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SENIORS Vol. 43, No. 4 December 2008

Official publication of the TWA Seniors Club


The year has flown by just like a jet, and it will be time to head out to San Diego for our Seniors Club Convention and AGM before you know it. This is my last chance to remind you to send in reservation forms and call the Crowne Plaza for rooms. All the details may be found in this issue, but don’t put it off and forget…with holidays coming, the great committee there needs your attendance to make their party a success…it promises to be a special one. Of course, 2009 membership in the Seniors Club is required to join in on the exciting fun there…so please send your dues right now…perhaps as your Christmas present to yourself!

MEDICARE INSURANCE CHOICES On a different issue, it is also the time when those with ”Medicare D” drug insurance are able to decide if there is anything more suitable available. The period runs November 15-December 31 each year, and as costs and coverage often change yearly, it makes sense to check for the best value. Going to the website will give you the leadin to all health plans available. If you aren’t internet savvy, get someone to help find your way. By choosing among the links there, you will easily be able to compare benefits and costs for your particular area and needs. Though I continue to believe the UnitedHealthcare insurance with American is valuable insurance to keep, if finances get too tight an inclusive medical plan (HMO or PPO) might be an alternate choice to consider- see them in the website also. There are an awful lot of choices to compare, so take your time and have your prescription medicine list handy to input. Realize though” if making the decision to leave the AA-TWA UHC Plan, there can be no return later! The coverage limits for Medicare D also change for 2009, when all policies cover up to $2700 in drug costs (after a deductible if you have one), and then you must pay 100% of costs in the ”doughnut hole” zero-coverage area until you have spent $4351 out-of-pocket for medications. You then qualify for ’Catastrophic Coverage’ that pays most costs. If you have the AA-UHC insurance however, you can be reimbursed for yearly out-of-pocket costs beyond $2000. Page 1

Carl F. Barley, Editor


Marc Brecy, Webmaster

Coast to Coast, TWA Soars Again

See story beginning on page 12

ARE YOU OR YOUR SPOUSE APPROACHING ’65’? There have been many inquiries from members of what procedure to follow if intending to keep the AAUHC Plan. You should automatically receive a mailing prior to the date with details and the choice of staying or not. If nearing the date, phone AA Employee Services to check.

HAS YOUR SPOUSE’S INSURANCE BEEN CANCELLED? A major blunder took place recently, when many wives or husbands were denied prescription drug coverage and were told they were cancelled. The group was those who had one under-65 and one on Medicare, and caused by a mistake in records transfer. From reports, correction is underway, but if you experience the problem, call AA Employee Services at (800) 447-2000. If you have more trouble, let me help. …………

TWA SENIORS CLUB MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES Retiree: TWA retirees and Ozark retirees listed in the official files obtained from TWA, LLC by the TWA Seniors club in February 2002, and thereafter maintained by the Seniors Club. Associate: Any former TWA or Ozark employee who did not qualify for official retirement. Associate members, upon payment of annual dues, shall be eligible to participate in all Club activities. Survivor: The survivor of a Retiree or Associate Member. Upon payment of annual dues, they shall be eligible to participate in all Club activities. Any change of address or status should be sent to the addresses published periodically in the TWA Seniors Skyliner. You must notify both the TWA Seniors Club and American Airlines.

Thank you for your past and continued support of your TWA Seniors Club.

From the Decadent Decaders of the 1940’s to the Conquistadors of the early 1960’s to the present-day TWA Seniors Club, the group is alive and well, both at the international and local level. Lifelong friendships have been made by many TWAers during their careers. And the desire to retain those ties is evidenced by the interest and enthusiasm for the TWA Seniors Club. Even those Seniors who are not able to participate in the Club's activities, such as tours, luncheons, dinners, ect., report that they keep in touch with the TWA family by means of the clubs newsletter, now titled TWA Seniors Skyliner, and still feel they are much a part of their airline. The Seniors Club’s newsletter, was originally printed and mailed in Kansas City by the company, and sent to all retirees six times a year, until recent times when the TWA Seniors Club assumed all of the financing and logistics of carrying on the newsletter’s long standing tradition. Today's retirees still carry on the proud heritage left to them by their predecessors as the success of the Seniors Club will attest. The original concept of the organization will be carried out and TWA retirees will be able to continue their long-established pattern of socializing with others who speak the ”airline” language. Along with the social aspect, the TWA Seniors Club carries on the tradition of preserving the legacy of TWA, and the work of maintaining employee records. We also work closely with American Airlines to keep you promptly informed of any benefit changes and in helping to resolve any issues that may effect the TWA retiree group. As we look forward to 2009 and beyond, we hope that you will continue to keep your TWA heritage alive. Keeping your dues current is the only way to assure that you are kept well informed and do not miss a single issue of your TWA Seniors Skyliner. December 31, 2008 is the final deadline to assure receiving your next issue.....

Happy Holidays from your TWA Seniors Club. Page 2

Annual Dues: $15.00 per calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st . The mailing label on your Skyliner newsletter indicates the "paid through date" of your membership, and to assure continuing your privileges, dues should be sent no later than the First of each January. Make checks payable to: TWA Seniors Club, and mail to:

Loretta Hammers, Treasurer TWA Seniors Club P. O. Box 901439 Kansas City MO 64190 Date paid __________Check number _________ Detach and mail to Loretta Hammers TWA SENIORS CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (Or Annual Dues Payment)

"Employee"Name _______________________________ Spouse Name _________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City__________________________________________ State ___________________________ZIP___________ Phone (






Email_________________@ ______________________ TWA Payroll Number_____________________________ Retirement Date_________________________________ Qualifying member status (check X)

Retiree _____ Associate _______ Survivor _________ Member of Regional Chapter:______________________

NEW AIRLINE RULES ! Attendant: Welcome aboard Cash Strapped Air, sir. May I see your ticket? Passenger: Sure ! Attendant: You’re in seat 12B. That will be $5, please! Passenger: What for? Attendant: For telling you where to sit. Passenger: But I already knew where to sit. Attendant: Nevertheless, we are now charging a seat locator fee of $5. It’s the airline’s new policy. Passenger: That’s the craziest thing I ever heard. I won’t pay it. Attendant: Sir, do you want a seat on this flight, or not? Passenger: Yes, yes. All right, I’ll pay. But the airline is going to hear about this. Attendant: Thank you. My goodness, your carry-on bag looks heavy. Would you like me to stow it in the overhead compartment for you? Passenger: Thanks. Attendant: No problem. Up we go, and done! That will be $10, please. Passenger: What? Attendant: The airline now charges a $10 carry-on assistance fee. Passenger: This is extortion. I won’t stand for it. Attendant: Actually, you’re right, you can’t stand. You need to sit, and fasten your seat belt. We’re about to push back from the gate. But, first I need that $10. Passenger: No way! Attendant: Sir, if you don’t comply, I will be forced to call the air marshal. And you really don’t want me to do that. Passenger: Why not? Is he going to shoot me? Attendant: No, but there’s a $50 air-marshal hailing fee. Passenger: Oh, all right, here, take the $10. I can’t believe this. Attendant: Thank you for your cooperation, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you? Passenger: Yes. It’s stuffy in here, and my overhead fan doesn’t seem to work. Can you fix it? Attendant: Your overhead fan is not broken, sir. Just insert two quarters into the overhead coin slot for the first five minutes. Passenger: The airline is charging me for cabin air? Attendant: Of course not, sir. Stagnant cabin air is provided free of charge. It’s the circulating air that costs 50 cents. Passenger: I don’t have any quarters. Can you make change for a dollar? Attendant: Certainly, sir! Here you go! Passenger: But you’ve given me only three quarters for my dollar. Attendant: Yes, there’s a change making fee of 25 cents. Passenger: For cryin’ out loud. All I have left is a lousy quarter? What the heck can I do with this? Attendant: Hang onto it. You’ll need it later for the lavatory.

