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The sale page for your making money online business obviously is one of the key elements and the trigger to making sales and needs to be done right. The other day I received a wonderful letter from an expert copy writer selling a program to teach you how to write your sales page. He claimed he could teach anybody how to do this no matter how lousy a writer he or she was now. It only costs $997. But much as you'd love to spend that $997 (assuming you have it) and become a great writer of sales pages, it's hardly necessary. There is no reason you can't write a good sales letter on your own that will sell your product. It's a question of using a proven formula. I'll give you a simple one, which has fourteen parts. Don't worry about the number. I'll give a short explanation of each one. Let's begin. The fourteen parts of the sales letter are as follows: o Main headline o Present the problem o Why the reader should listen to you o Introduce your product o What are the benefits of your product o Testimonials o Why this is such a great deal o How much will it cost o Guarantee o The urgency factor o Ask for the sale o Yes box o Close o P.S. Sales copy needs to be different for every market, but you should be able to adapt my suggestions to the market you're working in. You may feel that some of my suggestions are "hypey". Not so. "Hypey" copy is copy that is untruthful, and you won't do that. What you do want to do is get your reader emotionally involved. It's like selling a hot car by promoting it's speed and sex appeal. It's a hot car. There's nothing wrong about being excited about it, and trying to get your reader excited as well. So to the main headline. The main headline has to attract attention and get your reader reading your sales pitch. Lead with your main benefit. If the main benefit is replacing your job with income

from your product, try something like, "Make More Money Before Breakfast Than You Made Last Year And Quit Your Job in 30 Days". You get the idea. You'll find a similar pitch for your product. You introduce your sales letter by presenting the problem. You set the stage by presenting the problem your product will solve or the need it meets. You should make as bold a claim for your product as you can and promise to back it up. It's not a bad idea to include a reference to the readers probable earlier disappointments. Like, "I know you've been scammed before, but I'll show you how this product will work". Don't be afraid to use bold copy and high-lights to emphasize your key points. You need to tell your reader why he or she should listen to you. He or she probably has never heard of you before, and certainly doesn't know anything about you. So put it out there. "Why you should listen to me." The answer is, "I've been where you are.", and tell what a tough time you had getting your making money online business going, but you did it. I'm sure you have a personal story to tell. We all have. But if you don't, you can write about how you understand the struggle people have gone through and give an example or two. The point is to connect with your readers' problems and tell him or her how you can solve them. Now you need to introduce your product and how it will solve your reader's problem. You should do it with a bit of flare, like a grand unveiling. It could be: ANNOUNCING THE MAKE A MILLION ONLINE SYSTEM The Complete Step-by-Step Course to Starting a Million Dollar Internet Business. From Scratch! You can expand on this, of course, but a short but attention-getting blast can work wonders. Following the introduction of your product the next key part of your making money online sales letter describes the benefits of your product. Remember that benefits and features are different. Benefits are the advantages the user obtains by using the products features. Your reader will buy your product because he likes the benefits not its features. Describing the benefits should be done with a bulleted list. Bang! Bang! Bang! Short and concise, each point emphasizing why your product lives up to the claims you have made. Then you can expand on each point if you feel it's necessary. But your benefits should be simple and obvious. They shouldn't require a lot of explanation. Once you've presented your product and pointed out its benefits, you need to offer some proof from the real world. Testimonials are the best market proof around. A testimonial is a buyer or reviewer of your product talking about how great it is. It's best to have a picture or even a brief audio recording to strengthen believability. A testimonial might be presented like this: IT'S AMAZING! I really can't thank you enough, Don. I simply can't believe how easy it was to accomplishwhat you said I would, and I've been knocking myself out forever without success. And for anybody reading this, when Don claims you'll see cash within a week, he's right!

Thanks again, Sam Jones You might ask how you can get raving testimonials, especially if you haven't sold any copies of your product yet. It's simple. Offer a few free copies in exchange for their feedback. When you get positive feedback, ask permission to use that feedback as a testimonial in your sales letter. You can always offer a limited number of copies of your product for free. The small amount of lost income is well worth it. After you have presented your testimonials raving about your product, remind your readers why it is such a great deal. You might write something like this. HOW'D YOU LIKE TO KISS YOUR JOB GOODBYE? Nobody can do that overnight, and you may not want to quit your job after you make your first money online 30 days from now. But you probably could! But suppose it takes you a few months. That's better than slaving away until you're 70, isn't it? That's the kind of freedom I'm talking about. The freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, with the people you care about. It's what the Make A Million Online System can do for you. It gave me my start, and I haven't looked back since. Isn't it time you took control of your future and stopped taking the bits and pieces your boss throws your way? You can, and it will only take you 30 days. You are selling pretty hard here. You want your reader to have a clear picture in his mind of the key benefit your providing. It should make your reader eager to buy. The only thing standing in his way of buying your making money online product is the nagging question in the back of his mind about what this thing costs. So now you've got to make the sale. It starts with, "How much?" Your price can be like a bucket of cold water in the face. It is most effective if you prepare a reader for the possibility, then give him a nice warm "instead" like this' OKAY, HOW MUCH? That's always the big question, right? I've told you the Make a Million Online System is your ticket to financial freedom, so here's where I tell you that I'll require you to hock everything you own to buy it. Except, I won't do that. Just the first chapter of this thing would've been worth more that $900 to me, because that's how much I spent on junk products before I learned the lesson in that chapter. But you won't pay that. Having a simple plan that cut through the fog would've been something I'd give up meals to pay $150 for not too long ago. But you won't pay that either. In fact I'd like to help you, because I didn't get any legit help when I was brand new. So you'll pay only $47 for this. That's all. Pay me once, profit forever. Simple, huh? And worth every penny! What you've done is set up the reader to think he'll pay an arm and a leg. You make a believable case for a higher price, then you pitch a lower one. That relieves the reader, and makes him much more likely to buy. But now it's time to take away his last objection.

