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Remembering Ray Dolby One man who revolutionised cinema sound, and in fact the quality of entertainment audio across most media, was Ray Dolby. If today we enjoy immersive sound with high clarity and impact then we have to hand it to this man. What started as clean up of hiss from cassette tapes in the 1970s soon became a passion and resulted in cinema sound as is known today across the world. I met Ray at the Dolby booth at a ShoWest tradeshow a few years ago where is used to fly in himself. A simple man but sharp and alert to the questions with precise answers left a lasting impression on me. His legacy will propel audio research at Dolby but am sure the industry will miss him.

Economic downturn Though the economic downturn has slowed down theatre build activity, it has made no dent on the box office. In fact theatrical revenues remain robust confirming the adage that entertainment industries flourish during a slowdown when patrons escape from problems and find solace in the movies, albeit for a few hours. In a way, the movie industry performs yeoman service to mankind, like an oasis in the desert or say, light at end of the tunnel, providing much needed succour to a troubled world. And if the movies are embedded with positive


September-October 2013

content then hope and optimism does uplift the spirits. So while the capex side of the business goes slow the P&L side is going great. What has added to the woes of the equipment industry is the strengthening of the dollar against Asian currencies especially the Indian rupee. This has made imports costlier by 20% in the last quarter. Thankfully the Indian rupee is current stabilised at 62 against a peak of 69! However the current 62 is still higher than the 55 of a few months ago.

3D sound The battle is down to two players Dolby Atmos versus Barco Auro much like Sony Beta versus JVC VHS or Dolby versus DTS for 5.1/7.1 format. After many pretenders retired from the battle it is now left to these two giants to carve out the 3D sound pie. '3D' is a misnomer but in common parlance has come to mean multichannel surround sound with overhead inputs. In Asian markets Barco Auro has an edge. In India, Barco Auro has had a headstart which is reminiscent of DTS having had a headstart decades ago and Dolby being slow to catch up. And if Dolby Atmos falters at this crucial stage and Barco Auro gains critical mass then it could be the latter all the way.

Consolidation Mergers and acquisitions amongst multiplex operators augur well for the industry. Every major cinema territory in Asia sees three main players whether its Philippines, Thailand or other territories. Not a conscious trend but it has just happened that way or is the optimium number for the business to flourish. The same is coming home to roost in one of the largest markets, that is India. While Inox took over 89 Cinemas earlier and recently Fame, PVR took over Cinemax.

Both Inox and PVR have emerged as the two largest players for India. Honours for the third are still open as a range of smaller, regional players fight it out. Watch this space!

Sequels Bollywood has cottoned onto sequels to extend popular franchises the way Hollywood has been doing all these years. Any and every original movie that does well at the box office gets the producers salivating for more. Industry is agog at the two of the biggest releases slated for the holiday season - Krrish3 and Dhoom3. Big budgets, mega stars, power promos and media hype will ensure patrons flocking to the theatres. Sequels and the franchise model are here to stay in Bollywood. Next would be theme parks based on these franchises like Universal and Disney.

Tradeshows Industry tradeshows are a good way to keep abreast of the latest developments, familiarise with new technologies, check out displays and demos, gain knowledge at seminars, share views and catch up with friends. TheatreWorld's last edition has been to Kino Expo, St Petersburg and this edition is going to ShowEast, Florida apart from AIMC, Gold Coast. Our next edition, which is our 15th Anniversary Special, goes to the top show of the region, CineAsia at Hong Kong. Our old faithful, Raghav, will be at hand at CineAsia to take your views on the industry and how to make TheatreWorld a better read in 2014 and beyond.

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September-October 2013

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Christie Brings Cinema Sound to Vivid Life Christie launched the groundbreaking Christie Vive Audio solution to help exhibitors "complete the experience" for their moviegoing audiences. Designed for cinema, Christie Vive Audio leverages a unique articulated, single enclosure line array speaker design and ribbon driver technology, and combines it with the first use of efficient, highpowered Class D amplification in cinema, all at an attainable price point. Christie Vive Audio's cinema speakers and amplifiers can be easily and efficiently integrated into any existing or new theatre auditorium for the ultimate movie viewing and listening experience. "The introduction of digital technology has sparked tremendous changes in movie content since 2005, but many theatres are still using audio systems designed for 35mm film," said Craig Sholder, Christie's Entertainment Solutions unit vice president. "With Christie Vive Audio, we have found a way to take all the benefits of line array configuration and put it into a cinema environment by combining it with ribbon driver technology and Class D amplification, all in a single, elegant audio solution that is easily attainable to exhibitors." "Typical audio solutions in the market have not kept up with performance demands of DCI specifications for audio, until now. The Christie Vive Audio integrated solution with its extended frequency response, high dynamic range and ultra fast transient response, along with unprecedented peak-to-average SPL ratios and smooth and even coverage, meets the performance demands of the DCI specification," said Jim Hall, senior product manager with Christie's Entertainment Solutions unit.


September-October 2013

"Christie Vive Audio represents a major leap in cinema sound, with perfect timbre-matching that unleashes the potential of today's uncompressed digital audio along with leading immersive audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos." The complete Christie Vive Audio solution comprises surround and screen channel speakers, subwoofers, and Class D amplifiers. It offers exhibitors the opportunity to provide audiences with the ultimate movie-viewing experience, enveloping them with dynamic, richly detailed and enhanced audio where speech, special effects, music, and alternative content sound more natural and lifelike. At the core of the system are the combination of superior sounding screen channel speakers with ribbon driver technology and the proven performance of a line array speaker design, all in a single enclosure. This innovative design helps increase the optimal listening area up to four times when compared to conventional compression driverbased audio systems and results in exceptionally smooth and even audio coverage throughout the auditorium. As well, Christie's Class D amplifiers, which are more

compatible with digital sources, are more efficient, resulting in lower operating costs. Added Patrick Artiaga, director, Business Development, Audio Solutions, with Christie's Entertainment Solutions group, "The complete Christie Vive cinema audio solution can be tailored to the demands of any cinema space, from postproduction studios and screening rooms to traditional and premium large-format auditoriums. Each component of Christie Vive Audio has been specifically engineered to complement the other and combine to deliver a complete solution. By combining the superior performance capabilities of each piece into one integrated solution, Christie Vive Audio brings the next generation of cinema audio to any auditorium.�

QSC Announces European Distribution Center for Cinema Products QSC Audio Products, LLC announced a distribution center on the European continent for QSC cinema products. QSC has contracted the services of DSV, a global 3PL (or third-party logistics) provider to warehouse and ship QSC cinema products from a location in Ghent, Belgium. The location was chosen because of its central location for most European countries. The warehouse will maintain an inventory of the most popular QSC cinema products, allowing European cinema customers to receive shipments more quickly and cost-effectively. As of this announcement, QSC cinema product inventory is already in the warehouse and ready to ship.

ShowEast 2013 To Honor Lionsgate's Mike Polydoros Mike Polydoros, Executive Vice President of Distribution Operations for Lionsgate, has been announced as the recipient of the 2013 Al Shapiro Distinguished Service Award at ShowEast. The award presentation will take place at the Final Night Awards Ceremony on October 24th at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida, hosted by The Coca-Cola Company. Each year, the Al Shapiro Distinguished Service Award honors a film industry executive who best represents the ideals and standards that the late Al Shapiro set during his distinguished career. It epitomizes his dedication, care and concern for the betterment of the motion picture industry. "I can't think of a more deserving individual in our industry to receive this award than Mike," noted ShowEast Co-Managing Director Andrew Sunshine. "Mike is a strong leader within his company and his enthusiasm for the film industry has a powerful impact on everything he accomplishes." Polydoros never had the opportunity to work with Al Shapiro, but did meet him on several occasions, and even interviewed with him for a job many years ago. He acknowledges that Shapiro was a great man, full of personality, who harkened back to the old days of the business, and considers it a real honor to receive the award that bears his name. Polydoros began his career in 1978 working for United Artists theatres at the famed Egyptian Theatre as an usher, and knew even then that he wanted to work on the business side of the entertainment industry. Now, with over 30 years of distribution and exhibition experience, he is currently the Executive Vice President of Distribution Operations for Lionsgate, which includes overseeing digital cinema and exhibitor relations. Since joining Lionsgate as part of the merger with Artisan in

2003, Mike has played a key role in the release of over 150 films including The Hunger Games; Breaking Dawn Part 2; the Saw franchise; the Academy Awardwinning Crash, as well as this Fall's Ender's Gameand The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Polydoros is a member of the advisory board for the Will Rogers charities. He also supports Variety Children's Charity and various other charity fund raising events. He considers himself extremely lucky to be a part of the movie business and sees it as an honor to be able to give back.

XPAND 3D Exclusive 3D Supplier with Venice Film Festival XPAND 3D provided its industry leading 3D cinema technology for the world premiere of the much - anticipated film Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuar贸n.

The 3D film was screened on August 28th in the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido, following the opening ceremony. Venice Film Festival took place from August 28 till September 7th. Venice Film Festival is one of the most prestigious as well as the oldest international film festivals in the world. It is part of the Venice Biennale, founded in 1895, wellknown for the International Film Festival, the International Architecture Exhibition and the International Art Exhibition. Also continuing the great tradition of the Festival of Contemporary Music, the Theatre Festival and the Festival of Contemporary Dance. Trusted for its quality by renowned directors and festivals alike, XPAND 3D once again was the exclusive 3D supplier with its world leading 3D technology capabilities. 13 screenings were in 3D, including the opening and closing films, and took place in the historic Palazzo del Cinema on the Lungomare Marconi among other venues. "XPAND is very excited to continue to bring our world leading 3D technology to one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world," said Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND 3D. It's an honor for XPAND to exclusively supply a festival with such a rich history. XPAND 3D provided 5000 new active shutter glasses as well as equipping over 4000 seats in four of the largest theatres: Sala Grande, Sala Perla, Sala Darsena, Sala Biennale, with 3 XPAND Four Kits and 1 XPAND Super Power Kit for special venues that included 7 emitters.

September-October 2013


ShowEast to Honor Cineplex's Ellis Jacob with the Annual "Show 'E' Award" Ellis Jacob, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cineplex Inc., has been announced as the 2013 "Show 'E' Award" honoree for the upcoming ShowEast convention. Mr. Jacob, a well - respected and committed industry veteran, will be awarded this distinguished honor on October 24th at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida as part of the Final Night Banquet and Awards Ceremony. The annual "Show 'E' Award" is presented to an industry member whose achievements, accomplishments and dedication to the industry are unequalled. "ShowEast is truly honored to be able to single out Ellis Jacob with this year's Show 'E' Award," noted Robert Sunshine, Managing Director of the annual convention. "For over two decades, Ellis has devoted himself to cinema exhibition as well as serving on the boards of various industry associations. His dedication to exhibition is tireless and unmatched." Mr. Jacob has 25 years of experience in the motion picture exhibition industry. His current position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cineplex Inc. and its subsidiaries has Mr. Jacob leading Canada's largest motion picture exhibition company. Prior to his current role at Cineplex, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Inc. which he co-founded in 1999. Before founding Galaxy, he represented Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. as Head of Integration, and from 1987 to 1998, Mr. Jacob held various positions with Cineplex Odeon Corporation culminating in the role of Chief Operating Officer. In December 2010, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada. On top of these accomplishments, Mr. Jacob is a Director of Cineplex Inc. as well as a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the


September-October 2013

Finance and Audit Committee for the Toronto International Film Festival. He is a Director of the Motion Picture Theatre Associations of Canada, the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) in the United States and a member of NATO's Executive Committee. He is a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Audit Committee for Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. and a member of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee for Dundee Corporation. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Baycrest, a member of Baycrest's Strategic Planning Committee and is the Chair of Baycrest's Finance and Audit Committee. Additionally, he is a member of the Board of Governors for Mount Sinai Hospital.

AIMC 2013 to Open with Australian Premiere of 'Captain Phillips' The 68th Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC) joins with Sony Pictures Releasing to present the Australian Premiere of 'Captain Phillips' on Sunday October 13 at the Hoyts CTG Theatre, Jupiters Hotel & Casino, Gold Coast. "This is a fantastic opportunity for Queenslanders to be the first to view

this special film starring two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks in the gripping true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama," said, Stephen Basil Jones Executive Vice President - Aust./N.Z. & Northern Asia Sony Pictures Releasing. Through the distinctive lens of its Director, Academy Award nominee Paul Greengrass, 'Captain Philips' is simultaneously a pulse-pounding thriller and a complex portrait of the myriad effects of globalization. The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama's commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips (Hanks), and his Somali counterpart, Muse (Barkhad Abdi). Set on an incontrovertible collision course off the coast of Somalia, both men will find themselves paying the human toll for economic forces outside of their control. Michael Hawkins, Chair of the Australian International Movie Convention Committee, said: "We are thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures Releasing to present the Australian Premiere of 'Captain Phillips' - a film of this pedigree, with its excellent cast and a definite air of anticipation around it will get us off to great start for this year's convention." 'Captain Phillips' opens in Australian cinemas on October 24.

