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MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS initiative honoured

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For more information about how your company can become a sponsor, contact: Amit Kumaria T: 416.484.2765 E: TO FIND TVO: Cable Channel 2 in most areas Rogers HD ch. 580 Rogers Anyplace TV ch. 100 Bell TV ch. 265 Bell Fibe ch. 209 Bell Fibe HD ch. 1209 Shaw Direct ch. 353

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Welcome from our CEO


Welcome from our Board Chair


Michael MacMillan on the Importance of TVO and Citizen Engagement


TD Bank Group Wins Inaugural Caring Corporate Partner Award


TVO – A Gateway to Ontario Culture


The Legacy of TVO Supporter Colin J. Everett


TVO in the Community


TVO Supports Young Ontario Filmmakers The Water Brothers


Pace Family Foundation Kick-starts Literacy Program in First Nations Community


Institute of Chartered Accountants Continues Support of The Agenda


Award-winning TVO and CAMH Partnership Highlights Mental Health

TVO is Ontario’s public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires and stimulates curiosity and thought. Our vision is to empower people to be engaged citizens of Ontario through educational media. TVO is a registered charitable organization #85985 0232 RR0001 in Canada. In the U.S. TVO is a tax exempt entity under section: 501(c)3: Tax ID 75-185-0754. All financial contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



Printed in March 2013.



Welcome to Inspire, TVO’s annual publication especially for donors, sponsors and community partners. We called this magazine Inspire because we strive to inspire and engage Ontarians with educational experiences that are unmatched anywhere in the media landscape and because we’re continually inspired by the generosity of our many supporters, a few of whom are featured in this publication. In all our activities, TVO is driven by a higher purpose — to make the world a better place by helping every child in Ontario develop a love of learning and by enabling every citizen to become an informed citizen. Our vision, simply put, is to use media to help build a smarter, more aware and more informed Ontario; a place where every child arrives at school ready and excited to learn, newcomers are welcomed and supported, and citizens are active and engaged. When former Premier Bill Davis created TVO back in 1970, no one could have foreseen the way technology would transform the way we live, work and play. For TVO, this digital revolution has meant an exponential increase in the difference we’re able to make. TVO today is the only Ontario media organization that speaks to people as citizens and not as consumers, and – with our focused innovation strategy – we’re playing an ever-growing role as a trusted curator of smart digital content that’s not available anywhere else. And in doing so we’re inspiring people of all ages to new heights. For kids, Ontarians have rated TVO the “most educational” and the “most trusted” media brand in Canada, in no small part because


every TV program, every online game and every mobile app we create is teacher-tested with a single purpose: to help Ontario’s kids learn the essential literacy, math and science skills they need to be successful in school. We’re incredibly proud of this. And in a world of sound bites and polarized discourse, TVO strives to build an engaged citizenry and in turn a strong democracy. That’s why we created The Agenda with Steve Paikin: to deliver the most in-depth analysis and to foster deliberate and thoughtful debate on the big issues affecting our world — on TV, online, in social media and in Ontario communities. We’re equally well known for our commitment to supporting documentary films that, as Margaret Atwood so eloquently said “expand our visual literacy and through this our ability to understand the world” — projects like the award-winning The Water Brothers featured in this report. Along with the generous financial support of the Ontario Government, you – our donors, sponsors and community partners – make all of this possible. On behalf of all of us at TVO, thank you for sharing our ambition to make the world a better place. You play a vital role in ensuring our financial model is sustainable and our future is vibrant. With your help we can continue to both inspire and be inspired. Sincerely,

Lisa de Wilde, Chief Executive Officer


On behalf of TVO’s Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for the enormous value you add to TVO as a donor, sponsor or partner. TVO has been a part of life in Ontario and a reflection of our society for over 40 years. While we are primarily funded by the Ontario government, your involvement assures the continuance of the unique place we occupy – not only in the media landscape – but in the hearts and minds of all Ontarians. As a filmmaker, people have often asked me where I find my inspiration and the answer is the story. That’s what I love about my position as Chair of the Board of Directors at TVO. I am constantly inspired by the depth and breadth of the stories TVO tells. And I am even more inspired by the stories people tell me about what TVO means to them and how it has had a significant impact in their lives. When I read the inspirational stories in this magazine, it not only makes me proud to be closely associated with TVO, but it makes me proud to be an Ontarian. We are so fortunate in this province to have a publicly-funded broadcaster that educates, informs, inspires curiosity and exposes us to insights, opinions and perspectives from Ontario and around the world; a public broadcaster that is at the forefront of innovative educational media for the 21st century. There is a Native American proverb that encapsulates the way I see the relationship between TVO and our donors, sponsors and partners: “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story”. The story is the ever-evolving narrative that is TVO. The voices are yours — for which, I thank you.

