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Ceo's Message One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go. -Sheila Murray Bethel

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I have been watching many of the acceptance speeches this awards season from the Grammy to Oscars and have been left truly inspired.

www.panachedigital.media TRICIA WILLIAMSON

CEO/ Editorial Director Follow me @twill876

There are many motivational themes but what stands out the most among them are the following: Firstly, we thank God in all things. Regina King did it best in her deliverance sharing how her mother always reminded her that God was leaning in her direction throughout thick and thin times. Secondly, don't watch time, just focus on your dreams and never give up. It took Spike Lee 30 years of excellence to receive his first Oscar. That's nearly my entire life, and yet still he persevered. Thirdly, it's not about rejection, it's about getting back up. Lady Gaga summed it up best when she said, "I've worked hard for a long time, and...it's not about winning. But it's about not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. There's a discipline for passion. And it's not about how many times you get rejected or [how

often] you fall down or you're beaten up. It's about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going. Thank you!" She's absolutely right. Rejection is a part of life and we all have to deal with it from business to personal. But what is key is not to focus on the doors they shut in your face. Rather keep at your hard work, hone your skill, pursue your passion and perfect your craft so when all the doors start opening for youyou are ready and the only one doing the rejecting is you. I wish you an inspired 2019! Go forth and get everything you set your mind to and remember to always give thanks. One Love, TW


Anker PowerCore 10000 is a great portable powerbank that is incredibly small and light for its large capacity. It's smaller than a deck of cards and as light as a baseball, but can charge a phone over three times and most tablets once.

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The chic new restaurant, sure to be a welcome addition to the South Florida and Coconut Grove dining scene


sabelle’s Grill Room & Garden, the much-anticipated companion to The Commodore, the newly-opened cocktail lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami is now open. The chic new restaurant, sure to be a welcome addition to the South Florida and Coconut Grove dining scene, features the inspired, elevated cuisine of Corporate Chef Paolo Dorigato, Executive Chef Abel Veulens, Sous Chef Miguel Fajardo and Sous Chef Kannon Swaris. Operated by LDV Hospitality (the team behind Miami Beach’s acclaimed Dolce restaurant and award-winning Regent Cocktail Club), Isabelle’s Grill Room & Garden is named in honor of Isabella Peacock, one of the Grove’s earliest settlers. The stunning bar, adorned in brass, stone and rich stained wood, overlooks the charming outdoor garden terrace and is the perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks.

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Seating is as follows: 175 inside, including 60 seated in the private dining room, and 71 on the courtyard. The outdoor garden terrace along with the private dining room are available for private events. Dinner, served daily, offers an assortment of land and sea options. With such proximity to water, great Raw Bar options are a must. Breakfast and lunch are also served daily with a Sunday brunch in the works. Isabelle’s Grill Room and Garden is located at 3300 SW 27th Avenue at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami. Breakfast is offered daily from 7AM – 11AM. Lunch is offered daily from 11AM – 3PM. Dinner is offered Sunday through Thursday from 5PM – 10PM and Friday and Saturday from 5PM – 11PM. Guests that valet will enjoy a discounted rate of $7. For more information, visit isabellecoconutgrove.com

JMMB ELEVATES Attendees To Take Action

Level Up in 2019 Seguing into the formalities, Kerry-Ann Stimpson, chief group marketing officer at JMMB, got the main event on the way. The high energy in the room was taken to a new level when the energetic, assistant vice president of human resource and public relations at Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd. and motivational speaker, Rochelle Cameron, took the stage strutting like a supermodel, Starting off on a lighter note, the ‘early as she welcomed the audience. Sharing from the heart birds’ got a chance to enjoy a networking and drawing from her own experiences, Cameron session, in which they participated in a admitted that 2018 was one of her most difficult ‘Let’s Connect the Dots” game; which years, and one filled with many changes and times of gave the attendees a chance to chat with uncertainties. As she addressed the topic of ‘Levelling a JMMB advisor about their goals and Up in 2019” she charged the audience to face their other key individuals, who would be a fears and shame. “One of our weaknesses is that we part of to their financial success such as close ourselves off from success, we close ourselves a realtor and car dealership. because we are so afraid of people looking at us, we are afraid of the effort that it will take, because it means that those weekends that we hold sacrosanct, you will have to share them; are you prepared for that?” The Jamaica Pegasus ballroom was a minefield of excitement, inspiration, empowerment and ‘real talk’ when the over 450 ‘goal-getters’ converged for the highly anticipated JMMB Group Elevate event, a financial empowerment seminar, which was held January 19.

