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MAY 18-31, 2016


“Forgotten History” New CVB exhibit remembers Georgia’s Spanish influence.



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$300 Receive a $300 Visa gift card if you sign a lease by May 22nd!

First 30 to lease a 4 bedroom at $379 by May 22nd! Call 912-225-0098 for details and restrictions. 133 Lanier Drive, Statesboro, GA 30458 | 912.225-0098 |

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This image, released by A24 Films, shows Scarlett Johansson in a scene from "Under the Skin."

ICYMI: Take a look at 'Under the Skin' on Netflix If I hadn’t read a review of Under the Skin prior to seeing it, I would likely have abandoned ship after approximately half an hour, wondering what in the world I’d gotten myself into. As it was, though, I had an inkling when I approached the film, so I toughed it out. In fact, I toughed it out not once, but three times, and with each subsequent viewing, I liked it more. The film, released in 2014, is available on Amazon Prime and stars Scarlett Johansson as a foxy seductress who also just so happens to be an extraterrestrial. She combs the Scottish countryside in search of virile young hitchhiking men, to whom she offers a ride and delivers a death sentence. The film is a quiet one, peppered throughout with terrifying violin and painfully awkward getting-toknow-you banter, which helps her to establish which of her various, unfor-

tunate passengers are least likely to be missed. Those men who have no families, no girlfriends, no jobs or are transient become her targets. She seduces them each through a bizarre chiaroscuro striptease, during which the men are subsumed by an inexplicable black void where, we can only assume, they are left to die. When the alien snatches a kindly, deformed man off the street on his way to the supermarket, everything changes. She asks him probing questions about how long it’s been since he touched someone and she places his hands on her face. She then invites him to her place, where she decides last minute to release him, naked, back into the world. Suddenly, she has lost faith in her mission. She abandons her creepy kidnapping van and takes off into the

See SKIN, page 9

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Contributing Writers: Holli Deal Saxon Alex Brown Tim Webb Katherine Fallon


Volume 11 • No. 10 • May 18, 2016

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Elsa needs a girlfriend like a fish needs a bicycle Yes, Disney should move toward LGBT inclusion — but the Ice Queen might like being on her own

G.A.T.A. Get After That Apartment 710 Georgia Avenue • Statesboro, GA 30458

(9 1 2 ) 8 7 1 - 6 5 0 1




Up to 1 MONTH


At dinner the other night, romance was the main, driving a friend of mine looked me motivation in a girl's narrative. square in the eye over our Thai And after a semester solid food and asked, "What do you of characters falling in love think about the #GiveElsaA left and right, I was bored of Girlfriend thing?" it. When Frozen ended with For those of you who have Elsa skating happily off with her sister, I cheered. Elsa, after missed it (although, if you're spending most of her life in nerdy enough to be reading isolation terrified that she this, you probably haven't), Brittani Howell could only be a destructive there is a movement going on force in the lives of others, social media where fans are was building a good and healthy relaactively campaigning for Disney to give tionship with her sister. Elsa, after one of its most recent princesses, Elsa thinking that being alone was the only of Frozen, a girlfriend in the confirmed way she could be free, has learned to sequel to the 2013 box office smash let herself love and be loved. She is (which was really more of a box office surrounded by people (and a reindeer obliterator). The tweets in favor of the and sentient snowman, but whatever) move number in the 10,000s and will who care for her. Not just no man likely keep growing. And, of course, the movement has required, but no romance required. I will never, ever dispute that media inspired a countermovement of those needs more healthy LGBT relationwho resist same-sex inclusion and ships on display. We need more claim it's a threat to traditional values Mikeys and Tituses, more Delphines and will topple the norm as we know and Cosimas, and we need to it and all the other tired arguments I introduce them to children early if we tend not to listen to anymore. But for totally different reasons, I want to build a society that recognizes same-sex relationships as normal. agree with them on this one: I don't I will also never deny that romantic think Elsa needs a girlfriend. Before you jump on me as an enemy relationships are awesome. Learning of the same-sex movement (I'm not, I to love and be loved is one of the promise), let me tell you a story. greatest joys of being human, a glori I took a children's literature seminar ously selfless exercise that can, paradoxically, be one of the best things you class during my senior year at Mercer. could ever do for yourself. Regardless The class focused on fairy tales and of whom you are loving, the very act of fairy tale retellings, and one of the loving is, I think, the holiest thing we books we read was Ash, by Malinda as people are capable of. Lo. The book blurb described a plot But there are plenty of people in in which this bewitched Cinderella the world who are perfectly happy character gets her "capacity for love with remaining single. It's a valid lifeand desire to live" reawakened after she style decision, but there are very few meets a huntress named Kaisa. I was healthy bachelors and bachelorettes in looking forward to a story of strong fiction. If a character remains single, female friendship. Instead, I got a story it's usually because they have some of lovers. I didn't care that Ash and Kaisa weird baggage to deal with or a reason to think they can't have/don't deserve were both women, or that they got a romantic relationship. Few, if any, together, or that they kissed. None of main protagonists are single because that mattered to me one way or the they choose to be, and I can't think other. What bothered me was that, of a single one that's happy about even though the love interest was a woman this time around, once again, See ELSA, page 19




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Beer pong, 9 p.m. Applebee’s — Live DJ, 9:30 p.m.–close

20 23


Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Open mic night with Daniel Navarro, 6– 9 p.m.


