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AUG. 10 – AUG. 16, 2016

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3 Linsay Cheney Rudd

Volume 11 • No. 16 • August 10, 2016

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LIVE THE (STUDENT) LIFE Georgia Southern offers an abundance of helpful information on the Web, but to keep it simple, here are some of the most important ones. GSU’s master calendar (calendar. includes listings of all the essential academic dates to remember, as well as details on student activities, sporting events, special performances and other university-sponsored happenings. Also, the university’s Campus Life website ( provides links to all the information you need to know about how to get involved with student organizations and extracurricular activities, opportunities to volunteer, Greek life, multicultural affairs and student government. This site also provides helpful information on campus services and university facilities. TAKE IN THE SIGHTS


To be such a cozy-feeling community, the Boro offers some really impressive attractions and activities that just ooze big-city appeal. If you’re

into the art scene, check out what’s happening at the Averitt Center for the Arts (, located in the historic heart of downtown Statesboro. There, you’ll find a guide to upcoming exhibits, productions and community-wide activities. On campus, GSU’s Performing Arts Center (academics. georgiasouthern. edu/pac/) and the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (class.georgiasouthern. edu/art/) both serve as informational meccas for Statesboro’s art junkies. Other on-campus gems include the Botanic Garden at GSU (, the Center for Wildlife Education and the Lamar Q. Ball, Jr. Raptor Center (academics.georgiasouthern. edu/wildlife/) and the Georgia Southern Museum ( One more website to add to the list is that of the Statesboro Recreation Department (, which also includes a link to one of Statesboro’s favorite attractions, Splash in the Boro ( GET A JOB To help get you started on the right path to a successful career, Georgia Southern’s Office of Career Services (students.georgiasouthern. edu/career/) is there for you. Browse a continuously updated list of available jobs and internships through the website’s database, Eagle Career Net, and post your resume and cover letter, sign up for on-campus interviews and find information on career fairs. While you’re there, you also can find helpful tips for choosing a major, refining your resume and cover letter

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Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016

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Regardless of whether you’re a longtime resident or a Statesboro newcomer, you already know the internet can serve as an invaluable tool for keeping up with what’s going on around town. This little feature is an oldy but a goody: a list of websites that you’re likely to visit most often during your time here in Statesboro. Sure, you could take on the burden of Google sleuthing yourself, or you could keep this article (or bookmark it in your web browser — whoa, dream big) and save a lot of time you’d otherwise spend staring at the computer screen. Here are a few online resources you’ll definitely want to bookmark.

Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016


No free tuition? There are other options

#liveatthebeach Rates starting at

$299 per room! Best Apartment Complex 710 Georgia ave, Statesboro, GA 30458

Mention this ad for a waived application fee

(912) 373-8118

Ah, August — the impending Some of these amenities are rush of the school year, the likely also provided through the return of the students, the resurschool's recreation center; the gence in the entertainment comrest are completely superfluous munity. It's always a bittersweet and come out of students' time for me here at Connect: housing fees. While this sounds I'll miss the peace and quiet of like the lap of luxury, you reconStatesboro with half its popusider when you look at the price lation missing, but I'm glad the tag, especially at some schools bands and other performances where on-campus housing is Brittani Howell limited or, worse, mandatory, will be starting up again to give us some fun stuff to write about. and you have no cheaper As we always do this time of year, our options to pursue. Speaking of mandatory on-campus issue of Connect includes a few helpful back-to-school features: a guide to useful housing contracts, have we talked about websites to help keep you plugged in mandatory meal plans? My alma mater locally, a breakdown of your local coffee required freshmen and sophomores to shops, a season preview of each of the spend their first two years on campus, locking them into both housing conlocal theatrical venues, and a binge guide tracts and meal plans. The meal plan for that handy HBO GO feature that came out to eight dollars per meal. For comes with on-campus student housing perspective: I recently spent eight dollars at GSU. As far as actual stories go, we've on a rotisserie chicken and vegetables. also included a piece by our sydicate, I got six full meals out of that. I underDeseret News, about how the escalating stand why the meal plans cost what they price of tuition is driving some students do, but if a student has to take out a loan to seek assistance just in getting food to to cover something they are being forced eat. This time of year always gets me to use, they are practically throwing away money they will be forced to repay with thinking about college tuition and the interest. ongoing debt situation that students Shall we touch on the corrupt and graduates face. There are so many textbook industry? Or better yet, the statistics out there, but the one in front salaries of top-ranking college officials? of me right now is from a TIME article The president of Georgia Tech makes from January: "This year, more than twoover $1 million per year; former GSU thirds of college graduates graduated president Dr. Brooks Keel's annual salary with debt, and their average debt at gradat Augusta University is $779,500. That's uation was about $35,000, tripling in two almost twice as much as the president of decades." The debt crisis entered the political the United States, and that's not a rarity among university presidents. Regardless discussion this election season when of where that money is coming from, it Bernie Sanders brought it to the forebaffles me that any educator would not front of his campaign, and since then re-allocate those funds, taking a more I've heard plenty of scoffing against the modest salary to give their students a idea of free tuition for everyone. My break. Don't get me started on coaches' personal stance is that I don't see why salaries or the burden of college sports. we shouldn't have what other countries So sure — if people are going to have had for years, but I get completely throw a fit about how we can't have free dumbfounded when people flat-out college for everyone, fine. But there are refuse to acknowledge that there is a plenty of things universities could scale problem when it comes to the cost of back on or cut outright to knock this tuition and won't think of solutions to staggering debt down a peg for future lower it. generations of students. Because I can think of plenty of ways to scale back costs. How about unnecessary amenities? There are schools Brittani Howell is the editor of Connect Statesboro. If you'd like to reach out, shoot where dorms have pools, hot tubs, video a message to editor@connectstatesboro. game arcades, aerobics rooms, personal Rokus and TempurPedic mattresses. com!w




Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016


Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016




Wild Wing Café — Beer pong, 9 p.m. Applebee’s — Live DJ, 9:30 p.m.–close


GSU City Campus — BIG Café, 9 a.m. Free and open to the public. Statesboro Regional Public Library — Movie Series: Wednesday Westerns featuring Two Mules for Sister Sara, 5:30 p.m. Free and open to the public.

open to the public. Millhouse — Squawk Box, 9 p.m.

12 14 15 13 Friday

Three Tree Coffee Roasters — Live music night, 6–9 p.m.


Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 8–9 p.m.

Locos — Live music, 9 p.m.


Locos — Trivia, 7:30 p.m. Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m.


Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank Parking Lot) — Mainstreet Farmers Market, 9 a.m.

Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.


2785 Georgia Highway 46, Register — Indoor Yard Sale Fundraiser to benefit STARS of Georgia animal rescue, 10 a.m.–2 p.m.


