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Giving, sharing and joining. LA RABIDA 2008 ANNUAL REPORT

Giving, sharing and joining. La Rabida, one of Chicago’s greatest healthcare resources, is encircled by nature’s gifts – mature trees, a lake worthy of being called great, and the horizon on which the sun always rises. Our decision to conserve natural resources – foregoing printing and mailing of this annual report – is just one way we demonstrate good stewardship. We are grateful recipients of contributions from those who champion our mission. The talent and treasures shared by individual and corporate donors, foundations and volunteers enable us to sustain our provision of healthcare to children who might not otherwise have access. As good stewards, we are acting now so future generations of children will get the care they need. Yet, as a private, independent, not-for-profit corporation, we continuously face financial challenges in caring for the uninsurable, underinsured and those who rely on public insurance. Medicaid reimbursement represents roughly 90% of FY 2008 net patient revenue; 75% is generated by inpatient Medicaid reimbursement alone. Medicaid pays only a fraction of the cost of most services. Inpatient Medicaid reimbursement rates have increased less than 1% annually over the last five years, far below the rate of inflation for healthcare spending. This creates a shortfall between operating expense and patient care revenue which must be bridged by other sources of income, specifically philanthropy. Additionally, donor funds are required to make technology and facility enhancements necessary for quality patient care. In FY 2008, we took steps to strengthen La Rabida and better prepare it for the next century of service to Chicago’s children, including: • Developing a business strategy to enhance La Rabida’s long-term viability, • Implementing numerous cost reduction strategies without sacrifice to patient care,

A MOTHER’S JOY The day begins early for Sheri Hurdle and her daughter, Imanni. The air outside is crisp and the sun is bright. Inside, the smell of pancakes permeates their toasty home, where Sheri takes joy in caring for her family. It’s going to be a busy day with a visit to La Rabida’s Premier Kids Clinic to see Imanni’s pediatric specialists who work with children born prematurely; then back home to pack and off to school. Imanni, faced with lingering challenges from a 23-week birth, is like most other 4-year-olds in many ways — she loves to run, jump and laugh, but there are hints of special needs. Her care team at La Rabida celebrates her successes with an eye on how to optimize her future potential.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

• Instituting new monitoring and accountability processes to ensure we are spending our resources wisely. In the year ahead, we will implement our strategy, hire new talent to strengthen our core services, and renovate older inpatient rooms to create 12 new private and family-friendly rooms. We will continue to welcome the thousands of children we serve annually without regard to a family’s ability to pay. Wisely, we will steward the gifts of our supporters who give, share and join so the children of La Rabida survive and thrive – children like Imanni whose day-in-the-life story is told on the following pages. Paula Kienberger Jaudes, M.D., President and CEO Allen Kanter, Chairman, Board of Trustees



Contribute Generous individuals of all ages, corporations, and foundations help equip and staff La Rabida with the services and resources necessary to promote the health and well-being of 9,000 children, most of whom have medically-complex conditions, like Imanni. She is a patient of the Premier Kids Program for children through age five years who have or are at-risk for developmental delays. The program is supported, in part, by The Women’s Board of La Rabida and its annual fundraiser. Contributions – large and small, monetary and in-kind, talent and time – are as necessary to La Rabida today as they were in 1896 when volunteer physicians and staff first welcomed Chicago’s at-risk children. La Rabida offers an array of giving opportunities. This allows donors and volunteers to match their contribution to their interests and capabilities.

SINGING MORNING PRAISES “EEEEmmmaaaaaniiiii” Sheri sings out as the little one retreats in a ball under the covers. Meanwhile, Dad, Jermaine, Sr. is ironing. It’s 6:30 a.m. and Imanni is as silent and still as a rolly polly — the quiet before the proverbial storm. Within five minutes of popping open an eye, Imanni is laughing and singing, running and hopping. She sing-songs orders to her mom, whose ear is fine tuned to pick up on needs Imanni has trouble expressing because of speech delays. It’s one of many issues at the center of this medically complex child’s life, which has included one open heart surgery and six laser eye surgeries. Feeding, breathing and walking have not come easily for Imanni.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Make an on-line donation. Double your gift and name La Rabida as the recipient of your company’s charitable gift matching program. Attend a fundraising event. Donate a silent auction item. Become an in-service volunteer. Remember La Rabida in your will. Fulfill a holiday wish. Give, share, and join a growing community of supporters who recognize that without La Rabida thousands of children in Chicago might not get the care they need when they most require it. There are so many Imannis.



KIDS SHARING WITH KIDS S T R I K I N G A D E L I C AT E B A L A N C E Imanni weighed a mere 14 ounces at birth and has required the attention of pediatric specialists since her first labored breath. When Sheri found La Rabida two years ago, she was drawn in like a lost ship to a lighthouse beacon. La Rabida has eased the burden of seeing specialists in scattered locations by offering so many specialists in one place. Imanni and Sheri were embraced like family. La Rabida is Imanni’s “medical home.” The staff helped Sheri become expert in Imanni’s at-home care, the demands of which left her unable to work for a while. Now, she ably balances work, the needs of Imanni and those of her 9-year-old son, Jermaine who earns all A’s at a charter school across town.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Our giving community includes children helping children who are less fortunate. Admirably, the Kost brothers have made giving a family tradition. Brian and Adam named La Rabida as the beneficiary of gifts for their Bar Mitzvahs in 2005 and 2008. Contributions made in their honor — totaling $8,500 — have funded the purchase of therapeutic toys for La Rabida’s Child Advocacy Program. Adam Kost, an 8th grader at Wilmette Junior High School, said seeing other kids in need inspired him to offer the gift. “Part of the Bar Mitzvah process is to be involved with community and helping La Rabida is how I wanted to do it.”