ShowEast 2013 to Honor Abramorama's Richard Abramowitz with Bingham Ray Memorial Award ShowEast will honor Abramorama's founder, Richard Abramowitz, with the Bingham Ray Memorial Award at the 2013 convention. The Bingham Ray Memorial Award was established in 2012 in honor of the late Bingham Ray, one of the most beloved people in the independent film world. This award is bestowed up an individual who has shown exemplary leadership and foresight in the world of independent cinema. "Richard is an innovative leader in the distribution and marketing of independent films that have met with resounding success", stated Robert Sunshine, Executive Director of ShowEast. "By challenging the norm, he has been instrumental in bringing quality independent film to movie-goers everywhere." Richard Abramowitz's company, Abramorama, is an industry leader in the personalized, focused form of film marketing/distribution that bypasses traditional film studios and their methodology, providing invaluable distribution alternatives to current content makers and owners. His company's recent distribution projects include: The provocative Sundance hit Escape From Tomorrow; Tribeca fest standout Broadway Idiot; Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart's Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams; Emilio Estevez's THE WAY, starring Martin Sheen; Cameron Crowe's celebrated documentary Pearl Jam Twenty; Banksy's Spirit Award-winner and Academy Awardnominee Exit Through The Gift Shop; and Sacha Gervasi's Spirit Awardwinning music documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Among his Producer Representation projects have been Neil Young: Heart Of Gold, directed by Jonathan Demme; Big Rig, Doug Pray's SXSW entry about the independent trucking culture; Eve & The Fire Horse, Special Jury Prize winner in the Dramatic Feature Competition at the Sundance Film Festival; Kardia, winner of the

Abramowitz has been involved with the release of six Academy Awardnominees in the Best Feature Documentary category: Exit Through The Gift Shop; Gasland; 4 Little Girls; Mandela; Sound And Fury; And The Weather Underground.

Alfred P. Sloan Award for films about science and technology at the Hamptons International Film Festival; and Oscar-nominee The Weather Underground. His client list includes AT&T, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Neil Young's Shakey Pictures, Jonathan Demme's Clinica Estetica, 50 Cents' Hollow Point, Inc., and Exclusive Media Group. Richard's production credits include Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead (2008, Executive Producer), a documentary about the world's foremost death penalty advocate, and Azazel Jacobs' AFI Film Festival selection The Goodtimeskid (2006, Executive Producer). Abramowitz was a co-founder of Stratosphere Entertainment, the independent distribution and production company financed by Carl Icahn. Stratosphere's releases included: the 1997 Academy Awardnominee from Russia, The Thief; Hideous Kinky, starring Academy Award- winner Kate Winslet; and the surprise hit, Xiu-Xiu: The Sent Down Girl, actress Joan Chen's directorial debut. Prior to starting Stratosphere, he was President of Green Valley Films, a motion picture consulting firm whose clients included HBO, Sony Wonder, Cabin Fever Entertainment, International Pictures, Ltd., and Island Pictures.

As a marketing and distribution executive, Richard has been responsible for acquiring and releasing some of the most provocative and substantial films during the recent "golden years" of American independent cinema. While President/COO of RKO Pictures Distribution, he handled The Shooting Gallery's acclaimed first feature, Laws Of Gravity. Prior to that, as a senior executive at Cinecom Entertainment, he distributed John Sayles' The Brother From Another Planet And Matewan, Jonathan Demme's Stop Making Sense and Swimming To Cambodia, Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, And Merchant Ivory's A Room With a View, Among Many Others. He is a founding partner in the new model distribution company, Area23a, which is devoted to the distribution of performance and social issue films, the distinguishing factor being a post-screening component of live music, lecture or panel discussion. Initial releases from Area23a include Revenge of The Electric Car, Adrian Grenier's Sundance Entry Teenage Paparazzo; Soundtrack for the Revolution; Fixing the Future; Burn; and Wretches and Jabberers. Richard currently teaches at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Institute of Film and Television, is a frequent panelist and juror at film festivals around the world, serves on Advisory Boards to several major film festivals and film centers, regularly lectures on film and the film industry and is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

September-October 2013


Cinemark Inc. and Barco Join Forces to Revolutionize Audio Cinematic Experience Barco has been selected by Cinemark to deploy its immersive cinema sound solution, Auro 11.1, in more than 150 premium Extreme Digital (XD) screens worldwide. Cinemark's decision makes Auro 11.1 the worldwide market leader in immersive cinema audio systems for the movie exhibition industry. Cinemark will begin the worldwide deployment this year in all of its "tier one" markets, starting with North America. Through its dedication to providing patrons with a superior movie going experience in its XD auditoriums, Cinemark sees immersive cinema audio as the logical next step. After extensive technical evaluation, cost analysis and "blind" audience testing of the leading immersive sound technologies conducted at its Cinemark XD auditorium in Plano, Texas, Cinemark's test audiences overwhelmingly chose Auro 11.1 as their preferred immresive sound system. Cinemark's management wasted no time in securing a commitment with Barco to deploy Auro 11.1 in all of its current and planned XD auditoriums. "After independently testing both commercially available immersive cinema sound solutions, it became abundantly clear that Auro 11.1 provides the best complement to the Cinemark XD experience. We firmly believe that the fullness and richness of Auro's height layer, coupled with the discreetness of the future and open standard object-based capabilities supported by Auro, will make for the best movie going experience possible," said Damian Wardle, Vice President of Worldwide Theatres Technology & Presentation at Cinemark. "It's backward and forward compatibility with existing cinema audio systems, in addition to the ease and economy regarding both implementation and operation, are also critical elements." Cinemark has historically been a


September-October 2013

strong supporter of innovation, while at the same time, cautioning against overly proprietary or incompatible digital formats that could hinder the ability of all stakeholders to easily and affordably adopt new technologies. Cinemark's commitment to Barco and the Auro sound format will help drive adoption of the "open format" approach to playing back immersive cinema sound, protecting exhibitor's freedom of platform choice and ensuring their ability to play any movie regardless of the authoring system used to create it. Barco and Cinemark are working together to address concerns expressed by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) and the Union Internationale des CinĂŠmas (UNIC) in their recent statement announcing cinema exhibitor requirements for immersive sound technologies. By enabling playback of immersive soundtracks produced using toolsets based on open standards on its screens, Cinemark hopes to serve as a model for this approach to foster greater competition and ultimately facilitate quicker implementation in the marketplace. An immersive sound experience built from the tools created to support Auro 11.1 offers content creators total freedom with regards to immersive sound development. "The Auro creative toolset provides the authoring capabilities for studios to create both channel - and object-based sound masters for movies, so they're not locked into one sound platform or playback

system," comments Brian Claypool, Senior Director Strategic Business Development Entertainment for Barco. "Furthermore, the open standards nature of how we create and play back our immersive soundtracks enables a single inventory distribution, allowing the studios to easily create one single distribution master that can be played on any legacy or immersive audio system."

South America Growth Continues for Doremi with VPF Integrator Quanta DGT Agreement As the rapid growth of digital cinema in South America continues, Quanta DGT has reached a deal that will leverage the experience and reliability of Doremi Labs to support their VPF program across Latin America. Quanta DGT has committed to two highlights of the Doremi product line, the ShowVault IMB and the IMS1000 as they provide local cinemas with the tools they need for digital cinema transition. "The decision was based on the ultra low failure rate of the Doremi product line, solid integration with DLP projectors and confidence expressed by exhibitors in other VPF programs around the world." Related Luiz Fernando Morau, Quanta DGT. "The success of a VPF program relies heavily on the reliability of the equipment involved. Doremi, given its technical leadership and impeccable quality, was the logical choice." Doremi, with its comprehensive product line and reputation for high performance continues to expand its leadership in Latin America. It also continues to Dominate Global market share in 2013.

Wong Kar Wai Immerses Audiences in the Grandmaster with Dolby Atmos Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Jet Tone Production announced that The Grandmaster will be the first Chinese movie mixed in Dolby Atmos to be shown in the United States. Dolby Atmos is the new audio platform that revolutionizes sound in entertainment. The Grandmaster is directed by award-winning director Wong Kar Wai. "The Grandmaster is a Chinese kung fu story that is not only about physical fighting," the director said, "but also about such intangibles as chi, the mind, and the spirit, which are never easy concepts to express. I have been extremely impressed by the powerful enhancements to storytelling that Dolby Atmos makes possible. The Grandmaster in Dolby Atmos will use sound to transport audiences right into the film action." The US version of The Grandmaster was mixed in Dolby Atmos by Kantana Sound Studio in Bangkok, Thailand, the first mixing studio equipped with Dolby Atmos in Southeast Asia. Traithep Wongpaiboon, Senior Vice President, Kantana Sound Studio, said: "Dolby Atmos is the most powerful sound technology we have ever used. With Dolby Atmos, the sound moves around and above the audiences, creating a soundfield so realistic that film audiences feel as if they are in the center of the action."

"We are delighted that internationally renowned director Wong Kar Wai chose to mix his latest picture in Dolby Atmos for the US release," said Mike Chao, Managing Director, Greater China, Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby Atmos brings a natural lifelike audio experience to movie theatres, giving filmmakers creative freedom to place and move sounds anywhere in the auditorium, including overhead, for added realism and impact." "Dolby Atmos delivers the best nextgeneration audio experience for all film genres, including martial arts. We are very excited to be at the forefront of bringing a premium entertainment experience to moviegoers with The Grandmaster, featuring Dolby Atmos sound, and believe that this is a big step for us to help drive innovation in the cinema," said Erik Lomis, President of Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment for the Weinstein Company. The Grandmaster stars Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang and was first released in mainland China on January 8, 2013. A Jet Tone Production, The Grandmaster will be distributed by the Weinstein Company to 800 screens in the United States, including select theatres equipped with Dolby Atmos technology.

Moving image Technologies Chosen Manufacturer of the Year At ICTA's (International Cinema Technology Association) annual convention and business retreat, held this year at the US Grant hotel in downtown San Diego, Moving image Technologies (MiT) received the prestigious TEDDY AWARD as Manufacturer of the Year. The award is voted on by the dealers, servicers and resellers of the ICTA and given to a manufacturer that most exemplifies commitment to products, services and support to the cinema industry's dealer infrastructure. Joe Delgado, MiT's EVP Sales and Marketing says "As a member of the ICTA for literally half my life I can tell you what an honor and privilege it is to receive this award. Having it come on the company's 10th anniversary makes it that much sweeter. Everyone at MiT is thrilled with the news and we promise you to work even harder for all our dealer friends who were kind enough to vote for us." Bob Sunshine, Executive Director of the ICTA, commented "Being voted the recipient of the TEDDY AWARD is really a big thing. It says to the motion picture industry that you are among the best at what you do and for the year you receive that accolade from your customers you are the best! Any time your peers point to you and say thanks for your support and service you know you achieved your goal and you can be very proud of the achievement. This award is even more meaningful in that MiT has only been in business 10 years and this is a great gift to receive as they reach their 10th anniversary. Having an ICTA member behind a product talks volumes of that product and one can be assured you are buying quality, experience and commitment. MiT has earned this trust and reputation and the ICTA is so proud to have them as a member." September-October 2013


Qube Cinema Partners with MiT for Synchronized Multiscreen Projection at Comic-Con 2013 Qube Cinema partnered with Moving image Technologies (MiT) to provide multiscreen projection of synchronized digital cinema content in Hall H at Comic-Con International in San Diego recently. Visitors to this marquee event saw digital presentations on four screens, simultaneously projected from five synchronized DLP projectors, all powered by the Qube XP-I server and Xi Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs). Organizers of large events now have a way of synchronizing multiple DCI compliant Series 2 projectors, while maintaining the stringent DCI security requirements that content owners demand. Meeting Services Inc. (MSI) contracted venue-display experts at MiT to provide the D-cinema projection technology for Hall H at Comic-Con. Although MSI had used Series 1 DLP systems for the previous four years, they needed to upgrade to allow for higher quality display and a fully secure environment to all their screens simultaneously. MiT found what they needed in Qube Cinema and their equipment, which can sync multiple Series 2 DLP projectors, a feat that is essential to create the multiscreen display system that the organizers of Comic-Con were looking for. "We needed to sync as many as five Series 2 projectors displaying on four screens simultaneously and Qube Cinema had demonstrated they could do this," said Riche Stanley, technical sales for MiT. "Their server and IMB setup complies with DCI specs and means that we can show 4K, 3D and high frame rate content in the immediate future." The ability of the Qube XP-I server and Xi IMBs to synchronize multiple projectors had previously been demonstrated at the world premieres of The Hobbit, where they performed flawlessly to deliver the latest high frame rate 3D version of the movie. The XP-I server has the


September-October 2013

throughput to play back digital content to multiple DLP projectors at 1 Gbps, sufficient to show 2K 3D content at up to 120 fps per eye. "We synced four projectors at CinemaCon last year and three projectors again this year," said Rajesh Ramachandran, CTO of Qube Cinema. "This spring we showed MiT a demo, syncing six projectors, and were pleased to see how well the XP-I could handle the data throughput to all six of the Qube Xi IMBs embedded in the projectors."

Comic-Con Screens Setup Over two dozen different presentations were staged in Hall H at Comic-Con, including a 3D show for a standing-room-only crowd of over 6,500 guests. One large screen, and three "delay" screens suspended from the ceiling for audience

members more than 150 feet from the stage, showed 2D and RealD 3D content from NEC NC2000 and NC3200 Series 2 DLP projectors synchronized by the Qube XP-I server and Xi IMBs. The five projectors and images on all four screens were kept in perfect sync with Qube's native ability to sync multiple IMBs. The XP-I server was connected to the projectors via Gigabit Ethernet, instead of the traditional HD-SDI cables that had been used at previous Comic-Cons. All the systems were controlled from a single laptop. "The beauty of this multiscreen projection system is its ease of operation," said Eric Bergez, director of sales and marketing for Qube Cinema. "It eliminates the unnecessary redundancies and complicated hardware configurations offered by other vendors and provides full DCI compliance previously unheard of in digital cinema."

Security of Content is Paramount In addition to synchronizing five DLP projectors, the Qube XP-I and Xi IMBs meet DCI specs for security of digital

cinema content. Qube's unique technology ensured that the content was as secure as it is for conventional DCP distribution. All files were encrypted and the forensic watermarking remained intact on all four screens. "We chose Qube Cinema so we could upgrade to Series 2 DLP projectors and access their enhanced security capabilities," said Matthew LeVeque, national sales manager at MSI Productions, who has been involved with the technical setup at ComicCon for the past 16 years. "We're also looking ahead to 4K projection and now, thanks to Qube, we have a system ready for the time when studios come looking for it."

