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JAN. 13 - 26, 2016

AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE SERIES kicks off with poetry night


ROCKIN’ OUT ALZHEIMER’S “IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING” Annual tribute concert brings Billy Joel to Boro | 10

Mime Bill Bowers explains how he found his voice — through silence | 11

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3 Volume 11 • No. 1 • Jan. 13, 2016

Best moments from 'Man Seeking Woman'

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10 scenes that give you reasons to jump on this train before it really leaves the station If you’ve watched FX lately, you may have noticed trippy commercials for the second season of a comedy known as Man Seeking Woman. Season one was a surprise hit, blending sketch comedy and social satire into a wonderful and ridiculous way. For those who haven’t watched, the show follows a young man, Josh (played by Jay Baruchel, the guy who voiced Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon), on his quest to find a girlfriend. The twist comes when the show takes every bump in the road to love and amplifies it into a literal mountain. Here are 10 moments from season one that made us ready to watch season two: 1. The tea party When Josh’s sister, Liz, runs into hard times relationship-wise, she gets some advice from an unlikely source. Her friend’s third-grade daughter and posse talk about their “husbands” and are shocked at Liz’s 27 years of being a bachelorette. 2. Alien group hanky-panky Everyone knows that the second you get into a good relationship, you become a 10 in the eyes of every attractive person ever. In Josh’s case, it’s a few aliens from planet Sex. In a moral struggle, Josh must contemplate how to resist their French accents and glowing blue skin. 3. Hitler boyfriend You know how your ex started dating that one horrible person? Josh’s ex dates the actual Hitler. Bill Hader sports a tiny mustache and an electric scooter. Matters only get more awkward when Josh reveals he’s Jewish. 4. Cupid’s intervention In perhaps the most random scene, the gods intervene on a Cupid who has gone off of the deep end. They blame him for the terrible state of today’s dating scene.

5. Troll date After Josh’s initial break-up, his sister sets him up with one of her interesting friends. Unfortunately, the friend is a troll. Not the mean internet user type, but the slimy green kind. Unfortunately, Josh makes things worse when he calls her “slimy.” 6. Scared Straight What happens when your best friend realizes their favorite bro is getting sucked into a relationship? They intervene. Josh’s best friend does so by sending him to a suburban version of “Scared Straight.” 7. Bro Shelter The aforementioned best friend becomes a bit of a hassle for Josh. He and accomplices decide to send said friend to a Bro Shelter, a place where bros go to retire. It’s a hilarious segment with a (sort of?) great message. 8. Mom interrogation Josh doesn’t tell his mom anything. When she suspects that he’s leaving out some major details about his dating life, she ties him to a chair and attaches a car battery to him. It’s extreme, but somehow we’ve all been there. 9. Exorcism Getting over feelings for an ex is hard; getting a demon out is harder. Josh’s best friend comes to the rescue when he realized Josh is still being haunted by the memories of his ex. Things climax when an old stuffed animal springs to life. 10. Tabaka Leaving a significant other with a close friend of the preferred sex is always a complicated situation. Things get worse when the friend is a monster made of penises. (Yes, you did in fact read that correctly.) Seriously, enough said.w

Connect Statesboro 01.13.2016

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New Year's resolutions from the editor's desk And a few confessions, to sweeten the pie

