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FIND YO U R LOV E OF H E R I TAG E Immerse yourself in Little Haiti’s rich culture and traditions, or sample its contemporary wave of art galleries and indie-music. Two sides of one historic neighborhood.

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y grandfather, for some time now, has not been in the best of health. It’s been hard on the family seeing him in such a fragile state. He’s been so hardworking and strong for all the years of my life I have been blessed to know him. The most heart wrenching of times has been the loving moments between Mama and Dada. My grandparents have been married over 50 years- a love to last a lifetime and very few things in life hurt more deeply than seeing someone you love hurt and you are powerless to help them. It’s hard to face the reality we all know to be true, but if the brevity of mortality teaches us one thing- let it be to cherish and love life. Just live every moment to the fullest. Love & love some more! On the business side of things, the entire PANACHE team and I are proud to have the magazine field two finalists at the CTO Travel Media Awards in New York City in June! Kinisha Correia and IKenna Douglas were two contributors to the magazine last year. Today they are respective nominees for Best Feature by a Caribbean Journalist in a Caribbean Media and Best Photograph accompanying a feature for their published works in PANACHE in 2017. We are proud to have won Best Feature & give special shout out to all of the team who work together making each issue a success!

Midday meeting...Negril, Jamaica at Spa Retreat

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One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go. -Sheila Murray Bethel

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CEO's Letter PANACHE Magazine Wins Big Wedding Trends 2018 DodoCool Review ThinkSound ON2 Review MIIEGO AL3: The Perfect Fit Shinola: The Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitor Next Stop Grenada Bold Step Towards Financial Independence Money Lessons For Your Kids Editor's Choice- Apothecare Essentials Story & Myth St. Lucia Jazz- Soleil Summer of Festivals Sexless Relationships- The Simple Truth Things To Do Journey of Fatherhood Jay R. Ellis- A PANACHE Exclusive Great Gifts For Him Kelly & Kathleen Imari: Making Authenticity Viral Stush In The Bush Snaps: #ABFF2018 In Miami




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June 8, 2018, New York, USA PANACHE Magazine (the flagship travel and lifestyle magazine from the PANACHE Digital Media family), has won the Best Feature Award that appeared in a Caribbean-based media by a Caribbean-based Journalist. This was announced at the coveted Caribbean Travel Media Awards in New York on Friday, June 8, 2018. The award-winning feature, “More than Just Beads: Story and Myth,” which was written by Kinisha Correia, was published in the October 2017 issue and showcased the work of Story & Myth, a Jamaican brand which specialises in, “island-inspired handmade jewellery.” The four-page feature, which included photography by Niesha Brown, was a unique celebration of stunning earthiness behind each Story & Myth bracelet and necklace. The feature shared details on how each bead is made and highlighted the fact that they are created by local artisans, many of whom are physically disabled. The creations of these individuals provide them with much-needed income for their families. Tricia Williamson, CEO and Editorial Director of PANACHE Magazine, said, “We are honoured by this achievement. This win speaks volumes to our unwavering commitment to being the voice for Jamaican and Caribbean

(CTO). I’m also proud that the piece selected was on a business creating change by weaving environmental and socially conscious practices into its work. Winning this award strengthens the message that business can be a force for good in the region. I’m grateful to be a part of that cultural shift.” Kristie Stephenson, owner of Story & Myth, added that she was, “... thrilled and excited that these long time oral mythical stories are getting acknowledged in the mainstream.”

Kinisha Correia (L), award-winning journalist, and Tricia Williamson, CEO & Editorial Director, PANACHE, proudly display their winning award at the recent Caribbean Travel Media Awards in New York.

stories that truly connect with our readers. I commend Kinisha on the way she utilised her writing prowess to produce such a well-written story that captured the imagination of the readers and I am forever grateful to Story & Myth for allowing us to share their powerful story through our magazine.” Award-winning writer, Kinisha Correia, shared, “I’m appreciative and honoured that my work has been recognized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization

This was PANACHE’s first time participating in the prestigious travel media awards and along with the historic win; the magazine was also a finalist for Best Photograph Accompanying a Feature. The image by Ikenna Douglas, which was displayed on the PANACHE Magazine Cover of April 2017, was the entry in this Category. “We’re very proud and excited at PANACHE! This win is a “celebration of excellence” and we are humbled to know that our efforts are seen in that light! We are also truly grateful for the recognition of our Caribbean talent by the CTO, as we know that this will serve as motivation to other upcoming Caribbean journalists,” shared Tricia Williamson.

Destination Weddings One of the top trends of 2018 PHOTOGRAPHY BY CRAIG HARLEY

Wedding Trends for 2018 from Vishal Joshi, Co-Founder, Joy Wedding Planning App

1. Unplugged Ceremonies Ah, here's where the intrusiveness of Uncle Joe took its toll. Joshi says couples and photographers, both have become fed up with photofidgety guests who don't know when to stay seated and still. "It's usually the ceremony that people care most about having their photos ruined, because there are those key moments—the first look, the walk, the kiss—that obviously don't last forever," says Joshi. "When guests try to take their own photos, they block the way or distract the bride and groom, and then the photographers can easily lose that moment." But then, what officiant wants to begin his heartfelt speech with the wedding equivalent of a "please silence your cell phones" movie theatre preview? As an alternative, Joy can send your guests a push notification 15 minutes before the ceremony that politely asks they put away their phones and allow the professional photographers to do their jobs. 2. Cash Registries Cash registries are the norm in many places around the world; why then has it been so fought against here, and why now is it finally becoming acceptable? "I think it's mostly because we have these new generations of people, the Millennials and whatnot, who are no longer attending weddings where the couples haven't been living together— usually for a number of years," says Joshi. "No one's registering for a Keurig coffee maker, because they've been drinking Keurig coffee together for the past two years." What do couples really

12 |

want as a wedding present? To make a dent in their student loans, to cover the down payment on a new place, to vacation in Greece on a honeymoon they can't afford after paying for a wedding, to experience a cultural event they'd never book on their own—all of these are huge-ticket items that no one guest would be able to give. "There are all of these wonderful experiences it would be nice for your guests to allow you to do, that quite simply, you need cash for," says Joshi. "I know people who have created a registry for no reason, trying to figure out weird ways to get cash through refunds and selling credits and things like that. That's silly! I wouldn't have any problem giving cash if I know the bride and groom are then going to go to that super nice restaurant and remember me." 3. Destination Weddings There's been an uptick in both international and domestic destination weddings as of late. Joshi reasons that this is in part due to the modern couple's departure from traditional ceremonies in favour of "a good time with friends and family," but also because they can actually save you serious moolah. "It's completely counterintuitive, but most of the money surrounding destination weddings is not spent by the bride and groom," says Joshi. "Think about these all-inclusive resorts where the food and drinks and stay are all covered by your room fee—and that's paid by the guests, who also cover their own travel. You're just paying for your own accommodations, and then some very minimal special

