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JUNE 17 - 30, 2015

6 things to do in Statesboro this summer




Undead invasion on the Averitt stage |

The Orange Constant releases first album |



Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015


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The Averitt Center brings audiences Shakespeare's "Macbeth" — plus zombies Something wicked this way comes — dropping limbs and hunting brains on the way. Zombie Macbeth, a Shakespeare classic with a twist, will debut in the Emma Kelly Theater this weekend. Featuring Statesboro Youth Theatre and members of the communityat-large, the show will run on Friday, June 26, and Saturday, June 27 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, June 28 at 2 p.m. In a postapocalyptic world, zombies roam the earth while King Duncan rules the last of humanity in an underground sewer encampment. Macbeth returns from a victorious battle against the zombies and is given newfound power in the kingdom. However, unbeknownst to all — even himself — Macbeth has contracted the zombie virus during his time aboveground, turning him into a bloodthirsty killer who will stop at nothing to be king. This play is an infectious and raucous production, relentless in suspense and danger as good battles evil, humans attempt to protect themselves against a zombie infiltration, and Macbeth loses his mind to the virus. Make no mistake, however: This is the same script Shakespeare fans are familiar with. To accommodate his theme, director John Forrest Ferguson changed literally one word — turning " 'Wegions" (the foes of the

original script) to "zombies" — and didn't even break iambic pentameter. It's the same characters and same conflict as the original play, just adapted to fit the post-apocalyptic world Ferguson has created. "This is bringing Shakespeare to our community in an entirely different light," said assistant director Susan Jackson. "We hope to get our younger actors hooked on Shakespeare, so to speak. It’s going to be very exciting." The production is being directed by professional director and actor John Forrest Ferguson, with the assistance of Susan Jackson. Devon Thompson will choreograph the performance. The role of Macbeth will be played by Tehrelle Billups, while Abigail Eller will portray the character of his power-hungry wife, Lady Macbeth. Audience members will have the opportunity to interact with cast members prior to the performance and are invited to dress in their best zombie attire. "This highly talented group has worked hard to bring this production to the Emma Kelly Theater. This is a performance and experience you won’t want to miss," said Tim Chapman, Averitt Center for the Arts Executive Director. Tickets can be purchased by calling (912) 212-2787, or by visiting the Emma Kelly Theater box office in downtown Statesboro. The box office is open Tuesday through Friday from noon–5:30 p.m.w

Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015

Contributing Writers: Holli Deal Saxon Alex Brown Tim Webb Erin Lawson

Something undead this way staggers

Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015


How not to suck on the Internet


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I have very few hard-and-fast entity to “kill itself”? I don’t rules when it comes to using the have any idea, and to be perInternet. Here are two of them: fectly honest, I’m not sure the 1. Do not, under any circumcomment-writer did either. stances, read the comments on It seemed like the kind of any online post, ever. Comment thoughtless, one-off insult that sections are a surefire way to didn’t involve any intelligence it kill any hope you ever had in its conception. humanity. That kind of antagonism Brittani Howell characterizes too much of our 2. Do not feed the trolls. They are a blight on society. online discourse. Whether Recently — and at work, no less — I we're writing thoughtless comments or broke both of these rules. personal assaults, there is something Part of my job is to update Connect’s about online communication that turns a lot of us into terrible human beings. website and Facebook pages. For one of our Tailgate Tattler columns, I repub The Internet is a great platform for lished a picture that appeared on the debate, discussion and relationships, Herald’s sports web page, GSU Eagle spanning cultural and geographical Nation. The picture showed Georgia boundaries. But that doesn't do us State at one of the Sun Belt tournament any good at all if we're going to be games. abusive to our fellow users. Look at I chose that picture because there a great example that took place last were no available pictures of Georgia Thursday: John Green, whose social Southern at the tournament and media accounts have inspired huge because Georgia State played a big role numbers of people to campaign for in the story, having beaten the Eagles social justice and build relationships in their first Sun Belt baseball game. I over nerdy things they like — basically, even wrote a snarky cutline explaining a person whose online presence reprethat there were no pictures of the sented everything redeeming about the Eagles available, including a little snub Internet — is having to take a step back at the Associated Press that the AP will from his Tumblr after someone wrote probably never read. a deliberate attack on him and left it So I was a little surprised to find this somewhere Green would see it. It was as one of the first comments on the meant to do nothing more than wound. Facebook post the next morning: "Kill I think we are all guilty, at some yourself. That's a pic of Gay St." Now, aside from the many layers of point, of being less than kind in our humor and exasperation I drew from online discussions. I know I have been this post* and the blatantly obvious fact See ONLINE, page 7 that the post’s author had not actually read the article (a sad online trend), I was mostly just confused. Who on earth finds it acceptable to tell another *1. “Gay St.” is a road in Manhattan, human being to commit suicide over a Baltimore, Knoxville and many other sports photo? It seems a bit extreme — places besides. It’s an address, not something I pointed out to the post’s moniker for a rival school. That would author with as much polite condebe “Gay State.” 2. Using “gay” as an scension as I could muster, before the insult is woefully ignorant and inefHerald publisher told me to delete the fective, not to mention ridiculously whole thread for the sake of prudence. immature (and this person was an I’m really not sure who the post’s adult). 3.) Insulting (or attempting author thought they were addressing. to insult) another school or team for Were they directing their comment to the simple fact that they are not your the person responsible for the media chosen school or team is literally the updates — in this case, me? The colmost pointless thing I’ve ever heard. umn’s author, Alex Brown, who had I understand it’s an ingrained part of nothing to do with the picture chosen sports culture, or something. I just to accompany his piece? Or was the think it’s stupid, particularly when it post directed at Connect Statesboro escalates to something as poisonous as itself, telling the newspaper as an telling other people to kill themselves.





Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015


Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015


ARTS. MUSIC. ENTERTAINMENT. Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m.

Statesboro Farmers Market, 9 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Applebee’s — Karaoke 9:30 p.m.

Gnat’s Landing — DJ & Karaoke, 9 p.m.

Averitt Center for the Arts — “Zombie Macbeth,” 7–9 p.m., $18 for adults and $10 for youth.

Campus Crossings — Live music with Ten Mile Creek and happy hour, free and open to the public, 5–8 p.m.

Loco’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.


Millhouse — Nate Kenyon, 9 p.m.


Gnat’s Landing — The Orange Constant, celebrating their first album's digital release, 10 p.m.

GATA’s — Trivia, 6 p.m. Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ & Karaoke, 9 p.m. Loco’s — Triva, 9 p.m.


Wild Wing Café — Coty James and Benji Taylor, 9 p.m.


Loco’s — Live music, 9 p.m. Millhouse —Kyle Turner, 9 p.m.



Loco’s — Live music, 9 p.m. Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Chyann Rose, 6 p.m.

Wild Wing Café — Chris Mitchell Band, 9 p.m.

22 Monday

Dingus Magees — Trivia, 9 p.m.


Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank parking lot) — Mainstreet Farmers Market 9 a.m.–12:30 p.m.


Millhouse — The Hellhounds, 9 p.m.

Downtown Statesboro — “Staycation” with F1rst Friday, featuring Canoe Tug-of-War with the Ogeechee RiverKeepers, 5–8 p.m. Bigshows Burgers & Bar — The Apprehended, 7 p.m.

Your events not listed? Post them at connectstatesboro. com!

GATA’s — Cornhole Tournament, 6 a.m.– 10 p.m.