Peter O’Brian Chair, TVO Board of Directors


MICHAEL MACMILLAN ON THE IMPORTANCE OF TVO AND CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT “In a country as blessed as Canada, we owe it to ourselves to have a citizenry that is more connected to politics,” says TVO leadership donor, media executive and philanthropist Michael MacMillan. It is this belief that connects him to TVO and one that inspired him to create Samara, a charitable organization that studies citizen engagement, hopes to strengthen the health of Canada’s democracy and encourages others to do the same. “The goal of Samara is to re-connect citizens with politics. Samara was created partially out of despair brought on by declining voter turnout and lack of citizen engagement in our democratic process,” Mr. MacMillan says. MILL A EL M AC MICH A HIP DONOR S R E D LE A



In an attempt to facilitate more public engagement, Samara has embarked upon a unique program — exit interviews with MPs.

“When you leave a job in the private sector, part of that process involves an exit interview — yet that never happens with our public servants,” he says. “We need to be having those kinds of discussions as they are at the heart of what makes us who we are.” “And that’s when I think about The Agenda with Steve Paikin,” he continues. “It’s possibly one of the most important programs on TVO. It’s interesting, it’s informative and it provides a venue to connect citizens to Canada.” Mr. MacMillan is one of TVO’s leadership donors: philanthropists who have donated $5,000 or more a year with multi-year commitments. The support from leadership donors has a significant impact on the success of TVO, helping to ensure that we are reaching out to more people in more ways than ever before. “TVO doesn’t have a large budget and achieves so much with what it has,” says Mr. MacMillan. “If I, as a donor, can make a contribution to that budget, it will most certainly make a difference

85% of Ontarians watch TVO

and that’s why I am a supporter,” he says. “TVO offers terrific programming. It is an alternative offering and they do a really good job.” As the former Executive Chairman of Alliance Atlantis and the current CEO of Blue Ant Media, Mr. MacMillan certainly possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of media and has a very visceral connection to the subject: “TVO has a different purpose for existing. It’s a different biological system and like any biological system it has different survival priorities and a different function in the ecosystem. If we all had the same survival priorities, the

ecosystem wouldn’t work,” he says. “Some in this system are driven by profit and some are driven, as in TVO’s case, by education. One system is not wrong, one is not right — but one of the biggest differences is that TVO sees its viewers, not as consumers but as citizens.” As to the role of organizations like Samara and public media programs like The Agenda with Steve Paikin or TVO’s online Civics 101, MacMillan is forthright: “Democracy is not the most efficient method of government. But it has to be inclusive and it has to be responsive to its citizens and that’s part of what we’re trying to achieve.”

A recent immigrant to Canada from India approached me and said, “You’re the guy who does The Agenda. I love that show. Watching it makes me a better citizen of Canada.” I could’ve cried. That’s why we’re in business. Moments like that. STEVE PAIKIN – ANCHOR AND SENIOR EDITOR OF THE AGENDA WITH STEVE PAIKIN.


TVOKids Most Trusted and Most Educational and 4.8 million kids and Parents


kids and parents explore



This year, in order to recognize the support we receive from private sector partners, TVO created the Caring Corporate Partner Award. This award celebrates the value of our private sector partnerships and the role they play in increasing the effectiveness of our programs and services, while helping us to deliver on our mission. We are pleased to recognize TD Bank Group as the 2013 recipient of TVO’s Caring Corporate Partner Award. “We’re extremely proud to support TVO as they work to develop innovative and educational programming for children and we’re honoured to receive this award from TVO in recognition of our partnership,” says Frank McKenna, TD Bank Group’s Deputy Chair and Literacy Champion. “Encouraging and fostering early childhood education is how we can together inspire learning and a love for reading.” With continued financial support since 1999, TD has been a valued partner to TVO. As title sponsor of TVOKids’ early literacy initiatives including TD Tumbletown Reads and TD Reading Rangers, and presenting sponsor of Gisèle’s Big Backyard, TD has helped us to create innovative educational media resources that enhance children’s literacy and prepare them for success.


