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Who We Are ? Exclusive Melis Sezen Interview

Cagatay Ulusoy & Serenay Sarikaya

özel Melis Sezen " aşka aşığım "




P04- Message from tvloungetr's creator P05- Çağatay Ulusoy star Blog P06-Serenay Sarikaya star Blog P07-12 - Melis Sezen Exclusive interview in English P13-18-Melis Sezen interview in Turkish

A MESSAGE FROM TVLOUNGETR'S CREATOR "life is full of oppourtunites only if you dare to risk . TvLoungetr is one of the biggest risks i have taken in my life and i am so happy i did. Turkish shows are really popular in countries around the world however some of us may not understand their beautiful language i was for sure one of those people i used to seenews and photos about Turkish celebraties but couldn't understand so my inspiration for starting tvlounge was to create an English based platform for foreign fans and give them the same experience as Turkish fans. we are at the beginning of the road but i have big plans one of which was to have a monthly digital magazine in which we interview one star i am very excited to start this journey  our first issue is hosting the very sweet young and talented actress melis sezen . hope you enjoiy  lots of love *S*

Cagatay ulusoy shining star  Like many other male actors he stepped into the acting career by winning in the best model of turkey competition . he reached fame by a series called "Feriha" even to this day its one of the those unforgettable series and emir the character he played is still remembered by many people . After this sucessful series he came back to our TV screens with Medcezir which was also a huge success and the series has been sold o many other countries which is why Cagatay is a  well known Turkish actor not just in turkey but in other countries too . personally I think medcezir was such a complete series filled with action , drama , romance and all the characters were written so well they all had  their own stories and past which I believe its important in attracting viewers . Recently Cagatay starred in the popular series "icerde" which was also one of turkey's most watched series this yea and I have to say he showed his amazing talent and skills. As for his movies the most poplar one is delibal which he played with Leyla Lydia tugutlu and I have to say the story , the acting , the production was absolutely perfect and on point if you haven't watched this movie I highly recommend it Overall Cagatay has only played in a few series yet in every single one he has been sucessful so without doubt he is one of turkeys shinning stars .

Serenay sarikaya Young  Star Serenay sarikaya I saw her for the first in a series called "lale devri" she played Yesim's character for about 2 season and at such a young age she proved herself and her acting skills to everyone that's why after that she is only climing the ladders of success she then came back to our screens with another strong series "Medcezir" we saw her as "mira" and yet again she put all her efforts in and they did pay off , with medcezir having 2 seasons with very good ratings all along . Now she is starring in turkey's first internet series called Fi  which is written based on the Fi Ci Pi books and to your surprises she is pulling all her props out again , it amazes that someone at such a young age can be so successful. Beside this her lively personality and natural beauty also attracts everyone to her sweet heart , in all the interviews that I have seen of her she has been herself and that makes her even more attractive as they say beauty comes from within Serenay definitely has beautiful heart. She has also been loved by commercial brands such as mavi the clothing brand she was the face of their advertisement for 2 years and currently she is working with the shampoo brand head and shoulders . She also filmed her first movie called "ikimizin yerine " last year which received a lot of attention and good reviews . This girl is also talented in other things as well for example singing which we saw in medcezir dancing in Fi and many more which she is keeping private I'm sure . I think turkey is very proud to have someone like her in it cinema she is real diamond in my opinion keep her safe turkey .

Melis         Sezen

In short tell us a little bit about yourself . I am 21 years old , i am in the third year of studying media and visual arts at koç university at the same time i do acting and now i am playing as ebru in ‘siyah inci’. How did you decide to be an actress Acting was my dream job. I use to act the scenes I liked from the movies I use to watch and imagine that i am that character. When I was 12 I was introduced to theatre plays when my mum took me to Müjdat Gezen theatre and throughout high school I continued to be involved in theatre plays when I went to university I wanted to perform in front of the cameras too and now I am working hard and putting all my efforts in to show my best performance.

In what kind of road and at point do you think you are . I am at the beginning of the road and I believe this road will be very hard yet very beautiful and rewarding.

