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The Art of Newborn Portraits 1-Day Workshop ( see page 2 for more information )





Richard St.Peter, FP

Erin L. Clark, CPP

Tracy McGee, CPP

Bob Harper


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JANUARY 2014 | VOL. 19 #1


A Look Back...

Next month’s meeting...

We thank Jeannie Hobbs for hosting last month’s Tidewater

WHERE: Erin Clark’s studio, E-n-E Photography, Inc.

Chapter meeting, and we appreciate the stellar Print Critique panel

1777 London Bridge Road, Suite 202

that included Pat Hansen, Mollie Isaacs, and Gordon Kreplin.

Virginia Beach, VA 23453

The print critiques will serve us well as we all prepare for the print

WHEN: Plan to arrive by 7:00 PM for fellowship

competition at the VPPA convention next month in Richmond.

followed by the actual meeting at 7:30PM.

From the December Meeting

The Art of Newborn Portraits 1-Day Workshop By Lisa Carter, Cr. Photog., CPP Organizer: Erin Clark When: Monday, January 27, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Where: E-n-E Photography, 1777 London Bridge Rd, Suite 202, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Lisa Carter, of Photography by Lisa, will discuss how she works with newborns. We will talk about tips and techniques to achieve the artful images of newborn babies that everyone is in love with today! We will go over posing tips, props, how to prepare the parents for this once in a lifetime session with a live demonstration of how to work and handle the newborns safely. VPPA Members have priority for this one day workshop - and are encouraged to attend our Monthly meeting as well (not necessary to attend workshop to attend monthly meeting & no charge, of course) at the same location. You can contact her about the one day workshop via email: or phone: (757) 689-2950. PAGE 2


WAKE THE LIGHT PHOTO WORKSHOPS AND TOURS Dear Fellow VPPA Members, I want to make you aware of some exciting educational opportunities with special incentives coming up in 2014. My Awake The Light Photo Workshops and Tours company will be holding two workshops in Richmond this spring. LIGHTROOM UNLEASHED is an in-depth hands-on Lightroom 5 workshop to be held March 16 - 20. This will be three days of intensive Lightroom instruction designed to significantly improve your skills, increase your understanding of how Lightroom REALLY works, provide some creative tips, and get rid of bad habits (that we ALL have when working in Lightroom). Details here lightroom-2014/ BUTTERFLY FLUTTERBY will immerse you in butterfly action at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens on May 27 - 29. This wonderful facility is photographer friendly and provides a wide variety of butterfly species. Personalized attention throughout both days. Details here As a long-time member of the VPPA, I’m pleased to offer a special incentive to any VPPA members who take either of these workshops. A portion of your fee will go back to your own District to help fund its programs, and another portion will go to the VPPA to help defray the cost of the convention and other expenses. So you can help your District, help your state, and get some great education in the process. PLUS there is an Early Bird discount if you register for the Lightroom workshop before January 15. All Awake The Light photo workshops are known for the high level of education provided. You will receive group instruction, plus extensive personal attention whether it is in the classroom or in the field. The goal is for you to go home at the end of any of our workshops with much more knowledge, greater skill, more confidence, and expanded creativity than you started with. If you have questions or wish to register, email me at, or call 757-773-0194. I hope to see you in Richmond! Best regards, Mollie Isaacs





2014 VPPA Superheros Convention Registration There is now a seamless way to register yourself and those in your studio quickly. The online checkout is through PayPal, widely recognized as a leader in online processing. You can pay for anything you purchase with your credit or debit card in PayPal, and you do not need an account with them. Another feature with this system, it will allow you to go back and add items to your registration. If you decide later you want to add a PreCon class, meal tix, whatever, you will be able to log back in and add it on. One of the features we are most excited about, is online registration for non-members. We have been heading in the direction of being paperless for years. This will cut down on expense and paper waste, and make it more inviting for non members to participate. This will allow non-members to get immediate notification that they have registered. You will also get a receipt mailed to you at checkout.

Get registered! Go to Click on I am a photographer, then education. On the convention tab, when you click on it, you will see a link to the registration page. Once there, members need to enter an access code which is Superheros. It is not case sensitive. This will allow you, as a member to see the full registration form. Our pre-con class registration is EXCLUSIVE to VPPA members until January 17th. After the 17th, they will be open to the public and once full, they will be closed. You will be able to see the number of slots left in a PreCon class as people register.

Let non-members know, they are invited to the Convention too! PAGE 5



uick and Easy

Teeth Whitening in Photoshop

by Tracy McGee

I don't know about you guys, but I rarely retouch images of people who have naturally bright, white teeth. I also rarely have a client who doesn't want to look their best in their portraits, which usually including a little teeth whitening, even if you don't mention to them that you've done it. Everything that we do in Photoshop takes time, and between the blemish removal, removing hair frizzies, reducing under-eye circles, removing clothing lint and softened the skin a little, the last thing that you want is yet another time consuming task added to your workflow. Fortunately, whitening teeth only takes a matter of seconds.


First, zoom in on the teeth that you would like to whiten and choose a selection tool. Often times I whiten the teeth after retouching blemishes, so I just keep

the patch tool turned on, but for this example I will use the lasso tool (using the lasso tool will also be safer and avoid silly mistakes that could happen from using the patch tool as a selection method).


Next, quickly trace around the teeth. No need to be super accurate, just make

sure that all of the teeth are within the selection and avoid the skin around the lips if you can help it (you'll see why shortly).




After you have selected the teeth, go to the "Layers" palette on the right and click the half

black/half white circle to create a new adjustment


Go to the "Saturation" slider, and slide it all the way to the right, so that it will show you exactly

what areas will be included and to ensure that you

layer (there are actually several ways to create an

will only be adjusting the teeth. If there is a little skin

adjustment layer, but this is the way that I use) and

included (as is showing here, just above the teeth on

select to create a new "Hue/Saturation" layer.

the right side), you can either redo your selection or just use the layer mask to erase it from that area.


Lastly, move the slider to the left to make


Go to where you make the actual adjustments to the adjustment layer, click on the down

arrow, and select "Yellows".

the adjustment. I usually leave it somewhere

between the middle and far left side of the slider. Beware that you don't go all the way to the left or you risk getting grey teeth that look unnatural.

That's all there is to it! It sounds way more complicated than it is and once you've done it a couple of times it will be super easy. :)


VPPA Newsletter vol19no1  

January 2014 Vol 19 no 1

VPPA Newsletter vol19no1  

January 2014 Vol 19 no 1