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VOL. 18, #5


Tidewater District APRIL 2013

By Erin L. Clark, CPPTidewater VPPA Secretary

Can you feel it? It’s been a crazy winter with rains & snow one day and 70 degrees the next day- but I think spring is finally here to stay! The spring flowers are bloomingthe cherry trees are blossoming and the birds are singing for a mate! YUP! Spring is here! People will want to get out more & hopefully your business is booming-but darnit taxes are due...

Spring is in the Air!

I found some tips to share - adapted from Small Business Tax Tips and Resources for Today & Tomorrow by Jamie Bsales at Small Business Computing.

As you work with vendors or outside contractors, anticipate which ones you will pay more than $600 to over the course of the year so you can send them 1099-Misc forms. • Offering fringe benefits such as health, vision and child-care assistance instead of standard raises can reduce tax burdens. • When faced with a choice of deducting either your actual auto expenses or the mileage deduction for business-related driving, take the mileage deduction. It’s a better deal with gas prices so high. Mobile apps such as Outright can make it easy to log your mileage as you go. • If you have unsold or unused inventory, instead of spending money on storing it, donate it and get the tax deductions. But keep in mind that goods donations greater than $500 have more rigorous reporting rules. • Hire your kids and spouse and save on next year’s taxes. For example, if you pay a minor child up to $6,000 from your business profits for helping you with business tasks, that amount is not taxed the same as your ordinary income. Also, if you hire your spouse, then as his or her employer you can pay for the healthcare of their family – i.e., yours – and deduct those payments. • Keep business and personal expenses separate. That means maintaining separate checking accounts and credit cards for your business. • The costs of launching a business are considered capital expenses, and you can deduct up to $5,000 your first year in business. You can deduct educational expenses that maintain or improve skills required in your present employment, including seminars, classes and convention fees. -CONT’D ON PG. 2!



VOL. 18, #5

Finally, look at the Small Business Jobs Act Tax, signed into law in 2010. The law has nearly 20 initiatives aimed at decreasing the tax burden and providing savings for small businesses.

Read more: Unfortunately, we have no Shout Outs! or Classifieds for this month- but I’m betting, we’ll have plenty for May’s newsletter, esp. once we hear the results of the SEPPA Competition! April’s newsletter is dedicated to fellow member, Eric Green-who happens to be our speaker on April 15th at Anne Companion’s studio in Hampton. Last month, at Jeff & Tracy’s program, we had several visitors and it was a great turnout- check page - for some cell pics from that meeting. Make sure to bring a prospective new member to the next meeting- all visitors are welcome to visit twice before having to join VPPA- so it’s nice for them to see lots of face! If you haven’t been to a meeting in awhile- come on out and visit with your peers- we’d love to have you! See you soon! Erin

Tidewater Officers 2013 Governor: Keith Forrest, M.Ph.,Cr.,CPP,FP 757-464-6800

Lieutenant Governor: Richard St. Peter, FP

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APRIL 15: “1 Step Painter” by Eric Green, at Anne Companion's Studio, Hampton - see page 3 MAY 20: Program by Charles Lawson- at Hobbs Studio, Chesapeake SUNDAY, June 2: “Beach Portraits” by Gordon Kreplin in Virginia Beach with demonstration & models PAGE 3


VOL. 18, #5

“One Step Painter” presented by Eric Green

MONDAY, APRIL 15th @7pm Hosted at Anne Companion's studio 112 Kings Way, Hampton, 23669 757-630-5860


As photographers, we often hear the marketing suggestion:


Flower Study-Eric Green VPPA State Competition 2013 SCORE: 80

This advice usually takes one of two forms. Either offer something genuinely unique or use traditional mediums out of the skill range of the amateur.

Corel Painter can fill both of those roles! For those unfamiliar with Painter, it is a remarkable program which imitates the brush work of traditional artists.




It is a robust program that offers endless creative options & artistic possibilities. Corel has quickly become the “go to” tool for the digital artist. My “One Step Painter Overview” class will get you enhancing images from the start. Even if you have very limited familiarity with the software, you will be able to jump in and paint along. You could also do the projects later using the provided class guide. You are welcome to join in- make sure to bring a laptop loaded with Photoshop & Corel Painter- (go to: to download a free trial!) If you’d like, bringing a few favorite canvas or paper textures would also be useful.