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Up to 2 MONTHS


Welcome back, students! to talk to directors and artists We missed you while you were and leaders and creative gone. We didn’t really miss thinkers. The problem is that, you when we were waiting out of sheer enthusiasm, I in gloriously short lines for often overcommit myself and takeout (rather than suffering find it impossible to follow through the excess crowds), or through in my allotted time when we were driving down frame. I’m trying to learn to blessedly un-congested main be more realistic. thoroughfares like Northside 2. Share. Like I said, I get Brittani Howell and Fair Roads— but still. We really excited when a cool act comes to town — and sometimes I get missed you. Now that you’re back, the local selfish and grab the "best" stories (the ones that get me the most curious and entertainment scene is kicking up excited) for myself. This is a ridicafter its long winter’s nap, which ulous thing to do, particularly when I means that I (and the rest of have a perfectly capable and very talStatesboro) finally have something to ented team of freelancers who would do again. In this issue, you’ll read about the be happy to take the work. (And there is plenty of it! And we could always Averitt Center’s three-part African use more hands on deck. I'm in the Heritage Series, featuring an art interview process right now, so if exhibit dedicated to artifacts from you'd like to throw your name into the Cameroon and a poetry night led by pot, please do.) some of Statesboro’s most influential 3. Stop procrastinating. leaders. You’ll read about the Rockin’ Students, you know how it is. Out Alzheimer’s Concert, which Sometimes, thanks to the problems always brings a night of throwback listed in 1 and 2, I take a look at my fun to Statesboro; and an interview workload and just flat-out panic. with a mime (yes, you read that Then I “constructively” procrastinate correctly) who will be delivering a by working on other responsibilities comedic one-man show at the Center I have between the different pubfor Art and Theatre at Georgia lications I help produce, to put off Southern. Here’s what you won’t read about: having to deal with the big scary mountain. The procrastination, of a recap of the year’s most-read course, makes things infinitely worse, stories on the Connect website, or the and I'm learning that it is not, as I'd “Since You’ve Been Gone” feature of hoped, a trait you simply grow out last year. I meant to do these before of naturally. (It’s also a problem in print time. But I didn’t. I hate dropping stories. It is somemy personal life. By now, most of you have probably made and broken thing that — unbeknownst to you, several New Year’s resolutions. It’s dear readers — happens much more often than I would like. Jan. 10, and I still haven’t made mine. I’m not one for New Year’s Like I said: It’s a problem.) Resolutions, but I’ve made a few I’m hoping to do my part in for myself as the editor of Connect. making 2016 the best year Connect Writing the stories I initially plan to has had so far. And I think I speak is at the top of the list. Here are a for all of my team when I say: We few of the other items on that list: hope you stick around for the ride! 1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. I get really, really excited Brittani Howell is the editor of about my job here and all the great Connect Statesboro. If you'd like to stories our community offers in the reach out, shoot a message to editor@ vein of entertainment. I love getting!w




Connect Statesboro 01.13.2016


Connect Statesboro 01.13.2016




Locos — Jam Session open mic night, 9 p.m.


13 15 Wednesday

Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Open mic night with Daniel Navarro, 6– 9 p.m. Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Locos — Trivia, 9 p.m. Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.

Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Those Cats, 6– 9 p.m. Three Tree Coffee Roasters — Live music night, 6–9 p.m. GATA’s — Chyann Rose, 9 p.m. Dingus Magee’s — A Nickel Bag of Funk, 10 p.m.

16 14 Saturday


Statesboro Regional Public Library — Adult coloring class, 6 p.m. Please bring your own coloring supplies. Some free coloring pages are available. Free and open to the public. GSU Williams Center — UPB-UnPlugged, 6:30 p.m. Eagle Creek Brewing Company — Trivia, 7 p.m. El Sombrero (Fair Rd.) — Trivia, 7:30–9:30 p.m. South City Tavern — The Orange Constant, 10 p.m. Wild Wing Café — Beer pong, 9 p.m. Applebee’s — Live DJ, 9:30 p.m.–close

Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Josh Johansson, 7–10 p.m. Whitaker Black Box Theatre — “Behold, Here Cometh the Dreamer,” 7:30 p.m. An evening of African American poetry. Tickets: $10 for adults, $5 for youth Dingus Magee’s — The Dipping Skinnies, 10 p.m.

17 Sunday

Midtown Bar & Grill — Beer pong tourney, 7 p.m. Southern Billiards & Burgers — Pool tourney, 8 p.m., $10 entry fee

Your events not listed? Post them at!

18 Monday

MLK DAY! Enjoy your day off, students! Locos — Cornhole tournament, 7 p.m. El Jalapeño — Live DJ and karaoke, 8–11 p.m.

Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — Chyann Rose, 7– 10 p.m.

Bigshow’s Burgers and Bar (Brampton Ave.) — Trivia, 8– 9 p.m. Dingus Magee’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.

19 Tuesday

GSU Russell Union — Spring 2016 Boro Browse, 11 a.m.–2 p.m. Statesboro Regional Public Library — “Original Recipes Made to Last”: Genealogy coordinator Lillian Wingate helps you take original family recipes and preserve them in a more durable, longer-lasting format. Please bring original copes if possible. 6 p.m., free and open to the public. Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m.

GSU Russell Union, Room 2048 — Great Minds lecture with Dr. Patsy Kraeger, “Socially Responsible Businesses: Introducing the Benefit Corporation, an Innovation or a Marketing Tool?” 5:30 p.m., free and open to the public. Mellow Mushroom — Trivia, 8 p.m. Locos — Trivia, 9 p.m.


GSU Russell Union — Lunch and Learn Workshop: “From Munchies to Memory: What the Science Says about Marijuana,” 11:30 a.m. Registration required. Contact Nicole Withers at for more information.

Three Tree Coffee Roasters — Live music night, 6–9 p.m. GSU Foy Building — GSU Department of Music presents Student Chamber Concert, 7:30 p.m.


Gnat’s Landing — Trivia, 6:30 p.m. GATA’s — Beer pong tournament, 8 p.m.


Gnat’s Landing — DJ and karaoke, 9 p.m.

Locos — Jam Session open mic night, 9 p.m.

Eagle Creek Brewing Co. — John Brannen, 7–10 p.m.

Wild Wing Café — Trivia, 9 p.m.






Dingus Magee’s — Trivia, 9 p.m.


GSU Russell Union — Graduate School Fair, 11 a.m. Statesboro Regional Public Library — Holistic Health Series: Yoga + Essential Oils, 6 p.m. Join yoga teacher and educator Nicole Benisch in an exploration of ways to stay healthy and sane in the modern world. Free and open to the public. GSU Foy Building, Carol A. Carter Recital Hall — GSU Department of Music presents guest artist Didge Evolution, 7:30–8:30 p.m. El Sombrero (Fair Rd.) — Trivia, 7:30–9:30 p.m.

GSU Performing Arts Center — Rockin’ Out Alzheimer’s 2016 with Billy Joel tribute band, The Stranger, 7 p.m. Tickets: $20

The Associated Press

South City Tavern — RoshambeauX, 9 p.m.



Midtown Bar & Grill — Beer pong tourney, 7 p.m. Southern Billiards & Burgers — Pool tourney, 8 p.m., $10 entry fee

25 Monday

Wild Wing Café — Beer pong, 9 p.m.

Locos — Cornhole tournament, 7 p.m.

Applebee’s — Live DJ, 9:30 p.m.–close

El Jalapeño — Live DJ and karaoke, 8–11 p.m.

Bigshow’s Burgers and Bar (Brampton Ave.) — Trivia, 8–9 p.m.

Family fires veteran's ashes out of guns at shooting range HURRICANE, Utah — The son of Walter "Jim" Hosey — a Vietnam War veteran of LaVerkin, Utah — loaded a total of 50 shotgun shells with his father's ashes and fired them off at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park in Hurricane with the help of relatives and friends. His son, Clint Hosey, says: "I think he got a kick out of that." The newspaper reports that Walter Hosey, who often visited the sports park, died on Jan. 2. Spilsbury funeral director Mark Heiner called the firing of the shells "a fitting tribute to the way he lived."w


Four installments later, 'Rock Band' still rocks

Wednesday: Trivia, 9 p.m. Thursday: Beer pong, 9 p.m. Friday: Live music, 10 p.m. Saturday: Live music, 10 p.m. All day, every day: $2 wells, $3 Fireballs, $2 Natty Light Tall Boys and $2 PBR pint drafts

