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Barco Installs its First Auro 11.1 3D Sound in Indian at Sathyam Cinemas Barco introduced its first Auro installation in Sathyam Cinemas' Six Degrees, part of SPI Cinemas, Chennai. Starting with SPI Cinemas as the first digital cinema group to opt for the distinctive 3D sound solution, Barco aims to launch Auro throughout the Indian market. Next generation 3D sound Barco Auro 11.1, developed by Auro Technologies and powered by Barco, is the next-generation 3D sound format for the cinema industry. It turns conventional cinema audio into a fully immersive 3D sound experience, with sounds coming from all around and above the listener, provided by three layers surround, height and overhead without the need of using complex and expensive object based technology. As a perfect match for visual 3D, the channel-based Auro 11.1 sound system offers a very natural and enveloping experience. Thanks to its configuration, the technology not only enables sound mixers to move objects around in space but it also allows them to reproduce the immersive aspects of a film soundtrack in a way that is more compatible with their current workflow. Barco Auro 11.1 is currently deployed in over 50 installations worldwide and an increasing number of directors are embracing the new audio format. Fully compatible with existing standards, the traditional 5.1 sound format and future objectbased technologies, the Auro 11.1 requires a minimal hardware and installation investment. The DCIcompliant system architecture offers ultimate ease of mind. SPI Cinemas is always ahead of the curve in cinema technology in India. They are the only cinema chain in India to have closed on 30 Barco 4K digital cinema projectors. The group strives to be at the forefront of media technology, to bring new entertainment technology to its customers first. Keeping in line with this, its flagship location Sathyam


March-April 2013

Cinemas is the first to install this new sound technology. The flawless installation of the Auro 11.1 took three days, without having to cancel any show.

"We are excited for audiences to experience the new sound technology that will take the movie viewing experience to the next level," says Mr. Swaroop Reddy, Director SPI Cinemas. Mr. Abel Garamhegyi, Managing Director at Barco Electronics Systems adds: "It is an honor for us to be able to work with such a reputable company like SPI Cinemas. We are convinced that this project is only the first step in what will be a bright future for Barco in India."

Race 2 Released with Dolby Atmos The highly anticipated action thriller Race 2 was released with Dolby Atmos in select theatres on January 25, 2013. Dolby Atmos delivered a more natural and realistic soundfield to Race 2, moving sound around and above cinema audiences, transporting them into the onscreen adventure. "It is a pleasure to be mixing my movie Race 2 in Dolby Atmos. I think viewers will be delighted with the enhanced immersive sound experience of this phenomenal technology," said Ramesh S. Taurani, Producer, Race 2, before the movie

was released. "I strive to make movies that allow the audience to feel part of the action on the screen. And now with Dolby Atmos, Race 2 will have more depth and realism, taking the excitement of movie to the next level." Directed by Abbas-Mustan , the film starred Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Ameesha Patel. The sound designer for the movie is Rakesh Ranjan, and the movie has been mixed by Leslie Fernandes. Race 2 introduced audiences to one of the most magical and immersive sound formats ever conceived. "It's an inspiring time in cinema, with moviemaking being taken to new frontiers with Dolby's nextgeneration audio solutions. When Race 2 hits theatres equipped with Dolby Atmos, audiences will be transported into the journey with the lifelike realism that the creative team envisioned," said Pankaj Kedia, Country Manager, Dolby Laboratories, India, before the movie was released.

March-April 2013


Empowering an Eco-friendly Movie Viewing Experience - A 'GALA' OF LIFE!

Venky Mysore appointed as CEO of Red Chillies

Galalite, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of projection screen surfaces to exhibitors worldwide, offers a superior movie viewing experience with advanced technology, superior quality and constant innovation. A family owned business since inception in 1959, and headquartered in Mumbai, the heartland of the movie industry in India, Galalite remains at the cuttingedge of technology to effectively cater to the increasing demand for a high grade cinematic experience. Galalite was the first Indian Company to start exporting cinema screens world over. Green for Good - Generally cinema screen surfaces are coated with solvent based paint systems for passive 3D and digital cinema. Most of these paints have a chemical odour emitted by such screens producing a pollutant known as Ground Level Ozone in the atmosphere. When inhaled, the irritable odor can cause serious damage to humans and animals; so much so, these pollutants cause severe damage to the environment as well. Galalite believes in celebration for everyone - even Mother Nature. Their in-house R&D team at Galalite, where innovation is a continuous process, collaborated with European laboratories have perfected a completely 'unique' Non Toxic optical paint system for coating on all our screen surfaces which keeps the screen material from "yellowing" as opposed to solvent based coatings without compromising on excellent finishes and yet caring for Mother Nature. Thus our eco-friendly paints ensure excellent screen surface finish and provide a perfect cinematic viewing experience.


March-April 2013

On assuming this position, Venky said, "It is a pleasure and honor to be given this responsibility. We have the biggest brand to work with and huge opportunities ahead of us. I look forward to this exciting challenge as we strive hard to build a world class organisation."

Effectron Luminex's Digital Cinema Interface Unit DCI-02

Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt Ltd announced that Venky Mysore has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer. He will take full responsibility for all the operations of the production house. In addition he will continue in his role as CEO and MD of the Kolkata Knight Riders. Venky comes with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry across several global markets. He has held several senior leadership positions in the US, Canada and Asia and has built many successful businesses. Most recently, Venky has been the CEO and MD of KKR since Oct 2010. Under his leadership, KKR has become a very successful and profitable business & are the defending champions in the IPL. Announcing Venky's appointment, Shah Rukh Khan said, "Venky is a seasoned business professional & I am delighted that he will take over as the CEO of Red Chillies. Red Chillies has established itself as one of the leading production houses and the VFX division is among the best in the business. Venky has done a fantastic job as the CEO of KKR and I am confident that he will be able to lead Red Chillies to a much higher level of performance and professionalism."