For more wedding trends visit,


arrangements for that day. If you're on a gorgeous beach with white sand, how much more decoration do you need, right?" 4. Live Slideshows Photo booths have proven they're more than a flash in the pan, or, rather, a reception corner. But, they're stuck in that corner; with live slideshows, photos can be taken and shared from all over—the bar, the dance floor, the bathroom line, whatever. "One couple was telling us about a guest who had the goal of taking a selfie with every person at the wedding," remembers Joshi with a laugh." He was uploading them to Joy's live stream that was being shown in the reception, so all of a sudden people were laughing like, 'What is happening? I've got to find this guy for a selfie too.' " And while a live slideshow can bring your friends and family closer together at the actual wedding, it can also help you feel closer to those far away. "If your grandma is 1,000 miles away, all she has to do is go to your website and she can experience the entire wedding live," Joshi says. "That's so precious in many ways, because now she can see everything and ask you about specific moments afterwards that were captured by photos."

For all your wedding photography needs, no matter the destination... Contact: Craig Harley, CHPhotography at 1-876-806-4869


You can find DJ Courtney playing at these upcoming events...



For your destination wedding, event or party in Jamaica, USA, Canada, UK CONTACT: IG: @djcourtneyjm #WhoIsHere

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was fortunate to be travelling when I got the Dodocool DA158 to test & review, here goes.

I’m a DJ by design so my standards are high. The Dodocool DA158 is ideal as an entrylevel wireless headphone for people who like to listen to music. Firstly, the design is good and the headphones are foldable and compact- thus great for when you’re on the go. It also comes with a nice & sturdy carrying case, which might seem bulky at first, but fits perfectly for travelling needs. I primarily used these headphones while in airplanes & walking around Las Vegas, so there was no shortage of opportunity to test the noise cancelling feature and overall I’d give it an average rating. Even though these headphones are wireless, the Dodocool DA158 has the capability of using a headphone jack which is included in the box, and that’s a big plus! The Dodocool

DA158 easily pairs to any Bluetooth device and to top that, when it came to answering calls it was magical. I heard my callers clearly and vice versa, it has mics built in the headphones…. Genius! As for the battery life, the company states that the headphones can “provide up to 14 hours of playtime with a full charge.” I’ve used it for at least 8 continuous hours without needing to plug in, and that’s a definite plus for me. In relation to comfort, it’s acceptable, however, after a while it felt a bit uncomfortable, but truth be told if you’re wearing it for long periods- that is expected. Overall, I would certainly recommend these headphones, especially at the price point that they come (~$80USD) and again the big plus factor, is the ability to use a headphone jack even though it’s wireless. | 15

ThinkSound T he ThinkSound ON2 headphones are beautiful. The packaging has a premium feel and comes with a cotton carrying case and two detachable threaded 3.5mm headphone cables. All the materials are recyclable, which is a big part of the company's vision.

I love how simple the package is. The headphones are made out of hand crafted natural wood housing, which helps to produce accurate music. There is a red marker on the inner right of the headphone so you always know which way to put them on. Each pair is made from a different piece of wood which gives it this natural unique look. The headphones also fold nicely for easy storage and travel. My review of these will focus on wearing them for a while as I’ll be testing them while doing video editing on a project. The headphones are made with memory foam with a soft faux leather exterior. On ears are usually less comfortable over an extended period of time, so with all the padding I was excited to test these.

16 |

The headphones sound great and the memory foam offers a great amount of silence when worn. The bass punch is very dynamic and not in your face which I liked. The lower frequencies also extend quite low. The mids are quite clear and the high frequencies are pleasant. They sound clear and crisp and I didn’t experience any audio distortion. My only gripe with these headphones? I’m usually editing for a long period of time and the on-ear start to hurt after about 3 hours of use even though the padding is soft. I was quite impressed with these headphones, ThinkSound, please make a full sized version JUST like this. If you prize audio quality over all other features, I’d get these headphones.

The THINKSOUND ON2 headphones are made out of handcrafted natural wood housing, which helps to produce accurate music. - Twain

Photography by Craig Harley


Miiego AL3 The Perfect Fit for a Busy Lifestyle REVIEW & PHOTOS BY CRAIG HARLEY

18 |


oday we are reviewing the Miiego AL3+ Freedom for women. First of all the presentation of the box is beautiiful, the colours on the box are a true representation of the device contained inside, this is the Rose Gold Edition. Opening the box we were presented with a really nice and sleek looking headphone, the headphone has smooth rose gold earpieces and a black flex wire that goes around the back of the head. The headphone really easy to set up and use, it fits easily on your head and gives a nice snug feeling which makes moving about very easy and worry-free. We took the headphone into the gym where we had our model go through a workout process with the headphone, it was perfect; through her spin class, outdoor obstacles and even her weightlifting session. We would definitely give the Miiego AL3+ Freedom for women a 10 out of 10, this genius way of getting headphones to stay firm and comfortably on your head while going through your everyday activities. The battery life is really amazing, now let us talk about sound quality; on par with most of the expensive brands out now, it almost gives you a sense of noise cancelling but it’s not full noise cancelling but that is how good these headphones are. Sweating in your headphones is no longer an issue the covers for your headphones easily absorbs your sweat and give you a dry and comfortable fit for all your sweaty situations. We would recommend the Miiego AL3+ Freedom to our female readers, so go out and get this headphone as a part of your new gym accessory. A word to Miiego, men are into rose gold too, so you guys could look into a male branded packaging in the future. | 19


The Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors


hinola again offers accurate audio performance built into a beautiful design.

First off, they are $495 USD premium earphones for audiophiles. It would make a great gift for Father’s Day or any day for someone you love including yourself. The Shinola Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors I reviewed are black, wonderfully crafted ear monitors with detachable cords wrapped in quality braided fabric. It’s great because when you need to replace a cable you don’t need to invest in complete new headphones all over again. The Shinola box includes six pairs of ear tips made from silicone or foam neatly tucked

20 |

inside. Great options for you to choose from, allowing you to find the best fit. Though noise cancelling is not a prominently touted feature of these in ear monitors. When I’m in bed while on vacation, I like to drown out any unwanted noise. It gives you great comfort for hours while listening to only what you want to hear. These monitors were developed in collaboration with Campfire Audio and its evident in the rich sound stage. If you’re an iPhone user, these Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors are truly designed for you with a multi-functional button and all that jazz.