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Developer and publisher pulled from a pre-recorded Harmonix has done it again library of fills. and brought gamers another Although the game is insanely addictive and fun primarily a huge success, iteration of Rock Band. Rock there are some elements Band 4 is everything you that are lacking and left the loved about the previous game feeling unfinished. The music video games, allowing campaign's story was a bit Tim Webb you to simulate playing music underwhelming and didn’t using instrument controllers that truly engage the players as much a it mimic playing lead and bass guitar, could have. Also, the content and new drums and vocals. ideas were pretty much just solos and Harmonix was able to nothing else innovative. REVIEW add to a genre and game Finally, the biggest that was already welldisappointment was 'Rock Band 4' made and successful. If the lackluster track you are familiar with the list that ships with the old versions of the game, game. Many of the songs are unknown this iteration will play out Developer: Harmonix tracks that band the same way but with Publisher: Harmonix members will be unfaa few added delights. Platform: PlayStation 4 miliar with. Harmonix, remarkably, and Xbox One Thankfully, was able to bring back the Harmonix previous eight has promised years’ worth players that nearly every of content song from so players can easily reprevious versions download their will be repreviously purdownloadable. chased song The game content. The game launched with has gone over 900 of the back to the legacy tracks basics, with available, and SPECIAL TO CONNECT approximately just a lead guitarist, a bass, a drummer and one to 800 more will be available over the three vocalists. Pro guitars have been next few months. If you own any of removed, as well as the keyboard the previous songs, the game will instruments. However, there are added recognize the old song purchase and bonuses on the ways to use the instruallow you to re-download it free-ofments that have remained. charge. And thankfully, the old songs With a new focus on freestyle, have been remastered to utilize the players can now take part in musical new solo modes in Rock Band 4. solos. Guitarists are able to glide Although there is a lack of content across the frets to create unique and tracklist, players will still find Rock sounding solo pieces. Also, vocalists Band 4 a popular and enjoyable game can earn extra points for singing anyto play. The insanely fun core game thing in a solo section as long as it is play remains, and new Freestyle Solos in the right key. Finally, drummers too only add to the already entertaining can get in on the action with Classic experience. Harmonix have revived Fills, which let you go crazy; Static the perfect game for co-op gaming Fills, the actual recorded fills; and parties and musically inclined gamers Dynamic Fills, which are randomly to enjoy.w

Monday Pint Night: $2 pints (all draft beers), trivia at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday: $5 house liquor pitchers, $2 Fireballs Wine & Whisky Wednesday: $10 off any bottle of wine, $3 Jim Beam Thirsty Thursday: $5 house liquor pitchers Domestic Friday: $10 domestic buckets Import Saturday: $15 import buckets Sunday Funday: 2 for 1 bombs (Vegas, Jager, Car, O), Golden Tee Challenge

Happy Mondays: Happy Hour all day! Half-off all alcohol and select appetizers Trivia Tuesdays: Trivia at 7 p.m. with cash prizes; $10 buckets of beer, $7.99 shrimp and grits Wicked Wednesdays: Karaoke and live DJ at 9 p.m.; $13 buckets (imports), $8 buckets (domestics), $3 doubles all day Thirsty Thursdays: $10 buckets of beer, $3 doubles, $3 bombs, $3 Newcastle all day Fridays & Saturdays: Live music; $10 buckets of beer Sunday Funday: Happy Hour all day! Karaoke and live DJ at 8 p.m.; 45¢ wings Everyday Lunch Specials: $7 lunches with a drink, 7 days a week!