The Future of Multiscreen Events The Qube Cinema system is ideal for large-scale gatherings such as Comic-Con, as well as concerts and corporate and fundraising events, where multiple screens are displaying digital cinema content simultaneously. "We now have a system that meets the needs of the special event business without compromising the security of the content," explained Ken Freeman, who is the technical director for Hall H. "We don't have to bypass any security features to get images displayed on four screens or into redundant projectors. The teams from MiT and Qube have delivered a terrific multiscreen system that is robust and secure, ensuring that our filmmakers can bring their best with full confidence." "The multi-IMB sync capabilities of the XP-I server and Xi 4K IMBs mean that the promise of multiple-projector digital cinema has been realized," said Bergez. "Comic-Con 2013 marked a real milestone for digital cinema projection and displays at large-scale events. We were pleased to work with MiT, MSI and RealD 3D to provide secured, synchronized, digital cinema content to Comic-Con."

Telluride Film Festival Celebrates 40th Season with New Meyer Sound-Equipped Theatre To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Telluride Film Festival debuted a brand new Werner Herzog Theatre for this year's festivities in the Colorado ski town. Movie screenings at this 650-seat theatre were heard through a cinema system from Meyer Sound, who was the festival sponsor for the third consecutive year. "The Werner Herzog Theatre is a huge achievement for Telluride Film Festival and the town of Telluride. It was the festival's most technologically advanced, and its sound system is of the utmost importance to us," says Julie Huntsinger, executive director of the festival. "Meyer Sound is a leader in its industry; its sound quality and innovation is unparalleled. Working with Meyer Sound ensures the festival met its goal of staying on the cutting-edge, and ultimately giving our audience the best film-going experience possible." The 7.1 surround Meyer Sound system at the Werner Herzog Theatre was anchored by three Acheron 100 screen channel loudspeakers, each paired with an Acheron LF screen channel loudspeaker. Dolby Atmos surround sound is provided by 22 HMS-12 cinema surround loudspeakers, controlled LFE is provided by 10 X-800C studio

subwoofers, and the entire system is driven and aligned by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with three Galileo 616 processors. The Werner Herzog Theatre is located inside Telluride's Town Park Pavilion, which was recently converted from an open-air ice-skating rink. Though now permanently enclosed, the cinema space leaves a large remaining room volume behind the screen. The theatre's X-800C subwoofers are configured in a cardioid pattern to ensure that defined low end is directed into the room, while limiting low-frequency reverberation in the empty space. In addition, a Meyer Sound system was deployed in the Galaxy, a pristine screening room transformed from the Telluride Middle School auditorium. The system comprises two Acheron 80 and one Acheron 100 loudspeakers, three Acheron LF loudspeakers, seven X-800C subwoofers, and 20 HMS-10 cinema surround loudspeakers. A Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 408 processors provides system drive and processing. To ensure that the festival's presentations and panel discussions are heard clearly by the audience, Meyer Sound provided separate reinforcement systems for each venue. The systems are anchored by MINA line array loudspeakers, 500-HP subwoofers, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with one Galileo 408 processor.

September-October 2013


Reading Cinemas in Australia and New Zealand to Convert to Christie Solaria Digital Cinema Projectors Christie co-announced with Reading International, Inc. that a long-term VPF deployment agreement had been signed with the Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries of Reading, which will provide for the digital conversion of all of Reading Cinemas screens in those two countries. "It's tremendously important that we embrace DLP Cinema technology and this requires that we invest in our cinemas to constantly improve the moviegoer's experience," said Wayne Smith, Managing Director, Reading, for Australia and New Zealand. "Following detailed negotiations, I'm pleased to be working alongside Christie, a leader in the cinema industry since 1929. Christie is the perfect provider of digital cinema technology to partner with, to keep Reading ahead in a rapidly-changing cinema landscape." The Reading subsidiaries own and operate cinemas throughout Australia and New Zealand, including the Company's Pacific Rim flagship venue: the Courtenay Central Entertainment and Retail Centre in Wellington, New Zealand. In addition to owning and operating cinemas in Australia and New Zealand, Reading is also engaged in real estate development in North America, New Zealand and Australia and operates "OffBroadway" live theatres in New York and Chicago. Christie will supply a variety of its Christie Solaria Series 2K and 4K digital cinema projectors to Reading, as well as its current 'big screen' premium solution, the Christie Duo dual-projector integration kit. "Christie has deployed more than 38,000 digital cinema projectors, earning the appreciation and respect of exhibitors and


September-October 2013

moviegoers worldwide," said Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific. "Our company is honored to be selected by Reading to keep them on the leading edge of cinema technology, including 3D, 4K and High Frame Rate (HFR) options in the years to come." Added Michael Bosworth, general manager for Christie Digital Systems Australia, "We stand ready to support Reading as they complete their transition to digital cinema; a conversion which will surely contribute to their overall cinema attendees' satisfaction while supporting the company's goal of adding to their stockholders' value."

AAM to Partner with Dcinex Across Europe for Digital Cinema Financing and Software Sales Arts Alliance Media has announced it is to partner on a non-exclusive basis with integrator dcinex to bring AAM's Virtual Print Fee (VPF) deals and software to exhibitors across Europe. In addition to partnering to represent VPF financing deals, the multi-territory agreement, with an initial focus on Italy and Germany, will also see dcinex become part of AAM's software reseller programme and offer digital cinema software to

all interested exhibitors. The first software deal under the new partnership is German exhibitor UFA Cinemas who installed AAM's flagship TMS (Theatre Management System) software, Screenwriter, for their 41 screens. AAM already supplies more than 15,000 screens across the world with the Screenwriter TMS, and has 4,000 screens signed up under VPF programme. Till Cussmann from dcinex said "This deal opens up a new opportunity mainly for German & Italian cinema owners; we're very pleased to be working with AAM to provide a real tailor-made solution for customers. Being able to offer AAM's range of digital cinema software, as well as the servicing of VPF deals, to the market is great for us and exhibitors throughout Europe, and means that those who already have a relationship with us now have access to AAM's range of software products and financing offers. Especially in the markets where dcinex's VPF model is now closed, we are looking forward to help exhibitors to go digital with AAM's proven financing model. With this exciting partnership we can continue to offer VPF Financing solutions until end of 2014. "Eric Stevens, Commercial Director of Arts Alliance Media,� added "We're very happy to be partnering with dcinex. They are one of the world's most experienced and trusted integrators and we look forward to rolling out further VPF deals and software together." Arts Alliance Media offers exhibitors a full range of end-to-end software solutions, including Screenwriter to manage site-level operations; Producer, an enterprise TMS for entire circuits; Locksmith to manage collection and distribution of KDMs to cinemas, and AdFuser for advanced targeting of digital cinema advertising. AAM also has inhouse developed solutions for monitoring of equipment (Lifeguard) and electronic content delivery (Courier).

UltraStar Cinemas and Letian Entertainment Announce Joint Venture to Build Movie Theatres in China UltraStar Cinemas, a U.S.owned movie theatre group, and Letian Entertainment, a subsidiary of China's most influential broadcast network, announced the formation of a joint venture to develop and operate theatres in China. Representing one of the first and most wide reaching collaborations of its kind, UltraStar and Letian will work together in the design, development, construction and operations of digital cinemas and related entertainment facilities throughout China. The partnership is intended to advance the country's cinema industry, bring more screens to Chinese audiences, and leverage advanced cinema technologies for the highest quality moviegoing experience. Hunan Broadcasting Station, parent company of Letian Entertainment, is the second largest broadcast network in China with 2012 revenues of 16.3 billion RMB ($2.6 billion USD). The companies are currently on track to complete construction of three cinemas by the end of 2013, with plans to build an additional 40 cinemas by the end of 2016. The theaters will be located in the Changsha area of the Hunan province and comprise approximately 10 screens each with all-digital projection, 3D capabilities and concessions. In addition to traditional movie fare, the theatres will offer additional entertainment options via alternative content. Chinese audiences will be able to enjoy concerts, sporting events, musicals, operas and other cultural events on the big screen utilizing digital cinema capabilities. "With the growing urbanization trend, the Chinese population continues to move from rural areas to densely populated cities," said John Ellison, president of UltraStar Cinemas. "This presents a long-term opportunity to grow the movie industry in China as a whole and

implement cinema technologies and concepts that have been successful here in the United States. We are thrilled to be working with Letian Entertainment, long recognized as one of China's entertainment industry leaders, as their U.S. partner in this groundbreaking initiative." "UltraStar Cinemas is a well established American theatre group with over 50 years of history, a wealth of industry resources, and global leadership in digital cinema technology," said Huidong Liu, Chairman of Letian Entertainment. "Letian Entertainment is a new Chinese cultural enterprise that spans across the film and television industries. Our unique and revolutionary business model in China has enabled exponential growth and rapid expansion of the national cinema market. The collaboration between Letian and UltraStar is a visionary one, following the trend of globalization. The Chinese film market is growing rapidly as an industry, enabling UltraStar to bring capital, technology, and branding from a highly saturated market to a high-growth market. Both parties are committed to leveraging complementary resources, capabilities, and interaction between Chinese and American industry to create a competitive edge in the market and the global film sector." This collaboration brings together the talent and resources of two industry leaders. UltraStar has over 50 years of experience in cinema design, development and operations, while Letian offers local market knowledge and expertise as one of China's most successful entertainment companies. UltraStar is recognized as an early adopter of digital cinema and was the first theatre group in the world to be fully equipped with Pure Digital Cinema powered by DLP Cinema technology in all of its locations. The company continued to adopt cinema innovations such as D-Box motion seats, luxury theatre concepts

including in-seat dining and alcohol service, and multi-tainment centers that incorporate numerous entertainment amenities and venues into the traditional moviegoing experience.

GDC Technology Inks Separate Agreements with Each of the Six Hollywood Studios GDC Technology announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, GDC Digital Cinema Network has signed separate non-exclusive digital cinema deployment agreements with each of the six Hollywood studios - Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Paramount Pictures Global, Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation, Universal Pictures International and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. to deploy DCI-compliant digital cinema equipment to cinemas in the Latin American region. Collectively, the studio agreements cover several countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, MĂŠxico, Nicaragua, PanamĂĄ, PerĂş, and, in most cases, Ecuador. Subject to the terms and conditions under each agreement, each studio will separately provide certain financial contributions to promote digital cinema when supplying films, if booked, in digital form to GDC's exhibitors. GDC Technology has achieved DCI compliance for all of its digital cinema server models and, since 2008, over 300 exhibitors worldwide have trusted GDC Technology to manage this vital aspect of their conversion to digital.

September-October 2013


RealD and Cinemex Sign Exclusive 10 Year 3D Cinema Deal Global 3D and visual technology licensor RealD Inc., and Cinemex, Mexico's second largest cinema exhibitor and the sixth largest cinema exhibitor in the world announced a 10 year agreement that will make RealD the exclusive circuit wide 3D technology provider for Cinemex. The agreement calls for approximately 700 auditoriums across the Cinemex circuit in Mexico to be equipped with RealD 3D technology, including the removal of approximately 540 alternative 3D systems that will be replaced with RealD 3D within the next two years. "We look forward to working with Cinemex to install RealD 3D technology across their circuit so we can assure their audiences are experiencing the brightest and most immersive 3D available," said Marlene Songin, Vice President, Cinema at RealD. "By joining forces with Cinemex, RealD will significantly increase our footprint across Mexico. This is a testament to RealD's performance advantage and the commitment from exhibitors like Cinemex to deliver on the promise of 3D with a truly premium cinema experience." "RealD technology produces the brightest and most engaging 3D visual in cinema today," said a Cinemex Infrastructure Director. "Moviegoers are increasingly seeking out a premium experience when they go to the movies and by converting our circuit exclusively to RealD 3D, we will be able to offer the best, and brightest image on screen."

Deluxe Digital Chooses Hughes Europe to Deliver Managed Connectivity Services to 3,000 Cinemas across Europe

Hughes Networks System, LLC (HUGHES), the world's leading provider of broadband satellite networks and managed services, announced that Deluxe Digital has selected its subsidiary Hughes Europe to provide managed high-bandwidth connectivity services, as the leading digital cinema solutions provider looks to transform film distribution throughout Europe. This will enable Deluxe to move from physical hard-disk delivery of films to cloud based digital content delivery, which is more scalable and cost effective. As part of the multi-year agreement, Hughes will partner with Deluxe Digital Cinema to distribute the latest feature films to over 3,000 cinemas in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain during the initial phase, with a further goal of expanding to a potential of 8,600 cinemas more broadly across Europe within five years. Deluxe selected Hughes because of its unique flexibility in working with multiple in-country network providers, together with the ability to provide a range of broadband technologies including fibre, cable, DSL and satellite to ensure the best supplier/connectivity option for each individual cinema site.

Peter Wright, managing director, Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA, said, "As a global leader in digital cinema services, Deluxe is always working to identify the next-generation solutions that can deliver improved security, efficiency and faster time to market. Leveraging Hughes Europe's network flexibility will help us to provide more efficient and effective film delivery to cinema sites of all sizes across Europe. This will enable us to meet our goal of always increasing service levels to our film distributor clients, ensuring they always get on screen, on time." "Hughes is proud to have been chosen for this significant new service," said Chris O'Dell, Vice President, sales and marketing, Hughes Europe. "Hughes was the only provider able to offer the high performance service levels Deluxe needed to deliver the minimum required 20 Mbps download speeds across all locations, offering Deluxe a 'one-stop shop' service with 100 percent coverage." Although each site has its own connectivity solution with a different mix of suppliers and technologies, Hughes common managed services support layer provides the same high-level service level agreement (SLA) across every country and every cinema. "The agreement with Deluxe demonstrates how Hughes is the ideal partner for enterprise businesses that require a highly-available, end-to-end managed service with a mix of connectivity requirements to thousands of sites across multiple countries," said O'Dell.