GIVING BACK Community residents. Students. Retirees. Working professionals. Empty nesters. Current employees. La Rabida’s volunteer force is a diverse group of individuals who share a common objective: to give back. The gift of their time is priceless. Nearly 200 volunteers support hospital programs and operations. Some tutor patients and siblings who participate in the After School Tutoring Program. Others feed and rock babies. Some read to waiting patients including Imanni as part of La Rabida’s Literacy Program. A few came together to design the new Volunteer Tour Guide Program and now lead facility tours for visiting groups. Still others work side by side with staff, volunteers like Mike Allswang. He plays a key role in the hospital’s campaign to reconnect with former patients. A retired sales manager, Mike Allswang declares himself sold on La Rabida’s mission. In his letters inviting former patients to come back for a reunion, he writes, “I love Chicago, I think it’s a great city and La Rabida is a great place to invest in its future.’’ La Rabida’s in-service volunteers contributed more than 11,000 hours of service in FY 2008.

A H E A LT H Y S TA R T Sheri rose before the sun to make pancakes. But Imanni isn’t eating. Perhaps her teeth are too sensitive from the morning’s brushing earlier, which drew squeals like nails on a chalk board. Imanni didn’t chew food her first three years. Instead, nutrition flowed through a tube into her stomach.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



JOINING TO GIVE La Rabida’s Board of Trustees and four fundraising groups build hospital awareness and attract new contributors. Volunteers all, they join to give both time and treasure. Betty Johnson is a member of Women In Support of La Rabida. This group hosts the Annual Crusin’ on a Sunday Afternoon event. Daughter Joyce Johnson Miller is a former member of the Friends of La Rabida, the organizer of an annual black tie gala. Together, they support La Rabida fundraising events. And, together, they have donated nearly $200,000 since 1990 to support La Rabida’s Community Asthma Program, After School Tutoring Program, and the Joli Burrell Child Advocacy Center. “The love of children is what makes the world go round,’’ said Betty Johnson, a retired educator. “Nurturing children creates a legacy. Joyce and I want the legacy to continue, particularly for the children La Rabida serves.” In 2003, Drew Horowitz joined the hospital board. Beyond the experience and skill he lends, Drew links La Rabida to fun and exciting opportunities. He is an executive of the firm that owns WTMX – The Mix – , a popular local radio station. WTMX hosts the annual Miracle on State Street concert fundraiser and for seven years La Rabida has been a beneficiary both of publicity and event proceeds totaling $57,000. This year, the station hosted an online auction of tickets to the sold-out Hannah Montana concert. The $4,500 winning bid benefited La Rabida. “The commitment of the staff to the kids makes them feel they are a part of the La Rabida family. That’s what makes the hospital a very special place,’’ said Drew Horowitz, Executive Vice President, Bonneville International Corporation.

B R E AT H E E A S Y Sheri gingerly slips a clear plastic mask over Imanni’s slender face so she can inhale medicine flowing through a hand-held device. The five-minute treatment will open Imanni’s tiny airways in a daily ritual to help manage her asthma, a common condition among kids born prematurely.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



ALL DRESSED UP Imanni’s pink polka dot two piece outfit is the epitome of priss and a carbon copy of Uniqua, a feisty cartoon character. Later, while mom is oiling and twisting each of Imanni’s locks, the wiggly toddler is singing a tune from her favorite episode. Mom loves to hear her sing. “She’s so joyous.”

C O R P O R AT E G I V I N G Many other socially responsible corporations support La Rabida. Morgan Stanley, the New York-based investment and financial services firm, funds the Chicago Grow Clinic at La Rabida. La Rabida is one of five U.S. children’s hospitals Morgan Stanley assists. By supporting the Chicago Grow Clinic, Morgan Stanley helps at risk infants and toddlers from economically and socially disadvantaged families who reside in the southern metropolitan region of Chicago, Illinois. This includes children who are: • Diagnosed with failure to thrive • Graduates of a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or a neonatal follow-up program • Receiving services through the Illinois Early Intervention Program

La Rabida’s Chicago Grow Clinic has received from Morgan Stanley two consecutive two-year grants, totaling nearly $500,000. In addition, the firm’s employee volunteers conduct an annual drive to collect and purchase new clothing and toys for clinic patients and their families. “Dr. Bishku’s proven treatment of children with failure to thrive, La Rabida’s commitment to the Grow Clinic project and their meeting the needs of the underserved were compelling reasons to choose the hospital as our partner,” said Soo Rhee Brown, senior program officer for the Morgan Stanley Foundation.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



HONORING AND REMEMBERING Sometimes a gift is inspired by a personal commitment or a tragic loss. In life, Alvin and Ann Baum were child advocates. In death, their advocacy continues through The Alvin H. Baum Family Fund, a charitable trust, benefiting children’s organizations. La Rabida is the fortunate recipient of a $500,000 restricted gift for facility improvements. Joel Friedman, executor of the Baum Family Fund and a personal longtime supporter, understands how facility design affects the medical experience. “La Rabida has done much to create a child-friendly, hope inspiring environment. This gift will help give a twenty-first century facelift to older patient areas. Keeping things bright and fresh is important for the kids.”