OH FOR THOSE ”UP-UP AND AWAY” YEARS My old TWA buddy Charlie, who had retired to the mountains of Southern Idaho many, years ago, finally came to visit me at my home in Utah. I invited him to go on a short Non-Rev trip with me, so this had him mighty excited. He hadn’t flown for decades. “Why aren’t you wearing a suit and tie?” he asked. “This is an airplane, not a bus.” Airplanes aren’t a big thing anymore, I replied. ”What, You’re flying in the sky, they sure are a big thing.” Page 3

Our shuttle bus pulled up to the airport terminal. ”What, there’s no one here to take our baggage for us?” No, you do it yourself, Charlie. So we went inside, and found a check-in machine. ”Oh, heck, you forgot the passes didn’t you?” No, Charlie, you do it yourself. I printed our boarding passes. He didn’t believe these flimsy things could get you on a plane. ”A ticket is thick and has its own jacket.” I shook my head. We lugged our bags to the scale. I reached in my pockets. ”What are you doing?” he asked. We have to pay to check bags. ”Don’t be silly, that’s why the airplane is so huge. It has a large compartment, it’s called ’cargo’, remember.” I know, but they’re charging now. “Baloney. I won’t pay.” As he mumbled and groaned, I paid the $15 for his bag, $15 for mine and another $25 for a second bag. We hadn’t even gotten on the plane yet, and we spent 55dollars. We approached the security checkpoint. ”You need my driver’s license?” he complained to the TSA guard. ”Why do you need my license? I’m flying, not driving.” ”How do we know it’s you,” the guard asked Charlie? ”Because I have a ticket. It has my name on it, see.” They took him to the extra security check line. He had to take off his belt, shoes, jacket, and hat. His carry-on went through the X-ray machine and was instantly seized by the TSA guards. ”What’s this?” they asked? ”It’s my flask,” he said. ”I like a little nipp now and then.” ”It can’t go,” they told him. They took him to the extraextra security check area. Fifteen minutes later, after he’d been probed, and X-rayed, we proceeded to the gate. His favorite flask was gone, and so was his tube of toothpaste. We better grab a snack, I said. It’s a long flight. ”Don’t be silly,” he said. ”They’ll have a wonderful meal for us. Airlines serve nice food.” No, you need to bring your own food now, Charlie. ”You must be joking. No food?” We boarded the plane. “Where’s the dress code?” ”Who’s that guy?” he asked with a puzzled look. He’s the flight attendant. ”He’s a man!” Charlie said, laughing. ”And don’t you mean stewardess?” They’re called flight attendants now. ”Why is he looking so miserable over there?” He’s probably had his pay & benefits cut several times in the last few years. He’s tired of working for so little and being told he’s lucky he even has a job. ”So he won’t be bringing us our beer?” Well yeah, about that, we’re riding in coach. ”So, they serve drinks in coach.” If you pay for them. ”Baloney, you don’t need money on a plane.” Actually Charlie, you do. You need it to buy a snack, to buy headphones for a movie, pillows, blankets, and for certain drinks and lots more. We found our seats. As the plane lifted off, he looked around at the people in sweat suits, flip flops, ragged shorts and tank tops, people putting their bare feet up, people paying five dollars for some peanuts and pretzels, ”What happened?” he said. “Where have all the good times gone?”


Set amidst tropical palms and lush, inviting gardens, the Crowne Plaza San Diego's intimate atrium setting is the perfect place for your stay in the heart of San Diego. Conveniently located in Mission Valley, close to all the city's finest attractions.


Close to shopping and local attractions, Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool and Sundeck, Lush Tropical Landscaped Courtyard and Poolside Terrace, "Be Good to Yourself" Massage and Spa Treatments, 403 Newly Upgraded Guest Rooms with Private Patio or Balcony, Sleep Advantage Bedding and Amenities, Better Bath Experience, Quiet Zone, Guaranteed Wakeup Call, Complimentary Shuttle Service to Old Town, Fashion Valley and Metro transit center, Pay-Per-View Movies and Free HBO, In-Room Safe Deposit Box, Fitness Center, Barber Shop, "W. H. Smith" Gift Shop, Guest Laundry / Valet Dry Cleaning, Controlled Parking, Fees Apply, Game Room. Full Room Service Available, The Islands Restaurant (Casual Dining), Kona Café (Quick cup of Coffee, Beverages, Snacks, etc.). The Islands Sushi and PuPu Bar (Sushi, Appetizers, Cocktails).

Hotel Policies

Check-in time: 4PM, Check-out time: Noon, King room max occupancy: up to 4 guests, Doubledouble room occupancy: up to 6 guests (max of 4 adults), No pets allowed.


Located in the Heart of Mission Valley on Hotel Circle North, the Crowne Plaza San Diego provides easy freeway access to the business district, recreational and sightseeing attractions in San Diego. Riverwalk Golf Club: Adjacent, Old Town San Diego: 2 minutes, Mission Bay: 5 minutes, SeaWorld: 5 minutes, Qualcomm Stadium: 5 minutes, San Diego Zoo: 10 minutes, Downtown San Diego: 10 minutes, San Diego International Airport: 10 minutes, Convention Center: 15 minutes, Seaport Village: 15 minutes, PETCO Park: 15 minutes, Legoland: 35 minutes.

TOURS AND ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Old Town Trolley Tour. Tour Price $32.00. Departure times are whenever you please. This 32 mile two hour narrated tour of San Diego and Coronado leaves the hotel via provided shuttle to “Old Town Historic Park”, where the tour originates. You can get off at any of 7 stops that might interest you and reboard the following trolley. The price includes a free shuttle at any later time, or day, to Old Town where you can spend ”a day” exploring many shops, exhibits and restaurants. Lunch on your own.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Golf on your Own Riverwalk Golf Course is next to the hotel. Tee times will be set for you and all that play. Senior Green Fees will be between $40.00 and $50.00, payable at the course. Titleist Golf Clubs available for rent - $45.00. Hotel shuttle is available.