September-October 2013

IMAX and Ecuador's Largest Exhibitor Sign Two Theatre Agreement

Harman's New Crown DriveCore Install Series Amplifiers Debut In Denmark

IMAX Corporation announced it signed an agreement with Supercines, Ecuador's largest exhibitor, for two IMAX theatres to be located in new construction projects in the city of Guayaquil, the country's largest and most populous city. The deal is part of IMAX's restructured master license agreement with Giencourt Investments S.A., a member of the RACIMEC International Group (RACIMEC), announced in January 2012. "We're excited to have IMAX, the world's most immersive cinema experience serve as the entertainment anchor in our upcoming shopping centers," said Johnny Czarninski, Executive President of Supercines. "We are committed to growing the IMAX brand in Ecuador, which we are confident will further strengthen our business and provide a differentiated movie-going experience that will thrill our guests." "Today's agreement demonstrates that we are continuing to make inroads in South America partnering with the top exhibitor in the country and bringing The IMAX Experience to premium sites," said Richard L. Gelfond, IMAX Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased to welcome Supercines as a new IMAX partner and look forward to working together to capitalize on the growth opportunities in the region."

The Cinema Apollon in the Danish town of Struer has long been associated with offering moviegoers the latest and best in cinema technology. The Cinema Apollon continues its commitment to the cutting edge with the installation of the first Dolby Atmos surround-sound system, powered by the first of Harman's Crown DriveCore Install (DCi) Series amplifiers in Denmark. Dolby Atmos is a new surround-sound technology that employs overhead loudspeakers as well as traditional surround speakers to create a remarkably realistic and enveloping sonic environment. Dolby Atmos employs up to 64 loudspeakers to heighten the realism and impact of movie theater sound. The Cinema Apollon is the first to feature the CP850 Dolby Atmos cinema processor in one of its theatres. Danish Harman Professional distributor LydRommet Denmark worked hand in hand with Danish theater design firm AVC Kino Digital and Dolby technical staff in London in designing and specifying the system for the 180-seat Dolby Atmos theatre. The system had to meet specific Dolby Atmos criteria, including maximum SPL levels for every speaker in the installation. LydRommet Denmark supplied the Crown DCi analog amplifiers and JBL loudspeakers and subwoofers.

The Crown DCi analog amplifiers in the Cinema Apollon include DCi models 8|300, 4|600 and 4|300. The amplifiers power an extensive complement of JBL loudspeakers including JBL ScreenArray 3732 main speakers and 4642A subwoofers, 42 model 8350 cinema surround speakers and two JBL 4645C subwoofers that provide additional low-frequency reinforcement at the rear of the theatre. The Crown DCi analog amps were specified for their ability to deliver clean, powerful sound from a compact design only 2U rack spaces high, noted Flemming Bjerke of LydRommet. "The Dolby Atmos specification requires 105dB peak SPL at the reference point in the theatre, and one of the biggest challenges we had with the system was achieving this spec with enough headroom," said Bjerke. "DCi is such a high-quality amplifier range that it is a perfect match for Dolby Atmos." Bjerke emphasized how exciting it was to work with the experts from AVC and Dolby in creating the first Dolby Atmos system in Denmark, stating, "Listening to the final result is a real joy and the Dolby Atmos technology and concept definitely take the experience of going to movie theatres to a much higher level."

September-October 2013


Theatres Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa Shining Brighter and Clearer As the world of cinema powers forward in the digital age, Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) DLP Cinema technology continues as the renowned choice for exhibitors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), illuminating nearly 30,000 screens in the region. DLP Cinema and its partner licensees, Barco, Christie and NEC, continue to work closely with exhibitors to provide premium big screen experiences with every showing. This same collaborative focus resulted in DLP Cinema's creation of the S2K chipset in 2012, which is engineered for small screens and meets DCI specifications for image quality, color, and security. The more compact and cost-effective models based on the S2K design have seen impressive adoption in the past six months, and have been a boon for EMEA-based exhibitors. "The demand for DLP Cinema's S2K chipset has been nothing short of amazing, making up nearly 40 percent of our sales so far in 2013," said Dave Duncan, manager of DLP Cinema and Professional Display for Texas Instruments. "Our partners have in turn packed in the features with their S2K-powered models, which have received high praise and strong adoption in single screen art houses and historic theatres, as well as brand new, multi-screen entertainment centers." With S2K technology inside, Barco's DP2K-10S has been able to "make the transition easier for smaller theatres, and help them grasp new business opportunities, such as increased flexibility of programming," said Tim Sinnaeve, Market Director, Digital Cinema at Barco. One such theatre is Belgium's Cinema De Keizer, which was first established in 1924 and can now continue carrying the honor of being the nation's oldest theatre thanks to its switch to digital cinema. The Christie Solaria One and One+ models are illuminating screens from


September-October 2013

South Africa to Russia, and many countries in between. Alexandr Ryabkin, manager of the KinoFox cinema in Russia, recently upgraded from film projection to a number of S2K-equipped Solaria Ones, and applauds the reliability, quality and all-around versatility that the compact digital cinema units are able to provide. NEC's DLP Cinema S2K offering, the NC900, is bringing the power of digital cinema to life in theatres in Spain, Turkey and France and is helping to deliver lower operating costs and savings from decreased energy usage to exhibitors.

UCI Kinowelt Simplifies KDM Distribution with AAM's Locksmith Software Leading digital cinema company Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Europe's number one cinema operator Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group announced a deal to supply Odeon's UCI Kinowelt sites in Germany and Austria with AAM's Locksmith KDM delivery software. The deal covers 25 sites and 231 screens. Locksmith is designed to manage distribution of digital cinema security keys (KDMs), collecting them from distributors and delivering directly to the relevant screen server in the cinema in order to play out content. Previously, distributors needed to email KDMs to each cinema and thereafter exhibitors followed a manual and time-consuming process of searching for and transferring each KDM. Now Locksmith automates the process by receiving the KDMs from a cloud, examining each key, calculating which screen it relates to, and delivering it ready for use, all without human intervention or error. Other benefits to the system include reporting and alerts to enable exhibitors and distributors to see any

errors with KDM delivery. Alerts may be configured so they are sent directly via email or phone. Locksmith is run via a secure, web-based system, which means it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Locksmith integrates with other AAM digital cinema software, including the Screenwriter Theatre Management System (TMS) and Producer, the enterprise TMS for managing cinema chains. Once an exhibitor schedules a show using Screenwriter or Producer, Locksmith proactively examines each show to determine if any are missing KDMs. This innovative system alerts cinema operators before any shows are lost. Jens Heinze, Director of Operations for UCI, said "We have been trialling Locksmith on three of our sites very successfully, and have transferred over 300 KDMs in just the past two weeks and over 1500 since the start of the trial. We have been impressed with Locksmith's efficiency, by automating an error-prone and timeconsuming process it has made our operations faster and more accurate, and crucially, reduces the chances of losing shows due to KDM errors. We're looking forward to seeing those benefits across all our sites." Eric Stevens, Commercial Director of AAM, added "It's great to see Locksmith in action; providing concrete benefits to exhibitors in saving time and reducing human error. KDMs have long been a source of frustration for both distributors and exhibitors. Locksmith's automation of the process enables both parties to see even more benefit from digital distribution while ensuring absolute content security. Locksmith is a crucial part of our end-to-end software system making all aspects of digital cinema work seamlessly to deliver efficient operations." Odeon UCI sites in Germany, Austria and Italy already use Arts Alliance Media's Screenwriter TMS, as well as the company's Auditor software to manage VPF deals.

Christie Duo Powers Premium Large Screen Theatres in China With the rapid expansion of the Chinese cinema industry, local exhibitors are now expecting flexible high value digital cinema solutions that provide quality cinematic experiences, and create the opportunity for them to build their own brands. Several renowned exhibitors in China have now turned to Christie Duo to leverage on the existing 2K and 4K DLP Digital Cinema technology and to create their own branded premium theatres to meet the needs of the sophisticated cinemagoers in China. Since its recent launch, the Christie Duo solution has been well received by the local cinema market. Exhibitors such as Shimao, Shanghai Film Group, Wanda have installed the system into their self-branded large screen theatres such as Wanda X-land and Dongfang Giant Screen. Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, one of the key social and cultural infrastructure projects determined by the Chongqing municipal Party committee and government, was the first in China to select a Christie Duo for its venue. The more-than-300-seat theatre in the museum features a large spherical screen, measuring 16 meters (52.5 feet) high, 22 meters (72 feet) wide, and 37 meters (40.5 feet) in diameter. With the new visual solution, the audience now enjoys a high quality, immersive cinematic experience with unmatched brightness, sharpness and superior 3D images. "We pride ourselves on responding to customer needs and our customers approached us for a flexible and economical solution to deliver a premium cinema experience. They wanted a low initial investment in equipment and not to be constrained by business models that may require them to share ongoing box office revenues with the equipment supplier. With Christie Duo, we're delivering high value at a price point that provides immersive cinema experiences to all," said Dr. Don Shaw,

senior director, Product Management, Christie Entertainment Solutions. The Christie Duo integration kit features the choice of two configurations: a compact and convenient stacking system for 3D installations, or a new, innovative physical configuration that perfectly aligns every pixel on the screen for optimal 2D and 3D presentations. Coupled with automated features that easily calibrate, align and optimize the images from both Christie Solaria Series 2K or 4K digital cinema projectors, Christie Duo delivers a completely seamless, premium movie experience for the world's largest screens. When combined with world-leading 3D systems, exhibitors can achieve 3D image brightness levels up to twice as high as what can be achieved using the current large-format market leader at a significant overall cost saving. According to EntGroup, an affiliated company of ComInsight and China's leading entertainment research service provider, there were only nine large screens in China in 2007, but by the end of 2012, the total stood at 107. "Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated, especially in their entertainment needs. Our Christie Duo system emerged as a solution to help meet exhibitors meet the current demands of the local market," commented Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific. "We've always focused on innovation and placed our customers first. We hope Christie Duo can contribute to the development of large screen theaters in China to help generate an opportunity to provide an unsurpassed cinema-going experience.�

Moving iMage Technologies' Phil Rafnson to be Honored with Special Award of Achievement at ShowEast 2013 Phil Rafnson, Chairman, Moving iMage Technologies, has been announced as the recipient of the Special Award of Achievement at this year's ShowEast. The award presentation will take place on Thursday evening, October 24th at Final Night Awards Ceremony, hosted by The Coca-Cola Company, at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida. "I can't think of a more deserving individual in our industry to receive this award than Phil," noted ShowEast Co-Managing Director Robert Sunshine. "In the world of cinema equipment, Phil's work in the industry is non-paralleled." "Phil has given strong and thoughtful guidance to MiT that has allowed us to achieve 10 years of great success in the cinema market. Phil's business experience and insight plus his kind attitude have greatly influenced the direction and growth of MiT and we are very thankful for his efforts. We are very happy to hear that Phil will be receiving this prestigious award at ShowEast 2013," stated Thomas Lipiec, VP Sales & Customer Service of Moving iMage Technologies.

September-October 2013


Phil Rafnson has been a major participant in the cinema equipment business for over 40 years, from a sound engineer for Northwest Sound and RCA Service Co., to National Sales Manager for Xetron Inc., to President and owner of Media Technology Source, the largest cinema equipment distribution company in the world. In 1999 he sold MTS and in 2003 he funded the start-up of Moving iMage Technologies and ever since has been its partner and Chairman. He served as board member of the International Theatre Equipment Association for 12 years and Officer and President of that association for more than four years. He also served for many years on the board and as President of Variety of the Northwest and as a board member of Courage Center in Minneapolis.

RealD and UME International Cineplex Sign Exclusive 3D Cinema Agreement Global 3D and visual technology licensor RealD Inc. and UME International Cineplex announced an agreement to install RealD 3D technology on an additional 50 cinema screens across UME International Cineplex's Northern China locations. Combined with the 50 current RealD 3D installations at UME International

Cineplex's Southern China locations, UME International Cineplex will have a total of 100 RealD 3D equipped screens across its circuit. Under the terms of the expanded agreement, RealD becomes the exclusive circuit wide 3D technology provider for UME International Cineplex. Installations of RealD 3D technology at UME International Cineplex's Northern China locations have already begun. "Currently, the world's brightest 3D projection technology is provided by RealD. UME International Cineplex Group will exclusively use the latest 3D technology of RealD. Among Chinese moviegoers, there is a tremendous demand for 3D movies, and there are more and more 3D movies being made and released. I believe RealD will have great prospects in China," said See-Yuen Ng, founder and chairman of UME International Cineplex. "It is exciting to see UME's continued development in the China cinema market and RealD is honored to be a part of it," said Edman Chan, RealD's Vice President and General Manager, Cinema, Asia Pacific. "Together, we will deliver the bright, lifelike and immersive visual experience for the viewing audience that has become synonymous with RealD 3D." Since opening their first cinema in 2002, UME International Cineplex has been dedicated to delivering the ultimate movie experience to Chinese audiences. By the end of 2013, UME International Cineplex expects to be operating 22 cinemas,

253 screens and 31,700 seats, with box office revenues estimated to exceed 600 million RMB. RealD 3D is currently available on approximately 1,300 cinema screens in China with future commitments for approximately 1,000 additional installations for a total of approximately 2,300 screens.