23 Tuesday

Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m.– 8:30 p.m. Loco’s — Open Mic Night, 9 p.m.


Bigshows Burgers & Bar — Live music, 8 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Nate Kenyon, 9 p.m.


Loco’s — Live music, 9 p.m. Millhouse — Jason White, 9 p.m.

28 26 Friday

Averitt Center for the Arts — “Zombie Macbeth,” 7–9 p.m., $18 for adults and $10 for youth. Wild Wing Café — Trea Landon, 8 p.m. Loco’s — Live music, 9 p.m. Millhouse — Savannah River Band, 9 p.m.


Averitt Center for the Arts — “Zombie Macbeth,” 2–4 p.m., $18 for adults and $10 for youth.



Dingus Magees — Trivia 9 p.m.

30 24 27

Applebee’s — Karaoke, 9:30 p.m.



GATA’s — Trivia, 6 p.m.


Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank parking lot) — Mainstreet

Vern and Cindy Howard & Staff 18 Simmons Center • Statesboro, GA 30458 Phone: (912) 489-8401 • Fax: (912) 489-4316 • Program # 2070, 2050 • •,m

Addiction Counselors

Millhouse — Squawk Box, 9 p.m.

Bulloch DUI / Bulloch Recovery Bulloch Defensive Driving

Vern and Cindy Howard

Loco’s — Live music, 9 p.m.

Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30–8:30 p.m. Loco’s — Open Mic Night, 9 p.m.

School district's diploma cover features wrong state seal KELSO, Wash. — High school graduates in Kelso, Washington, discovered an error when they received their diplomas during Saturday's graduation ceremony. The covers protecting the diplomas carried the state seal of Oregon. Kelso High School is in southwest Washington. KPTV-TV in Portland, Oregon, reports that the diplomas did list the correct high school. Kelso superintendent Glenn Gelbrich says the mistake was an ordering error. The error was discovered after the ceremony was underway. Students will receive new diploma covers. The diplomas are valid.w

Q: After completing the Defensive Driving course, will I see a reduction in my insurance cost? If so how long does it take to see the change? A: The Defensive Driving Certificate of Completion can be used for point reduction, reinstatement of license to drive, court orders and insurance rate reduction. Most insurance providers will reduce the liability portion of your insurance by 10%; however, not all insurance companies offer the discount. You should contact your carrier, but I understand the discount is applied immediately. For additional information about dates, times, and costs for course offerings visit or call 912-489-8401.

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ONLINE, from page 4

Wednesday: Trivia, 9 p.m. Thursday: Beer pong, 9 p.m. Friday: Live music, 10 p.m. Saturday: Live music, 10 p.m. All day, every day: $2 wells, $3 Fireballs, $2 Natty Light Tall Boys and $2 PBR pint drafts

Monday Pint Night: $2 pints (all draft beers), trivia at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday: $5 house liquor pitchers, $2 Fireballs Wine & Whisky Wednesday: $10 off any bottle of wine, $3 Jim Beam Thirsty Thursday: $5 house liquor pitchers Domestic Friday: $10 domestic buckets Import Saturday: $15 import buckets Sunday Funday: 2 for 1 bombs (Vegas, Jager, Car, O), Golden Tee Challenge

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Larry G. ubbard, DDS 912-764-9891 4 Lester Road Statesboro, Ga Larry Hubbard

Dental Expert

Brittani Howell is the editor of Connect Statesboro. If you'd like to reach out, shoot a message to!w

Q: What are those invisable retainers/braces? Are they expensive and do they work? A: There are several brands of clear retainers, of which Invisalign is the most advertised. For minor tooth movement of teeth in adults, they work well if the patient will wear them 24 hours a day. The biggest problem is that often people will remove the retainer and not wear them as instructed. Their cost is equal or slightly above the cost of conventional braces. So yes, they are expensive.

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Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015

Happy Mondays: Happy Hour all day! Half-off all alcohol and select appetizers Trivia Tuesdays: Trivia at 7 p.m. with cash prizes; $10 buckets of beer, $7.99 shrimp and grits Wicked Wednesdays: Karaoke and live DJ at 9 p.m.; $13 buckets (imports), $8 buckets (domestics), $3 doubles all day Thirsty Thursdays: $10 buckets of beer, $3 doubles, $3 bombs, $3 Newcastle all day Fridays & Saturdays: Live music; $10 buckets of beer Sunday Funday: Happy Hour all day! Karaoke and live DJ at 8 p.m.; 45¢ wings Everyday Lunch Specials: $7 lunches with a drink, 7 days a week!

Happy Hour & Late-Night Fun: Every day, 3–6 p.m. & 9 p.m.–close; $3.75 Brewtus size house margaritas, Brewtus size Long Island Iced Teas, Brewtus size Bahama Mamas; $3.75 Brewtus domestic draft beers; $4 pints of craft beers; $3.75 Barefoot wine by the glass; half-price on selected appetizers: Mozzarella Sticks, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos and Boneless Buffalo Wings

— a fraternity website ran a sexist column last year, and I went to town with a gleeful vengeance. Bearing in mind that I am no expert, here are a few things I think we should all keep in mind when communicating online. 1. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, looking them in the eye, then don't post it. There are countless studies and stories online about why many Internet users believe the barrier of a screen gives you license to be intolerably rude and hurtful toward other people. Whatever the reason, if you would shy from saying it in person — whether it's because you'd be ashamed to say it or because you think the other person would punch you for it — you shouldn't write it online. It's not a question of freedom of speech. It's a question of not being one of the many words I'm not allowed to print. 2. Don't take on a fight you're not ready to see through. Internet nastiness becomes real-world nastiness a lot faster than you might think, and your identity is not as difficult to crack as you'd like it to be. Check out "A Dish Best Served Cold" on The Moth. In this story, a guy gets revenge on a woman who stole his identity with a little online sleuthing and sends her to jail for a digital crime. Or take a look at the Gamergate controversy, or the feminist bloggers at Jezebel. The women of these cases have had their online harrasers show up, in person, to public events to threaten and intimidate them. Some of these women have been the victim of "doxing," a process in which a savvy hacker can ferret out the personal details behind an online identity and release them to the public eye. Doxing can be used against the bullies, too, as we saw last November when the hacker group

Anonymous doxed the leader of the KKK after he publicly threatened people in Ferguson. These threats are out there, and if you're going to piss off people online — especially if you're going to do it for sport — you should be aware of them. (Of course, if you're harassing people online for sport, no one is going to feel particularly sorry for you if your cover gets blown.) 3. If you would be embarrassed if your child saw what you wrote — or if your child repeated what you wrote — don't post it. Ours is the last generation to remember, even vaguely, a time before the Internet. Our kids are growing up in an online culture, and they learn by repeating what they see. They are also extremely likely to repeat it in a not-digital setting. Like their classrooms. Have fun at those parent-teacher conferences, trolls. 4. Most importantly, remember that every single person online is a human being. Here is what Lindy West, formerly of Jezebel, says about taking on trolls: "They are human beings — and I don't believe that their attempts to dehumanize me can be counteracted by dehumanizing them. The only thing that fights dehumanization is increased humanization — of me, of them, of marginalized groups in general, of the Internet as a whole." You don't have to like them and you don't have to agree with them, but you do have to show them the decency their humanity deserves, even the ones who are not showing that same courtesy. Now, go play nice in the digital sandbox.

Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015


'A dynasty is born' Retrospective: Eagle football brings home first national championship in 1985 In the summer of 1985, folks in the quiet little South Georgia town of Statesboro had no idea what the next few months had in store. And they had no clue what kind of impact the upcoming fall would have on the next few decades. Alex This week, we honor the 30th anniversary of Georgia Southern’s first national championship by taking a look back at 1985. If you think Statesboro is a small town now, you should have seen it 30 years ago. Fair Road, one of the busiest roads in town, was only four-laned to Gentilly, and there was nothing where the hospital and market district is now. The shopping center and restaurants across from the mall were just woods in the mid-1980s. The bypass (Veterans Memorial Parkway) did not exist, very few of the restaurants we enjoy today were here, and there was no Wal-Mart (GASP!). Not as we know it now, anyway: Wal-Mart was in the mall, and much smaller. Franklin’s Restaurant, the Nic Nac Grill, Vandy’s BBQ and Snooky’s were some of the most popular restaurants in town, and children enjoyed celebrating birthdays at the Skate Inn and playing at the recreation department on Fair Road. Enrollment at Georgia Southern College was just over 6,000 in 1985 and the population of Statesboro was right around 15,000. Hit movies of 1985 included Back to the Future, Rambo and The Goonies. The most popular television shows were The Cosby Show, Who’s the Boss and Miami Vice. Billboard’s top songs included “Like a Virgin” by Madonna, “Careless Whisper” by Wham! and “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News. The average price of a gallon of gas was just over a dollar, stamps were $0.22. New Coke was introduced in the summer of ’85, only to be scrapped in favor of returning to the original formula after consumer uproar.

In the fall of 1985, head coach Erk Russell led the Georgia Southern Eagles to a 9-2 record and a No. 9 national ranking to end the program’s second regular season at the NCAA I-AA level. Southern had finished the 1984 season with an 8-3 Brown record, but did not receive an at-large bid to the playoffs. The

Eagles would not miss the playoffs again until 1991. Georgia Southern hosted Jackson State in the program’s first-ever I-AA playoff game and shut them out 27-0. In the quarterfinals the following week, Georgia Southern hit the road to play the No. 1 team in the country, Middle Tennessee State. MTSU had defeated the Eagles 35-10 at Paulson Stadium earlier in the season. Southern shocked the I-AA world by jumping out to a 21-0 halftime lead and holding on to knock off the Blue Raiders by a score of 28-21. The Eagles advanced to play at Northern Iowa in a semi-final game that featured eight touchdowns, five field goals, 73 total points, over 1,000 yards of combined total offense, 52 combined first downs, eight lead changes and only four punts. With under a minute to go, junior quarterback Tracy Ham scored to break

a late tie and give the Eagles a 40-33 win. If the semi-final game sounded wild, the 1985 national championship game against Furman in Tacoma, Washington was even crazier. The Paladins took a 21-6 lead into halftime and scored early in the third quarter to stretch the lead to 28-6. Then Tracy Ham went absolutely bonkers. Georgia Southern turned its passing game loose, with Ham racking up 419 yards through the air (and also running for 90 yards) as the Eagles scored 38 points in the final quarter-and-a-half en route to the largest comeback in I-AA/FCS championship game history. A play simply known around these parts as “The Catch” saw Ham thread the needle to connect with Frankie Johnson in the endzone, with 10 seconds on the clock, to give Georgia Southern its first national championship with a 44-42 win over Furman. Georgia Southern would win four national championships over a sixyear span beginning with the 1985 season. A dynasty was born. And Statesboro hasn’t been the same since.w

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The father of Eagle football himself, Erk Russell, enjoys a triumphant ride on his players' shoulders. In 1985, Russell coached the Eagles to their first national championship win, stealing the title with a 44-42 victory over Furman.

Facebook's Oculus Rift is just one of the virtual reality headsets getting shown off at the annual E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles.

Virtual reality the hot topic of E3 2015



The biggest announcements this year include Bethesda’s Fallout 4, Microsoft’s Halo 5: Guardians and — of course — Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, to name just a few. Electronic Arts’ Star Webb Wars Battlefront, along with the new Mirror’s Edge game, is expected to be fan a favorite. Hopefully, there will be some news from Sony’s Uncharted 4 and Nintendo’s newest Legend of Zelda, both of which have been reportedly delayed. There doesn’t seem to be much planned hardware-wise, given that all the consoles are fairly new. There

was, however, an announcement of a 1TB model of the Xbox One that includes a new matte finish. Alongside their new model, Microsoft is going to be announcing a new controller for their Xbox One. With virtual reality becoming the newest trend, all the major players are expected to hit on their own VR headsets. Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus and Microsoft HoloLens are all expected to have a presence at E3. Bethesda has made history with their first-ever E3 conference in a Sunday that is usually quiet before the start of Monday’s press confer-

ences. Plenty of reveals, rumors and news are expected to be released all week. There will be plenty to keep gamers and enthusiasts happy, and we'll be covering it all. Be sure to check for all the happenings and updates throughout the week.w Stay tuned ➤ For all the latest on E3, check as our Vampin' Gamer provides regular updates on all the developments revealed at the conference!


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0 0 . 9 $29

The Garden District is a unique community that blends the fun and fresh lifestyle of New Orleans, with its popular French Quarter architecture , and the convenience of being right in Statesboro. The Garden District is a community of townhouses with the character of Old New Orleans.

Enjoy the pleasures and amenities of...Townhomes and flats with French Quarter Style balconies and patios 12 different floor plans• Wireless high-Speed Internet incided in rent • Expanded Cable included in rent • Optional Power & Water Package • Optional Furnautre Package • Computer Room • Tanning Room • Fitness Room • Social/Game Room

17931 Hwy 67 South, Statesboro, GA 30458 • 912.681.6539 •

Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015

It can be described as the Super Bowl of gaming. This week, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) kicks off in Los Angeles, where video game publishers, developers, distributors and media gather Tim to discuss the newest releases from video companies across the world. This year's E3 officially runs from June 16 to 18, but Bethesda held the first press conference Sunday, June 14. Press conferences are expected from Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix and many more throughout the week.

Connect Statesboro 06.17.2015


Jumping out of an airplane is just one of the many things you can do in Statesboro while you're waiting for the entertainment scene to kick back up in the fall. If you're interested in skydiving, check out The Jumping Place, based right here in the Boro. ASHLEY ELAINE PHOTOGRAPHY/ special

Six things to do in Statesboro this summer If you're bored in the Boro this summer, you aren't thinking far enough outside the box. Luckily, we've found you find a few fun, unique and off-the-wall options for summer entertainment. Brittani Howell With the students gone for the summer, the night life in Statesboro has slowed to a trickle and won't pick up again until August. Sure, we have a few events to keep us going — such as the legendary trivia nights at Gnat's Landing and the summer music shows courtesy of Airbound Entertainment — but until school starts back, the Boro's entertainment scene is mostly in the doldrums. But here at Connect, we can't stand the idea that our readers might be— heaven forbid it—bored. And honestly, we couldn't stand being bored ourselves. We've taken it upon ourselves to find some of the most unique, off-the-wall experiences you can have here in the Boro when all your other options have run out. Before you give in to taking a summer "vacation" to spend a month at home with your parents, give these options a try.