L A R A B I D A’ S P R E M I E R K I D S C L I N I C At La Rabida, Imanni first hangs tight to mom’s left hand and squeezes a bright yellow sippy cup in the other. Then she settles in. She’s in a comfort zone. When the impulse hits, she sings to the cheery cup. Mom draws a picture with her daughter as they wait to see specialists in the Premier Kids Clinic. A colorful space, the outpatient waiting area overlooks Lake Michigan, a sight that seems to soothe Imanni. The clinic downstairs is buzzing with kids, caregivers and a team that includes a pediatrician, a nurse manager, nurse care coordinator, an infant specialist, social worker, and a nutritionist. The nurses and a volunteer are happy to see Imanni, greeting her with hugs, toys and lots of laughter.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



WEIGHING IN “Whoa!” exclaims Katrina Preston, CNA. “She comes in here like a storm.’’ She is trying to steady Imanni on a scale to get an accurate height and weight — 42 inches tall, 32.3 pounds. Sheri is grateful that Imanni, whose name in Swahili means faith and belief, is growing stronger in defiance of the odds.

Michelle and Chad Bush never anticipated creating a charitable foundation. To help heal and find purpose in the unexpected death of their daughter in 2007, they established the Reilly C. Bush Memorial Foundation. Today, surprise and smiles are generated during the inpatient stays of girls who receive Stupendous Packages, featuring an American Girl doll, bracelet, book and blanket. Also stupendous – Reilly’s favorite exclamation – are the foundation’s donations of $10,000, books for the hospital’s “Read with a Child Program” and in-kind funding of dance classes for patient fitness. “The unique thing about La Rabida is that it is this family oriented community. It’s just such a warm and loving environment. It’s very honest from the top down to the bottom,’’ said Chad Bush, Reilly’s father and foundation vice president. Gifts from foundations are an important source of income for the hospital. Other FY 2008 examples include a $500,000 grant for facility improvements given by an anonymous foundation and a $75,000 grant from The Brinson Foundation. In recent years, The Brinson Foundation has made $500,000 in unrestricted gifts to La Rabida. Unrestricted gifts allow La Rabida to bridge the shortfall between our care delivery expense and Medicaid reimbursement. “We have been impressed by La Rabida’s ability to combine high quality medical care with innovative programming that helps increase the chance that these underserved children will someday reach their maximum potential,’’ said Jim D. Parsons, President of The Brinson Foundation.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



SHARING IN KIND Toys for the holidays. Silent auction items. Entertainment for the patients. All sorts of individuals and organizations give services and material goods to La Rabida. Jackie Shen of Red Light restaurant fame shares her staff and stock to delight guests of the Annual Lace and Pearls Lawn Fête. For 11 years, Jackie has supported La Rabida events, helping to raise money and create fabulous memories. Executive Chef Jackie Shen discovered the treasure that is La Rabida during its Centennial celebration in 1996. “When I saw the hospital’s mission in action, I had no choice, but to help.” Shen and eight other Chicago chefs joined together in support of the the 2008 Lawn Fete, all to benefit La Rabids’s Premier Kids Program and in turn help Imanni. Imanni and her mom attended the event. They mixed. They mingled. Most importantly, Sheri kindly shared their story, underscoring why La Rabida is imperative to Imanni’s health, well-being and future. There are thousands of stories to tell about the beyond-medicine care La Rabida offers each child it serves and there are so many to thank for their support of our mission. Learn more about the many volunteer and giving opportunities at La Rabida on our website, GIV E. S HA R E. J OIN .

NUTRITION NOTES Imanni should weigh 35 pounds for her height. Nutritionist Mark Spielmann encourages Sheri to continue pushing high calorie foods — macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. Meanwhile, Imanni is trying to balance on her knees. “I know where the calories are going,’’ Mark says with a big smile. “She’s burning them right off.’’

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



A DOCTOR DOTES Pediatrician Edith Chernoff, MD, tries to listen to Imanni’s heart and lungs. But the exam looks something like a game of tickle with the doctor ducking and weaving as the toddler kicks and squirms, giggling the entire time. Chernoff is delighted and sends the duo off with her blessings for an upcoming tonsillectomy.