Statesboro Regional Public Library — Adult coloring class: Steampunk, 6 p.m. Free and open to the public. El Sombrero (Fair Rd.) — Trivia, 7:30–9:30 p.m. Locos — Live music, 9 p.m.

Averitt Center for the Arts — 180 Fitness 10th Annual Bodybuilding & Figure Classic, 6 p.m. GSU Paulson Stadium — UPB Outdoor Movie: Captain America: Civil War, 9 p.m. Free and

El Jalapeño — Live DJ and karaoke, 8–11 p.m. Dingus Magee’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.

16 Tuesday

GSU City Campus — Brown Bag Lunch ‘n’ Learn, noon–1:30 p.m. Topic: Small business financing. Free and open to the public. Please bring your own lunch. Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m.

Happy Mondays: Happy Hour all day! Half-off all alcohol and select appetizers Trivia Tuesdays: Trivia at 7 p.m. with cash prizes; $10 buckets of beer, $7.99 shrimp and grits Wicked Wednesdays: Karaoke and live DJ at 9 p.m.; $13 buckets (imports), $8 buckets (domestics), $3 doubles all day Thirsty Thursdays: $10 buckets of beer, $3 doubles, $3 bombs, $3 Newcastle all day Fridays & Saturdays: Live music; $10 buckets of beer Sunday Funday: Happy Hour all day! Karaoke and live DJ at 8 p.m.; 45¢ wings Everyday Lunch Specials: $7 lunches with a drink, 7 days a week!

Clinical Evaluators

Monday night: $1.99 Kids' Night Wednesday: $3.75 Big Beers Thursday: "Water" Pong, 9 p.m. Friday: Live music Saturday: Live music Sunday: $3 Bloody Marys and $3 Mimosas

Looks like something is missing here... Oh wait — it's YOU! We want your specials, and we have a shiny new place for them! To claim your place in Connect Statesboro, call Stephanie Childs at 912.489.9412.

Bulloch DUI Risk Reduction Clinical Evaluation Vern & Cindy Howard

Monday Pint Night: $2 pints (all draft beers), trivia at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday: $3.99 Titos, $3.99 Jim Beam Wine & Whisky Wednesday: $10 off any bottle of wine, $4.99 Crown Thirsty Thursday: $3.99 Titos, $3.99 Jim Beam Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $10 domestic buckets, $15 import buckets

18 Simmons Center • Statesboro, GA 30458 Phone: (912) 489-8401 • Fax: (912) 489-4316 Program # 2070, 2050 •

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What are some questions you ask in order to determine whether a person is abusing drugs or alcohol?

A: Are you currently using alcohol or mind/mood altering drugs? When is the last time you drank or used drugs? How often do you drink or use drugs? How much do you use to get where you need to be? Does or did either of your parents drink or use drugs? Grandparents? Can you describe what the “morning after” feels like to you? How many times have you been arrested for alcohol or drugs? Will you tell me about your social supports? And many, many more.

7 Megan McNulty, Deseret News

The starving student Why some college students have to choose between buying textbooks or going hungry food pantries have increased. “I don’t think we had that type of situation 10 years ago,” she said. Jane Jakubczak, a university coordinator of nutrition services, told The New York Times "students experience a lot of stress and anxiety over where their next meal is coming from." According to the San Jose Mercury News, a new University of California survey has found that nearly 1 in 5 of its students had gone hungry in the past year. Additionally, 23 percent were reported to be food-insecure. In response to the rising number of food-insecure students, more than 300 colleges nationwide have created food pantries, according to The Times. Some schools are stocked through cash donations and others acquire grocery-store food that is close to an expiration date. NPR's Planet Money team found students at Norwalk Community College are often faced with the decision to buy food or textbooks, so the school set up a pantry to help. But it found some students were embarrassed to take

advantage of the free food. "In order to encourage students to get over guilt and shame, there are almost no requirements to use the pantry. You just have to be a student. The school does marketing campaigns, fliers, emails, educational lectures," NPR reported. "When the pantry started, four or five students came in a day. Now it's 15 or 20." With the average cost of textbooks being around $500 to $1,000 each semester, many students argue this extra cost added on to already expensive tuition rates makes it difficult to live and attend school, according to the Daily Dot. It is also difficult for college students to work full-time and balance a

school schedule. To avoid becoming strapped for food or cash, prospective students and their parents should consider the cost of food and other basic living expenses when exploring their options on where and when to go to college, according to an article in the Deseret News. "Many schools have net price calculators that go beyond tuition, room and board to include transportation, textbook costs and other expenses," the article stated. To handle those extra expenses, students should establish a budget "to manage costs, covering everything from the expense of fixing a broken laptop to the cost of furnishing a dorm."w

Kenneth Lee

Your HBO binge-watch guide Because it's never too early to start procrastinating Georgia Southern University Housing has worked together with ResNet, GSU's cable provider, to provide HBO Go to all students living in campus housing. With the world of HBO Go at your fingertips, it's naturally a little intimidating. Fear not! Here’s a small list of initial choices you should check out. Remember, it’s not TV, it’s HBO.


Courtly intrigue, clashing armies, and ruthless scheming; dragons and dark magic; nudity, brutal violence and bloody gore. Game of Thrones, the television adaption of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels, would never be able to succeed on any other network besides HBO. Rocking a budget of $6–10 million per

episode, depending on the season, Game of Thrones, with its wide ensemble of memorable characters and spectacular set pieces, is truly a television extravaganza. Set in a fictional realm resembling the Middle Ages, the show chronicles the violent civil war between several noble families. Heroes will be outmaneuvered and characters you find yourself rooting for might meet tragic ends. With six seasons consisting of 10 episodes each, it should be pretty easy for you to catch up. Now all those Game of Thrones gifs and memes will

finally make sense. TRUE DETECTIVE

An anthology crime series, each season follows a different set of characters in various locations and time periods. The series churns out and submits a number of striking images, but what’s even more impressive is the star power it wields. The first season, a product from the Mcconaissance Era (a string of critically and commercially successful

See HBO, page 12

Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016

The starving student is becoming a reality, well beyond the stereotypical college student living off ramen noodles. According to a new report by NASPA: Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education, there has been a rise in the number of student requests to stock food pantries and hand out vouchers for supplies at campus bookstores. Forty-seven percent of students requested campus vouchers and 45 percent requested food pantries. For the report, NASPA analyzed 523 universities and surveyed financial-aid directors. Seventy-five percent of participants said their schools incorporated emergency-aid programs to reduce the dropout rate. Most said they were overwhelmed by the requests for these financial aid programs and needed better resources. Amelia Parnell, an author of the report, told The Atlantic that as the cost of higher education is rising, students are becoming less financially stable and specific types of aid such as

Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016


Statesboro, meet your Eagles The Tattler introduces the offensive players of this year's team Last week, we started previewing the 2016 edition of the Georgia Southern Eagles by looking at what the coaching staff led by rookie head coach Tyson Summers will bring to the table. This week, we’ll turn to the offense. Alex Everything on the offense starts with the quarterback position, so we’ll start there too. Once again, we’ll enter the season with seniors Kevin Ellison and Favian Upshaw battling for the job. Ellison has held the starting role for the majority of the last three seasons, but it was Upshaw who finished last season strong with solid performances in the last few regular season games and capped it off with a career performance in the GoDaddy Bowl against Bowling Green. Neither guy has been named starter at this point for the 2016 season, and I have a feeling they will both see plenty of playing time early on. Having two experienced and talented senior quarterbacks — who are both fully capable of leading the offense to some big time numbers — is not a bad problem to have. Much like last year, I think the coaching staff will likely go with the guy with the hot hand at the time. If the offense sputters a bit, change it up and bring in the other. I’m perfectly comfortable with either one of these guys running the offense, so the quarterback position is not a concern for me. The quarterback may be the field general, but the success of the offense is really determined up front with the offensive line. Senior center Andy Kwon is a first-team, preseason, all-conference selection and will lead the battle in the trenches. Jeremiah Culbreth, who started the last 11 games last season at left tackle as a true freshman, will return for his sophomore campaign. Junior Tommy

Boynton started all 13 games at right tackle last season. As a whole, the rest of this group is pretty young. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of getting the job done; it just means we’ll have to wait and Brown see. Kwon, Culbreth and Boynton have proven themselves on the field and will be leaders the inexperienced guys can lean on. And those guys get their shot now. Running behind the O-line is a stable of running backs I would put up against almost any in the country. Senior Matt Breida burst onto the scene with a 61-yard touchdown gallop early in the 2014 season

opener at North Carolina State and has been leaving defenders in his dust ever since. Breida has earned first-team all-conference honors in both of the last two seasons and accumulated over 3,000 yards rushing during his sophomore and junior seasons. He averages 8.3 yards per carry for his career (which is just insane) and has rushed for 123 yards per game and scored 17 touchdowns in each of the last two years. But he’s far from a one-man show. Junior L.A. Ramsby is the thunder to Breida’s lightning as he has been called on to earn the tough yards over the last couple of seasons. Ramsby has rushed for over 1,500 yards, scored 25 touchdowns and averages nearly five yards per carry during his first two years at Southern. And just when you think the numbers those two guys have put up over the last two years is impressive, the Eagles can trot out Wesley Fields. As a true freshman last season, all Fields did was put up 682 rushing yards (52.5 YPG), score seven rushing touchdowns, catch four passes for 105 yards and a touchdown, and average 7.5 yards every time he touched the ball — as the third string back. Did I mention he was a true freshman last year? The wide receiver position at Georgia Southern has never been quite as glamorous as it may be at some other places. An Eagle wide receiver

has to be selfless. They have to be able to block. They have to be tough. But they have to be able to make plays when the ball comes their way. And I believe Georgia Southern has a group that can do all of the above this year. Led by senior BJ Johnson — who broke his collarbone but missed just four games before returning late in the season last year (I wasn’t kidding when I called them tough) — this group should be fun to watch. Georgia Tech transfer and Statesboro native Mike Summers, junior Myles Campbell, seniors Montay Crockett and Keigan Williams, and a group of talented freshmen with high expectations will be able to stretch the field and help this offense put up some big numbers once again this year. The skills of the players returning gives me hope for more high-scoring, explosive performances by this Eagle offense. My only concern is this: How much of those video game-like stats over the last couple of years can be attributed to coaching? Willie Fritz and Doug Ruse were great offensive-minded coaches. I’m not doubting the new coaching staff at all. I’m simply saying that we don’t know. But here’s what I do know. If I were an offensive coach at Georgia Southern, I’d be pretty excited about the guys I’m putting on the field in 2016.w

New head football coach Tyson Summers, center left, and new Georgia Southern University president Jaime Hebert, center right, are are officially initiated into Georgia Southern culture by being baptized in the waters of Beautiful Eagle Creek while surrounded by seniors on the football team Thursday, Aug. 4. SCOTT BRYANT/ staff


Boro theater season preview: Fall 2016

on East Main Street for large-scale, traditional performances; and the Mical Whitaker Black Box, located down the block on West Main Street in the Center for Performing Arts, for smaller and more intimate productions. You’re likely to see a great show in either venue, so check out their scheduled performances.

THE AVERITT CENTER FOR THE ARTS 33 East Main Street The Averitt Center is Statesboro’s venue for community theater — emphasis on Not only is this the place you’re most likely to see familiar local faces on the stage — including your accountant, school principal or your kid’s teacher — but the theater itself has built up its own family of actors, educators, creative thinkers and arts enthusiasts. At the Averitt Center, you’re just as likely to see a revived classic like The Importance of Being Earnest as you are a family-friendly musical like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Oliver! Occasionally, the Averitt Center will push the envelope with something a little more scandalous, such as Heartbreaks and Hallelujahs and Sordid Lives. They also bring in out-of-town acts for one-night-only events, which can run the gamut from live music, improv comedy and spoken word artists. The Averitt Center for the Arts has two performance venues: the historic Emma Kelly Theater

SEASON PREVIEW PICK: Arsenic and Old Lace, by Tim Firth; Oct. 14–16 Getting engaged is stressful enough; getting engaged right after your dear sweet aunts have started murdering old men for kicks is even worse. Mortimer Brewster is at his wits' end trying to juggle his delightfully deranged relatives, and hijinks worthy of the Addams Family ensue. The script is sparkling with humor, and in the hand of the Averitt STARS and director Lisa Abbott, this show is sure to be a Halloween treat. TICKETS: $15 for non-members

Fall 2016 Statesboro Theater Season Performing Arts Center:

Sept. 8: John Michael Montgomery Oct. 2: The Drifters

Averitt Center for the Arts: Aug. 26–27: Elvis — If I Can Dream Oct. 14–16: Arsenic and Old Lace Oct. 25–26: Rocky Horror Picture Show Nov. 18–20: A Christmas Carol Ballet Dec. 9: Celtic Christmas

Center for Art & Theatre: Aug. 20: Wham! Bam! Play Slam! Sept. 21–28: Crumbs from the Table of Joy Nov. 9-16: She Kills Monsters meaning it has the room to attract national touring acts and big-name performances. The performances always look stunning on the PAC’s wide stage and the venue’s effects make each show sharp and professional. It’s a great place for quality entertainment, bringing in the kind of acts you won’t find elsewhere in town. The only catch is that most of its shows are one-night-only affairs, so you want to make sure to grab a seat before they sell out. If you’re a GSU student, those seats are only $10 — more affordable than a movie ticket plus popcorn. SEASON PREVIEW PICK: The Drifters If you love rock and roll and R&B, you'll love this class act. The Drifters were the first African American group to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and they are making a historic reunion tour in support of their new album. It's going to be a musical extravaganza you aren't going to want to miss. TICKETS: $22 for patrons, $10 for Georgia Southern University students

THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 847 Plant Drive Fondly known to its patrons as the PAC, the Performing Arts Center on Georgia Southern’s campus is the biggest theatrical venue in Statesboro. The PAC has the biggest number of seats in Statesboro — 825 of them, to be exact —

THE CENTER FOR ART AND THEATRE 223 Pittman Drive The black box theater in Georgia Southern’s Center for Art and Theater is the main venue for GSU’s theater and performance students, and I

See THEATER, page 12

Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016

Small though it is, Statesboro has its own bustling theater scene, with three different venues providing a constant rotation of eclectic entertainment. Whether you’re looking for live music, ballet, theatre of many varieties or comedic sketches, there’s always something on in town. But what are the theaters, where are they, and what kind of shows can you expect from each one? It’s not like anyone made it particularly easy for you, because all the names sound ridiculously similar. (Performing Arts Center, Center for Performing Arts, Center for Art and Theatre — seriously, guys?) Luckily, Connect is here to help. Our season preview here breaks down what kinds of entertainment you’re likely to get at which theaters. As an added bonus, we’re including our top pick for each venue’s fall season. Make sure to hit a few of these shows before Christmas.

Connect Statesboro 08.10.2016

10 Kenneth Lee

'Jason Bourne' fails to justify its existence THIS WEEK


EAGLES NEST #1 GSU Sports show

WATCH NEW Every Thursday with Josh Aubrey! Available 24/7 at! Also available on your mobile device!

Brought to you by:

“I remember everything” — a revelatory phrase that ends up meaning less than it should when our titular hero says it at the beginning of Jason Bourne. It’s been nearly a decade since Matt Damon made an onscreen appearance as the amnesiac assassin; however, what was once an intriguing cipher — full of vulnerability and internal strife — is now a caricature burdened with a convoluted backstory fueled by daddy issues. For a man who now remembers everything, Bourne is blander than ever before. The world-weary Bourne is brought back into the fray when former CIA employee Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles, the only other returning character), enlists his help to shed light on yet another government black ops program. Their adversaries include the current corrupt CIA director Robert Dewey (a grumpy Tommy Lee Jones), a super-assassin with a personal grudge (an underutilized Vincent Cassel) and ambitious government ladder-climber Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander). Although we’ve seen the corrupt federal official and the opposing superspy on multiple occasions beforehand, Vikander’s morally ambiguous Heather Lee is the first to offer something new and interesting to the series. Her shifting loyalties and eye for director Dewey’s position creates an interesting interoffice struggle between the two that’s occasionally more captivating than the Bourne antics. Replacing character and plot for topicality, the geopolitical spy thriller tackles the tug-of-war issue between the safety mass surveillance offers and the right for individual privacy — packaged with dated references to Snowden, a Mark Zuckerberg-esque public figure (Riz Ahmed) and a story overstuffed with headshaking contrivances. Returning with Damon is director Paul Greengrass, whose famous fast-editing and shaky-cam style in The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum conveyed a frantic urgency to the plot and its characters. Sadly, they were unable to bring back screenwriter Troy Gilroy, who was involved with all four of


Jason Bourne is back in all his brooding angst, but the premise has worn thin in this forgettable installment of the Bourne franchise. the previous films. Jason Bourne might still contain the exciting fever-rush of rapid edits and kinetic cuts, but it lacks a solid story to tether it all together. That’s not to say that the movie is without its merits. Jason Bourne delivers all the signature set-pieces the franchise is known for: cat-and-mouse pursuits in European cities, brutal brawls with government assassins ending with a MacGyver improvisation, and a third act car chase resulting in widespread wreckage. What was once considered innovative, is now a diminishing return for the formulaic franchise, but it’s still good fun to watch. These elaborate, action-packed splendors definitely help in subsiding your disinterest from the overstretched plot and thin characters. The first half contains a riveting motorcycle escape amidst violent, political riots in Athens, Greece. The globetrotting affair finally concludes with a bombastic sequence of vehicular carnage on the roads of Las Vegas, leaving viewers in awe of the spectacle, but likely conflicted on whether it alone was worth the price of admission. Bourne might have regained his memories, but it won’t be surprising, if months from now, audiences will have trouble recalling this forgettable addition to the franchise.w

11 Brittani Howell

Your cheat sheet for coffee shop studying You need to know two important things when you start school in a new community: where all of your classes are and where you can get a good cup of coffee. Lucky for you, Statesboro — despite its size — has a surprising number of coffee shops, and your friendly neighborhood newspaper editor is a caffeine addict who has spent unreasonable amounts of time at all of them. This handy guide is here to help you find your perfect off-campus caffeinated escape.

Cool Beanz Espresso Bar

Located downtown on East Main Street, this coffee shop is cute as





Where: 714 Northside Dr. East Drinks Price Range: $1.98–$4.95 Medium Coffee: $2.25

Where: 124 Savannah Ave. Drinks Price Range: $1.50–$4.50 Medium Coffee: $1.75

Where: 124 Savannah Ave. Price Range: $1.75–$4.50 Medium Coffee: $1.99

Where: 58-C East Main St. Price Range: $1.75–$4.95 Medium Coffee: $2.05


Where: 441 South Main Street, Suite 1A Drinks Price Range: Menu not found online

can be. With exposed brick walls and artwork by local painters, Cool Beanz is designed to help you tap into your creative well for all those essays you need to write. You won't find any drip coffee here: only french-pressed brew and manual pours. The owner and barista, David Hoyle, is friendly and conversational, and coffee enthusiasts will be pleased by the quality and attention the staff pays to each cup. Patrons usually can get a cup of coffee made from beans Hoyle has roasted himself, and bags of houseroasted beans are available to take home. Cool Beanz also shares the space with CAKE Bakery, which has a rotating menu of creative cupcakes with slap-you-down amazing icing. It also has a light breakfast and lunch menu, offering quiches, wraps and sandwiches. The Perks: Cool Beanz offers an intimate space, with two chairs per small circular table. This means that any crowd taking over the venue is going to have to be a small one, keeping things quiet and peaceful for a long writing session. Georgia Southern students get an added perk with the WiFi: Cool Beanz is right next to City Campus, meaning that students with a valid ID can hop on the university's network without leaving their seats. The Breaks: Between the coffee and the pastries, you can rack up quite a tab. Not because it’s much more expensive than the other local shops, but because it’s incredibly addicting. Like, “shut up and take my money” addicting. Don’t

say we didn’t warn you.


“But wait,” you say. “Isn’t this a drive-thru coffee place?” Yes, it is, but it also has several tables and chairs outside on a little patio. Right now, Ellianos is a great place to get a quick fix for cold, specialty drinks like ice coffees and smoothies. Once fall rolls around, the Ellianos patio will be a perfect place to crack open your books. Thanks to its outdoor isolation, there is very little around to distract you. The Perks: You can educate yourself, caffeinate yourself and enjoy your recommended dose of Vitamin D, all in the same location. The Breaks: Because it’s a drive-thru venue, there isn’t any indoor seating. You're at the mercy of the weather, so keep an eye on the sky.