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"Change your life and your habits to match where you want to be and your core values... this is the hardest part." - Paul Brunson

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In reiterating the need for action and sacrifice to ‘level-up’ in 2019, she noted, “To (achieve success) you need to come out of your comfort zone, become uncomfortable…overcome your fears.” Rochelle further charged individuals to create their own definition of success and not allow social media or the path of others to determine one's success. The much-anticipated speaker, Paul Brunson, who wears many hats including, entrepreneur,

author and TV host, kept the audience pumped and engaged from the minute he stepped into the room, and sprung on stage, not once but three times igniting the already charged audience. His over hour-long presentation on wealth creation was dotted with a little ‘love advice’ and saw two brave single guys showing off their ‘swag’ down the runway. In addressing wealth creation, Brunson took a candid approach detailing the five (5) key steps to wealth creation. “What is your vision for your life?” he asked, adding, “What is your legacy? How do you want to be remembered by your family and friends,” he said, as he referred to what he dubbed, a morbid but necessary funeral exercise. Paul, who has interviewed countless millionaires shared from his up-close experience that having defined your vision and legacy for yourself, it was important to look outwardly and determine who are your role models, who is living the life you would want to live. Instead of imitating, identify common traits of success

Seen here is a section of the audience at the JMMB Group Elevate event, a financial empowerment seminar, who are obviously enjoying the performance from the ‘Winning’ artiste, Agent Sasco, who provided entertainment at the event, which was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on January 19.

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JMMB’s Kerry-Ann Stimpson and Kenesha Dwyer-Powell are on hosting duties during the JMMB Group Elevate event, which was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on January 19. and skills that have helped to propel these role models to be extraordinary in their fields. Then, “pull out that one skill that based on your passion and experience you can compete and start working on that skill.” He further encouraged them to become obsessed with that one extraordinary skill, in an area they can be in the top 1% in the world, and then work towards improving that skill. Similar to Cameron, he shared the clincher to creating wealth laid in taking action. “Change your life and your habits to match where you want to be and your core values…this is the hardest part,” coached Brunson. At the close of Paul’s presentation, it was clear that the audience was ready to not just level up in 2019, but they were in a winning mood, and who better to keep that mood high than the “Winning artist” Agent Sasco, who delivered an entertaining set of a musical journey spanning songs from his earlier repertoire to his latest album, Hope River.

Samantha Currie is captivated by the performance from Agent Sasco, who provided the entertainment package for the JMMB Group Elevate event, a financial empowerment seminar held recently (January 19), at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Dynamic speakers, Rochelle Cameron, motivational speaker and AVP, human resource and public relations, Jamaica Broilers Group, and Paul Brunson, entrepreneur, author and TV host, shared about wealth creation and achieving success in 2019. (Photo Credit: IShango Visuals)

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Lisandra Rickards, CEO of Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, is caught in a playful mood at the Elevate event, a financial empowerment seminar, organized by the JMMB Group, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, recently. The ‘Elevate’ event was designed to equip and empower attendees to be deliberate about achieving their goals in 2019; offering practical pointers, presentations from experts and personal financial planning sessions, on location, with members of the JMMB financial advisory team.

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(Right) Rochelle Cameron makes a bold entrance on stage, to share about making daring steps in 2019, drawing on her own experience of making a career shift, during the JMMB Group Elevate event, a financial empowerment seminar held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. @panachejamag |



What is your

for your life? - Paul Brunson

Attendees are welcomed by the JMMB team as they check-in for the JMMB Group Elevate event which took place at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on January 19.

Paul Brunson (right), entrepreneur, author and TV host took the time to have further conversation with Sharlene Baker, JMMB’s client care officer following his presentation at the JMMB Group Elevate event.

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Gal pals, (L-R) Catherine Goodall, Terri-Karelle Reid and Naomi Garrick cozy up for a selfie moment at the recent JMMB Group Elevate event, a financial empowerment seminar, hosted by JMMB Group over the weekend (January 19) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. The event featured two dynamic speakers – renowned entrepreneur, author and TV host, Paul Brunson and Rochelle Cameron, assistant vice-president at Jamaica Broilers Group.

