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One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.

s we near the Christmas season, a time for family and to celebrate the birth of Christ, we can't forget the gift giving opportunities. In this issue, we're happy to share our reviews of some of the market's best wireless speakers and headphones to gift. From VModa, Meze, Sennheiser to Bowers & Wilkins, we have a range of awardwinning brands for you to choose from. You'll also find inside several great interviews such as our exclusive with rising mogul T'Shura Gibbs who is blazing a trail in the cannabis industry and is certainly one to watch in the years to come!

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Famous architect and acoustician, John Storyk, sits down with us for a tete-a-tete on the work of his awardwinning firm WSDG and the worldclass studios they design across the globe including the new Sonasterio in Brazil.

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For our travellers, be sure to dive into Grenada's second annual Dive Fest; the great experience at Jamaica's Grand Palladium; the healing powers of St. Vincent & the Grenadines' Owia Salt Pond; Miami's best farmto-table destinations and more! ENJOY! TW THE NEW SOUP, SALAD & SANDWICH BARPIMENTOS, OPENS ITS DOORS ON NOV.12 AT DEVON HOUSE. CHECK OUT OUR FOOD REVIEW IN OUR UPCOMING ISSUE.

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M y Favo u r i t e Studio Is The One I A m Wo r k i n g O n . - Jo h n S t o r y k

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Grand Palladium Jamaica


By Courtney N

The dining options were very good, I went to Poseidon (Mediterranean), Bhogali (Indian), Arte E Cuccina (Italian) Bubbas (Steak House), Lotus House (Asian)...they all were excellent.

@panachejamag |


Photos courtesy of Grand Palladium


he drive from Kingston to Grand Palladium Jamaica took approximately 2 hours & 40 minutes. Upon arrival, check-in was no longer than five minutes. After which I was shuttled to my room, that was located on the Lady Hamilton block. The bellboy was very helpful and knowledgeable, giving me a quick overview of the hotel and answering my questions adequately. The room I was given was on the ground floor, it had a king size bed, private balcony, a mini bar which was fully stocked, a plush couch, safe to store valuables, and I must say the bed was extremely comfortable. The food options were better than I expected. I went to the main buffet for breakfast and lunch, which at all times had waitstaff who were always checking to see if I needed anything. The beach was a bit disappointing for me, so I mostly spent my time during the day at the main pool, which was massive and not over-crowded. It had a great swim-up bar, plus the Johnnie Walker was always flowing. I also observed a water slide which I saw the kids enjoying thoroughly.

The property is also well laid out, with easy directions around the grounds plus had covered pathways from the lobby to your room which came in handy in the event of rain. The resort is very family-friendly and also provides access for the disabled. For the parents, the play area is really good & the nannies are very experiencedThe interaction I had with the staff during my stay was excellent, they always had a friendly smile & happy greeting. Overall it was a great experience, and I’m definitely looking forward to going back.

10 |


Photos by PANACHE

The dining options were very good, I went to Poseidon (Mediterranean), Bhogali (Indian), Arte E Cuccina (Italian) Bubbas (Steak House), Lotus House (Asian), they all were excellent restaurants.

Photography by Azlan Mohammed


By Marshelle Haseley


magine a piece of nature emitting music into your soul—that is the Meze Audio 99 Classics Walnut Gold. It is one of the most beautiful and skilfully designed pieces of electronics on the market, coupled with a clean and superior sound quality.

hardware are bound to attract lovers of music, who are fascinated by fashionable, functional art.

The amazement begins with its sleek, black hard EVA carrying pouch. Upon opening the pouch, the stunning dominant hand finished, walnut wood earcups and gold-plated accents of the electroplated precision die-cast zinc alloy

The detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables with machined aluminium casing ensure ease and durability. This antique-meets-modern piece is built to

12 |


The fatigue- resistant chromium-manganese alloy spring metal band ensures a comfortable fit, assisted by the self-adjusting PU headband. The soft PU leather ear pads with medium density memory foams give the most luxurious headphone experience— aesthetically matching the sonic splendour we expect from Meze.

last and is compatible with Apple, Android, Window, and other devices. Listening to any genre of music on this fine piece from Meze Audio takes the listener on a journey— every instrument becomes audible, enhancing the listening experience beyond the imagination. The Meze Audio 99 Classics Walnut Gold is a must get for all music lovers who enjoy music, and fine, classic, luxurious experiences.

- DJ Courtney

Amazing Amanyea The

By Marshelle Haseley

Amanyea released “Aye Aye,” her debut single and video in midSeptember, sending waves through Jamaica, the region and even farther. The movement inducing tune was an absolutely fantastic start to a new chapter in her journey that appears to have so much magic ahead. It is said that names are powerful, and the names that we are given impact us greatly as we walk through life. Amanyea says her name has a number of meanings in various cultures. “I love my name because of the different derivatives it has in many different languages and cultures,” she explained. Amanyea said, “I was named

after a dancer, Artistic Director in Chicago Amaniyea Payne. The meaning she chose to use for her name is "Amani" means "peace" in Swahili and ‘Yea’ is a light force, a call ‘to you’—so combined it means ‘peace to you’.” She said her mother chose to use "Aman" which means "peace" in Hindi, and the same "Yea" as a light force— combined, her name means the same— "peace to you". She said, “It is something you acquire, but it's also something you always extend (like reciprocity with mutual respect).” The artistic talent embodied by Amanyea would have been shining

14 |


brightly for years leading up to the start of this new chapter in her journey. She said at this point, her mantra is "Dawg wid too much massa sleep widout suppa." She explained her mantra to mean, “Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great. And while doing so, don't lose focus because of the opinions of too many people (masters).” The outstanding young Jamaican dancer said she did not get time to realise she could dance. “Mommy being Dr. L'Antoinette Stines, Artistic Director of L'Acadco, I started dancing at an extremely young age,” she said. In a funny tone, she said she has yet to realise she received the gift of dance. Singing, however, was a different process. Finding a tone which best suited her soul was a process— digging deeper to discover who she was as a musician— both as a

vocalist, and a songwriter. “I realized I wanted to do it when I was 11— then I realized that I ‘needed’ do this at 18. The only thing that was stopping me was fear and opinions— hence, the mantra.” “I received many, many years of formal training in dance. I trained with Dr. Stines at L'Acadco, Ballet Training with Elizabeth Samuda and Cathy-Ann Gibbon for Royal Academy of Dance, Cuban Moderna with Arsenio Andrade, and many more,” she said. As soon as she was inspired to begin her journey as a recording artiste she did a number of vocal training sessions, “but not enough to say I am vocally trained,” she added. Amanyea said her vocal training sessions are important and continuous. Her style is unlike anything one would see walking through the city of Kingston. Her eclectic style stands out in any crowd, though she is not

“I love different cultures, I love traveling and I unconsciously grab from these different experiences and cultures I've encountered.� - AMANYEA-

AMANYEA - Gizelle

a physically tall person—her style and the engery she wears around it makes her seem ten feet tall. Asked about her style she said, “Travel and my background. I grew up around artistic, cultured, ‘MAD’people.” She said fortunately, she has been traveling before she could walk or talk.