At the end of the day, the only drawback is the price- at nearly $500USD, it’s a pretty penny and so not for everyone.

Make Your

#NEXTSTOPGRENADA and Enjoy Big Savings for Summer

FREE TO WONDER From May 1 to October 31, Grenada’s extended Summer season will provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy up to a 50% discount on hotel rates, take advantage of room upgrades, complimentary massages, children discounts, complimentary yoga classes, tour discounts and so much more. The value proposition for people booking in the summer period is tremendous and they get to enjoy quality accommodation offerings, and excellent customer service that brings visitors back year after year.

Explore, relax and experience the best of Caribbean living while enjoying amazing savings in Pure Grenada for the summer. Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, the three-island destination best known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean has launched its Summer Campaign. #NextStopGrenada offering travellers true value for money and the chance to experience all the destination has to offer. | 21

Increased air access to Grenada is an added bonus for Summer as airline partners announced a number of additional flights to the destination from John F. Kennedy International in New York, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International in the USA and Toronto Pearson International in Canada. During the Summer, Pure Grenada offers unique and authentic festivals and cultural events to keep visitors entertained. One of these festivals is the Carriacou Regatta from August 3-6. Running unbroken since 1965, Carriacou Regatta is one of the longest running in the region. The event features boats from across the region, keen racing, entertaining shore side activities and much more. Carriacou, the sister isle of Grenada is well known for its deep boat building traditions and its skillfully built sloops will again be on display. More than 40 boats are registered this year.

REGATTA On the heels of the Carriacou Regatta is Grenada’s ultimate sizzling summer experience, Spicemas Carnival. The Summer Festival offers an amazing mix of island music, food, culture and tradition with a host of activities leading up to the culmination on August 13-14. The festival boasts many authentic aspects which cannot be experienced anywhere else. Your Carnival Monday experience is not complete without seeing the spectacle of j’ouvert with Grenada’s signature ‘Jab Jab’ which are masqueraders covered in black oil who chant and dance in the street. Then it’s on to Monday Night Mas in which masqueraders wearing brightly coloured t-shirts and armed with glow sticks light up the night. The festival ends with the beauty and splendor of fancy mas which features revelers parading through the streets wearing beautifully made, colourful costumes.

22 |



You can also join us from October 3-6 for our 2nd annual dive fest. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, the festival has something for everyone. Pure Grenada boasts a diverse range of wreck and reef dives that are located just minutes offshore. Our world famous Underwater Sculpture Park awaits with 14 installations which intrigue and tell a story. For a complete list of summer deals and participating hotels, guesthouses, villas and tour operators visit | 23





Over EZ


ver EZ is a natural supplement specially formulated to help reduce the hangover effects of alcohol. What makes it the best hangover pill is the fact that the natural ingredients work together to provide your body with the nutrients you lose during your night of alcohol consumption. At the same time, it acts as a remedy to help your body recover from the hangover symptoms. Don’t let a good night out result in a painful bad day; opt for Over EZ, the best pills for hangover prevention!

24 |

The interchangeable functionality makes it fast, easy and simple to change and personalize the function and looks of your BOOMs! You easily change them from being a great set of all-day comfy headphones, to a sweat-friendly and air-breathable set of sport ideal headphones. You can use BOOM® wherever you want – customize and personalize them and get just the style and look YOU prefer. Available mid-May 2018! Shop online or find your local retailer on



OOM by MIIEGO® are overear wireless headphones engineered to fit and last, and for multifunctional use with the new and innovative MIIEGO® technology for interchangeable ear cushions. Now you can now enjoy your favourite songs wherever you are; in your sofa, on the go, AND in the gym!

Ladies Guide A Bold Step Towards Financial Independence BY MICHELLE SINCLAIR-DOYLEY, Manager, client financial education, JMMB

Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman. - Maya Angelou -

My sisters, do you want to step boldly on to a new path towards your financial independence? Karen made the most mouthwatering pastries and had dreams of opening her own business, but sat on the idea for years instead, meanwhile, her friend Joan’s dream of becoming a lawyer dulled with each passing year. After another one of their heart-to-heart conversations they admitted that if they did not “step boldly” now, they probably would never achieve the financial independence they desired. The big question however was how would they ever afford their dreams?

Stepping into your dreams may just be easier than you think. To achieve your dreams, you may need to invest and/or borrow towards your financial independence, using JMMB Her Wealth, a suite of financial solutions geared towards women. Please ask yourself these questions, and be assured that JMMB will help you to make the necessary calculations and find the right solution. 1.

How much does my goal/s currently cost?


How long would it take me to save the required funds?


What is the projected rate of inflation for that period?


When inflation is factored into the cost of my goal, how much will it cost me in the future?


Can I afford to put my dreams on hold for that period of time?


Can I afford the monthly repayments if I took a loan?


Will my enhanced income (from new qualifications/ skills or business) compensate me for interest I would have paid on the loan? | 25

A Bold Step Towards Financial Independence Take the Bold Step After a FREE JMMB Goal Planning Session, these are the life transforming steps made by Joan and Karen.

the JMMB Bank. Now she is financially ready to step boldly into her first law class.

Karen was concerned about the strain a loan could put on her new business and personal savings. Although Joan did not like Her JMMB advisor therefore loans, JMMB showed her that suggested that she save towards postponing her law degree for a portion of the start-up capital several years, while she saved in the JMMB Her Wealth towards the tuition, delayed investment, which is projected her opportunities for increased to earn between 7.3% and 11.6% income for several years too. She over the next 3 -5 years. She did the “math” and it was cheaper could then borrow the rest of to pay interest on an education funds needed from the JMMB loan than to forego several years Her Wealth suite of business of enhanced income. She loans. Now, she is several steps therefore, opted for a loan from closer to bringing “Pastry Palace”

26 |

to life and having her financial independence, while living her dream. What do you want to achieve? The JMMB Her Wealth complete financial package maybe the perfect solution for you to step boldly towards your financial independence. To get started towards your financial independence, give a JMMB representative a call at 1-876-998-5662.