Effectron Luminex is happy to inform that they have successfully commissioned their "Digital Cinema Interface Unit, model DCI-02" with Doremi DSP2000 server and Cineplex Dimmer, at one of the DT Cinema properties in New Delhi. DCI-02 was developed to interface Doremi DSP2000 server to Cinema Automation system including Light controls. Various Cues for automation are generated by programming the server. Upto 8 outputs are provided in DCI-02 for this purpose, 4 nos., dedicated for Cineplex Dimmer controls and 4 nos., are dry contacts, for other automation applications. Instead of connecting DCI-02 to Doremi server, it can also be directly connected to Barco projector DP 2K -20C; GPIO port, suitably programmed. Darbari Industries make, Cineplex model 8181; 8182; 8191 and 6001, can be comfortably interfaced. When using UFO Cinema Server, their model DSI-01 is used, which is designed to receive RS232 command instead of GPIO port connection of Doremi Server. RS232 command code is provided by us to meet DSI-01 requirement. Unit is built using very high standard of Electronics and reliable parts, in wall mounting compact plastic housing.

March-April 2013


Oscar Winner Ioan Allen Conducts 'Dolby Surrounded 2' in India Dolby Laboratories India brought together Oscar winner Ioan Allen, Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories with the leading sound experts, content creators and film makers across Bollywood to discuss innovation in cinema sound. Called Dolby Surrounded 2, the event at PVR, Juhu highlighted the latest trends in cinematic audio and the journey of sound in the cinema industry. During the event Ioan Allen conducted technical workshops on audio innovations with leading sound designers and technicians in Mumbai and Chennai. The workshops highlighted Dolby Atmos, the new revolutionary sound technology from Dolby Laboratories which gives audiences a chance to experience real life like more immersive cinema entertainment. Ioan also spoke about how Dolby works closely with the cinema industry to enhance the quality of the movie-going experience. They help equip filmmakers with the tools to help create great content. With 'Dolby Surrounded', Dolby is bringing together experts from around the globe to share knowledge and insight to fuel cinematic innovation in India. Dolby also hosted a panel session, featuring some of today's foremost experts in cinema audio: Ioan Allen, Oscar winner, Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories; Ra.One director Anubhav Sinha and leading sound designer Nakul Kamte. The theme of the workshop was "Sound and Picture - The complete story telling" and the panelists threw light on the various aspects of cinema audio and how it has evolved over the years globally at large and India in particular. Dolby has helped filmmakers and sound designers to realize and preserve their creative vision and to deliver movies that immerse audiences in the story. For a premium


March-April 2013

entertainment experience, it is important for sound to be as impactful as the picture to create a compelling sensory experience. On the panel, the industry stalwarts discussed the latest innovations including Dolby Atmos in sound designing and how good quality sound completes the entertainment experience.

IMAX and Yash Raj Films Expand Film Partnership with Multi-picture Deal

IMAX Corporation and Yash Raj Films, India's largest film studio, announced an expansion of their partnership to release Paani as well as an additional Yash Raj Films motion picture to IMAX theatres across India and other key markets. The agreement brings the total number of films included under the expanded partnership to three, the first of which is the upcoming action thriller Dhoom 3, which will open in IMAX theatres this winter. "Since announcing the IMAX release of Dhoom 3, we've seen tremendous anticipation building among Indian moviegoers around this first-ever IMAX release of a Hindi feature film, and we're excited to add to this excitement with two more of our highly anticipated films, including our most ambitious one, Paani," said Aditya Chopra, Chairman, Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. "We believe that

together with IMAX, we will usher in a new era in Indian movie going that will immerse fans into the drama, action and grandeur of Hindi movies like nothing they've experienced before." "We are delighted to build on our relationship with Yash Raj Films, which has been an integral part of India's entertainment business for over 40 years, and deliver on our strategy to expand our Bollywood film slate," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President, IMAX Entertainment. "As we continue to grow our network across India, we are committed to offering the nation's growing IMAX fan base an elevated movie-going experience that transports them into Bollywood's best." Paani is based in a future world where wars over water have broken out. Water is now owned by International Corporations who use thirst as a weapon of control. In one such future city, a young love story breaks all the rules and in the ensuing war, water flows back to its people. The film will have a strong Indian and Western star cast, headed by a young leading actor from India and a young leading actress from the west. The film, produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Shekhar Kapur, will be shot in India and overseas. Music is by the highly acclaimed Academy Award winning and Grammy Award winning A. R. Rahman. Paani will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience with proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology for presentation in IMAX. The crystal clear images, coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique immersive environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie. The agreement was announced during the 2013 FICCI Frames conference in Mumbai, at which Greg Foster delivered a keynote address as well as participating in the "1000 crore Block Buster Film" panel on March 13.

Dolby Atmos Sound at Fame Mumbai Fame Cinemas, Mumbai's favourite movie destination is making history by revolutionizing the way movies are heard. In order to bring in a whole new dimension and a never heard before movie viewing experience exclusively to Mumbai, Fame has installed the Dolby Atmos surround sound at its multiplex in Inorbit Mall, Malad. The movies which were being screened with Dolby Atmos sound were ABCD Any Body Can Dance (3D / Hindi) and Mama (English). Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajeev Patni, Director, Operations said, "We are extremely happy to bring in this latest and the best technology in sound to our guests in Mumbai. The sound projected by Dolby Atmos immensely enhances the movie viewing experience and we take pride to offer it for the first time to our guests in this movie loving city," he adds.

PVR Brings Authentic L'Opéra to its Premium Director's Cut An exclusive tie-up between two premium brands; Director's Cut of PVR Ltd., the largest and most premium film entertainment company in India and L'Opéra, Delhi's acclaimed French bakery and patisserie brand was announced today at PVR Director's Cut, New Delhi. From a range of L'Opéra handmade products, a selected menu is now exclusively and solely available at PVR Cinemas' most premium property, PVR Director's Cut. Now ticketed patrons can enjoy L'Opéra's authentic French desserts at PVR Director's Cut, be it at the cinema's lounge while waiting for the film feature of their choice to begin or from the in-auditorium dining menu while watching it. Some of L'Opéra's products available at Director's Cut include the brand's “classics” macarons, coffee éclairs, Opéra and Mille Feuille. Since its inception, PVR Director's Cut has offered unparalleled movie going

experience with premium hospitality. Likewise, L'Opéra has established itself as a brand that has taken bakery and confectionary to new heights. Its achievements have been recognized in the market by many accolades. Speaking on the association, Mr. Renaud Palliere, CEO, International Business, PVR Ltd. said: “We are delighted to announce this exclusive tie up with L'Opéra, a brand with which we share many fundamental values: uncompromised quality, authenticity and integrity. And we are excited to further enhance our comprehensive guest experience with yet another exceptional offering such as L'Opéra's range of delicacies.” With Director's Cut being an essential part of PVR's exhibition business, it yet again puts its best foot forward with a winning combination of upscale cinema and a high end confectionary for its movie lovers.