“TD’s ongoing support has enabled TVO to develop unique, curriculum-driven television programs, web resources and community events that instill a love of learning and make a difference in the lives of children across the province,” says Lisa de Wilde, TVO’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very proud of our association with TD and of the progress we have made together to support early literacy.”

“Encouraging and fostering early childhood education is how we can together inspire learning and a love for reading.”

It is also important to introduce financial literacy to children and TD supports early learning programs like Tumbletown Tales and Carney the Counting Cat as well as online games like Coin Combo and Coin Spot, which help familiarize kids with currency and how to make change. TD’s literacy and financial literacy initiatives align with TVOKids’ mandate of contributing to school readiness and helping kids to be successful learners. This commitment to both children’s literacy and financial literacy is not only demonstrated in TD’s support of TVO but in many other community initiatives across the country. We thank TD Bank Group for their generous support and look forward to a continued partnership that helps prepare Ontario’s kids for success at school and in life.

3 in 4

recent immigrants tune in to TVO weekly


A GATEWAY TO ONTARIO CULTURE It’s not easy relocating to a new city. It’s even harder when you’re seven and you don’t speak the local language very well. This was the challenge facing young Frankie Chow when his family moved to Ontario from Hong Kong in 1994. Struggling to communicate with his classmates and feeling disconnected from the culture, Frankie and his sister turned to TVO. “We would rush home and watch TVOKids, right up until Inquiring Minds at six,” says Frankie. “So many things started opening up for us. We were becoming more equipped to actually communicate with our classmates. We were learning to understand how English is spoken between friends; the phrases that people use, the things people talk about.”

“I didn’t always know that TVO was a charity. When I found that out, I decided to give because of what TVO did for me as a new immigrant, and for what TVO continues to do for new immigrants.”

But, for Frankie, it went beyond learning English. “It also got me interested in a variety of other things like science and nature and history,” he recalls. “I would see something and it would give me an idea for a school project and then I would take the idea to my teacher, who let me do it. I was learning how school was less restrictive here. I could learn about things that interested me — things that I would never have known about.” Today the 26-year-old is a member of The Producers’ Club, TVO’s monthly donation program. “I didn’t always know that TVO was a charity,” he says. “When I found that out, I decided to give because of what TVO did for me as a new immigrant, and for what TVO continues to do for new immigrants. Watching TVO not only taught me English, but it taught me so much more. It taught me about the culture that I was now a part of.” We’re very proud of the role we played in Frankie’s introduction to life in Ontario. In fact, three out of four recent immigrants tune in to TVO weekly, so we know that TVO continues to be an accessible and vital expression of our province, our culture and our world.

The 9,000 Producers’ Club members that contribute more than $1.5 million per year make up the backbone of TVO’s annual giving program. These monthly donors are a very special group of supporters. They help reduce our administrative costs and provide TVO with an important source of support that allows us to plan ahead more effectively and efficiently. Monthly donations go to work immediately to help TVO stay at the forefront of innovation, supporting worldrenowned educational media resources for kids, madein Ontario documentary projects, and in-depth analysis of current affairs — on TV, online, on mobile and in the community. We celebrate the members of the Producers’ Club and thank them for their valued support that we know we can count on. If you would like to become a member of the Producers’ Club please visit or call Anne at 416.484.2600 ext. 2233.