Jump out of a perfectly good airplane Sometimes you get so bored over the summer that you just want to throw yourself out of a plane. Luckily, at the Jumping Place, you can — with a parachute and a tandem diver, of course. The Jumping Place (127 Airport Road, Statesboro), which set up shop in August of 2012, is Statesboro's very own skydiving company, run by a small and enthusiastic team of skydivers. According to the U.S. Parachute Association, it's one of only six "drop zones," or skydiving centers, in Georgia; the others are around or north of Atlanta. "We're kind of breaking the demographics here," said Jumping Place owner Catherine Kloess, saying that few skydiving businesses would have opened in an area as widespread and sparsely populated as Georgia's coastal

plain. "We're changing the face of skydiving. It's kind of cool." At The Jumping Place, not only can daredevils take their first dives with an instructor (called "tandem dives," in which the two skydivers are attached), but they also can start a training course for accelerated freefalls so that they can skydive without tandem partners and — perhaps — start the process of becoming skydiving instructors themselves. While skydiving is not the cheapest pastime in the world, it makes a great summer adventure or post-graduation gift to yourself. Interested parties are encouraged to book their skydiving appointment about two weeks in advance. Prices are listed on The Jumping Place's website, including links for discounts and group rates.

Go on a Southern Adventure Maybe jumping out of planes

isn't for you. Maybe you prefer to have your adventures a little closer to earth — hiking, for example, or rock climbing, camping or navigating regional waterways by canoe or kayak. If that's the case, check out Southern Adventures at the Georgia Southern Recreation Activity Center. On campus, this division of the RAC offers a rock climbing wall, a bouldering cave and a high-ropes course, but it's also a great resource if you want to get out of Statesboro. For remarkably low prices, Southern Adventures conducts guided outdoor adventure trips all over the Southeast region. This summer, Southern Adventure is offering three trips: a paddling excursion in early June, a canoeing day trip June 14 and a sea kayaking day trip in mid-July. The prices remain to be determined, but most trips are a complete steal compared to similar excursions conducted through other organizations. Throughout the school

as many as seven games being played at once. Newcomers and game night veterans are encouraged to bring along their favorite board games to contribute, and which might even make it into the game night's regular rotation. "It's not overly competitive," Brown said. "It's an easy atmosphere, and it's very easy to get into games and try things out." For something a little more intense, the game and comic store holds "Magic: The Gathering" tournaments on Thursday nights, starting at 7 p.m., and "Pokemon" tournaments on Saturdays throughout the day. The "Magic" tournaments cost $15 to enter, but they guarantee fun, competitive play for serious "Magic" gamers. As for past, present and future "Pokemon" masters, the Saturday tournaments are free and give gamers plenty of opportunities to win prizes from the store. However, amateurs beware: The tournaments are hyper-competitive and much more challenging than the board game nights. Brown said that first-timers interested in trying out tournaments may first want to play a few casual rounds, which are usually going on at the same time as the tournaments. "Usually that's how people get into it," Brown said. "They'll come in, see what's going on during the Magic events, maybe play some casual events, see the competitive play, and then they kind of ease their way into it." For more information, and to see which games are being featured each week, check out the Galactic Comics Board Game Night Facebook page.

Pick up gaming

Let's be real here: For many people, taking a whole summer of painting classes is a little too expensive and a little too time-consuming. However, Statesboro does offer an outlet for one's creative impulse: the Paint-NParty workshop, hosted by the Averitt Center for the Arts every month during F1rst Friday. Many larger cities, including Savannah and Atlanta, have offered similar activities for years, but the Paint-N-Party workshop is currently the only of its kind in the Boro. At each workshop, participants are set up with an easel, painting supplies and a completed painting off of which they can base their own masterpiece. Under the helpful guidance of one of

If you're looking for a casual game night with challenging, inventive board games, Galactic Comics' board game night on Friday evenings is the way to go. Beginning at 7 p.m. each Friday night at Galactic's 20 East Vine St. location, Board Game Night brings people together to play popular games like "Settlers of Catan" and "Munchkin," new games like "Betrayal at the House on the Hill" and "Love Letter," and a wide range of other games: detective, strategy, adventure — you name it. The Friday evenings are free, open to the public, beginner-friendly and very popular. Store owner Keith Brown said that on Friday, June 5, the game night drew around 30 people, with




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For example, an auto dealer can place “fences” around all other auto dealers and deliver his ad to those who enter the fence while they are on their mobile devices.

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wants to place a “fence” around a neighborhood(s).

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year, Southern Adventures conducts several trips for cycling, rock climbing or backpacking, among other outdoor expeditions. If you prefer the Cheryl Strayed approach and want to go it alone, Southern Adventures is the best onestop shop for all the gear you might need and all the research you want to do. Their gear rental program includes everything from cookware and tents to canoes and bicycles, and everything is ridiculously inexpensive. Their most expensive listing is a weeklong rental for a single-deck boat, coming in at a miniscule $48. The knowledgeable staff members at Southern Adventures are ready and willing to give you any pointers you might need, including recommendations on the best kind of sleeping bag to take on your particular adventure. Additionally, their resource library is stocked with past trip logs, guidebooks, camping how-to guides and maps of all kinds. The gear also comes with handy QR codes: If you forget how to use any of the equipment you rented from Southern Adventures, a quick scan will take you straight to a YouTube instructional video of the Southern Adventures staff showing you what to do. Because the RAC and its programs are directly funded by student fees, Southern Adventures is only accessible for students, or for staff and faculty and their family members. But if you're a Georgia Southern student looking for something off the beaten path, Southern Adventures is just a trip to the gym away. For more information, check out their website at or give them a call at (912) 478-7227.

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See the BORO AWARDS puBlicAtiOn fOR full liSt Of Winning cAtegORieS

Best Drink Menu Best Steak Best Overall Bar Best Bar with Coldest Beer Best Place for 1st Date

Best Auto Repair

Best Wings Best Seafood Best Lunch Best Karaoke Best Trivia Best Happy Hour Best Bar Service Best BBQ Best Hamburger Best Beer Selection Best Outdoor Dining

Best Burrito


Best Sushi Best Japanese Best Student Bank


BE Best Overall Gym Best Gym Equipment Best Gym To Offer Student Discounts

Best Delivery/Takeout

23657 Hwy 80 East (First Light past Lowe Buffet NEW Best HOURS: MON-FRI (Breakfast) 7a SAT & SUN (Breakfast) 7am-10 Best Fried Chicken

Best Home Cooking

13 Erin Lawson

You can go your own way Going out on your own shouldn't have to be a scary experience. Here are a few tips for overcoming social anxiety and striking out on your own — especially if your friends are out of town for the summer.

Step 1: Know yourself

Take some time to genuinely assess the fundamental things that make you who you are: What you like and dislike, personal goals, character traits you possess and things you’d like to try. This will inform your decisions about what experiences to pursue and which people you should seek out. For instance, if you know you’re outgoing and enjoy music, you might find karaoke to be a fun way to meet new friends.

Step 2: Do your research Now that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for (and how

it fits with you personally), take some time to investigate relevant opportunities within the local area. Check out the event calendars in magazines (like this one!), on Georgia Southern’s webpage and at local establishments to see what fun events are happening in the near future, and then prepare to participate!