March-April 2013



March-April 2013

March-April 2013


The City of LA Honored Anupam Kher

In an unprecedented move never extended to any Indian actor, Anupam Kher was honored by the city of Los Angeles on February 26 at the City Council by the Mayor of L.A, Antonio Villaraigosa with a City Proclamation. Excited to be zipping off to be honored by the city of Los Angeles, Anupam said, "It is a big event because I am being honoured as an actor, and not only as an Indian actor. The Proclamation from the city of Los Angeles would be an endorsement of the fact that Asian actors are not seen as peculiar phenomenon on a global platform. Of course, most of my films are Indian and I am an Indian actor. So I'd be representing my country in front of the city mayor."

Adnan Gets Felicitated by Malaysian Government

Adnan Sami, who is currently touring in Malaysia, will be conferred with the International Brand Laureate Brand Personality award for being the fastest man on the keyboard and a versatile musician by the Malaysian government. The renowned musician who spent 25 years in the music and entertainment business is ecstatic


March-April 2013

about being felicitated, he said that it has been a passionate journey so far and that he has a long way to go. Adnan who is absolutely humbled with the gesture will be performing at Kuala Lampur. He joins the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Dev, Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik who have also been felicitated with the Malaysian award.

4-tiered global honour for Shabana-Javed

The Wharton School of The University Of Pennsylvania has said no a lecture by Narendra Modi. However, Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar are proceeding to the prestigious forum for a lecture. But before that, the couple is currently at Cambridge University in London and the London School of African & Asian Studies this week to address students. Speaking from London, Shabana said, "We're here to lecture at the two prestigious universities. At the London School of African & Asian Studies, we're addressing students on the topic of, can cinema be used as an instrument for social change with special emphasis on the portrayal of women in our films. At Cambridge University, we are lecturing on women, cinema and poetry. I am also getting an honorary fellowship at the students' wing of the London School of Economic." At the London School of Economics, Shabana and Javed will be honoured for the inspirational work done in films and as agents of social change. The cherry on the icing would be the lecture at Wharton later in the month.

Siddharth Roy Kapur to Deliver Closing Address at Harvard India Conference

Siddharth Roy Kapur, the Managing Director - Studios of Disney UTV, has been invited to address the students and faculty at the prestigious Harvard India Conference hosted by the Harvard Business School in Boston. The theme of the conference is India vs India: Local Strength or Global Growth. Siddharth will speak on Indian Cinema's trajectory over the past decade, with a focus on what the future holds for the largest film producing nation in the world. He will discuss the evolution of this extremely dynamic and high growth market as the Indian film industry strikes a balance between nurturing the massive domestic opportunity and scaling it to greater heights internationally. "It's a huge honour to represent the Indian film fraternity on this platform. Indian films today are being made with a keen eye on a global palate and we have seen a steadily growing acceptance for our movies from international audiences. It will be interesting to share experiences with the students and faculty at Harvard and to engage with them in what I hope is a productive discussion about how to further enhance the footprint of Indian content around the world." The India Conference at Harvard brings together business leaders, government officials and philanthropists to engage with Harvard students and professors on a global platform.

Sridevi's English Vinglish goes to Germany the dubbed German version, Sridevi said, "I am very happy and I hope EV is dubbed and released in many other languages as it will find a sense of identification with

Gauri Shinde's English Vinglish is a film that has opened linguistic doors in its scriptural context by showing the protagonist overcoming her inhibitions regarding the English language. But the film seems to be crossing the language barrier beyond the screenplay. English Vinglish is now being dubbed into German and released in the country next month. Confirming this development, the film's producers Eros International said, "We are releasing English Vinglish (EV) in a dubbed German version in the country with 20 prints in May 2013. Not only that, EV released in 7 screens in Hong

all non-English speaking people across the world."

Kong with Cantonese subtitles, with 29 shows a day, this is the widest opening any Indian film has ever got in HK. What's also interesting is they are also screening the film at 'The Directors club' screen, which is like Red lounge and Hindi films are not released in these screens ideally." Reacting to the film's release in Hong Kong with Cantonese subtitles and to

Adds director Gauri Shinde, "I am thrilled that our film is setting out to achieve what it tried to say within the storyline. To break the linguistic barrier, and to make a communication across countries and communities. To bring closer different people from all over the world and bridge the gap between cultures. It's great to see this movement happen. I'd love for as many people to watch it as possible."

Disney-UTV signs Priyanka for Hollywood animation film Planes Post making a name for herself in the Indian film industry, Priyanka Chopra is capturing the world of music with her latest album. Now we hear that the model turned actress turned singer has been roped in by Disney-UTV for their next Hollywood animation film Planes. The film, Planes which is being directed by Klay Hall, the director of The Simpsons, will feature the actress lending her voice to a

Apparently, the makers of Planes were searching for an Indian voice to do justice to the Asian character of Ishani, when Klay's office got in touch with Siddharth Roy Kapoor, who in turn recommended Priyanka.

lovable aircraft called Ishani. Cast opposite Dane Cook who will be the voice behind Dusty Cropho pper.

While the film itself is slated for release later this year, Priyanka will be dubbing for the original English version of the film, while a decision on the Hindi version is yet to be taken.