Say what you will about major corporate takeover, but Starbucks wins major points for consistency. Its coffee tastes the same from East to West, so if you’re far from home and looking for a familiar flavor, Starbucks is the place to go (not to mention that they did steal the Best Coffee category in this year’s Boro Awards). The Starbucks on Northside Drive has plenty of tables perfect for spreading out a textbook, and it also has comfy leather chairs and outdoor

seating made for curling up with your English homework. The Perks: Starbucks has a great selection of syrups and flavoring to jazz up your coffee, so you can get crazy and creative with your order. Google the Starbucks Secret Menu for different drink ideas. As long as you bring in the recipe, the baristas should be happy to whip up a special concoction for you. (But please, do bring in the recipe. Don't be that person.) The Breaks: Because it’s a nationally recognized chain, Starbucks gets a lot of traffic. During certain parts of the day you might have to tune out a crowd while you’re trying to cram for an upcoming test.

Three Tree Coffee Roasters

Though this roasting outfit has been in Statesboro for a few years, it didn't open its coffee shop until this time last year. Now it's a favorite haunt of students looking for the room to spread out their books and settle down for long study sessions. Outlets abound, the tables are spacious, and the playlist is quiet and conducive to studying. They have a second-floor "treehouse" if you're craving a little more atmosphere, and a shaded patio where they sometimes have live music on Friday nights. Thanks to partnerships with local businesses Sugar Magnolia and 4 and 20 Bakers, they also have a delectable assortment of treats available all day, and lunch options from noon to 2 p.m. The Perks: Three Tree has a clearly stated social justice mission that goes hand in hand with their business goals, so your coffee tastes a little sweeter just for knowing you're helping someone do some good in the world. The Breaks: The parking lot of the complex in which Three Tree is located is awful, and it fills up quickly. It's not Three Tree's fault, but when more businesses eventually move into the complex, you might have to jockey for parking, walk or carpool.w

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The Daily Grind

You can't get a cozier atmosphere than the one in The Daily Grind, Statesboro’s longest-running coffee shop. Natural lighting, dark wooden furniture and a few comfortable armchairs around a fireplace make this venue seem like a quaint English pub. The drinks are affordable and delicious, coming in a wide variety of mixes and flavors, and the WiFi is free. The laid-back, communal atmosphere is perfect for encouraging productivity. The Perks: In addition to coffee, pastries and sandwiches, The Daily Grind sells ceramics made by local artists, T-shirts and other locally made products. When you need to look away from your notes for a minute, there are plenty of items to browse. The Breaks: The Daily Grind is really popular amongst people in the community, so there can be quite a bit of talking going on. Study space can be limited during the lunch hour if you aren’t planning on eating, as The Daily Grind asks people to leave the tables open for those dining in. The best solution to this dilemma is to become a diner and order their chicken salad sandwich, which is, according to reliable sources (full disclosure: shameless eavesdropping), the bomb.


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WEB, from page 3 and applying to graduate school. BLEED BLUE AND WHITE As the official website of Georgia Southern University athletics, has everything you need to know when it comes to cheering on the Eagles. Here, you’ll find team schedules, current athletics news and ticket sales information; you can even request GUS to appear at your next shindig! Additionally, stay on top of all the Eagle news at the Statesboro Herald's sports page, GSU Eagle Nation (, where the sports

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acting gigs Matthew McConaughey landed), features McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as a pair of Louisiana detectives haunted with their 17-year-old pursuit of an elusive serial killer. The second season stars Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch as three Californian detectives from different departments investigating a series of linked crimes and Vince Vaughn as a shifty businessman. With only two seasons and 16 episodes total, there’s no excuse not to binge watch this addictive show. THE LEFTOVERS

The Leftovers takes place three years after a global event called the "Sudden

THEATER, from page 9 am not exaggerating when I say that they are an exceptional group of actors. Under the direction of Lisa Abbott and Nick Newell, the CAT’s shows consistently defy expectations for student productions, with an incredible ability to shock and amaze. Because they are a college group, the directors are able to take on more challenging, controversial shows that other venues might shy from, and they turn those scripts into award-winning performances. They just returned from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest performing arts festival, where they staged their original devised theater show, DO NOT OPEN!, for audiences from around the world.

reporters bring you all the latest stories as well as insight into the Eagles' season and fun playback videos and highlights from the games. STAY CONNECTED Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for each week’s edition of Connect Statesboro (www.connectstatesboro. com), where you’ll find a play-by-play rundown of everything you need to know about what’s going on in this town. We're about roll out a shiny new website — along with our beautiful new all-gloss monthly issue — so it will be informative and pleasant to look at! Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks.w

Departure," an unexplained rapture where 140 million people, 2 percent of the world's population, abruptly disappears. This seismic, chilling event is given no explanation — is it biblical, religious or scientific? The show, set in a world dealing with the fallout of the “sudden departure,” explores thought-provoking themes of existentialism and nihilism. SILICON VALLEY

Silicon Valley, a show about the exploits of six men who found a startup company, moves effortlessly between filthy jokes and vulgar punchlines to dry observations and witty remarks. Silicon Valley utilizes both high-brow and low-brow humor and sticks it in a blender, creating its own unique style.w SEASON PREVIEW PICK: She Kills Monsters, Qui Nguyen Maybe it's my inner nerd talking, but this play looks like pure, concentrated fun. After Agnes' sister Tilly dies, Agnes gets a secret look at her sister when she finds Tilly's Dungeons and Dragons notebook. Agnes plunges headfirst into her sister's imaginary world of the game and ends up embarking on her own harrowing adventure. I don't know what I'm most excited about: the fantastic set pieces this show will demand, the refreshing premise or the kick-ass female character at the center of the show. This sort of fantastic, mythical challenge is perfect for the CAT performers, and I have no doubt that this show will be one for the books. TICKETS: $5 for Georgia Southern students, $10 for community patrons.w

Skip the gap — we've got the island Explore the unspoilt splendor of Cumberland Island Though I haven’t really been alive that long at 21 years of age, I’ve found that there are places in this world that, for some reason, you just can’t help coming back to. They’ve entranced you, somehow, and you never get tired of them. For me, a lot of those places lie out west, in the mountains of Colorado or the deserts of New Mexico — but not all. There are a few places in my native state of Georgia that keep pulling me back in. One of those places is Cumberland Island National Seashore. I first visited in fifth grade, back when schools still did field trips, and I loved it. This wasn’t just an afternoon thing but a whole weekend which, to a fifth-grader, means “the greatest adventure of my life yet.” Mostly, I was excited to see the horses. Though I was what my family might call a raging tomboy, I did not escape the little girl’s fascination with all things equine. Cumberland is one of several Atlantic barrier islands with a feral horse herd, and I

Nathaniel Greene but was only occupied after his death by his wife and her second husband, Phineas Miller. The Millers established a plantation on Cumberland and built a mansion, which would be the second Dungeness. The 1880s brought new owners to Cumberland: the Carnegie family. Thomas Carnegie, the brother and business partner of the famous steel tycoon, built a third Dungeness modeled after a Scottish castle. The Carnegies left the island as a result of the Great Depression and the family turned it over to the National Park Service in 1971. It was declared a National Seashore in the following year.