The uncontainable creative life force within her may be responsible for how she experiences the process of creating. She said what she enjoys most about creating is freedom. She said, “I enjoy the freedom of my mind. I get

to express in so many different ways, freely, uncensored and comfortably. I get to freely be myself.”

Many artists say they experience a depth which seems almost like an out-of-body experience when immersed in their craft, but she said she views the concept a little differently. “For me, it's the other way around. Being immersed in my craft is a ‘reality’ for me. I don't feel lost, I actually feel like I have found ‘Om’— ultimate consciousness” she explained. She said her experience is as though everything else she focused on made her lost, while her craft remains the only stable thing in her life. “I finally told myself that 4 years ago— and ever since then, I have been the most focused and ‘found’ I have ever been.” Amanyea was asked how she maintained a powerful energy amidst challenges such as a recent injury. She said, “After going to four different specialists in the past year I finally got an MRI done. I had a flap of cartilage that needed to be shaved down. I went in for what may seem like an hour surgery tops and came out 4 hours

16 |


Photos courtesy of Amanyea

“I love different cultures, I love traveling and I unconsciously grab from these different experiences and cultures I've encountered,” she said warmly. Amanyea’s mother and brothers are all lovers of music. She said they would listen to Bach, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Beyonce’, and then Jay Z. “It was a vibrant, colourful home that I grew up in. I was exposed to a wide range of music from a very young age,” she said.

later. Turns out I had Grade 4 Chondromalacia of the patella and the femoral sulcus.” This means Amanyea had a condition where the cartilage on the under surface of her kneecap deteriorated and softened—a condition common among young athletes. She was also diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Synovitis, which is the medical term for a condition where the body tissues lining the joints possess cavities—causing pain and swelling when the joint moves. For any dancer this would feel like a nightmare. On April 5, 2018, she said, “I had arthroscopy surgery

done, debridement and micro fracture of the femoral sulcus and patella. I lost 17lbs post-surgery and after 8 weeks I started my physio therapy journey.” “I am going to be honest with you— I had fear, emotional pain, and I felt discouraged. I am still pushing and this is still very emotional for me. But I must say - I used my support system as much as possible. I tend to be a loner— but during this whole process I realized how much I need my friends and family,” she explained.

She said she also wanted people to get to know her on social media, “Me— not the pretty side but, me. But social Media only saw the semi hard parts of my journey. I went through a lot more than I chose to share. I was bedridden for 6 weeks, sent to hospital because of bad reactions to the pain medicines. Did more than half of my painful journey without pain meds because I was afraid of the side effects.” She said, “If I didn’t have my friends, and my family around— I wouldn’t have made it this far. I am lucky to also have a physiotherapist who is also a friend— and especially my Mother, Dr. L’Antoinette Stines. She did everything for me, lol "bade me , feed me , everything me" when I couldn’t myself . It’s okay to need help. I told myself I will be able to do what I love . I am lucky to have 2 loves , Music and Dance and the people around me definitely told me the same. Don’t worry, we got this.” In wrapping up we asked Amanyea three final questions:

PANACHE: What can we look forward to from you? Amanyea: Music. This is only the beginning of my

and see more of my art, blossom. My aim is to blend all my talents together in one. I released my single September 7th, and the feedback had made me so excited. I am grateful, that so far, people love what they hear and see. Shocking of course, because I am being vulnerable, putting my art out there for people to either love, ridicule, scorn, hate etc. But so far I am humbled at how well received it has been. So, look forward to more music and dance, but not separated anymore.


Where do you visualise seeing yourself one year from now?


Can I tell you one year from now? lol I see myself being an artiste, just more potent.


What message would you give to Amanyea at 15 years old?

Amanyea: Do not be afraid. Cliché? Yes. But I was so

afraid to do all the things I wanted to do, I was afraid of opinions, of being laughed at. Dance was my comfort zone. I wish I was confident enough to sing, and write. Join clubs just for that. But I was afraid. Fear is a hell of a thing.

career. I can't wait for people to hear more of my music

@panachejamag |


Bowers&Wilkins T7 WIRELESS SPEAKER Review by DJ Courtney


f you’ve never heard about Bowers & Wilkins before, this brand represents class, style and quality. So when I got the Bowers & Wilkins T7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to test- my initial excitement was obvious, however, having experienced it- I have mixed views.

The foremost thing that I noticed which bothered me, was what I thought was a USB charging port. It actually turned out to be just for updating the device. Thus, the only way it can be charged is with the charger that comes in the box which I later used and charged it for about five hours.

Firstly, when I unboxed it, as expected you could see the quality and workmanship that went into designing & building this speaker- it is top class. The T7 box came with the speaker and the charger included, however, no USB cable.

Connecting the wireless speaker was easy, the buttons are built into the frame at the top. The Bowers & Wilkins T7 also offered a connection via auxiliary cable. Nonetheless, I decided to test the Bluetooth function by connecting my iPhone and let me tell you, the sound was incredible! I already own two other Bluetooth speakers and the T7 blew them out the water. With that said, this didn’t

This wireless speaker had a nice spider web/honeycomb design in its housing with a rubber frame around plus the finish was black blended with dark grey. It’s not too big for a portable speaker, but it’s not exactly lightweight either nor can it hold in your pocket.

18 |


have a speakerphone function. It has two speakers at the front and a subwoofer styled speaker at the back, nevertheless, as I said before, it sounds awesome. I’ve been using this wireless speaker on and off now for about six days, yet I’ve still not charged it since the initial power up- now that’s a battery life that I can’t complain about at all. This is definitely a high-end speaker, so you’re definitely paying for a quality well-made Bluetooth speaker, which produces great sound from a reputable brand. It’s presently on my living room shelf for all to see, as this is not one of those speakers to have around the pool or outdoors, unfortunately, it is not waterresistant or waterproof. But all in all, it’s the best sounding Bluetooth speaker for that size I’ve ever used and heard.


Photos courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins

By Tricia Williamson


t’s been over a decade since Bowers & Wilkins’ first introduced the iconic Zeppelin. This wireless speaker has a stylish, unique and sleek design. I must admit at my first glance of it online, the sheer size didn’t strike me until I saw it in person. So if you’re in the market for a compact wireless speaker- this is not it.

Weighing in at 14lbs, a height of 188mm and width of 660mm- this juggernaut in audio is built for your home. At $699USD, it’s no walk in the penny park. Nevertheless, it is a great addition to your interior design- perfect for a large room with a high ceiling such as a living room or party space. Big in size, but even bigger in sound. The Zeppelin is loud and offers high quality, clear audio in its delivery. The speaker is impressive even at high volumes the bass remains powerful yet controlled. Bowers & Wilkins have always been excellent in their craftsmanship. As Christmas nears, and we gather for parties and gatherings with family and friends, the Zeppelin is the speaker for your party. You can wake the neighbourhood with this… But please don’t.