Thursday, April 16, 2009, USS Midway Museum. Tour Price $24.00. 9:30AM - 12:30PM. Explore a real aircraft carrier! Enjoy a self guided audio tour at

your own pace. There are 24 aircraft, and more than 60 great exhibits. Elevators to eliminate the steep "ladders" that the crews used. A quick snack or lunch on your own is available on the Fantail. TWA exclusive bus.

Thursday, April 16, 2009, San Diego Aerospace Museum, Balboa Park 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Join a small elite group (6 at a time) for a guided tour of the basement to see aircraft under restoration. Presently a 1932 Boeing P-26 is under construction. This is the area that no one ever sees, the place where aerial junk becomes a beautiful display. There will be ample time to wander through the “normal” displays in the public areas. TWA exclusive bus. Tour Price $ 25.00. If old automobiles are your thing there is an excellent museum about 100 feet away. Admission here is “on your own”. $ 6.00 extra at the door.(Seniors)

Thursday April 16, 2009, San Diego Harbor Excursion. TourPrice$36.00 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Relax on a two hour cruise passing North Island Naval Air Station, the Submarine Base, Cabrillo National Monument and Point Loma Lighthouse, USS Midway, Hotel Coronado, and a host of other interesting spots. Lunch on your own there is food, drink and a bar aboard. The trip is fully narrated. TWA exclusive bus.

Friday, April 17, 2009, 10:30 AM. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. 6:00 PM. AGM BANQUET Choice of wines, live dinner music and dancing after! There will be a cash bar cocktail party at poolside before the banquet, from 5 to 6 PM.

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For Hotel Reservations Call Toll Free: 1-800-882-0858 (US and Canada) 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 297-1101

Fax (619) 297-6049

Be sure to ask for the TWA Seniors Club rate. TWA Seniors Rate: Single, $120.00, double, $120.00, triple, quad, add $10.00 per person. TWA Seniors rate valid 3 days prior and 3 days after AGM. Deadline for Hotel bookings will be: March 11, 2009. For TWA Seniors Club AGM reservations, fill out and mail the form on page 5.

TWA Seniors Annual General Meeting and Convention San Diego, CA April 15, 16 and 17, 2009 Registration Form Last Name_________________________________First*______________________________ Spouse/Other______________________________ First*______________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code___________________________________________________________ Phone_______________________E-mail__________________________________________ *Please provide your name as you would like it to appear on your name tag. All Attendees Must Register.




Registration Fee $25.00

$________ $_________ $__________

TWA Seniors Club 2009 dues $15.00 (if not already paid)



OPTIONAL TOURS (See page 4 for complete description) City Trolley Tour

Fee $32.00 $________ $__________ $__________

San Diego Aerospace Museum

Fee $25.00 $__ ______ $__________ $__________

USS Midway Tour

Fee $24.00 $________ $ __________ $__________

Harbor Cruise

Fee $36.00 $________ $__________ $__________

Final Banquet

Fee $49.00 $________ $ __________ $__________

GRAND TOTAL ................................ $__________ Mail to: R.A. Davis - TWA-AGM, 1349 Via Firenze, San Marcos, CA, 92078-7235

Make Check to “TWA-AGM”

Golf on Your Own. Desired “Tee Time” _________________ Meal Choices London Broil,

marinated flank steak, thinly sliced w/green peppercorn sauce.

Lemon Chicken,

Mahi Mahi,


(Hawaiian fish ) w/ mango sauce...............

Includes: Green salad Veggies, rolls, butter, Oven roasted potatoes, Black Forest cake, Red & white wine on the table, coffee tea etc.

Chose one for each person.

AGM Registration deadline April 8, 2009 If cancellation is received after April 8, 2009, the committee reserves the right to assess fees based on costs incurred due to cancellation.

Hospitality Facilities

A light continental breakfast will be available each morning. Breakfast rolls, Bagels, Cream cheese, Jellies, Juice and Coffee. Open from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM. ------ An open Bar from Noon until ????? ------ Registration will also take place here.

NOTES: Fashion Valley Shopping center close by. Featuring: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcos, Saxs Fifth Ave, Macy’s, JC Penney and 200 specialty shops........ Hotel shuttle. Reserve your hotel room directly with the hotel 1-800-882-0858

Keep Copies!

Hotel parking $5.00/day

Airport to hotel transportation: Taxi, cost approximately $20.00. 1 to 4 same price. Hotel does not pickup or return. TWA Seniors Club 2009 dues must be current. Page 5

50 YEAR PINS Pins for retirees who joined TWA in 1959 will be mailed in 2009. If you are on the database for official retirees and you started with TWA in 1959, your pin will be automatically mailed, providing you are a paid up member of the National TWA Seniors Club. If you know colleagues who are otherwise eligible, but are not members of the national Club, encourage them to join as soon as possible. (Any questions, call Mike Swift or by email to

International Chapters News ITALY / MILAN, Northern Italy Chapter

President - Fabrizio Forleo

mailto: (011)

October 19, 2008 – “Chestnut Fest”

Once again, on October 19, we celebrated our traditional “Chestnut Fest.” It was attended by a large group of associates, in the usual friendly atmosphere, with good food and wines, bingo, pictures, even a presentation of mushrooms lavishly displayed in a natural composition. In a few words, there were all the usual ingredients that enliven our parties.

facilities, making it available to host different and numerous groups that gather there to spend salubrious days outdoors, mosquitoes permitting. An improvised group of carpenters, plumbers, blacksmiths, mechanics and so on who once were an integral part of the TWA MXP workforce deployed their efforts and inventiveness to make the place presentable, even agreeable, with meagre little beyond the huge quantity of scrap materials discarded by all the airlines and salvaged with the ingenuity of our folks. Added to the above is what we like to define as “the feminine touch”: those excellent cooks and confectioners. Whether presenting polenta with quails, spaghetti in its various tasty presentations, risotto with mushrooms, barbecued meats, or any of the other pleasures of the table, their results are always equal to the reputation of the Italian cuisine in the world. The picture would not be complete were we to omit “The Photographer,” who documents the various aspects of our reunions and “The Treasurer,” who is in charge of all clerical, financial and communication functions within our Milan chapter. Well, I do think that these very special people, who with a sort of natural inclination operate behind the scenes, are the real movers, those who have contributed in large measure to keeping together the TWA family. Not enough attention and credit has been afforded in the past. Therefore, credit is given where credit is due. Thank you all for a good job done. P. S. for those who would like to see the entire photo album of the event please connect to the following link: authkey=Uxofd56yvaQ#slideshow/5260431018163990402 ....... Fabrizio Forleo (Editors note, great photos)