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Club Diamonds Co. By Toussaint James, Director, Club Diamond Co Photography by Yannick Reid.


orn and bred in Kingston, Jamaica in June 2013, Club Diamonds or CDCo was created as a bespoke male apparel line by friends France-Roy Brown and Toussaint James to cater to the modern man who exudes confidence. The brand began "Accidentally". Both men, wanted to turn heads whenever they walked into a room, and a result began designing their own clothes. After doing this for an extended period, they began to get good feedback from peers & even strangers. They eventually decided to build a brand around the lifestyle they had started, & as a result, the Club Diamonds brand came to fruition.

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For you, not for everyone.

The duo drew much inspiration from first world European branding & marketing & fused it with a Caribbean flair to build the identity of the brand, which as a result, has grown exponentially, since its inception The brand caters to the modern man who wants to stand out in well made, custom and tailored-to-fit pieces; the man whose clothing speaks for him. The line's variety allows the brand to appeal to different styles and personas, ranging from your average university student, the working class and even celebrities and icons. Find them on Instagram today @clubdiamondsco

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Laura Alexis Homemade Candles Laura McDonald

is the founder and CEO of Laura Alexis Homemade Candles, a line of all-natural soy candles and home fragrances with an authentic Jamaican flair.

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mell has always been an important part of Laura McDonald’s life. Laura’s mother would always insist that your home should smell nice and inviting. Some of Laura’s earliest scent memories are from her parent’s house, where her mother would often light these huge pillar candles, burn incense and open windows to let in fresh air. Growing up in Jamaica, some of the scents Laura fell in love with early, were tropical scents that are now featured in some of her candle fragrances.

24 |


As an adult, while she pursued a career as a video production entrepreneur in the Caribbean, Laura continued to indulge her passion for scents in her personal life. When she left her parent’s home to live on her own, it was crucial for her to ensure her home smelled nice and carry on the principles her mother taught her. Nothing tickled her fancy more than when friends would come over and say, “Your house smells nice eh!”

Photos courtesy of Laura Alexis Homemade Candles

The genesis of Laura Alexis Homemade Candles came by accident, when Laura had a surprise appendectomy in November 2015 and had several weeks off work to recuperate. A true entrepreneurial spirit, Laura was too restless to sit idly at home during her recovery. She signed up for a detox program and began filling her bathroom with activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, baking soda, and other ingredients for her to experiment with other homeopathic do-ityourself remedies as she tried to embark on this wellness journey. It was during this selfeducation process, when a friend would visit her and light candles, reminding her that she hasn’t lit candles in a while, it was then that Laura had her lightbulb moment. She could combine her passion for elevated scents with her new interest in natural products and organic ingredients and develop her own candles. Throughout the rest of her recovery and over the holiday season, she brainstormed, researched and strategized how to build her candle business. One thing that emerged in this incubation period was the importance of

representing her Jamaican heritage in the ingredients and the product experience. She wanted her products to be branded like something you’d see in high-end department stores like Harrods, but yet still something representing Jamaica. She initially thought to name the company “Light Up Yuh Life” in tribute, but eventually used her biological name and chose to name each fragrance after a Jamaican slang. This way she could connect locals to their roots and share her culture with international customers, giving them an authentic introduction to the Jamaican way of life. Some of her bestsellers include “Duppy Conqueror” (a classic blend of frankincense and myrrh), “Hol a Fresh” (a fresh linen scented fragrance) and “Sekkle Dung” (a calming

lavender-infused scent). Now, three years later, Laura Alexis Homemade Candles has evolved from a modest one-woman side hustle selling candles via word-of-mouth into a booming business with employees and both an online and brick-and-mortar store. The current range includes seven elevated fragrances across an expanded product line with soy candles, room and linen spritzes, and soaps – all made with natural formulas. For its three year anniversary, Laura is focusing on expanding the online website for online orders overseas,

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adding reed diffusers to the inventory and introducing a brand new candle bar to the physical store in the first week of February. This candle bar will allow customers to create their own personalized scented candles and room spritzers, starting with a variety of 50 scents based on popular customer demand, including vanilla, coffee, sandalwood and many more. For more information on Laura Alexis Homemade Candles, visit her online store at www.lauraalexiscandles.com or her flagship store at 8 Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica. You can also connect with her on Instagram for the latest news, coupons, giveaways, and more at @lauraalexiscandles.