@panachejamag |




et me start by saying I’m now torn, as I recently did a review of the Sony 1000XM2 which is comparable, and in my opinion, they are both on par but let me get into the details.

Unboxing the headphone was the first time I noticed was how good they looked and felt. Included in the box, was a very simple case, which includes a micro USB cable, wired connection jack, a connection to use on airplanes, -which I normally don’t read, however, that changed quickly as -the DJmanual Courtney understanding the functionality wasn’t as easy as I expected.

20 |


By DJ Courtney

Sennheiser PXC 550

Another feature, which I found interesting, was how to turn off the device. This was done by closing the Headphone and to turn it on, you open them. Initially, I had my reservations in regards to the call quality while using the headphone, but that soon changed when I installed the app, which allowed me to adjust the setting to my preference. After I charged the headphone for about 4hrs-I’ve been using it for a combined 17hrs so far. So why should you buy it… because it’s made by Sennheiser, & I’m a DJ so I should know- Just kidding. The truth is, the Sennheiser PCX550 has great sound, quality, durability & a reputation that speaks for itself. This headphone can more than compete with its competitors in the same price range.

Photos courtesy of Sennheiser

As was expected from Sennheiser, the headphone had some great features, the noise-cancelling was excellent with a switch that adjusts ambience. You can use gestures on the right ear cup, to stop/ play/forward/next track etc., however the only drawback, these features were very sensitive.


Photos courtesy of V-Moda

By Tricia Williamson


s Christmas nears, the V-Moda Remix Wireless speaker is excellent gift that’s hard to beat! V-Moda has done it again delivering its award-winning, exceptionally high-quality sound in this beautifully designed speaker. With this brand, you are always sold from the unboxing experience. V-Moda Remix presents you the first 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker and amplifier. The sound is clean and clear with detailed immersive music experience every audiophile absolutely loves! Top features include: over 10 hours of playtime, wired/wireless

mode and a daisy chain feature (chain included in box) Compatible with iOS, Android and all smartphones, tablets and computers. Upgrade your listening experience beyond your iPhone or Samsung built-in speakers. The Remix powers it up to great live studio space. We are in the customizable economy and this wireless speaker is fully customizable to suit your look and tastes. It can embody your personality from all sides with 3-D printed options. Included in the package

are 4 Remix Rings to add a pop of colour to your housing. If the quality of design is as important to you as the high quality of sound- then mix it up with the Remix. It’s one of my top choices for you and your beau- perfect to take with you when you travel and even better to move around with you in your home. @panachejamag |


Sonasterio 22 |


Global architectural acoustic consulting firm WSDG (Walters-Storyk Design Group) designed Brazil’s first world-class, destination recording studio. A 30-minute drive from Belo Horizonte, the luxurious home is a collaboration between famed Brazilian architect João Diniz and WSDG, for musician/ engineer Bruno Barros.


Mountaintop Masterpiece Inside Sonastério, Brazil's First World-Class, Destination Recording Facility

Perched atop a scenic bluff overlooking the pristine Minas Gerais mountain range the modernistic glass and concrete 8,000 square foot structure is meticulously well appointed and features a 1,500 square foot worldclass recording studio with 20' high ceilings. Acoustic consultant/ studio designer WSDG was engaged during

@panachejamag |


"It is hard to imagine a more conducive environment to inspire creativity," commented WSDG Partner/Director of Design Renato Cipriano."Superb acoustics begin with geometry — we worked hand in glove with the architect to ensure that every square foot was precisely calibrated. The high comfort level set the stage for an extraordinary recording experience. The 750 sq. ft. In addition to the recording studio, live room is distinguished by a 20’ ceiling the showcase home features three height, an 80 sq. ft. Iso booth, panoramic guest bedrooms, five-star amenities, mountain views, custom ceiling clouds abundant natural light and dropoutfitted with a pro lighting grid to facilitate dead gorgeous views from both video shoots, and a striking ‘Sunburst’ indoor and outdoor spaces. studio logo hand painted over an acoustical “Sonastério Studios is a work of art broadband wall treatment." in itself," concludes Bruno Barros. "More than just a recording studio, Sonastério is a house of creation designed to enhance the natural expressiveness of each artist.

24 |


Photography courtesy of WSDG

the earliest phases of the project to ensure a seamless integration of the recording studio component — a key requirement of Mr. Barros from the beginning.

Architect & Acoustician

JOHN STORYK Interview by Tricia Williamson

@panachejamag |



ohn Storyk, registered architect and acoustician, is a founding partner of WSDG. He has provided design and construction supervision services for the professional audio and video recording community since the 1969 design of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios in New York City. Beyond an architect, Storyk is many things, he is a musician, art lover, history buff, pilot, passionate scuba diver, dedicated father and husband and loyal friend to many.

PANACHE: We saw an interview

where you shared that you once saw an Ad in the East Village’s The Other, “WANTED: Carpenters to work for free on an experimental nightclub.” …Why was it important for you in deciding to do that project also request that you also redesign the club (Cerebrum)?

John Storyk: The interview story

is correct. Try to imagine being 22 years old in the summer of ’68. The events that happened that evening in Greenwich Village were quite spontaneous. The project the ad referenced appeared to be fun; I loved theater, and this cub appeared to be a type of theatrical experience. When I finally saw the design the two owners were proposing it just seemed like I should make some changes to it, which I did – the rest is history as they say.

PANACHE: In what way did that project change your life or open doors for you?

JS: The club opened – and within

months it was already very well known. It had made the cover of Life Magazine. Jimi Hendrix went to the club one night, and had made the decision to open his own open club by purchasing The Generation — which was located in the basement

26 |


of the 8th street cinema. The club had been a well-known blues club in the area for the past few years. The irony is that I used to go visit that club a few years earlier to listen to blues artists. I was in a blues band in college as a student at Princeton. Even more ironic is that it was the basement of the cinema designed by one of my all-time architect idols – Fredrick Kiesler. A perfect storm of serendipity striking.

PANACHE: What was it like

designing for a legend like Jimi Hendrix?

JS: A bit surreal. I believe Jimi

had a few different personalities, but I mostly saw the quiet and almost shy Jimi. Most of the time I spent working on the studio was with his engineer and producer, Eddie Kramer, who became a lifelong friend. Jimi’s input was always special. He did not read architectural drawings very well but had a very definite idea of what he wanted the club to feel like. The club eventually became Electric Lady Studios. Jimi worked on emotions, and it was very special to be with him. All of this happened to me before the age of 24 and by the time Electric Lady Studios opened in the summer of 1970, I already had four more studios to design. Career tip:

make your first project famous. For me, it certainly changed my life!

PANACHE: What has been key to your success over the years?

JS: This is a tough question. I

believe that I was very fortunate to at an early age discover a way to unite “working”, meaning earning a living, and my artistic loves. Most days, I wake up and simply do not see a difference between “working” and “not working”. This life is one ride – and it has been a very special one that has taken me all around the world, allowing me to meet amazing people. Most of all, it has reinforced my belief in love and art as the most powerful forces in our lives.

