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Sabrina Reynolds'

A Collection of Roots, Rock, Reggae

Ceo's Message PANACHE has been here for 13 years and the magazine industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade...And we're evolving along with the change. -Tricia Williamson

Firstly, I would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Jeff Mayers, Marshelle Haseley and the PANACHE team for our win at the 2019 CTO Travel Media Awards in New York for Best Photograph in Conjunction with Feature Article for our work on Trinidad’s Carnival in 2018. It was the first time in the awards 15 year history that a Caribbean based media house has won this award and the first time a Trinidadian journalist has won at the awards. For that recognition of our hard work and dedication, we are extremely grateful and honoured to be the magazine that achieved this feat. PANACHE has been here for over 12 years and the magazine industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade. We have seen declining ad revenues with the rise of social media as we are in a digital age. We understand the importance of providing our readers with niche content that they cannot find anywhere else and always delivering on editorial excellence. For those who love the print edition, I have always believed that it will become a luxury item and made available for those who are willing to pay for it. In today's free content age though, not many people are willing to do so and as a business our model has evolved accordingly.


CEO/ Editorial Director Follow me @twill876

So after much reflection, 2019 will be the final year that PANACHE Digital Media produces a print and digital edition of its publication. In 2020, we will relaunch with a heavy focus on our digital properties and evolve ur brand. We thank you for your continued support as we adapt to this ever-changing industry and do stay tuned! One Love, Tricia Williamson

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9 Foldio` 11

Hennessy Artistry Jamaica


A #HappilyEverAnderson Celebration!


Sumfest 2019 Review


The Blast by Ultimate Ears


Sabrina Reynolds'


Donate Now... Help Rebuild The Bahamas


The Stylish Bambusa


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The Inaugural Staging: Sizzla Kalonji Feat Jessica Yap

Review by Tricia Williamson Roots, Rock, Reggae

Get Ready To Draw Straws

"Giving back isn't just a nice thing to do. It's who we are." -


Choiselle Choiselle's Coconut wax is created with the cold press extraction of coconut oil from the coconut meat. The oil then goes through a hydrogenation process resulting in a sustainable, cleaner, longer burning wax than soy. Their organic coconut wax candle is infused with lavender essential oil, along with a wooden wick that has an enticing soft crackling sound while burning. This combination of aroma and soothing sound is great to help ease tension and to promote restful sleep. Give it a try tonight!

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Burn Time: 40 hours RECOMMENDED USE To create an ambiance that fosters love, tranquility and restoration. INGREDIENTS Organic Coconut Wax, Lavandula Abrialis (Organic Lavender Essential Oil



oldio is a great foldable studio with a magnetic structure created by Orangemonkie and is a great support for photographers and business owners who need a micro studio space that this lightbox provides. Several of its features encompasses the following: Magnetic structure This foldable studio works with a magnetic structure in its Foldio3. This enables the setup

to be in 10 sec and remains sturdy for extended use. LED High performance triple diffuser LED is designed to decrease shadows of subjects more efficiently.

Halo Bar The Halo Bars help to enhance the photography experience. The Halo bar is attachable, photographers can fix the Halo bar on the side or bottom magnet spots of Foldio3 according to one’s needs.

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Dimming controller There is control lighting of the Foldio3 by using the Dimming controller. Create 360 image with Foldio360 Photographers can create 360 images using the Foldio3 and the Foldio360

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together. For objects that were a little too big for the Foldio2, the Foldio3 is the perfect match with the Foldio360 smart

turntable. The Foldio3 widens the use of the Foldio360 for photographers, small business owners, bloggers, online sellers and many more. Source:

The Inaugural Staging Sizzla Kalonji & Jessica Yap


une 27th 2019, Kingston Jamaica was gifted with an iconic live performance from an unlikely pairing, a duet whose musical aptitude lured hundreds of people to the lawns of Sky Dweller Ultra Lounge to witness something unique yet innovative in the music and cultural space of reggae and dancehall. Sizzla Kalonji and Jessica Yap, performing together, was one for the record books. They had the audience in a state of awe and excitement simultaneously. Sizzla was accompanied by Firehouse Crew and back up vocalists, but the star accompaniment was Dr. Jessica Yap, Jamaica’s premier violinist, who rocked and strummed her violin alongside Sizzla to some classical tunes from the reggae artiste’s vast catalogue; Woman I Need you & Give me a try earned the “Pull up!” encore from the crowd. A night full of high energy and musical mastery, Hennessy Artistry delivered on its mandate to bring classically trained

musicians to the fore along with reggae and dancehall acts to create a new experience for live musical entertainment in the culture. The show also featured rising reggae star Ghana and the new kid on the block DVoyce who got things underway. The Hennessy Artistry team will look to bring one more live experience to music lovers this October in Kingston. Dubbed the by Sizzla Kalonji himself as the best live show to start the summer, Hennessy Artistry left all its patrons on a high and eagerly awaiting the next unique line up for 2019.