Statesboro Regional Public Library — Movie Matinee: The Peanuts Movie, 4 p.m. Free and open to the public.

Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Locos — Trivia, 9 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.



Statesboro Regional Public Library — Remembering Camp Lawton with Hubert Gibson. Sign-up is required. Free and open to the public, 5 p.m. Eagle Creek Brewing Company — Thinking and Drinking Trivia, 7 p.m. El Sombrero (Fair Rd.) — Trivia, 7:30–9:30 p.m. Wild Wing Café —

Southern Billiards & Burgers — Pool tourney, 8 p.m., $10 entry fee


Locos — Cornhole tournament, 7 p.m. El Jalapeño — Live DJ and karaoke, 8–11 p.m. Dingus Magee’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.

21 24 Saturday


Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank Parking Lot) — Mainstreet Farmers Market, 9 a.m.

Statesboro Regional Public Library — Trivia, 6 p.m.

The Belle House — Esteban’s Hat, 7 p.m.

Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m.

GSU Erk Russell Sports Complex — Tormenta FC Soccer v. Dynamo, 7:30 p.m.

GSU Russell Union — UPB-Movie: Zoolander 2, 7 p.m. Free and open to the public.

22 Sunday

Midtown Bar & Grill — Beer pong tourney, 7 p.m.

Locos — Jam Session open mic night, 9 p.m.

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Clinical Evaluators

Statesboro Karate — Coastal Rock Productions presents The Flats, Glass Mansions and Kennedy Curse, 7:30 p.m. Cover charge: $8

Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Locos — Trivia, 9 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.


30 Monday

Locos — Cornhole tournament, 7 p.m.

El Jalapeño — Live DJ and karaoke, 8–11 p.m. Dingus Magee’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.

31 Tuesday

Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m. GATA’s — Beer pong tournament, 8 p.m. Locos — Jam Session open mic night, 9 p.m.


Statesboro Regional Public Library — Paranormal Book Club, 6 p.m.

Special to Connect

Wild Wing Café — Beer pong, 9 p.m.



Millhouse — Nick Bryant, 9 p.m.



Downtown Statesboro (Sea Island Bank Parking Lot) — Mainstreet Farmers Market, 9 a.m.

Bulloch DUI Risk Reduction Clinical Evaluation Vern & Cindy Howard

Statesboro Regional Public Library — Sip & Sketch, ‘Resistance Art,’ 4 p.m. Free and open to the public.

18 Simmons Center • Statesboro, GA 30458 Phone: (912) 489-8401 • Fax: (912) 489-4316 Program # 2070, 2050 •

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Memorial Day Weekend 45th Bluegrass Festival

while exploring Mossy Oak Park in Historic Guyton, a 34-acre park with 500-plus camper hookups, a playground, Mossy Oak Music arts and crafts vendors, Park will hold its 45th an indoor flea market Bluegrass Festival over Memorial Day weekend, and much more. For a more inforMay 25–30. mation, including a full An hour's drive will take you to six days full lineup of performers, of traditional bluegrass visit www.mossyoakand gospel music by top You may also call (912) 772groups this Memorial 5142 for reservations Day Weekend. Enjoy and more information. w nonstop live music


What are some questions you ask in order to determine whether a person is abusing drugs or alcohol?

A: Are you currently using alcohol or mind/mood altering drugs? When is the last time you drank or used drugs? How often do you drink or use drugs? How much do you use to get where you need to be? Does or did either of your parents drink or use drugs? Grandparents? Can you describe what the “morning after” feels like to you? How many times have you been arrested for alcohol or drugs? Will you tell me about your social supports? And many, many more.


Blizzard Entertainment’s This also makes it necmultiplayer shooter, essary to work as a team: Overwatch, is set to release No one player can do it May 24 for Microsoft all alone. Players will be Windows, PlayStation 4 more inclined to change and Xbox One. The game out their hero mid-game centers on players who depending on the other must use teamwork while team’s success. Tim Webb choosing between 21 heroes, The character designs each with their own and maps are beauREVIEW abilities and roles. I tifully made, with had the opportunity to vibrant colors and 'Overwatch' play the game during unique locales. the beta, and it did not Different genders disappoint. and ethnicities are Players are tasked portrayed within Developer + Publisher: with choosing between Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch and allow 21 heroes split Platform: Microsoft between four classes: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One offense, defense, tank and support. Offense characters are fast and deal out lots In Overwatch, of damage. The defense characters play as one of provide field support with sentry 21 characters duties and other abilities to trap the on a team to enemy team. Tank characters draw accomplish enemy fire away from their team, missions in a as they have high hit points, and vibrant, support characters use buffs and gorgeous and debuffs to enhance their own team diverse and weaken the enemy team. gamescape. Since each character is unique, players will get an entirely new game SPECIAL experience with each gameplay if they choose a different character.