PANACHE: In your words, what is WSDG?

JS: Of course this is an acronym

for our company – Walters-Storyk Design Group. The ‘Walters’ is Beth Walters, my wife, and partner. But it is more than a company, it is a family. My students have become interns, then they have become associates, and are now my partners. We have nearly 60 people in multiple offices and locations worldwide. All of them are passionate about our work and

The epitome of hip elegance and acoustical excellence, Jungle City Studios signify the dawn of the ‘Retro Future/Future Retro’ era. The $6 million + complex also re-calibrates the benchmark for destination studio design. Crowning a new luxury office building at 520 West 27th Street in NYC’s chill High Line district, Jungle City morphed 4800 square feet of raw real estate into a showplace duplex with soaring ceilings, a 370 square foot terrace, a 2400 square foot rooftop deck, and river views.



A V O U R I T E U D I O I S O N E I A M K I N G O N . - John Storyk -

passionate about treating our team and our partners (clients) as family. I would never want this spirit to change.

PANACHE: What do you envision for the future of studio design in the next decade?

JS: Studios will continue to exist. The fact is that there are more studios than ever before. What is happening now and will continue

@panachejamag |


DREAM ASYLUM: One of the contemporary music scene’s most prolific hit producers, Nate ‘Danja’ Hills and partner Marcella Araica have added a cutting edge, Walters-Storyk Design Group recording studio to their N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars) label. Recognized for their work with artists ranging from Britney Spears and Madonna to Justin Timberlake Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z, Danja and Araica now have the luxury of working in a studio ideally suited to their creative needs.

28 |


JS: Hopefully

to happen is a changing business model, a changing technology model, and a more democratic spread of studio locations. Basically, all artists will someday have his or her own studios. These are exciting times particularly for studio design, with the arrival of fantastic computer-assisted modeling software and more and more manufacturers entering the prefabricated acoustic treatment business.

PANACHE: What is your

approach when it comes to taking a decision to do a project- what are the key elements or steps in that process of designing and building a world-class studio?

Photos courtesy of WSDG

JS: Again, this is a tough question.

There are lots of factors. We have a somewhat complex “internal rating system” which includes obvious categories such as the potential benefits to the business, but there are also non-business categories we consider such as the PR value, learning coefficient, location, client friendliness, and other factors. We

are very fortunate right now – quite busy, but always excited to meet a new client. And we are always eager to take on a new project. Clients become our partners and hopefully our friends.

PANACHE: With thousands of

facilities under your belt, can you describe three (3) that stand out to you and why?

JS: My usual answer for this is

we will still be here with our core beliefs – doing great work – doing honest work – continuing to learn – and continuing to have our family values. During the past three years, Beth and I have distributed over 50% of the company to our team – these are exciting times. It is their turn now.

“..my favorite studio is the one I am working on…” Obviously, it all starts with Electric Lady, on which we must have done something correctly since it in its 50th year is still considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious studios. Another of my favorites is Jungle City Studios in New York City which we did for Annie Mincielli. The multi-studio complex for Berklee College of Music, Boston, where I also teach, would certainly also be on this list. Paul Epworth’s church Studios in London…… and so on.

PANACHE: 100 years from now

what will be the WSDG legacy that stands the test of time?

@panachejamag |



Paving the Way In The Fight Against Cancer Interviewed by Tricia Williamson

In 2011, Dr. Lawrence Williams was a Research Consultant consulting at the time with the Products Research Unit at the Research Council (SRC) in Jamaica. He was also continuing his research into natural products for agrochemical and medicinal purposes. In our exclusive interview with him several years ago, he shared insights into his ground-breaking research. In this issue, we’re sharing that story again.

PANACHE: How did you get

started at the Scientific Research Council (SRC)?

Dr. Lawrence Williams: I have a long

history with the SRC. It began from my Ph.D. days, after I completed my B. Sc, I was told that the SRC had a project where they wanted to explore natural products as insecticides and that was being facilitated through Professor Ajai Mansingh, at University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus. I applied for the job and was successful. Later I was informed that the work would count towards my graduate program. I later pursued a Master's of Philosophy which was upgraded to Ph.D. In 1990. I completed my Ph.D. in 1991 and graduated in 1992. I eventually returned to the SRC as a project supervisor for the Natural Product Unit. After two years I went back to the University of the West Indies (Mona) to pursue a post-doctoral program with Prof. Ajai Mansingh and after completing one year on that program I joined the Anatomy Department (UWI, Mona) teaching histology and conducting neuroanatomy tutorials.

30 |


While in the Anatomy Department, I explored the toxic effects of plants that displayed promising pesticidal potential. I was interested in extracts of the guinea hen weed and a compound isolated from the extract known as dibenzyl trisulphide (DTS). From these studies in the Anatomy department, we saw that DTS had interesting pharmacological properties. Dibenzyl trisulphide stimulated the proliferation of cells in the thymus gland which is an immune enhancing organ along with the stimulation of some bone marrow parameters. I later decided to explore the mechanism of action of DTS. Which was done through an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship program with Professor Harald Rosner at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany using neuroblastoma cells in 1999. We found that while looking for the mechanism of DTS, it would inhibit the proliferation of the neuroblastoma cells at the micro-molar concentration which suggested to us that it could have anti-cancer potential. And that's where the cancer work began.

PANACHE: Where are you now with the cancer research that has got everyone a buzz in 2011?

Dr. Williams: We published a

paper in the journal "Biochimica et Biophysica (BBA)" In 2001 looking at the mechanism of dibenzyl trisulphide (DTS); particularly how it inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells. Shortly thereafter a group in San Diego lead by Professor Haoyun published a patent on DTS and its derivatives as anti-cancer agents in animals. We later found that when DTS is bound to serum albumin the anticancer potency increased by 2,500 fold and this discovery was patented by us. Now the research is at the stage of exploring the toxic effect of the conjugate (DTS and albumin) in animals. To date, the conjugate seems to be non-toxic, and we are planning to use human serum albumin in the testing. Thereafter we will do the clinical trials.

PANACHE: Tell us more about the guinea hen weed?

Dr. Williams: The plant is good

for various types of cancer including lung, melanoma, breast, prostate, and lymphoma and that is known from people who are using it. The pure compound is far more powerful than the crude extract. The plant is grown locally throughout Jamaica and is also grown in Latin America, and in some parts of West Africa. It has a traditional history of being used as a medicinal plant from ~the time of the Mayans and in Africa, it is known as a cure-all for a variety of diseases. It is a dark green leafy vegetable- type plant. It is a cowering plant and somewhat similar

"The plant is good for various types of cancer including lung, melanoma, breast, prostate, and lymphoma and that is known from people who are using it." -DR. LAWRENCE WILLIAMS

to callaloo only that it has a spine that grows out of it when cowering. The plant has several aliases including gully root, guinea hen weed, and anamu. Anamu is the name of a celestial god in Mayan mythology and this plant is said to have that name because of its healing properties it is also called Strong Man Weed in Jamaica.