Tips for those who want to see it all: The Carnegie’s mansion

burned down in the 50s, but the shell remains and is called “the Ruins.” The feral horse herd that roams the island likes to spend time there thanks to the spring in the field nearby. The park service gives them minimal care, but they are wild animals, not pets. That being said, they are used to visitors and will allow you to get reasonably close before snorting and galloping away. Also nearby is a small walled cemetery containing the marker of Revolutionary War general “Lighthorse” Harry Lee, though his body was reinterred in Virginia in the early 1900s next to his son, Robert E. Lee. Access to the marsh boardwalks is just down the hill, and they will eventually lead you to the 18 mile-long beach. Only two and a half hours from Statesboro, Cumberland has something to offer everyone. It saw me through my horse phase, my middle school history phase and provided some much-needed relaxation on subsequent high school and college age trips. Whatever my interests at all the various times in my life, Cumberland has never disappointed me. So whatever draws you — whether it’s the history, the wildlife, or the pristine beauty of a place that has seen hundreds of years of history yet still seems untouched — I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for.

(*Disclaimer: If you visit and someone decided to schlep a beach umbrella halfway across an island, I apologize. This is not common.)w By Flickr user Linda/WIKICOMMONS

A small herd of Cumberland Island's feral horses.

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it is so surprisingly large. You can turn around and find that there isn’t another soul in sight. The island has Kenley Alligood a staggering 50 miles of walking trails winding through arching, shady maritime forests full of Spanish moss. Armadillos and other wildlife scurry among the sawtooth palmetto that makes up the underbrush, and the occasional deer may dash through. The winding paths will also take you to the salt marshes, which are literally teeming with plant and animal life. Small crabs eat and battle in the mud and stately white egrets stalk the waterline or try to blend into the tall grasses. You might find yourself was going to see them. I don’t think I walking under the largest and most magnificent live oaks you’ve ever seen, slept for a week. emerging between sand dunes to an Cumberland is accessed from the uninterrupted view of the Atlantic mainland through the town of St. Marys, Georgia. It’s a tiny town right — sky, sea and sand, without a beach on the Georgia-Florida border, owing umbrella in sight.* Despite having been consistently most of its existence to tourism inhabited for much of its history, and the adjacent Kings Bay Naval Cumberland still has this feeling of Base. The ferries to Cumberland wildness. It’s what I love most about depart from the Visitor’s Center at it, and what keeps me coming back 9 and 11:45 every morning, March through November, and return from every few years. The second incentive for me is the island’s rich history. the island at 10:15, 2:45 and 4:45. The island was originally inhabited The 10:15 departure is for those who opted to spend the night at one by the Macama tribe. When the Spanish arrived in the New World, of the park’s five designated campgrounds. The ferry crossing takes 45 they built a fort and mission on the island. Frequent attacks by pirates minutes and it’s gorgeous, traveling down the St. Marys River and gliding caused the island to be abandoned until James Oglethorpe arrived, past the shore birds inhabiting the naming it after the English prince marshy southern tip of the island. Dolphins also make frequent appear- William, Duke of Cumberland. Oglethorpe had several forts built, ances, leaping and racing the boat. along with a hunting lodge he called A trip to Cumberland is like Dungeness, which would be the first going to the beach without all of of three structures on the island of the people. Granted, there are a that name. After the Revolutionary lot of people on these ferries, but War, the island fell to war hero the beauty of Cumberland is that

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The Cantor softshell turtle (maybe) Our columnist encounters a strange specimen, and while it may not have been a rare species, it was certainly a rare occurence in a world that runs short of wildness I was on my way to the just needed to move him out doctor last month when I of harm’s way. very nearly hit what looked “You get the front, I’ll like a large, pink-grey rock in get the back,” she said, and the middle of Country Club together, we lifted the large Road. I pulled over, intent on creature out of the road and moving it, but when I got out onto the grass of the country of my car and approached it, club. Then we both got into I quickly realized it was no our cars and drove away. Katherine rock. It was, in fact, animate. Traffic trudged slowly on. Fallon I was so spooked that I A while later, in the got back into my car, and had to give waiting room of the doctor’s office, myself a pep talk. When I felt brave I couldn’t stop thinking about what enough, I approached it again. I had seen, and what weight I had It was more than two feet wide, and lifted. It had felt so strange: neither longer than that. It was flat and spread warm nor cold, and covered in flesh, out, like a stack of pancakes. but very firm, like a floating patella or At first I thought it was an armaan elbow. It kept still in the hammock dillo: Its flesh was that naked dolof our hands, without flailing or phin-flipper color and appeared to trying to bite us. If the thing had have that same rubbery texture. But claws, I did not even notice them. In that waiting room, I tried desthe thing had webbed feet and a horperately to identify the blob in the izontal, bobbing neck, like a turtle’s. road. Based on the only image I could Its nose was long and pointed, like an anteater’s, though a bit abbreviated. Its find that resembled the animal, I nostrils were large and oblong, too, like concluded that he must have been a a pig’s. Cantor’s giant softshell turtle, which is Another driver pulled up and a massive, endangered species native stopped, put her flashers on and joined to Southeast Asia. Were I right, it me in the middle of the road, peering wouldn’t survive long in the sandy, down at the animal. pine-strewn stretches of inland, “What is it?” I asked, almost whisSoutheast Georgia. Following my appointment, I pering. She was also confused, but unlike drove back to the country club and me, she did not seem to be afraid. spent an hour looking for my new “I think it’s a turtle?” she said, like a friend, hoping I wouldn’t be asked question. “He sure is ugly, but I think to leave or accused of trespassing. I he’s a turtle.” repeatedly combed the area where I’d At this point, cars were lining up left the seemingly slow-moving thing, on either side of us, annoyed by the squinting into hydrangea clusters and spectacle. The young man in the drainage pipes, but found nothing. red pickup truck to my right was A little while later, I called the drumming impatiently on his steering country club to let them know what I’d wheel and staring at us with his eyeseen. I expected to be laughed at, but brows knitted. We did not have time to the woman I spoke to was fascinated truly investigate our strange visitor; we and kind, and assured me that she

would ask her grounds crew to keep an eye out.