Dubai S-E-L and Sunidhi team up for Mirchi Bollywood Rocks in What happens when the impeccable trio of music join hands with the vocal magician? Well, the resultant is called 'Mirchi Bollywood Rocks', a live concert that's was held on March 8 at Dubai World Trade Centre featuring Sunidhi Chauhan and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Talking before about this event, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy jointly said that they are excited for the show and have fond memories of performing in the UAE. They added that this event is going to be a fantastic concert where they will be playing their most popular film songs till date. Meanwhile, Sunidhi, who has claimed this event to

be her 'biggest' event so far, said that the UAE always has been a fabulous place for her to perform.

March-April 2013


Sidney Poitier to visit Anupam Kher's acting school Legendary American actor Sidney Poitier, immortalized by his imperishable performances in the all-time classics The Defiant Ones, To Sir With Love, Lilies Of The Fieldand Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, has won over Anupam Kher's heart. The two actors met one evening in a hotel lobby in Los Angeles. They hit it off instantaneously, and stuck up a lengthy conversation. And now Poitier, considered a one-man institution in the arena of acting, would be visiting Anupam's acting school in Mumbai to address the students. Speaking excitedly just as he was boarding his flight from Los Angeles to London, Anupam said, "I met quite a number of really interesting stars and filmmakers on this trip to LA. But meeting Sidney Poitier was as exciting for me as meeting our own Yusuf Saab (Dilip Kumar) for the first time. I felt the same excitement and a sense of being in really distinguished company. I felt blessed."

Poitier, now 84, spoke at length with Anupam about Indian cinema and actors and expressed a keen desire to visit Anupam's acting school. Says Anupam, "I told Sidney about my acting school and he was immediately interested. Yes, he keenly wants to visit my school. It would be an honour beyond any honour to have him." Phone numbers have been exchanged and now Anupam intends to take the matter of Poitier's India visit forward. Still in a daze, Anupam said, "The past few weeks in the US have been

like a dream. First the Screen Guild Actor's Guild award, then the Oscars. When Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar for our film Silver Linings Playbook, I was in seventh heaven. To be associated with a film that's been nominated for so many Oscars is awesome. I am also very proud of Ang Lee and his Life of Pi. I am no part of Life of Pi, but it's a film about Indian characters and I had the privilege of working with Ang in Lust, Caution... " Anupam thinks his new tryst with Hollywood is a significant step forward. "Silver Linings Playbook has opened a new chapter in my career. To work with an actor like Robert de Niro and to meet personalities like Bruce Willis, Leonardo Dicaprio, Quentin Tarantino and the legendary Sidney Poitier whom I met just before leaving LA, can't be just a coincidence. God has more plans for me, I think."

The Great Gatsby to open at Cannes The current trend has been witnessing quite a few Bollywood stars venturing into Hollywood. Even legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan is set take off in the west with The Great Gatsby, which is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel of the same name directed by Baz Luhrmann. Now, we hear that the film which is slated for release with the premiere in New York on May 1 has been selected as the opening film for the Cannes Film Festival. Confirming the development, Bachchan announced on his facebook page, "Baz Luhrmann informs me that 'The Great Gatsby' has been officially selected


March-April 2013

for the opening film for Cannes film festival on May 15th ... all very excited ! And the premier of the film in New York on May 1st as told to me ... but yet to be confirmed ...So travel coming up for these occasions..."

The Great Gatsby, a romantic drama that is co-written and directed by Baz Luhrmann, stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher and Jason Clarke.

next Bond-girl Maryan d'Abo alongside Emraan in Tanovic's is doing the film and we are happy to have her on board. At this point, we can't divulge anything details."

Having recently walked the red carpet at the Berlin Film festival in support of Polish director Danis Tanovic and his film An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker, Emraan

What's confirmed is that Maryan d'Abo was the first choice for the role, and her character is pivotal to the film's narrative. Produced by

Hashmi who is currently working with the international director of Oscar winning No Man's Land fame on his first Hollywood project

Anurag Kashyap & Guneet Monga's Sikhya Entertainment, international banner Cinemorphic and Prashita Chaudhary, Danic Tanovic's untitled film will be shot

will also share screen-space with iconic bond girl from James Bond's in The Living Daylights. It's official that Maryan d'Abo the bond girl from the 1987 film has

been signed on for the film. Guneet Monga, producer confirms, "Yes, she

extensively in India and abroad.

International VFX team roped in for Creature counterparts, we now hear that the film has yet another foreign connection.

Vikram Bhatt has quite literally got the classic genre of horror back from the brink. And now, his latest offering from the horror genre is Creature. The film which will be

India's first ever creature feature prominently stars Bipasha Basu. Though the film has been in the news for its apparent poster design which closely resembles its western

In fact the film, directed by Vikram Bhatt, will have a special international VFX team modelling the central character of the creature. Confirming the development producer, Bhushan Kumar of T-Series, says that the main intention behind roping in an international team for the film was to give the audience a neverseen before spectacle. Creature, produced by T-Series and ASA Productions, goes on floor this May.

PSY to star in South Korean remake of ABCD Touted as India's first 3D dance film, ABCD - Any Body Can Dance directed by Remo has proved to be a surprise success story for one

singer PSY (of 'Gangnam Style' fame) playing the role played by Prabhu Dheva in the Hindi version.

and all. Now it seems that a South Korean production house has acquired the rights from UTV to remake the film in their native language. What's more, the South Korean remake will have popular

Meanwhile the makers of ABCD - Any Body Can Dance are also planning a sequel to the film with the same core team in place.

March-April 2013



MFDC Auditorium, Manipur

Unmatched Sound Experience

The North Eastern part of India, with a closely knit group of states, popularly known as Seven Sisters is well endowed with rich and diverse culture. The myriad events that happen throughout the year in this part of India, both traditional and contemporary, form the very essence of life in these states. A little known fact is the presence of many world class venues with top of the line infrastructure that helps the extension of these cultural events and programs to the public, including large auditoriums where audience flock to throughout the year for various large and small format programs, events and cinema. One such shining example is the MFDC Auditorium (Manipur Film Development Corporation) in the capital city of Imphal in Manipur. The Manipur Film Development Corporation Limited is a Public Undertaking and was registered as a Corporation in 1987 and was earlier known as the Manipur Film Development Council. MFDC was launched to promote and propagate film industry in the State.