PANACHE: Do you know it to be used in any roots drink? Dr. Williams: No, however, it is used in a ritual where they use plants to heal the very sick. It is an African religious ritual and it is one of the main plants used.

@panachejamag |


PANACHE: What is your vision 10 years from now with this work and the impact of this research?

Dr. Williams: This plant not only

has anti-cancer potential but it also has anti-aging properties and this is supported to some extent by the thymus research we have done. The thymus is an immune organ which when it is dying off (atrophy) your body becomes prone to degenerative diseases including arthritis. If we decide to pursue the anti-aging market then we can have a medicine on the market within ten years. We nevertheless will be going for the conjugate as opposed to the pure compound since it is more superior as an anti-cancer agent in comparison to the pure compound and I hope that will be on the market in 10 years. From what we have seen it inhibited the proliferation of a wide range of cancer cells, it is non-toxic and more importantly does not have any effect on non-cancerous cells and seems therefore to be selective for pathological cells.

PANACHE: In terms of research

do you think more needs to be done by the private sector, the government to support the research that is coming out?

Dr. Williams: Yes, research is very

expensive and particular the private sector should play a greater role. The government should offer benefits such as tax breaks to businesses in the private sector. In return, the money from tax breaks should go to research institutions such as the University of the West Indies and the Scientific Research Council. I personally feel that the government should look into that as our plants are very important because there

32 |


seems to be a wealth of traditional knowledge which could serve as leads to the development of our natural products and that in turn could improve our economy.

PANACHE: What has been your

biggest challenge in conducting this research?

Dr. Williams: The laboratory

facility is one example, labs for cell culture needs to be improved. I know that Dr. R Delgoda is doing cancer work and has struggled to get the facilities in place and now they have advanced in that pursuit which in itself is a good step. Sophisticated laboratory equipment and qualified personnel are areas that need to be addressed.

PANACHE: We have noticed

that you have patented your work, how important is it to protect that intellectual property?

Dr. Williams: It is very important,

because cancer is one of the number one killers in the world. For example, breast cancer treatment in the United States is a 40 billion US S industry per year. Therefore, if this compound is effective on breast cancer and is non-toxic, as we have seen thus far, this would become an important foreign exchange earner. Thus, from an economic point of view this protection via the patent was important so that no one can steal it.

PANACHE: Lastly what would you say has been the most rewarding?

Dr. Williams: Getting the patent. That has been the most rewarding milestone...to date.

This story was originally featured in PANACHE Spring 2011 Issue. All Rights Reserved.

StrawSleeeves Eco-product spotlight

Made in the USA, StrawSleeves are made from 100% hemp, 100% cotton denim and also reclaimed denim for the purpose of carrying reusable straws. Every day billions of single-use plastic straws are used and discarded worldwide. Whether while travelling, shopping or eating out- StrawSleeves are a great way to keep your straws with you! | Find them on Instagram: @strawsleeves.

Bloom where you are planted

Photo courtesy of StrawSleeves

"its only one straw"... Said 8 billion people #no straw movement @panachejamag |



The Global CANNABIS LICENSING AUTHORITY The official government agency set up medical to establish and regulate Jamaica's legal and hemp industry marijuana Ganja » » www.cla.org.jm industry is »» info@cla.org.jm » » 1-876-596-2996 estimated to value 4th Floor, Pan Jam Building, 60 $56 Billion USD Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica by 2025 according to a January TIMELESS HERBAL CARE FACILITIES Licensed Cannabis Producer- Made the 2018 report first shipment of medicinal marijuana Jamaica to Canada in September by Grandview from 2018. Research Inc. »» www.timelessherbalcare.com » » info@timelessherbalcare.com Jamaica’s budding »» 1-876-754-2121 formal marijuana Suite #31A, 30 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5, Saint Andrew, Jamaica industry has several key KAYA Herb House First Cannabis Dispensary in Jamaica players here are »» www.growkaya.com a few to keep on »»»» info@kayainc.net 1-876-596-2996 your radar. 1 Weed Street, Greenwich Estate, Drax Hall, Jamaica


First registered medical ganja company (2013) that produces cannabis-based nutraceutical products. » » www.medicanjajamaica.com » » IG: @medicanjaltd » » 1-876-622-1433 44 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica.

34 |



Distribution Company of Health & Wellness CBD products » » www.zimmerglobal.com » » info@zimmerglobal.com » » 1-876-633-0377 Montego Bay, Jamaica


Kingston’s Medical Cannabis Store » » www.epican.com » » IG: @epicanjamaica » » info@epican.com 67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston, Jamaica


Bud & Breakfast, located in beautiful St. Ann. Operated by the owners of Canada's original cannabis lounge, the Hotbox » » www.hotboxjamaica.com » » IG: @hotboxjamaica » » 1-876-577-5938 LOT 22 Caribbean Sub Rd, Runaway Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica


A licensed producer of medicinal ganja products including CBD water and other bionutrient medicinals. » » www.lascojamaica.com


JMCC offers both a reliable and growing supply of premium Jamaican medical cannabis to the world governed by stringent Farm-to-Patient™ » » www.jamaicanmedicann.com » » info@jamaicanmedicann.com Montego Bay Freeport Center, Jamaica


Funded by a small group of Jamaica cannabis advocates the company is responsible for planting marijuana. LASVAC, UCANN (Colorado-based United Cannabis), and Cannabinoid Research are partners in a joint venture that will see LASCO’s LASVAC responsible for product manufacturing; UCANN the expertise and patents while Cannabinoid Research focuses on planting. Office to be located in Kingston, Jamaica


Licensed Ganja Research Institution- The license granted in 2015 to the university to grow ganja for the purposes of research and development. » » www.utech.edu.jm


Licensed Ganja Research Institution- UWI was granted a license to cultivate marijuana for research purposes, and focuses its research efforts on medicinal and commercial products of marijuana. » » www.mona.uwi.edu


SRC is researching and identifying indigenous Jamaican strains of cannabis as well as analysing the ratios of cannabinoids and terpene profiles within those plants. Epican is a Jamaican-owned and operated company, which is partnering with the Scientific Research Council (SRC) with a focus on large-scale, CO2 extraction of phytocannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. » » www.src.gov.jm

MINISTRY OF HEALTH/ MEDICINAL CANNABIS UNIT (MCU) The MCU as at June 2018 had registered 61 medicinal cannabis products manufactured both locally and overseas. The MCU grants import permits. Distribution licenses are obtained from the Ministry of Health and Pharmacy Council Ministry also maintains a registry of trained personnel in the medical cannabis industry including physicians, pharmacists and researchers. Currently, such training is not yet mandatory for the industry. » » www.moh.gov.jm

Industry Events CANEX JAMAICA BUSINESS CONFERENCE & EXPO Annual business-to-business (B2B) conference that brings together global, regional and local cannabis industry professionals. » » www.canexjamaica.com Montego Bay Convention Centre, Montego Bay, Jamaica