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As an adult, while Laura pursued a career as a video production entrepreneur in the Caribbean, she continued to indulge her passion for scents in her personal life.

Shinola In November 2018, Shinola Audio introduced their new Bluetooth® In-Ear Monitors. It was designed and developed in collaboration with Campfire Audio, and aimed to set a new standard for onthe-go listening. Before receiving these Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors, my travelling headphones was my Bowers & Wilkins PX. Since December 2018, I have been using this new Shinola In-Ear Monitors and they are my new number 1. It’s just great to travel with especially for people always on the go- it’s light, compact and just delivers great audio. Shinola Audio’s use of aptX™ Bluetooth® connectivity delivers an unrivaled and seamless audio experience. However, when I am at home and moving around between rooms the audio experience gets choppy. These In-Ear Monitors are no fans of concrete walls, aside from that though the experience is crisp, clean and seamless. Many of my friends do not like earphones or in-ear monitors because of the discomfort they experience. However, I have no such challenges with the Shinola Bluetooth® In-Ear-Monitor and its memory foam and silicone ear tips. Personally, the memory foam works best for me- I even wear them in my ears on flights and when I am sleeping to help cancel out noises.

The battery life is good, after several hours of playing music I just charge up fully once a day. The design is beautiful and sleek- you just wear on your neck and go! These In-Ear Monitors feature a detachable cable, not common in, Bluetooth models. They deliver a sound signature is clear and transparent. This is a great advantage because as cables malfunction, just replace that section not the entire In-Ear Monitors.

The Company's First Bluetooth® In-Ear Monitors

By Tricia Williamson

The right ear's cabling that leads to the earpiece has the inline remote control and mic compartment. It has three buttons—a central multifunction control that handles volume control, manages calls, operated playback, voice assistance, as well as track navigation. Originally priced at nearly $300 USD it now retails for $125USD. Overall, I give the Shinola Bluetooth® In-EarMonitor a cool 7.5/10!

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JANE MACGIZMO ON LIVING AUTHENTICALLY, HER MUSIC & MORE... interview by tricia williamson PANACHE: Who is Jane MacGizmo in your eyes? Jane MacGizmo: Jane Macgizmo is the entire creative being of who I am. The artist who gets to express myself freely, musically, visually and just in the person I am by my personal style and living authentically. PANACHE: What was the best part about growing up in Manchester, Jamaica? Jane: The best part about growing up in Mandeville is the weather and the simplicity. I think growing up in no noise helped me to really cultivate my creativity. PANACHE: Your vocals have been described in local papers as, "a velvety whisper before riding the rhythm almost to a traditional jazz scat." ....How would you describe your signature sound style? Jane: I would describe my sound similar to just the mixture of all the music I love from around the world fused with my culture, whether reggae or dancehall. My voice I definitely think is unique, I don't think there is no specific way to really describe it but that description is a very flattering start. (Laughs).

PANACHE: What or who is your greatest source of inspiration? Jane: My greatest source of inspiration is God and I have this desire to just always be myself and love myself. PANACHE: As a lady in the entertainment industry, what has that experience been like for you? Jane: My experience is just that you have to fight even more to be respected and for your voice to be heard among all the male egos and people who know what's best for you and just doesn't want to listen to what you have to say. PANACHE: TRODDR described you once as a "Jane of all trades" you love video games, photography, videography, graphic design and of course you are a vocal artist. Where do you see your creativity taking you next? Jane: I see my creativity taking me to be like the female version of Donald Glover, no limits, anything you want to do, you can do it. I just know whatever I put my hand in, I just want it to be impactful and make a difference.

