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Odette: I'll climb that and look for signs of the house.

Mickey: Be careful! Savage: Shit! Odette: I'm fine, I-I just wasn't paying enough attention.

Mickey: This isn't the best time to be spacing out, if you die we're fucked! None of us can climb that thing! Odette: Your faith in me is astounding...

Odette: I think I see the roof of the house, but I'm not sure. There's this ledge. I'm going to try and climb it. Can one of you check out the side and see if it's safe?

Mickey: You mean make sure there aren't any freak-ass traps? Odette: Mickey! Now isn't the time for being a smart ass! Seven people are dead and I don't want to be next!

Ushi: Mickey! Christ, stop being an ass!

Mickey: Sorry, sorry. This is just my way of dealing. Ushi: If you see anything, call Puff, he's got the gun.

Mickey: Whatever, like a gun will help us... it looks fine from here, go ahead. Odette: You sure?

Mickey: Now that you mention it, I think there's a killer stone waiting to spring-

Ushi/Deanna/Savage: Mickey!

Tokki: Seven dead and you can't take this seriously? God damnit!

Mickey: You've got quite the mouth on you.

Tokki: Wipe that out of your mind you dirty rat! Why the hell are you so OK with all of this?! People are dying!

Ushi: Finish it later guys! Mickey, keep an eye on Odette or I'll kill you myself!

Mickey: She's fine, there's nothing wrong with the-

Mickey: Odette! Get the fuck off that thing! Something's wrong!

Odette: Shut up you jerk! I can see the house, it's to the north ea--

Deanna: No! Savage: Holy shit!

Mickey: No! No! What - - no!

Ushi: You son of a bitch! You let her die! You were fucking supposed to be watching the ledge!

Mickey: I didn't see it. I swear to go I didn't see it. Oh shit, I didn't see it, I should have seen it.

Ushi: Don't you dare go weak on me now! Don't you dare feel sorry for yourself! You're the reason Odette is dead!

Deanna: That's enough!

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