JAMAICA MEDICAL CANNABIS INTEGRATION SYMPOSIUM (JAMECANN) The annual two-day symposium showcased advances that have been made in the Jamaican and international medical cannabis sector. » » www.utech.edu.jm » » Jamecann2018@gmail.com UTECH, Papine, Jamaica


A conference that is aimed at providing local health practitioners with an informative and comprehensive view of medical cannabis. » » www.mona.uwi.edu UWI, Mona, Jamaica

@panachejamag |



TShura Gibbs Interview by Tricia Williamson


’Shura has served for almost twenty years in the airline industry getting her start with AJAS Aviation Services then Avianca Airlines where she served as General Manager for Jamaica before joining US Airways as Station Manager for several Caribbean Islands. She then switched industries, moving on to Jamaica’s sole electricity distributor, JPS, where served as Regional Director with responsibility for almost half of the island. After five highly successful years at JPS, T’Shura decided to trade “kilowatts for CBD” and took up the role as CEO of Zimmer and Co. She is the former President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry and sits on the Operations Board of Junior Achievement Jamaica, the CanEx Jamaica Advisory Board and is the Executive Director of the I Love MoBay Foundation.

PANACHE: What exactly makes T’Shura Gibbs tick? T’Shura Gibbs: Knowing that I am able to make a difference in the lives of so many people; knowing that we are creating jobs and adding to our country’s economic growth is enough to get me going. PANACHE: What motivated you- a former regional director for an energy company to decide to get into the cannabis industry? T’Shura: The tremendous medical benefits; I first learned of the health benefits of medicinal cannabis in 2015. In 2017 at the CanEx conference I seized the opportunity to participate in the industry after realizing the extent to which the medicine could change and improve lives and what I saw to be a significant opportunity within the Caribbean. PANACHE: What product/ service is your company Zimmer & Co focused on now? Where can Jamaicans and travellers to Jamaica find them? T’Shura: Zimmer is a health and wellness distribution business that right now is focused on hemp-based CBD products. Our products are available in pharmacies island wide. Some products require a prescription, therefore, requiring a visit to a doctor. PANACHE: Given that your company distributes a range of medicinal cannabis products what has that retail experience been like for you both success and challenges?

T’Shura: One of the biggest challenges is the stigma associated with cannabis and the lack of education from both end users and medical practitioners surrounding the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We have embarked on a campaign to educate both groups which has been effective. We consider it a tremendous success every time we get a story from one of our customers about the difference the medicine has made in their lives.

Hearing an individual go from living a life of discomfort and pain to happily enjoy their days and moments after taking our products gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. PANACHE: What would you say differentiates your business from other cannabis companies? T’Shura: In Jamaica many of the companies are focused on cultivation while we focus on finished products. While some are developing the input and commodity that is medicinal grade cannabis and its various extracts, we are focused on finished products and in the process lead the way in terms of educating the medical fraternity and our target audiences about medicinal cannabis, its uses, effectiveness and medical properties. Additionally, as a licensed distribution pharmacy; we have opted to specialize in medicinal cannabis.

@panachejamag |


PANACHE: You've received a US $1M investment into Zimmer & Co, can you tell us what that investment will be used for? T’Shura: Our investment will fund working capital and the expansion of our product portfolio and the markets in which we operate. PANACHE: What are the challenges you think the industry in Jamaica/Caribbean faces financially/ legally or opportunities that need to be pursued to truly move forward? T’Shura: The major industry challenges include: banking issues; not enough governmental support for small farmers to enable them to fully participate in the industry, lack of education surrounding growing cannabis for medicinal purposes and speed. This industry is the fastest growing globally and is evolving daily. We salute the recent moves by the Jamaican Government but Caribbean governments on a whole need to move faster and more purposefully if we are to secure the collective benefits that exist for our region. PANACHE: How can Jamaica's formal cannabis market, now in its nascent stages, ensure that everyone (from the ground up) truly benefits? T’Shura: The legal cannabis industry holds the promise of tremendous economic benefit for Jamaica. First it offers a significant source of additional tax revenues, but more compelling is the transformative power it holds when a fully engaged industry sees the

38 |


benefit of the job creation and all the attendant economic benefits that come with opening up a thriving economic sector – people buying houses, renting apartments, purchasing cars, eating at restaurants, investing in the stock market, etc. The potential economic impact of this industry to Jamaica and the direct improvement it will make to the quality of lives of so many Jamaicans warrants the attention and focus it has started to receive from the Government, JAMPRO, the Economic Growth Council and other entities charged with driving growth in the country.

PANACHE: We have noted that in addition to CanEx 2018 you are also a guest speaker at the Doing Power Differently Breakfast workshop on October 28 in Kingston Jamaica. Why is it important for persons to attend each of those events that you are headlining? T’Shura: Ongoing education is key to our personal and professional development. We all have our individual stories and experiences that we can share to help others along the journey of life. CanEx 2018 was a huge success with delegates from 22 countries present; Doing Power Differently is already sold out.

PANACHE: What's your ultimate goal for Zimmer & Co in 3 to 5 years? T’Shura: We expect to be a major player in the industry shipping products globally and providing world-leading work environment and culture.

PANACHE: As a working mom and entrepreneur/ CEO how to do balance it all? T’Shura: Balancing is hard; so I try to integrate the two. I am fortunate to have a strong support system and with the advent of video calling, I am able to do homework via WhatsApp. I have two young sons (and two

older daughters) who hang out in the ‘chill corner’ at my office when I am there on weekends. They stop by the office on the way home from school when I am working late and I try to take them to and from school and extra-circular activities as much as I can.

Photos courtesy Zimmer & Co

PANACHE: What is your mantra? What motivates you? T’Shura: Our Vision, ‘Helping People. Changing Lives.’ Is not just a four letter word, it is something I believe in.

PANACHE: Any final thoughts? T’Shura: Thank you for this opportunity. I hope our readers will conduct their own research into medicinal cannabis and in particular CBD, and talk to their doctor or pharmacist about the benefits of these products. @panachejamag |


Lorraine Givans'

Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner


LORRAINE GIVANS T: 876-848-7267 E: admin@destinyachievedcoaching.com W: www.destinyachievedcoaching.com Break this goal down further and set actions for each month, then set daily intentions towards this goal. If you have a staff team, check in with them and their key performance areas and be sure to acknowledge their wins too. Set a goal that you believe is achievable for each individual and also that is in alignment with your overall objectives for your business. We are now in the last quarter of 2018. This is a great time to reflect on your journey thus far towards your vision, dreams and the goals you had set for your business. And, of course, yourself, as it is important to ensure your overall well-being is holistically aligned to your vision and dreams. Upon reflection, acknowledge and embrace all your achievements, no matter the size. We tend to put too much energy on what we have not achieved. So acknowledge and embrace your wins if you have not already taken this time to do so. Review Your Goals Be gentle with yourself while reflecting on the goals that you may not have achieved to this point. Review those goals and identify one that you wish to achieve and that you are prepared to commit to. Ensure that is SMART-Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic & Timebound, i.e. can be achieved by the end of 2018.