March-April 2013

Its main objectives are to promote, develop, aid and assist to the cinematography trade and industry, and all of its allied trades and businesses, studios, laboratories and theatres for the production of films, both celluloid and digital videos; television programs, organization of national and international film festivals, establishment of Film Archives, Library and Museum for the development of film industry on modern lines. The auditorium was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. Keeping in mind the eminence and the versatile nature of this auditorium, the facilities had to be the best in terms of design, AV experience and audience comfort. The speciality of this auditorium, with a seating capacity of 850, can host live programs such as rock shows, classical musical programs, drama, seminars etc on one hand and also show movies both Celluloid & Digital in 3D and Dolby Sound. The Stage lighting is excellent and with over 25 mikes catering to various needs of vocal and instrument varieties, theatre production is at par excellence in this auditorium. This multifunctional

Ningthem Singh Chief engineer and Project Director, Manipur Development Society

Auditorium is one of a kind and considering its ambience, acoustics and high level of audio visual equipments installations it is possibly one of the best Auditoriums in the whole of Asia. Harman International India Pvt Ltd, the leading provider of premium audio and infotainment solutions for the professional audio industry, in association with North Eastern India's leading provider & consultant of audiovisual systems - Ace Acoustics & Audio Video Solutions Pvt Ltd., have successfully completed the sound installation at the MFDC Auditorium. All these factors make it one of most prestigious installs for in the regionboth in terms of its design, implementation speed and the perfect integration of Harman Professional

• INSTALLS • products for an install hosts several prestigious and popular events.

ceilings and panelling as the performance enhancer.

Commenting on a successful installation, Mr. Y. Ningthem Singh, Chief Engineer and Project Director, Manipur Development Society (The Government Agency which handles both the Civil Construction works and Equipment Installation) said, "The MFDC auditorium is a prestigious project and is unique in many aspects, being the only auditorium in the region to cater to wide variety of entertainment formats. From the AV perspective we needed crystal clear quality sound with ease of operation and maintenance. As mandated, we worked upon the requirement with trusted, System Integration partner, Ace Acoustics and after a thorough understanding of the market and the available brands, we were convinced that Harman is the provider who could cater to all our audio requirements in an integrated manner, thus setting a benchmark for the region.

The finishing of the panelling was fabric drapery. All accessories like suspension systems and metal framework were from Anutone to ensure compatibility and system performance.

Acoustics The acoustical ceilings and panelling was executed by Ace Acoustics with Anutone’s high-performance acoustical products. Subtex Ebony was used in the stage ceiling and Pixel Taper in the auditorium ceiling. Synth PF was used both in the

An optimum combination of all the above products ensured perfect acoustics of the hall.

Sound - A key essence of a Show: The entire system installation project at the MFDC was expertly handled by Ace Acoustics, Guwahati. From providing the basic design and drawings, to installation and post installation support, Ace Acoustics has handled this project to deliver a world-class audio design within. The Ace Acoustics team was lead led by Devasis Barkataki, Debabrat Duarah and Ramanuj Sharma, who were directly involved in the project from start until completion. The entire range of audio products by Harman, from input to output with brands like AKG, BSS, Crown, JBL, Lexicon and Soundcraft have been installed here and with many legendary brands under the Harman Professional fold, it was a choice that allowed Ace Acoustics, the audio consultants & system integrators to

create a single system solution with various products that are designed to work seamlessly with one another. The auditorium is built with the main sound system comprising of TriAmplified, High Power, Low Profile ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker System THX certified JBL 5674 and 2 Nos JBL 4642 powered by Crown DSI 4000 amplifiers. The industry benchmarked JBL 8340A (32 nos) surround speakers added to the amazing surround channels. The system has to deliver to its fullest output in all these scenarios and most importantly, with ease to the user. Being a 5.1 cinema application the front three stacks, left, right and centre comprised of famed high performance JBL VRX 932LA Line Array cabinet. Crown amplifiers were mainly used for the line array surround system, subwoofer surround, stage monitor sound system, green room and control room sound system, The strong high frequency deliverable of these cabinets made the front channels strong for the movie application. These crossover boxes were complemented with two arrays of 18" LF driver JBL VRX 918 (8 nos) hangs, to give that bottom end required for cinema and to make the system sound full range during presentations and speeches.

March-April 2013



Soundcraft Live 8, the digital live mixing console provided a 40 channel, which could handle all the input sources from stage and route them to the great sound system. The main highlight of the entire installation was the use of processing equipment - BSS by Harman. The backend processing was done using BSS by Harman Digital Processing units. The Soundweb London BLU boxes provide the capability of programming the system in various modes like Live music, cinema application and speech presentations mode. It was the user interface which added to ease of use for the end customer. The programming of the BSS BLU 160 and BSS BLU 120 units helped to equalize the system to perform and deliver in all the modes. BSS BLU 10 enabled the user to handle and control important features like mode selection and volume controls for this application. In summary, the sophisticated system was made to perform and deliver immediately, being operated by untrained operators with the ease of BSS BLU products and the interface. An entire range of AKG by Harman microphones and headphones (both wired & wireless) have been deployed at the auditorium to ensure the users


March-April 2013

of the auditorium get the best experience in sound, both on-stage and in the audience section. These microphones will be extensively used for vocal and instrumental applications. The stage microphones PCC 160 directional microphones were used to pick the stage voices during the cultural shows. Lexicon reverb processing done by Lexicon MX200 added to the performance during the Live Shows events. For the main vocals AKG D5 microphone was extensively used for lead & backing vocals on stage, including D40, Dynamic Instrument Microphone and AKG WMS 450 wireless microphones. AKG K240 Studio MK II a dynamic stereo headphones, is also available in the auditorium for the comfort and use of the on-stage performers. "The expectations for this project were extremely high given that this install had to be the very best in the region. We had to work around many challenges which included integrating and customizing the audio in a way that it best suits the multi-purpose nature of the auditorium. A key reason that Harman products were chosen was due to the vast product range that could deliver for this varied

requirement, unparallel audio output, functionality and after sales service which gives even the end-user the ease of operation and ownership. As a company with a rich experience in audio installations, Ace is proud to have been a part of this dream project. We look forward to working on more such projects within the region with high-performance audio systems by Harman." said Devasis Barkataki, Director, Ace Acoustics. In an auditorium of this size and capacity, the input is always an essential factor in determining the perfect sonic output. As David McKinney, Senior Director India Operations, Harman Professional explains, "The successful configuration and programming of the audio components using Harman products for this particular project is a commendable achievement for Ace Acoustics and also for Harman. Harman India's technical team and the team from Ace Acoustics did an amazing job with a project of this scale. Every part of the signal chain uses the high end products from all the Harman brands. This has ensured the high quality performance throughout the venue, sit anywhere for any event and you experience the same effect in sound."


