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Averitt Center breaks out new summer internship program for college theater students This summer, the Averitt Center for the Arts has partnered up with students from the Georgia Southern University theater department to unveil a new series of theater shows called Summer Stock. This is the first year the Summer Stock program has been featured at the Averitt Center. The program lineup will consist of two shows. “We have a new theater space in our center for fine arts this summer for the first time ever. Since Georgia Southern has a theater degree program, we thought that a Summer Stock could be another terrific collaboration opportunity for us,” Tony Phillips, program director for the Averitt Center, said. The Summer Stock intern staff consists of four GSU students, in addition to one GSU theater student who will serve as the assistant technical director. In order to participate in the Summer Stock program, GSU students were asked to send in a copy of their resumes, which was then followed by an interview. “When you are blessed with the resources we have been blessed with, I feel it is important to share those blessings with others. The Summer Stock program gives these college students a real life theater working environment that partners well with what they are learning in the classroom at Georgia Southern,” Phillips said. Although the program is an internship opportunity, prospective students were not required to have a wide range of experience in order to become a part of the Summer Stock program. “I have stage managed before with the school, but I have not really had

much experience with constructing to the extent we do in the intern program ... The biggest learning experience working on this show has been working in a professional theater, as well as working on shows that are servicing the community and bringing theater to Statesboro,” Sarah Shepherd, Summer Stock intern and senior theater major, said. Summer Stock's two featured shows are Red, White and Tuna and 'night, Mother. The Georgia Southern interns are in charge of producing the shows, serving as members of the cast and crew. “Red, White and Tuna is about a small town called Tuna, Texas, and all the crazy characters that you meet in a small town," Shepherd said. "I feel the audience will view this show as a bit of Statesboro and have an enjoyable night filled with laughter.” “As for ‘night, Mother,” she added, “the play is about the relationship between a mother and daughter where the daughter deals with severe depression. I hope that the audience takes away the awareness of depression and how serious the matter is for all ages, and that it becomes a much more talked-about subject in the community.” Both shows will be performed for the public three times in the Whitaker Black Box Theatre. Red, White and Tuna will run from June 23–25, and ’night, Mother will run from August 4–6. The Averitt Center has plans to continue the Summer Stock program next year. To learn more about the shows, please visit

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016

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'Red, White & Tuna' headlines Summer Stock

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016



In this image released by Twentieth Century Fox, Jennifer Lawrence and Evan Peters appear in a scene from "X-Men: Apocalypse."

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X-Men: Choosing effects over character for 16 years

With X-Men: Apocalypse opment in favor of stylish CGI being yet another box-office spectacle. success, 20th Century Fox’s Most of the mutants introsuperhero franchise has made duced in the franchise so far it to nine films and counting have often been denied satis— a remarkable feat, since fying character development the first X-Men movie was or arcs. In the X-Men series, released way back in 2000. characters often are reduced For 16 years, the X-Men Kenneth Lee to nothing more than ciphers, movies managed to maintain a defined solely by what power is sort of flimsy continuity between each in their arsenal — i.e., nearly everyone other — using prequels, Wolverine and in the franchise who isn’t named Deadpool-centered spinoffs, and timeWolverine (Hugh Jackman), Professor travel-triggered retcons to keep themXavier (Patrick Stewart and James selves from being forced into a corner McAvoy), or Magneto (Ian McKellen and committing an official reboot. and Michael Fassbender). This is Fox may have been successful a franchise that apparently had no in keeping the continuity of their qualms about killing off the majority of their fresh-faced cast introduced in prize-hog movie franchise intact, but the prequel relaunch (First Class) offcharacterization is often an underscreen before Days of Future Past was served element in these films. Despite released. access to loads and loads of comic In both the main and prequel book heroes and villains — supertrilogy, Cyclops (James Marsden and powered mutants with their own Tye Sheridan), Jean Grey (Famke rich background, relationships and Janssen and Sophie Turner), Storm history — the X-Men movies often (Hailee Berry and Alexandra Shipp) chose to prioritize special effects and and Nightcrawler (Alan Cummings action-packed set pieces ahead of its characters, sacrificing character develand Kodi Smit-McPhee), the “main” X-Men, have only one or two defining ---------------------------------------------------character traits. The villains fare no * Thanks to limitations of space, editor better and are sometimes given even Brittani Howell has conceded her regular "Mirth and Matter" space to the first of intern less to do. Kenneth Lee's column series. We promise that X2’s Lady Deathstrike (the female we will come up with a much cooler name than "Kenneth's Column" in the future.

See X-MEN, page 18


Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016




Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016


ARTS. MUSIC. ENTERTAINMENT. Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m.


Locos — Live music, 9 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Beer pong, 9 p.m.


Applebee’s — Live DJ, 9:30 p.m.–close


Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Open mic night with Daniel Navarro, 6– 9 p.m. Locos — Trivia, 7:30 p.m.


Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m.

Three Tree Coffee Roasters — Live music night, 6–9 p.m. Locos — Live music, 9 p.m.

18 16

Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.



Statesboro Regional Public Library — How To:, 6 p.m.; Paranormal Book Club, 6:30 p.m. Eagle Creek Brewing Company — Thinking and Drinking Trivia, 7 p.m.

Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank Parking Lot) — Mainstreet Farmers Market, 9 a.m. Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Carly Moffa, 7– 10 p.m. Locos — Live music, 9 p.m.

40 East Grill — Scotty Cram, 8 p.m. El Sombrero (Fair Rd.) — Trivia, 7:30–9:30 p.m.

20 Monday

Statesboro Regional Public Library — Coupon Club, 11 a.m. El Jalapeño — Live DJ and karaoke, 8–11 p.m. Dingus Magee’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.

21 Tuesday

GSU City Campus — Brown Bag Lunch ‘n’ Learn, noon–1 p.m. Statesboro Regional Public Library — Trivia, 6 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m. Locos — Live music, 9 p.m.


Your events not listed? Wednesday Post them at connectLocos — Trivia,! 7:30 p.m.