THE LEGACY OF TVO SUPPORTER COLIN J. EVERETT If ever the epithet “Renaissance Man” was appropriate, it would be used to describe Colin J. Everett. From humble beginnings in England to Professor of Chemistry, accomplished musician and lute maker in Ontario, Colin’s journey was one of perpetual discovery. It was 1966 when Colin started a new life in Canada. With a Ph.D. in chemistry, afforded him thanks to a government grant, he soon found himself teaching physical chemistry at Algonquin College in Ottawa. As an educator he was known for his skill and passion. “He was one of the best teachers I have ever seen,” says former colleague Malcolm Zander in a written tribute to his late friend. “He was first and foremost imaginative. He developed a glassblowing film for his students to preview before they came into his lab — this was well before other people began to make videos. Students were introduced to chemistry with Tom Lehrer singing the Periodic Table. The octet rule was introduced by the McGarrigle sisters singing ‘Just a Little Atom of Chlorine’.” Colin did not only use music in the classroom. He was himself a very musical man. His first instrument was the guitar, but later he became interested in the lute and early music. As lutes


were hard to come by, Colin decided to make his own. As it turned out, he became a skilled luthier, making over 70 lutes and a number of other instruments such as the viola da gamba, harpsichord, crumhorn and rackett. One of his lutes can be seen in the collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Quebec. “That’s just the kind of man he was”, says his wife Carol Railer. “He never let anything hold him back. If he discovered something that he was interested in — he pursued it. And Colin was into everything.” Perhaps this is why, upon his death in 2011, Colin left a most generous gift in his will to TVO — a public educational media organization that has just about everything to inspire a mind like Colin’s. “He always believed that TVO was an important channel”, explains Carol. “He loved the nature programs, history programs and The

“That’s just the kind of man he was. He If he discovered something that he wa And Colin was into everything.”

TVO commissions more original

POINT-OF-VIEW DOCUMENTARIES than any Canadian broadcaster

Agenda.” He once saw a program on TVO that featured Moroccan cooking. He told me he wanted to try it so I bought him a tajine for Christmas. The dish was a huge success.” It is this all-embracing approach to life that Colin is supporting through his bequest. Through him and other donors who have made bequests, TVO can continue to bring Ontarians the world, to inform, inspire, entertain and help satisfy those who are hungry for knowledge — now and in the future. It is with great thanks that we recognize and honour the life of Colin J. Everett and the generous bequest he left to TVO. For more information on how you can support TVO through a bequest in your will visit or contact Sarah Asgari at 416.484.2600 ext. 2252.

e never let anything hold him back. as interested in – he pursued it.




J. E V E




TVO AT THE WORD ON THE STREET TVO actively engages in developing children’s literacy through curriculum-based television programs, online activities and in-community events like The Word on the Street, the national book and magazine festival. Throughout the day TVOKids’ interactive stage show provides hours of fun and play, while fostering a love of reading in children. Families sing, dance and learn along with TVOKids’ The Reading Rangers, characters from Gisèle’s Big Backyard, and fan-favourite Polkaroo as they celebrate literacy.



TVO SUPPORTS YOUNG ONTARIO FILMMAKERS THE WATER BROTHERS You’ve seen the two young eco-adventurers travel the world to explore our relationship with water on the TVO documentary series The Water Brothers — discovering the problems, searching for solutions, helping us to understand our world. With a new series of the TVO-commissioned The Water Brothers set to launch this fall, we spoke with the Panda Award-winning co-hosts Alex and Tyler Mifflin to find out a little more about these talented young filmmakers: TVO: Alex, you went to Dalhousie University and to study environmental and international affairs and Tyler, you studied film at UBC. Tell us about the motivation to make The Water Brothers.

Alex: We feel that the media, and specifically film and television, have a very powerful ability and responsibility to explore our environment and raise awareness and interest about it and get people thinking more about the current state of our planet. More so now that reality TV has taken over more scientific examination, while emphasizing man’s domination of nature. We can be agents of change and try to present a balanced view on the many water challenges we all face from both an economic and scientific perspective — they are parts of the same equation from my viewpoint. We need immediate action in certain key areas and this can only be achieved if enough of us are aware of the problems in the first place. Tyler: We like to think of ourselves as water ambassadors, advocates for the Earth’s most precious resource. There are too many people and not enough accessible, clean water, with even more people coming in the next decade. If we get people to better understand water issues, it will lead to a broader understanding of many other environmental issues. We want to examine the challenges thoroughly, but many are very complex and as I have learned through this process, everything is interrelated. So we hope we do a good job in simplifying these interrelationships, while also having