PANACHE: What can fans expect from you in 2019? next. Jane: I'm currently crafting my first EP, which I think is long overdue but the right time because I am more secure in myself and who I am PANACHE: What made you decide to pursue a career in order to deliver a whole project and product. in music? Jane: I've always loved music, I grew up playing many PANACHE: Your songs like "Too Late" delve into the dynamics of instruments and it was always my therapy to play the love and relationships. From your personal experience, what are piano, compose pieces, write songs but never thought lessons you've learnt about love? that I would be an artist because I never found my Jane: Every person you love will teach you a lesson. Love is pain. Love voice until late, just because I had never heard anyone yourself first before loving someone else. sound like me so I just ruled it out. But what really pushed me to do it is when I realized I could use all PANACHE: What advice would you give to young women looking to my talents to execute my vision and make an impact get into the industry? through my art. Jane: Be prepared to be strong, stay humble and try to earn respect

28 |


@panachejamag |


and not attention for your music. It will last longer and you won't have to maintain a 'hype'. Also, take care of your mind. PANACHE: What mantra do you live by? Jane: Right now it is 'Mind, Body, Spirit' because once those three aspects are taken care of, everything else falls into place. PANACHE: What's your favourite thing to do in Jamaica? (Climbing waterfalls, go to music festivals etc) Jane: My favourite thing to do in Jamaica is going to the beach and to the mountains. I love nature, so anything adventurous or even anything that gives a rush of adrenaline. I 'm down. PANACHE: What's your favourite dish? Locally and abroad... Jane: My favourite local dish is a good ole plate of Ackee & Saltfish & breadfruit. Abroad, I would say pasta. I love pasta. PANACHE: What's on your playlist right now? Jane: African music, hip-hop and old school dancehall and reggae.

30 |


PANACHE: Who does your hair? It is beautiful Jane: My hair is done by my @Fauxlocs94 but I'm currently transitioning into it being permanent locs :) I really want to accept myself in my natural state and love that and be that. PANACHE: What's your hair care routine? Jane: (Laughs) None yet but I use gel for my edges and I also use holy basil oil to keep my hair moisturized under the faux locs. PANACHE: What's the one skincare routine you must do every day? Jane: I have to use my rosehip oil & holy basil oil every day! And I was my face with dudu oshun black soap every day! PANACHE: What's your vision for yourself career wise in 5 years? Jane: My vision is to be respected in the industry to the point where I can start a major label here in Jamaica where musicians are able to express themselves outside of our two genre rule of either being a reggae or dancehall artist. I want the artists of the future to be just Jamaican Artists. PANACHE: Any final thoughts. Jane: I want to thanks all the fans who are supporting me, you’re like my little family and I really appreciate the love and it really pushes me to keep going, just want them to know that they are needed. Also much respect to Teflon Zincfence for believing me no matter what, forever grateful.

Jane's advice for young women looking to enter the music industry:

Be prepared to be strong, stay humble and try to earn respect and not attention for your music. It will last longer and you won't have to maintain a 'hype'.

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anadian concert pianist Ronée Boyce has dedicated her life's passion to sharing the art of classical music with different communities and cultures. Her diverse musical travels have taken her from the UK to Ukraine, from France to Fripp Island and from Manhattan to Minsk. Also down to Montego Bay and Mandeville, for a solo piano recital at Northern Caribbean University. It certainly appears to be something of a cosmopolitan life.

32 |


When Ronée is not jet-setting around the globe presenting innovative recital performances, lectures or music masterclasses, she mentors young gifted music students, and serves as Artistic Director of Canada's Neapolitan Connection Concert Series, an everburgeoning classical music series that has presented hundreds of international artists in its productions. Although this impressive résumé of achievements seems nothing short of inspiring, it is The Minds on Music Outreach Program, a not-for-profit organization which Ronée considers her most significant accomplishment to date.

In undertaking the tremendous responsibility of creating and presenting original classical concert productions, part of Ronée's initial artistic vision for Neapolitan Connection also involved giving back to the community in a very profound way. The Minds on Music Outreach Program helped to accomplish just that by designing classical music programs with a specific focus on the elderly, infirm, underprivileged youths and remote communities.