Money Lessons For Your Kids



parents can teach their children, the invaluable lesson of investing and saving at a young age.

re your children learning good money habits from you? “Save up to buy shares in Nike before buying another pair of Nike shoes,” was the life-changing advice that Damon Williams, a teenage entrepreneur got from his mom, April Williams. The result, at 14 years old, her son, Damon, grew his net worth to more than US$50,000. Damon’s story is a hallmark of how



Financial experts agree that stories like Damon’s demonstrate one of the best ways to begin teaching children about money management and saving techniques. Start teaching your children practical money lessons and even create some new ones with the tips below:


Cash Purchase vs Loans


Be An Owner Not Just A Consumer | 27

Money Lessons For Your Kids

1. BUDGETING LESSONS: Bill payment time is a great time to help your children get a realistic idea of the cost of items and make the connection between using water, light etc. and the corresponding expenditure/cost. Every Mickle Makes a Muckle: Involve your children in your monthly budgeting. Make it a game for them to determine the daily expenditure, by dividing the monthly bills by 30 to find an average daily cost, and then the yearly expenditure by multiplying the daily cost by 365. It is amazing how little costs can add up! Appoint your child/ren as “Minister of Conservation,” with the responsibility to suggest and implement conservation ideas and track expenditure before and after their conservation “policies”.

28 |

2. CASH PURCHASE VS LOANS LESSON: Loans are not bad, but many children do not grasp that loans cost more and consume future cash that could be used for other purchases or investments. If you are purchasing a big ticket item, for example, furniture or car, ask them to calculate how much more a loan will cost vs. buying it cash, recognizing they may need your help with these calculations. Similarly, ask your child which “big ticket” items he/she wants and then let him/her choose between borrowing from you and repaying interest vs. earning interest as he/she saves towards this purchase.

Frosted Flakes they could save to buy Grace Kennedy shares or Lasco shares.

3. BE AN OWNER NOT JUST A CONSUMER LESSON: When walking the supermarket aisle ask your children, to identify products they like and tell you how they can be shareholders of this company by buying shares on the Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE). For example, if they like Vienna sausage or

Do you want your children to be financially successful? Allow your children to see you apply the money lessons to your own life.

Appoint your children “Ministers of Investment” and offer them the opportunity to invest the money they have saved in becoming an owner of these companies. The money saved can be used to buy and sell stocks using JMMB’s Moneyline or invested in one of JMMB’s unit trusts such as JMMB Income and Growth Unit Trust, which returned over 13% between March 31, 2017 and March 31, 2018.* Based, on the current price, you can start with less than J$4000.

*This return is based on no withdrawals being made. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

ApotheCare Essentials


ApotheCare Essentials offers a range of beauty products including shampoos, conditioners, shower oils, body washes and body oils. With no sulphates and no parabens, natural ingredients include coconut milk, white jasmine, rosehip oil, aloe vera, lavender, cactus flower, Moroccan mint, cactus milk and more.

Our favourite is the Face + Body Bar. It offers gentle cleansing with its coconut milk and mild fragrance of white jasmine. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and renewed. Check out other amazing reviews online on Instagram: "ApotheCARE Essentials products are great! I use The Colorist Vibrant Shine Shampoo for color treated hair is ApotheCARE Essentials selects curated ingredients, and perfects them with cuttingedge science for tailored hair and skin solutions. check out the link in my bio to purchase ApotheCARE Essentials products #BeautyisAScience." -@lailaslittlefinds Other great products to try The Restorer In-Shower Oil, The Soother Body Wash, The Booster Shampoo, The Booster Conditioner. | 29


Story & Myth More than just beads...


In honour of our win for Best Feature by a Caribbean Journalist in Caribbean Media at the recently concluded CTO Travel Media Awards in New York in June story. Enjoy!

30 |

Kinisha Correia, Award-winning Writer

Kristie Stephenson, Founder, Story & Myth | 31

“We have such a beautiful island and some of us don’t really appreciate it..."


he pure energy of good vibes, consciousness, whimsy and the unique celebration of stunning earthiness behind each Story & Myth bracelet and necklace has made the brand a steady-building vortex that has gracefully washed over the locallymade, undeniably chic fashion scene in Jamaica. More than just beads, Kristie Stephenson, Story & Myth’s founder, has carefully crafted the line to uplift and empower its wearers. Each bead symbolises inspiration, strength, hope and faith, with the aim to inspire those adorned by them to rise above fears, setbacks and life’s inevitable challenges. A strong believer in the metaphoric power of a culture’s longstanding stories passed down from generation to generation, Kristie often shares folklore and ancient mythology to illustrate truths around self-empowerment, inner strength and divine protection, as well as calls for a collective push towards a more socially and environmentally conscious community. This belief in the potency of cultural tales is what sparked the creation of the line’s Story & Myth name.

32 |

The tale of the River Maid, for example, is what Kristie explains is the Jamaican version of the mermaid myth, which she says reminds us of the importance of preserving our natural resources, while also representing the beauty and strength of feminine energy. “The River Maid is a freshwater mermaid and the guardian of Jamaica’s waterways, streams and canals, and all its fish she considers her children”, she shares. She explains that in parts of rural Jamaica many will tell you they have encountered the River Maid and will even say they’ve seen her visit the church. Kristie says that the story of this mermaid-being can be traced back to African origins, brought to Jamaica through the transatlantic slave trade. The River Maid is not to be feared, Kristie says. “We have such a beautiful island and some of us don’t really appreciate it. You often see plastic bags and garbage in the rivers, but if we think of the River Maid as a symbol of all that lives in the waterways, maybe we’d be more conscious not to destroy them. The River Maid asks us to take care of our natural resources and environment.” The mermaid is a figure of female strength, and mermaid stories can be found in almost every culture of the world, Kristie shares. As a Story & Myth bead-wearer, a lover of water and nature who wants to remind herself of her personal power as a woman, may be drawn to select a mermaid charm from the line’s collection. Kristie uses other popular Jamaican imagery and folklore to explain the significance of many Story & Myth charms, to remind people of their inner strength and the interconnectedness of cultures and people. “The lion charms ties to Africa, Ethiopia and Rastafarianism. If

you notice, a lot of gate entrances in Jamaica have lion heads on them. The lion symbolises strength and authority”, she says. A Story & Myth lion charm bead can be worn by those who want to remind themselves of and embody the traits of authority and strength. According to Kristie, the crocodile symbol is also another powerful charm, encouraging creativity, balance, the ability to go deep and resurface. “The crocodile is an ancient creature representing a deep connection to Mother Nature and wisdom. It represents ultimate power and protection. Its back is like an armour and can deflect bullets, but its underside is vulnerable. This speaks to duality and balance. Being associated with water, they can see clearly into emotional worlds and encourage us to look but not be seen. Having acute senses makes them successful predators, which has been paramount to their continued survival, outlasting some now extinct animals”, Kristie says. The Patoo or owl charm, another strong symbol in Jamaican culture, is associated with prophecy and divination. The owl is a messenger, able to see in the dark, invoked when one needs to see the truth. The Story & Myth owl charm can be worn to remind us of or bring forth the truth. Beyond her firm focus on positive intentionality for those who wear Story & Myth, Kristie has also woven goodness into all aspects of her socially and environmentally conscious business model. Each bead is made by local artisans - many who have physical disabilities - providing much-needed income for the makers and their families. Also, the line’s main bead, Job’s Tears, grows by waterways and are recycled into the eco-friendly, sustainable works of art that are each one of Story & Myth’s beads.