Our partners in care. ESTAT ES Estate of Ruth Black Estate of Orville H. Brandt Estate of Loretta C. Hynes Estate of Lela H. McCafferty Charles & Margaret D. Nash Trust Estate of Jeanne Pachaly John V. Painter Trust Estate of Lorraine Smith Estate of Corine Wilkerson Estate of George C. Yannias $100,000+ The Business Council of La Rabida The Friends of La Rabida Morgan Stanley Foundation $50,000–$99,000 The Amicus Foundation The Brinson Foundation Elaine Costakis Judith M. Van Kampen The Women's Board of La Rabida Women In Support of La Rabida $25,000–$49,000 Anonymous American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Chicago Tribune George M. Eisenberg Foundation for Charities Lloyd A. Fry Foundation The Galter Foundation

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Hedge Funds Care MB Financial Bank Jeff and Linda Sluman VanKampen Boyer Molinari Charitable Foundation WGN Television

$10, 000–$24, 999 Frankie and Howard Alper Fred and Jean Allegretti Foundation Robert Arthur Alvin H. Baum Family Fund Fred Berglund Blum-Kovler Foundation Charles and Mary Anne Bobrinskoy Bonneville International Corporation, WTMX, the Mix Braeside Foundation Helen Brach Foundation Richard M. Burridge, Sr. Chicago Equity Partners Citigroup Foundation Green Cohan Foundation Deloitte & Touche Chaz Ebert Erin's Handicapped Children's Fund Harpo Productions, Inc. Christina S. Hatherly Hospira Foundation Paula K. Jaudes, MD Joyce C. Johnson-Miller Jeffrey A. Jones

F IS CA L Y EA R 2008 GIF T S Magellan International Trading Corp. The Northern Trust Company Gloria Palmer-Pitts The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Daniel and Susan Real Respiratory Health Association Square D Company Robert J. Vasquez, MD and Charles Morcom Laurie Wilson

$1, 000– $9, 999 Billie Wright Adams, MD Aetna, Inc. Robert L. Aguilar Akzo Nobel, Inc. Almklm Enterprises, Inc American Academy of Pediatrics Aon Corporation Aon Risk Services of Illinois Ariel Capital Management, LLC Arkansas Diagnostic Center, P.A. Asplundh Trees AT&T James W. Atkinson Stephanie Aucunas Sharon Barner Irv Barr Alben F. Bates and Clara G. Bates Foundation Lindy Bergman Black Entertainment Televison Block Electrical Company, Inc.



VOLUNTEER VIEWS Joan Lawson is one of La Rabida’s treasured volunteers. Every Tuesday, she reads with children waiting to see clinicians in the Premier Kids Clinic. Today Joan settles down Imanni and two-year old Jacob Thomas with a colorful book about animal characters.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

The George and June Block Family Foundation Dorothy Bossung Dave Brake Martin M. Bronstein David Burik and Lisa Rolfe Dick and Andrea Burridge Reilly C. Bush Memorial Foundation, Inc. Capri Events Richard and Ann Carr Central Steel & Wire Company Paul Chadha Chicago Blower Corporation City of Country Club Hills Susie Kim Clayton John and Maureen Clifford Max Cohen Roger Cole John C. Colman Comprehensive Health Management Continental Financial Ltd Jeffrey W. Cox Gregory Crecos Crowley, Barrett and Karaba, Ltd. David G. DeCampli Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Foundation Terence R. Donnelly Kevin Dowling Scholarship Fund Dr. Scholl Foundation Delona Du Bois James R. Dwyer John M. Eberle David & Lisette Eisendrath Foundation Exelon Energy Delivery

FGMK Foley & Lardner Dana Friedman Arthur P. Frigo G&W Electric Peggy P. and William D. Gann Robert Garvey Tamara Gerber GLJ Enterprises Grant Thornton, LLP GreatBanc Trust Company Diana Grodzins Group Benefit Associates Guardian Life Insurance Company Of America John Gyann Debbie Haddon Kastil The Hale Company, Inc. David C. Hall Dr. Lewis A. Hare & Ruth Lerman Hare Charitable Trust Danita Harth-Bates Christopher Hayano The Daniel & Janet Hidding Foundation Bavan M. Holloway Hoogendoorn and Talbot, LLP Drew and Anne Horowitz Jeffrey Husserl Guy T. Iantoni IBM Employee Services Center Investment Professionals for Children's Charities ITG Mark and Beth Jacobs Susan Jacobson John Hancock Life Betty L. Johnson

David R. Johnson Pamela A. Johnson Johnson Publishing Co., Inc. Allen Kanter Gary C. Karch and Ann Karch, MD Keane, Inc. Michael L. Keiser Christopher and Emily Knight Joseph & Helen Komarek Foundation KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP Allen and Genie Kutchins Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd. La-Co Industries, Inc. Aaron Lasota Henrietta Leak Michael R. Leep Lehman Brothers Otto W. Lehmann Foundation Johanna S. Lenneberg Dana R. Levenson Shahara LLewellyn Lawrence Lond Loosen Up Ltd. Robert Luke Edith A. Lutz Judy McDonald James and Eileen McKinney Charles and Marilyn Meier Mercer Human Resource Consulting Merrill Lynch Mesirow Financial, Inc. Michael E. Fryzel Craig Miller James D. Miller Joseph W. Morris