GSU RAC Bandshell — UPB-Outdoor Movie: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, 9 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.



Erk Russell Sports Complex — Tormenta FC Soccer v. Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors, 7:30–9 p.m. El Sombrero (Fair Rd.) — Trivia, 7:30–9:30 p.m.

Locos — Live music, 9 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Beer pong, 9 p.m.


Three Tree Coffee Roasters — Live music night, 6–9 p.m. Whitaker Black Box

912-764-9891 4 Lester Road Statesboro, Ga Dental Expert

Millhouse — Amy Taylor, 9 p.m.



Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank Parking Lot) — Mainstreet Farmers Market, 9 a.m. Statesboro Regional Public Library — Sip & Sketch: Wax Relief, 4 p.m. Please sign up at reference desk. Refreshments and art supplies are provided.

28 Tuesday

Applebee’s — Live DJ, 9:30 p.m.–close


Locos — Live music, 9 p.m.

Erk Russell Sports Complex — Tormenta FC Soccer v. West Virginia Chaos, 7:30–9 p.m.

Whitaker Black Box Theater — Red, White and Tuna, 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $10

Larry G. ubbard, DDS Larry Hubbard

Theater — Red, White and Tuna, 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $10

Statesboro Regional Public Library — Trivia Night, 6 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m. GATA’s — Beer pong tournament, 8 p.m. Locos — Jam Session open mic night, 9 p.m.

NOTES ABOUT THIS ISSUE: Mirth and Matter: Editor Brittani Howell waived her column space this week to make room for intern Kenneth Lee's X-Men retrospective, but also because she had no desire to write about Orlando. She will be attending the candlelight vigil at Georgia Southern instead.

GSU Candlelight Vigil:

Due to its proximity to press time, Connect was not able to include any pictures from Monday's Georgia Southern candlelight vigil honoring the Orlando shooting victims. Please see the website for photos and related news material about the event.

Vampin' Gamer:

Wondering where our gaming column is this week? Our Vampin' Gamer is at the E3 Conference this week, getting an exclusive inside scoop just for you. Check our website throughout the week for inside looks at E3!

Q: I am a student that is on a budget. Do you all offer finance plans if I need to get some major work done on my teeth? A: We do offer interest-free financing up to 18 months, and longer terms with interest. Many offices do offer financing through various companies more online

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7 Kenley Alligood

A hidden Georgia gem: George L. Smith State Park I first experienced Statesboro when I came down for a campus tour back in 2013, and I made the terrible decision to visit in the summer. That was my initial idea of what to expect from South Georgia in late June, which in my mind roughly translated to “1,001 degrees Fahrenheit.” I decided to move here anyway. Last summer, looking for ways to beat the heat, some of my friends and I visited what has become one of my favorite places in this area. It’s not Tybee, or Savannah or Hilton Head. It’s the 412-acre lake right in Statesboro’s back yard. It’s called Watson Mill Pond, but don’t let that fool you — it’s a decentsized body of water. You could spend all day exploring by boat, kayak or paddleboard, or trekking down the 7 miles of hiking trails. Just a 40-minute drive from downtown Statesboro, George L. Smith State Park a hidden gem. And I do mean hidden: 15 minutes into the drive it feels like you’re headed for the middle of nowhere. You turn off of Highway 25 and onto a two-lane road that winds through miles and miles of fields. The first time we went there, a four-car caravan loaded down with kayaks rented from the RAC, I wasn’t convinced that we weren’t lost.

Eventually, we turned into the park and drove down the long entrance road, passing trails and campsites — but there was no lake in sight. Finally we reached the main park office, a cluster of buildings where you can rent kayaks, paddleboards and jon boats at a rate of $25 for four hours. All of our MacGyver-esque bungee cording and ratchet straps had been unnecessary, but we didn’t know that then. We parked by the boat ramp and crossed the road to the picnic tables, pulling food out of the cooler and creating a make-your-own-sandwich buffet. The lake shone behind us like a sheet of glass, reflecting the nearly cloudless sky like a mirror. Shortly, smelling strongly of bug spray and tasting sunscreen on our lips, we unloaded and set off into the lake. At first, it’s fairly open water with a few cypress trees scattered around, but the further back you go the thicker the trees get, until some places are even too thick to fit a kayak through. At that point, it becomes a game of "I Spy" to find the red, blue or yellow trail markers. The most distinctive thing about the lake is its stillness. The water is calm and dark and the lake is so large that you’ll rarely see other people.

Just a short way into the trees, your voices start to echo, bouncing back to you out of the distance, occasionally accompanied by the sounds of songbirds or woodpeckers. The lake is a haven for fish and birds, including endangered species like the osprey. A pair nests every year in the open part of the lake, watching passers-by carefully. As you file one-by-one through the trees, dodging low-hanging clumps of Spanish moss and watching turtles slip silently into the water, you get the paradoxical sense that you belong here somehow, an accepted part of this ecosystem, but also that you are here as an observer only, quietly intruding on another world. My friend likened it to something out of Jurassic Park (and she’s not completely wrong, as a small alligator may glide by), but I would argue that this park is significantly more relaxing. I’ve been back to George L. Smith a few times now since that first trip, and I’m never disappointed in its beauty. There are always new paths to take, more challenges to skillfully (or not so skillfully) maneuver around, and plenty of plants and animals to enjoy. So when Statesboro gets a little too warm, take a drive out of town and get out on the water. You might just see me there.w

Monday Pint Night: $2 pints (all draft beers), trivia at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday: $3.99 Titos, $3.99 Jim Beam Wine & Whisky Wednesday: $10 off any bottle of wine, $4.99 Crown Thirsty Thursday: $3.99 Titos, $3.99 Jim Beam Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $10 domestic buckets, $15 import buckets Monday night: $1.99 Kids' Night Wednesday: $3.75 Big Beers Thursday: "Water" Pong, 9 p.m. Friday: Live music Saturday: Live music Sunday: $3 Bloody Marys and $3 Mimosas

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Happy Mondays: Happy Hour all day! Half-off all alcohol and select appetizers Trivia Tuesdays: Trivia at 7 p.m. with cash prizes; $10 buckets of beer, $7.99 shrimp and grits Wicked Wednesdays: Karaoke and live DJ at 9 p.m.; $13 buckets (imports), $8 buckets (domestics), $3 doubles all day Thirsty Thursdays: $10 buckets of beer, $3 doubles, $3 bombs, $3 Newcastle all day Fridays & Saturdays: Live music; $10 buckets of beer Sunday Funday: Happy Hour all day! Karaoke and live DJ at 8 p.m.; 45¢ wings Everyday Lunch Specials: $7 lunches with a drink, 7 days a week!