How do you find the character ebru that you are playing now is it hard to play a bad character? Ebru is a character that lives in the extreme of emotions very deeply and in a sick manner . Her love and passion has blinded her and so without knowing the limit she will do anything. Even though she plans and thinks about every detail before making any move the outcome does not always go to her plan and things fall apart but she uses all of her jealousy and anger to get herself together and make a new game. Playing as ebru is very interesting and fun for me because when i am playing ebru i completely come out of my own character if i was in similar situations ebru will do the things i would never do so this helps me to know and understand myself better and at the same time also gives me a great opportunity to improve my acting. what other characters do you want to play ? I would love a character that enables me to do both acting and dancing it definitely has to challenge me , make me improve my skills and find myself even more .

Do you remember you first set day how did it go ? My first set day was at Hayat Bazen Tatlidir series i had so much fun that i was never this sure about being at the right place ! Of course our directors -Hamid Alkan amazing energy and the fact that most of the actors were young and also excited had a big impact too . Your role in Hayat Bazen tatlidir was a good character but now you are playing a bad role what kind of reactions are you receiving ? Hayat Bazen Tatlidir’s Asya was actually a negative character in the fact that beside the people she loved and cared about she had a attitude towards most people and looked at everyone in a humiliating way but falling in love with Loçko showed her loving and caring side , because of this at first I received negative comments but then i saw how everyone started liking her and that made me very happy. However if we come to ebru i have not heard anyone who likes her because of her sick and hatred moves everyone hates her nevertheless seeing negative comments about ebru makes me happy because it means that i have been successful in making them believe ebru.

Short Question What is the craziest thing you have done ? Probably Putting in my earphones and skiing in tracks I have never been to. In the worlds acting industry who are the actors you like the most ?  Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne.

How do you see and use social media ? If social media can stay in a corner of your life how great fir example i use instagram the most to see what my friends are up to also i enjoy following art and design pages but we have to be careful to make sure that you are the one which directs social media not social media controlling and directing you and your life.

Do you like listening to music ? which singer do you listen to the most ? Who doesn’t love listening to music i listen to anything that is pleasing to my ear :)

You have very busy work schedule how you spend your days off ? On my days off I am usually at university I do my projects also study for my exams and with the rest of the time I have I watch movies.   You have lots of fans what do you want to tell them ? Their presence makes me so happy they light up my world i am forever thankful !

What is a special thing that make you You ? Always smiling big !




MELIS                     SEZEN OCAK 2018

Suanki oyandiniz Ebru karakteri nasil buluyorsunuz zor oluyor mu kotu karakter canlandırmak? Ebru gerçekten duygularını uç noktalarda yaşayan, derin ve hastalıklı bir karakter. Aşkı ve tutkusu gözünü kör etmiş ve hiçbir sınır tanımadan her şeyi yapabilecek biri. Her şeyi en ayrıntısıyla düşünüp her zaman bir plan üzerinden hareket etse de bazen her şey istediği gibi Oyuncu olmaya nasıl karar verdiniz? Oyunculuk benim hayalimdeki meslekti. gitmiyor ve dibe çöküyor. Fakat aşırı derecede olan hırsı ve kıskançlığı bir İzlediğim filmlerde çok etkilendiğim şekilde toparlanıp yeni bir oyun için sahneleri kendi kendime oynardım, o hazırlanmasını sağlıyor. Ebru'yu karakteri benim canlandırdığımı canlandırmak benim için inanılmaz düşünürdüm. Annemin beni 12 eğlenceli çünkü Ebru'yu oynarken yaşındayken Müjdat Gezen Sanat Melis'in tamamen dışına çıkıyorum. Aynı Merkezi'ne götürmesiyle tiyatroyla durumla karşı karşıya kalsam asla tanıştım ve lise boyunca da tiyatroya yapmayacağım her şeyi Ebru yapıyor. Bu devam ettim. Üniversiteye geçtikten da hem kendimi daha çok tanımamı sonda kamera önünde de rol almak sağlıyor hem de oyunculuğumu istiyordum ve şimdi de en iyi geliştirmek için önüme çok güzel bir performansımı gösterebilmek için fırsat sunuyor. çabalıyorum. Kısaca kendinizden bahseder misiniz? Ben Melis Sezen, 21 yaşındayım. Koç Üniversitesi'nde Medya ve Görsel Sanatlar üçüncü sınıf öğrencisiyim aynı zamanda oyunculuk yapmaktayım. Şu anda Siyah İnci dizisinde Ebru karakterini canlandırıyorum.