OFF TO SCHOOL Going to school is an adventure for Imanni, who is enrolled in a state supported preschool program on Chicago’s Southside. Sheri, inspired by her daughter’s speech and motor skills development at the school, says she’s also learning a valuable lesson from Imanni. “She’s determined. When she knows she can’t do something, she keeps trying and trying until she gets to do what she wants to do — like walking. First she crawled like crazy, and then she elephant walked on her hands. But she didn’t walk until she was 2. It’s just a journey and I have no choice but to be patient.’’ Each triumph for Imanni helps close a gap and prepares her for her next milestone achievement.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Motorola, Inc. T.J. Moyan Melany and Jim Mullens Mutual of Omaha Nebo Systems Inc Noise Marketing, LLC Thomas L. O'Brien Adewale Ogunleye Oil Dri Corporation of America Gregg Olalde Patrick J. O'Leary Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation Frances C. Oppenheimer Karen Parker David Patzwald Gloria Peoples Karen Peterson Bruce R. Pfaff and Deborah Leydig Pharmaceutical Strategies Group Scott Pierre Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Charles T. Price Prime Electric Company Cheryl I. Procter-Rogers Pyramis Global Advisors Jose L. Ramilo, MD Ramirez & Co Redbrick Health Reed Family Foundation Rehab TECH, Inc. Mark & Kathy Renfree Juergen H. Roennau Ronald C. Roselli Herbert Rosenberg Harold Rosenson RS Used Oil Services, Inc. S & C Electric Company SBJ, Inc. Schneider Electric William and Sharol Schwass ServIT Jay and Tanya Sharman Gerald W. Shea Fred H. Siegman Karen E. Smith Robert W. Smolen Spirit Halloween Superstores, LLC Stock Steel, Inc. SWC Technology Partners Teamsters Horsemen Motorcycle Association Frederick and Elizabeth Thomas Pamela A. Thomas Frank E. Trager Greg Tran Union Pacific Foundation

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago University of Missouri Vedder, Price, Kaufman & Kammholz, P.C. VOA Associates Incorporated Heidi Voorhees Wal - Mart Stores Inc Joe V. Walker Michael Walker Sandra and Bruce Wall Fred K. Walz Herbert C. Wenske Foundation Richard G. Weinberg Samuel Weinstein Ron and Kathy Whaley Heather Williams Brenda J. Wolf Hilda Wolf Scott Wolf Irene Worden Richard A. Zeiler

$250– $999 Anonymous Accenture LLP Allstate Giving Campaign Loretta J. Alois Steven I. Amu and Monica GiwaAmu Edith G. Andrew Patricia Andrews-Keenan Vanessa Balbach-Clarke Ronald R. Barde Anne Battershell Thomas P. Bayer Kenneth Beard Reed Beidler Alvin Bell BlueWare, Inc. Sherrill Bodine The Boeing Company Doreen Bogus BP Foundation Timothy Bradford Dana M. Brazdziunas, MD Elsie Briette Erwin Bruner John C. Buddig Phillip L. Cacioppo Joanne Carpenter Don R. Catherall Darren Change Vanessa Cheatham Chicago Diocese Woman's Philoptochos Chicago White Sox The Chicago Women's Club Fund

Violet Clark Vince Clary Mark Cloghessy Joshua Cohen Ron Cole Fred Coluzzi Sandrah Combs Dolores Connolly Bruce Cook Gary Cosby Robert J. Day Jeffery L. Dennis Tom Desmond Brian and Julie Devane Russell & Frieda De Yong Foundation Robert C. Dieckmann Gioia Diliberto William L. Dods Michael Doss Albert Dru Jeffrey L. Dryden William H. Dunbar Phil Eaton Evelyn M. Ebbert George Eddings Cynthia Elstien Sidney Epstein Thelma Ervin William Farley Founders Bank Suzanne French Irwin Friedman Ron Friedman John S. Frigo Ian Frost Mary Lou Gajda J. Stuart Garbutt Larry Gauger Matthew A. Gelbin Neal T. Goldstein Barbara L. Gordon Violet Greenwood Brook Griese Joe Grosz Ziad El Hage Joan M. Hall Julie Haluska R. D. Hamilton Jeff L. Hampton Ted Handrup Ronald W. Hanson Harborside International Golf Course Brady Harden Marguerite D. Hark Mary E. Harland



IT’S IN THE BAG It’s been a busy day already for Imanni. She is off to school but first she makes sure she has everything she needs for school in her blue backpack. Snacks? Check. Pull-ups? Check. Seat belt vest? Check. One more hug before we go? Big Squeeze.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Richard Harris Catherine Harth Stern Sophie K. Hein Patricia N. Heintze George G. Helf Faith Helm Barbara Henley Dana Hokin Marsha Hoover James G. Houston Keith Huizinga Hyde Park Bank and Trust Israel Idonije Independence Plus Inc. Insolar Window Treatments, Inc. William Irvin Steven A. Isenstein Eric E. Jakubowski Walter and Irina Kaiser Victor Kastil Claudis Kerr Earle R. Kessler Jaclyn J. Kim Marian Kinney Kirkland and Ellis Foundation Linda Kissler Kiwanis Club of Park Forest Jerome M. Klafta Michael Kohl Kathy Kopp Dorothy E. Kugel Kwikmen Trucking, Inc. Victoria Lautman Judith A. Leduc Carolyn M. Lee Jacqueline R. Leeper Raymond M. Leuthold Russell Levens Ruth M. Levine John W. Lisy Samuel R. Long Joseph L. Lund Michelle Maguire Herman J. Marino, P.C. Randy Markowitz Greg Martens Martin & McCulloh, P.C. Matrix Engineering Corporation Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. Al McCowan Katie McCoy Gale L. McCulloh John McDonald McGrath Lexus Of Westmont Bernard Meltzer Catherine Merrill Lott J. Meyer