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Tormenta FC: A rising storm Inaugural team burdened by legacy of "firsts," but pressure could break after first goal is scored has since hosted three Georgia Southern sports home matches — drawing have wrapped up until over 3,100 spectators August, but that doesn’t in its first home contest mean we don’t have a local against the Carolina sports team to enjoy and Dynamo. Two weeks support this summer. later, in the second home This year is the inaugural game of the season, over season of the South Georgia 2,700 waited through a Tormenta FC soccer franAlex Brown 90-minute weather delay chise, which has made its at Erk Russell Park. home in Statesboro. The expansion Unfortunately, the home franchise is a member of the crowd has not seen Premier Development a win yet. Or a goal. League, a 67-team Through four games, league that consists Tormenta has simply of four conferences not been able to put spanning the United one in the back of the States and Canada. net. Over the last But that doesn’t decade, 70 percent mean the games of all Major League haven’t been exciting. Soccer draftees have Two consecutive games played in the PDL. against Peachtree City Players range from proMOBA and SC United fessionals who have interBantams have gone to national soccer experience to halftime 0-0, but the good current collegiate athletes getting guys have dropped both 1-0 on late an opportunity to face a higher level goals. of competition while maintaining Starting a franchise from scratch eligibility with the NCAA. is no easy task. Add to that the The 14-game season gives each pressure the players must feel, as team seven home matches and they are fully aware that the first to seven road contests. For Tormenta. score will be in the record books who play in the eight-team South forever as the first goal-scorer in Atlantic Division of the Eastern Tormenta history. And the first win Conference, it means a home-andwill be the first in franchise history. home with each of its division Maybe they are pressing a little foes. Teams in the South Atlantic too hard trying to give this franchise Division hail from Georgia (2), its firsts? Maybe playing in front of South Carolina (1), North Carolina the home crowd has them pushing (2), Tennessee (1) and West Virginia a little too much at times? After all, (2). the best result to date came on the To recap the season thus far, road. South Georgia earned a point in This team has shown some the standings by way of a draw in signs, but just hasn’t quite put it all its first game in franchise history together yet. The first game was in Johnson City, Tennessee, against played after the team had only been the Tri-Cities Otters. Tormenta FC


Tormenta FC forward Kieran Roberts goes airborne on a slide tackle by Peachtree City MOBA defender Jack Coulton during second half action Friday. practicing together for a couple of weeks. And the schedule has been somewhat tricky, too. Tormenta faced Peachtree City in just its third game of the season on June 3. That game was Peachtree City’s sixth. As this team continues to gain experience playing together — and once that first goal comes — I

believe the first win will follow. After this group gets over those first few humps, I think business will pick up. The remainder of this season should be a lot of fun. The next home matches are Thursday, June 23, and Saturday, June 25. If you haven’t been to a game, I absolutely recommend checking one out.w

9 Kenneth Lee

Boro Skate Park stuck in limbo But lead organizer is still hopeful for progress came about in 2012 when he was still a student at Georgia Southern University. He and his friends lamented the limited selection of free activities found in Statesboro, as well as the lack of skate-friendly locations. “I just started noticing people skating on campus,” Stringer said. “They were having a lot of fun. Then campus told them that they could no longer skate there due to understandable liability issues. When kids skateboard now, they’ll get kicked out of places because they can get hurt, the owner of the property could get a liability suit against them, or other things of that nature. They have nowhere to go.” Since the conception of the Boro Skate Park Project, Stringer has been working diligently, meeting with various public figures and local organizations in town. He has given presentations with Statesboro’s Downtown Rotary Club, the Kiwanis Club, GSU’s Student Leaders Association and GSU’s Student Government Association. Additionally, he’s expressed gratitude for the support he received from the Statesboro Bulloch County Parks and Recreation Department (SBCPRD).

"You're not successful until you've completed your task, but I'm pretty positive we can pull through with this. It's just going to take some dedication, not only on my part, but on others as well — those who want to see this project go into fruition." Philip Stringer, Statesboro Skate Park Project

“Phillip has done a really great job at advocating for that need. We certainly know that need is there and there’s a lot of different ones in the community,” Mike Rollins, Director of the SBCPRD, said. One of Stringer’s arguments for a professionally built skate park in Statesboro is that it will prevent kids and students from skating in parking lots, streets, roads and other places where they are more likely to injure themselves or other people “A high school football team isn’t going to practice in a parking lot,” Stringer said. “They want to practice in an environment where it’s safe

Bulloch DUI / Bulloch Recovery Bulloch Defensive Driving Vern and Cindy Howard & Staff 18 Simmons Center • Statesboro, GA 30458 Phone: (912) 489-8401 • Fax: (912) 489-4316 • Program # 2070, 2050 • •,m

Vern and Cindy Howard

Clinical Evaluators

and fun to participate in. A skate park will allow kids safety because of the way it’s built and constructed. There’s less chance of them running into each other or other people. A professionally built skate park would be 100 percent safer than a kid just skating in a parking lot.” Rollins said, “One of the things that we have done over the years is making sure we build facilities that will last long term. It’s not about building something that will last just a short term or a 10-year project; it’s a life-time project. When we build

See SKATE, page 18

Q: Can I get license reinstatement at your facility? A:

No. License reinstatement is handled by the Department of Driver Services (DDS). We do provide the courses and certificates required by DDS for license reinstatement (i.e. DUI Risk Reduction Program and Defensive Driving). We are a state certified school (#2070 and #2050). Visit for course dates, times and fees.