for much wider accessibility. Also, the map locales feature places from Route 66 near America’s Grand Canyon to the Japanese city of Hanamura. The game will be officially released in a week, and gamers will be in for a treat. Overwatch is a shooter unlike any other out there now on the market. With its many characters with unique abilities and the absence of a traditional team death-match mode, Overwatch will not disappoint. I spent many hours enjoying myself during the beta, and I cannot wait for May 24 so I can jump right back into the game where I left off.w

Monday Pint Night: $2 pints (all draft beers), trivia at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday: $3.99 Titos, $3.99 Jim Beam Wine & Whisky Wednesday: $10 off any bottle of wine, $4.99 Crown Thirsty Thursday: $3.99 Titos, $3.99 Jim Beam Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $10 domestic buckets, $15 import buckets Monday night: $1.99 Kids' Night Wednesday: $3.75 Big Beers Thursday: "Water" Pong, 9 p.m. Friday: Live music Saturday: Live music Sunday: $3 Bloody Marys and $3 Mimosas

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Diverse and entertaining, 'Overwatch' is an all-around win

Happy Mondays: Happy Hour all day! Half-off all alcohol and select appetizers Trivia Tuesdays: Trivia at 7 p.m. with cash prizes; $10 buckets of beer, $7.99 shrimp and grits Wicked Wednesdays: Karaoke and live DJ at 9 p.m.; $13 buckets (imports), $8 buckets (domestics), $3 doubles all day Thirsty Thursdays: $10 buckets of beer, $3 doubles, $3 bombs, $3 Newcastle all day Fridays & Saturdays: Live music; $10 buckets of beer Sunday Funday: Happy Hour all day! Karaoke and live DJ at 8 p.m.; 45¢ wings Everyday Lunch Specials: $7 lunches with a drink, 7 days a week!

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Eagle baseball is headed to the Sun Belt And you can thank the math for that one, because this season has been rough Well, one-and-done wasn’t exactly how the Eagles drew it up. Georgia Southern softball dropped the opening game of the Sun Belt Softball tournament to No. 8 seed UL-Monroe by a score of 2-1, and saw its season come Alex to an abrupt end Wednesday. The tournament is single-elimination for the first round and then moves to a double-elimination format from there. Georgia Southern gave up a two-run, two-out double in the top of the first inning, which proved to be enough for the Warhawks. The Eagles managed a solo home run in the bottom of the fifth, but could not push the tying run across after loading the bases later in the inning. Georgia Southern finishes its season with a 30-27 overall record, but lost eight of its last 11 games to close out the year. On the baseball diamond, Georgia Southern split a midweek, home and home with North Florida last week. In Wednesday’s 2-0 home win over the Ospreys, Head Coach Rodney Hennon picked up his 600th career victory at Georgia Southern, which moved his overall career record to 681-371-1 and 600-412 during his tenure in Statesboro.

Congratulations, Coach Hennon! The Eagles welcomed No. 23 Clemson to town for a three-game series over the weekend, and it did not start well for the home team. The Tigers jumped all over Eagle starter Evan Challenger Brown Friday night to the tune of nine earned runs on seven hits in five

innings of work. Clemson cruised to a 12-1 win. Saturday night’s game was much more entertaining. Clemson struck for two runs in the first, but the Eagles quickly answered by tying the game on a Ryan Cleveland two-run homer. The Tigers plated three runs in the third to take a brief 5-2 lead, but Southern responded once again with three runs in the bottom of the frame to tie the game at five. Clemson took the lead with a run in the top of the sixth and it held until the bottom of the ninth, when things got really wild. Kent Rollins led off with a ground-out to short. Cal Baker walked, but was forced out at second on a fielder’s choice by CJ Ballard. Evan McDonald singled to right, and the Eagles were in business with runners on the corners with two outs. The next batter, Logan Baldwin, struck out swinging, but the pitch got past All-American catcher Chris Okey. Baldwin beat out the throw

and Ballard scored on a not-soroutine, game-tying RBI strikeout in the bottom of the ninth. Cleveland then walked to load the bases and gave Jordan Wren a chance to be the hero. Wren came through with a single to right and the Eagles won 7-6 in dramatic, walk-off fashion. Southern could not ride the momentum through Sunday’s rubber game, however. Clemson posted four runs in the second inning and hung a six spot up in the fifth inning to take a 10-1 lead. The Eagles cut it to 10-4 in the sixth, but the Tigers tacked on plenty of insurance and cruised to a 17-4 win. Despite the loss, Georgia Southern (31-22, 14-13) did get some good news on Sunday. By virtue of UL-Monroe’s loss to Little Rock on Sunday, the Eagles have mathematically clinched a berth in the Sun Belt tournament next weekend. If the season ended today, the Eagles would be the No. 5 seed, but there are games to be played this weekend. Georgia Southern hosts Georgia State Thursday, Friday and Saturday as the regular season comes to a close. The Panthers will be fighting for their postseason lives, but they will need to sweep the Eagles and get some help from other teams in the conference, so State is a long shot to make it to San Marcos for the tournament. This weekend is the last chance to see the baseball Eagles at home this year. Next week, we’ll preview the conference tournament as final seedings are decided. Southern needs to put State out of its misery this weekend and pick up some momentum going into the tournament.w

Clemson's Eli White beats the throw and tag from Georgia Southern shortstop Evan McDonald to steal second in the fifth inning at J. I. Clements Stadium Friday. SCOTT BRYANT/staff


and treatment. Furthermore, we offer several anesthesia options to help make your treatment pleasant, safe and comfortable. We accept most major dental and medical insurances to assist in delivering the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. How do you welcome people and put them at ease when they come to your office? As soon as our patients walk through the door, they are greeted and cared for by our welcoming and compassionate team members. We understand that some of our patients may be nervous. Therefore, we make every effort to comfort them by explaining their diagnosis and treatment options and answering any questions they may have. Knowledge leads to understanding and understanding leads to a more relaxed patient.