As a profoundly thoughtful, purpose-driven entrepreneur who has built success through dedication to positivity, Kristie is indeed an inspirational, creative woman in business to be celebrated for her desire to have a true impact on the world. |P

“The River Maid is a freshwater mermaid and the guardian of Jamaica’s waterways, streams and canals, and all its fish she considers her children.” | 33

St Lucia Jazz Soleil Summer of Festivals


carnival season!

Amidst the infinite Instagram posts, beautiful bouquets and other quintessential Mother’s Day celebrations, the Soleil Summer Festival’s St. Lucia Jazz event gave life to Pigeon Island National Heritage Park on May 13th. The first of four (4) feature events falling under the Soleil Summer of Festivals 2018, Saint Lucia Jazz (May 6th – 13th) kicked off an impressive line-up that also includes Saint Lucia Carnival (June to July), Roots & Soul Reggae concert (Aug. 31st to Sept. 2nd) and culminating with Arts & Heritage Month in October. Showcasing a combined display of local, regional and international acts, the final day of a week of diversely styled jazz events proved to be quite the climax to a jive weekend, while simultaneously ushering in the commencement of a crazy

34 |

Complete with designated parking areas and a convenient shuttle service upon arrival, the transition from your car to the entrance and finally into the colourfully decorated venue was impressively streamlined. The ambient aesthetic immediately prepared you for an elegant evening of jazz, with the music blaring gently from the grand half dome stage and the subtle buzz of casual conversation combining gracefully at the ear. It was almost natural to drift toward the bars as these alluringly decorated platforms that could be seen from anywhere in the venue beckoned all the way from the entrance. The Chairman’s deck was a connoisseur’s dream, with their list of delicious offerings of captivating rum creations. The Heineken deck was a haven for beer lovers at heart, with unbelievable deals on beer all day long.

Excluding the VIP area, the promotional decks also serving as bars for their respective brands and a lightly covered sitting area near the food courtthe layout remained very much park picnic styled.

The Soleil Summer Festival’s St. Lucia Jazz event gave life... diversely styled jazz events proved to be quite the climax to a jive weekend.

The lush lawn was littered with mats, blankets and portable chairs of every kind, with people sitting, laying, and some even standing, swaying to the smooth, soothing music that filled the open air. Though mainly patronized by a more mature crowd, the show attracted couples, families and groups of friends of various ages that all came out to enjoy the soulful sounds of The Frantz Laurac Quartet, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson & Friends and R + R = NOW to name a few. The initially

sparse crowd grew gradually throughout the day as people filed in slowly and steadily until the venue looked mostly filledbut not quite resembling the masses of previous festivals. Still, the audience provided a nice mixture, comprised of people from all over the island and even from all over the world that flew in for the festivities. Spaces on the green continued to dwindle as people visibly fell deeper and deeper into a vibe and claimed their own spaces to do so. At this point,

36 |

conversations also became easier and introductions became effortless as everyone mixed and mingled to the magical melody of jazz. If you hadn’t already made at least one new friend from Martinique, the UK, the US or even right here in St. Lucia as a result of one random interaction or the other, were you even

there? Chatty socialites dominated the outskirts and bar areas while the jazz enthusiasts could be seen lounging closer to the stage, lost in the balanced blend of bass, piano and sax. When cocktails finally kicked in, a visit to the food court became vital. There was a satisfactory selection of eats available, from snacks like popcorn, nuts and chips, to a variety of fine

caribbean cuisine on sale by local vendors. In the VIP section, there were also finger foods available for those fortunate enough, and those who were not inclined to sit outside for a full meal. After sampling a few of the festival foods, it was time to settle into a, now limited, space of your own to enjoy the rest of the acts.

As night began to fall, we were treated to the delightful talents of Robert Glasper, rapper Terrace Martin, Trumpeter, composer and producer Christian Scott, Derrick Hodge – Grammy Award-winning bassist, composer, music producer, keyboardist & beatboxer Taylor McFerrin, as well as Justin Tyson, drummer extraordinaire. However, it would be the | 37

headliner, Avery Sunshine, that would finally steal the show and cap it all off with her thunderous, gospel bred pipes and heart-to-heart content. Her powerful presence and heavenly vocals blew all of Pigeon Island away with graceful ease. Her performance ended with an eruption of applause that signified the unfortunate end to St. Lucia Jazz,

38 |

but a welcomed beginning to St. Lucia Carnival. The Soleil Summer Festival also ingeniously held an after party following the Jazz event. It essentially turned the elegant evening into a full-on Carnival Concert, featuring the likes of local artistes Mata & Migos, Ezra D Fun Machine, Shemmy

J and Imran Nerdy. Regional superstars Destra Garcia and Shal Marshall also graced the Soca Stage for the after party, creating an infectiously familiar atmosphere with some of their biggest carnival hits, new and old. Redbull Thre3style World Champion, DJ Puffy, also made an appearance that turned the vibe all the way up with help from DJ Hollywood HP to give the show a well-rounded and star-studded feel from start to finish. Undeniably a good product overall, the St. Lucia Jazz offering of the Soleil Summer of Festivals is an event that can be enjoyed by music and event enthusiasts alike. And with a seamless transition into the next instalment of the Festivals calendar of events, St. Lucia Carnival 2018, we can only expect great things for the upcoming June-July season. | 39

Sexless Relationships THE SIMPLE TRUTH...



t just doesn’t add up. On one hand, we hear that people who live together have more sex than singles, yet we also know that the statistics on sexless marriages is on the rise. Now it could just be that we know much more about what goes on in marriages. Whatever the reason, the big surprise is that a majority of marriages end up being little more than friendships that had some sex, at some time.

outsource the sex. They find sex outside the primary relationship. That actually explains another statistic, the rate of divorce due to infidelity. About 75% of marriages in the US end in divorce because of infidelity. So it seems cheating may be a major outlet for those people in sexless relationships where one partner still wants some passion.

Shockingly, over 60% of all marriages end in divorce and for the 40% that stay together, half of them are just friends. That means they have a commitment to each other and share some essential secrets, but there is simply no passion. This is where duty sex takes place. Sex is so infrequent that when it does happen, it’s simply a process of taking the pulse. These couples are having sex 12 times per year or less…much less.