Scrabble Ventures LLC Announces Successful Digital Conversion Scrabble Ventures continues to roll out digital projection systems under its simple, lease-to-own digital conversion program. American Family Entertainment Centers has two locations in Wyoming, at Pinedale and Kemmerer, both of which have converted with Scrabble Ventures. William Kellen, CEO of American Family Entertainment Centers writes, "How pleased we are with the projectors and installation that Scrabble provided to us. I couldn't be more pleased, and our audience has had only praise for the picture quality since installation." "It gives me great pleasure to have assisted in their conversion process," Says Ranjit Thakur, CEO of Scrabble Ventures LLC. "The Scrabble business model is a win-win for all parties involved, including the studios." In partnership with Christie Digital Systems, USA Inc., Scrabble Ventures has successfully installed at AFEC both the Christie Solaria One digital cinema projectors, and Christie CP2210 digital projector, the brightest DLP Cinema projectors available for small to midsized screens. "We have several projects in the works and we will definitely be contacting Scrabble Ventures again," Concludes William Kellen. Scrabble Ventures also looks forward to providing future projects with the easiest and most cost effective plan to convert to digital cinema.


September-October 2013

XPAND 3D Official Sponsor and Supplier For Kino Expo 2013 XPAND 3D promoted its 3D Passive Systems technology alongside sponsorship and supply of its world leading 3D technology at the 15th annual Kino Expo 2013. For the fourth year in a row XPAND was the sponsor and 3D supplier at the 15th Kino Expo 2013 International Convention and Trade Fair September 16-19 in St. Petersburg, Russia. For its commitment and quality in the cinema market, XPAND is trusted by world-renowned directors and the biggest 3D premieres around the world. XPAND was the official partner of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival, respectively. "XPAND 3D is trusted by the highest profile festivals worldwide to provide the best 3D cinema experience in the world, and Kino Expo was no exception," said Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND 3D. "The partnership between us allows for a one of kind experience of quality for the artists and this prospering market." Established in 1999, Kino Expo is the world's third largest international exhibition of cinema equipment as well as the gateway to the world's fastest growing cinema and entertainment industry markets with its focus on Russia, neighboring CIS and Baltic countries, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Central Asian countries. At Kino Expo, the local offices of major studios, Russian and international independent distribution and production companies presented their upcoming films and product reels directly to local exhibitors. XPAND's passive solution is quickly becoming the number one passive solution choice for integrators with the first major deal in the Netherlands. The XPAND Passive Polarization Modulator delivers cinema industry professionals with

much better quality and choice than ever before. Developed to deliver performance, comfort and commercial versatility, the Passive Polarization Modulator is simple, easy to set-up and use with no moving parts and low cost maintenance. It provides crisp, sharp images for 3D screen sizes up to 58 ft. Compatible with standard polarized 3D glasses and future proof to the rapidly evolving 3D market. To complete the passive 3D cinema solution package XPAND provided their high quality 3D Passive glasses, elegantly designed and very lightweight. All new XPAND cinema systems and glasses fully support HFR (High Frame Rate) double and single flash at 96fps, 120fps, 144fps, 192fps, 240fps and even variable fps.

Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres, LLC Debuts ICON•X Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres, LLC announced that the ShowPlace ICON Theatres at The Shops at West End at 1625 West End Boulevard in Saint Louis Park, now houses Kerasotes' first Twin Cities premium large format screen, known as ICON•X, The ICON Enhanced Xperience featuring Dolby Atmos. The ICON•X Xperience begins with high-back Euro-style chairs in the ICON Reserved seating section or deluxe memory-foam chairs in the

VIP Reserved section; a giant screen that is almost 1500 square feet; RealD 3D capability; all-digital Barco Ultra-Brite enhanced 4K projection for the brightest and sharpest picture on screens today. In addition to projection and visual enhancements, ICON•X features Dolby Atmos; 53 individually powered QSC Speakers; and 33 QSC Digital Amplifiers, creating 100,000 watts of audio power. Dolby Atmos enables sound to be placed anywhere in the auditorium, delivering a unique and compelling experience with natural and lifelike soundscapes, surpassing anything else currently available in theatres. Dolby Atmos has quickly become the preferred choice for next-generation sound in the cinema with major studios, directors, sound teams and exhibitors from around the world adopting the solution. "We're raising the bar yet again for moviegoing in Minneapolis with ICON•X. Features presented in ICON•X will not only look spectacular on screen, but with the addition of the cutting edge Dolby Atmos sound technology, guests will feel like they are in the middle of the action. It's a sensory experience surpassing anything else that is currently out there," said Fred Walraven, Director of Digital Projection and Sound. ShowPlace ICON Theatres at The Shops at West End has once again redefined how movies are enjoyed in the Twin Cities with a multi-sensory experience of digital widescreen picture and sound, the Lobby Lounge where you can enjoy cocktails and food, and Premium VIP Reserved Seating. First in greater Minneapolis to offer reserved seating, all digital projection, and Dolby Surround 7.1 - the ICON continues to lead the way with ICON•X, The ICON Enhanced Xperience featuring the debut of Dolby Atmos to the region. The ShowPlace ICON Theatres at The Shops at West End is the only theatre in a 300 mile radius to deploy the Dolby Atmos system. September-October 2013


Carmike Cinemas Now Featuring Auro 11.1 3D Cinema Sound by Barco Carmike Cinemas, a leading digital cinema and 3D motion picture exhibitor, announced that it will be offering patrons a one-of-a-kind immersive audio experience that is bringing many of today's movies to life: 3D cinema sound thanks to Auro 11.1 by Barco, which was recently installed at the Riverstone 15 in Canton, GA in Carmike's premium large format "BIGD" auditorium. The premium cinema trend, in which giant screens, plush seating, and gourmet concessions/refreshments, digital 3D projection and now digital 3D sound, is attracting a new breed of moviegoer. This wide array of amenities is helping leading theatre owners such as Carmike differentiate themselves from the at-home and small screen cinema experience and provides patrons with more value for their entertainment dollar. Immersive 3D audio is emerging as the logical next step in premier cinema, and the Riverstone 15 in Canton, GA is the region's first location to further elevate the moviegoing experience with the latest 3D sound system by Barco, a leader in digital cinema technology. The perfect match for visual 3D, Auro 11.1 by Barco, has enhanced dozens of recent feature films by DreamWorks Animation, such as "The Croods," "Rise of the Guardians," and most recently, "Turbo," as well as Disney's "Oz the Great and Powerful," and Lucasfilm's "Red Tails." Barco now has more than 50 titles committed to be released in Auro 11.1 worldwide. "We pride ourselves in offering our patrons a special movie going experience and the new Auro 11.1 by Barco is a unique, immersive sound system that takes cinema entertainment to a whole new level," comments David Passman, CEO for Carmike Cinemas. "Barco has been a great partner, helping us make the transition from 2D to 3D cinema audio in our premium auditorium an


September-October 2013

easy one, and also offering excellent support from planning through implementation to ensure our ultimate success." Auro 11.1 consists of a three-layered speaker arrangement (surround, height and overhead) to project sounds from their relative point of origin to deliver sound all around and above the patron. So when a plane flies overhead, the sound is heard zooming above the patron; similarly, when a thunderstorm erupts, the sounds immerse you from all directions, just as they would in real life. Auro 11.1 offers the most natural immersive sound experience possible. "Carmike Cinemas is on the forefront of the 'cinema of the future' trend, and is wisely investing in the best technologies to offer patrons a truly differentiated movie going experience," comments Patrick Lee, Vice President Digital Cinema for Barco North America. "When movie theater owners consider what kinds of improvements they can make to lure people from their living rooms to the cinema, Auro 11.1 is definitely a smart option."

Seattle Cinerama Selects Christie for the World's First Permanent Cinema Laser Projection Installation Christie announced that it has been chosen to supply and install the world's first commercial digital laser projection solution at the Seattle Cinerama Theatre, located at 2100 4th Avenue in Seattle, WA. The purchase order is for a 4K Christie digital laser projector, with scalable light output up to 60,000 lumens. "When hi-tech visionary Paul G. Allen bought the theatre in 1999, he gave Cinerama full rein to innovate in order to provide our community with

a cutting-edge movie going experience," said Cinerama Theatre Manager Greg Wood. "Selecting a laser projection solution with its ability to render 2D and 3D movies with stunning clarity and brilliant, accurate color rendition - is in keeping with this tradition.� "We were excited by demonstrations of the technology earlier this year by Christie and we are looking forward to welcoming this reliable and brilliant laser projector installation to our space." Christie recently received the first US FDA approval of variance allowing the sale of laser projectors for use in a cinema, which is the first and only such variance to date approved for a manufacturer of DCI-compliant cinema projectors. Said Jack Kline, president & COO, Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc., "Cinerama has a long history of innovation and our latest projector will empower the theatre to take the audience experience to the next level. A laser projector is a significant investment for any cinema and the fact that the Seattle Cinerama has chosen Christie to help this venue continue in its capacity as one of the world's premiere movie theatres is a great vote of confidence." Site scoping and technical evaluations will begin in August, with an anticipated switch over from conventional digital projection to the latest Christie digital cinema laser projector planned for early next year. Noted Dr. Don Shaw, senior director, Product Management, Christie Entertainment Solutions, "Cinerama's huge screen requires the best and brightest in digital cinema projection technology, so it can demonstrate how spectacularly a moviemaker's vision can be realized when shown at high contrast ratios and intense light levels. This in turn will yield an entirely new and naturally immersive experience for the average moviegoer and aficionados alike. We know that Christie laser projection will deliver beyond everyone's already-high expectations."

Tremor FX Increases Ticket Sales for Caribbean Cinemas RedSeat Entertainment announced that Caribbean Cinemas has recognized increased ticket sales revenue due to the popularity of the company's Tremor FX theatre seats. Caribbean Cinemas reported that Tremor FX seats were consistently occupied twice as often as regular seats, enabling the company to make its return on investment in almost half the anticipated time. Tremor FX theatre seat technology incorporates dynamic vibration into movies and other entertainment, by vibrating and pulsating in response to a film's individual soundtrack through a series of actuators built within each seat. By using a patent-pending audio processor, these vibrations are synchronized with the action in the film without the need for additional technical programing, adding an extra layer of engagement for moviegoers without disrupting other chairs in the theatre. "Investing in the Tremor FX seats has been an excellent addition to

Caribbean Cinemas, and our customers love the seats because the motion enhances the cinematic experience without distracting from what is happening on the screen," said Gregory Quinn, vice president of Caribbean Cinemas. "Our customers have been so excited about the chairs that they are willing to pay a premium for a Tremor FX ticket, putting us on pace to quickly repay our original investment in the chairs." Tremor FX chairs are the same size as standard theatre chairs, simplifying and streamlining the theatre conversion process, and a modular design allows for easy upgrades and repairs to individual seats. The control box for an entire theatre of seats takes up minimal space in the projection room and is smaller than a desktop computer tower. RedSeat teamed up with Seating Concepts to build and distribute the Tremor FX seats. "We are thrilled Tremor FX technology provided Caribbean Cinemas with a way to not only increase ticket

revenue and create a fully immersive cinematic experience for its customers, but also to offer an excellent return on investment," said Joseph Sorenson, CEO of RedSeat Entertainment. "At a 1:1 seat installment ratio, our enhanced cinematic chair solution requires less prime theatre space at a lower cost, with no lag time between when new films are released and when they can be viewed in our Tremor FX seats. Tremor FX has the potential to transform the theatre industry by making moviegoers feel as if they are actually part of what they are watching, while providing a dynamic seating option for movie theatres nationally and internationally." The seats are easy to integrate with any theatre configuration with a low voltage wire and a communication cable. Additionally, Tremor FX technology responds directly to the audio signals embedded in the film's existing soundtrack, eliminating the need for a separate track to program the chair to react appropriately to each new film.

Qube Cinema Sees Expanded Sales of QubeMaster Pro Qube Cinema continues to see high volume sales of the QubeMaster Pro Digital Cinema Package (DCP) encoding software to postproduction facilities throughout Europe. These sales consolidate Qube's position in the DCP encoding and packaging market on the continent. Post houses, from the UK to Moscow, and from the Baltic to Romania, now have a fast, easy-to-use way to master DCPs for feature film and other digital content. Visitors to IBC noticed how QubeMaster Pro works with a wide range of source material to preprocess, encode, encrypt and package content in one step, using a software-only solution that allows for faster encoding speeds. With ever cheaper and faster hardware available in the market, there is no need to constantly upgrade the product to achieve faster encoding. QubeMaster Pro is database-driven software with a familiar user interface. "Encoding with QubeMaster Pro has been 100% reliable for us," said Paul Wright, director of technology at Dragon DI. "This has given us the confidence we need for our digital cinema deliveries." Located near Cardiff, Wales, Dragon DI is dedicated to services for digital intermediates and restoration, as well as working on postproduction for feature film and TV content. "The feature set is rich and flexible and has been able to tackle everything we've thrown at it so far, from commercials to feature films," explained Wright. "We're extremely impressed with Qube." The architecture of QubeMaster Pro is based on the DCI Object Model with a hierarchy of Shows, Compositions, Reels and Track files, and reveals profound flexibility as users delve into the system. It is ideal for the conversion of a Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) to a DCP. QubeMaster Pro offers flexible color


September-October 2013

space conversion between XYZ, RGB and YCbCr color spaces alongside a variety of useful preprocessing tools. It produces JPEG2000 Interop and SMPTE packages, with optional MPEG-2 Interop packages. QubeMaster Pro allows real-time previews of JPEG2000 and MPEG 2 files to any display device from its Clip Editor or Preview Window. These two ways of previewing material support industry standard 3D LUTs for viewing XYZ and Log material with accurate color rendition on computer monitors. "We had a positive experience working with Qube right from the start," said Angel Angelescu, CEO of Mercenar Networks Ltd. "We were very satisfied with their useful demo version and were able to upgrade to the full version without any further installation after purchase." Mercenar Networks, in Bucharest, Romania, works with production houses around the world. "We find that the QubeMaster Pro software is user-friendly, complies with our workflow needs and has an intuitive interface. We like its design and its powerful MS SQL database."