Step 3: Face your fears It’s an unpleasant truth, but the only way to overcome a feared object or event is to expose yourself fully to the experience of it. If you’re anxious in social situations (especially when you don’t know anyone,) the best way to resolve those fears is to take on opportunities which allow you to socialize with new groups. It might be helpful to set goals for yourself prior to going out — for example, you could challenge yourself to have at least two conversations with new people before you leave the establishment. If you become nervous, acknowledge it to yourself and breathe deeply until the discomfort lessens. Remember, however, that it’s always okay to leave a situation you feel is dangerous or unsafe.

Got a complaint? CONcern?

Step 4: Assess the experience Take some time to evaluate your perceptions of this new experience. Determine whether or not you truly enjoyed yourself and if you would like to have the experience again. Also, take time to assess which parts were most enjoyable and which were unpleasant so that you are more prepared to navigate similar experiences in the future. Importantly, don’t forget to congratulate yourself for being bold and trying something new!w

HAWTHORNE II 4 Bedrooms Prices Start at $295 per Bedroom

You should call Connect's That Blows line to leave an anonymous message and let us know what's on your mind.



So your social group went home for the summer, or you're new to town and don't have many friends yet. So what? You can go out like everybody else — and like it. 912.681.1166 •• Statesboro, Statesboro, GA GA 30458 30458 912.681.1166

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Although many students have retreated to their hometowns for a long summer reprieve, there are still a few of us staying in Statesboro to take additional courses. If you’re part of this remnant, you might be feeling a little bored or lonely, and you might feel like options for entertainment are slim due to your solo status. No worries — there’s plenty of fun to be had if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone. Here’s how!

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SUMMER, from page 11 the Paint-N-Party instructors, participants learn the basics of completing their painting and unleash their inner Old Master. Painters are also invited to bring their own adult beverages to enjoy while they paint (if they're of age, of course). Each workshop costs $40 — unless you're a member of the Averitt Center, in which case it costs $35 — and includes all art supplies, right down to the 16x20 canvas on which you have painted your masterpiece, to be carried home and hung in the dining room (or to be hidden from the light of day after you've sobered up a bit). The next Paint-N-Party is scheduled for July 3, from 5:30–8 p.m. To reserve your spot, call the Averitt Center's Tony Phillips at (912) 212-2787. And don't forget the wine.

Fall back in time If you have ever witnessed sword fighting in Mill Creek Park or archery at any of the ArtsFest events, you are probably already somewhat familiar with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Here's what you probably didn't know: Far from a group of renaissance festival enthusiasts, the SCA is a legitimate, registered nonprofit, with bases in several different countries—including New Zealand. They are considered a "living history"


T. J. Carani hammers metal into a small knife during Jour d'Amour, a Society for Creative Anachronism event run in January by the Bulloch area group.


The Ogeechee Riverkeepers are teaming up with Paddle Georgia for a battle royale in downtown Statesboro, in which teams of four compete in a canoe tug-of-war competition to raise money for conservation awareness (and earn serious bragging rights). group, and they throw themselves into research on an endless variety of antiquated topics, mostly centered on the Middle Ages. And it's actually kind of intense. The society allows and even helps people to pursue research in any medieval field of which they are curious. If you want to learn medieval dances, you can. If you're curious about medieval music, someone can hook you up. If you'd like to explore arts and crafts, including forging weapons and recreating period clothing, there are plenty of experts around to help you get started. And if you want to pick up combat skills — and find venues in which to compete with them — these are the people to talk to. The society is divided into regional "kingdoms," further broken down into subgroups, usually called "shires." The local Statesboro group, for instance, is called Drakenmere, located in the Kingdom of Meridies (along with all of Alabama and parts of Florida and Tennessee). Each group has a system of government and each kingdom has a ruling hierarchy. It is much more complex, involved and consistent than a Renaissance Fair. The Anachronists of Drakenmere hold regular meetings, including business meetings the first Sunday of

each month and combat practice every Sunday in Mill Creek Park. Jumping into combat practices and skills workshops is completely free and beginnerfriendly. Some events require attendees to be dressed in period clothing, but the group is happy to set up beginners with borrowed garb until they can afford their own. For schedules, events and other information, check out their Facebook page and their website, www.

Paddle battle This next event combines water sports and team competitions, with a side benefit of raising money for a local environmental conservation group: the Canoe Tug-of-War, scheduled for the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority's Staycation celebration Saturday, June 20. Paddle Georgia and the Ogeechee Riverkeepers are closing off East Main Street to set up an aboveground pool, in which two canoes—each carrying a team of four—will battle against the other in an effort to paddle to their own side of the pool. The first team to touch their side of the pool wins; flip your canoe twice, and you lose the round. Each team is guaranteed two rounds in the double-elimination tournament. Each team must have at least

one female member. A team's entry in the tournament costs $40 to enter, but winners will take home a $100-cash prize and runner-ups will get their entry cost back. All tournament participants will receive membership status in the Ogeechee Riverkeepers, an honor that comes with free paddle trips throughout the year in addition to other ORK swag. Registration for the tug-of-war can be done on the Ogeechee Riverkeepers' website up until the tournament — but pre-registration makes the event coordinators' lives a little easier, so try for that. If you can't make the tug-of-war but still want to get out on the water this summer, Ogeechee Riverkeepers also conduct monthly day trips on the fourth Saturday of each month, guiding paddlers through a three- to four-hour exploration of the river. Day trips are $35 for non-members, and canoes and kayaks are available for an extra rental fee. Registration for each day trip ends at 4 p.m. the day before the trip. The next day trip is scheduled for July 25, and the excursions will continue through the fall. To register for the tug-of-war or learn more about the paddling trips, check out the ORK website at

15 Brittani Howell

'Time to Go' for The Orange Constant First album release heralds start of a new era for homegrown jam band SPECIAL

The Orange Constant will be celebrating the release of their first album, "Time to Go," with a show at Gnat's Landing on Friday, June 19, at 10 p.m. are within your grasp, and escaping reality when it becomes too much. According to Guentert, this theme was such an organic element of the album that even the band mates didn't realize it was there until after the album had been completed. “I can tell you, just in general, we all wrote the lyrics for the different songs, but they definitely capture where we’re at right now with this recently-post-grad-college thing," Guentert said. "We’re all plugged into that, and it’s a unifying theme of the album, but it was never addressed or explicitly stated. I wouldn’t tell you that’s exactly what (the album) is interpreted as, but I would say that experience has shaped how the album turned out, especially the message of the songs.” The Orange Constant will perform at Gnat's Landing for an album release party celebrating "Time to Go"'s digital drop. Fans can expect to hear plenty of songs from the new album, in addition to a few carefullyselected covers. Notably, the release party will be one of their last few shows as Statesboro residents: In late July, the group will be moving to Athens to concentrate their efforts on performing full-time. They don't have another album in the works just yet, but Guentert said they are always writing and working on new material, and they hope to find a niche for their music in Athens' music scene. "Sometimes we’re stuck in the

THE ORANGE CONSTANT Members: Andrew Brantley – Vocals, guitar, keys Nickalous Benson – Vocals, guitar Lee Guentert – Drums Will Goggans – Bass Genre: Alternative jam rock Little-known fact: The band's name, "The Orange Constant," comes from their early days of rehearsing in their house in Statesboro. To soundproof their practice room, the band members stuck egg crate foam mattress toppers to the walls, including the window. The light from the window, coming through the mattress topper, turned the room orange.