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A s a It W rAnderson e v E y l i p p #Ha Celebration!

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henee and Roshane’s love story began over 14 years ago after they met at an event in Shenee’s home town. It has been a mystery to them that they never met before as they shared a circle of good friends. Roshane always heard about Shenee from one of his best friends, Carolee, who is also one of Shenee’s good friends. He’s always heard about this real life “Princess” who was very soft-spoken and had a baby voice. When the two met on Ash Wednesday in 2005, they quickly became friends. It was a long two years of talking on the phone, various text messages and several “meetings” arranged by their friends before the two made it official. After 12 years of love, growth, devotion and commitment, Shenee and Roshane tiedthe-knot!

Bride & Groom: Shenee & Roshane Occupations: Corporate Communications Executive & Human Resource Executive Wedding Date: July 27, 2019 Wedding Location: Hyatt Ziva Rosehall, Montego Bay, Jamaica How did you know he/she was the one? For Shenee, she knew Roshane was the one because of "the way he makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world. " For Roshane it was a different feeling. “From the day I met her, I knew she was different. She was truly herself, she was never vain nor pretentious. I know she is the one because being around her and being with her makes me want to be better.”

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Where did the concept for your wedding weekend come from? Fortunately for us, we have one of the best meeting planner and travel agent in the world, Marcia Richards, owner of Luxury Konnexion. She is always taking care of our vacation packages. When Marcia introduced us to Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall in 2017, we knew that this was where we wanted to get married. This hotel is our favourite hotel and we wanted our family and friends to experience it with us. We take a vacation about 2-3 times per year and for our wedding, we wanted our closest friends and family to go on vacation with us! We have to thank our parents for making sure we had the wedding of our dreams. Roshane’s Mom, Kurline and Shenee’s Parents, Jacqueline & Everton- we love you all so much. Also special thanks to Katesha (Roshane’s Sister) and Shenee’s God Mother, Aunty Marlene who helped to make our wedding weekend possible. What is your best memory from your wedding? Dancing down the aisle as husband and wife! That was one of the happiest and most emotional moments of our lives. Just seeing 60 close friends and family join us from all over the world to celebrate that

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moment with us was very heartwarming. A lot of people travelled miles and sacrificed a lot to be with us and we will forever be grateful. We are so full of love for our big family, we use the word "family", because our friends are family to us. You said one, but we have one more! The Foam Party the day after the wedding was amazing!

If you could change one thing, what would it be? Host a week of festivities instead of three days. LOL This way, our family and friends would have had more time to explore, relax and truly enjoy our wedding vacation with us! What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? It is your wedding, design it how you want it. It is your big day, enjoy it to the fullest and spend as much quality time as you can together. Also, if you are able to, do a destination wedding! You get a wedding coordinator to take all your wedding stress away plus a wedding with a vacation included is always a plus!

The honeymoon‌ We spent the first days of our honeymoon with our family and friends at Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Rosehall in Montego Bay. We then spent some quality time at our favourite nook on the east side of the island, Frenchmen Cove in Portland. We intend to spend the first year of our marriage honeymooning in a few locations, including Bahamas, Canada, and Spain, culminating in a oneyear European anniversary celebration.

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Creative Director: Shenee’ Anderson Meeting Planner & Booking Agency: Luxury Konnexion Wedding Planner: Denisha Ross, Hyatt Ziva & Zilara Rosehall Photography: Tricia Williamson & Rosehall Photography MC: Ruthlyn Johnson DJ: DJ Vodka Venue: Hyatt Ziva Rosehall, Montego Bay Decor & Florist: Tai Flora Hair & Make-up: Marsha Robinson Bridal Stylist: Marlene Clarke Bride’s Dress: Morilee Bridal Party Wardrobe: David’s Bridal and Shoe Dazzle Groom & Groomsmen Stylist: Roshane Anderson Groom & Groomsmen Wardrobe: Suit Supply and Calvin Klein

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by Fonnique Richardson

Joe Bogdanovich has amazed the patrons with yet again another successful Reggae Sumfest. Catherine Hall fields, Montego Bay was bursting with reggae and dancehall lovers, creating a perfect blend of locals and foreigners for a week-long festivity of our Caribbean Cultures. Reggae Sumfest is the Caribbean’s premier music festival that commenced on July 14 with festivities each day and ends on July 20. The festival kicks off with a Mawnin Meds Inclusive Brunch on July 14 and ends with an exhilarating and long-awaited performance from the Gargamel aka Buju Banton on July 20, 2019. However the real crowd mover and shaker of the Reggae Sumfest 2019 were the weekend events: Festival Night 1 on July 19th dubbed as Dancehall night and Festival Night 2 on July 20th, which is dubbed as Reggae night.