President - John Margiotta

This time, rather than emphasizing the event, I would like to focus my attention on those persons who, year after year, dedicate time, effort and resources to keep alive the notable spirit as well as the many long friendships in our TWA group. This latter item might be remarkable considering that the working environment is never perennially idyllic. Article 1 of the Italian Constitution states that Italy is a Democratic Republic based on work. Stop panicking. I have no intention of starting a political debate. This observation has been constantly on my mind, through the long years that I’ve observed this group of MXP TWAers who are lovingly backed-up and assisted by their close relatives. They represent the backbone of the TWA Seniors Club in Northern Italy. Like Rome, the site on the Ticino River where we convene periodically did not come into existence out of nowhere. It took years of hard work by the partners who transformed it into a cosy place, despite the primitive Page 6

mailto: http// The Paris chapter had a great AGM in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on October 11, the cocktail and lunch were excellent. In the photo you see from the left: Michael Riley Station manager for AA at CDG, Patsy Gorlier, John Margiotta, Eliane Margiotta, Mike Swift President Emeritus and Annie Picard international VP; Annie also presented 50 year pins to Evelyne Ridard, right and Jacques Wauthier, left, who are both members of the national club. At the meeting we also proposed 2 trips, One for a week in Agadir, Morocco in April, and one for the island of Crete in September. ………….John Margiotta


President - José João Inácio

mailto: (011) We held our AGM 2008, together with Christmas Lunch, at RESTAURANTE JOÃO PADEIRO, located in Guincho, Cascais, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Sintra Mountain. This meeting took place on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. We want you to know that LISBON TWA SENIORS CLUB is alive and with the help of our members is going stronger and stronger…..JOSÉ JOÃO INÁCIO


President - John E. Murphy

mailto: On October 28 Dr. Charles Gullett, formerly head of TWA Medical Services in Kansas City, passed away in Prescott, Arizona. Prior to moving to Prescott, Dr. Gullett lived in Sun City during the winter months and he his wife were regular participants in our meetings. Please remember Dr. & Mrs. Gullett in your thoughts and prayers. In August my wife and I made our annual trek to Newfoundland to visit family and friends. This year the weather did not treat us too kindly as we experienced temperatures much lower than normal coupled with a lot of rain. Apparently, it was the coolest and dampest August in many years. The past spring was also a bumper year for icebergs on the coast of Newfoundland with over 1100 counted by the Coast Guard. The winter was very cold with lots of snow with comments being made that it was the toughest winter since 1942. Global warming could be a

tough sell in that area.

November 6, at the Palmbrook Country Club in Sun City. Attendance was good with 70 people showing up. Our next meeting will be our annual Christmas party on Wednesday, December 10. It will also be held at the Palmbrook Club. Will see you there! …………John E. Murphy


President – Richard ‘Rick’ Lichtenberger

mailto: We just had our Oct 21st. meeting with 24 members attending. We were visited by John Murphy [Arizona Chapter president] and Larry Hilliard. They were in Tucson for the day and stopped into have lunch with us and to say hello. Not everyone has returned to the area from their summer retreats but we expect [and hope] that by our November meeting to be back to our usual head count. Our Christmas luncheon party is all set once again for the Skyline Country Club. This year we will have our luncheon on December 9th. at 11:30 AM. Last year we had 84 members and guests attend and hope to do as well this year. Along with a fine menu we will have a good number of door prizes and entertainment. Our regular meetings are held the 3rd. Tuesday of the month from Sept thru Nov and Jan through April. Usually we meet at the Golden Corral located at 1st. Ave and Wetmore Rd. If you’re in the Tucson area please call or email to get Page 7

the most up to date information. Our Christmas Party Luncheon as stated above is set for Dec 9th. and again, if you’re in the area let us know and please join us……………..Rick Lichtenberger


mailto: TWA Seniors of NW. Arkansas went to Branson, Missouri on September 18-19. We had 13 members on our overnight trip. We went to Dixie Stampede Dinner Show which is a Western Extravaganza with a four course feast. The next morning we met at the Golden Corral for a breakfast buffet. We had time to talk about old times at TWA before going our own way to shop the outlet malls and take in some site seeing. Planning an early Christmas party some time in early December…………..Rich Kerr


mailto: Since our Chapter has been "Dark" for the last 8 or 9 months of this year, we have little news to report for the year 2008 for TWA PSP AMB Chapter. However, as we reported in the June issue, the Fabulous Follies is one of our mainstay events each year and it was again on March 20th, 2008. The theme was "A Tribute to Tin Pan Alley". The theme for Nov. thru May 2009 is "Route 66/Get Your Kicks" starring Dorothy Kloss as one of the dancers, who is 85 and is billed in the Guinness Book of Records as the "Oldest Still Performing Showgirl in the World". The headliner is Freda Payne, who sings like Ella Fitzgerald and immortal Billie Holiday. Ms. Payne is being voted the world's "Most Beautiful Black Women". I saw this show Nov. 6th, and it was as usual, wonderful! Remember, you are never too young, or too old to come join us. This is a great, uplifting, patriotic, memorable experience for everyone!! All are welcome...join us anytime. Our Holiday luncheon is scheduled for Friday, December 19th and we expect to report a very special event with pictures for our next edition. UP, UP, and AWAY for now!! .........Grace Tomey


mailto: We here in the Pacific Northwest are winding the season down from what has been another banner year of great activities for our memberships pleasure. With only our Christmas Party combined with our AGM set for December 13th. The year has seen somewhat of a decline in participation at a few of our activities, but as always we are anticipating a large turnout for our Christmas/AGM Party. The following members have flown west during the past year. Bill Ashcraft Sr., Fred Hazlett, Jim Hager, Les Woolsey, Frazier and Margaret Leslie. We however have been able to bring in new members and are maintaining a membership of 403 that are paid and our 2009 registration is going very well thus far. From all of us here in California, Oregon, Washington and Northern Nevada we wish you Happy and Healthy Holidays….Claude Thomas


President – Marcia Davis

mailto: The San Diego Chapter met for our fall “Oktoberfest / Halloween” meeting at the home of Joan and Carl Schmidt in Fallbrook, CA. The usual group of happy TWA’ers were treated to a wonderful meal of bratwurst, German and more salads, sauerkraut and other traditional holiday goodies all prepared and served by Carl and Joan! Beverages of choice, and a keg of “suds”. All this and a beautiful clear California day by the pool. Dave and Peggy (Stephens) Barker won the first prize for the best, (and only) costumes. Officer elections will be held at our Christmas party at USMC Camp Pendleton on December 14th. Buffet lunch, gifts and catch up old friendships. The present board has agreed to run again, as we are deep into planning for the 2009 TWA AGM. We are happy to report that some early bird reservations for the AGM have started to come in. The months seem to fly by - join us, send in your reservation. We’ll all be happy to see you, and you will have a great time! Check out the web site at “”, for all the details.....................Marcia Davis Witch photo, right, Peggy (Stephens) left, Wayne and Judy Haggard


mailto: Our December luncheon/meeting will be held on Saturday December 13, 2008 at the Cherokee Restaurant, 1201 Cherokee St. Denver, CO at 12 noon. If any TWAers from out of town would like to join us, we would be pleased to welcome you. Cost is $15.00 per person. Just give us a call. Merry Christmas and very Best Wishes for 2009……...Mike Swift


mailto: The Southwest Florida TWA Seniors held their October meeting at Hemingway's Restaurant at Coconut Point Mall. Dale Davis stepped down as our President and Tom Vourlos was elected Chapter President. We presented Dale with a beautiful plaque for the hard work the 2008 AGM brought to him and for his 3 years serving as our very able President. We also gained two new members at the meeting and two others who requested applications with the promise to mail them to long time chapter treasurer, Betty Smith, whose other hat she wears is that of International President of TWA Clipped Wings International. The SWFL Seniors will be meeting on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at Hemingway's for our gala Christmas luncheon. Those who attended this Page 8

years AGM and visited the mall know how fabulous it is. At Christmas time with the streets and stores beautifully decorated, carols in the air and time to shop, what fun we will have! At this luncheon, we do not conduct any club business. It is a day that we devote to camaraderie, strengthening friendships and work our way into the upcoming holiday season. So if you are in the SWFL area, why not join us. For directions call me or email me at We also want to wish all our TWA friends a very joyous Holiday Season……………………Tom Vourlos


