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Greetings and Salutations Tidewater, According to my calendar, the glorious 2019 convention is behind us. The emotion is not. From Gary Hughes to Susan Michal and everything in between, there was a prodigious amount of information expertly presented. I sincerely hope it was motivating, uplifting and perhaps spiritual in some way for everyone. I know there were some spiritual moments during our record-breaking print competition. 607 images! Really? I actually saw some praying in a back row. Hopefully that worked and you grinned out loud. Or, perhaps you’ll soon learn where those 21 points went. Either way, it is all about the learning and process improvements that come with it. I know that running this event was a process. I came away with a far better, but incomplete, understanding of what goes into bringing one of these mega events to life. We can learn a lot simply by volunteering to help, so I encourage everyone to do so. There are many levels of involvement and many hands make light work. Put yours into the mix and help make a difference. The training continues with VA Reel. We experienced an amazing presentation by John and Teresa Chandler on March 4th on “Creating Your Spare Room Studio.” That small studio theme continues on April 11th with Marnie Clagett teaching the “Secrets to Running a Studio in a Small (or no!) Space.” There’s a connection in there. The ticket now, is to do something positive for ourselves, our businesses and by extension our Virginia PPA. Individually we make a difference. Together we are one. So as you look through the 2019 merit images, included in this news-letter, be thinking about what went in to each one of them. Ask the maker the questions that percolate to the top. It’s part of the process.

2019 VPPA Competition - Tidewater Merited Images:

Strike 3 - Greg Avant

Puppy Love - Greg Avant

Morning glow - Steve Radcliffe

Bodie’s Arch - Steve Radcliffe

Devout Design - Steve Radcliffe

Teleport to City Center - Steve Radcliffe

Like A Boss - Casey Scalf

Queen of Coiffe - Casey Scalf

Step Outside the Frame - Casey Scalf

Exotic - Casey Scalf

Hope is a Waking Dream - Casey Scalf

Staircase to the Past - Erin Bonilla

Fuzzy Fuzzy - Erin Bonilla

Good Stay - Erin Bonilla

All Creatures Great and Small - Erin Bonilla

What Up Dawg? - Erin Bonilla

Only Have Eyes For You - Erin Bonilla

Bitches Coven - Erin Bonilla

You’ve Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow - Erin Bonilla

The Slide - Skip Barber

First Light - Shirley Whitenack

Van Gogh’s Fall - Chris Vickers

He Loves Me Not - Jamie Young

A Different Pointe of View - Anne Companion

Judge Dread - Anne Companion

Baby Blues - Anne Companion

Man With A Plan - Jeannie Hobbs

Serenade - Kimberly Kiely

Drummer’s Call - Kimberly Kiely

A Daddy’s Love - Robert Harper

Class - Robert Harper

Brotherly Love - Robert Harper

Courage - Robert Harper

2019 VPPA Imaging Award Program: Best of Awards “Tidewater”

Best Portrait of a Bride – Sponsored by Mary Fisk-Taylor In The Moment - Tracy McGee, M. Photog, Cr., CPP, FP Best Portrait of a Man – Sponsored by Jim Sanders Judge Dread - Anne Companion, M. Photog., CPP, AFP Court of Honor Portrait of a Pet/Animal Bitches Cauldron - Erin Bonilla, CPP

Best Pictorial – Sponsored by Northern District (Deborah Schmitz) Calm Before The Storm - Earl Dashiell, M.Photog., FP Court of Honor Illustrative Portrait A Different Pointe of View - Anne Companion, M. Photog., CPP, AFP Court of Honor Illustrative Portrait A Different Pointe of View - Anne Companion, M. Photog., CPP, AFP Court of Honor Architectural Portrait Devout Design - Steve Radcliffe Court of Honor Artist Van Gogh’s Fall - Chris Vickers Court of Honor Social Event Candid Puppy Love - Greg Avant, CPP, AFP Best Non-Event Album – Sponsored by ACI Labs World Equestrian Games: Its Showtime - Chelsea Tracy PPA CPP Bitches Cauldron - Erin Bonilla, CPP Virginia Top Ten Photographer of the Year – Sponsored by Mary Fisk-Taylor& Jamie Hayes presented in Alphabetical Order Erin Bonilla, CPP  Erin Clark, M. Photog., CPP, FP    Congratulations to all the above and hope that we recognized all who deserved to be and those who were successful at convention.

A note from our Lt. Governor Greg Avant, CPP, AFP Just wanted to let everyone know that I am a CPP Liaison. If you are thinking about getting your CPP let me know so that I can get you any information you need. For contact information, see chapter offices page.

2019 Virginia Reel Speakers: 04/08 – 11/19 – Marnie Clagett – Secrets to Running a Studio in a Small (or no!) Space , *Tidewater: April 11th

05/06 – 09/19 – Christy Williams – Pinups: Finding the Beauty in Everyone, *Tidewater: May 9th

06/03 – 06/19 – Rinat Halon – Get Published and Get Paid for It!, *Tidewater: June 3rd

07/15 – 18/19 – Lizzy McMillan – TBD topic, *Tidewater: July 15th

Chapter Officers 

Steve Radcliffe
 421 Yancy Court
 Chesapeake, VA 23322
 757-409-0371 LT. GOVERNOR

Greg Avant
 516 Longdale Cres.
 Chesapeake, VA 23325
 757-685-2213 TREASURER

Chris Vickers 5007 Victory Blvd. Ste. C253 Yorktown VA 23693


Lauren Cyr
 1700 Pattie Lane
 Chesapeake, VA 23321

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