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The Challenge of Making a Commitment 4 Is an Age Difference an Obstacle? 6 Enjoying Activities Together 9


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The Secret to Being a Happy Couple 10 20 Essentials for a Successful Wedding 12

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Bridezilla Be Gone 14 Choose the Perfect Hairdo to Match Your Perfect Day 16


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The Challenge of Making a Commitment Making a commitment is an act of love. 4 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

In what seems to be an era of disposable relationships, commitment has become a real challenge for some couples. Is it because our society now allows for individual choice, and all the pressures of social convention are gone? With the social and technological developments we have undergone in the last half-century, individuals have more say in their fates, especially when it comes to their love lives. These days, we have the freedom to enter into and quit serious relationships several times during our lifetimes; women are financially independent and can choose from a multitude of partners; we can choose to have children or not. Yet, despite these freedoms, many men and women are not able to form stable relationships or to be happy in such a context. A loving relationship has to be allowed to evolve, from passion to intimacy to true commitment. Freely committing to another person is a great act of love. In fact, studies confirm that it is the commitment that makes happiness possible. The dictionary definition of commitment speaks about loyalty. A commitment is a promise to be loyal, and a willingness to invest your time and energy in something that you believe in. But is a commitment made to someone you love more than that? The answer is yes. It

is the decision of two people to invest in their relationship and work toward intimacy. To succeed, such an effort requires agreement from both partners. They can practice their commitment every day by being attentive and listening to their partner, devoting time to him or her, being open to intimacy, working on a project together, agreeing to settle conflicts, and in trying to find solutions that work for both individuals. Commitment doesn’t only begin once the couple is married or when some kind of threat to the relationship becomes apparent; commitment is a daily practice. The constant efforts of both partners are what keep a loving relationship alive, strong, and deeply rewarding on the long term.

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Is an Age Difference an Obstacle? An age gap between two partners tends to become more pronounced as the years pass. 6 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

Relationships in which there is a significant age difference between partners often encounter prejudice—“She must be after his money”; “Does he think a younger woman will keep him from getting old?”; “How can he find an older woman attractive?”; “He’s young and healthy, he’ll definitely cheat on her.”

Can such obstacles be overcome? Of course, true love can cross an age gap. But an

older man or woman does not necessarily have relationship maturity. According to relationship experts, the challenge of an age gap can be considerable; even if the age difference isn’t really noticed by the couple at the beginning of the relationship, it tends to become more marked as the years go by. The gap between an older and younger partner can become insurmountable when one of them starts a new phase in their life. One may want to go out more, while the other prefers to relax at home; one may want children, while the other already has some and doesn’t want to start a new family. One may no longer satisfy the sexual desires of the other, or he or she may feel physically limited as health problems set in. Despite all this, a couple living with a significant age difference is not necessarily doomed to failure. To maximize the chances of success over the long term, the two partners are better off coming from the same socioeconomic class, having the same level of education, sharing the same values, and having common objectives. To all this, of course, should be added the sharing of lots of love, understanding, and communication.

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It is to a couple’s advantage to find common areas of interest.

Enjoying Activities Together It’s true that living as a couple doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment with one other. Everyone needs time alone, and a chance to hang out with friends. But it is still to a couple’s advantage to find common areas of interest. If not, the time spent away from each other is in danger of multiplying. The idea is to aim for balance. Generally, happy couples find a way to spend time with friends and they find time to do something together. These moments reinforce the partnership and inspire intimate moments. • Seek out cultural activities to enjoy together. Going to a show, movie, play, or museum gives a couple a platform for the sharing of opinions and feelings. Emotion-filled moments spent together bring people closer. • Share a gourmet meal. The epicurean couple can really find something to talk about over a delicious foody experience. Try a brand new

restaurant or go for an espresso in a pretty bistro and enjoy the stimulating discussions that ensue. It’s such a great pleasure to talk about things that have nothing to do with daily life! • Create some relaxing moments together. It is highly beneficial for couples to spend a few hours together in a relaxing environment. Visit a spa or hotel where you can enjoy various relaxing treatments (massage, mud bath, steam bath, or a sauna); getting away even for an evening is a wonderful source of relaxation and well-being for a couple. • Do a sport or physical activity together. Make some time to get out and appreciate the scenery as you walk, skate, or cycle together. The chitchat will flow easily while you’re busy moving. Hikes in the mountains or close to a lake or river can be particularly inspiring.