Joel S. Meyers Peter Minarik Donald Minner Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit Lindsay Moore Cruz Moreno Morton Grove Foundation Carol Moseley-Braun Michael Msall Michael A. Neigoff La Verne A. Nichols Jorgen L. Nielsen Frank E. Niemic Jumaane N'Namdi John D. Norcross David A. Noyes & Company Raeann Olsen-Jackson O'Neill & Gaspardo, CPA Andrew Otting and Laura Hohnhold Michael Parks Alpesh Patel Daksha Patel, MD Karen Patinkin Russell C. Pike The Playboy Foundation Mary Ann Pollett Michael P. Polsky Theresa B. Powell Robert Price RBS Greenwich Capital J. Reckner Associates, Inc. Patricia Reeves Robert Rehbock Charleen L. Reuland Tippi M. Rogan Gilbert Ross A. R. Rott Rosa Rozek Karen Ruberry Natasha Salley Santucci Family Foundation Mark S. Schiffer Nancy L. Schimmel Ute B. Schlake Susan S. Schulman Charles R. Schulz Julie Ann Scott Michael Scott Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc. Robert Segal Brenda Sexton Ilene W. Shaw Michelle Sheehy Lewis R. Sifford Matthew D. Siler

Herbert Singer Elizabeth A. Smith James J. Smith St. Dorothy Ladies Guild Alan Staidl Gwendolyn Steele Gail Steingold Joel M. Stender Steve Stender Phillip L. Stern Bradley Stolbach, PhD Freda K. Stone Heart Fund Martin Straus Steven Strongin and Alexis Strongin, MD John and Penelope Sullivan George Surgeon Timothy Szerlong Scott Szykowny Gloria M. Tadman Tammy Siam Marina Restaurant, Inc. Tawani Foundation Evonne Taylor Deborah Thomas Cristel A. Turner United Automobile Workers of America, Local 551 The University of Chicago University of Chicago Becker Center on Price Theory David Vadja Rohitkumar Vasa Johanna Vernick Beth Voorhees Pamela A. Walker-Thomas Kurt Wandrey Audrey and Eddie Ward Judd A. & Marjorie Weinberg Family Foundation Paul M. Welch Billy L. Williams Joni Williams Ronald Winkle J. Scott Winston Robert J. Winters Susan Wislow Maribelle Wolfson Larry Wolin Women United for South Shore Beverly T. Yoder Steven Yoggerst John Youkhana Brent W. Zanini



Gifts in Honorarium

E N D O F T H E D AY At school, Imanni struggles to get on a bike in the gym. Frustrated, she rears back and belts out to no one in particular: “I need some help!” Over stimulated, Imanni is cranky. But Sheri relishes her emerging independent spirit. “I want her to be self sufficient, to have her own voice in this world.”

IN HONOR OF GIF TS Howard C. Alper Dorothy Bossung Richard M. Burridge, Sr. Jeff Cox James P. Daley Margaret H. Dewan Michelle Drehobl Chaz Ebert Peggy Gann Matthew A. Gelbin Howard W. Haas Theresa Holbach Anne Isaac Paula K. Jaudes, MD Gabriel Kaiser Adam Kost Jasmine Lafaye B. Lawson Barbara Litzinger Steve Mack Austin Mullens Randi Nygaard Ward C. Rogers

GIF T S IN MEMORIU M Alexander Anghelo Mary R. Babakitis Martha Bennett Karen E. Black Melvin Bresser Lee Brixie David Bulthuis Sam Churnovic Patrick F. Clifford Margaret DeWau Myrtle Dillon Miss Joan Durrant Eric Geneva Garafalo Peter Andrew Goodsell Judith Virginia Guile

Dorothy Nell Harris Mary Heale Harold H. Hensold Justin Martinez Marguerite Mesirow Theresa Mizanin Andy Moriarity Tasha Carrie Parker Joseph Piszczor Jeffrey Powers Beatrice B. Pressley Alan Rosenthal Esther Stiffel Helen Van Beek Anita Louise Walker Lyda Mae Walker Nellie Warshawsky Alicia Williams Wesley Willis E. Winters Paul & Edith Wood Mrs. Yamasaki

Gifts for Capital Improvement $1,000,000+ Gloh Family Trust La Rabida Children’s Foundation

Paula K. Jaudes, MD Allen and Genie Kutchins Sarita Warshawsky

$500,000–$999, 999 Alvin H. Baum Family Fund Anonymous Business Council of La Rabida

$25, 000–$49, 999 James W. Atkinson David C. Coughenour Brian J. Cronin Brian and Julie Devane Drew and Anne Horowitz Mark and Beth Jacobs James D. Miller John A. and Ronnie Rubino Frederick B. and Elizabeth Thomas