40 |


Use this time to revisit your daily routine and the tools you have been using to support you. If you feel that something is not working for you now or needs tweaking or changing, do it NOW! So to summarize: • Acknowledge and embrace all your achievements • Review your goals and set one you wish to achieve by the end of 2018 • Acknowledge your staff teams achievements & set their goals accordingly • Review your daily routine & the tools you use to support you You have now positioned yourself Author unknown and your business to end 2018 holistically aligned to your vision. As you reflect, remember, you have a unique message for the world: "Be Uniquely & Unapologetically You and Step into Alignment with Your Vision.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------Lorraine Givans is the Chief Supporting Officer (CSO) and Founder of Destiny Achieved Coaching. She is a Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Lorraine supports business owners and entrepreneurs with a unique message, brand, and commitment that is dedicated to ensuring clients “Step into Alignment with their Vision.” She is passionate about business support and with this in mind, Lorraine only works one-on-one and personally designs a bespoke programme specific to the needs of each business. Destiny Achieved Coaching embraces Vision 2030 Jamaica and will endeavour to support its clients in ensuring that their business will be in alignment with this vision.

Reflection, looking back so that the view Looking forward is even clearer. -

"Savouring Jamaica" Welcomes Appleton Estate Master Blender Joy Spence

Photo courtesy of the Appleton Estate

The world’s first female Master Blender will host a mini tasting session during the event’s cocktail hour. Final touches are being made for an event that will make a historic debut on Wednesday, November 7 at the James Beard house located at 167 West 12th Street, in the heart of Greenwich Village. “Savouring Jamaica” is set to welcome guests for a special evening honoring Jamaican cuisine, chefs and culture that will include a mini tasting session from sponsor Appleton Estate and Master Blender Joy Spence.

developing her sensory skills, an impeccable palate and sense of smell before earning the prestigious title herself in 1997; one that would come with being recognized as the first female in the world to become a Master Blender. In 2017, Appleton Estate released its limited edition, 25-Year-Old rum in honor of Spence’s 20th anniversary as its Master Blender, rightfully named “JOY.”

As the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, Appleton Estate is known worldwide for its authentic Jamaican rum made in the Cockpit Country – lush and fertile terrain that is nestled inland and celebrated for producing complex and aromatic Appleton Estate rums for more than 265 years.

“As a proud Jamaican, I wanted to expose as many people as possible to the great culinary and drink renaissance that’s happening right now in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica. Together with this year’s culinary team and a special appearance and tasting by Joy Spence, we are taking the presentation of Jamaican cuisine and culture to the next level,” says “Savouring Jamaica” producer Annette Davidson.

Spence joined Appleton Estate in 1981 as the chief chemist, working under the guidance of Master Blender Owen Tulloch. She spent the next 16 years

During “Savouring Jamaica,” Spence will share what makes Appleton Estate rums some of the best in the world with

a mini tasting session that will also include cocktails paired withpassed hors d’oeuvre prepared by Chef Christina Simonitsch (Simo's Bread & Catering, Jamaica) and Chef Noel Cunningham (Cuisine by Noel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). The evening will continue with a five-course dinner prepared and presented by host chef Hugh ‘Chef Irie’ Sinclair (Chef Irie Spice, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL); Gariel Ferguson (The Rib Kage, Jamaica); Robin Lim Lumsden (Belcour Preserves, Jamaica); and Colin Hylton (The Guilt Trip, Jamaica). All courses will be paired with wine, with brands to include Darjean Jones Wines and P. Harrell Wines, two blackowned, female brands out of Texas and California. Tickets for this special evening are $140 for James Beard Foundation members and $180 for non-members and available by calling 212-6272308; Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST. Tickets can also be purchased through the James Beard’s website- www.jamesbeard.org

@panachejamag |



Craig Harley by Denar Brown


hen the reality that life is a marathon and not a race hits you, then the little changes you made start having big impacts. To think that 2 years ago I was over 40 pounds heavier, struggling in my career and trying to balance the other aspects of my life as well. Craig Harley is the managing director at Creative House Photography and also an athlete. Craig’s work surpasses horizons and expectations, as he is not only known in Jamaica but internationally. However, the process of building himself has been a really heavy deadlift. Owning a business and balancing the gym is not an easy task, especially when your goal is to compete on a national level for men’s physique. When I just started out, I

42 |


Sooner rather than later Craig realized that the work stress would never end, owning a business will always be a stressful job, so when the work stress started again, Craig decided to use the gym as a relief. However, just going to the gym did not suffice, Craig wanted a challenge, something to motivate himself to keep going, to do better, to build himself. With such a drive a need, there is only one thing that you do to push your own determination and cement it in the memory of others, and that is to make a social media post pledging to enter the countries biggest bodybuilding and fitness competition. Craig

Photography by Dash Productions


Craig lost his father when he was 12 years old, and growing up in the community of Norman Gardens would never be the same. His father was an entrepreneur, and Craig was determined to make his father proud with his business ventures. To do this, Craig created a narrow depth of field for his career, which blurred out the other important aspects of his life: family, friends and fitness. When you are on the go, working in a fast paced environment and trying to get everything done with only 24 hours in a day, you are more likely to eat food that follows the pace, fast food. Late nights meant late eating, networking meant lots of drinking, everything felt like it fell in place, the right moment and the right time for me to have a drink or to eat the stress away. We were at a Christmas photo-shoot when I accidentally saw myself in the mirror. I looked unflattering; I was so busy building my career up, that I neglected the diameter of my gut. This was not a good look Pull up! Pull up! Lift! Harley’s life needed a change.


only worked out 3 days a week, until I moved to 5 days a week and then I stopped for a couple of years. Craig told us in his interview that work became cumbersome and fitness had to take a back seat. The stress from work and family was unbearable. Craig told us that there were moments when he had to just stop where he was, drown the world out and remind himself what he is trying to achieve, what he wants from himself, what he wants to eat… In 2016, Craig’s weight struts down the runway of his life, sporting a brand new 40 pounds of fat. This was a stressful point in my life.

Photo contributed.

thinks of himself as a Harley whenever he is training at the gym, powerful, loud and determined. I won't quit, but I will cuss the entire time. In preparation for the competition, Craig went through 3 trainers, intense dieting and rigorous training exercises. Sleepless nights were replaced by hungry nights as I worked on curbing years of bad eating habits. The worst part of the process was expecting faster results, I felt like I was on the brink of having the life sucked from my body and the results did not match my pain then, but I knew I had to trust the process. The best part of the experience came next, when the trust started paying off and I started seeing the improvements, the joy of stepping on a scale almost became an addition as I took pride in knowing I took some weight off earth’s shoulders. Since his decision to invest more in himself, business has been better, Craig’s level of confidence has positively affected his professional and other relationships. He has struck a balance in his life between work, family, his mental and physical health .We asked Craig if he could tell someone who is having a similar issue some words of encouragement what would he say? Make the effort to do the work and allow your body to respond. Life is a marathon, not a race, it’s not about when you start or how fast you go but rather how long you can stay in the game. A healthy lifestyle promotes a longer life , take a risk on bettering yourself.

