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The Voice in Diaspora It is with great excitement that the Voice in Diaspora rolls out this edition. The journey has not been easy, but where there is a will, there is a way. As we are heading into the warm summer months, businesses slow down and people are looking forward to spending quality times with families, the Voice in Diaspora will still be publishing to keep you abreast with news happening in and around our Hamilton. We will be publishing bi-monthly till the fall. Please keep us informed with your events this summer. These months of June and July are agog with many important celebrations. Among these celebrations are the World Refugee Day that took place June 20th, and Canada Day event coming up July first. The world will also be celebrating world population day this July. The World Refugee Day has come and gone, but the meaning of what that day stood for will always be remembered by many refugees. The day helped people to reflect on their journeys to the land of freedom. Canada is a country of Immigrants and Refugees, and each year, the numbers keep growing. People migrated from all nooks and crannies of this earth to Canada with their experiences. For some newcomers, the journey to this place is not a futile effort. But for some who are still facing barriers in this new place of abode, it is a new nightmare. As the world celebrates the World Population Day, there is a lot to ponder on how to help balance the equation between countries with dense population and those with scant population. What Canada lacks in population, under-developed countries have in abundance. The strategy is how to ensure the ageing population here is taken care of when they need help. Hamilton Immigration Strategy has to pave the way to ensure the strategic plans to bring the right mix of immigrants into Hamilton is happening sooner than later. A stitch in time saves nine. Though Father’s Day celebration has come and gone, yet it is worth sharing how this important celebration came to be. The importance of a father in a child’s life cannot be over-estimated. The presence of a father in a home adds a sense of security and pride in that home. It takes a man to raise a son. Homes without fathers have missed the special touch the presence of a male brings to that home. (No offence to single mothers which I happened to be one). We encourage all our readers to help get their families together, and that means, fathers staying with their families and help in raising their children. If the absence of a father in a home is by an act of God, it is a different case. Finally, as you browse through the Voice in Diaspora Newspaper, enjoy what you read and take advantage of the free services and programs we connect you with. Help another person know and read the Voice in Diaspora. Thanks

Veronica Chris-Ike (Publisher/Editor)

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Our Mission Using the power of the pen to facilitate smooth integration for immigrants into the Canadian society.

Publisher/Editor Veronica Chris-Ike

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Publication will be done Monthly. 5000 Free copies will be distributed to businesses, shopping malls, churches, Non-profit organizations, adult learning centers, etc, in Hamilton and environs. The Voice in Diaspora Newspaper is published and distributed monthly free of charge. The views expressed by writers do not necessary reflect the opinion of this newspaper. All rights reserved. The Voice in Diaspora is not responsible for accuracy of information provided by advertisers and contributors. Reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission is prohibited.

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June-July 2008 • Vol 1 • Issue 8-9

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