$250,000–$499, 999 Frankie and Howard Alper Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Fund Richard M. Burridge, Sr. Dan and Susan Real $100,000–$249, 999 Cantor Fitzgerald Allen Kanter Patrick C. Lynch Bruce R. Pfaff and Deborah Leydig Square D Company Fred K. and Marilyn Walz $50,000–$99,999 Fred and Cathy Berglund Peggy P. Gann Timothy G. Goodsell

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Bruce R. Pfaff Dorothy Rurak Saint Joseph’s Help John G. Strauss Steven Szalko

$10, 000–$24, 999 Robert L. Aguilar Anonymous Martin M. Bronstein and Linda Cooper James A. DeZellar John M. Eberle Matthew A. Gelbin Dana R. and Christine Levenson Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. The Ralphs/Food4Less Foundation

$5, 000– $9, 999 Charles K. and Mary Anne Bobrinskoy John G. Clifford David J. Copeland Robert H. Kramer Mesirow Financial Paul M. Welch $2, 500– $4, 999 Alper Services LLC. & Employees Charles T. Price $1, 000– $2, 499 Billie Wright Adams, MD John Gyann Kwikmen Trucking, Inc. $250– $999 Accenture LLP Elnora D. Daniel, PhD Laurinia Ford Nancy Frankenberry Jeffrey Husserl IBM Employee Services Center Bobette L. Puckett




Who Gave Hours in Fiscal Year 2008 (TOTAL HOURS GIVEN – 11,036)

Nurah Abdullah Candace Adeszko Viviana Aguayo Michael Allswang Safiat Amuwo Kirsten Anderson Richard Anderson Theanita Appling Brian Armstrong Patrick Arns Mary Aronin Bertha Barnes Felicia Barnes Brett Bassett Janet Baurle Asia Beamon Kurrin Beamon Brenda Bearden Erin Bell Julie Berniard Salimah Bey Alisha Bondurant Dominique Bowman Dorothy Boyd Carol Brazier Mary Brower Nyesha Brown Briana Buchanan Marian Bullock Michael Burkes Julie Buster Carolyn Caldwell Christina Campbell Caitlin Carr

Kimberly Carten Abdul Chaudhry Amy Chen Helen Chen Eric Cheung Daniel Choi Stephanie Christensen Grace Chung Nakita Claybourne Dolores Coleman Petra Conaway Debra Cook Gail Cooper James Costakis Lavern Craig Starla Cressler Abigail Crites Laura Cronin Crystal Dabbs Dominique Danzy Patsy Davis Deborah Dean Eunice Dervin Catalina Diaz Pat DiFiglio Flora Digby Michelle Drehobl Robert Drinan Nisha Duara Janice Dudley Jillian Dynowski Cordelia Eastridge Tiffany Edwards Idia Egonmwan

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

Ashley England Janet Erickson Dionne Ermon Stephanie Fagin Emma Farwick Isaiah Fasoldt Elizabeth Ferguson Lauren Fiske Patricia Flahive George Fleming Charles Flemming Olivia Ford Perry Formanek Catherine Forrester Bionce’ Foxx Ernestine Franklin Jonathan Friedman Sherry Fu MaryBeth Gahan Brandon Gardner Tessie Garner Linda Gathings Shimeka Gillespie Rhonda Gillis Samantha Glass Richard Glass, Jr. Anand Gopalsami Morgan Graham Charlotte Griffin Rhonda Gumbel-Thomas Rashid Halloway Eugene Hamilton James Han Karen Harrsion

Janice Hartfield Judith Hayes Winter Haynes Erica Henry Patricia Hill Desi Holland Gretchen Holmberg LaShonda Holmes Katherine Holt Kieran Holzhauer Flora Hugghis Clifford Hunt Melanie Hunter Allison Hurley Meghan Hurley Hilary Hutter Anna James Graciella Jason Lindsay Jefferson Doris Johnson Linda Johnson William Johnson Ashleigh Jones Catrina Jones Lillian Jones Pamela Jones Taylor Jones Jihyun Jun Laura Kaplan Amy Keefner Gertrude Keeys Leslee Kellogg Terri Kelly-Thomas Kathryn Kemp Jordan Kenik Edward Kim Phyllis King Diane Knetl Allison Krutul Emily Kuo Stefanie Lampignano Joan Lawson Eun Joo Lee Won-hee Lee Betty Linder Lauren Lipkin Dana Liu Marjorie Love Sylvia Love Maerine Lowe Joyce Martin Robert Mathis Andrew Mauck Vanessa Maycumber Courtney McCaughrin Colleen McGourty Tess McGourty

Thomas McGuire Jordan McGurran-Meinen ShakaO’zie McKekphin Iesha McLeod Carmen Mei Beatriz Mendoza Brittany Merriweather Anthony Messmer Emily Meyer Sarah Meyer Colleen Monier Clara Moore Linda Morris Lanetta Muhammad Laura Muller Rayya Najieb Brian Newell Jean Newkirk Juliana Nichols Terri Nielsen Sara Norval Sharon Novickas Odessa O’Bannon Katherine Ochman Cassandra Ogbevire Patrick Ogedegbe Troy O’Quin Justin Ornatowski Kacie Painter Paul Park Namrata Patel Dorothy Peaches Liz Peng Tessa Pennington Sharon Perkins Kathy Pesek Benjamin Philipson Alison Phillips Twanda Phillips Barbara Phinisee Tammie Porter Bryant Priromprintr Karin Pritikin Cheryl Pruitt Lynn Purdy Sanaa Qamar Ariana Ramirez Chelsea Real Carrie Reyes Ann Riehn Vel Rogers Emily Ruszczyk Candice Sanchez Theresa Sanchez Grant Sanders Nancy Savage Eric Schlotzer