Changing and Accepting

New Trends in Cinema Barco has been creating waves in the cinema industry with the AURO 11.1 sound. TheatreWorld takes you on a tour on the installations of Auro 11.1 and more.

no new content creation tools are required. What's more, Barco's 3D sound technology is more capable of handling 'wet' sounds which creates more natural sound.

Auro 11.1, developed by Auro Technologies and powered by Barco, is the next-generation 3D sound format for the cinema industry which turns conventional cinema audio into a fully immersive 3D sound experience, with sounds coming from all around and above the listener.

The full Auro 11.1 speaker layout is defined for up to 13.1 channels, with 11.1 being the current ideal solution for commercial movie theaters. As the 3D sound technology is compatible with existing formats, standards and distribution mechanisms, only a minimal hardware and installation investment is required to upgrade from traditional 5.1 to the Auro 11.1 audio format.

Why Cinema Exhibitors love 3D sound from Barco • A unique differentiator that allows you to maintain your premium 3D revenues and distinguish yourself from the competition • Ultimate ease of mind thanks to DCI-compliant system architecture • Minimal hardware and installation investment thanks to full compatibility with existing standards, 5.1, and future object-based technologies • The most commercially viable and immersive 3D cinema sound technology available Just like the other sound systems on the market (stereo, surround 5.1 and 7.1), Auro 11.1 is a channel-based audio technology. It has been specifically designed for the cinema industry and consists of a threelayered speaker arrangement (surround, height and overhead), whereas hybrid and object based systems are missing a height channel at 30° and only have a stereo channel overhead. As Auro 11.1 is fully compatible with the existing audio equipment and current workflows,

Auro 11.1 can easily be installed in new-built or existing theaters, in most cases utilizing components from your current audio system. According to your speaker layout, simply adding height speakers can bring real 3D audio to your theater. Moreover, Auro 11.1 sound processing is similar to, and compatible with, existing set-ups. Auro 11.1 creates a unique differentiator - allowing you to maintain your premium 3D revenues and differentiate yourself from the competition. Combined with visual 3D you can offer your audiences a spectacular and immersive movie experience.

is designed with three layers of sound (surround, height and overhead) rather than the singular layer offered by traditional surround sound. Adding more than just speakers overhead, its three layers of sound come from all around and above the listener, transforming conventional cinema audio into a fully immersive 3D sound experience. PRO VA is the authorised distributor for Auro 11.1. On the Installations Mr.

Auro Installations in India Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai Mayajaal, Chennai Sundar Theatre, Chennai Vetri Theatre, Madurai Thanga Regal, Madurai Prasadz, Hyderabad Vijay Theatre, Trichy DR Cinemas, Mysore

The Auro 11.1 3D sound technology

March-April 2013


• TECHNOLOGY • cinema projector designed to meet the specific requirements of smaller theaters, independent cinemas and art houses. Prominent features include its exceptional brightness, crisp image generation, vibrant & stable colors and its full compatibility with all internal and external 3D systems. The DP2K-10S brings the digital image quality, that Barco is so renowned for smaller theaters. Fully immersive sound

Natarajan, Managing Director of PRO VA says, "India today has 14 Barco Auro 3D screens, gauging the response from the audiences on the Barco Auro movie experience for the recently released movies in the format and with lot more interesting movies, both Indian and Hollywood, releasing in Barco Auro format we have been receiving lot more request from the cinemas across India to upgrade their sound system to the Barco Auro 3D system. We expect over 100 screens to be equipped with Barco Auro sound system across India in this year" The Movie Vishwaroop: One of India's leading film producers, Kamal Haasan, selected Barco Auro 11.1 for his action thriller 'Vishwaroop', which released in January this year. What's more, Barco's 3D sound technology is quickly gaining traction in India, with many installations scheduled "When I first heard demonstrations of what Barco's 3D sound technology is capable of, I immediately saw the potential for my next movie," comments Kamal Haasan, producer


March-April 2013

of 'Vishwaroop' before the movie released. "As Barco Auro 11.1 creates the most realistic sound effects, I believe it will definitely bring added value to 'Vishwaroop'. The movie is an action thriller, with a lot of fighter planes flying overhead and other sound-driven visuals - so the system's immersive and realistic sound effects will surely add to the suspense." "We are really proud that Barco Auro 11.1 is being installed at Indian theaters and at leading exhibitors around the world. This is further evidence that it's the future of cinematic sound," says Brian Claypool, Senior Director Strategic Business Development at Barco. "Thanks to the efforts of Kamal Haasan, Indian moviegoers will be treated to an unforgettable movie experience." Barco at FICCI FRAMES From 12 to 14 March, digital cinema pioneer Barco presented its range of high quality cinema solutions during the annual FICCI FRAMES convention in Mumbai, India. Eye-catchers were the brand-new, compact DP2K-10S projector and the revolutionary Auro 11.1 3D sound system by Barco. Barco's DP2K-10S digital projector is a compact and fully integrated digital

The second showstopper during the FICCI FRAMES convention was Auro 11.1 by Barco. Developed to turn conventional cinema audio into a fully immersive 3D sound experience, the new format is fully compatible with existing standards and requires minimal hardware and installation investment. Attendees of FICCI FRAMES experienced the quality of Auro at first hand, as Barco's authorized distributor PRO VA installed the solution at the event. "World-class movie production requires world-class presentation," says Abel Garamhegyi, Managing Director at Barco India, "whether it is through the impressive sound delivered by the Auro 11.1 or through cutting-edge projectors for single screen cinemas like the DP2K10S. Barco is extremely proud to cooperate further with the Indian cinema industry to further enhance the quality of cinema solutions." All-star line-up FICCI FRAMES draws nearly 2,000 Indian and 800 foreign delegates from every corner of the industry to Mumbai. In the past, visitors have included eminent figures like Paolo Gentiloni Silveri, Indian Minister of Communications, producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy Barrie Osborne, President of Walt Disney International Andy Bird and many, many more. This year's speakers were Indian Minister of Information and Broadcasting Shri Manish Tewari, film maker and President of the Directors Guild of America Taylor Hackford, President of Sony Pictures Television Andy Kaplan and Life of Pi producer David Womark.