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Eagles on the court in time of transition We spent the last few weeks before the break talking about football — and between the program’s first bowl and a coaching change, there was plenty to talk about. But now that new coach Tyson Summers and his newly formed coaching Alex staff are getting settled in and hitting the recruiting trail, let’s get up to speed on Georgia Southern basketball. This season is one of transition for both the Eagle men and women. The men saw seven seniors finish up their eligibility last year, so there are several new faces on the roster for 2015-2016. Georgia Southern women’s basketball welcomed new head coach Kip Drown and his staff into the fold, but the majority of last year’s team returned for this season. Like any coaching change, even if the players stay the same, the philosophy, terminology and culture are all different. Things can take time to come together. The Eagle women finished last season just 5-24 but have already won four games this year. A five-game losing streak in late December — with four of the five games played on the road — capped off with a 39-point loss at UT-Arlington has been the low point thus far. But Southern returned home to pick up its first Sun Belt win over South Alabama on Jan. 7 to open

a four-game home stand. After failing to make the eight-team conference tournament field last season, the Georgia Southern women are looking to make the trip to New Orleans in March. Taking care of business on their home floor is one big step in Brown that direction for the Eagles. Southern is currently 4-9 overall and 1-3 in conference play. A couple more wins would put the Eagles right in the thick of the conference race. It has been well-documented that the Eagle men’s basketball team is the youngest Division I team in the country. With seven freshmen and five sophomores on the roster, coach Mark Byington had his work cut out for him before the season even started. But having all this youth doesn’t mean talent is lacking. Despite a 2-6 record in their last eight games, these young Eagles have shown signs of promise. Individually, freshman guard Tookie Brown has probably been the most impressive as he leads the team in scoring with 17.1 points per game. Fellow freshman Ike Smith is second on the squad with 12.5, while grizzled old veteran Mike Hughes (just kidding, he’s only a sophomore) is third on the team, averaging 11.5 points per game. While a 5-9 overall record out of the gate — and more importantly a 1-3 start in conference play — probably isn’t what most Eagle fans want to see,

we have to remember that most of these guys were still in high school this time last year. We just have to be patient. The Eagles started conference play in Texas with games at Texas State and UT-Arlington. Southern lost both games and came home to host South Alabama. The Eagles trailed most of what was an ugly, grueling game, and while they showed some heart as they fought back to tie it late, they eventually let it slip away in the closing minutes. Georgia Southern finally got in the win column in Sun Belt play with a 93-88 overtime win over Troy Saturday night, Jan. 9. I honestly believe SCOTT BRYANT/staff that both the men Georgia Southern forward Coye Simmons scores and women can make on a dunk in the second half against Troy at Hanner some noise as the season rolls on and Fieldhouse Saturday. these teams continue to grow. This week quarters causes that place to get deafenmarks the halfway point of the season, ingly loud when the crowd gets going. and conference play is now in full Southern hosts two doubleswing. Every game is a big game from headers this week as the Louisiana here on out. schools come to town. UL-Lafayette While it may not be the most luxuvisits Hanner Thursday night and rious, state-of-the-art arena in college UL-Monroe makes the trip to basketball, Hanner Fieldhouse has Statesboro Saturday. always provided a big home-court Now that the spring semester has advantage for Georgia Southern. But started and students are back, the it’s not the building by itself that gives atmosphere at home games should the Eagles such an advantage — it’s the really improve. Come be a part of people in it. The fans are right on top of making Hanner Fieldhouse one of the the action, and the low ceiling and tight toughest places to play anywhere.w

Q: What should I expect during my first

Bulloch DUI / Bulloch Recovery Bulloch Defensive Driving Vern and Cindy Howard & Staff 18 Simmons Center • Statesboro, GA 30458 Phone: (912) 489-8401 • Fax: (912) 489-4316 • Program # 2070, 2050 • •,m

Vern and Cindy Howard

Clinical Evaluators


A: You will participate in a face-to-face interview with

a state certified clinical evaluator. The evaluation will last approximately one hour. You are expected to pay at the time of your service. Have no fear. We gather information from you to determine if you have needs to be addressed - substance abuse, mental health issues, medical issues, financial, legal, social, etc. We, then, make recommendations and referrals based on your self report. Clinical evaluations are for those convicted of a DUI. Second offenders must bring a 7 year motor vehicle report from DDS...

