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TVPS Olympus DS-7000 The Olympus DS-7000 is a versatile digital voice recorder, loaded with features to assist nearly any professional with their dictation needs. The Olympus DS-7000 gives the user the ability to configure settings for optimal use, depending on what purpose the user has for this great device. This digital voice recorder is equipped with a long-lasting battery, so the busy professional can record what they need to, when they need to. Built for multiple professions: Medical and legal professionals know how crucial it is to keep patient and client information secure and confidential. Patient and client information must be protected from threats such as identity theft, medical identity theft, and also anyone that may want to compromise a legal case. These are just a few of the threats against secure, personal information. The Olympus DS-7000 is built with security in mind. The user can set a 4digit personal identification number (PIN) and also encrypt each of the recorded files on the device. These two security features prevent unauthorized access to the material recorded and stored on the digital voice recorder. Ergonomic in design: The Olympus DS-7000 is easy to operate single handedly, with a comfortable slide switch and an easy to hold design. The DS-7000 gives users the most control possible over their dictation files. Plus, with the easy to use docking station, professionals can charge the device, as well as quickly and easily transfer files from the device to the computer. This easy operation makes the Olympus DS-7000 a great choice for busy professionals who need to have full control over their dictation files. The DS-7000 offers this full control in a user-friendly package. Crystal clear display and recording: It is always important to be able to see what you are working on, and with the large color display and LED backlight on this digital voice recorder, professionals will be able to see and easily maneuver through their files and what they are working on. This digital voice recorder has also been equipped with a superior microphone to ensure the most accurate recordings possible. This optimizes the users experience and control, because they will no longer be slowed down by hard to understand recordings. Find the Olympus DS-7000 digital recorder available online through The Voice Processing Specialist (TVPS). Our specialists will help you pair the best device with your specific dictation needs. We’re sure the Olympus DS-7000 will be a good fit for your office.

TVPS: Olympus DS-7000  

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