Creating Waves -

Sound in Cinema A lot is happening in cinema sound and the people in this business keep innovating technology to make it better and better. TheatreWorld catches up with Harman’s Samir Mistry, Application Engineer - Cinema Sound and Prashant Govindan, Director Sales, Harman Professional India to know more about Cinema Sound and JBL Cinema Speaker Systems. Needless to say the audience is quite demanding of the technology, infrastructure and services matching international standards of cinema experience. Sound, plays an integral

part of Cinema especially with the advent of Digital Cinema - ensuring High Quality Sound, thus enhancing the cinema experience.

Samir Mistry, Application Engineer- Cinema Sound, Harman Professional India

TW – How important is sound for Digital Cinema experience? SM – Although film is by popular definition is a visual medium, it is undoubtedly incomplete without 'sound'. The entire cinema-going experience has undergone a sea change in India with influx of multiplexes & the mall culture. March-April 2013


TW – Tell us one big change that has happened in cinema sound recently? SM – The most significant pathbreaking change that has occurred in cinema technology is the transition from Analog era to Digital. There has been marked change in sound, as we now have Uncompressed, Lossless audio coming from Digital Contents meant for Digital Cinema. Digital media has helped in increasing Dynamic range of sound; it is possible to Record & Playback Sound Tracks, which were hitherto a difficult task in the Analog era. In the earlier days where recording was done on magnetic medium, there were limitations to recorded sound, mainly limited Headroom & Frequency Response with unwanted Noise & Hiss. This has been overcome with Digital Technology (DSP) for Recording & playback for sound. Digital medium for Recording has ample of Headroom, is Noise free & has no limitation on frequency response. All these parameters add to the advantage that the Digital domain offers, resulting in Dynamic Full Range of Sound. This Sound when played back in Cinema should create an almost the exact recording room

Image, painstakingly created by a studio's recording engineer and Mix Engineer. Thus a Cinema theatre with a good cinema sound system, good acoustics and proper alignment of speakers, will create the same sound image as the studio. TW – How important is the space design with sound design in the cinema and how does JBL overcome these challenges? SM – It is utmost important to have good acoustics in an Audi for proper

Frequency Response & correct SPL levels of sound playback. The room should be free from acoustical defects (distinct echoes, flutter echoes, picket fence echo, sound shadowing, room resonance, sound concentrations and excessive reverberation). The effect is such that even a good & expensive Sound System will sound bad in an Audi with poor acoustic treatment. Another point in space design is to keep good amount of space for screen speaker placement, strategically placed speakers will help

What the Channel Partners say Rajan Gupta, Director, Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd "In our wide and varied experience of installing sound systems at several cinema houses in India, we have been witnessing several changes in technologies over the years - from analog to digital and, the latest Dolby ATMOS format. Our most preferred choice of cinema speaker systems throughout has been JBL, where innovation is a cornerstone of the brand. JBL's Screenarrays provide clear, studio to cinema output, and offer effective, customizable solutions to the very dynamic Indian market making it a preferred choice for sound in cinemas. The evolved audience expects the ultimate viewing experience and our partnership with the JBL by Harman, only underscores a commitment to prove the highest quality of sound experience to cinema chains across India."

Oliver Alphonso - AVP Operations, Krian Media Ltd "The quality of the audio is as important as the image in providing moviegoers with a memorable cinema experience. When customers go to the movies, they expect to enjoy powerful, immersive sound for every minute they are at the movies. The JBL ScreenArray loudspeakers have arguably been the most demanded cinema systems and as a company, more then met the expectations of our customers - be it large multiplexes, single screen cinema or the miniplexes. JBL's technology is designed to provide the most accurate and powerful reproduction of digital sound theatres and the result is absolutely spectacular."


March-April 2013

in uniform coverage of energy spread into the Audi. Seating placement is also important, good design will have standard viewing angles in all seats. Avoid Centre Isle design as the main concentration of sound is around the same area. In Cinema's having badly designed sound system, the Front Row to Centre Row response will have normal energy spread but from Centre to Rear Row seats, a drop in energy level is often observed. JBL has overcome this challenged by designing and implementing Asymmetrical Waveguides & powerful HF Compression Drivers with Screen Spreading Compensation technology for HF Response & Patented Filtered Array Technology for MID Frequency response.

cinema theatre with a good cinema sound system with proper alignment (with good acoustic also), will create same sound image which the engineers have created in Recording & Mix Room of Sound studio.

Recording of Stereo tracks on the Film to Multi Channel Formats of ATMOS & Auro 3D Sound & from Limited Speaker in Audi, to 5 Screen Channels & Multiple Surrounds channels located in Audi.

Harman through its key brands such as JBL in high- definition loudspeakers and Crown in premium quality amplifier systems have built the best sounding, most reliable cinema sound systems, and also have collaborated with customers in the cinema space to help them stay ahead of the trends.

Speaker technology has moved on from the simple low powered 2 way speaker systems to high powered 3 way systems and now to high power 4 way speaker systems. with the introduction of. Amplifier technology has also kept pace with these changes in speaker technology. Amplifiers are available with DSP technology, having pre-loaded presets for varied cinema models, eliminating use of crossover unit.

TW – How would you describe the technological change that has evolved for cinema sound over the years? SM – Sweeping changes have occurred in the realm of Cinema Sound over years. Especially with a complete transition from Analog

Sound recording also has become aggressive as compared to earlier, thanks to improved Dynamic's & Sound System with improved response & high power handling capacity.