Flexible Source File Formats Picture and audio elements can be brought into QubeMaster Pro using a variety of methods, including digitizing tape-based sources, file import and image sequence import. "It's great for us that QubeMaster Pro is able to work with different types of file formats," said Anatoly Kuzmenko, CEO at DCP24 Lab in Moscow. The Russian post facility uses QubeMaster Pro to master feature film, commercial video and 3D digital cinema content.

Disney and Christie Sign Agreement for Digital Cinema The Walt Disney Studios has entered into an agreement with Christie® to provide the latest digital cinema technologies and a variety of professional services for The Walt Disney Studios’ production, postproduction, screening rooms and premieres. In addition, Christie’s Managed Services will provide Disney’s accomplished engineering team with round-the-clock support for Disney’s digital cinema facilities, supported by Christie’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and Christie’s on-site preventative maintenance services. The two companies will share projection technology ideas and innovations to provide audiences with unparalleled movie-going experiences. Disney will have early access to emerging Christie technologies and provide input into product development, including laser projection, 4K projection, and Christie’s Integrated Media Block. “Disney continues to push the limits of technology and innovation, and we at Christie are honored that we have this long-term opportunity to bring our considerable technology and service resources to bear to support Disney’s movie business,” said Jack Kline, president and COO, Christie Digital Systems USA Inc. “Our agreement with Christie assures us of leading-edge projection technology and services for our Motion Pictures and our Studio Lot,” said Jeff Miller, President, Studio Operations, The Walt Disney Studios. “We’re also looking forward to working with Christie to refine and improve projection technologies.” A combination of 2K and 4K Christie Solaria® Series DLP Cinema® projectors will be delivered to Disney in 2013, beginning with Disney’s worldwide headquarters in Burbank, California.

Alcons Releases Boundaries with CRS8 Surround Alcon introduced the CRS8 high fidelity pro-ribbon surround system. The CRS8 is a 2-way passive-filtered full range loudspeaker, combining an exceptional clarity and intelligibility with lowest distortion and an unusually high dynamic range, offering the most realistic sound reproduction possible. The CRS8 system configuration consists of one RBN401 pro-ribbon driver for MHF and a vented reference quality 8" mid-bass for LF reproduction. The RBN401 driver is a proprietary designed and multiple-patented pro-ribbon mid/high frequency transducer; Due to the low weight moving mass, this transducer reproduces sound with up to 90% less distortion than compression driver designs. As a result of the "direct-drive" principle of the pro-ribbon transducer (without a compression mechanism), the system has a linear response, with the same tonal balance at lowest as well as highest sound pressure levels. In addition, the very high 800W peak power handling of the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver offers a 1:16 RMS-to-peak power ratio, enabling true Digital Cinema dynamics from 1kHz. to beyond 20kHz. By utilizing the exact same RBN401 transducer as featured in Alcons' pro-ribbon screen systems, a unique voicing matching between screen and surround system is realized, resulting in an exceptionally wide and deep sound stage throughout the entire listening area. This makes a striking difference in multi-channel immersive surround sound systems. To optimize the amplifier loading in immersive surround systems, the CRS8 is also available in 4 ohms impedance. The "Signal Integrity Sensing" pre-wiring compensates for long cable and connector resistance between CRS8 and ALC amplified

loudspeaker controller; This brings the tightest and most accurate mid and bass response regardless of cable length, down to even the lowest system impedance. The 10 degree slanted baffle together with the upside-down speaker arrangement and the pro-ribbon's response characteristic in the vertical plane, caters for a very smooth LF/HF blending, for both near and far located seats. The enclosure design, together with the different mounting options provides for low profile wall mounting; whereas the Architect Colour Option make the CRS8 blend in nearly any interior colour design.

USHIO Introduces Kooptech Washer and Dryer System for 3D Glasses USHIO America Inc., announced its alliance with Kooptech-Cinema for distribution in North and South America of their state-of-the-art 3D Glasses Washing and Drying System. The system's flexibility accommodates all 3D Glasses Technologies available in the market today: IMAX, Dolby 3D, Xpand, MasterImage, RealD, etc.

streaks or spots and are ready to be distributed to moviegoers right after the cleaning is complete. The machine's low temperature method is safe for all glasses. It is user friendly, very effective and the repeatability process is amazing. The low cost of operation makes the investment pay for itself in a short period of time.

The small, all-in-one system washes, sanitizes and dries all 3D glasses in a 4 min. 30 sec. cycle. The glasses are perfectly clean without watermarks,

"It is an excellent system and a perfect example of how 3D Glasses should be washed and dried. Its low operating cost, ease of use and overwhelming performance superiority has no match on the market. There are many issues with cleaning glasses today and this system solves them all. We are very excited to offer this product to our customers", comments Darek Gilczynski - Director of Sales, Digital Cinema for USHIO America. "We are very proud to work together with USHIO America and offer our top of the line product for North and South American Markets" adds Piotr Rogujski - Managing Director of Kooptech-Cinema.

September-October 2013




Making it Easier for Movie Goers Going to the movies has always been a favorite pastime for people of all ages. But where are these people going to see their favorite movies? Most people enjoy going to the big-name theatres, with state-of-the-art sound systems, "stadium seating", among other amenities. More and more acquisitions are occurring in the movie theater industry these days, which allow the even bigger-name movie companies to build large movie complexes. This attracts even more movie goers. These big movie complexes show hit titles such as "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" which allows them to pack in big crowds. Such Hit films which captures the audience attention adds up to big crowds standing in long lines to purchase tickets for the movie they want to see. For many people, standing in line to purchase their tickets has become a hassle. Customers want a convenient alternative to purchasing tickets. Many multiplexes and cinema chains know this and have used advanced technology in managing the ticketing process by installing the TMS (Theatre Management Solutions) thus making it easier for the movie goers. Some recent Cinema Chains which have installed and upgraded their TMS are below –

UFA multiplexes decided for Dolphin Ticket International develops, sells and installs professional ticket and inventory management systems for the leisure industry. All products are fully integrated and summarized in the product line "DOLPHIN". Ticket International was founded in 1996 and has worked successfully for over 16 years worldwide on projects for the leisure industry. More than 400 successful installations worldwide speak for themselves.


September-October 2013

The product line DOLPHIN continues its successful course. In May, the UFA/ FSF Group decided for the complete solution from the house of ticket. international under the management of Mrs. Marianne Riech. Besides the outstanding product features, commercial reasons were also a serious decision criterion. Compared to other systems, the product line DOLPHIN occupies a top position in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and profitability. Basically, the central server architecture helps to ensure that. Another advantage is the extremely short rollout phase which benefits the UFA/FSF, as well. The cinemas in Dresden, Düsseldorf, Recklinghausen and Stuttgart will launch immediately with the new version 8. The product line DOLPHIN offers beside the basic functions of a modern ticketing and sale of goods system an optimal visitor service through online and mobile ticketing. This customer-friendly offer will be rounded off through a perfect payment procedure and kiosk systems (first in Düsseldorf, Recklinghausen and Stuttgart)

Vista Completes Wehrenberg Roll-out Wehrenberg Theatres recently completed their 15 site roll-out of the

Vista software suite. Founded in 1906 in the silent movie era, Wehrenberg Theatres has a history with cinema that has seen multiple changes over the past 107 years. What started as an independent cinema site, 'The Cherokee Theatre' in St Louis, now Wehrenberg has expanded to multiplex sites throughout Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. When talking to Executive VP & CEO, Bill Menke about Wehrenberg's choice of Vista, he comments, "Vista simply had the best software functionality to help our cinemas continue to provide excellent customer service to our patrons." A defining reason for the move to Vista was the advanced functionality that Vista's Food and Beverage module could offer. With luxurious 'Five Star Lounges' being offered to patrons at three of their fifteen cinema sites, Wehrenberg needed software that could handle complete in-seat dining. Vista's Food and Beverage module provides patrons with leading service features; everything from the ordering and delivery of food and beverages to their seats during a movie, splitting bills, creating and paying tabs, and tip management. Cash Management reporting ensures that money is divided up correctly at the end of employee's shifts.

• TECHNOLOGY • Wehrenberg has also implemented Vista's Internet Ticketing module which allows guests to select their own seat for their in-theatre dining experience. For the regular 'movie goer', the software enables advance purchase of tickets from the comfort of their home. The roll-out of Vista's Staff Scheduling module across all Wehrenberg sites is planned for the summer of 2013. Staff Scheduling enables cinema managers to quickly produce large scale, cost effective schedules. The module provides the means to notify employees by SMS and web, and to easily manage any schedule changes. Derek Forbes, President of Vista Entertainment Solutions (USA) Inc. notes: "Vista recognizes Wehrenberg as one of the most well-known and successful cinema circuits in the US today. We are thrilled to add another great exhibitor to the growing number of Vista customers based here in the US, but also around the world."

New cinema ticketing system in Australia - One Stop Cinema Shop Launched All the competing cinema chains are collaborating to combine movie sessions times and ticketing for over 120 cinemas in a single website which is suitable for portable devices as well as desktops. General Manager of MovieTimes, Mark Emerson, said the website transformed the cinematic experience for moviegoers, "MovieTimes provides film enthusiasts from across the country with a new, more effective and simple way to find, compare and choose session times and locations." "MovieTimes presently lists movie, cinema and session times information for all Event, Hoyts, Greater Union and Village cinemas as well as a number of smaller locally branded cinemas," Emerson said. "Over the next few months it is expected that most other cinemas

will have their cinema and session information included on MovieTimes making it a truly national service for movie goers.� Emerson said: "With the skyrocketing use of digital media by moviegoers of all ages, it was essential that a service such as MovieTimes was created. Web search is quickly becoming the key way that moviegoers make their movie-going decisions and MovieTimes removes the need for people to flick through newspapers or click from one cinema branded site to another, so they can easily compare their movie going options". As MovieTimes has been set up by the cinema industry, users of the site can be confident the information is the most accurate available and they can use the site without irrelevant third party advertising. Launching concurrently with MovieTimes is the Fliks App, a new app from Smudge Apps, a nationwide cinema guide, with locations, trailers and reviews.


Doremi’s CineAsset

Ultimate Software Mastering Suite Doremi announced a significant upgrade to its software mastering suite. CineAsset incorporates all of Doremi's essential workflow tools including CineExport and CinePlayer into one suite. The comprehensive array of tools allows the creation, management and playback of encrypted (Pro version) and unencrypted DCI compliant packages from essentially any source. CineAsset includes a unique editing application for generating DCPs and CineAsset Pro includes the ability to easily generate KDM's for any encrypted content in the database. With this upgrade, Doremi adds key features designed to enhance the user experience. Combined with an easy to use interface of drag and drop functions, CineAsset Render Nodes reduce processing time using distributed rendering across multiple workstations. Full Command Line support is also now available to streamline user interaction. Also included is KDM and Certificate management functionality. Users can now take advantage of a fully integrated DCP player in CineAsset. With CinePlayer, XYZ to RGB color can easily be converted in real time. It can display subtitles and playback encrypted DCPs along with a range of media formats such as MXF and MOV files. Moreover, CineExport allows for the conversion of all popular video formats to DCPs.

How it works Doremi CineAsset is a complete Mastering Software suite that can create and playback encrypted (Pro version) and unencrypted DCI compliant packages from virtually any source. CineAsset includes a separate 'Editor' application for generating DCPs.

With the CineAsset Database, asset management has never been more simple. Drop folders allow for automated transfer of image sequences and other media files into the database. CineAsset Pro adds the ability to easily generate KDM's for any encrypted content in the database.


September-October 2013

Also included is CinePlayer, used for the quality control of created assets as well as the playback of any file type supported by CineAsset on your personal computer.

CineAsset offers additional functionality when used with Doremi Digital Cinema Servers including transport controls, file transfer and KDM management for the connected device.

• TECHNOLOGY • CineExport is also included for Mac users. CineExport is a plug-in for Apple Compressor used to convert Final Cut Pro sequences and popular media formats to DCI compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).

CineAsset Render Nodes (optional) •

Increases processing speed by distributing JPEG2000 encoding across multiple computers on a network

Supports up to 5 render nodes per CineAsset

CineAsset Database •

Build clip databases

Generate KDM's for encrypted content (Pro version only)

Dropin folder for automated transfer of image sequences and other media files

CinePlayer DCP Player

The features of Cineasset are as follows : -

• •

Playback encrypted DCP's

Convert popular video files to DCI compliant digital cinema packages (DCPs)

High Frame Rate support (47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60, 72 and 96)

Supplemental DCP support

Load/save project capability

Multi-reel support

Command line support

Multiple Filters (Scale, XYZ

API Available

Colorspace Conversion, Timecode Burn-in, Logo Overlay, Audio Delay, Trimmer)

Support for Projector Certificates

CineAsset Device Control

KDM and Certificate Manager database of KDM's and certificates creates an easy way to see properties make modifications to selected items

Device KDM manager allows management of KDM's on selected device

Convert, transfer, schedule and playback 2D or 3D video clips

Ingest content via Ethernet or FTP and automate file transfer to servers

Transport controls for the connected servers

Retrieve Media Block certificates

Create and playback DCP's with subtitles

Generate encrypted DCP's (Pro version only)

Support for still picture import (create DCPs from a single image)

VU meter in CineAsset Editor preview

Reel names in CineAsset Editor will automatically update to the CPL name when using DCP as a source

Real time XYZ to RGB color correction

CineAsset DCP Editor •

Custom Luts and Matrix values for color conversion (.csv and .3dl files)

“CineAsset is specifically designed for those wanting to create and deliver DCI compliant packages for a digital cinema presentation. Encrypted delivery provides security to the film production process on any scale. From feature films to festival entries, to advertising and post production file transfers, CineAsset is designed to allow facilities of all sizes to provide encoding.” said Michael Archer, VP of Digital Cinema, Doremi.

