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Jacob Kibaara 5 years SK Gatestone Kindergarten ‘I am five years and five weeks old. The thing I like most about school is playing with my friends.’

Ruby Mboya 9 years GR 4 Ray Lewis Elementary School ‘The thing that I miss most is having fun with my friends. My favorite subject is gym because you get to do a lot of fun things’

Sanyu Rashford 8 GR 3 Norwood Park ‘I like playing dodge ball at school because it is active and fun.’

Naomi King’ori 8 GR 2 Earl Kitchener Elementary School ‘The best thing about school is …math, recess, and we will be having a new teacher.’

Ttisa Rashford 6 GR 2 ‘I like recess because you can do whatever you want.’

Nadine Nyaga GR 4 Ray Lewis Elementary School

Mutugi Kibaara 12 GR 7 Gatestone Elementary School

“I love being able to switch classes in between lessons and taking trips to different places.’

‘Last year I went to Camp Wanakita. It was awesome. We stayed there for three days: cross country and sledding.

Miika Rashford 4 years JK Norwood Park Kindergarten

Edi King’ori 8 years GR 4 Earl Kitchener Elementary

Justice Aura 8 years GR 3 R. L. Hyslop Elementary School

‘I like doing activities like tracing numbers and playing with my friends. ‘

‘When we are in music, we sometimes watch movies and sing songs’

‘My friends because some of them are moving away in the summer and I do not know where they are going.’

Nakua Lobalau 8 GR 4 Sts Peter & Paul ‘My teacher, Mme Versace, she is very nice.’

Naya Lobalau 7 GR 2 ‘Playing in the gym.’

Mackenzie Tsaura 11 GR 6 Ray Lewis Elementary School ‘I like gym because we have no class.’ w w w.thevoiceindiasp

Aug-Sep 2008 • Vol 1 • Issue 10-11



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