Ronee` Boyce Photography by Tatiana Cifuentes

@panachejamag |


"The mandate of Neapolitan Connection's Minds on Music Outreach Program is to place classical music within everyone's reach,” says Ronée. “When a music concert is molded into a tool for therapeutic means versus solely being a listener's chosen form of entertainment, a performing artist's role becomes heightened, more meaningful and farreaching. The true beauty of music is its sublime power to connect itself with unfathomable parts of our emotional and spiritual makeup, to retrieve subconscious thoughts and to unlock past memories. From a therapeutic standpoint, music can be likened to an emotional “balm”, or spiritual “elixir”. When someone remarks that a musical outreach performance brought back a precious memory, that they recognized

34 |


a song their mother used to play, or that they never knew classical music could be so interesting and exciting, it gives me a really deep sense of fulfillment as an artist." Professional performing artists associated with Minds on Music Outreach Program certainly share RonĂŠe's passionate outlook on the rehabilitative nature of classical music, and happily devote time each season to music outreach endeavors. To date, Minds on Music has presented upwards of 100 music outreach performances. In recognition for her hard work, humanitarian efforts and extensive musical accomplishments, RonĂŠe became Ambassador of Music at Havergal College in Toronto, Canada in 2018. RonĂŠe's travels made her much more aware that certain world regions lack general exposure to classical music, and that younger generations especially need to gain more general knowledge about it. Since 2011, Minds on Music has regularly presented outreach programs in the Southern U.S., The Caribbean, has raised funds for hospital cancer research and held benefit concerts to provide underprivileged children with music instruction on an instrument in places such as the Bahamas. "It's really all about carrying forward classical music's great legacy and placing it in hands of upcoming generations. It starts with us. Watching children respond enthusiastically on hearing their first Mozart performance, or witnessing their sheer joy after touching a cello for the first time these are some of the little things that really give my performance career true meaning."

For more information on Neapolitan Connection's Minds on Music Outreach Program or to learn more about how to provide assistance, please e-mail outreach@neapolitanconnection.com

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Review by DJ Courtney


y first review for 2019 is on the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, all I can say

is, Yessssssss!!!

So a friend of mine has a similar popular brand speaker to this one, and I was curious to see how this stacks up against it. I was already familiar with the UE series of speakers, so when I unboxed it, I was happy with what I saw inside the package. It was a nice red/burgundy speaker (they come in different colours) & the design looked pretty clean & rugged. Included in the box, was a micro USB cable & the manuals. The speaker was not too heavy & it was clear it could take a pounding based on how its built.

36 |


My first power-up of the speaker, I was asked to update it & download the UE App. I did so by connecting it to my iPhone, which was very easy to do, on the top of the speaker, you have the on/off & the magic button (which can be used with the UE App), the side has the volume up/down. During my testing of the speaker, the sound was great, nice treble & mid, but the bass wasn’t what I expected, overall it’s still a very powerful speaker. The highlight of this powerhouse for me was the fact that it was waterproof, the UE Boom 3 has a waterproof rating of IP7. I did do a "pour test" on it with water, which it passed with flying colours! I can’t wait to give this a proper pool/beach test soon to prove to my friend that the UE Boom 3 is way better than what he has, plus on top of that, based on information in the manual, you can get up to 15hrs of playtime, least to say, the fact that this speaker is waterproof with great sound, this will now be my travel companion.

Vessel Explored / Vessel Transformed:

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oan B. Mirviss Ltd with the invaluable assistance of Japan’s leading modern ceramic dealer, Shibuya Kurodatoen Co., LTD is honored to present Vessel Explored / Vessel Transformed: Tomimoto Kenkichi and his Enduring Legacy. This groundbreaking exhibition and its accompanying publication, the first of its type outside Japan, focuses on the remarkable artist and teacher, Tomimoto Kenkichi. While, a relative unknown in the west, Tomimoto is revered as the father of his field. He was the most significant figure in the world of twentieth-century Japanese ceramics and his impact continues through his gifted and inspired former pupils and their talented students, many of whom are now professors of ceramics. Together they have transformed and surpassed the classical standard for functional ceramic excellence—devotion to the ancient Chinese traditions or allegiance to the late 16thcentury Momoyama tea wares–– and brought to their oeuvres a new, contemporary, and highly influential sensibility. Furthermore, this caused the ancient system of familial kilns and stylistic heritages to give way to university relationships that spawned artistic families of their own. Without Tomimoto himself and his legacy of pupils, Japan would not be in the preeminent position as the champion of contemporary clay that it is today. As a technical innovator and genius with surface decoration, Tomimoto Kenkichi was the founder of the ceramics department at the Kyoto City University of Arts, which profoundly changed the direction for the next generation of clay artists. Tomimoto believed that patterns