Playback DCP's with subtitles

Playback other multimedia formats (MXF, MOV, etc.)

VU meter

* Supported Doremi servers: (DCP2000; DC Post; ShowVault; DCP2K4; IMS1000)

CineAsset Task View •

Monitor and control tasks in the queue

View detailed information about processes and incomplete tasks

CineExport DCP Export Plugin for Compressor •

Compatible with Apple Compressor 3.5.3 and 4.0

Standard version without encryption and Pro version with encryption nd KDM generation September-October 2013



The Dub Stage Hollywood

Flexibility & Control by Q-Sys The Dub Stage, one of the top audio post-production facilities in Hollywood, has chosen QSC Q-Sys to support its audio signal processing and routing. Q-Sys is a complete digital audio network and processing platform that allows complete flexibility and control of complex audio systems. Originally developed for sophisticated commercial audio installations, Q-Sys can be scaled up or down to cost-effectively accommodate systems of almost any size, including 5.1, 7.1, 11.1, 13.1 and MDA (Multi-Dimensional Audio) cinema audio formats. While the new immersive cinema sound formats have expanded the palette for sound designers and mixers, they have also significantly increased the complexity of the post-production environment. Just a few years ago most films were mixed only in either 5.1 or 7.1 formats. Today, as the digital cinema transition is nearing completion, the options for surround formats now include Barco Auro 11.1, 13.1, as well as MDA object-based sound, which potentially allows up to 128 separate audio signals and any number of loudspeakers. Managing the different formats and the multitude of loudspeaker configurations is a complicated task. Q-Sys provides a vast library of DSP-


September-October 2013

based signal processing tools, including equalizers, limiters, delay, and phase correction. In addition, Q-Sys allows the system designer to build a virtual matrix mixer/switcher, to route any number of input signals to any or all outputs. All of these functions are accomplished in only a few rack spaces, significantly reducing precious space and installation costs. Q-Sys systems are comprised of a central processing Core, Designer software for configuring systems, the Q-LAN network, and peripherals such as input/output (I/O) frames and a variety of cards and touch screen controllers. Using Q-Sys Designer software, a system designer can create a totally customized, applicationspecific system for any post-production facility or cinema complex to integrate with existing B-chain components. The Dub Stage is equipped with the Q-Sys Core 500i to control all 37 loudspeakers in the 1500 square foot room as well as a separate near-field system. The Core 500i is loaded with four AES3 digital audio input/output cards, which accept 32 inputs from the studio's Pro Tools mixing/editing digital audio workstation. Seven AES3 outputs are then routed to Left, Center Right, Left-height, Center-height, and Right-height screen channel signal processing and powered loudspeakers, as well as a

low frequency extension channel for subwoofers. Three I/O frames control level, delay, bass management and equalization for the 24 surround speakers and subwoofers. Additional I/O channels and surround speakers are in the process of being added and Q-Sys is ready to expand as the stage is upgraded. "We use Q-Sys to manage complex monitoring of the latest surround formats, especially Barco Auro 11.1, 13.1, and the newest MDA objectbased format," says Marti D. Humphrey CAS, President/ Re-Recording Mixer at The Dub Stage. "This allows us to address any one of our loudspeakers individually with adjustments to eq, time delay, and bass management of the surrounds, along with muting, metering and calibrated levels. Even with all this processing, there's still tons of processing power for any formats that will ever be dreamed of in the future. But the sound quality, first and foremost, is the difference with Q-Sys. It's like a blanket that has been lifted off my sound system," says Humphrey. Q-Sys is part of the new line of QSC Premier Cinema Sound Systems, which include all signal processing, amplification, and loudspeakers for critical sound mixing and presentation.

• INSTALLS • ArcLight La Jolla

The New Wide Screen Auditorium ArcLight La Jolla Installs Meyer Sound in New Wide Screen Auditorium Opened in late 2012. ArcLight Cinemas newest location in La Jolla, Calif., offers discerning patrons the ultimate movie-going experience with ArcLight Wide Screen, a state-of-the-art auditorium concept. The premium theatre features a 50-foot curved screen, 3D-capable 4K projection, and immersive Dolby Atmos audio reproduced through a Meyer Sound system based on the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers. "At ArcLight we offer a wide variety of programming, ranging from the newest Hollywood blockbusters to art house films and cult favorites," says Joe Miraglia, ArcLight's director of design, construction, and facilities. "To introduce our 'Wide Screen' concept, we selected Meyer Sound to power our Dolby Atmos auditorium to ensure that our guests will experience precise and realistic sound, exactly as the filmmakers intended." The Dolby Atmos format envelops the audience by using individually addressed loudspeakers for precise reproduction of "audio objects" in a three-dimensional space. In ArcLight's Wide Screen auditorium, five Meyer Sound Acheron 100 screen channel

loudspeakers are placed behind the curved 50' screen, with low-frequency energy supplied by six X-800C cinema subwoofers. A total of 30 HMS-10 cinema surround loudspeakers mounted on the walls and overhead provide precise positional imaging,

with dual 500-HP subwoofers supplying bass management for the surround channels. The entire system is governed by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors. The auditorium's sound and projection systems were supplied by ACS Enterprises of Walnut, Calif., with company CEO Jose Alvarado consulting with Meyer Sound on the audio installation. "As today's motion pictures transition from traditional surround sound to more dynamic object-based reproduction, it is important that auditoriums are equipped to provide an experience available only in theatres," says Alvarado. "Selecting a Meyer Sound system achieves that goal." Seating about 400 patrons, the new Wide Screen auditorium also features a Christie CP4230 4K digital projector and XPAND 3D capability. ArcLight La Jolla, located in the Westfield UTC shopping mall, incorporates 14 screens with a total seating capacity of 1,800. The La Jolla opening marks the fifth location for ArcLight Cinemas, a division of Pacific Theatres owned and operated by the Decurion Corporation. September-October 2013



14-17 October 2013 Gold Coast • Queensland

The Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC) on Queensland's Gold Coast is one of the great film conventions in the world. The 2013 AIMC will be the 68th convention hosted by the National Association of Cinema Operators - Australasia (NACO) and its predecessors, and will run from October 14-17 at Jupiters Hotel & Casino, Broadbeach. The AIMC brings exhibitors, distributors, producers and allied trades and suppliers together in one place for four days and provides an opportunity for industry participants to make a smart investment in their businesses. From humble beginnings as a Queensland state based conference in the mid 1940's with only about 60 delegates, the Convention had grown to around 200 delegates by the 1970's and increased steadily to around 550 in the mid 1990's. To reflect the growth in delegates nationally, the Convention was officially branded as the "Australian National Movie Convention" in 1989. The Gold Coast became the official "home" of the Convention. In 2000, as a reflection of the increasing number of International speakers


September-October 2013

and delegates, the Convention was rebranded as the "Australian International Movie Convention", as it is now known. The move to Jupiters Hotel & Casino at Broadbeach in 2009 was an initiative designed to amalgamate all convention activities - film screenings, seminars, trade show and networking functions - in one venue. Adding to the convenience this offered was the opportunity for the majority of delegates to stay on - site if they wished, or in alternate accommodation in close proximity in the Broadbeach area. In 1992 the inaugural Australian Star of the Year Award was won by Paul Mercurio for "Strictly Ballroom". Since then other actors to be honoured, all of whom have gone

on to international success, have included Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Hugo Weaving, Geoffrey Rush, Jacqueline McKenzie, Hugh Jackman, Jacqui Weaver, Ben Mendelsohn and the late Heath Ledger.

2013 AIMC The AIMC continues to go from strength to strength, working continually with its partners in film distribution, technology & sound, auditorium fit - out, catering and marketing to provide the optimal convention experience. In 2013, the AIMC organisers are reaching out to representatives from allied film industries such as home entertainment to attend. They will also be welcoming a larger

peers in a social atmosphere. These range from an Awards dinner hosted by AIDA members; a fun film trivia challenge; Box Office Awards luncheon recognising achievements for the preceding year; and an exclusive delegate bar each evening.

AIMC Trade Participants The AIMC appeals to a very diverse group of Trade Show participants who recognise the opportunity to market their latest products to all the key decision makers in cinema exhibition during the concentrated time span of the AIMC. international contingent from the Asian, United States and European markets and will continue to evolve the variety of speakers and presentations. It is always gratifying to receive positive feedback from each convention, and our team works hard to provide an informative and exciting event each year within our basic framework. The program is very full, but it represents value for money and a good business investment.

the exhibition market via presentations and screenings. Our guest speakers and presenters update delegates on international trends affecting not only the industry but also on a range of topics relating to business in general. Networking functions provide an invaluable opportunity for delegates to interact with their

Traditional businesses include seating manufacturers; carpet manufacturers and suppliers; projection/technology equipment suppliers; popcorn; drink; confectionery. Other cinema associated businesses such as ticketing & web designers; ice & beverage equipment suppliers; construction and maintenance; media (print and digital); 3D glasses.

Whilst the 2013 AIMC runs from October 14-17, it will be hosting a Premiere Film Event on the evening of Sunday, October 13 which provides an opportunity to encourage participation from local government, businesses and residents. The Trade Show offers allied businesses the chance to showcase the latest equipment and trends from the international market. With digitalisation almost complete, what will be next to ensure the optimum patron experience? The film distributors are able to present their upcoming product slate to the key decision makers in

September-October 2013



21-24 October 2013 Florida • USA ShowEast 2013 will again be held at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida from October 21st to October 24th 2013. This year's ShowEast is going to be better than ever with lots of new programming, new special events, more film screenings and product presentations, a more comprehensive Trade Show and much more. ShowEast is the place to be, if you want to do business with the multi-billion dollar cinema exhibition and distribution communities. Each year, more than 1,300 cinema exhibition and distribution professionals with enormous purchasing power come to the ShowEast trade show to buy equipment and services to better run their businesses. Major, Regional and Independent circuits throughout the US and internationally attend ShowEast to make their purchasing decisions. ShowEast helps you in expanding your reach in the market, while making new contacts which are necessary for business growth. The show helps you plant seeds for future deals and grow your customer base. At ShowEast you can debut your products, services and technologies. The place helps you in networking among your colleagues and helps in building new relationships. At ShowEast you can see major studio and independent feature films slated for Holiday release to help you make informed programming decisions, Getting the latest information on issues affecting the industry such as: Digital Cinema; 3D; Alternative Content; Concessions and much


September-October 2013

Whose job is it to tell the public about a film release? Studio or Exhibitor or both? How do you link the different channels of marketing on a movie to drive admissions to best effect?

more, to stay current with industry trends, Special programming for the Latin American market, Network at sponsored special events and find the products, services and technologies you need at the trade show to make your theatre a must-attend destination.

In this session we look at marketing techniques and

ShowEast is attended by Theatre Operators/Owners, Film Buyers/ Bookers, Distributors, Concessions Buyers, Theatre Design/Construction Professionals, Equipment Manufacturers, Marketing/Media Professionals and Advertising Agencies.

solutions that will help combine and coordinate marketing activities to the mutual benefit of filmmakers, distributors and cinemas with the end result of growing profitable attendance for everyone.

Some of the topics to be discussed at this year's expo are as following: •

Moderator: Mark de Quervain, Managing Director, Action Marketing Works Ltd.

"Today's Cinema as Part of a Complete Entertainment Complex"

Panelists: Tomas Bercovich, CEO, Zheta Pricing, Alexander Brouilat, COO, Highland Technologies and Will Palmer, CEO, Muvio.

Presenter: Damon Rubio, Executive Vice President of Operations, Ultra Star Cinemas • •

"The Evolution of the Cinema Industry - Challenges in the Future from a Technological Viewpoint" Panelists: Richard Mitchell Harkness Screens, Andrew Gaweda - Director Product Management NA - Entertainment Division, Barco , Adam Peterson Universal Cinema Services, Mark Mayfield - Cinema Marketing Manager, QSC Audio, Pat Moore Vice President, Sales, Ballantyne Strong/Strong Technical Services, Mike Cummings - Principle, TK Architects.

"Marketing - The New Role of Cinema Marketing in Driving Incremental Admissions"

The DOs and DON'Ts of Mixing Movies and Mixology: This presentation will discuss the laws and regulations involved with implementing an alcohol beverage program within theatres, including state alcohol licensing considerations, local land use and zoning, co-mingling for minors and adults, alcohol service to minors compliance, and dram shop liability. We will also discuss trends within the development of alcohol beverage programs within the industry and how companies can work with government officials to successfully implement these new revenue streams.


16-19 September 2013 St. Petersburg • Russia

Kino Expo is one of the world's largest film industry trade fairs. This year it covered an area of 7,000 square meters and there were over 2,000 people who attended the convention. The trade fair included a series of Russian and foreign film premieres, a discussion on the most pressing issues facing the industry, and presentations of the latest technical solutions. The Kino Expo International Convention & Trade Fair was started back in 1999, in the foyer of the historic Leningrad Cinema in St. Petersburg. Now celebrating its 15th year, the show took place from September 16-19 at the LenExpo exhibition complex in St. Petersburg. The Exhibitors participating at Kino Expo find it the most effective way to present and market their company's products and services. The exhibitors participating cater to all sectors of the cinema industry like film exhibition, distribution, production, and also to entertainment segment of the

shopping malls, from all regions of Russia and countries of the former USSR.