TVO triggers MILLION in production budgets for Ontario independent producers each year and supports more than


some fun on this adventure through the world of water. TVO: What role has TVO played in your success? Tyler: TVO has played a major role in our success. TVO was the first broadcaster willing to take a chance on us and our TV show idea as emerging filmmakers. Yes, SK Films has major experience but Alex and I were going to be doing basically all of the work on our own — researching, writing, directing, co-producing, shooting, interviewing leading water scientists, advocates and government and business leaders and co-hosting the show as well. Quite a plateful for new guys and TVO took the risk with us. Their support and production guidance throughout preproduction, the filming and post-production of The Water Brothers has been invaluable, and has really helped us mature as filmmakers, including all the promotional opportunities they have given us. We are also grateful to them for their social media campaign and for supporting our free Quench app for finding free water sources and bottle refill stations around the GTA. We hope we can expand it. Major funding was supplied by The Bell New Media Fund and TVO worked closely with us in the design of the app. TVO: Describe what it means to have been honoured with the BBC Earth Panda Award for Best Newcomer. Tyler: It’s hard to describe just how much this award means to Alex and me. We were thrilled just to be nominated for the Newcomer Award from over 56 countries, but when we found out

we had won, while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro filming an episode for season 2, it was a dream come true. The Wildscreen Festival in the UK really is ‘the Oscars’ of wildlife and natural history/documentary filmmaking, so I cannot overstate how honoured we are to have won this award. And then to have David Attenborough say how thrilled he is that there is such filmmaking talent and commitment in the next generation is very rewarding to say the least. TVO: What can we expect in your new season of the series? Alex: Just like our first season, our new season takes us to new and exciting places all over the world to look at a brand new set of challenges we face in managing our oceans and freshwater resources. We look at everything from plastic waste in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” while on a research vessel to Tokyo; dead zones in Lake Erie and the Gulf of Mexico; and salmon farming versus wild salmon in British Columbia. We even travel as far away as Africa to climb Kilimanjaro and to explore the relationship of water and women in several countries there, and then to mystic India to journey down the sacred Ganges river. So a nice mix of exploration, nature, travel, adventure and viewpoints. TVO: Why is it important for documentary content to be available through public media? Alex: In this sound bite world and where ecological and environmental and true science shows are being replaced by reality TV formats, we need a platform for the challenges to be adequately explored and presented in a balanced way to raise awareness and interest in our daily lives about our water and other ecosystems. It is vital that public media share in this important role like TVO has done.

Catch The Water Brothers Season 2 world premiere this fall on TVO. Watch all The Water Brothers Season 1 episodes on


PACE FAMILY FOUNDATION KICK-STARTS LITERACY PROGRAM IN FIRST NATIONS COMMUNITY As trustees of the Pace Family Foundation, Kristen Morch and Al Pace spend a lot of their time and resources funding projects. Often, the challenge for the husband and wife team is deciding which projects to support. With many worthy causes and initiatives all looking for help, how does the foundation make decisions about which ones they’re going to support? “We’re guided by our mission”, says Al Pace. “Our Foundation is dedicated primarily to helping children lead healthy lives. Part of that is children’s education.” To this end, the Pace Family Foundation has been instrumental in piloting the Literacy Fun for Families project in Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve near Brantford. Literacy Fun for Families uses made-at-TVO videos, online games and activities from Gisèle’s Big Backyard to teach kids early literacy skills. The program also teaches parents ways to become more involved in their child’s early learning. “We were looking to help fund a project in Ontario’s Native com-

munities”, says Kristen Morch, who also volunteers on TVO’s Leadership Giving Committee. “We felt that Literacy Fun for Families was a great initiative and it was at a stage that would allow us to be a part of its development.” “When funding projects, we try to ensure that we’re reaching our goals, while helping the organization reach theirs, but the most important thing is that we’re not just writing cheques,” adds Pace. “If you have the time and the inclination, you can provide the project with more than money. You can lever it up by providing expertise, experience and contacts,” he explains. “You can write a cheque for fifty thousand dollars, or you can bring in fundraising expertise for the same money and raise five hundred thousand. In this case, we put in a modest amount in order to prove the concept and we’ll be using other resources to help crank it up.”


With the help of the Pace Family Foundation, TVO hopes to expand Literacy Fun for Families in both rural and urban communities across Ontario.