Committee Chairpersons – Darlene (Queenie) Ficke & Judi Washburn Koruba mailto: As this year draws to a close, we see how the time has flown since our foray into the world of "co-pilots" of the Chicago chapter. It has been a difficult but rewarding time for us in the months since we embarked on this 'adventure'. We've met so many TWA people we hadn't previously known, and rekindled acquaintances with a good number of those we had. We attended the Ft. Myers AGM and came to a warm appreciation for everyone involved in keeping TWA's memory alive. We welcomed new members, and tried to 'hold on' to those we had. We were pleased to have welcomed several new members to the TWA Seniors Club and the Skyliner publication and are glad to say we're still receiving requests. We've done our level best to 'serve' our Ambassadors this year, and look forward to a successful 2009. Thanks to all of those who've put their trust in us; it is so warmly appreciated………Judi & 'Queenie'.


President - Ruth Ann Willis 31 retirees and guests attended our October 22 luncheon. We have a new venue - the Paragon Restaurant. Prices low, food plentiful. The vote was to continue there for the luncheons. The monthly breakfast meetings will continue at The Brickyard. Several members toured the new IND airport terminal. Open House was held October 11-12 and opinions were favorable. The official opening of the terminal will be November 12. Our next luncheon will be in April…………… Ruth Ann Willis


President – George Doering

mailto: Hello again from Kansas City!! As I reported in our last issue, our big event for the year, our Family Reunion was a great success, thanks to our 1st. VP Sondra Kostelac and the entire Board, everyone helped and worked so this would be a successful party. By the time you receive this issue we will have had our AGM Christmas Party with our annual collection for the Harvester food pantry. Harvester is our big annual charity that we donate funds to every year. Also at our AGM we will elect our new Executive Board. Our nominating committee

has worked hard and we will have two new officers in 2009. We will elect a new President and a new Secretary. I want to thank three of our existing officers for agreeing to stay on for another year. A special "thank you" to Rita Coleman for all her years of service as our Secretary. After two years as President and over four years as 1st VP, I have decided we needed a change at the top here in K.C. Nominations are as follows: President--Leo Carmack, 1st.VP--Sondra Kostelac, 2nd. VP--Mary Hoytal, Secretary-June Kisker, Treasurer--Thelma Leighty. I want to thank the National Board for working hard to keep the TWA Senior Clubs ticking along. President Bill Cottrell spends many, many hours working for all of us. A special Thank You should go to Carl Barley for the great work he does with the TWA Seniors Skyliner. January 21st, 2009 will find our club dinning at Cascone's Italian restaurant here in K.C. I would like to thank all our club members here in K.C. for keeping our club going. I want to wish our new executive board the best and I know they will do a good job. As always please remember our fallen TWA families in your prayers and keep the TWA spirit alive…..George Doering

I.A.M. LOCAL 1650 CHAPTER President - Hank Elder


Fifty to sixty people are still coming each month for our potluck dinners and meeting. We still play cards after the meeting and have a great time. Our Christmas luncheon will be December 3rd. The club will be furnishing the meat. Everyone is welcome to join us. Just bring a side dish and your own plate, etc. Looking forward to seeing some new faces. Wishing everyone a great holiday season!!!......Hank Elder


President - Charlene Nielsen

mailto: Hello from The Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks! Our September Meeting, had a good turnout at the Sunrise Cantina in Sunrise Beach. We had a few news worthy events, Ken Soper (Radio Man) joined, Don & Barb Sondker & Dick & Marion Trueba celebrated their 48Th anniversary and Ray Miller will be retiring from AA/TWA after 46 years. It shows you that we are "Die Hards" and that is a good thing. Our Christmas Luncheon, will be held on December 9TH at the Stockton Restaurant (Old Chiefs restaurant) located at the entrance of the Osage Beach Outlet Mall. To attend, please contact Margie and Ron Frazier at or e-mail them at... Please bring non-perishable items or money to be donated to the Harvesters for Christmas. We will eat at noon and immediately following have our meeting. Hope to see you there!! ……..Charlene Nielsen

STL GATEWAY CHAPTER President – Bob Carter

mailto: It is fall once again in the STL area, and the trees are turning all colors. Cold weather will be coming very shortly, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. The STL Christmas party will be December 4th at the Sheraton Westport Hotel. Again we having the party at Page 9

11:30 AM, as many of us MATURE RETIREES do not like to drive at night. This year again we will have two dates at Fairmount Race Track. We normally have a good turn out for this. We continue to have monthly lunch get together at THE HOMETOWN BUFFET on St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton. This is on the second Thursday of each month at 12:30. Visiting retirees are always welcome..…..Bob Carter

NEVADA SILVER STATE CHAPTER President - Francine Daino mailto:

Our October meeting found 14 members sharing stories and memories as well as updates on absent friends. Our AGM will be held this year on Wednesday December 3 at Buca di Beppo. All are welcome, if you are visiting Las Vegas and wish to join us please call Fran so you can be added to our group. We are hoping to have a nice Silver State delegation at the AGM in San Diego…..…Fran Daino


mailto: October 18th, we met at the Olive Garden in Springfield, NJ for our annual AGM Luncheon. We had a Moment of Silent Prayer for our Historian, Founder, and 1st. President of our Club, "Red" Mc Kenny. Red was 93 years old. Since Red was a professional Flight Engineer, we asked Howard Hughes to "Fly Him West", with Red operating the F/E Panel. We elected Charlie Wilder as our new President, Frank Self our Vice President, and Janet Foster as Secretary/Treasurer. The vote was unanimous. The new slate of Officers will take Office Jan. 1, 2009. Our Holiday Meeting is scheduled for Saturday December 13th, at 12-3PM, at the "Ye Cottage Inn" in Keyport, NJ. This Restaurant is one of the finest Seafood Restaurants on "the Jersey Shore". Dues which are $10 per year are due by Jan. 1st! …Frank Self