What do you want people to understand about the services you offer? We offer a wide range of services which include removal of wisdom teeth, tooth extractions, dental implant placement, bone grafting, oral biopsy, facial trauma evaluation and surgery, jaw reconstruction and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) consultations

Friendly, Caring, Compassionate, Skilled, Thorough


Scottish countryside, all busty and coatless and vulnerable. Alone on a random bus, she understands as a result of the bus driver’s interrogations that no human could withstand the wet winter without outerwear, and accepts the coat of the man sitting behind her. From here, she spends a few days in silent, awkward courtship, trying her hand at romance. She is stiff as a doll on the bed, though, and becomes aggressively frustrated as the encounter progresses, reaching for a table lamp and wielding it like a flashlight at her genitals. Apparently disgusted by what she finds there, she throws the lamp to the floor, and off she goes again into the wild. When the alien is not wiping men off the face of the planet, she’s busy trying to understand what it is to be human, and this is one of the film’s most attractive features. Seen through the alien’s eyes, “human” becomes a question — and one not easily answered. She observes city dwellers that hustle and smoke on sidewalks, and watches families swimming in the ocean. She falls on a sidewalk and when kindly strangers lift her up, she stares at them blankly. She wanders through a shopping mall, overwhelmed but easily catching on to consumer culture. When she attempts to eat cake in a quiet bistro, forking it reverently, she spits it back up onto the plate almost immediately and with very little gusto. The other diners go mute, stare at her briefly, and resume their distracted mumbling. Flatware clinks against plates. Her episode was just a ripple in the pond. The film is based on a book of the same title by Michel Faber,

Larry G. ubbard, DDS 912-764-9891 4 Lester Road Statesboro, Ga Larry Hubbard

Dental Expert

9 which goes into much more detail and leaves very few questions unanswered. The film is a loose adaptation of the book, but one that, without much dialogue or explication, still does a lovely job of representing the way it must feel to be so very alone in a crowd, the only one of your kind. Under the Skin is essentially what would happen if Stanley Kubrick and Bjork had collaborated to make a movie. It is painfully slow and phonically disturbing. It’s also very dark — sometimes problematically so. It is a baffling film and in most ways, it’s too subtle, but it is really stunning, too. I won’t spoil the ending for those who are patient enough to reach it on their own, but it is one of the more visually arresting experiences I have had in the cinema. It is eerie and horrific and gorgeous. It is unsettling and unexpected. It is desperately sad, and it’s surprisingly human.w CONNECT STATESBORO





Q: How long do dental sealants last? A: A sealant is a plastic coating that is flowed into the grooves and crevices that are on the tops of the tooth. First, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, and any debris is removed from the cracks and crevices. Then the tooth is treated with a bonding agent by flowing the plastic into the grooves. The excess can be seen on the tops of the tooth. Often the plastic is colored white to aid in monitoring the sealants at the cleaning appointments. The top part of the sealant often wears away in 3-5 years. However, the part of the plastic that is in the grooves seems to last much longer than 3-5 years.

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What sets your medical facility apart from others? Our doctors are all Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dr. Patel is not only a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, but he holds a Medical Degree as well. Additionally, Dr. Uribe has over 35 years of experience in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Patel, Dr. Uribe, and Dr. Clayton also have previous teaching experience at academic hospitals and dental schools. They continue to work with students and actively lecture and provide presentations to their colleagues. Our highly skilled dental assistants are caring and compassionate, and they have obtained a supplemental certification in anesthesia assisting. Our doctors and staff offer experience and knowledge unparalleled in the Statesboro and surrounding area.

SKIN, from page 3

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Katherine Fallon

Explore 'Forgotten History' in CVB exhibit said Dr. Tharp, director of the Georgia Southern Museum and instructor of the course. Thus, as a final project, Public History students created an exhibit brief, conducted in-depth research, wrote copy and worked with local exhibit designer Deborah Harvey to fully develop the exhibit’s design. “It’s about as hands-on as you can get during a course,” Tharp said. “We even built a mission wall, which was a lot of fun,” said Dr. Michael Van Wagenen, associate professor of history and founder of the Public History certificate program. “It has a cut-away into what missions would have looked like in Georgia, what they would be made from.” Spanish settlers arrived in Georgia a century before James Oglethorpe, the


Artifacts excavated from the Mission Catalina de Guale appear in the "The Spanish in Georgia: A Forgotten History" exhibit at the Statesboro Convention & Visitors Bureau Regional Visitors Information Center.

