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Following the printing of a story in the Townsville Bulletin concerning the commemoration of 120 years of boarding at the School, Mrs Audrey Stanley contacted the School to say that her father H.TRENFIELD [1888] and her uncle K.TRENFIELD [1888] were two of the first three boarders enrolled. Mrs Stanley said that she still remembered the stories her father told of the early years at the School and that she was happy to relate these stories to the Archivist in order to preserve some of the great history of the School. We would also like to thank Miss Bayley for the donation of a book won by her father, H.M.BAYLEY [1908-1910] while he was a student at the School. The book, which is embossed with the School’s badge and motto, will be a great addition to the archives. In C.W.H.BINGHAM’S [1916] book The Beckoning Horizon he makes reference to a fellow student F.H.S.ROBERTS [1916]. Little is known of Roberts’ days at the School but he went on to become one of Australia’s most eminent entomologist and parasitologist and a world authority on ticks. Roberts also served with some distinction in Papua New Guinea during WWII where he used his knowledge to alleviate the problems our soldiers were having with lice and insects.

KUMALAU GOTAHA [1996], Captain of Rugby in his final year and Head Boarder, recently wrote to the Past Grammarians asking for their help with a set of rugby jumpers. Kumalau is coaching a team of disadvantaged teenagers. The PGA was pleased to help and sent them a set of jumpers no longer used by the Past Grammarians (see photographs on next page). RUTH ALLAN [1999] was Head Girl Boarder in her final year. After completing a Bachelor of Science Ruth joined the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and has been working as a pastoral production officer in many parts of the Territory. NATHIN BUTLER [2002] has been achieving great success recently in the world of cinema and television. A scholarship winner to NIDA Nathin has had a role in Bazz Luhrmann’s film Australia due for release in November. He was also seen in the ABC mini series Rain Shadow and film Black Balloon. Congratulations to BEN MACKEY [2003] and KRISTOFER BLOMBERG [2003] on their graduation from ADFA. We wish them both all the best in their military careers.

JOHN HOLMAN [1934] has also recently been in contact with the School. A prisoner-of-war of the Japanese in WWII, John is living in the Ingham area and spoke recently to some of our senior students relating his war-time experiences. Visiting the School towards the end of last year was DULCIE BERESFORD [nee POPHAM 1948]. Dulcie enrolled at Grammar in 1944 and was one of the few Grammar students to have three Headmasters during her time as a schoolgirl. Dulcie returned to the School as a teacher in 1949 and again in 1954. For those associated with the School and living in the Ingham area the name RENATO [BEN] CANTATORE [1951] is well known. Ben recently celebrated both his 50th wedding anniversary and 50th year as a pharmacist in the area. Head of the School in 1951, Ben was a talented rugby league player and cricketer but he was best known for his prowess as an athlete. In his final year at Grammar he jumped close to seven metres to break the long standing long jump record held by our first Rhodes Scholar, GEORGE HALL [1909]. In 1956 Ben represented Queensland at the Australian Athletics Championship and finished third. It is interesting to note that Ben’s long jump record was not bettered by PETER BURGE [1990] when Peter was a student at the School. Peter went on to win the gold medal at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games and finished sixth at the Sydney Olympics. BILL CREWS AM [1957] continues to do terrific work among the disadvantaged citizens of Sydney. He was recently featured in the Wish Magazine section of The Australian as one of a group of Australian citizens who is making a difference in our communities. Thanks to PAM MOLLOY [nee SERGEANT 1964] for her most generous donation to the archives of the FINA Certificate she was awarded when she broke the World 110 yards backstroke record at the Empire Games in Perth in 1962. It was a most remarkable feat by a Year 10 student and caused a great thrill for the staff and students at the time. NATALIE WEIR [1983] continues to get good press in her role as one of Australia’s leading choreographers. She has recently choreographed ballets for the Queensland Ballet Company and American Ballet Company and has been undertaking workshops with the Dance East Ballet Company in England. Natalie is married to PETER MARSHALL [1982] and has two young sons.

Kristofer Blomberg with Major General Flawith

Past Grammarians are also being rewarded for their academic achievements after leaving Grammar. SIMON IEVERS [1999] completed an apprenticeship as a boiler maker on leaving school but then enrolled at James Cook University to study engineering. His results have been of the highest order and he was awarded a $10,000 per annum by BHP scholarship to complete his degree. Dux of the School in 2007 AMY LOVISA [2007] has also recently been awarded a scholarship by BHP. Congratulations to KATHRYN HARDY [2001] who was awarded the Medal in Economics [Women’s College] at the University of Queensland. YVETTE GRIGGS [2003] recently graduated at James Cook University with a First Class Honours Degree in Engineering and was also the winner of the University Medal. To add to Yvette’s achievements she received the Engineers Australia C. N. Barton Medal, the G. H. Allen Endowment Prize in Computer Systems Engineering and IEEE Fourth Year Engineering Prize.

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