Log on to to ask or view more questions regarding this expert!

Martin Luther King, Jr. appears before a crowd from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where he delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. It is this speech that the Averitt Center's upcoming poetry night references in its name for the event.

Brittani Howell

'Behold, Here Cometh the Dreamer' Poetry night to set the tone for Averitt's African Heritage Series Southern University and a director often credited with bringing African American theater to this area of Southeast Georgia. The name for the poetry night comes from a line in the Bible’s Old Testament and refers to the story of Joseph, shortly before his brothers strip him of his legendary coat and fling him in a pit to be sold into slavery. The phrase is often associated with Martin Luther King, Jr. as a reverential nod to his assassination and martyrdom for the cause of civil rights. It appears outside the Lorraine Motel, where King was fatally shot on April 4, 1968. “I wanted to explore that particular aspect of it,” Whitaker said of the line’s relevance to Martin Luther King, Jr., “and how that theme of Joseph resonates throughout poetry.” The poetry night is scheduled for Jan. 16 — the Saturday before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Jan. 18 — in the Whitaker Black Box theater on

Art out of West Africa New Averitt exhibit features pieces from Cameroon, collected by missionaries Special to Connect The Averitt Center for the Arts is taking patrons to the coast of West Africa in its newest art exhibition: "The Art of Africa from the Collection of C.L. Morehead, Jr." The artifacts on exhibit are all from Cameroon and were collected by missionary George Henderson between 1949 and 1968. Mr. Henderson and his wife collected more than 500 artifacts during their service and deeded their collection to friend and active art collector, C.L. Morehouse, Jr. Mr.

Henderson felt that by studying the complex and beautiful objects created by the tribal people he met, he could fully understand their culture and so begin to reach out to them. He purchased several of the objects, but most were given to him and his wife out of appreciation for their kindness and generosity. In this exhibit, viewers will find objects from every aspect of life in Cameroon: musical instruments, textiles, cooking and serving containers, furniture, utensils, weapons, tools and ritual objects like shields, masks, beads and headdresses. A series of black and white


West Main Street. The space is small and intimate, putting the audience very close to the eight readers, who will be seated formally onstage with music lecterns from which they will be reading. Behind the performers will be projected pictures and newsreel from significant moments in the Civil Rights movement, adding a multimedia element to the night. While there is a certain gravitas to the presentation, the black box space also invites a level of closeness between the audience and performers. At the end of the night, the performers will open the floor to audience members who might want to contribute a piece themselves. “It does have a slight coffeehouse improvisational, audience-friendly approach to it — as poetry evenings, I think, should,” Whitaker said. “They should inspire you to say something.” Whitaker said that the readers will take the audience through

African American poetry chronologically, starting with Dunbar and ending with modern writers. And while the performance is officially labeled a “poetry night,” the readers will also be delivering pieces and excerpts from writers such as Frederick Douglass, Alice Walker and Ta-Nehisi Coates, the writer from The Atlantic whose race-centric autobiographic book, Between the World and Me, won a MacArthur “Genius” Grant last year. “I’m transcending the word ‘poetry’ to include prose,” Whitaker said with a laugh, adding that the excerpts from Coates’ book will bring the audience into the present-day era of black literature in the United States. " 'Behold, Here Cometh the Dreamer': An Evening of African American Poetry," will have one showing at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16. Tickets for the event are $10 for adults and $5 for youth.w

‘The impact of the art of African tribes on Western art in the 20th century is incalculable. ... African Art — including music, dance, drama and literature, as well as visual art — is now recognized as one of the great contributions that Africans have made to the cultural heritage of mankind.' — George Henderson, Missionary and Collector

photographs, taken by the Hendersons during their 19-year tenure as missionaries, will also be on view. Cameroon is just above the equator on the western curve of Africa. It is a rainy, mountainous, heavily forested region and its tribes and language are part of the Congo-Kordofian group: Bamun, Bafun, Kom, Bamilek, Tikar and others.