Few topics that were discussed and Seminars held at the Kino Expo are below.

The Exhibitors were quiet thrilled with the attendees at the show which included Cinema exhibitors from all regions of Russia and neighboring countries, both chains and individual cinemas; representatives of the largest international cinema chains, representatives of international motion picture industry, Individual investors and companies, which plan establishing new cinemas, Shopping malls' operators, developers, commercial real estate professionals.

Future Trends in Cinema Business by John Schreiner, VP of Theatre Development (Russia, CIS, Middle East and India), "IMAX Corporation"

Creating the Complete Cinema Experience for a Customer by Kiran Reddy, CEO, "SPI Cinemas" (India)

Today and Tomorrow of Online Cinema Ticket Sales by Grach Mkhitaryan, "Kinohod" Company

Increasing Cinema Profitability by Online Ticket Sales and IT Innovations by Dmitry Derkach, Co-owner, "Planeta Kino IMAX" (Ukraine)

Digital Screenings Infrastructure Development in Krasnodar Region by Victor Shonin, Leading Consultant, Cinema Department, Ministry

Also present were distributors of films and other audiovisual content, for theatrical, DVD and TV release, rights' owners, both domestic and international. Representatives of TV channels from all regions of Russia and the countries of the former USSR. Federal and regional government officials, who oversee film production, distribution and exhibition and Mass media representatives.

TheatreWorld at Kino Expo


September-October 2013


2013 of Culture of the Krasnodar Region •

Texas Instruments DLP Cinema Seminar - "Say Goodbye to Film. Say Hello to HFR, HDR, ICP, TMS, DCP, NOC, SSI and More" by Nikita Tikunov, Marketing & Communications EMEA, Instruments DLP Products

NEC Seminar - "Visual Solutions for Cinemas of the Future" by Jens Kayser, Sales Manager

Christie Seminar - "Christie Cinema Solutions - Technology

Update" by Ede Gaal, Engineer •

Doremi and Highlands Technologies Solutions Seminar - "Doremi Servers Updates and New Equipment" by Brent Watson, "Doremi" Engineer

"Highlands Technologies Solutions, Innovative Solutions for the Cinema Industry" by Olivier Lemaire, Highlands Technologies Solutions Projects Director










September-October 2013



26-28 July 2013 Chennai • India The 7th edition of CinemaBroadcast-Theatre-ProSAL Expo organised by Buysell Interactions Private Limited, the only trade show for Cinema, Broadcast, Professional Sound Light, Media and Entertainment under one roof and took place for three days (26th-28th July 2013) at Chennai Trade Centre. New technology was launched and showcased in this year's event. Special focus was on digital revolution in film making/ broadcasting. Celebration of 100 years of Cinema was part of the Expo.

15000 plus business visitors visited from across India

5,000+ products displayed

Business transaction worth Crores of Rupees

Highlights of the show : -


Pan India participation by 100+ exhibitors

Tremendous business leads generated

Leading Brands

International Exhibits

Spread over more than 41,000 sq. ft.

Live Demonstrations

September-October 2013

Exhibit Segments on Display 3D/2D cinema equipment used in digital cinema/digital entertainment, Audio Video Solutions, Home/Office/Hotel Automation, Character Generators, Subtitling systems, Studio/Portable Teleprompters, Digital projection equipment, Pro-Audio Equipment, PA Systems, Portable Audio systems, Microphones, Processors, Mixers,

Led Panel lights, Led On-Camera Lights, DSLR Rigs, Grips, Lights, Musical Instruments, Digital Cameras.

Exhibitor's comments reflecting the success of the show We have been a part of this show from the very first edition and can see the show growing with each passing year. It has been a good platform for us to showcase our latest products. The outdoor live band is a welcome addition! All the best!

Visitor Profile TV Channels, Studios, Production Houses, Content providers, Film Makers, Cinematographers, Sound Recordists, Directors, Mass Communication Educational Institutions, Rental Houses, Hotel/ Mall/Multiplex/Theatre Management, Viscom students.

Parthasarathi, POPE PROFESSIONAL This is our first time at Broadcast Today Chennai, good venue. Hope to convert leads generated to business! Puneet Chadha, PLAYBOX TECHNOLOGY This is our 2nd year at Theatre Today Expo, we came across a very important growth segment, single screen owners wanting to convert to multi screen theatres. Pradeep Dey, KRISHNA QUINETTE SEATS PVT. LTD.

The Exhibitors were happy with the visitor turnout which exceeded their expectations. On one side, where the sellers cater to a large potential client group, even the buyers get to be aware of the latest technological changes. The visitors were impressed by the wide array of latest equipment, technology and the vast knowledge base they could muster by visiting the Cinema-Broadcast-TheatreProSAL Expo.

We have displayed our Canon EOS Cinema Equipment. Happy with the response. The expo is beneficial for us. V. Murali, SRTC TECH Srishti is a Multi Brand Dealer. Good show, we gain market by taking part in Cinema Broadcast Today. Bala, SRISHTI DIGILIFE PVT LTD We have displayed Digital Sound Solutions from Montarbo. Very good response, Buysell should do a similar show in Bangalore. C.K. Latheef , SOUND LAND

By the end of the third day, it was clear that the show was a success in terms of its avowed aim of providing an access to the Global technology & services in the Cinema & Entertainment Industry. TheatreWorld’s Raghav at the Stall

Bino Radios & BR Acoustic Engineers

Krishna Quinette



Pro VA


Sound Land

September-October 2013



INOX @ Vizianagaram & Surat

Revolutionize The Movie Watching Experience! Inox'sstated mission is to be the leader in the cinema exhibition industry, in every aspect, right from the quality and choice of cinema to the varied services offered. Inox currently operates 73 multiplexes and 287 screens in 39 cities making it a truly panIndian multiplex chain. TheatreWorld showcases its recent projects at Vizianagaram, Seemandhra and Surat, Gujarat. September-October 2013


entertainworld Inox NCS Vizianagaram Inox made its entry into

Sri K. Jaggarao - CRM, IOB

Vizianagram, the 'City of

Vizag and Sri Ambica Prasad -

Victory,' with the launch of its

MD, Ambica Group. This is

first multiplex in the city.

INOX's 7th multiplex in the

Located at NCS Mall,

formerly Andhra Pradesh state

Bochupeta, Inoxopened to its

that is now bifurcated into

guests with 3 screens and 798

Telangana and Seemandhra.

seats in the presence of

Inox already has 2 multiplexes

Sri Botcha Satyanarayana -

each in Hyderabad, Vijayawada

Hon'ble Minister for Transport

and Vizag.

& PCC President of Seemandhra, Smt. Botcha Jhansi Lakshmi - M.P. Vizianagaram, Sri Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy - MLC Vizianagaram, Dr. D. Yuvaraj Vice Chairman, VUDA, Vizag, Sri KantiLal Dande District Collector, Vizag, Sri Kartikeya - S.P. Vizag,


September-October 2013

Mr. Alok Tandon, CEO, Inox Leisure Ltd. said, "It's our privilege to bring Inox in this beautiful city of Vizianagaram. Our aim is to revolutionize the movie watching experience in the city with modern comforts, high end 2K DCI compliant digital projectors to screen


both 2D and 3D movies, clear uncompressed sound and bright, crystal clear image." Inox at NCS Mall will screen a mix of Telugu, Hindi and English movies besides movies in other Indian languages, all under one roof. Refuel, the inhouse brand of Inox, will serve an extended menu of flavoured popcorn, hot and cold snacks, beverages and a variety of combo meals. Staff trained in ushering, box office, concessions and housekeeping will ensure an overall comfortable and pleasant experience. In addition to these facilities, a high standard of hygiene and security within the multiplex coupled with worldclass comfort will provide an unparalleled movie viewing experience. September-October 2013


entertainworld InoxVR Surat The world's diamond capital witnessed some more sparkle with Inox launching its multiplex at VR Surat. With the launch of this multiplex in the city, Inox is now open to Gujarat with 8 screens and 1795 seats. Inox additionally brings in its signature recliner lounge, Insignia, to Surat which will cater to its guests for a luxury movie viewing experience.

Mr. Alok Tandon, CEO, Inox Leisure Ltd. said, "It's our privilege to launch Inox in this beautiful city of Surat. Our aim is to revolutionize the movie watching experience in the city with modern


September-October 2013

entertainworld comforts, high end 2K DCI compliant digital projectors to screen both 2D and 3D movies, clear uncompressed sound and bright, crystal clear image." Mr. Anupam Yog, Marketing Director, Virtuous Retail, said, "We welcome Inox brand debut in the city at VR Surat, south Gujarat's only integrated community centre and lifestyle destination. Inox patrons will enjoy the twin delights of watching films as well as unique outdoor - indoor experiences at VR Surat's 'Festival Park', 'Magdalla Plaza', 'I Love Dumas Square', 'Streat', 'The Runway' and 'Center Court'. Sprawling across 6 lakh square feet with

September-October 2013


entertainworld huge parking space for over 500 cars, VR Surat provides the perfect setting for an enjoyable outing for patrons who can also choose from over 75+ brands, many of which will be debuting in Surat and Gujarat." Inoxat VR Surat will screen a mix of Hindi, English and Gujarati movies besides movies in other Indian languages, all

will ensure an overall comfortable and pleasant experience. In addition to these facilities, a high standard of hygiene and security within the multiplex coupled with world-class comfort will provide an unparalleled movie viewing experience.

under one roof. Refuel, the inhouse brand of theatre food, will serve an extended menu of flavored popcorn, hot and cold snacks, beverages and a variety of combo meals. Guests at Insignia lounge which has a screen with 56 luxury recliners will enjoy gourmet food with personalized service and hospitality. Staff trained in ushering, box office, concessions and housekeeping TW-48

September-October 2013



A glimpse of movies coming soon… A Touch of Sin

Captain Phillips Production Kino Lorber

Production Columbia Pictures

Director Jia Zhangke

Director Paul Greengrass

Starring Wu Jiang, Vivien Li

Starring Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener

Genre Drama

Genre Action, Thriller


Machete Kills Production Warner Bros.

Production Open Road Films

Director Alfonso Cuarón

Director Robert Rodriguez

Starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Starring Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez

Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller

Genre Action

Runner Runner

Romeo & Juliet Production 20th Century Fox

Production Relativity Media

Director Brad Furman

Director Carlo Carlei

Starring Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck

Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth

Genre Drama, Thriller

Genre Drama

September-October 2013



R E L E A S E S Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Carrie Production Screen Gems (Sony)

Production Paramount

Director Kimberly Peirce

Director Jeff Tremaine

Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Judy Greer

Starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera

Genre Horror, Thriller

Genre Comedy

The Fifth Estate

Dallas Buyers Club

Production DreamWorks

Production Focus Features

Director Bill Condon

Director Jean-Marc Vallee

Starring Benedict, Daniel Brühl

Starring Matthew McConaughy, Jennifer Garner

Genre Drama, Thriller

Escape Plan

Genre Drama

Ender’s Game Production Lionsgate

Production Summit Entert.

Director Mikael Håfström

Director Gavin Hood

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Starring Asa Butterfield, Ben Kingsley Genre Action, Adventure

Genre Action, Thriller

The Counselor


September-October 2013

Free Birds Production 20th Century Fox

Production Relativity Media

Director Ridley Scott

Director Jimmy Hayward

Starring Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz

Starring Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson Amy Poehler

Genre Thriller

Genre Animation, Comedy


R E L E A S E S The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Last Vegas Production CBS Films

Production Lionsgate

Director Jon Turteltaub

Director Francis Lawrence

Starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson

Genre Comedy

Genre Action, Sci-Fi

Thor: The Dark World


Production Walt Disney

Production Walt Disney

Director Alan Taylor

Director Chris Buck

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman

Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel

Genre Action, Adventure

Genre Animation

The Best Man Holiday


Production Universal Pictures

Production FilmDistrict

Director Malcolm D. Lee

Director Spike Lee

Starring Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs

Starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen

Genre Comedy

Genre Thriller

Go for Sisters

The Book Thief Production 20th Century Fox

Production Variance Films

Director Brian Percival

Director John Sayles

Starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson

Starring Edward James, Michael Laskin

Genre Drama

Genre Drama

September-October 2013



The Wolf Of Wall Street

Production Wolfe Releasing

Director Martin Scorsese

Director Bruno Barreto

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jean Dujardin

Starring Miranda Otto, Gloria Pires

Genre Drama

Genre Drama, Romance

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Production Paramount

Production The Weinstein

Director Alexander Payne

Director Justin Chadwick

Starring Bruce Dern, Will Forte

Starring Idris Elba, Naomie Harris

Genre Drama

Genre Drama

Black Nativity

Boss Production Fox Searchlight

Production Viacom 18 Motion

Director Kasi Lemmons

Director Anthony D'Souza

Starring Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett

Starring Akshay Kumar, Aditi Rao Hydari

Genre Drama, Family

Genre Drama, Action


September-October 2013

Reaching for the Moon

Production Paramount Pictures




Krrish 3 Production Open Road Films

Production Filmkraft

Director Gary Fleder

Director Rakesh Roshan

Starring Jason Statham, James Franco

Starring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra

Genre Action, Thriller

Genre Action, Romance



Ram Leela

Bullett Raja Production Brandsmith Motion

Production Sanjay Leela Bhansali Films

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Starring Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha

Starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone

Genre Action

Genre Drama

Rambo Rajkumar

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!

Production Eros International

Production Dharma Product.

Director Prabhu Deva

Director Punit Malhotra

Starring Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha

Starring Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Genre Action

Genre Romance


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Digital Cinema

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3D Cinema

September-October 2013


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