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Wednesday, February 6th  Arboriculture  Business & Management H Horticulture Skills  Landscape Architecture & Design  Landscape Management  Plants & Production 8:00 AM - 3:15 pm ALL DAY Workshop Choices

Crew Manager Certification Training (CMW) See page 21 for full program.

Pesticide Certification Review (PCW) Ornamentals (Virginia Category 3A) and Turfgrass (Virginia Category 3B). See page 18 for full program. 8:00 – 9:00 am Class Choices Hell-Strip Gardening (D12) D Kerry Ann Mendez, Garden Designer, Owner, Perennially Yours This lively talk spotlights some of the toughest, top performing plants for tough to garden areas including dry shade, slopes, poorly drained areas and hot, baking sites. No matter where you put them, they will make your gardens beautiful. CEUs 1 = DCR / LA:HSW

Growing Fruits – How to Get Started (H12) H

Eric Stormer, Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension It’s easy to grow fruit. Review the basic plant forms: tree, shrub, perennial, vine, and look at an example of the cultural methods needed for each. Review your botany, learn some cultural tips and come away with all you need to get growing and eating. CEUs 1 = DCR / ISA: A,C,M,Bp / LA:HSW

Reducing Wildlife Damage in the Garden (L12) L

Ellen Zachos, Garden Designer, Owner, Acme Plant Stuff Familiar with the sight of deer munching on our hostas, but wonder who digs up the Iris in the middle of the night? You must identify the fauna before you can protect your flora. Unmask the culprit and reduce landscape damage through intelligent plant choice, clever design and the use of various deterrents. CEUs 1 = ISA: A,C,M,Bp / LA:HSW / SAF: 2

Making Better Business Decisions with Partial Budgeting + Sensitivity Analysis (B08) PB

Alex White, Owner, A. White Enterprises Rainy spring? Learn a framework for making business decisions in a simple, structured manner. Partial budgets help you analyze how changes in your current operation will impact your profitability. When coupled with breakeven analysis and sensitivity analysis, partial budgets are a powerful tool for making better decisions. These tools are vital, especially in our weather dependent field. CEUs 1 = LA / SAF: 2

Retooling a Foundation Species – The American Chestnut (AA05) A

Matt Brinckman, Mid-Atlantic Regional Science Coordinator, The American Chestnut Foundation Understand the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the path of the restoration of the American Chestnut to its native range. The American Chestnut Foundation's breeding program, test plantings, silvicultural trials and restoration plans will inspire you to get crackin! CEUs 1 = ISA: A,C,M,Bs / LA:HSW / SAF: 1-CF


2013 Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course

8:00 - 9:00 am Class Choices (continued) Common Tree & Shrub Diseases (AB05) A Mike Likins, County Agent, Chesterfield Extension What’s wrong with that tree – before is falls down, that is. Learn the telltale signs that it's under attack by a fungus, bacteria or virus. Develop your plant forensics and help your clients have healthy and growing landscapes. CEUs 1 = ISA: A,C,M,Bs / SAF: 1-CF

9:00 - 9:15 am BREAK 9:15 - 10:15 am Class Choices

The Art of Growing Food: Kitchen Garden Design

(D13) D Ellen Ecker Ogden, Author, The Complete Kitchen Garden, Co-Founder, The Cook’s Garden Learn six successful steps to help you visual a design that will bring together art, good food and classic design. Ellen Ogden shows you beautiful examples to elevate the ordinary vegetable garden from ordinary to extraordinary. CEUs 1 = LA:HSW

Garden Math: Be Calm, Cool & Calculated! (H13) H

Keith Starke, Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension Who knew gardening required so much math? Review a few simple mathematical techniques to help you solve any of those dreaded botanical “word problems.” How many cubic yards of mulch? Flats of bedding plants? Yards of sod? Stay calm, bring your calculator + get gardening.

Early Detection of Invasive Plant Species (L13) L

Kevin Heffernan, Biologist, VA Dept. Conservation & Recreation Early detection of newly arrived invasive species is critical in preventing establishment. Help form an early detection network. The presentation includes a short list of species we want to prevent from establishing here in Virginia. Newly developed online reporting tools are demonstrated. CEUs 1 = LA:HSW / SAF: 1-CF

Natives as a Cash Crop: Grow Them, Sell Them! (P10) P Eric Gunderson, Owner, Southern Branch Nursery Shereen Hughes, Assistant Director, Wetlands Watch Helen Webb Kuhns, Education Coordinator, Lynnhaven River NOW Sustainable landscaping practices are promoted by many different government programs, watershed groups, native plant societies, wildlife and habitat conservation groups, stormwater professionals, etc. as solutions to restoring clean waters, stopping erosion, restoring habitat, increasing urban forests, and reducing energy. Within the next 15 years, the demand for sustainable products and services will increase significantly. Are you ready? CEUs 1 = LA:HSW

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program  

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program  

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program