“Our Foundation is dedicated primarily to helping children lead healthy lives. Part of that is children’s education.” 15

OISE research shows TVOKids resources


improve kids literacy and numeracy

Literacy Fun for Families (LFF) is an innovative, multimedia literacy program designed in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), that teaches kids early literacy skills while teaching parents ways to become more involved in their child’s learning. Presented as a six-session family literacy camp, LFF stresses the importance of parent involvement to effectively build critical literacy skills, especially for those who are most at risk. LFF uses TVOKids resources, which are aligned with the Ontario kindergarten curriculum. Focusing on outcomes such as oral language, phonological awareness, reading, writing and math literacy, the program was formally research-tested by OISE and the study found that kids who used these resources made significantly greater gains in early literacy skills than those who did not. 16




For five consecutive years The Agenda with Steve Paikin has enjoyed the generous support of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. As TVO’s fl agship current affairs program and the gold standard for in-depth analysis and thoughtful debate in Canadian media, The Agenda with Steve Paikin provides an Ontario perspective on the big issues of the day and tackles complex topics both on TV and though its online hub for civic engagement and interactivity.

“The ICAO protects the public interest,” Mr. Barr continues. “Part of looking after the public interest is engaging in activities that demonstrate corporate social responsibility. We think that our involvement with The Agenda with Steve Paikin demonstrates that. It makes a statement that we’re acting beyond our legislated mandate by supporting public media and a quality program.”

“The Agenda with Steve Paikin consistently delivers thought-provoking and intelligent discussion on issues that shape our province and we’re delighted to be associated with it,” says Rod Barr, President and CEO. “But for me, and for our members, it’s not your average sponsorship agreement. If you look at what CAs are all about, if you look at the Institute’s tag line – ‘Decisions Matter’ – then it becomes clear that it’s a perfect fit. The program is all about discussing the decisions that are being made, decisions that affect us all, decisions that matter.”

“Our members certainly expect us to give back and supporting TVO through The Agenda with Steve Paikin is a way for us to represent our members as communityminded, engaged Ontarians.”

In a world of sound bites

takes the time to do it right

But according to Mr. Barr, it’s more than just getting the Institute’s name in the media. “We’re not advertising in a traditional way, we’re raising our banner to say that the content is important. Some people might say that giving back is in the DNA of CAs. Our members certainly expect us to give back and supporting TVO through The Agenda with Steve Paikin is a way for us to represent our members as community-minded, engaged Ontarians. Many members have told me that it makes them proud to be chartered accountants.”


The Agenda with Steve Paikin airs weeknights on TVO and offers extensive web-based content on a variety of platforms including online at, as an app for mobile devices, as a podcast download on iTunes, and on Twitter and Facebook. ADRIENNE CLARKSON




AWARD-WINNING TVO AND CAMH PARTNERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS MENTAL HEALTH One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime and virtually all of us will know someone who is or will be affected by mental illness. In May 2012, in association with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), TVO presented Mental Health Matters — a week-long initiative that utilized TVO’s full media toolkit to engage Ontarians in issues of mental health and addiction. “Education is a powerful antidote to discrimination,” says Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and CEO of CAMH. “Through Mental Health Matters, TVO turned an educational mandate into a cause.”

people were ready to talk openly about mental health,” Dr. Zahn explains. “It was reassuring that Ontarians got so involved; that people started to feel that it was okay to speak out and to get help.” Like any media partnership, the message and the medium need to work in tandem to produce effective results. “Our partnership is one made in heaven,” says Dr. Zahn. “CAMH and TVO share many of the same values. Both organizations seek transformative outcomes and have

As a result of this ground-breaking initiative, TVO garnered two awards. The Ontario Psychological Association selected The Agenda with Steve Paikin the recipient of its Media Award for 2012.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) recognized TVO and The Agenda with Steve Paikin with a public service award.

Historically, mental health has been a marginalized part of healthcare. CAMH positions itself to take on that challenge.


extensive track records that demonstrate success in achieving those outcomes. Both organizations value education and discovery. When I see TVO’s commitment to the future as embodied in children and the work that we have done together to educate a younger audience about issues around mental health, I am overjoyed!”

“The Agenda with Steve Paikin has focussed on mental health in a way that helps to reduce stigma and discrimination, and to further tolerance and understanding,” says Connie Kushnir, President of the Ontario Psychological Association. “This is vital considering mental well-being and mental illnesses touch us all, either directly or through our family and friends.”