Your price isn't high, but any price is still a risk because the buyer doesn't know that you won't steal his money and give him junk. So you offer a guarantee to reverse the risk. you take it on yourself instead of making the buyer take it. If you use ClickBank, you're required to have a 60 day guarantee, and that is a good length of time to use. So you might present it like this after a brief introduction at the end of the previous section: And I'm so confident you'll love this that I'll back it up with my rock solid...Make a Million Online System Guarantee. Try out my product. See if it 's not the easiest, step-by-step guide you've ever seen. Put it to work and prove that you'll make your first money within 30 days....then try it for 30 days more. That's right. I'll give you a full 60 days to try this, with zero risk. If you're not absolutely happy at the end of that time, simply ask for hour money back, and I'll return every penny you paid, no questions asked. That really takes all of the buyer's potential risk away. He can try your product for two full months without having to worry about losing his money. If there is no reason to buy right away, the reader might want to think about it and buy later. This usually means he won't buy at all. So you want to do everything you can to keep the reader on the page and convince him to buy. An urgency factor can be effective in closing the sale. Here are several you can use: o A time deadline such as saying the product will no longer be available after a certain period of time. o A price bump. Saying the price is scheduled to go up at some point. o A restricted number of copies. Once sold out it's off the market. I think the price bump is the best of these. It can light a fire under readers who would otherwise not buy and get you more sales. It's a truism in sales that you have to ask for the sale. If you don't ask for it, you probably won't get it. It's as true in a making money online business as it is in the traditional market place. You need to ask your reader to buy, but you can be somewhat subtle about it, like this: YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! Sometimes in life you just have to bite the bullet and decide. I did. I decided that my own state of mind and health and the stability of my family was worth figuring out how to replace my desk job income with making money online, and I did it. Now I'm making it really easy for you to do. You don't have to waste money like I did. You don't have to go through the frustration. You don't have to worry abut whether you've made the right choice. Make a Million Online System solves all those problems.

There's just one step you have to take. Grab this for yourself and run with it. That is a straight forward way to ask your reader to buy. Now you need to tell him how. Your "Yes" box simply presents again the high points of your sales pitch and gives the reader the price and order button, maybe like this: "YES! I want to Make a Million Online. When I order today, I'll get my own personal copy of 'Make a Million Online System,' which I can download in minutes and start using right away. I'll pay only $47 for it, as a one time payment before the price goes up to $97 (or more). And that's backed by a rock solid 60 day money back guarantee. All I have to do is to click the order button below to go through the short 100% secure order process at ClickBank. It's good to include your product logo here because it reminds the reader of the product visually, which will increase conversions. Tell him or her what he gets again, how much he or she will pay for it, and why that's a no risk proposition and gives him or her the order button to click. Now it is time to wrap things up. I like to include another reminder of my key product benefit like this: This is what you've been looking and waiting for. "Make a Million Online System" can help you see success within 30 days. I personally guarantee it. So don't wait longer! To your making money online success. "Your signature" But there is one more thing to add. A Post Script at the end of a sales letter is the second most read piece of copy, after the main headline. So you need to make the most of it. I like to add at least two. One to hammer home the key product benefit, and the second one to remind the reader of my guarantee, like this: P.S. When is the last time you were promised you'd see a cash profit within 30 days...and it was delivered? That's what I'm offering you. And It'll cost you half the cost of a new dress shirt! Remember, the price will go up at any moment, so grab this before it does. P.P.S. Remember, I'm taking all the risk here. I want you to prove this works for you. Try it for a full 60 days. If it isn't everything you hoped, I'll give you your money back. Fair? These P.S.s will get read, and they give the reader a strong incentive to buy. So now you have a formula for putting together a sales letter. Follow it making any adjustments you feel appropriate to reflect your product and how you like to sell. With this formula I think you'll find you have put together a winning sales letter to promote successfully your making money online business.

Donald McCobb is a retired oil executive and CPA. He owned and operated a successful Bed & Breakfast in Pienza, Italy, before retiring for the second time. Although new to internet marketing, his business selling Money Making Online Systems is growing rapidly. Visit his web site at [] and download your free copy of the eBook, "Clickbank for Newbies." Also, visit his blog at [].

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