Nasıl bir yolun hangi noktasında olduğunuzu düşünüyorsunuz? Daha yolun çok başındayım ve bu yolun bir o kadar zorlu bir o kadar da güzel olacağına inanıyorum!

İlk set gününüzü hatırlıyor musunuz ? Nasil gecti ? İlk set günüm Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır'daydı. O kadar eğlendim ki doğru yerde olduğuma hiç bu kadar emin olmamıştım! Bu noktada tabi ki yönetmenimiz Hamdi Alkan'ın müthiş enerjisinin ve çoğu oyuncunun genç olup herkesin inanılmaz heyecanlı olmasının çok büyük bir etkisi var.

Sizi siz yapan özelliğin ne olduğunu düşünüyorsunuz? Her zaman kocaman gülümsemek!

Hayat bazen tatlıdır daki rolunuz iyi bir karakterdi şuanki rolunuz cok farklı tam tersine kötü bir karakter nasıl tepkiler alıyorsunuz ? Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır'daki Asya sevdikleri dışındaki herkese karşı ters ve üstten bakan tavırlarıyla başta bir kötü karakter olarak kurulmuştu fakat Loçko'ya aşık olmasıyla birlikte Asya'nın aslında ne kadar sevgi dolu bir kız olduğunu görmüştük. Bu yüzden Asya'ya dair başlarda kötü yorumlar alsam da sonradan ne kadar çok sevildiğini gördüm ve bu beni çok mutlu etti. Fakat konu Ebru'ya gelince, Ebru'yu seven bir kişi bile duymadım daha. Ebru'nun hastalık derecesindeki hırsı yüzünden yaptıkları sonucu herkes ondan nefret ediyor fakat bu yorumları duymak beni çok mutlu ediyor. Demek ki onları Ebru'ya inandırabilmişim! Başka nasıl karakterleri oynamaya istiyorsunuz ? Dans ve oyunculuğu bir arada kullanabileceğim bir karakteri canlandırmayı çok isterim! Canlandırdığım karakter kesinlikle beni zorlamalı, geliştirmeli, kendimi daha da çok keşfetmemi sağlamalı. Sizi destekleyenler cok var onlara ne soylemek istersiniz ? Onların varlığı beni o kadar mutlu ediyor ki! Işık saçıyorlar resmen, sonsuz teşekkür ederim!

Sosyal medyaya nasıl görüyorsunuz ve kullanıyorsunuz ? Sosyal medya hayatınızda bir köşe olarak kalabiliyorsa ne mutlu! Mesela ben en çok instagramı kullanıyorum, arkadaşlarımın neler yaptığını görmek, art ve design sayfalarını takip etmek çok hoşuma gidiyor fakat şuna dikkat edilmeli ki sosyal medyanızı yöneten kişi siz olmalısınız, sosyal medyanız sizi değil.

Rahat köşe Bu güne kadar Yaptığınız en büyük cilginlik ne ? Kulaklığımı takip hiç bilmediğim ve daha önce kaymadığım pistlerde tek başıma kaymak olabilir!  Dünya sinemasından beğendiğiniz oyuncular kimler? Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne. Müzik dinlemeye sever misiniz ?en çok dinlediniz şarkıcı kim ? Kim sevmez ki! Ben de kulağına hoş gelen her şeyi dinleyenlerdenim.  Çok yoğun bir iş temponuz var repo günlerinizi nasıl geçiyorsunuz ? Repo günlerimde genelde okulda oluyorum, bir yandan ödevleri yetiştiriyor bir yandan sınavlarıma çalışıyorum. Kalan boş vaktimde de bolca film izliyorum. Aşık misiniz ? Aşk çok güçlü bir duygu, o yüzden Sezen Aksu'nun dediği gibi ben aşka aşığım.






yıl ve

şıl Sağlık,










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Jan Issue 2018  

Exclusive interview with Melis Sezen

Jan Issue 2018  

Exclusive interview with Melis Sezen