Amber Schmiesing Emmi Schneider Abbie See Jena Sendra Michelle Sheehy Marie Shelton Delicia Simmons Raynya Simmons Adria Simon Sabhia Sims Kathleen Singer Gladys Smith Jean Smith Shinette Smith Jeanne Stewart Timothy Storey Jonathan Strysko Judith Taitt Linda Thomas Marquinta Thomas Tamika Thomas Bessie Thompson Brittani Thompson Sydney Thompson Vincent Tunstall Marlette Tyler Bobbie Underwood-Savage Catherine Vanier Ana Maria Vasilj Evangelina Velasco June Walton Modest Watson Tynisa Watson Hannah Weick Dennis Wells Patricia Wells Katharina Wenger LaTanya Wheat Kalea Whitmore Catherine Wiggins Johnnita Williams Cortne’ Wilson Mary Wilson Dann Witczak Dottie Woodard Russell Wright Patricia Wu Ethel Yang Katherine Zhou





Unrestricted Revenues and Other Support

$ 45,637,859

$ 49,678,302


$ 45,079,598

$ 45,296,927

Operating Income (Deficit)





Other Income





Revenue (less than) in Excess of Expenses





BALANCE SHEETS Condensed Balance Sheets as of June 30 AS SETS Current Assets

$ 13,806,207

$ 11,274,755

Investments and Long-term Assets

$ 82,624,774

$ 81,987,717

Net Property, Plant & Equipment

$ 19,370,174

$ 20,617,269

Total Assets

$ 115,801,155

$ 113,879,741






Long-term liabilities





Net Assets

$ 104,982,423

$ 105,486,974

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 115,801,155

$ 113,879,741

Auditor’s report for fiscal years ended June 30, 2008 and 2007 are available upon request.

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E



Board of Trustees OFF ICER S Allen Kanter, Chairman Howard C. Alper, Vice Chairman Charles T. Price, Vice Chairman Daniel S. Real, Vice Chairman Mark D. Renfree, Treasurer James W. Atkinson, Secretary ACT IV E T R U ST EES Billie Wright Adams MD Robert L. Aguilar Howard C. Alper James T. Atkinson Sharon Barner Fred Berglund Dorothy E. Bossung Martin M. Bronstein Richard M. Burridge John G. Clifford

Elnora T. Daniel PhD Brian B. Devane Terrence Donnelly John B. Eberle Peggy P. Gann Timothy G. Goodsell John G. Gyann Drew M. Horowitz Jeffrey Husserl Mark E. Jacobs Jeffrey Jones Allen Kanter Allen I. Kutchins Dana Levenson James D. McKinney Craig Miller Bruce R. Pfaff Charles T. Price Daniel S. Real

Frederick B. Thomas Fred K. Walz

SPECIAL TRU S TEES Michael Walker, President The Business Council of La Rabida Joli Burrell, President The Friends of La Rabida Cindi Elstien, Acting President The Women’s Board of La Rabida Thelma Ervin, President The Women in Support of La Rabida (WIS) HONORA RY TRUS TEES Honorable Carol Moseley-Braun John W. Rogers, Jr. John A. Rubino

Executive Leadership Paula Kienberger Jaudes, MD President and CEO Dilek Bishku, MD Vice President, Medical Affairs Michael Cleavenger Vice President, Development Merri Ex Interim Vice President, Development

Aden Henry, MSN, R.N. Vice President, Patient Care Services Mark D. Renfree CFO & Vice President, Administration Brenda Wolf Executive Vice President & COO

Medical Staff Peter Smith MD, Chief of Staff

A LLER GY / IMMU N OLOGY Raoul Wolf MD, Chief Rajinder Arora MD Annie Khuntia MD CHR ON IC D IS EA S E Izhar Qamar MD, Chief Dilek Bishku MD

Edith Chernoff MD Nancy Fritz MD Isil Halac MD Michael Hobaugh MD Neil Hochstadt PhD Paula K. Jaudes MD Beth Littlejohn MD Cathy Mavrolas PhD Bradley Stolbach PhD Uma Subramanian-Srinivasan MD Lisa Thornton MD

W W W. L A R A B I D A . O R G / D O N AT E O N L I N E

DEVELOPMENTA L PEDIATRICS Michael Msall MD, Chief Thomas Blondis MD Peter Smith MD RHEUMATOLOGY Linda Wagner-Weiner MD

La Rabida Children’s Hospital East 65th Street at Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL 60649 773-363-6700



La Rabida Children's Hospital 2008 Annual Report  

La Rabida's 2008 Annual Report profiles a patient family, the many giving opportunities at La Rabida, and recognizes the many volunteers and...

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