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Monday, February 4th  Arboriculture  Business & Management H Horticulture Skills  Landscape Architecture & Design  Landscape Management  Plants & Production 10:30 - 10:45 am BREAK 10:45 -11:45 am Class Choices

Historic Perennials & Annuals (D02) D

Perry Mathewes, Education Manager, Norfolk Botanical Garden Bear’s Breeches, Rue, Cockscomb. Staples of the garden for hundreds of years. Learn the historical significance of these blooms, why they were planted and if they’re the same plants we use today. CEUs 1 = LA:HSW

Turfgrass Tips for Great Lawns (H02) H

Keith Starke, Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension Every dog, kid and dad wants a great looking lawn & max curb appeal. What’s the secret? A primer on cool and warm season grasses, how to get the roots growing down and how to keep the blades looking green. CEUs 1 = DCR / SAF: 2

Managing Turf Insect Pests – It’s Getting Easier to Be Green (L02) L

Daniel A. Potter, Professor, University of Kentucky Biology, diagnosis, and control of turf insect pests including grubs, billbugs, caterpillars, nuisance pests, and others; updates on reduced risk insecticides and non-chemical controls, and how to control pests without harming bees and other beneficial insects. CEUs 1 = LA:HSW / SAF: 2

Along the Azalea Trail (P02) P

Buddy Lee, Director of Plant Innovations, PDSI Azaleas are a classic, but when did they first come to North America? Learn more about the historical origins of evergreen azaleas in the gardens of North America, plus hear about the species and hybrids most widely used on the market today. Don’t miss proper planting and care tips to help you achieve healthy beautiful azaleas for years. CEUs 1 = ISA: A,C,M,Bp / LA:HSW

Promoting Gardening is Good Business (B02) B

Diane Blazek, All-America Selections, National Garden Bureau There are so many great things about gardening but how can you find time to promote them? This session details some National Garden Bureau programs that help you promote your products without using your time or your money. CEUs 1 = LA

Oh, That Old Chestnut! (AA02) A

11:45 am SILENT AUCTION OPEN (Bidding runs through Wednesday 12:45 PM) 11:45 am - 1:00 pm LUNCH on your own or 11:55 AM - 12:55 PM Lunch & Learn ($25 fee includes lunch. LIMIT 40)

Using QB Strategically for Profits, Marketing & Niches (LLM)

Monica Mitchell Muir, Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, Muir & Associates, LLC 5 STEPS TO USING QUICKBOOKS STRATEGICALLY TO HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR PROFITABILITY In this session, discover ways to use features in QuickBooks you never thought about, or understood, that can help you market smarter, get work done faster, and analyze smarter. Such as: • Common costly mistakes for each step • Set up and tracking of metrics to help you market smarter • Tips on streamlining workflow • Custom reports to help you analyze your profitability better and faster

CEUs 1 = ISA: A,Bm / SAF: 2

1:00 - 2:00 pm Class Choices

How Plants Survive in Urban Environments: Understanding Plants & Water (D03) D

Linda Chalker-Scott, Professor, Extension Urban Horticulturist, Washington State University The landscape underground remains a mystery to most of us, yet this is where plants, soils and water interconnect. This seminar will explain the interactions among soils, water, and roots, which allows us to predict environmental drought and correct drought caused by poor landscape management. CEUs 1 = DCR / ISA: A,C,M,Bs / LA:HSW / SAF: 2

Basic Botany: What a Horticulturist Needs to Know About Plant Parts (H03) H

Linda MK Johnson, Assistant Professor, Chatham University Discover what green thumbs need to know about plant parts and their arrangement. Learn plant morphology (their large scale structure) as well as plant anatomy (their smaller scale structure). CEUs 1 = DCR / ISA: A,C,M,Bs / SAF: 2

Harmony Dalgleish, Assistant Professor, The College of William and Mary American Chestnuts were the majesties of our eastern woodlands. What happened to this royal bloodline? What are modern day plant breeders and foresters doing to re-establish the monarchy? Find out what fresh genetics and a broad range plan are doing to get this native king of our wild places back on the throne. CEUs 1 = ISA: A,M,Bs / LA:HSW / SAF: 1-CF

Woody Plant Nutrition Primer (AB02) A

Helen Kraus, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University Plants need balanced nutrition—just like we do. This session looks at plant nutrients and the best methods of supplying them to woody plants. CEUs 1 = DCR / ISA: A,C,M,Bp / SAF: 1-CF

2013 Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course


2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program  

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program  

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program