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tatesboro may be considered a small town by some, but it is home to a number of recreational facilities, including but not limited to a movie theater, a water park, a go-kart track, a skydiving drop zone, a disc golf course and more. However, many would agree that there are still plenty of opportunities for growth. The Boro Skate Park Project is an initiative pushed by a local group who wish to bring a professionally built skate park to Statesboro for the entire community to enjoy. One of the goals stated by the group is to make the skate park admission-free so that everyone — students burdened with financial loans and local families who want to enjoy a free activity — can enjoy. “I wanted to have something not just for kids but adults as well,” Phillip Stringer, project manager of the Boro Skate Park Project, said. “The main thing about the skate park is that I want it to be free. It would be like any other park you would go to. I want it to be free because not everyone has the privilege to spend $5, $10 or $15 a day to do an activity they love.” Stringer’s wish for a skate park

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016

10 Vince Garrett

Moffa coming to Boro 'Out of the Blue' When you think of country describes a feeling most girls know music, you normally go straight to too well: an ex-boyfriend calling back the South. Alabama, Texas and, of to reminisce, only to be dismissed course, the home of country music: in the most riotous of ways. This Tennessee. You don't normally think one is definitely a "girl power" track. of New Jersey, but the state has proThe song "Hitman" is another really duced some stars — and Carly Moffa clever — and catchy — selection may just be one from the EP. of their new Moffa has rising talents. a mainstream Moffa is pop songa native of writing ability Williamstown, and has a voice New Jersey, but that can really now lives in cross genres. Nashville and Her choice of hopes to be brand right country's newest now is country, star. She is curbut she's rently touring got a sultry the East Coast smoothness and will be that could stopping here emulate a jazz in Statesboro singer. When at Eagle Creek she pushes that Brewing vocal ability Company on SPECIAL TO CONNECT to another Saturday, The cover art for "Out of the Blue," the first level, as in the June 18. EP of New Jersey-born artist Carly Moffa, is song "Right or Much of shown above. Moffa will be playing songs from Wrong," she Carly's influence her EP at Eagle Creek Brewing Co. on Saturday, could take on can be heard a rock power June 18. on her fourballad. song EP Out of the Blue. Moffa has Carly Moffa is certainly something a knack for using a clever hooks to check out, whether you're a fan of and vivid descriptions to bring the country music or not. If for no other audience into the moment as in the reason, check her out so you'll be title track, "Out of the Blue." She able to say "I knew her when..."w


What sets your medical facility apart from others? Our doctors are all Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dr. Patel is not only a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, but he holds a Medical Degree as well. Additionally, Dr. Uribe has over 35 years of experience in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Patel, Dr. Uribe, and Dr. Clayton also have previous teaching experience at academic hospitals and dental schools. They continue to work with students and actively lecture and provide presentations to their colleagues. Our highly skilled dental assistants are caring and compassionate, and they have obtained a supplemental certification in anesthesia assisting. Our doctors and staff offer experience and knowledge unparalleled in the Statesboro and surrounding area. What do you want people to understand about the services you offer? We offer a wide range of services which include removal of wisdom teeth, tooth extractions, dental implant placement, bone grafting, oral biopsy, facial trauma evaluation and surgery, jaw reconstruction and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) consultations

and treatment. Furthermore, we offer several anesthesia options to help make your treatment pleasant, safe and comfortable. We accept most major dental and medical insurances to assist in delivering the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. How do you welcome people and put them at ease when they come to your office? As soon as our patients walk through the door, they are greeted and cared for by our welcoming and compassionate team members. We understand that some of our patients may be nervous. Therefore, we make every effort to comfort them by explaining their diagnosis and treatment options and answering any questions they may have. Knowledge leads to understanding and understanding leads to a more relaxed patient.

Friendly, Caring, Compassionate, Skilled, Thorough

Thank you for voting us Best Oral Surgery Center! Statesboro Office 613 East Grady Street Statesboro, GA 30458 912-764-5435

w w w. e a s t g e o r g i a o r a l s u r g e r y. c o m

Swainsboro Office 6 Medical Office Way Swainsboro, GA 30401 478-419-2100


Ben Wyatt is not depressed "Unemployed" doesn't mean "not working," and depression looks different for everyone



Ben Wyatt shows off one of his between-jobs pet projects: a role-playing game called "Cones of Dunshire." ployment looked more like a constant fight against boredom. Eventually it became a petri dish in which self-doubt thrived. What did I have to talk about, to say for myself? My introversion, which was already profound, grew more far more prevalent. When you meet new people, they inevitably ask what you “do,” and I didn’t know how to answer. Feeling dull and mute in a new place is bound to breed loneliness, and loneliness leads to depression. Whether in an office, on a farm, or in the food service industry, I have always been an incredibly hard worker. I do well with structure, reasonable supervision and expectations, and without those parameters, I have really struggled. No matter how busy I stayed over the past three years, life has felt off. So, like Ben Wyatt, it is time for me to go back to work, and after a long and steady battle with inertia, I have made it happen: This fall, I will be teaching five classes at Georgia Southern. Since getting the offer, I have been compulsively building a professional wardrobe and lesson plans, both from the ground up. It’s been a while since I’ve used certain surfaces of my brain, so I’ll need to dust them off before putting

"Wyatt initially insists he's 'the furthest thing from depressed' and, waving his claymation doll in front of the camera defiantly, he asks, 'Do you think a depressed person could make this?' Oh Ben, you card. You'd be amazed by all that a depressed person can do." Katherine Fallon, Connect columnist

them back to use, and I am hoping to lull other, less helpful thought patterns into remission. Soon, I will be bringing home a modest quantity of bacon, and you will hardly recognize me. I will be wearing real pants, and complaining about having no time for myself, instead of having too much.w