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The Secret to Being a Happy Couple

A loving relationship requires effort and compromise. 1 0 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

• Be playful and surprise each other. Dare to have fun and laugh often with your loved one; it brings vital energy to the couple. Ask each other questions that lead to constructive and creative discussions—“What are your dreams today?” “What would your life be like if you had never met me?” • Focus on quality interactions rather than quantity. This is true for conversation, and is even truer for your sex life. A truly intimate moment together counts much more than frequent but unsatisfactory lovemaking sessions.

Sure, being in love can mean sharing wonderful moments, feeling loved by your partner, and starting a family together. But being happily in love is not always easy; a loving relationship requires effort and compromise. Some couples play their cards right, and some don’t. So, how does one stay happily in love through all the turmoil of family life—children, work, finances, in-laws? How can you make your union last? Relationship experts say there are a few key things individuals can do to help their relationships stay on track. • Communicate your love and be honest. Think about the love you feel for your partner; ask yourself what it is about him or her that appeals to you, then talk about it. Staying positive is a boon, and a relationship grounded in gratitude is a good base for dealing with conflict later on. •Be trusting. Trust yourself and your partner. Lack of trust stifles relationships. Mutual trust gives you both some breathing space. Even though you are part of a couple, you are still a living, breathing individual.

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20 Essentials for a Successful Wedding • Guest List • Invitations • Wedding Planner • Groomsmen and Bridesmaids • Celebrant • Location of Ceremony • Reception Venue • Flowers • Rental Equipment • Gift Registry • Music and Entertainment • Photographer • Cameraman • The Cake • Wedding Favors • Transportation • Rings • The Groom's Suit • The Bride's Outfit • Hair and Makeup

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Bridezilla Be Gone Dodge drama and stay sane for the big day

Bride-to-be, are you struggling to keep your cool as you plan for your rapidly approaching big day? If so, take a look at the top five potential sources of wedding-day drama and our tips to on how to deal. Potential drama source #1: the planning
It is completely normal to want everything to be perfect for what may be the happiest day of your life. But there’s a difference between irritable at times and disagreeable all the time! Our tip: If you can afford to hire a wedding planner, drop everything and do so right away before skipping to #2. Otherwise, start early—as in, not the month before D-day. Make an exhaustive to-do list and be willing to delegate some tasks to people you trust—but stand your ground and don’t let anyone else take control of your day. Potential drama source #2: the dress You’ve always dreamed of a fairy-tale ball gown with all the trimmings, but a look in the fitting room mirror reveals the cold, hard truth: you could be mistaken for the wedding cake. Our tip: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and trust the advice given by trained boutique staff—it’s their job to make you

1 4 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

look and feel great, after all. When it comes to dresses for your bridal party, just remember the cautionary scene in Bridesmaids. To avoid having your BFFs wish they’d never met you, let them choose a style that suits both their silhouette and their budget. You have final say on the color, though! Potential drama source #3: the other half 
Ever since you announced your engagement you’ve been sending out rather mixed messages. You want your fiancé to add his touch to the wedding, but you keep shooting down his ideas. You won’t stop saying that all that matters is to have fun on the big day, but keep reminding your soon-to-be husband that his buddies better be on their best behavior—or else. Our tip: Instead of wasting precious time and energy on bickering, take a deep breath and remember that a wedding involves two people. The big day should be a reflection of you as a couple (of which you’re both equal parts). Potential drama source #4: social media 
Are you a tad obsessed with turning your online followers green with envy at the sight of your pictureperfect wedding posts?