middle of what people like, instead of being just a unified one-genre band," Guentert said of their varied style. "That’s a struggle we’ve faced. ... You can interpret being a genre-less band as a weakness, and you can interpret it as a strength. …And I try to push it as being a strength. We’re all about providing a variety of songs in a live setting to keep people interested and engaged.” The band will, of course, be stopping by their home base for shows on the road. In the meantime, you can get your hands on “Time to Go” through iTunes or their website, Their release party at Gnat’s Landing Friday, June 19, at 10 p.m. They will also be performing at Summer Jam later in July.w

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This week, another local band will graduate from the bar scene with the release of their first album: The Orange Constant, who will drop the 10-song album Friday, June 19 at Gnat's Landing. Fans of the group will recognize most of the songs on the album, although this may be the first time they can attach a title to the tune. All of the tracks are songs local audiences should recognize from the band’s shows. The album's title, "Time to Go," is drawn from the lyrics of "Emily," a familiar staple on their set list. The Orange Constant is usually styled as a jam rock band with an alternative bent, but the musicians see themselves as an SPECIAL eclectic group with a varied style, Check out the album art for The Orange drawing from the music of the Constant's inaugural album, "Time to Go." '70s, '80s and '90s in addition to bringing in elements of pop and breakout years and who has recorded progressive styles. While they don't and produced several albums with mind being lumped into the "jam Widespread Panic. In addition to band" genre, they prefer to think of Keane's clean, crisp recording style, themselves as "genre-less"--which the album incorporates a few more is exactly how "Time to Go" comes instruments than local audiences across. are used to hearing in The Orange "(The songs) are very varied in Constant's shows, including the tamterms of what kind of genre they bourine and the pedal steel, which fit in," explained drummer Lee Keane himself played for the tracks. Guentert. "The idea is that we kind While the songs may be familiar of show all aspects of what our sound to audiences, bringing them together can be, but at the same time keep on a single album reveals a thematic it as a unified vision so that they undercurrent running through the all sound like us but with different band's work. All of the songs take flavors.” on the process of maturity, the tran The band recorded "Time to Go" sition from young adulthood to indeover an 8-day period in Athens. pendence, and disillusionment with They sought out sound engineer the "real world." “Emily,” for instance, John Keane, who is best known for is a coming-of-age song about engineering with R.E.M. during their reevaluating your dreams once they

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16 Erin Lawson

Nailed it (or not) Adventures in failed Pinterest projects For many of us, Pinterest can provide endless inspiration to enhance nearly anything. Wedding decorations, baby shower games, home furnishings, and dessert recipes all can be invigorated with the spark that comes from an eye-catching pin. A session of pinbrowsing paired with a healthy dose of summer boredom might lead to a vast array of artfully crafted Independence Day wreaths, seashell-encrusted picture frames, or delicious smelling homemade candles. Many times, though, unbridled optimism and good intentions only get us so far, and we wind up with bruised self-esteem after hurling a half-finished project at the well-meaning friend who suggested we "should take a break and calm down.” Doesn’t it drive you crazy to have something so carefully planned in your head, but which only falls apart in your hands? Or is it just me? It’s true that I have a tendency to get worked up

easily, but even my most mild-mannered, even-tempered friend has taken his frustrations out on an unfortunate board while attempting a pallet-crafted wine rack that just wouldn’t turn out as he’d planned. The entire patio was filled with the splinters that rained down from his exasperation and wrath. For me, it’s always the recipes that cause my blood pressure to rise, whether it’s because the ingredients are too expensive (Why does a jar of allspice cost $12 at Wal-Mart?! The recipe calls for ½ teaspoon. Y’all can keep it.) or too rare (Never again will I drive to Pooler to locate Garam Masala.) or too dangerous to prepare (Yep, I’m the girl who filets open her finger with a paring knife, then runs around the kitchen with her hands over her head, screaming “Lord, help me! Get the cornstarch! Don’t look at it! Don’t look at it!”). The stress that accompanies a potentially epic fail only heightens

when the craft is meant to be a gift for someone else, because the number of people you might disappoint grows to accommodate the number of people on the receiving end of your wellintended gesture. Take a moment and visualize a birthday bash made complete by the drooping, misshapen cake pops you offered to contribute to the festivities. Imagine all the ways your lovingly prepared sharpie mugs and plates might backfire when they come out of the oven with the lettering now a disheartening shade of beige! Consider the embarrassment of a dinner party filled with guests who shovel your “Mouthwatering! Foolproof!” paleo recipe into little mounds on their plates without

Associated Press

Indominus Rex prepares to attack in a scene from "Jurassic World."

'Jurassic World' bites off record global debut LOS ANGELES — Dinosaurs are anything but extinct at the box office. Jurassic World, the fourth film in the series, became the highest global opener of all time with a staggering $511.8 million in its first days in theaters. It also devoured a number of domestic box office records with a $204.6 million take, the Rentrak media-measurement company estimated on Sunday. The film brought in a whopping $208.8 million in its first weekend

in theaters, according to Universal Pictures on Monday — making it the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time. "This over-performed in a way that I've never seen," Rentrak's Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian said. "It broke the box office sound barrier." Universal Pictures and Legendary co-financed the $150 million, PG-13 rated film. Audiences in every quadrant turned out to see the film

actually eating any. Think of the comic relief the neighbors will gain from admiring the burlap disaster that is your sister’s new front door wreath! Attempting a Pinterest creation doesn’t have to be a catastrophe, though. Sometimes you might get lucky and end up with a beautiful, original masterpiece. There’s a certain pleasure, too, that comes from someone exclaiming “You MADE that?” when they admire your well-executed handiwork in bewildered disbelief that it isn’t store-bought. All I’m saying is that those of us with a bend toward perfectionism and anxiety should embark on all Pinterest-related endeavors with a healthy dose of selfforgiveness and lowered expectations, and things will probably turn out alright. It’s important to remember, too, that most of the pins you see were prepared by experts of that craft and then professionally photographed and likely edited for maximum quality. Your finished product, however, will probably not be subjected to such careful preparation. With that being said, go forth, have fun and unleash that summer boredom on some recipes, crafts and decorations. Even if it isn’t something worth bragging about, it’ll surely make for an entertaining story later!w


in theaters. According to exit polls, 39 percent were under the age of 25, signifying the massive interest of both a new generation and the continued enthusiasm of those who saw "Jurassic Park" in 1993. Directed by Colin Trevorrow and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, "Jurassic World" is the third in a series of blockbusters for

star Chris Pratt, who also starred in the 2014 box office hits "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie." This is also likely not the last "Jurassic" film audiences will see. Pratt has stated in interviews that he has signed on for future installments. But right now, Universal is focusing on what's in theaters.w


CLUES DOWN 1. Defensive nuclear weapon 2. ___ Lanka, country 3. Play on words jokes 4. Finger click 5. Repeating 6. Toddler 7. Article 8. Women’s __ movement 9. Promises to pay 10. A ball of yarn or thread 12. Towards the mouth or oral region 13. Fatuous 16. Old Irish alphabets 17. Slang for trucks with trailers 20. Defy 22. Dear husband (abbr.) 25. A blood group 26. Make lacework 28. Golf ball support 30. Having a particular scientific skill