North and Central America on folklore, religion, art and history. Dr. Van Wagenen’s favorite artifacts from The Spanish in Georgia are both from what was first New Spain, then Mexico, and is now the United States. The first is a steel-bladed dagger that probably belonged to someone of a religious order. Discovered hundreds of years later by a farmer in central California along the Camino Real, “the handle has three souls chained together, possibly burning in hell, or possibly captives,” Van Wagenen said. “Three souls in chains.” The second, found in New Mexico, is a “crude, primitive, iron-link belt worn by the Penitentes, a religious order that practices self-flagellation as a way of showing their devotion to God.” Likely from the 1770s, it is heavily spiked and would have been worn “under clothing as a reminder of [the wearer’s] devotion to God and sorrow for his own sins.” Dr. Brent Tharp’s favorite artifacts are two crosses, painted in a traditional Mexican floral style, set into the recreated mission wall. “They are my favorites in part because they are such clear signs of the Christian and European tradition blended with Native elements,” he explained. Also of particular interest to Tharp is a drum, fabricated in the traditional style of central Mexico. The drums are often carved into the form of an animal, such as a panther and leopard. “But this one is carved with the face of a lion,” he said. “There were never any lions in historic times here in Central America, so this wild and whimsical lion is likely based on images from the missions, or the Bible.” This final project for the Public History certificate program serves as “essentially a lab for students, and then a product for the Statesboro Convention and Visitors Bureau,” Tharp said. “It’s great that the Statesboro Convention and Visitors Bureau has included this museum element for students to have professional experiences and share their budding talents with the community as a result,” Van Wagenen said. “This is great material for their portfolios, as professionals in the field,” agreed Dr. Tharp. “It’s a really exceptional exhibit, I think.” The Museum on Main is located at the Statesboro Convention and Visitors Bureau at 222 South Main Street. There is no cost to visit the museum, which is open for all visitors Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., and Fridays from 9 a.m.–4 p.m.w


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For the past two years, graduate students in the Public History certificate program of Georgia Southern University’s Department of History have conceptualized, designed and implemented museum exhibits of local interest. This year’s class has produced The Spanish in Georgia: A Forgotten History, on display now at the Museum on Main at the Statesboro Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Public History certificate program is designed for students who are interested in working with history outside of the traditional academic classroom, in settings such as museums, historic sites and archives. “While museums are all very different organizations, one thing they have in common is interpreting original artifacts, generally through exhibits,”

colony's founder, which is where most public-school knowledge of Georgia history begins. “The people who wrote the histories descended from English settlers, so those Spanish stories were forgotten,” Tharp said. He expects that as demographics continue to shift, there will be renewed interest in the Spanish history of the area. The exhibit shows visitors how the first Spanish attempt at settling in Georgia proved unsuccessful: Early settlers did not bring “the right tools and equipment, weren’t familiar with the North American environment, and didn’t particularly know how to deal with the native populations here,” said Dr. Tharp. But “while the first settlement didn’t make it, ultimately what does become important and successful is the mission up and down the sea islands of Florida and Georgia,” Tharp said. Where later English settlements were “more economically-oriented, the Spanish brought with them this mission of converting the Native Americans to Catholicism." Missions, or religious outposts, were usually established in towns already established by Native Americans, where trade became an important way of communicating and cooperating. The Spanish traded metal tools, glass beads and other items that Native Americans had never seen before for things the Spanish “desperately needed,” Tharp said, “such as corn, gourds, deer and hides to keep warm.” These trade relationships gave the Spanish the opportunity to talk about their faith and, gradually, friars began to approach conversion as a piecemeal process, understanding that they could not “whole-sale turn the Native Americans away from strong religious traditions of their own,” Tharp said. The artifacts within The Spanish in Georgia reflect this “amalgamation of belief systems” and help to demonstrate that Catholicism “wasn’t always imposed,” Tharp explained. “As the artifacts show, there was a definite cross-over: the Spanish changed Native culture, but the Native Americans also changed Spanish culture in North America.” The Public History class chose exhibit pieces from the personal collection of Monica Delgado and Dr. Michael Van Wagenen. Both grew up in California and were influenced by the aesthetic, cultural and historical import of the missions and adobe structures. They later spent years together as ethnographic filmmakers, focusing in

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Director Maren Ade poses for photographers during a photo call for the film "Toni Erdmann" at the 69th international film festival, Cannes, southern France on May 14.

Jake Coyle, AP Film Writer

Though small in number, female directors the toast of Cannes CANNES, France — Flanked by her colorful cast, the British director Andrea Arnold danced down the Cannes Film Festival red carpet to the thump of the hip-hop that adorns her electric road movie, "American Honey." The pulse of Cannes, which already beats at a frenetic pace, was quickened by Arnold's throbbing and sensory American odyssey into a poor Midwestern underbelly seen through a traveling van of wayward teens trying to scam suburbanites. The exuberance of the film and Arnold's merry band of youngsters — including breakout star Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf and a number of nonprofessional actors picked up along the way — spilled across the festival's red carpet Sunday. At the 69th Cannes Film Festival, there are only three female directors out of 21 in competition for the Palme d'Or, but their impact has been outsized. Midway through the festival, two of the most lauded films of Cannes are the ones helmed by Arnold and German director Maren Ade, whose "Toni Erdmann" is that rarest of birds: a 162-minute-long, crowd-pleasing German comedy. That Cannes has been led by a pair of female filmmakers is not notable in