Our tip: It takes more than a vintage filter (or four) to achieve professional-worthy results to share on your feed. It also takes more than a DSLR camera to be a wedding photographer, so do your homework and hire someone worthy of the title. And about those DIY decorations that bloggers and magazine writers always advertise as “super-easy to make”: run a few trial sessions with some of your artistically gifted friends, and refrain from angrily ripping up your creation because it’s not identical the Pinterest post you were trying to emulate. Not everyone is an artsand-crafts wizard—you can hire a decorator, you know. Potential drama source #5: your mirror 
The thought of waking up on your wedding day with

a huge zit (or a cold sore, or a sunburn, or massive dark circles or a creepy third eye) might keep you up at night, but these things do happen (well, most of them anyway). Our tip: To avoid feeling like you should keep your veil on all day (or worse, take flight à la Runaway Bride), have your beauty team—hair whisperer, makeup queen et al.—by your side to doll you up before you walk down the aisle. And don’t sweat the small stuff! No blemish in the world is big enough to steal your thunder. You’ll see—your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful. You know why? Because it’ll be yours. And, most of all, because you’ll have successfully preserved both your loved ones’ sanity and your own—that’s what we’d call a happy ending.

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Choose the Perfect Hairdo to Match Your Perfect Day 1 6 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

A wedding day that’s also a bad hair day is one of the million preoccupations of most brides-to-be. Choosing how you’ll wear your hair on the big day is no easy task, either. Here are some tips for picking the perfect ‘do for saying “I do”. Make an appointment with your stylist for a hairdressing test (or several) at least a month before the big day. To prepare for your appointment, browse through magazines or search online for inspiration. Make sure you have a good grasp on your likes and dislikes when it comes to your hair. Be ready to clearly and accurately express your preferences, expectations, and even your worries to your stylist. A good stylist will help you find a style that’s suited to your personality and physical features. He or she will consider several factors to create the most flattering of ‘dos, including: • Your personal style • Your dress • Your face shape • Your hair type • When and where your wedding will take place When the big day finally arrives, remember to bring your dress and your veil with you to your hair appointment so you can get a clear picture of your final look. Bring some friends along, and don’t forget your camera to immortalize the affair!

When only the best will do...

Make sure your wedding hairdo is everything you want it be

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Much more than an ordinary ring

Wedding Bands are all About Love and Personality 1 8 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

Much more than just an ordinary ring, a wedding band is the concrete sign of your marital status. It is also a symbol of the romantic union between you and your soul mate. Not long ago, a future bride and groom would have chosen a simple ring to mark this new stage in their lives. Today, wedding bands are made in the image of the couple and of their era, coming in original shapes and colors. A wedding band should reflect your personality, since it will likely stay on your ring finger for the rest of your life. Choosing the right one can present quite a challenge and is a good reason why current fashion or impulse should never rule over personal preference. Wedding bands are now available in yellow, white,

or pink gold. There are no longer any set rules for these rings, and more and more bands are set with precious stones. Future brides used to avoid sapphires, rubies, and emeralds but these stones are now very much appreciated by those who like the idea of a color to match their personality. Just remember that overly large stones should be avoided; a wedding band should always be elegant and fairly discreet. Rubies are particularly popular with couples. These precious stones are much rarer than diamonds and symbolize love, warmth, and vitality. The sparkle of the fiery color also symbolizes the beating of the human heart. Diamonds and rubies mounted together on a wedding ring represent the perfect mix of fire and ice.