The "Art of Africa" exhibit is a part of the African Heritage Series at the Averitt Center for the Arts. The exhibit runs Jan. 15–March 12 and is free to the public. A members-only preview party on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 6 p.m. will feature a choral presentation of African music by Trinity Christian School’s High School Chorus, an African reception menu and a brief gallery talk by the exhibit curator.w

Connect Statesboro 01.13.2016

For its African Heritage Series throughout January, African American History Month, the Averitt Center for the Arts is offering a triptych of events celebrating black culture in the U.S. and the rest of the world. The “Art of Africa” exhibit in the main gallery will explore the artwork of the West African country of Cameroon, and Dream Girls — the last event in the series — will bring a powerful homage to black musicians and singers to the Emma Kelly stage. But the first performance of the series is a celebration of African American literature and poetry. “Behold, Here Cometh the Dreamer” will feature eight African American professionals and community leaders here in Statesboro, reading the works of writers such as Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar and Maya Angelou, among others. The poetry reading is being coordinated and directed by Mical Whitaker, a professor emeritus of Georgia


Connect Statesboro 01.13.2016

10 Brittani Howell

Billy Joel tribute ready to rock out Alzheimer's Rockin’ Out Alzheimer’s has made a name for itself over the last few years, thanks to its big blowout concerts featuring big-name tribute artists. After a few successful shows with Elton John tribute artist Rocketman, the ROA committee began branching out to incorporate more acts. Last year’s Journey show with tribute band Departure brought in more than $30,000 for the Coastal Georgia Alzheimer’s Association. This year, event organizers are hoping to surpass that amount with this year’s tribute artist, who will be representing a music icon who is no “stranger” to classic rock fans: Billy Joel. “The thing about Billy Joel that everybody will have a good time with is that there are so many songs you can sing along to,” said Chandler Dennard, planning committee cochair and assistant head of Bulloch Academy. Bringing Billy Joel and his band to the Boro is Charlotte-based band “The Stranger.” The band’s name is the same as the title track from Joel’s fifth and major breakout album, which also featured big hits like “She’s Always a Woman” and “Only the Good Die Young.” The six-man band is headed up by native Long Islander Mike Santoro, who, Dennard said, is Billy Joel to the life when it comes to vocals. “Anytime Billy Joel himself

endorses you as his best tribute band, that’s a good sign,” said Dennard, who can remember listening to Billy Joel’s “Glass Houses” cassette as he drove his first car as a teenager. Dennard co-chairs the Rockin’ Out Alzheimer’s planning committee with Darronn Burnette, the com-




mittee chair and, by day, president of Sea Island Bank. Burnette’s mother and grandmother both suffered from Alzheimer’s, and after their deaths, Burnette was at a loss for how to help others suffering from the disease or caring for a loved one who did. Around the same time, he and Dennard took a trip to Columbia, South Carolina, to see some friends perform in a benefit concert to raise funds for a children’s hospital. Those friends, who usually go by the stage name Tokyo Joe, donned feather boas and tinted glasses to become the Elton John tribute band Rocketman. Somehow, Dennard said, the idea to host a benefit concert for the local Alzheimer’s association just clicked.

“To me, it’s one of the best nights out in Statesboro,” Dennard said. After the concert, which Burnette and Dennard expect to be crowded, the audience can keep the party going with a free after-show celebration at Wild Wing Café, where the Rockin’ Out veterans Tokyo Joe will be performing until closing time (as themselves — no feather boas and tinted glasses this time around). Rockin’ Out Alzheimer’s will be held in the Georgia Southern University Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Jan. 23, at 7 p.m. Tickets to the event are $20 and can be purchased through the PAC website or by calling the box office. Guests can also call Casey Corley at (706) 8363461 or email for tickets and further inquiries.w

Mike Santoro channels Billy Joel at the House of Blues in a performance by Billy Joel tribute band The Stranger, which will be coming to the GSU Performing Arts Center for the Rockin' Out Alzheimer's concert Jan. 23. SPECIAL TO CONNECT