The research tells us that people of all ages, all races and all sexual orientations, want good sex and they have similar criteria for what qualifies as earthshattering sex. So if most of us want it, and many of us don’t get it, why do we remain in the sexless relationship? First of all, like we said before a number of sexless partners are getting their satisfaction outside the relationship. Men and women cheat on their partners at about the same rate, women just tend to talk less about their sexual adventures, generally.

So how do these couples manage. For some, sex is not as important as staying together to raise children, pay bills and have outings together. For others, where one partner wants the sex but the other one is not interested, well the simple truth is that partner is forced to

Also an interesting little fact about couples and sex was revealed by Evolutionary Psychologist Christopher Ryan. He says that human beings tend to choose two types of partners for long term relationships. A social partner, for raising the kids and paying

40 |

the bills; and a sexual partner for passion and fun between the sheets. So it makes more sense when we think of Ryan’s explanation, that sexless couples may stay together for practical reasons, but not for passionate reasons. They become what we call in relationship therapy, ‘ companionate lovers’ that is, friends who raise families together but are not sexually aroused by each other. And in case you are wondering if this is love, it certainly is, and there are at least three other love relationships that don’t include sex. Couples who no longer sizzle in the sack are likely to be in one of those. So what can you do about a relationship that’s gone flat? Well, first things first…try to remember if there was a major incident or change in the family structure before the sex died. Next, figure out how long it’s been since you really wanted sex with your partner. Experts say if it’s 5 years or more, you could actually be facing the end of the sex life together. Finally, get expert help in working through the issues that could put the ying back in your yang.

Things To Do JUNE 13-17


The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) is an annual event dedicated to showcasing quality film and television content by and about people of African descent.


2018 Reggae Sumfest is exploding on the the global marketplace . The preview events have been expanded and upgraded, making the week long celebration in Montego Bay a prime destination for Caribbean travel and entertainment.


Dream Weekend is the weeklong annual party series which is held around Jamaica's independence weekend. The weekend includes everal events taking place during this period in Negril with thousands of patrons participating in themed activities. | 41

Journeys of Fatherhood


As the curtains come down on yet another Father’s Day, we pause to celebrate the hand holders, the protectors, the bruise kissers, the providers and the sports-loving fathers in our lives. We acknowledge that while technology has made our lives simpler and we enjoy greater conveniences in the 21st century, the role of being a father is by no easier nor is it any less wrought with challenges. Below are the views of a few men who have taken the time to share their perspectives on this journey of fatherhood.

Rory Burchenson

Sean Williams

Richard Blake

Q: What were your biggest fears/

Q: What were your biggest fears/

Q: What were your biggest fears/

Head of Digital Transformation

apprehensions upon learning you were about to become a father? A: I really had no fear. I was kind of prepared for the role, as I really love kids. I just wanted to ensure it was healthy and happy.

Q: What would you say is the best

lesson your role as a father has taught you thus far? A: My biggest lesson would be the power of patience and flow. Kids can destroy your mental well-being, because at their core they are testing out the world in their own unique way, which often clashes with adult norms and rules.

Q: What has proven to be your most

challenging/rewarding experience to date? A: My most challenging and rewarding is the splitting up of my time. You don’t appreciate how much free time you had until after having a child. But, I give that time to my daughter with no regrets. It’s even more rewarding.

42 |

Leadership Trainer

apprehensions upon learning you were about to become a father? A: I was more excited than fearful. I knew it was an awesome responsibility, but I was too happy to think about anything else. I just wanted my wife and daughter to be healthy and fine.

Q: What would you say is the best

lesson your role has taught you thus far? A: How many children need the loving presence of a father; their identity, value, self-confidence, and self-worth depends on it.

Q: What has proved to be your most

challenging/rewarding experience to date? A: To be the best father I can be so that I can give my daughters a true picture of what a man looks like. My most rewarding experience involves just spending time with them and watching them grow up...and having them express their love for the sincere innocent way that they often do.

Sales & Trading Manager

apprehensions upon learning you were about to become a father? A: I had no fears, nor apprehensions. Instead, I was really looking forward to it.

Q: What would you say is the best

lesson your role as a father has taught you thus far? A: No 2 kids are the same and every day is a brand new challenge/joy!

Q: What has proven to be your most

challenging/rewarding experience to date? A: Childbirth was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. Nothing can ever compare. The most challenging experience is learning to cope with the fluctuating emotions of two opinionated teenage daughters.

Q: Outside of tangible stuff or money, what one piece of advice would you leave your child/children? A: Only you can determine what you become in life and never stop trying…. practice becomes permanent.

Rory Burchenson

Sean Williams

Richard Blake

Q: Outside of tangible stuff or money,

Q: Outside of tangible stuff or money,

Q: What advice would you give to new

Head of Digital Transformation

what one piece of advice would you leave your child/children? A: Don’t worry about the material stuff or labels, just be a happy and a good human being. That’s really all that matters.

Q: What advice would you give to new fathers? A: Invest for a child before you have a child. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!

Q: What (gift) are you secretly wishing for on Father’s Day? A: A small unattached room where I can work in peace lol.

Leadership Trainer

Sales & Trading Manager

what one piece of advice would you leave your child/children A: Make their relationship with God a priority.

Q: What advice would you give to new

fathers? A: No matter what, always be there for your children. Don’t run.

Q: What (gift) are you secretly wishing for on Father’s Day? A: I recently sent my wife pictures of the Jaguar XF. So, it's not a secret anymore.

fathers? A: Never stop telling your children how much you love them….and show it!

Q: What (gift) are you secretly wishing for on Father’s Day? A: For them to leave me alone!!!! World Cup matches all day!!!

To all the men who have made caring for their families their first priority, PANACHE salutes you. | 43

44 |

Jay R. Ellis

A PANACHE Exclusive


PANACHE: Wah a gwaan man, we're from Jamaica. JAY R. ELLIS: Yow, wah a gwaan! (Laughter)

PANACHE: Today we just want to talk about your experience as a black actor in the

industry. What have been some of the roadblocks you have faced. JAY: Just out the gate being an actor there's a lot of challenges. There is no one way to do it, nobody gives you a road map. And also it's the type of profession that it doesn't matter how good you are, it doesn't matter how much work you put in as an actor sometimes- you always hope to live out your dreams and live your passion but it doesn't always work out that way. So out the gate, those are challenges and then you are also constantly being rejected. You will hear 'no' far more than you hear 'yes', even in success. And that's a big challenge because I don't think anyone is built to be rejected that much and so you have to find a way to work around it. You have to find a way to not let it affect you personally and just know for you it's just apart of the job which at times can be very daunting, heavy and depressing. Then, following that are the roles you get to audition for... do you get to have storylines? Do you get to have a perspective? Do you get to be a fully fleshed out human being? Do you get to not be a cardboard cut out of a person? So that's always challenging too. In the last few years when we see the success of shows like Scandal, Empire, How to Get Away With Murder, Atlanta, Insecure, Blackish, Grownish, Dear White People and She's Gotta Have It. With the success of all these shows, now you get to see more material and see the lives and diversity of people of colour. It's showing that the diaspora is so different and it's not just one thing.