and of itself. It's no shock that Arnold, the shape-shifting director of "Fish Tank" and "Wuthering Heights," has crafted something blazing in her first U.S. film, nor is it surprising that the unexpected, humanistic turns favored by Ade ("The Forest for the Trees," ''Everyone Else") are so effective (and funny) in "Toni Erdmann." But such a midway state has been uncommon at Cannes, where female filmmakers have persistently lagged in representation. In 2012, there were no women filmmakers in competition at Cannes, prompting protests and outrage. Festival director Thierry Fremaux has pledged to do better while also calling on the industry to improve. But change has come slowly — some would say too slowly. Last year there were just two female filmmakers in competition, and 2016 improved that figure by just one. (The third is French filmmaker Nicole Garcia's "From the Land of the Moon," which made less of a splash in its premiere Sunday.) Some countries have set goals to improve gender equality in the film business. On Sunday, the Swedish Film Institute touted its program, launched in 2012, that aims to have state-supplied


film funding split between men and women filmmakers by 2020. It has already reached that goal. A similar program was unveiled Sunday by the British Film Institute and other United Kingdom film groups to balance their funding between genders in the coming years. Meanwhile back in the United States, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced last Wednesday that a year after urging the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate discrimination against female film and TV directors, it was "encouraged by the scope of the government's process." Asked at a "Women in Motion" talk in Cannes whether 50/50 quotas should be considered in Hollywood, Jodie Foster (whose fourth film as a director, the hostage thriller "Money Monster," premiered out of competition) was hesitant to go that far. "It's an experience," she said. "Let's see how it goes." While gender equality in moviemaking has been a running conversation at the festival, it's been overshadowed by the quality of the films.

After "Toni Erdmann" debuted, all anyone could talk about was what an unexpected delight it was. "Not only does German humor exist, it might just save your life," wrote the Guardian. The film is about a father-daughter divide in which a bearish, jokester dad (Peter Simonischek) tries to close the gap with comedy and pranks. He visits his 30-something daughter (Sandra Huller) at her high-powered corporate job in Bucharest. When his first efforts at warming up to her fail, he takes to posing as an alter ego ("Toni Erdmann") in increasingly outrageous encounters. As the comedy gets more extreme, the film manages to get emotionally deeper, too. "American Honey" is much wilder. Arnold, first intrigued by a New York Times story about such traveling bands of teenagers, prepared for the film with her own road trip across the U.S. "I find real life and real people inspiring," Arnold told reporters, adding that she avoids referencing other films or filmmakers. "I try to find my own way. I try to find my own voice."w

Holli Deal Saxon IT’S NOT THE SUGAR, SUGAR — A woman who ran into a ditch on Zettwell Road claimed to be diabetic and having a sugar issue. However, she was found have a blood alcohol level of .224, but normal blood sugars. She was found with an open beer and came to law enforcement's attention after someone reported her as a reckless driver. After she ran into a ditch, someone called a wrecker and then followed her as she continued to drive erratically after being extricated from the ditch. More empty beer cans were

found in the car, and she told deputies she just wanted to go to sleep. She was charged with DUI and other charges. REPEAT OFFENDER — A deputy stopping a vehicle on Hwy. 67 saw it “rocking from side to side” during a traffic stop and found the driver to be switching sides with a passenger. The driver had 14 license suspensions — seven for failure to appear in court, four for driving on a suspended license, two mandatory suspensions and one for no insurance. He was taken to jail with yet

another suspended license charge, as well as a window tint citation. JAIL OR SCHOOL? — A Burkhalter Mobile Home Park woman called deputies when her juvenile daughter yelled and threatened to punch her in the face because she didn’t want to go to school. The juvenile told deputies she was not a morning person and her mother was yelling at her to get up. When the deputy told her she had a choice between going to school or going to jail, she chose school. UNSUPERVISED — A deputy saw a four-year-old child riding his bike

near dark in the middle of Old Leefield Road. Another child, 12, arrived on a dirt bike looking for the younger one, who had shoes on the wrong feet. The children’s father was located and said the children were not supposed to be out of the yard and said this had never happened before, but deputies reminded them they had been at the home several times regarding the fouryear-old being missing. The father became angry and asked what deputies suggested he do with a child that likes to run, and deputies told him to watch his children better. Deputies also told the man social workers would be notified of the incident.w

Metaphor(s) for grief

13 ‘Grief is the water, or shock, or my body, or the weeds below me. More honestly, though, grief is none of these. Metaphors are imprecise, none quite right. ... Grief is a wordless place, and I keep trying to write my way through it anyway. It is inexplicable, and yet here I am, trying to explain.’ Katherine Fallon, Connect columnist

Two years ago, we gathered in Atlanta to bury my grandmother. A little over a year ago, Heather stepped in front of a train. And one year ago this week, my father took five breaths a minute, then four, then none. The coroner folded a brilliant white sheet over his face like a fan, and he was gone. Then, we began the work of grieving. Grief is a wordless place, and I keep trying to write my way through it anyway. It is inexplicable, and yet here I am, trying to explain.w