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016

When Ben Wyatt quits light fixtures, painted his job in the Parks and walls in our powder room, Recreation Department of kitchen, bedroom and living Pawnee, Indiana, in order room, and scraped down to pursue an ethically sound the popcorn ceiling in the relationship with his colmaster bath. league, Leslie Knope, the I all but perfected our quirky Parks & Rec chareveryday bread recipe, acter embarks upon an learned to make traditional Katherine absolute odyssey of unstrucTurkish food, nailed a pretty Fallon tured time. complicated gumbo and He outfits himself in T-shirt deep-cleaned the house time and advertising all-but-forgotten 90’s time again, from the baseboards alt-rock band Letters to Cleo, stops up. I wrote, edited, organized and attempting to tame his hair and published poems, responded to a throws himself into his new, timehandful of pretty heavy family emerconsuming claymation hobby. gencies, and traveled to see friends Wyatt initially insists he’s “the in California, Wisconsin, South furthest thing from depressed” and, Carolina and Pennsylvania. waving his claymation doll in front And, like Ben Wyatt, I played of the camera defiantly, he asks, “Do with clay, making miniature foods: you think a depressed person could tiny cakes, pizzas, cheese plates, make this?” fruits and even a commissioned Oh, Ben, you card. You’d be charcuterie board. I shingled, refinamazed by all that a depressed ished and redecorated my childhood person can do. Tudor-style dollhouse, even land Ben Wyatt was without work scaping its front yard and laying for one week. I’ve been unemtiny bathroom floor tiles, one by ployed for going on three years. My one. These projects required me to partner reminds me regularly that learn to use pastels, oil and waterI have actually been quite hard at color paints; they provided me with work during that time, even if it’s sensory input, intense focus and finnot socially sanctioned, paycheckished products. wielding work. I always imagined unemployment I moved three times to three would be a long-term vacation and/ different states. My partner and I or a hyper-focused time of selfrefinished our kitchen cabinetry and improvement. But I did not spend several pieces of furniture, installed these years writing a memoir, or a back splash and an oven hood, fixing my problems, or even sleeping and rebuilt and tiled our powder in. room floor. We replaced sinks and In reality, in my case, unem-

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016





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Core Credit Union Best Credit Union, Best Customer Service, Best Student Banking, Best To Show True Blue Pride

Sir Shop Best Men’s Clothing Store, Best Tuxedo Rental

J’ Adore Bridal Best Bridal Store

After Hours Glass Services Best Glass & Mirror Store

McCook’s Pharmacy Best Pharmacy

Ocean Galley Best Seafood Restaurant

Georgia Southern University Golf Course Best Golf Course

180 Fitness Best Gym

The Healthy Touch Day Spa Best Massage, Best Day Spa

Denmark’s Furniture Mart & Sleep Shop Best Furniture Store

Moe’s Best Burrito

Chick-fil-A Best Fast Food

Franklin Chevrolet Best Service Department

The Brannen Law Office Best DUI Law Office, Best Criminal Law Office

CitruSolution Best Carpet Cleaning

441 Public Best New Restaurant, Best Martini, Best Brunch

Velvet Rose Tattoo & Piercing Best Tattoo Parlor, Jean Simmons - Best Body Piercer, Mark Simmons - Best Tattoo Artist

TC Outdoors Best Sporting Goods Store

Boro Take-Out Express Best Takeout

Steak ‘n Shake Best Milkshake

RJ’s Grill Best Breakfast, Best Family Restaurant, Best Wait Staff

The Clubhouse Best Place for Family Entertainment, Best Health Food for SPIKES Restaurant

Sole Best Women’s Shoe Store

Gnat’s Landing Best Happy Hour, Best Sports Bar, Best Salad, Best Trivia, Best Bar for GSU Alumni, Best Lunch, Best Live Music, Best Burger, Best Sandwiches, Best Fries

Nessmith-Lane Center Best Banquet Facility

Shogun Best Sushi, Best Japanese

Millhouse Best American Restaurant, Best Italian, Best Steak, Best Appetizers, Best Outdoor Dining, Friendliest Bar

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The Brannen Law Office

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CLUES ACROSS 1. ‘ER’ actress Leslie 5. The Ibo tribe 10. Weapon 14. Olympian Jones 15. Moth genus 16. In addition 17. Neighborhood in Rio 18. Anoint 19. Insect repellent 20. Indigenous person 22. Tooth caregiver 23. Vacation here 24. Aware 27. 7th letter Greek alphabet 30. Actress Ling 31. Gandalf’s real name 32. Luxury car 35. Evildoer 37. Cricket term (abbr.) 38. Primal goddess of the Earth 39. More depressed 40. Cattle genus 41. Dish 42. Not west 43. Founder of Babism 44. Speak rapidly and foolishly 45. Fall back, spring forward 46. Where you sleep 47. Inform 48. Former CIA 49. Salts 52. Bleated 55. Never sleeps 56. Cavalry sword 60. Ceramic jar 61. Cyprinid fishes 63. Home to Cathedral of San Sabino 64. Edible Indian fruit 65. Lake in Botswana 66. University of Miami mascot 67. Perceives 68. Yellow-fever mosquitos 69. All humans have one

CLUES DOWN 1. Reveal secrets 2. Private school in New York 3. Pancake 4. Cichlid fish 5. Independent Voters Association 6. Nonviolent advocate 7. Suburb in Copenhagen 8. Heavy cotton garments 9. Self-addressed envelope 10. A way to make wet 11. Genus of trees 12. Millisecond 13. Kiss ballad 21. Unlock 23. ___ mot 25. ‘Joy Luck Club’ author Amy 26. Catch 27. __ and flowed 28. Monetary units 29. Scorched 32. Italian aviator 33. Things to eat 34. Waddles 36. A Queens ballplayer

37. It’s on your driver’s license 38. Talk 40. Witty conversation 41. Satisfies 43. Sound unit 44. Placental mammal 46. Offer 47. Flower cluster 49. Stamps 50. Palmlike plant 51. Developed poliomyelitis vaccine 52. Newhart, Marley, Dylan 53. Wings 54. Away from wind 57. Slugger Ruth 58. Musician Clapton 59. Gamble 61. Desoxyribonucleic acid 62. Female sibling


sudoku It’s Good for Your Eyes! Find puzzle answers in Classifieds







Silver Queen Corn

Ready now!! Also Peas, Zipper, Pinkeye, Sadandy, ready soon. Call 912-587-9433 or 912-2432933.