PANACHE: As an actor, what films have inspired you? JAY: Well, I am inspired by a lot of stuff, I love Scorsese films. I love Spike Lee films. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in Seven is one of my favourite performances by Brad Pitt. I love Denzel in Malcolm X and most of what Will Smith has ever done- even on the misses I still love Will. So I'm inspired by a lot.

PANACHE: Finally, your Insecure Fans are wondering when are you going to come to

Jamaica? JAY: I will come to Jamaica! Just bring me there... I will be there! I will never turn a trip to Jamaica down.

PANACHE: Awesome, we're going to make it happen! Thank you Jay! JAY: Thank you! | 45


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46 |

Vincero Watch They say clothes make the man, but in our opinion, it's the accessories. Whether dad is more of a suit and tie guy or he prefers to be laidback in jeans and a t-shirt, a sleek and stylish watch, like this Vincero model, will elevate his look to new heights. Vincero has built up a great reputation for their high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship, and this watch is a true example of that. $159.00 at

Tile Sport Old age or not, we’ve all experienced the chaos of trying to remember where the heck you left your house keys. Enter Tile: the slim little tracker can be attached to wallets, keys, or whatever other items seem to walk out on their own. Next time dad loses an item, he can simply open the Tile app and Tile sport will locate the item. $25.00

Michael Symon's Playing with Fire Saying Chef Michael Symon, the man behind the new acclaimed BBQ joint Mabel’s BBQ and an Iron Chef regular, knows a thing or two about BBQ is an understatement. In his new book, he gathers the best of his favourite BBQ dishes, all of which are surprisingly easy to make at home. $18.89 at

Bose Wireless Headphones These completely wireless headphones are sweat and water resistant and feature Bose's signature clear, high-quality sound. Whether he's on a walk or working out these headphones will withstand whatever comes his way. $199.00 at


Kelly & Kathleen

Want To Help You Change The World!

The authors behind 100 Days Of Doing Power Differently (L-R) Kathleen T Sullivan and Kelly Tomblin.


elly Tomblin, former President & CEO of JPS believes that the world is calling out for a new style of leadership and she knows how to help you get there in 100 days. Kelly and her best friend, Kathleen Sullivan are the authors of the new provocative leadership book, 100 Days of Doing Power Differently. Change Your Leadership, Change The World. The book is a leadership guide book built on the THINKLOVE model for leadership. It provides a mirror

48 |


for your current leadership influence and helps you to create a new path over 100 days for the leader that you want to become. Leadership is a privilege and an honour, and should be treated as such. This book will inspire you to own your power as a Leader, while challenging you to Do Power Differently. The book is dedicated to the people of Jamaica and the Jamaica Pubic Service Family. It was while in Jamaica, Kelly was inspired to put this book together as she was blown away by her experience. Kelly had served in Leadership roles for over 20 years, however, she was exposed to a rare and superior form of Leadership when she moved to Jamaica in 2012. In just 5 years, Kelly and her Leadership Team were able to do a 360 transformation at JPS and she believes that their style of leadership could be duplicated and will lead to similar extraordinary results in other companies.

(L-R) Kelly Tomblin and Minna Israel are all smiles at the recent book launch for “100 Days of Doing Power Differently.

Signed Copy Please! No book launch is ever complete without exclusive signed copies of the book by the author.

Welcome Home Kelly! Kelly Tomblin and Kathleen Sullivan celebrated their first book launch with their closest friends. The celebrations were hosted by MC extraordinaire, Rochelle Cameron (Far Right).

Kelly returned to Jamaica recently to launch her book at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Jamaica is where it all started, so it was only fitting that Kelly started her book promotion tour here. To purchase 100 Days of Doing Power Differently, visit

No book launch is ever complete without a selfie movement- just ask (L-R) Rochelle Cameron, Nicole Campbell and Kelly Tomblin!

[Below] The Dream Team! At her recent book launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kelly thanked her Dream Team for being the inspiration behind her first book “100 Days Of doing Power Differently”. (L-R) Gary Barrow, Chief Technical Officer, JPS; Sheree Martin, SVP, Business Development -JPS; Joseph Williams, SVP, Generation – JPS, Kelly Tomblin, CEO- Intren; Keith Garvey, VP- Intren; Katherine Francis, SVP, Legal- JPS; Dan Theoc, SVP, Energy & Infrastructure- Mayberry Investment Limited.


There are Millennial creators gaining YouTube and other subscribers by the millions. People who are attracted by their topical and inspiring content. Bodies of content that bring the attention of viewers from all age groups and backgrounds to issues that matter more than how many Instagram followers, we have- or how many articles of clothing we own from the 50th fashion micro-season for the year. It is more about how we show up in the world and less about what we show up wearing. Our chat with Imari Anderson (@freeimari) gave insight into a brand-new wave of creativity and inspiration. A creative of Jamaican descent, who has profoundly impacted online filmography and digital media. Imari worked as a filmmaker with the team at Jubilee. Jubilee defines itself as a bridge, to connect and inspire love through the sharing of compelling stories. The team uses platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to share the humancentric content they create to create connections, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. He spent a year working there- forming part of a team that created content that gathered over 100 million views, and over 800 thousand new subscribers in that one year. Anderson defines himself as someone who is working on finding out who he is every day. “Let me put it this way, I am working on trying to remember that every day”. He said, “I try not to identify with the things I do or have done, as who I am. I try to release how others would describe me, or labels to which I could subscribe. I wouldn't say ‘Imari is a filmmaker’. It feels limiting. It feels more natural to say Imari is a joker, leader- Imari is passionate


