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Eugenia Last LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) — Plan to have some fun today.

If you have been taking life too seriously, now is the time to spice things up. Avoid individuals who tend to be argumentative or negative.

VIRGO (Aug. 23– Sept. 22) — You can achieve

good results if you network or combine business and pleasure. An unexpected proposal will lead to an exciting new opportunity. Stand tall and exude confidence.

LIBRA (Sept. 23– Oct. 23) — Work on your

to-do list and fix-it projects that are long overdue. Follow directions and don't scrimp on detail.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22– Jan. 19) — Community activ-

ities will allow you the chance to hone your leadership skills. By participating in local events, you will increase the likelihood of meeting someone who shares your concerns. friends carefully. Someone you know quite well will purposely get you into trouble. Don't blame others for your shortcomings. You need to take responsibility for your actions.

PISCES (Feb. 20– March 20) — A career event

SCORPIO (Oct. 24– Nov. 22) — Don't try to put

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23– Dec. 21) — Play to win, but

take-charge attitude that will win you favor with friends and family. Your communication skills will help you defuse an issue with an opponent.

looks, you will improve your self-esteem. Use your newfound confidence to your advantage, and plan a good time with a friend or lover.w

ARIES (March 21– April 19) — You have a

TAURUS (April 20– May 20) — You will get

quality results if you are a good listener and have the patience to

Holli Deal Saxon UNWANTED ATTENTION — A Dyches Road woman called sheriff’s deputies when her landlord, angry because she told him to stop flirting with her, threatened to cut her water off. She said he made sexually inappropriate remarks and sent unwanted texts as well as unannounced inspection visits.


Apartments woman was arrested after throwing a can of salmon at her husband. The man showed police where the can was “embedded” in the wall.


Road woman told deputies a man, angry about her Facebook page, slapped her face and pulled out her hair weave. UNBEARABLE — A Georgia Villas woman told police a man ripped a teddy bear he had given her after finding her with another man.


man was caught at J.C. Penney and arrested for felony shoplifting. He had $257 worth of clothing from The Sir Shop, $10 worth of food, an $8 magazine, $40 worth of pest control items, $4 worth of hygiene and medical items from Wal-Mart, $326 worth of health products from GNC and $257 worth of decorative items from The Hen House.w

“Your health when you need it!” All Walk-Ins Welcome!

~ Patients typically seen in 30 minutes or less ~ Most insurance accepted including ~ Ages 6 months - adult Medicare and Tricare ~ Convenient Extended and weekend hours ~ On site x-ray / in-house labs AppleCare Immediate Care clinic makes an ideal primary care facility for you and your family.

• Colds • Flu • Sinus infection • Ear ache • Vaccines and shots • Asthma • Diabetes • Women’ s health care • Pap smears/Pregnancy Test • Physical examination • Back to school physicals • Sports physicals • CDL physicals • Instant urine drug screens • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea • Bladder infections • Treatment for sexually transmitted infections

• Treatment for boils and abscess • Hemorrhoids

• • • • • • • • • • •

Fractures, broken bones Burns Cuts and stitches Sprains Pains Rash Allergic reactions Animal bites and insect stings Fever Breathing problems Heartburn

• Pre-employment physicals (DOT/non-DOT)

948 South Main Street • Baxley, GA 31513

903 West Ward Street • Douglas, GA 31533


stick to the rules. Visit someone you haven't seen in a while. You can gain a new perspective from discussions with a distant relative or friend.

the chance to meddle in your affairs. Keep your personal life private. You will meet someone interesting


CANCER (June 21– July 22) — By enhancing your

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20– Feb. 19) — Choose your

will enable you to make some promising connections. Things are looking up in your personal life. Make plans with a special someone.

on a brave front. Let your family in on what has been worrying you. They will be able to help clarify and deal with any perplexing situations.

GEMINI (May 21– June 20) — Don't give anyone

while working on an exciting and novel project.

Connect Statesboro

let others carry the conversation. Attempting to dominate matters will alienate you from your peers.

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