Allison Deal Landscaping, LLC Landscaping

Grading, & Tilling Sod & Plants Construction Site Cleaning Office 912-823-839-3826 912-682-5097

General Merchandise $1 Sale on pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, and more. Worne Threads. 515 Denmark St. M/W/F(10-2), Tues(10-12), Thur(2-4). 912-489-5204. Got Allergies? Stinky Car~Home~Office~RV? Guaranteed removal “ANY” Odor in 1-8 Hours! Pet~Cigarette~Chemical 770-358-7842 ORGANIC!

Carolos Hernandez 912-362-8522

Retired Jeweler

Selling Equipment Desk, jewelry making & repair equipment, gas welder, all tools, and equipment. Call 912-653-0057.

For Your Information Rosie Simpkins, honor graduate from Jenkins County, could use help raising half of tuition before 7/31 [$24,000] To read more and/or help, visit:

Items for Sale Produce

JACOBS’ PRODUCE Blueberries and Blackberries are READY NOW. Also zucchini & yellow squash, shelled butterbeans, snap beans, cucumbers. 12½/miles, Lakeview Rd to Ga Hwy 17. Take left. Located 1/mile on left. 912-863-7522 See us on face book!

Pets & Animals Pets

CDL DRIVERS & MECHANICS NEEDED for Richmond Hill, Savannah, Hinesville and Hardeeville. Good Benefits & Top Pay! Call Joseph, 912-330-0058

Statesboro, Pre-K thru 8th grade. Math/science/reading. Computer games instruction. Free snacks, field trips, picnic. June 21st30th. 10am-1pm 912-7649282 813-909-6067.

Jobs Employment Wanted

caregiver looking to be there for your loved one in need of care. Some afternoons and nights. 912-314-8005 References available.

has Yorkies, tiny Chihuahua’s, Shihtzus Poodles, miniature Dachshunds, and other breeds available

Call 912-536-2726

Carpenter Specialist

If you need any work done in Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, framing, flooring or painting. Call Leroy White. 541-1260.*

Christian lady

will stay with your loved ones , day hours preferred. Will cook your meal give medicine References available. Call 912314-3526 leave message.

Engineering Department

Stormwater Technician

$18.44/hr + Competitive Benefits.  Must apply online @ www. Equal Opportunity Employer

Christian Lady

Services Computer Services

Don’t Breed or Buy While Homeless Pets Die

Children’s Summer Camp


Will sit with your loved one. Will do errands and take to doctors appointments. 25 years experience with good references. 912-839-9206. Drivers Wanted

Full Tune Up! $75


Best prices and service in the ‘Boro Call 912-541-2809

Instructor Needed

for Defensive Driving class. Clean record. Call 912-4898401 for interview.


Located 61/2 miles out Pulaski Hwy. BUTTERBEANS, BUTTEPEAS & PEAS Call for Availability Vine Ripe Tomatoes Peaches Squash Cucumbers Okra Watermelons and other fruits & veggies Open Tue. thru Sat. 8am. to 6pm. Call 852-5344

Claxton Poultry Farms

Lane Farms

9.5 miles from Statesboro on Lakeview Rd. Silver Queen Corn ready now. Large or small orders. Visit Shelter or call 912587-5542, 912-682-9048. You can place your Misc. Real Estate ad in the Statesboro Herald on line at our website or by calling 912.489.9431.

Think Adoption First! Spay and Neuter! Adopt@countyshelter 912-764-4529,,

@912-681-9393 Low-cost spay/neuter, free transport: SNAC 843-645-2500


An excellent & Dependable

Simply Southern Kennel


4 available now! Shots and wormed. Call 912-858-4884 or 912-6677787

Help Wanted

This month’s Special Free with service Cleaning of all internal fans and CPU Great prices! I will come to you!!


in Claxton GA needs CDL drivers. Must have valid drivers license. Send resume to P.O. Box 428. Claxton, GA 30417 Attn: Ken Prater. Tired Of Your Old Stuff? Need New Money? Place A Classified Ad TODAY! Call 912-489-9455*

WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE The Statesboro Herald has something for everyone. From local news to world news, sports to business, you’ll find in-depth coverage of the topics that matter most to you. To order home delivery, call:


Connect Statesboro 06.15.16

James Rollins 912-614-7908

Jack Russell Puppies

Schools and Instruction

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016


to Jim Healy – jhealy@ No phone calls, please.

Commercial Electrical Superintendents Electricians, Apprentices and Helpers

needed for long term work in the Statesboro area. We offer Stability, Chance to Grow, Top Pay, Paid Holidays, Paid Vacation, Health Insurance and 401(K) with Company Match. Must be dependable with good work ethic & have transportation. Email resume to: Fax Resume to 912-681-2193

Real Estate Land/Lots For Sale

3 Acre Lots

Public Works Department

Equipment Operator

Equipment Operator, senior $12.48/hr, Equipment Operator $11.89/hr + Competitive Benefits.  Must apply online @ www. Equal Opportunity Employer


Peach State Air Conditioning and Refrigeration , LLC. is looking for experienced HVAC Installers and HVAC Tech. Service. We offer competitive pay with benefits and Holiday pay! To apply please call or come by our office, 912-489-1585, 1500 Red Fern Lane, Statesboro, Ga 30461.


LOOKING TO HIRE MOVERS! We are currently hiring movers. Clean background record & clean driving history required. Must have valid driver’s license & reliable transportation. Must be able to lift over 50lbs at a steady pace, work & learn at a fast pace, & follow directions. Experience a plus, but will train the right person who qualifies with the above requirements & is willing to learn. For more information, please call 912-4864713.

Optim Healthcare is seeking full-time LPN’s/RN’s for our Sylvania and Millen locations. For more details and to apply, please visit http://optimhealth. com/careers.