Connect Statesboro May.18.2016

In spring of 2014, we a blind chasm, from which buried my grandmother, something slimy and mobile a formidable matriarch of slipped between our toes, an equally formidable tribe back and forth against our of Southern women. That calves. We fought hard not to summer, halfway across the put our feet down. country, my friend Heather Our fears of the lake and committed suicide after a its underbelly were rooted long and fruitless battle with primarily in the menace of chronic Lyme disease. A few the unseen. We couldn’t Katherine Fallon months after that, we got fathom what shape that senword of my father’s terminal sation — feathery against our COPD, and on May 9, 2015, I lost him, legs — would take were we to lay eyes too. upon it. Although I’d lost people before, Similarly, I have found that grief this swift trifecta of loss was someis always present, though not always thing entirely new for me. The shock visible, and there is never any telling of Heather’s suicide was so much all what shape it will take. It is the living at once that I was physically ill. With lake, lying in wait, dogged and factual. the loss of my grandmother came a It is not as bad as you think, and it is calmer sadness: She’d been suffering infinitely worse. Grief is an exhaustion for so long that she wished over her borne of constant vigilance, and of the final birthday cake that she not wake effort to stay afloat. In the year since he passed away, I the next morning. But my father’s death have dreamed of my father three times. was a new beast — one that was both The third dream was just last night, and swift and agonizingly drawn out. One I in it, he was diminished, nearly green in watched and smelled and lifted and fed the flesh, out of his mind and past the by hand, by straw. One I held after the cold set in. Over the past year, I have considered a lot of extended metaphors for grief. Depending on the day, it might be a veil, a lens, an escape room, or a Jell-O mold rife with floating canned fruit. Sometimes it is a stuck elevator, a wet coat, a cement shoe. It’s a miserable summer road trip with no air conditioning, and I always have to pee. Grief is a hunter in shadow, or is a shadow itself. Most commonly, though, I go back to Lake Marion. As a girl, I went to summer camp, where we practiced archery and fired rifles and climbed fake rock walls. We had co-ed dances and talent shows for which we prepared by gathering around communal bathroom mirrors with cans of Aquanet and wands of Bonne Belle. Nothing was better, though, than swim time, when we peeled off our ratty camp shorts and charged into the murky, opaque waters of Lake Marion in order to escape the midday heat. The first few feet of earth beneath us were gritty sand, like any beach, but after wading in up to our shoulders, the lake floor dropped suddenly into

want of food or water. He had hours to live, then minutes. And just as it transpired last May, my sister put her hand on my foot to wake me from sleep in the early blue morning hours, and said, “It’s time.” In the dream, as in life, the worst wasn’t his death but its aftermath. No one warned me that giving it voice would cause me to relive it, over and over again: My father died; Jeffrey passed away this morning; My father/ your friend is dead. Naturally, the frequency of these mourning episodes has begun to diminish, and I expect that trend to continue. There are long stretches of time where my grief does not occur to me, but each time I say that my father, my grandmother, my dear Heather, is gone, I realize it anew, myself. Suddenly I’m a child again, floating in water so thick with silt I can’t see the bottom. I am shy about my bathing suit and am covered in freckles. Here, it never rains, and the water is like tepid soup. I hover one step past the steep drop of the lake floor, in the liminal space between what I can and cannot comprehend, and at the moment I believe myself buoyant, I sink into unseen weeds. Grief is the water, or shock, or my body, or the weeds below me. More honestly, though, grief is none of these. Metaphors are imprecise, none quite right.

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Eagle g Nation Med ca Directory Medical D ec o y

23630 A Hwy 80 East Statesboro, GA 30461 912-764-2223 Open Mon. thru Fri. 9am to 6:30pm, Sat. 9-1, Closed Sunday.

586 Brannen Street Statesboro, GA 30458 912-871-6611 Mon. – Fri. 7:30 am – 7:30 pm, Sat. 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Professional Eye Care 214 Savannah Avenue, Statesboro, GA 30458 912-764-5609

Mon. 8:30am – 5:30pm, Tues. 8:30am – 7:00pm, Wed. 8:30am – 5:30pm, Thurs. 8:30am – 4:00pm, Fri. 8:30am – 2:00pm.

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912-764-5643 Mon-Sat 9am - 9pm Sun 2pm - 7pm 1601 Fair Road Statesboro, GA 30458 912.681.2333 Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm Weekends & Holidays Closed

1499 Fair Rd., Statesboro, GA 30458 912-486-1000

1066 Bermuda Run Road Statesboro, GA 30458 912-764-5625 Mon.-Thur.: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

202 Northside Dr West Statesboro, GA 912-764-6175 1198 Merchants Way Statesboro, GA 912-681-3784


CLUES DOWN 1. Satisfaction 2. Astragals 3. Egg-shaped 4. Nothing more than specified 5. Measures speed of wind 6. In the middle of 7. Actinium 8. The Master of Shadows 9. Dutch cheese 10. Valley 12. A river between China and Russia 13. Masses of matter 16. They live along Gulf of Guinea 17. George __, actor 20. LatviaÕs largest city 22. One thousandth of an ampere 25. Millihenry 26. Swiss river 27. Individually 29. Magnetomotive force (abbr.)