mailto: Nov. 15th. 9AM At JB'S Restaurant. on Eubank behind the OWL. Dec. 7th, 1 PM Ladies Luncheon at Ronnie Russo's-Potluck. Gift Exchange Call Ronnie. Dec. 13th. 11 AM. At KAFB Officers Club, Christmas Party. Wyoming Entrance. Gone West: Fred Sphuler's son Fred, at Age 68. Donna Kyle, worked at SATO. James Hewson, stores Clerk ABQ & ORD. Bill Resnik, agent at ABQ & PIT. Faith McClellan, teletype at ABQ. Tom Weeks Mother passed away ABQ. Grace Ybarra wife of Zeke from Coninental Air. Mathew V Garrion, skycap, ABQ. Mary Gerkin, mother of Gerry Gerkin, agent, ABQ. Health: Otmar Noll, Had two knee replacements, doing fine. Herb Au - Had a Hip replacement. doing great. Remember: the next AGM meeting will be in San Diego April 15th to 17th, 2009. Also you must remember to change

your password every 90 days for Jetnet. Remind people to send $15.00 to join Skyliner to keep up with all the new changes when you fly. If you purchase a ticket on any Airline you must pay for Baggage, except SWA. I Flew on US Air out of BGM on a ZED Fare and they told me I had to pay for bags....because I was not a US AIR Employee.... I attended a meeting at ABQ Airport to discuss their 70th. Anniversary of the Airport...They want to dedicate to TWA and we are working on getting ready for AUG 15th, 2009 for this event.... More info in the next Skyliner..... …….Dave Richards …… (new e-Mail)

CLIPPED WINGS INTERNATIONAL INC. President - Betty Smith (239)-498-7191 mailto:

Our TWA Clipped Wings International Vintage Uniform Fashion shows and “Meet and Greet” presentations was a big hit with former TWA employees, invited guests and the press at the JetBlue Terminal 5 sneak preview held on September 21st at JFK. Our thanks to JetBlue Airways CEO, Dave Barger and Todd Burke, Vice President Corporate Communication for inviting us to be a part of this special event. Some of you may remember Todd, as he was one of our in-flight cabin personnel. For TWA Clipped Wings International membership information please contact: Wendy Smith, 13104 Mohawk, Leawood, KS 66209-4106. Telephone: .E-mail or our Website listed above We send our greetings to all TWA Seniors for a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy……..Betty Smith

SILVER WINGS INTERNATIONAL, INC. President - Anita Ridpath (831) 685-9433 mailto:

We had a wonderful time this year during our convention in Toronto. Visiting Niagara Falls, going on the Toronto City Tour, and walking around the quaint town of Niagara on the Lake are memories we won’t soon forget. We also did some wine tasting at a couple of very good wineries. Having a convention in Toronto presented new challenges, but, as usual, our members came through in grand fashion. Customs regulations pared down our live auction & logo items in Toronto but thanks to the generosity of our members we will send Breast Cancer Research a check for over $17,000 this year….Anita Ridpath

held their semi-annual meeting on Sunday, with a tour of the newly opened Hospitality Suite, and dinner to follow. The ladies had a luncheon Monday at the Belle Meade Plantation, followed by all bussing downtown for a tour of the COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME...that took up the whole afternoon and early evening. Then it was up to the BIG RIVER GRILL on Broadway for an extensive horsd'oeuvres and drinks outing. From there it was off to "Tootsies", or other blue-grass bars for a rollicking good time. The next day was an outstanding tour and lunch at the HERMITAGE, Stonewall Jackson’s home, followed by an evening all together at the GRAND OLE OPRY...whew, we were bushed, but NO...back to our Hospitality room. The following day we all loaded (again) on busses to Lynchburg...any guesses why?? The JACK DANIELS DISTELLERY, of course. After a tour of the facility, we enjoyed a BAR-B-Q lunch, complete with J.D. shots and a blue grass band...a lot of us slept on the bus ride back. Next day was our AGM in the morning, at the end of which the present board was returned for another year, followed by a lunch cruise on the sternwheeler "GEN. JACKSON". Our final banquet was held that evening at the Gaylord Springs Scottish Golf Links on the banks of the Cumberland river, overlooking the course...a spectacular setting. We honored Capt. John Gratz and his brother David for their stewardship of the 'TARPA TOPICS' over the past twelve years and topped the evening off with dancing. As they say in the cartoons, THAATS ALLL FFFOLKS!! Cheers, ……..Guy Fortier.

DCS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President - Tom Donahue mailto:

Members of our group rendezvoused in Seattle October 11-12, visiting the Museum of Flight Saturday, and riding a ferryboat to Bremerton for Sunday brunch. We are about to finalize plans for our bi-annual reunion next fall in Chicago, which will include an invite for all local TWAers to join us on the third day of the gathering. Completed details will be posted on our website: The site, a continuous work in progress, contains stories and pictures, plus a DCS name list.


We just returned from our annual general meeting and convention in Nashville, TN, at the beautiful GAYLORD OPRYLAND RESORT HOTEL. Some 142 members and guests spent five days, September 28 thru October 2 enjoying the best that Nashville had to offer. The Board of Directors Page 10

Photo: Mike Hagan, Tom Donahue, Jerry Warkans, Jon Proctor, Svein Husevold and John Bartell relax aboard the Washington State Ferry, en route from Seattle to Bremerton for sightseeing and Sunday brunch…..Jon Proctor


President - Gail Grahn

Historic places in 2002. The award was presented to the Kansas City architectural firm, El Dorado Inc. that did the restoration project. The restoration also included the placement of a newly created TWA rocket on the roof of the building. It was originally a part of the building when constructed by TWA in 1956. The original rocket was removed by TWA in 1962.



The summer heat has broken and we’re enjoying a beautiful fall, with temperatures dropping into the 70’s daily – what a relief. It’s a beautiful time to visit Florida, so come join us at our annual Holiday Party on December 7th at the Deer Creek Country Club in Deerfield Beach (close to Ft Lauderdale)! Contact me at the above e-mail for details. For our Fall meeting we celebrated Oktoberfest at the Old Heidelberg restaurant in Ft Lauderdale, and had a great time, as always, catching up with old friends. Congratulations to Donna Heron and family on the birth of her first grandchild, Jacob! In other news: We send good wishes for healing to Sanford Earle, husband of Bunni Earle, to Joe Buchinski, husband of Patricia Buchinski, and others of our membership, looking forward to seeing them at our future get-togethers. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season (how can it be that time of year again already?!) and a happy healthy 2009!...........Gail Grahn

Further to our discussion of ZED fare validity at our DFW meeting, I emailed Ana Zmolik at AA, and this is the reply I got. Makes sense. ZED fare validity, which was 6 months, has now been reduced to 3 months. (Apparently it happened about a year ago).………..Mike Swift The ticket validity dropped back to 3 months (it was 3 months originally, changed to 6 months, then dropped back to 3) over a year ago. A notice was placed in Jetnet at the time advising employees of the change. Note that the change was not made by AA alone. Because this is a multilateral agreement, the change applied to all ZED member airlines (over 175). Airlines are also gearing up to implement electronic ticketing for ZED travel. This will ultimately means there will be more/better automation in place for ticketing (e.g., on-line) making the six month validity unnecessary for most travelers. AA is still a ways off from this but it’s on our wish list. Thanks for asking about this and giving me an opportunity to explain the change… ……Ana Zmolik

By now, I’m sure that we have all recently changed our jetnet passwords per the new requirements. Don’t forget to change your jetnet password every 90 days... A new and mandatory requirement for all AA and TWA retirees and employees. It’s easy. Just go to the jetnet home page and click on the Change Jetnet Password link…….. Every 90 days!