These technologies combined ensure equal energy distribution in the Auditorium. TW – How beneficial is the 3D technology for the cinema speaker market? SM – With the new emphasis on 3D, the necessity of large-scale digital audio is realized, and for staying ahead of competition in the cinema world, cinema owners demand the best in digital sound systems. In a scenario of 3D cinema, digital projection ensures uncompressed playback. Hence there is need to ensure the sound systems at the theatres best supports the format of uncompressed playback and creates the best audio and visual experience. There is also a debate of a small difference between cinema sound in 2D & 3D formats. Eventually it depends on creativity of Sound Designer or Mix Engineer. As explained earlier the Sound Engineers (Recording & Mix eng's.) try to create a Sound Image, which is in sync with the Scene on the Screen. It all boils down to the minute details of Sound Recording & Mixing for Screen Speaker Channels, Surround Channels & LFE Channel & laying them in sync with the scene. A

March-April 2013


more realism, and a greater sense of excitement for the viewers. For Harman, it is imperative to provide the very best experience in order to sustain the ever-increasing consumer demand in the large and mid size screen formats found in multiplexes.

Prashant Govindan Director - Sales, Harman Professional India

TW – Are more up gradation happening for cinema speakers or more new buyers, how do you specify? What are the strategies planned for India market? PG – Indian Cinema market is one of the largest cinema markets due to its vast cultural, local language productions and commercial cinema projects. It is a unique and a very dynamic market with fast paced changes in all the formats and quarters. Due to the rise in the multiplexes, a growing number of consumers now look at the cinema-going experience as a part of their entertainment and leisure lifestyle, unlike a decade ago where the movie was central to the entertainment and leisure activities. The digital revolution is causing a significant shift in the Indian cinema market.

On the other hand there exists a significant portion of the untapped market which is still dominated by local manufactured / assembled boxes. We see this as a very important opportunity to cater to, where the long standing demand, especially in the two & three tiers market, dominated by single screens still form a big portion of the cinema market. These screens and properties can hugely benefit from cost effective systems that can be upgraded and installed as a complete Systems package consisting of JBL cinema speaker systems and Crown amplification.

also large screens with about 500 seater auditoriums as well. A solution based approach is what is seen as the need of the hour for both the segments. With JBL as one of the top recall and premium branded product, we do foresee a significant demand - the single screen owners who seek to upgrade to a branded and quality product which suits their budgets as well as large multiplexes that are constantly trying to increase their investments in technology upgrades to maintain a competitive edge and match global standards of cinema experience. Finally, there exists a need to educate the customer on the quality and

We estimate the market for single screens to grow, along with the demand for a popular concept of miniplexes. These developments have the potential not just for capacity of around 150-250 seats, but

JBL’s Latest Installations

Moreover the advent of multiple formats like Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is also starting to find its way into India's cinema market offering

Ritesh Sidhwani's Preview theatre (Project X)

Adlabs Theme Park at Khopoli

Sarvoday Mall at Kalyan

Inox Udaipur

PVR Empress Mall, Nagpur

PVR Kurla , Mumbai

PVR Orion Mall , Bangalore

What the customers say Gautam Dutta - Chief Operating Officer, PVR Ltd "As the country's largest multiplex chain, it is our imperative to satiate the ever-increasing demand of global standards in entertainment. Keeping pace with the advances in technology, occurring worldwide, we have widely invested in newer technologies in sound and we are extremely pleased to have chosen to install JBL Cinema Systems across our properties in India. JBL Cinema speakers have been at the forefront of innovation and globally recognised quality, perfectly in tune with PVR Cinema's mission to delight our patrons with the best entertainment experience, everywhere, every time."


March-April 2013

value that can be derived from the sound experience for their theatres and the selection of sound systems have to done in a systematic manner suiting the characteristics of the property and sonic qualities of a particular auditorium. Harman has taken significant steps and will continue its endeavor to impart and share technical know - how and best practices through several training programs across metros and Tier 2 cities on on-going basis. TW – How JBL is geared up for several new sound formats, like Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro 11.1, etc. PG – Harman has an enviable reputation in innovation and the ability to be first mover in technology formats and updates. Supporting this dynamic shift in audio, which reinvents the traditional surround sound methodology by offering a new 'objects based' (rather than channel) concept, are being swiftly adapted by Harman JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown Audio amplification and network technologies thus leaning towards being Dolby Atmos ready. Dolby Atmos solutions consisting of multiples of Harman's JBL loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers are already being adapted at key sites globally. Keeping pace with the advances in technology with the latest systems that cater to this demand, JBL has developed Spatially Cued Surround Speakers for Multichannel

Format Cinema Sound, which will cater to Dolby Atmos & other Multichannel Formats. The Surrounds comes with Broadband Pattern for wider coverage & special fitting which allows Overhead installations as well as Standard on-wall installations. These surrounds are most suitable for Dolby Atmos & other Multi-channel formats. To conclude, the cinema formats are evolving and getting better and bigger like never before and at a rapid pace. In the origin side, the sound recording and post production techniques are fuelling the need to re-produce the same quality of sound - from studio to cinema. TW – What is the future innovation for cinema sound? PG – It is hard to exactly crystal gaze and predict the future innovation at this stage as cinema market worldwide has yet to absorb the Dolby Atmos system and other new formats. The competition is intense and new surround sound formats are likely to dominate big screen audio for a while, presenting very lucrative options for makers of movies, exhibitors and the entire eco-system. Having said that, India is still adapting to the 5.1 & 7.1 Format, with majority of Cinemas in India still working on 5.1 formats. The scenario

is different in two & three tier city segments, where in some cases there are cinemas still working with mono surround. However the cinema experience with more natural, realistic sound are the key factors that all cinemas are working to provide to their patrons - be it multiplexes or the single screens. An end-to-end solution that create immersive soundscapes and dramatically improve the audio experience - right from content creation in studios to final moment of truth - the audience experience in cinemas. All these are the key factors that will drive future innovation in Cinema Sound.

March-April 2013



March-April 2013

March-April 2013



March-April 2013


Sounds in Cinema