31. Without armies (abbr.) 34. Portuguese municipality 36. Old Marxist-Leninist state 37. Malicious satisfaction 38. Actress Julianne 40. Rural delivery 43. Bar or preclude 45. Unit of measurement 48. Peninsula in Greece 50. Bird genus 51. Releases gonadotropin 53. Racquets 54. Southwestern state 55. Town in Benin 57. Car mechanics group 58. Brother or sister 59. Woollen rug 61. Milliliter


sudoku It’s Good for Your Eyes! Find puzzle answers in Classifieds








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CLUES ACROSS 1. Matter 5. Puzzled 11. Well wish 14. Frightened 15. Home of the Cowboys 18. Between the jejunum and the cecum 19. Founded the Union Colony 21. Read-only memory 23. Sorcerers 24. Female parents 28. Unexpected obstacle 29. Of I 30. Used to have (Scottish) 32. Patti HearstÕs captors 33. Rock TV channel 35. Revolutions per minute 36. Exclamation: yuck! 39. Be afraid of 41. Arizona 42. Red liqueur __ gin 44. More discourteous 46. Type of chef 47. Mother (Brit.) 49. Untidy in character 52. Inhibitions 56. Pains 58. Politician 60. Unofficial fighter 62. Type of Mustang 63. Branch of Islam

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COMMERCIAL PLUMBERS & HELPERS Needed for project in Savannah. Must pass drug test, have your own transportation to job site and furnish your own hand tools. Pay is commensurate with experience. Contact B&R Plumbing @ 678-423-3422 or Brian Boyd @ 404-713-6284. You may also email resume to or fax to 770-252-4005. Irrigation/Sprinkler systems for both residential and commercial properties to enhance brightness and color to both lawns and flowers for summer. (478) 998-1699 SAVANNAH TECHNICAL COLLEGE is recruiting for full time faculty positions in the following fields: Business Management Accounting Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Logistics Art Appreciation Speech Physics/Mathematics Nursing For more information please visit – employment. 5717 White Bluff Road, Savannah, GA 31405 E. CDL DRIVERS & MECHANICS NEEDED for Richmond Hill, Savannah, Hinesville and Hardeeville. Good Benefits & Top Pay! Call Joseph, 912-3300058

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The City of Brooklet is seeking a City Clerk/City Administrator. This position will oversee and direct the day-to-day operations of City Hall and all activities associated with Taxes, Water Billing, Finance and Accounting, HR and Payroll. This person supervises two Assistant City Clerks, one for Finance and Accounting and one for Utilities and Administration. Required Qualifications:   6-8 years supervision experience in an office setting, sound office skills in customer service, computer use, willingness to work outside of the normal business hours for meetings and city activities.  Preferred, but not required qualifications: Experience with QS1 management software, possess credentials as State of Georgia City Clerk, experience in municipal city office.  For a full job description and information about the City of Brooklet, please visit our website Compensation: $33,000 to $38,000 depending on experience along with a comprehensive benefits and retirement package for the employee. Desired Start Date: July 5th or sooner.

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A non-profit organization with a commercial-grade kitchen and staff is hiring a “hands-on” director to oversee health/safety standards, budgeting, staffing, training, inventory, maintenance, menus, food prep, and event hosting. Requires five years managerial experience, excellent people skills and professionalism.  Salary with benefits. Send resume to: G:624 c/o Statesboro Herald P.O. Box 888 Statesboro, GA 30459

To Apply, candidates should submit a letter of interest (Cover Letter) and Resume detailing qualifications to no later than 5:30pm on Thursday, May 26th. Applications may also be submitted directly to City Hall at 104 Church Street, Brooklet, GA. Questions regarding this position maybe directed to Greg Schlierf (912-618-0425) or

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Statesboro First United Methodist Church is seeking a part time worship leader for our 9:01AM contemporary worship service. Time commitment is 5-7 hours/week; pay is commensurate with experience. Please go to jobs for qualifications and additional details. 

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Bulloch BOE seeking bus drivers to transport to/from school. Will train applicants. CDL Prep Class May 25-27, 9am-12pm. Bus Training Class, June 6-10, 8:303:30pm Call 912-212-8645.

Looking for someone to clean 1 time/ week. Must be able to use Rainbow vacuum, References & experience required. $10-$15/hour. Send letter of interest to G:623 c/o Statesboro Herald P.O. Box 888 Statesboro, GA 30459

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ELSA, from page 4

it. Society looks at people who are romantically unattached and thinks there is something wrong with them or that they are unsufferably selfish. That's what I loved most about Elsa, and what I still love about her. She hasn't had a whole lot of practice with relationships by the time Frozen ends, but — while, again, falling in love is a fantastic experience — she is still whole and happy without any romantic entanglements. If any Disney character could live her life happy and fulfilled without a love interest, Elsa would be it. And I'd love to see a female character whose arc is never, not even once, defined by romance.



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To be honest, I don't think I'll care what Disney decides to do with Elsa's narrative when Frozen 2 blows into theaters. And if Disney concludes that the time is right to work in a same-sex relationship, then I wish Elsa and her girlfriend every happiness. But I hope that a few movies in which the development of close, intimate and completely platonic friendships follow close on its heels, and that we can see some protagonists ride off into their sunsets without needing anyone else in the saddle.

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