He was an amorphous, pink-gray blob, whose shell and face and feet all By Flickr user Dementia/WIKICOMMONS

A picture of a Cantor's giant softshell turtle. Katherine and her partner think it's more likely that she helped a Florida softshell turtle off the road that day — but it's still fun to consider the alternative.

‘Whatever it was we moved off of the street that morning, I was so surprised by it that I couldn’t even classify the creature, and that sense of confusion and wonder when approaching another living species is hard to come by in this day and age.’ Katherine Fallon, Connect's resident Overthinker

Later that night, my partner, who had never seen me fixate so wholly on any one thing and who is far better at Googling than I am, did some research. Turns out I had mostly likely encountered a Florida softshell turtle, which are native, sometimes live in ditch creeks, and apparently are very common water turtles. Although this is obviously the only explanation that makes any real sense, I still maintain that the photograph of the Cantor’s softshell turtle is a far more accurate depiction of the creature that my neighbor and I helped across the street.

seemed to melt together, lacking definition or shadow. The Florida softshell turtle is darker, and greener in color, appearing to be covered with algae, and its neck is too long and upright, like that of a brontosaurus. But whatever it was we moved off of the street that morning, I was so surprised by it that I couldn’t even classify the creature, and that sense of confusion and wonder when approaching another living species is hard to come by in this day and age. For people like me, who fall asleep to David Attenborough documentaries and spend their spare time in natural history museums or studying the most obscure of deep sea creatures, encountering an unimaginable species is not unlike experiencing something supernatural: It was frightening, and magnetic, and consuming. Such discovery forces the mind to open. That these magnificent, bizarre animals exist naturally in the weedstrewn drainage ditches that run aside most major roads here in Statesboro is nothing short of miraculous to me. That I held him, and he remained peaceful in my hands, was otherworldly. I’ve heard rumors that he is alive and well, still frequenting the grounds of the country club. I look for him every time I drive past there, but I am looking for other surprises, too: a further glimpse into the hidden, living world, a peek behind that veil.w


CLUES DOWN 1. Shine 2. They spread the news 3. Indicates water limits 4. Determines value 5. Capital of Okinawa 6. Chinese river 7. Sign language 8. Passover feast and ceremony 9. Yemen capital 10. A tributary of the Missouri River 11. Sounds 12. Andorra-La Seu dÕUrgell Airport 13. Korean name 19. A metal-bearing mineral valuable enough to be mined 21. Outer layer 24. African nation (Fr.) 25. From Haiti 26. Polish river 27. Paul Henri __, Belgian statesman 31. Retailer

32. Supreme being 34. Tears into pieces 35. European Union 36. Coerced 40. She ran the Barker gang 41. Send wire 45. Optical device 47. __ Bond, civil rights leader 48. Cigar 52. Spiritual being 53. Possess 54. Thomas __, English poet 56. Dials 57. Sharp mountain ridge 59. Pigeon shelter 60. Month 61. Letter of the Greek alphabet 62. A citizen of Thailand 63. Suffix


SUDOKU It’s Good for Your Eyes! Find puzzle answers in Classifieds







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CLUES ACROSS 1. Greenwich Time 4. English sailor missionary 9. Type of wheat 14. Wreath 15. Hesitate 16. Hollyhocks 17. Not even 18. Former talk show host 20. Rugged mountain range 22. Greek muse 23. Ancient Greek comedy 24. Jeopardizes 28. Singer DiFranco 29. Calcium 30. Employee stock ownership plan 31. Gemstones 33. Got the job 37. Tantalum 38. Red deer 39. Not a pro 41. Coffee alternative 42. Aluminum 43. Northern Italian language 44. Smart __: Wiseacre 46. Sanskrit rulers (pl.) 49. __ hoc 50. Mousse 51. Closures 55. Russian lake 58. Small lunar crater 59. Appear with 60. Beginning 64. Type of Chinese language 65. Jewish composer 66. Sensation of flavor 67. Payment (abbr.) 68. High-class 69. Clocked 70. Midway between east and southeast



Care Giver

Small Engine Mechanic

Stainless refrigerator with ice Looking for someone to take maker, runs great. $250. Callcare of your loved one? I have 912-536-1533. 20-years experience. Will drive to doctor appointments, run errands cook/clean. 912-481Pets & Animals 0844. Pets

Carpenter Specialist

Joshua Hennig-Owner 24-7 Service Calls Licensed and Insured - Travel Yard Sales


Estate Sale


Living Estate Sale

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Mrs Eva Misenko 6 Adrian Ct Statesboro Ga Preview: Thursday August 11, 4-7 Sale Friday August 12 8:30-3pm Saturday, August 13, 8:303pm Sunday, August 14 , 10-3pm Contents of home and work shop. Wicker set, living and dining & breakfast set, washer/dryer. extra nice collectibles. Check photos on website and facebook. Sale conducted by Walt & Bobby 912-531-4237,

AKC registered GermanIf you need any work done in Shorthaired Pointer Puppies.Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, Born Mother’s Day 2016. Damframing, flooring or painting. on site. $550. 912-863-4550. Call Leroy White. 541-1260.*

of Bulloch County is now accepting applications for the following positions: Christian lady Site Coordinator days or over night. Will cook Grant Administrator your meal give medicine References available. Call 912Grant Evaluator 314-3526 leave message. Visit our website at for position descriptions and application submission instructions.

Now has fresh Local peanuts, boiled or green Hwy 80 Brooklet GA 912-842-2544

Simply Southern Kennel

Call 912-536-2726

WWTP Department

Painters/Painter Helpers

needed. Call 912-852-2265.


Help Wanted 1997-GP760 Wave Runner, 1997-WVT760 Wave Affordable Home Venture. 1997-Shore Land’R, trailer, 4 Yamaha Improvement Life jackets. low hours All in Interior and Exterior. Lowest great condition. $2500. 912- rates in town. Call 912-486-4767. 852-5573.

Sales Clerk

Sales Clerk needed at Hendrix Sports shop, HG50506 Statesboro. Monday Best prices and service Saturday. Approximately 30 in the ‘Boro hours per week. 1pm until Call 912-541-2809 Immediate openings for entry 6pm. Apply in person or call level cooks and dining room 912-764-5541.

Instrumentation Technician

$13.76/hr + Competitive Benefits. Must apply online @ Equal Opportunity Employer

Real Estate

Homes For Sale support staff. Apply online at SAVANNAH TECHNICAL COLLEGE or send resume is recruiting for the following BEAUTIFUL 2013 Scotbuilt Home for Sale, Must be moved. to position: 4bd/3bath, open floor plan Certified Police Officer For more information please visit – with 2,000sqft. Great condition!! $65,000. Call 912-601-7731.

Items for Sale Cemetery Lots

For Sale

employment. 5717 White Bluff Road, Savannah, GA 31405 E.O.I.