@panachejamag |


Things To Do November 9-17, 2018

December 26, 2018

RESTAURANT WEEK Restaurant Week is a week-long, family-oriented event which encourages patrons to have fun, go out and dine in restaurants across the island. Menu items are themed with different price categories. Food Lovers can look forward to a wide range of cuisine to excite the palate and tease the mind; all centered around great ambiance and good vibes


44 |


WEALTH 500 Boxing Day will never be the same. See you at the Caymanas Polo Club for #Wealth500 on December 26!


The Allure of THE OWIA SALT POND Words & Photos by Melony Mejias.

It is truly a wonderful natural phenomenon that visitors should see and photograph while visiting the beautiful Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

@panachejamag |


St. Vincent & The Grenadines


uring one of my summer vacations, my family and I travelled to the wonderful island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This was my second trip to the island, and it left an everlasting impact on my life, and my photography. The first time I visited Saint Vincent, I was only a child and had a vague memory of my experience— evidently I knew one day I had to visit the island again. I had to regain and enrich my memory of this wonderful island. Fortunately, for me, my aunt and uncle currently live

46 |


in Saint Vincent, so I am at liberty to visit the island at my leisure. On the third day of our trip, my aunt suggested that we visit some unique places. One of those places mentioned was the salt pond located in Owia. Immediately, I Googled the location to see the journey we were about to embark upon, and I was truly amazed at the natural phenomenon

The volcanic rock formations magically formed itself into a pool which is continuously refreshed by waves splashing in from the sea. Reef fish and coral formation give the pond a unique colour which looks a tropical pool. I stayed at the pond for approximately two hours. My experience at the Owia Salt Pond was one filled with amazement, joy, laughter and fun. Bathing in the pond felt therapeutic. The reef fish lightly nibbling at my feet in the water felt relaxing and unlike anything I have experienced thus far. The salt water in the pond felt warm and calming and I felt like never leaving. Although I was engrossed enjoying my time bathing in the pond, I was able to photograph this natural phenomenon.

in pictures. Upon seeing the pond, I was ecstatic to take many pictures but before I express my experience and thoughts about the pond, let me elaborate on some facts about the Owia Salt Pond. The Owia Salt Pond is located on the North Eastern Coast of St. Vincent in the village of Owia which is home to some of the indigenous people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines— the Black Caribs. The salt pond was formed when larva from the volcano erupted and met the sea. The salt pond forms a vital buffer zone between terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

It was truly a delightful site to see and experience first-hand and I recommend it to anyone who is planning to visit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is said that The Owia Salt Pond has been used for therapeutic purposes in the past, I concur to this as I have experienced bathing in the pond myself. It will be an experience unlike any other. The rocks depicted in the photograph are the volcanic rock formations that surround the pool. It is truly a wonderful natural phenomenon that visitors should see and photograph while visiting the beautiful Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

@panachejamag |


48 |

Grenada DiveFest


DIVE INTO PURE GRENADA'S UNDERWATER FESTIVAL The Pure Grenada Dive Festival is an opportunity for divers of all abilities to immerse themselves in the Caribbean destination’s fascinating underwater world. The second annual Festival took place from October 3-6 and it showcased the destination’s rich and diverse eco-system as well as the bountiful and vibrant marine life that can be found off the islands’ shores. With Grenada being the home of the World’s first Underwater Sculpture Park and the Caribbean’s largest wreck dive the Bianca C, the festival is a must add to your list of travel goals. Every day of the festival was given a specific theme based on Grenada and Carriacou’s dive offerings. Day 1 was designated Reef Diving in Grenada and Carriacou, which is literally translated to mean ‘the Isle of Reefs’. The destination’s reef systems are healthy and support diverse marine life including seahorses, turtles, sharks, and rays. Underwater photo enthusiasts were also challenged with a funfilled photography competition with the chance to win prizes for categories such as the most creative selfie, best reef photo, and best wreck photo. Day two, themed Wreck Diving, catered to all divers offering a beginner’s pool diving course and the opportunity for certified divers to explore some of the islands’ 14 wreck dives including the newest, M/V Anina. The second half of the festival presented a robust schedule of sustainable activities for participants to make a positive impact on Grenada’s underwater ecosystem. October 5, or Project Aware Dive Against Debris day, included scheduled cleanup dives off the shores of all three islands in the destination and local school outreach presentations aimed at educating Grenada’s next generation on best practices in dive marine conservation.

Grand Anse Beach. The Lionfish were skilfully prepared and served at the evening social event in which they were a hit with participants. Grenada’s coast is a haven for diverse marine life due to the warm waters and healthy coral reef systems and sponges and divers and underwater photographers are spoilt for choice in discovering them all. Dive enthusiasts are encouraged to book early for the third annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest, which is planned for October 2-5, 2019. Make your bookings at www. puredivinggrenada. com.

The final day of the festival, Invasive Lionfish Eradication Diving day started at the picturesque Morne Rouge Bay/BBC Beach with the boats sent off to predetermined dive locations and reconvening with their catches at Coconut Beach Restaurant on

Photo courtesy for the Grenada Tourism Authority

@panachejamag |


Photography by Michael Condran


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Photos by Bambusa Jamaica

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Coconut Ceviche Tacos at Plant Food & Wine in Wynwood


elcome to Miami, where farmto-table cuisine means juicy heirloom tomatoes in the middle of winter, mangos and jackfruit in the summer and fresh greens year-round. Here, chefs embrace the bounty of fruits and vegetables that flourish in South MiamiDade’s agricultural district.

In Homestead, you can sample authentic tropical farm-to-table dining – and drinking – any time of the year at Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery and its RedLander Restaurant helmed by Chef Dewey LoSasso, a lush, palmy outpost in South Dade. Your meal might include mahi-mahi ceviche and salad made with Malabar spinach or guavabasted chicken wings. Accompany your meal with avocado or passion fruit wine or a Big Rod coconut ale, all made on site at the winery.

James Beard award winning chef Michael Schwartz in his herb garden.

Schnebly Redland's Winery

BRINGING THE FARM TO YOUR PLATE James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz is credited with making fresh, local ingredients the star of the show when he opened Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami’s Design District in 2007. BACKYARD GARDENS The pioneering farm-to-table restaurant, Essensia at The Palms Hotel & Spa, takes local love a step further. While they’ve relied on farmers like Teena’s Pride for heirloom tomatoes and other produce, they also grow their own herbs and vegetables in an organic garden behind their tiki bar. Thai basil, lemongrass, lemon balm, Cuban oregano, edible flowers and vegetables all find their way into recipes and cocktails on the menu.

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Pineapple & Citrus salad at Essensia

Photos courtesy of the GMCVB

Paradise Farms was established roughly 18 years ago specializing in organic produce and edible flowers sold to restaurants. Located in the heart of Homestead, about 45 minutes south of Downtown Miami, the farm supplies many chefs and farmers markets with local fruits and vegetables, herbs, eggs, mushrooms and other produce.

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