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should never be reused, and took inspiration from nature in order to keep his work fresh and new often instructing his students: “For pattern, look to nature and its beauty–– form, line, and color. Study and understand how they are structured.” Not born into a traditional pottery family but educated in things western, having traveled in the West and befriended the major English ceramic artist, Bernard Leach; Tomimoto had a much broader view of Japanese ceramics than many of his contemporaries. As a teacher, he expounded on the importance of individuality, originality, and the confluence of forms and patterns. Throughout his life, he remained steadfast in his own beliefs and attempted to instill these ethical values in his pupils. Vessel Explored / Vessel Transformed: Tomimoto Kenkichi and his Enduring Legacy will showcase works by the teacher himself along with ceramics by his former pupils, artists and teachers in their own right and their pupils. In all, some of the greatest stars of Japanese modern and contemporary ceramics will be on display. For more information, 212799-4021 or via email at director@mirviss.com.

ManHarmonyWild by Matthew Chinn


he project, aptly titled ManHarmonyWild captures man in his most natural state, experiencing oneness with nature. In my case, nature happened to be a safari full of wildlife. I drove around scouting locations while trying to convince myself that this place was not much different from what I knew. Surely, the landscape was not exactly the same – but truthfully, driving along the Jamaican countryside isn’t vastly different from the imagery I saw in Africa. The major differences? Zebras, Impalas, Giraffes, Buffalo, Crocs, Wild Dogs, Hippos, Elephants and Lions – all our neighbours, whilst in Jamaican their counterparts are Cows, Goats, and stray dogs. A touch of dawn crept into my tent, like an old friend snuggling up close to me – comforting me. Every living creature seemed threatening by their sounds which incited terror, as if ready to devour me. But I had made it through the endless night in my restlessness. I asked myself what led me to this madness. I woke up from surviving one major fear, only to immediately dive into another. I thought, “Today I’ll will myself to be photographed in the buff, naked — in the middle of Botswana's wetlands; the Okavango Delta.” So again, I asked myself, “Wha kinda madness fly up inna mi head fi mek dis idiat bwoy fly halfway across di worl’ fi run aroun’ naked like a jackass in di thickest of Africa?”

Eventually, my guide and I settled on a spot that was good. Of course, I was worried about which animal would get a chance to drag me off into the horizon – after which I would never be seen again. But there were more pressing issues at hand. I took a swig of vodka and removed the last piece of cloth between me and my shame. I was left exposed to the world in a state of vulnerability that I still cannot describe. There was a certain point in my childhood where I distinctly remembered my nakedness was no longer acceptable for anyone to see. Why did that happen? Why was I taught to be ashamed of my nakedness? Why does nudity surprise and offend us so easily? Where did we get lost as a society into associating nakedness with elicit sexual responses? I did not feel brave enough to be riding around naked in the middle of safari, even though admittedly, even to myself it would seem that way. But this was something natural and only sensationalised because of how taboo it has become. I was simply looking to conquer fear, while shedding some skin – shedding insecurity and what I grew to see as shame. I thought to myself, “There is no pornography in my act as some have joked, but I can't force anyone to see that if they choose not to!” An interesting thing happened to me after a while of driving around naked. This was separate and apart from my newfound realization that my “twigs and berries” could catch a sunburn.

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I started feeling comfortable in my own skin – something I didn't actually think was achievable. We juggled between taking photos for the project and scouting wildlife. This allowed me to have the privilege of watching these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Suddenly I realized I was watching them in their natural state, while I was also in my most natural state – and everything felt right. Somewhere in the middle of the project, life imitated art, and I became ManHarmonyWild in a way I never expected.

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I inquired about the feline raspy reserved purring I heard in my tent on the very first night at a point during the venture. I had imagined it being from a Lion circling the tent to torture me with the knowledge that I would soon end up on its plate. But it turns out, in reality – it was a sound elephants make to each other in the middle of the night, perhaps to play a good practical joke on their human visitors. I laughed. The fear was always just been in my mind, and I was slowly learning to emancipate myself from the mental prison I created.

CREDITS: Find Matthew on IG @matteu312 Check out his blog: www.jamaicantotheworld.com Special Thanks to Photographer: Alwyn Myburgh @panachejamag |


It's So S'well! Review by Tricia Williamson

EDITOR'S CHOICE "S'well- The Bottle To Help You Stop Using SingleUse Plastic Bottles."