TWA BUILDING RESTORATION HONORED Story suggested by Linda Caldwell,…… Drawing by Carl Barley.

The former TWA Headquarters building, known to Kansas City TWAers as the “Midtown” building, and to others as “1735 Baltimore” has recently won a national award for historic preservation. (Shown below as it appeared in late 1950’s). The National Trust for Historic Preservation selected the building as one of 21 projects nationwide for this 2008 award. The building was renovated by it’s current owner Brad Nicholson and is now occupied by the Bradley Advertising firm. The building was placed on the National Register of Page 11

COAST TO COAST, TWA SOARS AGAIN As told by Kaye Chandler on her website, “Spirit of TWA” A Living Legend. Visit for the full story and photos. This special “Skyliner” account compiled & edited by Carl Barley.

Aircraft: 1937 Lockheed Electra Jr. 12A, NC18137 The aircraft was owned by TWA from 1940 to 1945 when Ruth Richter-Holden’s father was Executive Vice President, and was used for highaltitude research and as an executive transport. In 2005, through a twist of fate, Ruth Richter-Holden was introduced to the plane when the owner contacted her looking for historic details in order to sell it. Driven by a faint memory and gut feeling, Richter-Holden purchased the 12A sight unseen and as she exclaims, “brought her back to TWA.”

The Crew: September 18, to 27, 2008 Veteran commercial pilots Captain Kirk McQuown and Captain Curt Walters, co-guardian, will command the 12A,

out and bought a new IMAC Pro laptop, started designing a website, and began cleaning my camera equipment, plus all of thousands of details yet to be determined. With little time and a lot of work, we did it. Departure was right on schedule, September 18, 7 a.m. New York bound. With teamwork from so many - we did it. And history is in the making, with the inclusion of TWA’s oldest flying aircraft, “The Spirit of TWA”. Ruth Richter-Holden, the daughter of TWA co-founder Paul E. Richter, Jr., begin a nine-day journey bridging aviation history with its future. She and her crew are flying a 1937 Lockheed Electra Ruth Richter Holden Photo 12A, one of TWA’s first executive aircraft, from California to New York City, culminating in the celebration of JetBlue’s new Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport on September 22, 2008. JetBlue’s new Terminal 5 at JFK will literally connect to our aviation history, via the famous ‘flight wings’ of Eero Saarinen’s landmark. Todd Burke, Vice President, JetBlue Corporate Communications said, “we stand on the shoulders of the pioneers of our great industry, and our celebration would not be complete without Ms. Richter-Holden and her crew representing the great people of TWA.”

Winslow, Arizona, September 18, 2008

Eastbound: September 18, 2008

Right on schedule. Upon landing we were greeted by Orville Wiseman, proud owner of Winslow Airport. Winslow airport's terminal area contains two unique relics from the infancy of the U.S. airline industry. The terminal building and the T.A.T. hangar. Kaye Chandler Photo The terminal looks like a movie backdrop from the 1930's. Classic adobe design. To the right of this delightful terminal is the hangar, once owned by Transcontinental Air Transport.

Santa Maria, California, September 18, 2008

Hays, Kansas

Departure perfect, weather perfect. We are on our way to New York. To add to the excitement, we have the internet in flight. 2008 Technology while flying in a 1937 airplane. Todd Burke (former TWA employee), JetBlue VP Corporate Communications, called September 2, two weeks before JetBlue's September 22 scheduled gala opening of JFK Terminal 5. Todd asked; "do you think Ruth Richter Holden would be interested in flying the L12A to New York for our grand opening?" Ruth's first response was "that's impossible"! A trip requiring at least 2 months preparation was accomplished in less than two weeks including 4 travel days to New York. Ruth coordinated flight plans, and hotels, Captain Curt ensured "Ellie" was ready for her voyage. I immediately ran

We laid over in Hays, Kansas. Our itinerary for today, September 19, includes stopping in Topeka, Kansas 11a.m., Kansas City (early noon), MO (downtown airport), laying over in Taylorville, IL. Hays airport is a small, friendly stop. Taxiing in just off of the runway were dozens of large rolls of hay, with classic farm houses in the background. I'm learning small airports are fun, people are friendly, and very laid back. A couple of the airport locals took a mini tour of "Ellie" and one man said he was grateful to simply look at history. Friday morning we had a warm send off from the local people at Hays Airport. Everyone stopped by to take a few pictures, meet Curt and Ruth and of course a photo op of “Ellie.” Continued on page 14

Ruth Richter Holden

Capt. Curt Walters

Capt. Kirk McQuown

Kaye Chandler

with Ruth Richter-Holden as co-pilot. Also on hand will be Kaye Chandler, retired TWA flight attendant turned film documentary producer, who will accompany the team to document this historic event. Former TWA VP Corporate Communications, Jerry Cosley is assisting in the Kansas City stop over as well as communications for the trip.

Page 12

Page 13

Topeka, Kansas, September 19, 2008 We flew in to Topeka, Kaye Chandler Photo KS so Ruth could wish a warm hello to a dear friend, Keith Horton, retired TWA engineer. Keith was hired in 1941, retired 1980. We had L/R Curt, Ruth, Keith lunch with Keith, who is quite a character. Next stop, Kansas City.

Kansas City, Missouri, September 19, 2008 Of course we were well received in Kansas City. We stopped for refueling. Karen Holden Young, Ruth's daughter met our flight. A moment for a quick family reunion. Mother and daughter had a lot of catching up.

Taylerville, Illinois, September 19, 2008 We arrived at Taylorville on schedule. Ruth picked Taylorville because they offered a hangar. With all of the rain storms last week she felt that a "port in the storm" might be what "Ellie" would need. Not the case. Weather was perfect. The Taylorville airport is surrounded with corn fields, open space and friendly people. We laid over at Taylorville.

Columbus, Ohio, Rickenbacker, September 20, 2008 Today we are on our way to Lancaster, PA. This was primarily a refueling stop. We will return to CMH on our westbound Coast to Coast tour. We are going to follow TWA’s original route New York City to Burbank, CA.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, September 20, 2008 This is an overnight and refueling stop. Tomorrow we will fly into JFK Terminal 5.