Mental Health Matters featured current affairs programming, lectures, documentaries and dramas, as well as extensive online resources and special in-the-community broadcast events that encouraged informed discourse on an issue that affects us all.

“Aligning with mainstream media gave our cause more legitimacy and it gave us confidence that our messages were being well received by the public and that



“While mental health is being talked about more, it lacks the prominence it deserves on the public policy agenda,” says Steve Lurie, Executive Director of

the CMHA’s Toronto branch. “TVO’s series on mental health last spring demonstrates their commitment to shining a light on this important public health issue. Their effective storytelling and profiling of the national mental health strategy should help to galvanize a public call to action and get government to respond.”

TVO’s Mental Health Matters week of programming has been one of the best things I’ve ever been associated with. Regardless of where I go in Ontario’s capital city – a movie, the subway, the corner store, walking on the streets – people are continually coming up to me thanking TVO for what we did. We called it Mental Health Matters — because it does.

During and after TVO’s Mental Health Matters, CAMH saw significantly more visits to their facility and they got many more enquiries — meaning people who needed help or advice were getting it. “I couldn’t be more proud”, Dr. Zahn says with a smile.


May 6-12, 2013 WAR IN THE MIND

I was devastated to think that I could have lost my son after he made it home from Afghanistan. TVO broadcast the program that helped me realize what happened to my son and what he’s going through. It’s been a blessing for the whole family because now we know how to help him. – FRANK MCINNIS, TVO VIEWER ON THE TVO-COMMISSIONED DOCUMENTARY WAR IN THE MIND THAT MADE UP PART OF MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS PROGRAMMING


TVO’s government funding equals only

per person in Ontario

HOW WE USE YOUR GIFT TVO is transparent and accountable to you. We’re committed to using your donations to offer high quality educational programming and resources that provide the very best value for Ontarians.

Total Expenditures - Fiscal 2011/2012 TVO Programming and Distribution Costs



Administration Costs

18% The Independent Learning Centre

Note: TVO operates the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) which is the province’s designated provider of distance education, GED Testing and Homework Help. These activities are not funded by donor support. Full audited statements available on

THANK YOU This past year, tens of thousands of generous supporters made the decision to contribute to TVO. Individuals, families, foundations and corporations; one-time donors, monthly donors, long-time supporters and new friends; the young and the young at heart. We are grateful for every contribution that you have entrusted to us. It is impossible to list all our donors here, so allow us instead to say a big thank you.




of Ontarians watch TVO

2 in 3

1 in 3

parents hire a tutor


3 in 4

recent immigrants tune into TVO weekly

improve kids literacy and numeracy


for Ontario students grades 7-10

TVO triggers


in production budgets for Ontario independent producers each year and supports more than


is a parents’ secret weapon at homework time

OISE research shows TVOKids resources



TVOKids Homework Zone

kids and parents explore

is a free online resource that helped solve over


parents find homework stressful


More Educational any other Apps than Canadian broadcaster


video streams and downloads





media brand for kids in Canada

media brand for kids in Canada

Commissions more original

POINT-OF-VIEW DOCUMENTARIES than any Canadian broadcaster

In a world of sound bites

takes the time to do it right

TVO’s government funding equals only

per person in Ontario

has transformed into Ontario’s digital classroom


TVO is Ontario’s public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires and stimulates curiosity and thought. Our vision is to empower people to be engaged citizens of Ontario through educational media.

TVO DONOR RELATIONS: Box 200, Station Q, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4T 2T1 Telephone: 1.800.463.6886 (within Canada & U.S.) | 416.484.2600 (Toronto) Email: Websites: | | TO FIND TVO: Cable Channel 2 in most areas, Rogers HD ch. 580, Rogers Anyplace TV ch. 100, Bell TV ch. 265, Bell Fibe ch. 209, Bell Fibe HD ch. 1209, Shaw Direct ch. 353. TVO is a registered charitable organization #85985 0232 RR0001 in Canada. In the U.S. TVO is a tax exempt entity under section: 501(c)3: Tax ID 75-185-0754. All financial contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Inspire - Report to Donors 2013  

Celebrating the individuals, foundations and corporate partners who, through their financial support, help to keep TVO on air, online and in...

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