Let's now get into some of the good, the bad and the highlights of Festival Night 1 and 2! What was absolutely great about Sumfest was hands down the array of talents that kept the hugest crowd at Sumfest to date entertained on both Friday and Saturday. From Spice to the duo of Beenie Man and Bounty on Friday to Beres Hammond and Buju Banton on Saturday. The exceptional quality of each performance will be edged in everyone’s memories forever. Now to get into what went wrong. The Good most definitely outweigh the negatives but there was still a few of them to highlight. The band changes were uncomfortably long which in turn pushed some performances behind time and ultimately letting the show run over

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its permitted end time. To highlight as well that for Festival Night 1 the show was prematurely stopped by authorities’ due to this same issue. So this could definitely be an area for improvement for next year. Another major issue that many complained about was that the overall music festival felt oversold. The promoters were teetering on the decision to stop the show due to not enough air circulation in the crowd. The venue was evidently too small for the crowd that turned up for the festival on both nights. But based on the myriad of supporters still enjoying themselves despite these noticeable glitches, it was still worth-while to attend and enjoy the atmosphere of festivity.

Now it would be remiss of me to not mention a few of the acts that made the attendants all move and rave endlessly! Let’s start off with Festival Night 1 aka Dancehall night. Beenie Man and Bounty was a stellar performance to say the least. Their performance is one that fans have been waiting on for decades and it was most definitely worth the wait. Spice came and show out as usual. Never a dull moment when she performs. She always delivers a performance that is filled with a strong storyline, ingenuity and beautiful avante-garde fashion that you have never seen before. It was simply a spectacular performance. Spragga Benz and Elephant Man were some of the oldies but goodies that the crowd completely enjoyed. Koffee came in like a rapture and did her thing, she had the crowd raving from the start to end of her performance. Another crowd favorite that had majority of the attendants sticking around for his exhilarating performance was Dexta Daps. His performance clearly entertained the ladies. Festival Night 2 highlights started with our very own XFactor 2018 winner

Dalton Harris who gave us a breathtaking performance, which had the crowd singing and grooving to his melodious voice. Romain, Protoje and his friends came through and revitalize the crowd with their very strong melodies and messages for Jamaica. Beres Hammond always gives the crowd a rock steady performance with his lyrics that will stand the test of time. He had the whole crowd grooving to his melodies. Now the headliner for the event was most definitely Buju Banton. It is safe to say that this performance is what everyone was waiting on. He stepped on the stage and the crowd erupted to the sound of his voice. Most were mesmerized by the idea of being there to witness a legend and many were just ensuring that they captured this moment. His performance captivated the attendance; you saw and felt his passion and longingness to stand on stage to perform for the viewers. So it was definitely worth the wait to witness this magical moment. Sumfest was definitely a success again this year. No doubt this festival is the festival to attend time and time again. The weekend delivered a non-stop festive atmosphere, exhilarating performances and a showcase of Jamaica’s rich culture and various talents to the world.

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The Blast by Ultimate Ears Review by Tricia Williamson

Features you’ll love! • • • • • •

Portable WIFI / Bluetooth Amazon Alexa Voice Waterproof 360 Sound 12 Hour battery life

Ratings Portability 9/10 Sound Clarity 10/10 Design 9/10 Bass 8/10 Ease of Connectivity 10/10 Presentation: Creative & Beautiful 10/10

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Drawbacks: • Volume transition tended to jump from 60%-90% (via phone volume control using a Samsung Note 9) • Love the packaging, however these portable speakers would do well with a travel bag included. This will come in handy for those frequent flyers. • Battery indicator feature could be improved Points to note: • Don’t lose your USB Cord- although it has a universal port, the UE charger is definitely the best fit. • The Blast is a loud powerhouse with an ideal range of 6-12ft- great for small parties at home or in the office and also great for outdoors. It offers great 360 sound throughout the room • If you’re into voice assistance, then you’ll love Alexa with this wireless speaker. • It is waterproof-with an IP67 rating so enjoy it in the shower or try it by the pool just limit to 1 metre of water for no more than 30 minutes.