New York, JFK Airport, September 21, 2008 What an experience - we landed JFK on schedule and were greeted by a parade of flashing lights escorting Spirit of TWA to Terminal 5, JetBlue Gate 9. And guess what - we are the FIRST airplane to park at JetBlue’s new terminal. And what a new terminal - something into the future. The gala JetBlue is putting on tomorrow is going to something out of this world. This will be one of the finest terminals in this country. Absolutely beautiful and they have done everything right. High tech with style. You can order food from your gate and have it delivered. Gourmet, classy and exciting. It is the real WOW factor. JetBlue rolled out the red carpet. Ellie has never had such a grand welcome, and well deserved. What a history this wonderful airplane has had. Once parked at the gate, Ruth opened the door and said with her arms waving; "we're here". A gathering of JetBlue and former TWA employees were there to say welcome. I think we all had the moment of realization of what this was all about. A legacy of the past, here to greet an icon of the future. Page 14

We were treated like royalty. Curt Walters is the best Captain I have ever had the honor to fly with, and Ruth Richter Holden is like working with the energizer bunny she just keeps going and going and going and going. What a trooper. Monday morning we were treated to a complete tour of the new Terminal 5 - state of the art production. Every consideration to enhance their passengers travel experience has been taken into consideration. We started our morning with a private tour of the Eero Saarinen building, now in a state of complete restoration. Every detail to restore the building to original is being meticulously overseen. Show time, and JetBlue knows how to do it. Our own Todd Burke, VP JetBlue Corporate Communications was the pivot point for this extravaganza. The employees were first to share in the festivities. They were welcome to tour the new facilities, then a family style B-B-Q was available for all. At 2 p.m. JetBlue CEO David Barger welcomed everyone to the grand opening. 3 p.m. the Rockette's helped with the ribbon cutting ceremony and the party was in full swing.

The Return Flight: On its return, the flight plan for the 12A will pay homage to its beginnings and follow TWA’s original Coast to Coast passenger service routes from the 30s, through Kansas City TWA’s headquarters for 40+ years. Flight plans mirror TWA’s “Sun Chaser Flight 1” from New York to Burbank, California, with stops in Columbus, St. Louis, Kansas City, Albuquerque and Winslow. TWA was the first airline to offer coast-to-coast service.

Westbound, September 24, 2008: May not be able to make all planned stops due to President Bush at JFK, weather (mid-west) and other minor late departure from JFK. May only be able to stop at either Columbus or Dayton, then SUS to be at MKC by 1 p.m. on the 25th.

Wheeling, West Virginia, September 24, 2008 Spirit of TWA has landed HLG 2:09 p.m. on schedule...our schedule. 12A flies best with fuel. We also loved the Air Museum/Terminal at HLG during the fuel stop there. Spent an hour looking around it.

Columbus, Ohio, September 24, 2008 This is an overnight stop. Had a wonderful reception on arrival. Wonderful crowd of TWA’ers on hand to meet us. Aviation Historian Jim “Jet” Thompson invited the crew to dinner after the wonderful welcome. He suggested we might enjoy dinner at the TAT Ristorante Di Famiglia since it was named after the predecessor of TWA. We had a

fantastic dinner, loved the food & we had some special attention from Tony Carrova, brother of the owner. We also drove past the historic old TAT terminal building before heading to the restaurant, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing that.

St Louis, Missouri, September 25, 2008 Departing CMH 25 September with next stop SUS, “Spirit of St Louis” airport, with ETA about 09:30 a.m. at Executive Beech, Inc. 532 Beechcraft Road, Chesterfield, MO. Departure SUS at 11:30 a.m. 25 September to MKC with ETA MKC still as scheduled 1:00 p.m. Departure MKC early 26 September.

Kansas City, Missouri, September 25, 2008 Arrived Kansas City 1:05 p.m. right on schedule. This was “Ellie’s” home during the early 1940’s. We had a great reception & reunion with lots of our TWA family. Jerry Cosley Photo On September 26, we departed Kansas City right on schedule. “Ellie” is on her way back to her California home.

Hutchinson, Kansas, September 26, 2008 Diverted to Hutchison to feed Capt. Kirk and the 12A.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 26, 2008 AEG 2:00 p.m. Will drop in at Double Eagle Airport, New Mexico for refueling, then overnight at Winslow. On to Bullhead City a.m. 27th. BUR at 3 p.m.

Winslow, Arizona, September 26, 2008 Scheduled fuel and an overnight stop. Photo shown here is Winslow’s historic old adobe terminal building.

Los Angeles, California, September 28, 2008 On the way home to Santa Maria, we planned this special stop at Los Angeles to celebrate Captain Curt "Rocky" Walters’ retirement Kaye Chandler Photo party, being hosted by American Eagle, at LAX…… Congratulations Captain Curt “Rocky” Walters.

Santa Maria, California, September 28, 2008 Returned “Ellie” to her hangar for a well deserved rest. A superb performance by aircraft and crew! An on-time performance that would make even TWA proud. From September 18, to September 27, 2008, (TWA Seniors Club member) Ruth Richter-Holden, the daughter of TWA co-founder Paul E. Richter, Jr., flew a nine-day journey bridging aviation history with its future. "Ellie", Sparkling in her TWA livery was the show stopper. Everyone wanted their picture taken with our little lady. Crowds stood patiently waiting to take a peak at her elegant interior. Captain Curt and Ruth were surrounded with enthusiastic visitors all eager to learn more about a by-gone era. We all felt the sense of pride as the little lady shined proudly displaying the grand name of TWA. ”We’re so thankful to JetBlue for the opportunity to share in their festivities. It was an honor to take part as JetBlue has the same positive management energy and mission of caring for its people and passengers, that helped build TWA’s legacy. “We were very proud to be there to toast them as they made their own history.”

Kaye Chandler Photo

Bullhead City, Arizona, September 27, 2008 Scheduled fuel stop. “Ellie” flies best with fuel.

Burbank, California, September 27, 2008

“The POWER of your Presence” is requested at a reception to honor the last leg of the historic cross country flight of the TWA 1937 Electra 12A aircraft. Piloted by the daughter of co-founder of TWA, Paul Richter. Ruth Richter Holden, and crew will arrive Sat., Sept. 27th. Location: Atlantic Aviation Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) 10750 Sherman Way Burbank, CA. "Party" Time: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Please bring, wear, and share your memorabilia and conversation pieces that honor the history of TWA. Long time family friend Troy Garrison planned a welcome home party celebrating this historic odyssey. Custom designed cake, banners and music filled the terminal. Randy Kramer and other TWA family joined in with the celebration. Spirit of TWA completes 'Coast to Coast'. Sun Racer landing BUR at 2:52 p.m. Thanks to all. “We Did It.”

Photo by: Mary Al Fricke, CMH

Engines...........Pratt & Whitney R985..............................450hp Range........................... 800mi Cruise.........................200mph Gross Weight.............8650 lbs Wing Span.....................49.6 ft Length...........................36.4 ft

Page 15 Visit a fabulous TWA historical website: maintained & updated by Ruth Richter Holden


Page 16

Marc Brecy, Webmaster

December 2008  

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