room. They are required to keep their notes as they need them at the end of the novel for the paper they write. The notes are also helpful for completing chapter questions. I give a lot of grade credit for keeping complete sets of novel notes. I write the notes on the board in class and they copy them. These items are the most important items for you to check and keep track of for your child. Also, be sure to check PowerSchool often and email me anytime you have any questions or concerns I check my email all the time and I'll get back to you right away.

Tracie Weisz

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