Sabrina Reynolds' Roots, Rock, Reggae featuring top media personality Debbie Bissoon Photography by Craig Harley For more information on each of these designs in this fashion spread, please contact Sabrina at

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Debbie Bissoon

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ur hearts and prayers are with our Caribbean neighbors in Northern Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian. We are fortunate that our resorts were hundreds of miles away from the path and unaffected by the storm. Our efforts are now directed to galvanizing support, rolling up our sleeves and helping with the first relief and longterm recovery of those affected by this natural disaster. While the Bahamian Government and first responders commence their assessment of damage and needs of Abaco Island and Grand Bahama Island, initial images, videos and reports indicate significant destruction and the lives of residents uprooted. The Sandals Foundation alongside its parent company, Sandals Resorts International stand ready to assist. Interested stakeholders can make donations to the Sandals Foundation at

100% of proceeds will go directly to the recovery process and the purchasing of water, non-perishable food, baby supplies such as diapers, formula, bottles, blankets and vaseline, medicine, bug spray and first aid resources, small radios, flashlights, batteries, nonkerosene lanterns, tents, and tarpaulin. Updates on the relief efforts will be shared in the coming days.

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The Stylish Get Ready To Draw Straws In 2017, Jamaican business woman, publisher and lifestyle editor, Tricia Williamson, took a leap of faith to provide the best quality bamboo straws, as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws in Jamaica and the world. And the market embraced her... The brainchild was conceived during a conversation with her late grandfather, Allan McRae, as they discussed sustainable options to reduce plastic straws. “Dada, what did you use in Jamaica before plastic straws?” With a smile, the farmer of over 60 years simply replied, “Bamboo.” Thus BAMBUSA was born.

The BAMBUSA line, which currently offers two sizes, will soon be expanded with two more options, thereby catering to a wide cross-section of the drink

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Photo by Ann-Marie Vaz

BAMBUSA’s mission is to provide the best quality bamboo straws, as a sustainable alternative to single use plastic straws in Jamaica and the world. Armed with bamboo from Jamaica and partner farms in Indonesia, BAMBUSATM quickly went into production and positioned itself as the premier supplier of high quality bamboo straws for the local refreshment market. After 6 months of thriving business, BAMBUSA boasts customers in Jamaica, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe.

market. The two sizes which are presently available, are: the broad straw, which is ideal for smoothies, frozen drinks and shakes; while the other is the typical size for regular beverages. The other highly anticipated additions, are a 6” cocktail straw to be released later this month; and a 10” bamboo straw for taller canned drinks.

Photo courtesy of BAMBUSA

The new 6”cocktail bamboo straw from BAMBUSA. Further, the stylish BAMBUSA line offers a unique personalized service, providing clients with their own BAMBUSA Travel Set, with laser engraved straws, bearing the client’s name, or message of their choice. These are available at the company’s website at BAMBUSA Founder and Managing Director, Tricia Williamson says, "We focus on delivering high quality products and excellent service to our customers. And the reviews have made it clear that this is something the market needs. BAMBUSA provides a durable, attractive, user friendly replacement to plastic straws. BAMBUSA is here at the right time." Personalized bamboo straws are all laser engraved in-house by BAMBUSA’s team and presented in faux leather travel cases in assorted colours. Genuine leather case options are coming soon.

“Pursuing your dreams has never felt more rewarding.’’ - Tricia Williamson Founder, BAMBUSA

Government agencies and corporations across the island are among BAMBUSA's customers, who have purchased the straws and straw sets, and used them as prizes, team building gifts and branded corporate items. The impressive clientele has included IICA, the Ministry of Finance, Heart Trust NTA, NCB Foundation, JN Bank, Rainforest Seafood, Ministry of Agriculture, among others.

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Giving Back As part of its efforts to always give back to the community, 25% of BAMBUSA's sales, purchased at Deaf Can Coffee at the Toyota Jamaica CafĂŠ and other Deaf Can locations and events, are donated to that social enterprise which empowers and equips deaf Jamaican youth. Williamson says. BAMBUSA has a longstanding partnership with Deaf Can Coffee

which serves as its flagship location partner. BAMBUSA continues to innovate with new collections of sustainable and ecofriendly reusable high quality products. Below is its ONE LOVE Mason Jar.

For more information, please contact: Managing Director/ Founder, BAMBUSA Instagram| Facebook | Twitter: @bambusajamaica

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November 15, 2019 - November 23, 2019 42 |


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PANACHE Magazine Issue 3 2019  

Young love birds, Shenee & Roshane Anderson, share their beautiful love story with PANACHE. Enjoy our review of Reggae Sumfest 2019 by Fonni...

PANACHE Magazine Issue 3 2019  

Young love birds, Shenee & Roshane Anderson, share their beautiful love story with PANACHE. Enjoy our review of Reggae Sumfest 2019 by Fonni...

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