(sometimes to a fault). Imari is the guy who will debate controversial philosophy with you in the car on the way to the club. Imari is Imari. In an industry that could create an illusion that everything comes from pulling creativity from the wind, Imari said, thinking is what inspires a lot of his creativity. He said that by subscribing to a certain identity we only allow ourselves to create from that identity. But by being ‘free Imari’, he said, “I'm only limited to create based on what happens to be inspiring me at the time. Notice the nod to my Instagram name”, he said, after which he laughed. Imari believes that life holds within it, unlimited potential and experiences, and he does not want anything holding him back from seeing and knowing as much as possible. Paternal lineage connects him to Jamaica. Imari gave some insight into how the Caribbean culture contributed to who he is as a creative. Even though his father’s principles impacted him, Anderson still sought to take it in and manifest it all in a way that felt more authentic to him. “There are things that informed my upbringing like certain foods (plantain is my go to) or Caribbean culture, like a strong faith-centred upbringing. But besides the obvious, I'd like to think that from an early age I didn't want to be defined by things like heritage.” Anderson continued by stating that with a Caribbean parent comes specific ideals and values. A lot of it he said, came through when he was growing up playing soccer (football). “Ideas like always being the best in whatever you do, pushing yourself harder than the next man, I think these are things that came to me from my dad and through him from my grandfather.” | 51

Another trait he thinks may have something to do with the Caribbean influence, is something he saw in his father, who he described as a proud Jamaican. Anderson said his father has always been big on helping people. “Now that I think of it, there's probably some overlap in how I saw his sacrifice for kids that he was coaching, who didn't have the resources- and how I've really gone above and beyond for certain projects that I thought could really help people. Even if it was to my own detriment.” From an early age, Imari wanted to show up in the world as an individual. “That's not to say my background isn't valuable, the island approach to soccer is what initially gave me confidence. The island rhythm is probably where I get my dance moves. But I've always been of the mindset - ‘this is what came before me, what am I doing next? How am I going to build on it and make it my own?" PANACHE asked a few more questions to get more insight into the process of what forms a rounded millennial creative. P: What did you see yourself growing up to become? I: “A soccer player. Definitely. There's nothing you could've told me before the age of like 17 that would have convinced me otherwise.” P: What attracted you to filmmaking? I: “Honestly, when I first found it in high school I didn't take it seriously. I just thought it was fun, and I wasn't strongly interested in any related subjects. So I picked that up as my college major and studied it at the University of South Carolina. I got passionate about it there, and I found myself working on projects more than classmates. I'd sneak into the editing room after hours just to work on my own projects. Then, as I started to see the correlation between media and how the world is impacted. I made a pretty dramatic shift towards exclusively making content that I thought the world needed more of. I stopped doing skit shows and music videos, and

52 |

started making videos for nonprofits or for people with really relevant messages. What really attracted me is that it felt like the tool of our time. Something that could be used to either push us forward as a species or keep us distracted and divided. I saw the power of it and felt like if I was going to be in the game it came with responsibility. I'm trying to be more balanced about that now, though, I want to bring some of the original artistic motivation back into how I approach my work. I still want it to be art.“

P: Did you study film? And what is one of your favourite pieces of work? I: “Yes I did, but most of my knowledge came from a production company I started while I was in college. That's what gave me the initial real life experience. I'd say my favourite series is the Between Worlds Series. It felt like it embodied what I'm going for as a filmmaker. It has a message (we create better when we work outside of our labels) but it was also just fun and creative to shoot.”

P: How did you become part of Jubilee? I: “I've been a filmmaker professionally for about 6 years now, it feels like 16. When I really started taking it seriously I wanted to make work that I felt like added to the culture and made people better human beings rather than stuff that was unoriginal or counterproductive. This led me to connect with Jason who founded Jubilee a couple years ago. We stayed in touch and when I left my job in the Bay Area last year I sent him a film I was working on and he encouraged me to consider working at Jubilee.” P: What inspires you? I: “Life. The different ways we all live life and the fact that there's always so much for us to learn. None of us have the answers. And so, the people who really just live in constant curiosity, and the things they make, really get me going. I think for me to say ‘I want to make a living making videos that inspire people and encourage them to think outside of the box’ sounds like a pipe dream. People know how hard it is to make it. Being a director and 9 times out of ten even if you make it, you're making content that you probably don't believe in, or that is really just about how much money it can make. I love the fact that I committed to this idea, and that there are other people out there who see the value media has to

change things up and invest in it. We can really change the world. I think Jubilee is founded on this idea.” P: What would you tell your 10-year-old self? I: “Believe in yourself dude. There's no point not to. Everybody you see is just on a constant journey of becoming themselves, of trusting themselves. Don't convince yourself that you're less than what you are. You're amazing and there's no reason not to be.” P: What is likely to be your next move? I: “I want to explore my creativity. I want to do more writing and picking up more experimental projects. I'm feeling like I have a lot more to express artistically so I'm looking at different ways that can come about - whether its photography, writing, or directing new projects. But first, I'm going to live life. See what inspiration I've been missing out on after being so focused for the last couple years. Travel, meet new people, have new experiences. See what other neurons I can get spinning in the noggin and then make some magic with them.” Imari is no longer with team Jubilee but he will be creating work of depth and authenticity. We look forward to seeing more from this powerful creative. | 53


Stush In The Bush

Best In Travel - Off The Beaten Path



54 |


tush in the Bush at Zionites Farm, nestled in the hills of Free Hill, Bamboo St. Ann, Jamaica is a 15 acre organic farm. Brainchild of Lisa and Chris Binns, this farm-to-table tour reflects a true love with nature. Nature blends with stushness to give you a unique gourmet experience made from homegrown ingredients. Stush in the Bush is unapologetic in its authenticity and is all about the experience. Many traditional crops are grown on the farm in addition to exotic vegetables that are used to freshly create preserves, dressings and sauces that excite your taste buds. Beautiful farm to table lunches are the hallmark of the farm. So be sure to book your reservation early!

Beyond the food, it's a great farm tour that focuses on tasting as well- so you enjoy the tastes of pineapples, sugar cane, coconut water fresh from nature as you learn about the land, plants and their medicinal properties. Visit for more info | 55


American Black Film Festival #ABFF MIAMI BEACH, June 13-17, 2018

Bresha Webb, Essence Atkins, and Sherri Shepherd on stage during their ABFF talk: “Behind the Laughs on NBC’s Marlon and Trial & Error.”

CEO and Founder of ABFF Jeff Friday and wife Nicole Friday pose on the Superfly red carpet at the 2018 American Black Film Festival.

Actor Jay Ellis, GM TV One, Michelle Rice, Nicole Friday, ABFF Founder & CEO, Jeff Friday, actors LaToya Luckett, and Tristan ‘Mack' Wilds attend Cadillac Welcome Luncheon At ABFF: Black Hollywood Now at The Temple House on June 13, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo)

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