Now Hiring

* Office Manager, *Crew Chiefs (CDL a plus), *Packers, & Loaders. Full time summer positions available. Great benefits package and chances for advancement. Apply 309 Mathews Rd. Statesboro, GA.

REMEMBER: To check with The Bulloch County Animal Shelter, 301 North. If you have lost a pet. 764–4529.*

Trinity Episcopal Church

Is seeking a half-time Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries. For more information and application instructions, go to http:// posting-director-of-childrens-and-youth-ministries

10 minutes from Statesboro, water/septic available. Owner financing $1000 down + closing. 912-7649955.

Staff Accountant

for a progressive, team-oriented, growing multimedia company in downtown Savannah. Position will primarily be responsible for intercompany and account reconciliations, account analysis, accounts payable processing, banking, and general ledger entries for a several small businesses. Individual should have excellent communication, organization and interpersonal skills. Completion of at least a two-year accounting degree (or equivalent courses) and experience using Microsoft Excel are required. Pertinent job experience is preferred. Send resume to Morris Multimedia, Inc., Attention: Financial Group, 27 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401.

For Rent

4br/2ba, large yard, walk to GSU. WD, DW. $950/ month. 4br/2ba, like new, fenced hard, wd hook up $950/ month. Both includes lawn maintenance. Available Now. 912-682-1230.

Adult professional Looking for

Experienced Logging Foreman Needed

Must have experience Capable of working a 3 man crew with 45-50 load production per week. Able to run late model equipment. Great pay and bonuses. Submit and references to: Logging Job P. O. Box 296 Swainsboro, GA. 30401

Small cabin or cottage, (1 person) detached garage/ barn apartment, to rent near Web Master Statesboro. honest, considerate The Statesboro Herald, an excellent rental references, award-winning producer non-smoker, no pets. Call 912of local content for print 687-3141. publications and the web, Now Leasing for Fall 2016. including mobile, is looking for Waived Move-in Fee with Fall EFFICIENCY a Web Master to help maintain Lease. 1,2,3,&4 Bedrooms APARTMENT and improve our web sites, starting at $495. All-Inclusive offer ideas and expertise in Utilities included $85.00 Rate Includes:Power, Water, enhancing the appearance weekly. Call 912-587-5418. Cable,Internet. and functionality of our web Call Now(912)681-2437. and mobile sites and partner with our advertising team in producing revenue through standard and innovative use of all our digital platforms. While this is not a pure code Quiet Living writing position, knowledge 1 bedroom unfurnished or of HTML is a must, along with Studio Furnished Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Conveniently located near and graphic design. Working Statesboro Mall . Visit or call Mill knowledge of Wordpress Run 912-489-8402 would open additional NEW !! Spacious earnings potential. The Duplex Statesboro Statesboro Herald is a Morris Quiet Living leasing now and for Fall Multimedia company, which 1 bedroom unfurnished or Cypress Crossing. is based in Savannah. We Studio Furnished 3 bedroom, offer a competitive salary and Conveniently located near 2 & 3 bath. excellent benefits, including Statesboro Mall . Visit or call Mill medical, vacation and 401k. 912-536-3870 . Send cover letter and resume Run 912-489-8402


Now Hiring

Correctional Officers

$27936.00 Annually Smith Transitional Center 8631 US Hwy 301 N Claxton Ga 30417 Applications can be found at and then submitted by email to or fax to 912-739-8941 exterior and tan interior. KBB value is 7200.00 asking 5400.00 call 478-390-2618


This Apartment is for you! Statesboro

2008 Yamaha FZ6

Wise Choice Realty 2 bed/1 bath starting at $695 3 bed/2 bath starting at $850 912- 681-9473 Statesboro, GA

Automotive Cars/Trucks/Vans

3107 miles, very good condition. Garage kept. $4500. Contact Tim Johnson at 912-682-9417 478-7633488.

2015 HD Iron 883

Only 5K miles, $4500 in upgrades. $8500 OBO. Call 912-663-9709. Nice ride


2000 Toyota Echo

Great Shape, Clean interior, black, 90,000 miles. 1 owner. $4000. 912-237-3817. SUVS 2006 Toyota Highlander. 242,000 miles. Adult driven and well maintained. Has new timing belt and brakes. White

Call Today…Enjoy Tomorrow!



Connect Statesboro 06.15.16

Large one bedroom, full size apt. All inclusive. 223 Lanier Dr. Call now 912-681-3291

Connect Statesboro 06.15.2016

18 Eugenia Last GEMINI (May 21– June 20) — Put your plans into motion. Use your power of persuasion to entice others to see and do things your way. Love is in the stars, but temptation will lead you astray. CANCER (June 21– July 22) — Show restraint when asked to keep a secret if you want to avoid damaging your reputation. Concentrate on a creative endeavor or improving yourself or your home. Avoid an emotional scene. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) — If you look for a way to help, you will discover a new way to use your skills in a more diverse manner. You will enjoy feeling needed. Romance will enhance your life. VIRGO (Aug. 23– Sept. 22) — Observation will be necessary if you want to avoid a scandal. Don't get caught in a position that will make you look bad or incompetent. Bide your time. LIBRA (Sept. 23– Oct. 23) — If you give your all, you will get the same in return. Good fortune is around the corner socially, emotionally and financially. A romantic gesture will encourage a positive change in your life. SCORPIO (Oct. 24– Nov. 22) — Let your emotions lead the way when it comes to personal matters. An unusual lifestyle change will help you obtain a lifelong dream.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23– Dec. 21) — Serious talks can help smooth over a misunderstanding or disagreement, but honesty will be required in order to bring about the changes you desire. Compromise and incentives will bring good results. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22– Jan. 19) — Finish what you start and clear your agenda so you can enjoy some downtime with friends and family. Sharing your ideas will result in support and encouragement. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20– Feb. 19) — A chance to step into the limelight is apparent, but it must be handled graciously. Stick to facts and realistic promises. Personal gains look promising. PISCES (Feb. 20– March 20) — Honesty is the best policy when dealing with friends and family. An interesting partnership will be enticing, but you need to iron out the details before you commit to anything long-term. ARIES (March 21– April 19) — Plan a vacation or devote some time to a loved one. Making personal adjustments will lead to a positive plan or a new adventure. TAURUS (April 20– May 20) — Ask and you shall receive. Let your intuition and experience guide you when it comes to advancement. Don't let anyone saddle you with responsibilities that don't belong to you.w