VOL. 18, #5

Some basic familiarity with the clone and quick clone commands and brush locations would be very helpful. Time will be very limited so please troubleshoot your equipment and software ahead of time.

TO JOIN IN: Bring a laptop with Painter and Photoshop loaded and a few images (keep the size small- 8X10 at 150dpi should be plenty). (Others, who would like to observe are more than welcome to do so, of course)



VOL. 18, #5

Eric Green, CPP, AFP received three blue ribbons, the Polaroid Prestige Award for Illustrative First Place Creative, AND Judges Choice at our 2013 VPPA Competition!


Japanese Garden-Eric Green VPPA State Competition 2013 Polaroid Prestige Award - Illustrative 1st Place - Creative Judge’s Choice SCORE: 87

Eric has always had a passion for the arts, but it is his childhood memories of beautiful black and white prints that propel him towards his photographic endeavors. He developed this lifelong love of photography from his father, whose 1940's prints from his military career of China and Japan inspire him to this day. Eric's life behind the camera has spanned several decades, with experiences ranging from those of an avid amateur to those of a studio owner.

In 2002, he and his wife, Carrie, founded Eric Green Photography LLC- focusing primarily on wedding photography. In 2006, they founded Renderings By Rosal, a web-based business marketing endeavor creating digital paintings from photographs. In the years since, the two ventures have merged with a focus on traditional portraiture. In addition, to photography, Eric is an accomplished musician and a watercolor artist. He and his wife live in Norfolk with their two children, Dylan and Marin. Eric can be reached via his website:, ! email: or 757 423-2886



VOL. 18, #5

More fantastic painted images from Eric GREEN

Bulb in Bloom - Eric Green VPPA State Competition 2013 SCORE: 81




VOL. 18, #5

An Interview with Eric ... How long have you been a professional photographer? “Photographer...about forever.....professional 11 years”

What kind of photography do you do? “Weddings mostly....although my love is traditional portraiture.”

How long have you been a member of VPPA? “7 years...i think?”

Why do you enter competition? To hone my skills and to see how I measure up against photographers I admire.

What are your recommendations for others who have yet to compete? “1- Just do it! It will make you better at every aspect of photography from composition, to exposure to printing -2- Ask for critiques from those you admire.”

Any other tips or advice you'd like to share? “We all know that photography is a tough business to be in right now. If we are ever going to return to a reasonably stable profession again...we must commit ourselves to the education of everyone we encounter....” do want to be posed! Of want studio images! Yes....I can make you look younger...with lighting and posing...not photoshop! don't want that cheesy prop...this image will be about YOU! A digital file....sure.....what size will the wall portrait be! I am an artist and a professional and I will be compensated as such! In the years to come it will be the memories hanging on your walls and in your family albums that you will treasure most. They will be invaluable. I don't think you want to trust the recording of those memories to anyone but a professional. GREAT ADVICE EricLooking forward to learning about Painter at your class March 15thSee you and everyone else there!



VOL. 18, #5

Great refresher on Lighting Techniques at last month’s District MeetingSpecial Thanks to Tracy & Jeff for hosting and presenting! check out a few of my ‘professional’ CELL phone pics from the program for your enjoyment! :)

Jeff & Tracy demonstrated all different lighting techniques, using a model senior girl from a local high school - and even demonstrating proper posing of a girls vs. a guy with our very own model member, Chris Taylor!



“One Step Painter” presented by Eric Green

MONDAY, APRIL 15th @7pm Social- 7:30pm Program Hosted at Anne Companion's studio 112 Kings Way, Hampton, 23669 757-630-5860

NOTE: Kings Way is a One way street-so approaching from Lincoln would be easiest

TIDEWATER MEMBERSPlease make a point of inviting another member you haven’t seen in awhile or a potential future member as a guest! PAGE 9

Tidewater April Newsletter - 2013  

VPPA Tidewater District Newsletter - April 2013