In Jamaica, the Caribbean and many states in the USA, bans on single-use plastic are creating opportunities for new lifestyle changes that can also positively impact the environment. My first S'well bottle came to me as a corporate gift in a goodie bag last year and I just fell in love with it! This stainless water bottle never sweats with its unique design and does what it says... S'well bottles will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. Personally, I have credited my S'well in helping me to transition away from sugary drinks and sodas every day to a healthier lifestyle where water now accounts for 90% of what I drink. I love my water cool and chilled and this bottle keeps it cool all day in the hot Jamaican sun. Retailing for ~$40USD, the S`well is the last bottle you’ll ever need. These premium bottles come in a reflective finish and you can customize with your initials via the website. As a traveller always on the go, this bottle is great and helps me save on the number of plastic bottles I would otherwise discard each day. If you're looking for a great bottle to fit your onthe-go healthy lifestyle, then you're only choice is so...S`well!

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Let's Eat! From Grace Foods try these amazing recipes!

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Ghetto Style Oxtail (Brown Stew Turkey Neck)

Serves 4 | Prep time: 20 mins | Cooking time: 50 mins

Photo credit: TasteEssence



»» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

1. Cut each turkey neck into 2 or 3 pieces. Use a sharp knife to trim away the membrane from each piece. Wash turkey neck in a mixture of Grace Vinegar and water. 2. Season turkey neck with 3 cloves garlic, Grace Fish & Meat Sauce, Grace Browning, black pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, salt, ginger and crushed pimento berries and allow to marinate for about two hours. 3. Heat Grace Vegetable Oil in a pressure cooker, add seasoned turkey neck and allow to brown for about 10 minutes. 4. Add boiling water, seal the pressure cooker and pressure cook for 25-30 minutes. Remove from flame and allow to cool. 5. Mix in the chopped escallion, thyme, remaining garlic, sweet pepper, onion, Grace Broad Beans, Grace Tomato Ketchup and tomato. Cover and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes.

3 pound(s) turkey necks 1/4 cup(s) Grace White Vinegar 4 cup(s) water 6 clove(s) garlic, chopped 1 tablespoon(s) Grace Fish and Meat Sauce 2 teaspoon(s) Grace Browning 1 teaspoon(s) black pepper 1 teaspoon(s) scotch bonnet pepper 1 teaspoon(s) salt 1 teaspoon(s) ginger, chopped 1 teaspoon(s) pimento berries, crushed 4 tablespoon(s) Grace Vegetable Oil 4 cup(s) boiling water 2 stalk(s) escallion, chopped 1 sprig(s) thyme 1/2 medium sweet pepper, julienne 1/2 medium onion, chopped 1 can(s) Grace Broad Beans 1 cup(s) Grace Tomato Ketchup 1 whole tomato, chopped

To Serve: Serve with boiled rice/ ground provisions and a steamed salad.

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Broad Bean Stew Serves 4 | Prep time: 30 mins | Cooking time: 25 mins

INGREDIENTS »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

2 tablespoon(s) olive oil 1 medium onion, chopped 2 stalk(s) escallion, chopped 1 tablespoon(s) ginger, chopped 3 clove(s) garlic, finely chopped 2 teaspoon(s) turmeric powder 1 cup(s) pumpkin, diced 1 cup(s) Grace Coconut Milk 1 can(s) Grace Broad Beans, drained 1/2 teaspoon(s) black pepper

Recipe & photos courtesy of Grace Foods.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Heat olive oil and use to saute the chopped onion, escallion, ginger and garlic; stir constantly. 2. Mix in the turmeric powder and the diced pumpkin until the flavours develop and the pumpkin improves in colour. 3. Pour in the coconut milk, stir and bring to a boil. Allow to simmer until the pumpkin is tender. 4. Fold in the broad beans and black pepper. To Serve: Serve with Herb Potatoes, Yam and a Tomato Salad. Recipe prepared and presented by Chef Warren Wilson and Alfred Brissett of LIVITY Restaurant.

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Profile for PANACHE Magazine

PANACHE Magazine Issue 1 | 2019  

Our exclusive interview with Jane MacGizmo and so much more!

PANACHE Magazine Issue 1 | 2019  

Our exclusive interview with Jane MacGizmo and so much more!

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