Holli Deal Saxon HONEYMOON’S OVER? — A woman said her husband was using her Social Security Number for employment reasons at his Hwy. 67 convenience store. The man said his wife tried to run him over, which she denied. The man signed a waiver of prosecution but asked that she be served with a criminal trespass warning for his store. The woman was advised to report her husband to the Georgia Department of Labor. BLOCKING A SHOT? — A woman called police after having been pushed off a pool table at a

Hanna Way location and receiving a cut to the head. Reports did not state why she was on the pool table. DOGGONE GIFT — A Burkhalter Road woman said her mother-in-law stole her dachshund puppy. The accused woman and her husband each said the pup was a Mother’s Day gift from the complainant.w

X-MEN, from page 4

mutant who possesses adamantium claws, like Wolverine) and First Class’s Riptide and Azrael (villains who possessed wind and teleportation powers, respectively) may have provided opportunities for cinematic battles full of fun choreography, but they’re all characters absent of any dialogue or characterization. They exist only to entertain the audience. The series’ saving grace has always been its ability to entertain. The amount of inventiveness, energy, shock and awe embedded in the choreography and staging of their set pieces and action sequences is a thing to behold, whether it’s the stylish opening scene of a brainwashed Nightcrawler using his teleportation ability to assault White House guards in X2; the thrilling, comic book-esque fight sequence of Wolverine fighting Yakuza goons on top of a speeding bullet train in The Wolverine; or the iconic and memorable Quicksilver scenes in both Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. And it's not like the films are devoid of any character-driven scenes. Stewart and McKellen, along with McAvoy and Fassbender, bring gravitas to a majority of their scenes, elevating the script to

SKATE, from page 9 them, we want to make sure it lasts forever.” Stringer has even gained the interest of the police department, possessing on his person a written document expressing approval of a potential skate park with the signatures of the director of public safety, the police major, the patrol captain and the community relations officer. Stringer said, “They know that some of the kids they have to tell to leave certain places aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong; they just have no place to go.” Despite the attention and support that the Boro Skate Park Project has garnered, the road toward a skate park has hit a couple of bumps and is set for the future rather than the immediate present. The SBCPRD’s current priority is meeting other community needs through maintaining and repairing current facilities for the public to enjoy. “We would love to do new (facilities) and we would love to be able to update when and where we can, but sometimes we really have to pick and choose when that occurs,” Rollins

a whole other plane of existence. It’s just a shame that the X-Men films, as a whole, have chosen to marginalize the other iconic comic book characters present in the films, ignoring the potential stories and arcs they can bring to a script. Even in Apocalypse, characters are sidelined and minimalized: Olivia Munn’s Psylocke provides nothing more than fan service by wearing a swimsuit for the majority of the movie, and Ben Hardy’s Angel is the embodiment of bland. It’s such a waste, especially as the characters they play have rich history and arcs in other iterations — comics, animated shows, etc. Superhero movies promise visual splendors and CGI extravaganza, and the X-men films deliver that promise in the best way possible. Unfortunately, they’re also in dire need of characterization and personality. With the next main X-Men film set in the 90s and a solid team set up at the end of Apocalypse, let’s hope director Bryan Singer and company put in the same amount of consideration, planning, care and attention to their characters that they do in their action sequences and set pieces.w

said. “Sometimes you have to wait until you have money available, and right now we don’t. Hopefully that’ll change. We’ll continue to work toward that point in time where we can do that facility and others that we know we need to do in the community.” Although the skate park is still far from receiving the needed funding, Stringer is optimistic that enough public support and interest will be given to the project and that a skate park will appear in Statesboro one day. “You’re not successful until you’ve completed your task, but I’m pretty positive that we can pull through with this,” Stringer said. “It’s just going to take some dedication, not only on my part, but on others as well — those who want to see this project go into fruition.”w





Eagle g Nation


Med ca Directory Medical D ec o y

912-764-2223 Open Mon. thru Fri. 9am to 6:30pm, Sat. 9-1, Closed Sunday.

586 Brannen Street Statesboro, GA 30458 912-871-6611 Mon. – Fri. 7:30 am – 7:30 pm, Sat. 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.


Mon. 8:30am – 5:30pm, Tues. 8:30am – 7:00pm, Wed. 8:30am – 5:30pm, Thurs. 8:30am – 4:00pm, Fri. 8:30am – 2:00pm.

1096 Bermuda Run Rd behind East Georgia Regional Hospital, Statesboro, GA 304586 912-871-5150 Mon. thru Fri. 9:00am – 8:00pm, Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sun. 12:00pm – 5:00pm.

912-764-5643 Mon-Sat 9am - 9pm Sun 2pm - 7pm 1601 Fair Road Statesboro, GA 30458 912.681.2333 Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm Weekends & Holidays Closed

1499 Fair Rd., Statesboro, GA 30458 912-486-1000

1066 Bermuda Run Road Statesboro, GA 30458 912-764-5625 Mon.-Thur.: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

202 Northside Dr West Statesboro, GA 912-764-6175 1198 Merchants Way Statesboro, GA 912-681-3784

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23630 A Hwy 80 East Statesboro, GA 30461

Professional Eye Care 214 Savannah Avenue, Statesboro, GA 30458

57 Granade Street Statesboro, GA 30458

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Check out our Statesboro Store (across from the fair grounds)

17067 Hwy 67 Statesboro 912-681-7766 Mon - Wed: 10am-10pm • Thurs: 10am-12am • Fri - Sat: 10am-1am • Sun: 12pm-8pm

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