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Traditional or extravagant, stay true to your style

Guidelines for Choosing Your Bridal Veil 2 0 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

The traditional bridal veil just might be the most archetypal wedding accessory—which is why picking out this special ornament takes time and thought. Follow these three tips to find the one that will suit you perfectly. 1. Aim for balance If your heart is set on an extravagant dress, opt for a subdued and sophisticated veil that won’t outshine your splendid gown. A model with plain satin edging is a safe bet. If, on the other hand, your dress is on the more classic side, feel free to add a touch of sparkle with some crystals, pearls or other trimmings. 2. Play with length Veils come in a number of lengths, from the coquettish birdcage to the majestic train. Every bride can find a version that will complement her dress flawlessly. Don’t be shy about trying on the various models available in your region’s bridal shops. 3. Stay true to your style Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a thrill-seeking rebel, choose a veil that showcases your unique personality. You can also select one-of-a-kind accessories (flowers, jewelry, nails) to create a look that’s one hundred per cent yours. If you’re still unsure what veil to choose, swing by your local bridal shop and take advantage of a professional salesperson’s experienced eye. He or she will help you find your dream veil in a jiffy!


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Engagement Announcement Charge for placement: $5000

Please print clearly. Mr. & Mrs. _________________________________ of _____________________ announce the engagement of their daughter, _____________________________ of _____________________ to _______________________________________, son of Mr. & Mrs. __________________________________________________. The bride-elect is the granddaughter of _________________________________. She is the great-granddaughter of _____________________________________. List education, employment and other, if desired: ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ The groom-elect is the grandson of __________________________________________________________. He is the great-grandson of ________________________________________________________________. List education, employment and other, if desired: ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ The couple has planned to wed on: Date _____________ Time:______________ Place: _______________ Do you want the announcement to read “No local invitations will be sent; friends and relatives are invited�? (YES) (NO) Please include your name, address and daytime phone numbers so we may reach you with any questions: Name: _____________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Daytime phone(s): ___________________________ Please complete this form and return to the Statesboro Herald office, or mail to: The Statesboro Herald, P.O. Box 888, Statesboro, GA 30459. Announcements may also be e-mailed to as long as this form is used as a guide for the information submitted. If you have any questions, call (912) 489-9400 or (888)764-9031. Photographs, color or black & white, are included in the cost. Photos should be at least 4 inches wide for best print quality. If e-mailed, photos should be in .jpg format. NOTE: Photos should be picked up as soon as possible.

When the moment really matters... 2 2 B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7

Wedding Announcement Charge for placement: $5000 Please print clearly. Name of bride and groom, residence: ______________________________________ Bride’s parents and town of residence: _____________________________________ Bride’s grandparents:___________________________________________________ Bride’s great-grandparents:______________________________________________ Groom’s parents and town of residence:____________________________________ Groom’s grandparents:__________________________________________________ Groom’s great-grandparents:_____________________________________________ Ceremony information: Date:__________________ Time:______________ Location:__________________ Who officiated: _________________________________ Bride given in marriage by:______________________________________________ Description of bride’s attire:______________________________________________ Maid/Matron of Honor:__________________________________________________ Bridesmaids:_____________________________________________________________________________ Flower girl:____________________________________ Ring bearer:________________________________ Groom’s best man:_____________________________________________________ Groomsmen/Ushers:_______________________________________________________________________ Reception (location, hosts, servers):__________________________________________________________ Honeymoon:_____________________________________________________________________________ Couple’s permanent address:________________________________________________________________ Please include your name, address and daytime phone numbers so we may reach you with any questions: Name: _____________________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Daytime phone(s): ___________________________ Please complete this form and return to the Statesboro Herald office, or mail to: The Statesboro Herald, P.O. Box 888, Statesboro, GA 30459. Announcements may also be e-mailed to as long as this form is used as a guide for the information submitted. If you have any questions, call (912) 489-9400 or (888)764-9031. Photographs, color or black & white, are included in the cost. Photos should be at least 4 inches wide for best print quality. If e-mailed, photos should be in .jpg format. NOTE: Photos should be picked up as soon as possible. B r i d e ' s Guide 2 0 1 7 2 3

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