31. Chit 34. Head louse egg 36. Pomace 37. West Indian sorcery cult 38. A. Hutton drew this Br. comic 40. Popular 1950’s hairstyle 43. A unit of girl or boy scouts 45. 3.6% of the earth’s crust 48. Drug agent (slang) 50. Supplemented with difficulty 51. Self-immolation by fire ritual 53. Br. slang for donkey 54. Supervisor 56. Of she 57. Research doctorate in law 58. Took possession 59. Point midway between NE and E 61. Care giver degree


sudoku It’s Good for Your Eyes! Find puzzle answers in Classifieds







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CLUES ACROSS 1. Cleopatra’s vipers 5. Slanted printing style 11. DWTS’ Italian judge 14. Slender tower with balconies 15. __ Aires 18. Practice fight 19. Forged using a metal bending block 21. Male parent 23. National Asset Mgmt. Agency 24. Not this 27. Middle East chieftain 28. 7th tone 29. A role of insulation 32. Midway between S and SE 33. The longest division of geological time 35. Oolong, green or Earl Grey 36. Disorderly crowd 39. Children’s author Blyton 41. A radio band 42. Assist in some wrongdoing 44. Measures speed of rotation (abbr.) 46. Bring up children 47. Mitt’s spouse 49. Light, narrow paddle boats 52. Unstressed-stressed 55. Oriental water pipe 57. Miser 60. “The Hobbit” director 62. Traditional German frock 63. This (Spanish)

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Washer and Dryer

Announcements For Your Information

Kenmore Elite Oasis. $250 for both. White, New condition. 912-682-1919


Pets & Animals

for other counties online


Free to good home

Items for Sale

Kittens, 6 to 8 weeks old, Call 912-536-9040.


Fresh Produce

Shelled butter beans, peas, (8lb bags), peaches, green peanuts, squash, tomatoes. Mostly local and Georgia grown. Open 9-7 6 day a week. L&D Produce 231 East Main St. Statesboro. 912-764-6512. General Merchandise

Fresh Pine Straw Bales

Cypress natural, red, black & brown colored Mulch. Selling by cubic yard. Bulk, River rock, sand, potting soil and aggregates. Deliver. 912-601-7073 22204 Hwy 80 E Statesboro,30461

Think Adoption First! Spay and Neuter!

Professional Interior Painting, Handyman & Yard Maintenance 5 years experience Free Estimates Guaranteed Satisfaction “Bring Color to your home”


Lazyboy Sofa

New condition. Beige, 2 power recliners on each end. $900 obo. 912-764-8712

Orek XL classic vacuum cleaner $100

15 Dual granite vanity

portable dry vacuum $50 Call 912-682-6125.

sinks $20/each or $150 takes all. 912-823-3537 or 912-663-6237.


Best prices and service in the ‘Boro Call 912-541-2809

Buy/Sale $2.80. Free delivery with 50/bales or more. We spread, $1.00. Clean flower beds. 912-512-8946

Don’t Breed or Buy While Homeless Pets Die

OVERSTOCK SALE: 2 for $1.00 deals throughout the store. Worn Threads @ Outreach Center, 515 Denmark St. M/W/F(10-2), Tue/Sat(10-12), Thu(2-4).  912-489-5204.

You pick. 2.50/lb. Marshall’s Farm. U.S. Hwy 80 East, Statesboro. ½/mile east of Tear Down Mobile Lowe’s. Behind Wise home Nursery. Enter 125 Sandy Need to Tear down Mobile Way. Closed Sundays. Home. Will negotiate the price. 912-601-2338. Call 619-609-9035.

Adopt@countyshelter 912-764-4529,,

@912-681-9393 Low-cost spay/neuter, free transport: SNAC 843-645-2500

Simply Southern Kennel has Yorkies, tiny Chihuahua’s, Shihtzus Poodles, miniature Dachshunds, and other breeds available

Call 912-536-2726

Services Business Services


Professional Service with a Personal Touch Residential & Commercial Insured and Bonded

MOVE BUDDIES is Your #1 Choice for Local and Statewide Moving Services.

Call 912-208-5001 Visit:

Computer Services


This Months Special Full Tune Up! $75

Windows 10 preparation included free Parts for less! I will come to you!!


Schools and Instruction

Children’s Summer Camp

Statesboro, Pre-K thru 8th grade. Math/science/reading. Computer games instruction. Free snacks, field trips, picnic. June 15th-25th. 10am-1pm 912-764-9282 813-909-6067.

SELL THOSE unwanted items in the Statesboro Herald Classifieds. Call 489-9455.*

Linda Gail

3p-11p, 11p-7a Fulltime & Part-time Apply in person at 405 South College Street Statesboro, GA 30458 Visit us at: EOE/M/F/D/V Drug Free Workplace COMMERCIAL LINES ACCOUNT MANAGER Needed for fast paced agency in Statesboro. Experience is a Must. P&C License Preferred.   Please forward resume to or fax to 912-489-3716.


AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA is seeking applicants for a Loan Assistant position in the Statesboro, GA location. Four years experience in a banking, law, or accounting environment is preferred. An Associate Degree is desirable, but not required. Duties include, but are not limited to, providing excellent customer service and support to lending staff in loan underwriting, document preparation, loan accounting and loan servicing. Applicants must possess strong communication, organizational, accounting, and computer skills. AA/EOE. Salary and grade are commensurate with education and experience. Visit to submit your resume and application.

Keyboard player needed

Local band performs music from th e20’s80’s. Music reading important. Most music from lead sheets. Playing venues including, assisted living facilities, civic & church groups & private parties. Practice Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm at local home. Contact band manager: phone 912-536-1445

DaVita Dialysis – We Give Life! We are looking for RN’s Free Estimates. References. and PCT’s to provide service excellence for our dialysis patients. We are hosting a Career Fair June 25, 2015 from Jobs 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at our Employment Wanted Statesboro Clinic. Or visit us LOW VOLTAGE TECHNICIAN: Experienced Low Voltage Tech online: needed. You must have truck/ Carpenter Specialist tools. Top Tech in 2014 made If you need any work done in $135K. Please send resume for Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, more info to: Delivery Truck framing, flooring or painting. Driver Wanted Call Leroy White. 541-1260.*

Delivers merchandise to Do you need stores within a designated route. Clean driving record a Clean home! Call Judy: Reasonable rates, 20 for past 3/years required. years experience. Dependable, Must be at least 21/years mature and reliable. References old. Some heavy lifting available. Call 912-334-2423. required. Requires passing background investigation of Summer work history and criminal I will de-clutter your home, check, drug test and D.O.T. sort items, purge excess, coordinate, pack, rearrange, physical. Full-time position. Resume: organize space, decorate, Delivery Driver Job Search make home efficient, funcStatesboro Herald tional, & aesthetically pleasPO Box 888 c/o G522 ing. $20/hr. 706-526-8906 Statesboro, GA 30459 or email to Help Wanted

Agent Needed

for Evans County area. No experience. Salary+ commission,full benefits, bonuses,, 401k. Emory Yant 912-398-9805.

