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November 2009

It’s Expo time again Visit to book your place!

New Apprentice star

Karren Brady

Back by popular demand it’s time to get ready for the 2010 Andover Business Expo. Last year’s event was a great success. So to make it easy for exhibitors and visitors it’s on the same date, the 17th March, and at the same location, The Lights.

1 free ticket to this celebrity speaker event worth £199 + VAT.

The 2009 Expo, the first some say in over 20 years, was an outstanding success and the 2010 event is going to be even better. During the day entrepreneur Karren Brady will be packing the auditorium at The Lights and bringing over 500 additional visitors on the day. Even better news is that the first 40 exhibitors to book their stand get

There will only be a few extra stands for 2010 so download a booking form and send it back so that you can get the stand you want.

this issue...

Speed up your computer today!

The good news is that the special SP10 and SP11 discount is still available and prices are less than last year. So if you thought last year’s event was a great investment, there’s no reason not to book again.

Check out all the details at When to employ staff

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Karren Brady talks business 15

needs a photographer Paying the Price for the right Price

Every business person will tell you that price is one of the key factors in determining how successful they are. But there are some simple rules that have stood the test of time regardless of what the economy is doing. In whatever market you are in there is always a top end price and a bottom end price. The top has the quality and service and the bottom offers the value and basic standards. Both top and bottom know their place and survive accordingly. So what about the middle? Being in the middle is the most dangerous place. You are not one thing or the other and so customers will not know what they are buying. So get out of the middle and decide on your pricing strategy, so that your customers know what they are getting for their money.


We are your local independent cleaners. No contracts, no minimum hours. We tidy, clean and put away.

Don’t just clean it. Superclean it. Call: Office – 0845 459 2005 Mobile – 07708 835356 16

BNI Andover is the only local business networking organization with the sole aim of increasing every member’s business through referral marketing. Weekly breakfast meetings are the focus of this interaction, with only one member from any trade or profession allowed to join, effectively locking out your competitors. Currently there is no professional photographer – so it’s a great new business opportunity. For more information check out or call Steve Picco on 01264 861 484

Looking for a new local insurance broker? Personal and Commercial Insurance including:Household Travel Business all classes of motor, household, taxi & commercial business

Covering the things you care for

Tel: 0800 988 4275 / 01264 336807 1B UNION STREET, ANDOVER, SP10 1PA

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Attention all Lease holders This article is aimed at anyone with a lease granted more than about fifteen years ago. Acquiring a new lease or purchasing the freehold does have a cost, but the advantages of acting before the lease is too old cannot be overstated.

freehold, but the cost will be significantly higher.

Before beginning the procedures laid down in the legislation, it is always worth trying If at all possible the to negotiate with the request for a new lease or landlord. If this is not to purchase the freehold possible then expert legal should be served upon and valuation advice the landlord while the should be sought. Once lease has more than 80 the legal process has years left to run. If the commenced, there are lease has fewer than time limits which have 80 years remaining it is to be strictly observed. still perfectly possible to Failure to do so can have extend it or purchase the serious cost implications

Michelle Duckworth Partner, Parkes Browne

and could result in the right to extend the lease or to acquire the freehold being lost for a year. If you require more information about

extending your lease or acquiring the freehold, please contact Parkes Browne on 01264 333336.


TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS UK Express Parcel Service UK Overnight palletised freight PARCELS

International Parcel Courier Service


International Road, Sea & Air Storage & Distribution Facilities Same Day Courier Service customers welcome


01264 350700


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2011 Transplus Advert.indd 1


20/05/2009 16:10


Wolversdene Club incorporating The Hayward Suite Dene Road, Andover, Hants. SP10 2AA Tel: 01264 323079

The perfect location for your event. The perfect venue for all your business needs. We can cater for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Meetings and Conferences. From simple buffets to three course meals. For breakfast meetings we provide full English or Continental. Internet access available. Projector screen for laptop presentations. Large car park. Bar available if required or tea/coffee. 18

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Employed, or not employed? That is the question! One of the most common mistakes employers make, particularly when they first start up in business, is to take people on and call them “self-employed” so they can avoid paying tax and employer’s national insurance contributions. Some may even go so far as to provide an agreement which states their workers are not employees. However, employers should take advice before offering such an agreement because Employment Tribunals are very quick to spot a sham, as are HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) who have their own definitions to determine employment status. Employment Tribunals will look to see how much control the Company has over its workers to determine whether or not there is an employment relationship. For example, are workers subject to the Company’s disciplinary and grievance procedures? Do they have to wear Company uniform or branded clothing? Do they have to do the work themselves or can they substitute someone else to do it on their behalf? Do they

work exclusively for one Company or are they free to provide the same or a similar type of work or services to other businesses? Do they own and provide the equipment, tools and plant required to perform their duties under the contract? HMRC will delve much deeper and look into whether the worker employs others to do the work, whether the worker has the opportunity to profit from his or her efforts and whether the financial risk lies with the employer or the worker. The HR Dept - Andover specialises in providing tailored HR advice and support to SMEs in Andover and the surrounding area. We offer a free, no obligation 60 minute consultation affording local businesses an opportunity to seek advice on any employee or employment issues or challenges that they are facing now or in the future, including the employment status of their workers. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact Julia Homan direct on 07791 278705 or at

...are you plagued by letters and phone calls every day? If you spend time worrying about money then we can help you. By looking at your finances and working with you - we can make sure you pay less money off your debts each month and so have more money in your pocket! Call Nikki now for a free, no obligation meeting.