11 Eugenia Last

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'A life lived out loud' Georgia Southern's Theatre & Performance program, with the help of the Campus Life Enrichment Committee grant, brings Broadway star and professional mime Bill Bowers to the Center for Art & Theatre for a special performance of his one-man show "It Goes Without Saying" on Saturday, Jan. 23. The performance will be in the Black Box Theatre at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $3 for all. This fun and unflinching show takes a look at the life and mimes (oh yes, we went there) of Bill Bowers. "It Goes Without Saying" takes the audience on a scenic tour of Bill's life thus far: From growing up gay in the wilds of Montana, his outrageous jobs as a performer, studying with legendary mime Marcel Marceau and the whirlwind of working on Broadway. Bill observes the incredible power that silence can wield — whether onstage, between family members, among neighbors or when we are alone. Bill talks (yes, talks) with sensitivity, precision and constant humor about a life lived out loud. "It’s really a monologue — a series of true stories from my own life about why I became a mime and where that life has led me," Bowers said.

In addition, Bowers will be conducting an open workshop for all interested on Monday, Jan. 25, at 5:30– 7:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre. Bowers teaches mime and movement classes in New York City and as a guest instructor all over the country, demystifying what can be seen as an exclusive art form for his students. As part of his visit to GSU, Bowers will be working with a devised theater class that is currently developing a production to take to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival later this year. The show, which will center thematically on mythology, may become a sort of ensemble piece of physical theater, where the actors' occasionally use their bodies to form the set and other aspects of the story. Mostly, though, Bowers is just looking forward to sharing his favorite art form. "My goal — as a teacher especially — is to have students realize that it’s our first language," Bowers said. "It’s our natural language, it’s just physical communication, and everyone has that ability. You just heighten certain things in terms of creating the illusion and imaginary objects, but it’s basically our go-to human language."w

CANCER (June 21– July 22) — Take an alternate route and see where it leads you. An investment or home improvement project will turn out surprisingly well. Participate in physical activities that challenge and exhilarate you. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) — Your ability to stir up excitement and be the life of the party will draw unusual people to your side. Take a moment to confirm your adoration for someone you love. VIRGO (Aug. 23– Sept. 22) — Participate in a social event that promotes collaborations with people who share your concerns and interests. The end result will be a worthwhile partnership. Don't let a personal matter depress you. LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 23) — A personal change won't be welcome by everyone, but it's time to do what pleases you. Don't let anyone guilt you into abandoning your plans. SCORPIO (Oct. 24– Nov. 22) — Time spent alone or with the person you enjoy being with most will lead to an interesting lifestyle change. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23– Dec. 21) — Don't expect everyone to do things your way. Make a point to avoid people who are not supportive or set a poor example. Make positive personal changes.w

Holli Deal Saxon AND HE WONDERS WHY HE'S SINGLE — A Lynda Drive woman posted on Facebook about taking her husband to the emergency room on New Year’s Eve, and her ex-husband commented, “Go to hell,” then posted on his own page threats to harm the victim, the complainant’s current husband. Deputies viewed the threats via the complainant’s cellphone. PANNED, NOT STABBED — A Highway 80 East man called 911 claiming he was stabbed, but when deputies arrived, he said a woman had struck him in the head

with a frying pan. He had a slight injury to his head and was highly intoxicate, deputies reported. The only frying pan in the house contained food that had been cooked for supper. He was given information on taking out warrants SPOILED — A Pinemount Boulevard woman said a juvenile boy in her custody threatened to run away if she did not buy him a flatscreen TV and a PlayStation 4. He was later located and turned back over to his guardian after deputies notified the Department of Juvenile Justice.w

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Bill Bowers' one-man mime show, "It Goes Without Saying," tells a series of comedic stories about how the silent art form helped him find his voice while growing up as a gay kid in rural Montana. The show will run Saturday, Jan. 23, in Georgia Southern's Black Box Theatre.

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