Four/Cemetery spaces, Bulloch Memorial Gardens Long Arm Machine Statesboro. (Garden of the Quilting Good Sheppard, Standing By Gammill Statler Jesus). Sell all 4 together or Many patterns. Reasonable set of 2 912-729-3740. rates, turn-around. Bruna Clifton. 912-557-4839 Reidsville Ga. Furnish your REMEMBER: To check top, let me finish your Quilt!

with The Bulloch County Animal Shelter, 301 North. If you have lost a pet. 764–4529.*

Optim is seeking a full time PACU Nurse and a full time Preadmission Nurse for our Savannah location. Submit resume and cover letter to

2 Yamaha Jet Ski’s

WANTED! Electrician for contract work at local area prisons. Background check required. Please call (912)294-6659.

Full Time Nurses

has Yorkies, tiny Chihuahua’s, Shihtzus Poodles, miniature Dachshunds, and other breeds available

General Merchandise

Excellent opportunity for a certified 2 and 4 cycle small engine mechanic. Must have own tools and a clean driving record.  Pay based upon experience.  Claxton Saw Company, 912-739-0404.

All Around Professionals

$45.00 complete lawn care special Landscaping, Pressure Washing,

Reach the audience you want! Advertise in the classifieds Call 489-9455

Mobile Homes For Sale

Mobile Home for sale

2013 Clayton Double-wide. Very good condition. Many extras. 3BR/2BA. Large kitchen, living area. To be moved. Shown by appointment only. 912-685-5485.

Receptionist Local general contractor seeking a receptionist.


25-40 hours per week. Accounts payable experience a plus. Pay based on experience. All applicants subject to pre-employment drug screening. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please send resume via email: NO PHONE CALLS.


Must be experienced in changing oil, mounting and balancing tires and light mechanical work. Good Pay & Benefits. Monday – Friday work week. Apply at :


Great Location

3 bedroom, 2 bath, 16x80 mobile home. 1 mile on 301 S. No pets. 912-536-2435.

612 South Zetterower Ave., Statesboro, GA

Seeking energetic, supportive, experienced teachers who enjoy working with children in an award winning, team-oriented atmosphere. Part-time and substitute positions available for 2016-2017 school year. Our program calendar is aligned with Bulloch County Public School calendar, August-May. Hourly pay rate. Based upon experience and credentials. Contact Amy Godbee at for more information

For Rent

Commercial Office/ Shop/ Retail

All-Inclusive price Includes: Water, Power, High-Speed Internet, Trash Pick-up and Weekly Pest Control. (912)681-2437

Quiet Living

1 bedroom unfurnished or Studio Furnished Conveniently located near Statesboro Mall . Visit or call Mill Run 912-489-8402

Wise Choice Realty

FortoLease Duplex close GSU, 2 BR and 2 Bath. New carpetSpace and paint, 2 bed/1 bath starting at Commercial paved parking, high traffic. appliances included. $550 per $695 Great location downtown with Excellent $500 deposit 500sq. ft. $500/month. Call month Statesboro. price. moves you in now. Call (770) 3 bed/2 bath starting at 912-512-0672 Short term lease available. 330-1497. Call 912-764-7239.

2 bedroom Townhome 1500 sq ft 114 Port Drive, Richmond Hill Single car garage Fenced-in backyard. Washer & dryer $1100   call  912-398-4917 College Walk Apartments/Now Leasing 1,2,3&4 Bedrooms for Fall! Starting at $495.

Place Your Ad Here and Watch Your Seeds Grow


912- 681-9473 Statesboro, GA


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Brooklet United Methodist Church Preschool and Learning Center 




Eugenia Last



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For more information contact Stephanie Childs 912.531.0786

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) — Emotions will surface, causing problems at home if you aren't cognizant of what those around you want. Do your best to please others without ignoring your needs. VIRGO (Aug. 23– Sept. 22) — Don't leave anything to chance. Make domestic changes and use your money wisely. Compassion and understanding are sufficient when dealing with outsiders. LIBRA (Sept. 23– Oct. 23) — Get your chores out of the way and make the adjustments that will ensure you get to do something enjoyable before the end of the day. Don't divulge a secret. SCORPIO (Oct. 24– Nov. 22) — Set the standard. Share your intentions and move forward with or without the help of others. Trust and believe in yourself and your talents. Romance will improve your relationship with someone special. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23– Dec. 21) — Refuse to let anyone guilt you into doing things you don't want to do. Arguing is a waste of time. If you don't like something or someone, walk away. Work on self-improvement. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22– Jan. 19) — Listen to any tips or suggestions being offered in order to find a unique way to deal with a perplexing situation. Your timing will be uncanny. Love is in the stars.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20– Feb. 19) — Keep an open mind, but don't let anyone use emotional manipulation on you. If something doesn't feel right, do your own thing. Personal change will lead to interesting results. PISCES (Feb. 20– March 20) — Someone you have dealt with in the past will be your ticket to a new beginning. Don't hesitate to reconnect and make an offer that's impossible to refuse. ARIES (March 21– April 19) — Legal or financial contracts are highlighted. Negotiate on your own behalf. An idea you have will change the way you move forward professionally. Don't make the same mistake twice. TAURUS (April 20– May 20) — Do whatever feels right. It's a good time to turn an idea into a going concern. Make plans to celebrate with someone you love. Playtime will ease stress. GEMINI (May 21– June 20) — Proceed with caution. Get information firsthand. If you rely on someone else, you will be disappointed. It's up to you to bring about positive change. CANCER (June 21– July 22) — The lifestyle changes you make will encourage you to get back to the people and activities that you enjoy the most. Set the stage for a romantic interlude or a fun-filled day with family.w

Holli Deal Saxon TROLL ALERT — A Glen Oaks Drive man said his son reportedly won a $400 prize from an online game called “Steam” (likely the gaming distribution platform). Another person associated with the game threatened to “SWAT” the man’s son, meaning he would prank him by calling in a false emergency and causing a SWAT team to arrive at the home. The offender also ordered $90 worth of pizza from Pizza Hut and had it delivered to the man’s house. THAT'S NOT HOW METH WORKS — A Shuman Road woman told deputies a man who had just been

released from jail and with whom she was arguing said he was going to “smoke enough ice to explode his heart.” The man told deputies that he and the woman argued because she was having an affair. Deputies found that he had several firearms, despite being a convicted felon, as well as methamphetamine in his vehicle. He was arrested. MAMA'S GROUNDED — A Packinghouse Road woman and her mother argued, to the point that someone called police, because she did not take her mother shopping.w



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All Inclusive | Ultra Private Bedrooms and Baths | Walk to Campus and the Stadium | Pet Friendly | Multimedia and Gaming Lounge | Business Center | 24 Hour Fitness Center | Spacious In-Unit Laundry Room with Full Size Washer and Dryer | High Speed Internet Included | Fully Furnished | Resort Style Pool with Cabanas | Courtesy Patrol


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