Cool Deals are in the Statesboro Herald Classifieds*

Drivers: Need a Change? More hometime this Summer? 60K+ Per Year. Full Benefit Package + Bonuses. CDL-A 1 Yr. Exp. 855-454-0392

Optim Medical Center

is seeking a full-time Registered Nurse for our Screven/Jenkins location. For more details and to apply, please visit

Optim Medical Center

is seeking a full-time RN|Room Circulator for our Screven/Jenkins location. For more details and to apply, please visit

THIS PAPER attempts to exercise diligence in the acceptance of all ads submitted as Help Wanted & Business Opportunities. REMEMBER: To check Because of the volume of ads submitted of this type, with The Bulloch we suggest that you invesCounty Animal Shelter, tigate thoroughly any 301 North. If you have advertisements that solicit to responding lost a pet. 764–4529.* money prior to the ad.*

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Immediate opportunities 7a-7p, 7p-7a 3 Fulltime RNs 1 Fulltime LPN 1 Part-time LPN 2 PRN LPN or RN Apply in person at 405 South College Street Statesboro, GA 30458 Visit us at: EOE/M/F/D/V Drug Free Workplace

Real Estate Homes For Sale

103 Gentilly Dr

Public Works Department Parks & Trees Division Groundskeeper $10.90/hr + Competitive Benefits. Apply Online @ Equal Opportunity Employer

$69,000 brick. 3 bedroom, 1½ bath 912-682-7468

By Owner

3 bedroom, 2 bath house with 30x30 metal building, 148 acres. Great hunting! Safe and peaceful. Convenient to I-16. 912-852-5241 or Land/Lots For Sale

Bulloch County 5/acres

Truck Driver Needed

Must have CDL license, clean MVR. Will train right person. Good pay and benefits. Apply at Kennedy Concrete Statesboro.

6/miles from Statesboro. Nevils, SEB school district. $29,500. Owner will finance. $1,000 down. 6% interest. 912-682-4903

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This Apartment is for you! Statesboro

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MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT 2/3 Bedrms, 2/Baths Springfield includes: water, sewer, sanitation,yard maint. Central/HVAC, Rincon includes: Central/HVAC, yard maint. Starting at $600.00 912-210-2562

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Advanced Media Solutions – Southeast GA Region

Job Description: The Regional Digital Sales Specialist will work with Digital Execs and media partner management to grow Digital Media Revenue by helping local businesses grow their sales. This is a new business “Hunter” position with approximately 80% of the time spent outside the office making sales calls to prospective digital clients.   Available tools will be a variety of local media products as well as new Digital Agency Services.  These may include display advertising, email target marketing, mobile geo fencing, mobile text campaigns, video, reputation management, display ad retargeting, social media management and others. The Regional Digital Sales Specialist is a full time corporate position, reporting to the Director of Strategic Services.   Local travel required on a frequent basis. Job Responsibilities: · Provide needs-based, customer-responsive digital solutions to clients · Grow Digital Media revenue for media partners · Meet/exceed regional digital sales goals · Make frequent but focused sales calls to business decisionmakers · Complete sales reports as required for client calls · Complete orders / reports to implement Digital media campaigns · Conduct Sales follow-ups with clients to insure satisfaction, results · Educate / train media partners in using Digital Media · Assist media partner digital execs on “4-legged calls” · Coordinate work schedule to insure maximum time efficiency · Comply with established credit / customer payment guidelines · Insure good working relationships with both media partners and clients · Other duties as outlined by corporate management Qualifications · 2+ years successful Digital Media sales experience · Strong on ability to work as goal-oriented sales team leader · Ability to manage business relationships across multiple channels · Excellent written and oral communication skills · Ability to think creatively, offering new and innovative solutions · Strong organizational and time management skills · Flexibility to work in a rapidly changing digital environment · Self-motivated and ability to work well in meeting goals, deadlines · Results oriented with attention to detail · Proficient in Excel, Word and PPT · Google AdWords certification helpful  · Technical skills a big plus, including basic knowledge of HTML · In-House digital sales team management experience useful We offer · Innovative and rewarding team work environment · Competitive base salary plus commission and target bonuses · Comprehensive benefits package Applications Submit resume, cover letter, salary requirements, earnings goals and any additional related material to Randy Morton, Advanced Media Solutions, #1 proctor Street, Statesboro, GA 30458.  Email randy@morrismultimedia. com.   Applicants selected for interview will be based on information submitted.  No phone calls, please.

NEW !! Spacious

$149,500 Three bedroom/2bath home. renovated, 2150 heated sq.ft.w/, Large front porch, large screened porch/grilling deck, 2 car garage. 1.5 acre. 912-852-2147, 912-531-6348.

Duplex Statesboro Now Leasing for Fall Cypress Crossing. 3 bedroom, 2 & 3 bath. 912-536-3870 .

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Quiet Living

1 bedroom unfurnished or

4 bedroom 3/bath

house, in Statesboro. Master has bath, walk-in closet. Near GSU, great neighborhood. $925/month 912-531-4910 leave message.

College Walk Apartments New Owners Now Leasing for FALL!!! All-inclusive apartments! Best Rates! 1,2,3&4 bedrooms! Includes: Electricity, Water, Cable, and New High-Speed Internet. Starting at $495. (912)681-2437

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10 miles from town, Hwy 25 North,. 5 acres, 2500sqft 4bedroom, 3 bath brick home. Large animals allowed. $1250/month + deposit. 912-536-6917.

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3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home, 2 car carport, hardwood floors throughout, $750 per month + deposit. Call 478-494-0844

TO PLACE your Adult and Childcare ad for $10.20. on line at our website or call 912489-9455 *

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with 55lb thrust trolling motor with galvanized trailer $1400. 912-823-3537 912-663-6237

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Studio Furnished Conveniently located near Statesboro Mall . Visit or call Mill Run 912-489-8402

Automotive Cars/Trucks/Vans

1988 Rolls Royce

4 New tires, $7000 break alignment, New paint, Tinted windows. $24,000 obo. Can be seen by appointment. 310 Pinewood Dr. Call Tal Callaway at 912-682-5260.

Boats & Accessories Boats for Sale

99 Grady White Gulfstream 232

Twin Yamaha 150 HP motors 212 Hours, kept in dry storage. Spacious cabin sleeps 2. Plenty of fishing space. VHF radio and Furuno Fish Finder Included. Hard top with full enclosures. Swim platform with ladder. Deep-V hull for a smooth ride. Dual windshield wipers. Trim tabs. Livewell. Fresh and Raw Water Washdown. Trailer included. 229-403-9513



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Check out our Statesboro Store (across from the fair grounds)

17067 Hwy 67 Statesboro 912-681-7766

• Corsets • Hosiery • Shoes • Hookahs

• Club Wear • Lingerie • Novelties • Supplements

Mon - Wed: 10am-10pm • Thurs: 10am-12am • Fri - Sat: 10am-1am • Sun: 12pm-8pm

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For more information contact Stephanie Childs 912.531.0786

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Holli Deal Saxon BABY'S DAY OUT — A North College Street business owner called police when an unusual customer walked in: a nude toddler. The child was not accompanied by anyone, and police learned the child had been left with his 82-year-old disabled grandmother on Church Street. Police notified social workers of the incident. STEALING WOOD — From Boy Scouts, no less! An East Main Street woman told police her boyfriend stole firewood from the Boy Scouts of America property, built a fire, was drinking and became angry. He threatened harm to her and others in the home. Police located and arrested the man. KNIFE FIGHT — Warrants are

being issued for two men who fought outside Renaissance Apartments Tuesday. Police reports listed the incident as aggravated assault with a knife and indicated a person was injured, but reports failed to list details of the injury. ROBBERY AND STALKING — A woman said two armed men entered her Cambridge-at-Southern apartment Saturday and demanded her wallet. The men held her and another victim at gunpoint while they searched her apartment. Police are investigating a separate incident at the apartments, with other people involved. A man reported finding his ex-girlfriend outside his apartment, allegedly stalking him, in the bushes.w


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$ 95

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