01264 774881 • The Business Pages are written & designed by TWA.


Puzzled by employment legislation? Unsure how to manage employee issues? Can your business afford the cost of making a mistake? By working in partnership with The HR Dept in Andover your business can benefit from a comprehensive and affordable, expert HR advice and support service. You’ll save time and money by being able to address issues legally, fairly and promptly and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our advice is backed by legal expenses insurance and that you’re compliant with the latest employment legislation.

Free Consultation So confident are we that our service will benefit your business, we’re offering a free, no obligation 60 minute consultation to discuss whatever employee or employment issues or challenges are high on your list of priorities now, or in the near future. All we ask is that you let us know in advance the main topic you want to discuss to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of the consultation. For more information about The HR Dept’s services or to book your free consultation, please contact Julia Homan on:

m: 07791 278705 e: Preventing People Problems


Three words that could save the lives of you, your customers and your business – is your current? Tel: 0845 8333 930 Fax: 0845 8333 931 Fire Compliance & Safety Fire Risk Assessments • Easy to use • Are online and environmentally friendly • Entitles you to a 10% insurance discount!

Check your records now as a fire won’t wait for a convenient time 20

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Is your computer running slowly? Here is part one of a two part article from Homeline Technology.

machine with less than 2GB RAM. To find out what RAM you need and to buy some more go to and let their system During its life, your computer will slow scan your computer – it will want to download down and may even start to malfunction for their system scanner software. The scanner no apparent reason. While it may need a will identify what upgrade options you have. professional service, there are some things you Order as much RAM as you can up to 1GB can do to make it run better. for an XP machine and up to 3GB for a Vista machine. Putting it into the machine can be a If you are using a Mac you are unlikely to have bit more tricky though if you are good at DIY to do anything in the way of housekeeping – if or doing minor repairs to machines you should anything does go wrong you are likely to need be fine. Otherwise you may need someone to professional help. come and do it for you. A windows PC is, however, likely to slow down for four reasons: • Windows updates causing the operating system to grow and take more power to run. • An accumulation of benign software infections (ad-ware and tracking cookies). • An accumulation of malignant infections including viruses and trojan horses. • File “fragmentation”. Windows updates: throughout it’s life the Windows operating system updates itself. The result is that it “grows” and slows the computer. If you have a Windows XP computer with less than 512MB of RAM (memory) you need some more. Ditto if you have a Windows Vista

“There’s no better cure for flu than being self-employed”

File fragmentation: as you store files on your computer, some of them get broken into pieces and stored in fragments on your disk. As the disk gets fuller more files become fragmented. While the computer is perfectly capable of handling this fragmentation, retrieving fragmented files from the disk takes longer then retrieving non-fragmented files. Windows has it’s own defragmenter (Start | (All) Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter) which is OK but nothing special. A much better product is Diskeeper Pro at $49.95 from which will significantly improve the performance of a machine with a badly fragmented disk. Look out for next months article, and if need any support or advice for the home or small business call Homeline Technology on 0870 240 6062.

“Successful people often do the things that failures hate and avoid doing”

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New star of The Apprentice to feature at Andover Expo To found out how you can book your audience with Karren Brady visit FACT FILE: Karren Brady is widely acknowledged as “the first woman in football.” She was Managing Director of Birmingham City Football Club from 1993 until recently. Karren is Chairman of Kerrang!, and sits on the Board of Directors of both Mothercare and Channel 4. Karren is the spokesperson for “Women into Work” for the Government, which encourages girls from schools to take on more male dominated careers. Karren is also actively involved with “Playing for Success” a joint initiative between the Department for Education, Local Authorities and the Premier League / Football League which encourages youngsters from ethnic minorities or youngsters who are having difficulty at school to come to the football club for extra learning and after school activities.

It was recently announced that Karren Brady is to take over from Margaret Mountford as an adviser to Alan Sugar on The Apprentice and will be speaking at the Andover Expo on 17th March, 2010 at The Lights, Andover.

Embroidery SPECIAL OFFER! Fruit of the Loom Polo shirts from £5.85 Fruit of the Loom Sweatshirts from £6.89 (price includes embroidery)

Huge range of over 1700 products for Schools, Bars, Clubs, Catering, Industrial, Teams etc New Football Kit range now in

To find out more call Tony on: 01264 354757 or email: 22

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